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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  January 10, 2018 6:00am-7:00am EST

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the whole team here, we have no weather alert. >> we've run out of things to do. >> we like when it's dry though. it gives everyone less of a chance of getting a headache around here when things are nice and dry. now we're talking about a warmup. 28 degrees in washington. the temperatures here have
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increase. the temperatures, those will keep rising as we go through the afternoon. frederick at 21. leesburg, 23. 27 clinton. 26 in quantico. before you head out, annapolis is below freezing, too. you'll still want the warm winter coats. at the bus stop the kids will want the warm coats this morning. layer this morning because i think by this after nonyon you might not want the warm coat. good morning, melissa. >> good morning, sheena. chopper 4 over this problem. northbound georgia avenue, the ramp to the inner loop of the beltway. we do not for sure know what's going on here right now. all we have is a report of a crash. trying to get more information on this. northbound georgia avenue. that is closed here this morning. right now top of the beltway you can see a little slower as you're approaching georgia avenue. southbound
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we have a brand-new crash there. northbound bw parkway. still have the disabled vehicle hanging ornd. southbound gw before the scene is overlooked there. more on that problem coming up. >> we'll see you in a bit. we want to take you to the water main break in alexandria that melissa mentioned. >> news 4's justin finch is live. >> reporter: drivers in northern virginia want to watch out for this. north quaker lane at janneys lane. single lane open as crews work to repair a water main break. some news to report here. the heavier equipment has gone away. they're focused now on that newly installed water main that's now below ground here. putting the finishing touches on that as you can see. thas
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several hours. virginia american water say 200 customers have been impacted by this. also a water main break over on trinity drive nearby. they have been, working around the clock to repair that service which has resulted in traffic tie-ups here on north quaker lane. right by virginia theological seminary and a go-to route for many to get to 395. what you're seeing is traffic down to one lane between north quaker lane and janneys lane. i'm justin finch, news 4, back in to you. thank you, justin. 6:03. breaking news on one of the most controversial issues on capitol hill. a federal judge has temporarily blocked the trump administration from ending the daca program. it protects from deportation children who were brought to this country
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parents. they're known as d.r.e.a.m.ers. this requires the department of homeland security to resume accepting renewal applications from people who are already protected under daca. there was no immediate reaction from the white house on this. more breaking news as well, this one on the threat of a tsunami that is now over for people in puerto rico and other caribbean islands. 7.6 earthquake hit. no reports of damage. 6:04. new video coming in showing the devastating reality of those mudslides in southern california. take a look. this neighborhood in monticeto looks like it has trees and debris everywhere. chris lawrence is keeping a look at that. >> aaron and eun, two amazing rescue videos we want to show you starting with that one in monticeto. it took rescuers 6 hours when
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14-year-old girl out of the tangled mess in their home. imagine how thankful the family has to be. she wasn't seriously injured. she was able to walk. take a look at this rescue from santa barbara. you can see a mother hand her newborn baby off to one of the first responders who were there trying to pull people out of the mud. family of five including two other young children. 13 people are dead, dozens more injured. that number could rise as search teams find more people. aaron? >> chris lawrence for us at the live desk. thank you. 6:05. still feeling the effects of several days of weather alerts. frozen pipes and water main breaks have created a lot of work for water companies in our area. it's made getting around town a nightmare for drivers. wssc said crews repaired 60 breaks on monday, more than 300 since the beginning of 2018. this morning the george
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alexandrea is closed. a pipe burst in the electrical room. the fire marshall say it's not safe for children to be in that school. all activities on school grounds are canceled there. it is a saddeneding to the search for a missing father. someone out for a walk found daniel dehaven dead last night. he disappeared january 2nd from costco. he had dementia. he was found in a wooded area on dorsey road near bwi marshall airport. he may have been picked up along route 1, dropped off in anne arundel county. police do not expect foul play. police are asking for your help in a similar case in d.c. 81-year-old delmar mosley has dementia and he's missing. he was on 24th street northeast in the woodbridge neighborhood. he was wearing a black and white plaid shirt, light blue jeans, black
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delmar is in the early stages of dementia and may be in need of medication. we've boasted these pictures on our twitter page. you can retweet from there and help us find him. today lawmakers get back to work in maryland and virginia. terry mccall live will give his father well address before ralph northam is sworn in on saturday. danica rome is one of more than ten democratic women joining the assembly. in maryland, some lawmakers have outlined a proposal to create an individual health care mandate at the state level. federal lawmakers got rid of it in the gop tax bill. now according to this agenda as well, democrats pushed to override governor larry hogan's bill on paid sick leave. news 4's
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cover it all. be sure to tune in news 4 at 4:00 for our team coverage. we're helping you get fit 4 the new year. working for you in tyson's corner at a workout class. >> molette green is happening out there on a surf board apparently. >> whoa. >> molette, what's going on? >> reporter: well, you know what, this could be the new wave in fitness for 2018, trying to keep our fitness goals. this is surf set. i'm trying not to have a wipeout here on the surf board. this workout gives you a lot of core strength, balance. we're going to talk to the folks here at crunch fitness at ties sons corner about surf set. it's getting a lot of attention here. maybe this will be the answer for you to keep your goals this new year. that's coming up next on news 4. >> see how the surf board is wobbly? you have to
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your gluts. >> all right, molette. be safe. 6:09 right now. call him the shredded beef bandit. more on the man that police say broke into a chipotle and spent hours inside. plus, baggage back log. luggage still stuck in the snow. the story that will teach you not to pack anything but a carry on. i digress. temperatures below freezing. a cold start to the day. the daily grade for the day, b plus. honestly, not that bad. backnto the 40s this i
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breaking news in first 4 traffic. northbound georgia avenue, the ramp to the inner loop. chopper 4 over the scene right now. a crash involving a metro bus here this morning. no reports of any injuries, but the ramp right now is closed. this and more troubles on the roadways coming up in just a minute. all right, melissa. thank you. 6:13 right now. we turn to a story -- update to a story we brought to you in breaking news at 11:00. there were reports about chaos outside george washington university hospital after a man was shot. this happened just after 8:30 last night as people were walking to and from the nearby metro station. sources say the shooting was not random but happened after some sort of dispute. bystanders helped the victim get into the hospital. it was briefly placed on lockdown. a dashboard camera may have captured the shooting. the suspect ran away from the scene. the president's
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strategist is once again out of a job. steve bannon is stepping down from breitbart news. his exit comes days after he criticized the president and his family in an explosive new book, "fire and fury." a source tells nbc news bannon had to give up being involved in politics or breitbart and he chose politics. president trump also reportedly pressured bannon's chief financial backer rebecca mercer to choose between the two of them. 6:14. this next story is hard to believe. >> thousands of travelers still trying to track down their baggage that they couldn't claim during the weekend weather related to the meltdown at jfk airport. take a look at some of the pictures here. there are hundreds of bags left behind. some travelers have been told they may have to wait up to two weeks to get their bags back. >> can you imagine being down there to sort through all that luggage? i have black luggage. i'll never find it. well, it's a fitness class that gets you off the ground. literally gets you off the ground. >> we're helpingyo
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molette green is live at surf set in tysons corner. oh, boy. molette, take it away. >> she's dedicated, i'll tell you, molette. >> hey, guys. we're in the middle of doing what's called a frog hop on the surf board here. surf set is the new wave of fitness in the tysons corner. this is at crunch fitness. lindsay felton is the instructor leading this class here and helping us work on our core. and i can tell you, this is difficult. this is a really good workout. lindsay, if you could tell us, what's so great about this kind of exercise on these surf boards? >> well, this is a different kind of exercise, a fun and different way to work out. it builds stability, core strength, cardiovascular endurance as well as your strength portion. it's just a fun way to do it. all levels are welcome. >> okay. so this class is really pumped up, right? >> whew! >> so we're
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the more difficult exercises. all of them are difficult for me, but some of these ladies here have been doing this a while, some are just learning and so we're getting into the groove of it. what's that difficult one? >> we're going to go into our lunge, all right? split the board. left foot back. extend those arms if you need help with balance. >> yeah. >> when you're ready, lowering that back knee straight down, lift straight up engaging your core. >> trying not to have a wipeout. >> your balance out here going as low as you can. take your time with it. taking a while, you can go a little bit lower. you've got this. how are we doing, guys? >> whew! >> the manager of crunch fitness is going to talk about surf set and how his clients are really getting on board with this new wave. hoping not to have a wipeout this morning on "news 4 today." back to you guys. >> let's do this, lindsay. >> all right. see the guy in the background,
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molette. he's going to get it. >> it's hard enough to balance but then to do exercises on a wobbly surf board. challenging. >> thanks a lot. 6:17. back to breaking news in first 4 traffic. >> trouble on the ramp. melissa, what's going on? >> chopper 4 over this problem in silver springs. metro bus involved in the crash. no reports of injuries. northbound georgia avenue, the ramp to the inner loop is where this is. that ramp is shut down at this point this morning. so something to think about if you're headed out sometime soon. top of the beltway outer loop about a five mile backup. unfortunately it's slow, very normal there. outer loop as you're approaching georgia avenue. 395 northbound after duke street, crash is on the right side of the roadway. still delayed. southbound 270, ramp to shady grove, local lanes have a crash there. brand new problem northbound 95 before the occoquan bridge near
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the left shoulder. good morning, melissa. we're also looking at nice, dry conditions. at least that's good for your morning drive. there's one to think about. still a cold morning though. you'll want the winter coat. temperatures are below freezing for everybody. we have milder air this week so that's something to look forward to. then we get colder. but by friday we will be in the 60s. that does come with rain. i'll show you the timing. 28 degrees in washington. most of the area mid to low 20s. another cold start. 23 frederick and leesburg. 21 manassas. 27 clinton. even annapolis sitting below freezing at 30 degrees. we're nice and dry outside. we're going to stay like this until late thursday. then we'll have some rain approaching. if you're walking the dog, we have one for adoption. this is boscoe. you can head to their website and find out how to give boscoe a home. warm coat. this afternoon, look at that, in the mid 40s. nice for a dog walk today. here's a look at what's going to happen with our air
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do i mention that warmup? watch as the milder air surges back into our area. this is friday. this is the day we're going to be in the 60s. again, with rain, but there it is on the tip of that warmer air. we had the colder air getting ready to move in for the second half of the weekend. here's a look at future weather. clouds increase as we go into even thursday. 4:00 p.m. we'll start to see the approach of light rain. overnight, here's friday. periods of rain through the day. still be in the 60s but have the umbrella around. unfortunately it won't be sunny and 62. looking at cloudy and rainy at 62. saturday, the showers start off our weekend and then we clear out throughout the day. temperatures drop and by sunday back in the 30s. so don't put that winter kota way forever, guys. >> sheena, thanks. >> new adventure for discovery. the company is packing up and shipping out of silver spring. what that means for the city and the thousands who travel through it each
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jiets' 6:22. now that the holidays are over, you're getting a first look
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ouch. according to wall leb het hub, people said they over spent. 62% say they're going to spend less. >> let me go out and spend all the money for holidays and make people happy and eat -- >> tuna fish out of a can for the next three months? uh-huh. if saving money is on your resolution list, we're giving you tips to dig yourself out of debt. >> consumer reporter susan hogan is working for you to improve your credit score by 20 points. >> the average credit score is around 679 according to wallet hub. most people have room for improvement and you could actually save a lot of money as a result so first what is your credit score. you can get it from your credit bureau for a small fee oryo
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of your starting point and enables you to track your progress over time. the best way to improve your credit is to maintain an open credit card account that is in good standing. it means the card will then report positive information to the major credit bureaus each month. if you don't have the credit standing to qualify for a normal credit card, apply for what's called a secured credit card. this is really a great tool for rebuilding damaged credit. don't get close to your credit limit. credit scoring models look at how close you are to being maxed out. keep your balances low. one other thing that will improve your credit score, only apply for the credit you need. if you apply for a lot of credit cards over a short period of time it may appear to lenders that your financial circumstances have changed for the negative. back to you. 6:24 right now. a young girl attacked on her way home from school. now new surveillance of the man police want to talk
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next at 6:30. i'm adam tuss. discovery leaving downtown silver spring, but what does that mean as far as the traffic and transportation impact? i'll break down the numbers coming up. and i'm storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell outside on a cold wednesday morning, but there's a mild stretch weather coming our way. forecast details are coming right up. stay with us. we will also check in with melissa mollet and first 4 traffic. she is monitoring delays after a bus was involved in a crash with a metro access van. you can see the live pictures from chopper 4. this is northbound georgia avenue ramp to the inner loop. she'going tos [000:25:40;00] thanks for coming! she'going tos congratulations! my first customer! the egg white grill.
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so you can bring on the day. before we start, i just want to say if anyone still doesn't have fios, please stay out of the way so your lag doesn't get us all killed, ben. what's so good about fios anyway? uh. what's so great about a 100% fiber-optic network that makes your gaming system actually work awesomely? hey. did you take out the trash? haha, garbage boy!
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dad, i already took out ben. gaming is best on a 100% fiber-optic network. so get fios. now, just $79.99 per month with a 2-year price guarantee with a 2-year agreement. more. you're doing great. [laugher] you look amazing. the egg white grill. so you can bring on the day. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. guess what, for the first time -- >> you caught me off guard. >> i'm just saying that it's not a weather alert day. temperatures are cold in reality but not brutally cold, right? that's good. >> yes.
6:29 am
definitely the silver lining today. >> the bad news, the commute, we want to start with storm team 4 meteorologist -- >> are you okay? >> in a second here. first let's go to melissa mollet in traffic where she's keeping an eye on breaking news. >> talking about silver spring. chopper 4 over this basically from the beginning. northbound georgia avenue ramp to the inner loop a crash with a metro bus. we had another metro access van kind of head to head here this morning. we're talking to police they're telling us the bus went off the roadway. that's the information we have. nobody injured. folks tried to get onto the beltway there. in bound, south capitol street on frederick douglas bridge. duke street ramp northbound to 395 left side is blocked by the crash. taking a look here, northbound 395 after duke street. had another problem there. that crash on the right side, still some delays headed in bound.
6:30 am
how are we outside there, chuck bell? [000:29:59;00] there, that's for sure. temperatures below freezing this morning. not by a wide margin. only a degree or two, but the milder air is on its way back. so for today we'll call it seasonable. average now is 28 for a low, 43 for a high. that's just about where we are this morning and just about where we're going to end up later on in the afternoon. mostly a dry day. chances for rain coming back after the sun goes down tomorrow. friday looks mild and wet. then we dry out for the second half of the weekend as the colder air comes back. temperatures to get you out the door primarily in the 20s. if you're at the bus stop you'll need your winter coat. temperatures in the early afternoon upper to mid 40s. we'll share the whole ten day forecast in a few moments. chuck, thank you, we'll see you then. 6:30. breaking news. a police cruiser stolen overnight. chris lawrence at the live desk. chris?
6:31 am
>> yeah, eun. breaking news in the district. sounds like something out of a movie. then crashed it around 1:00 this morning. they nabbed the cruiser on pennsylvania avenue southeast. other officers chased the suspect but he didn't get far. the suspect crashed that cruiser on f street and needles to say officers arrested him right there at the scene. at the live desk i'm chris lawrence. >> chris, thank you, 6:31. here's a look at our other top stories this morning. a federal judge has ordered the trump administration to revive part of the federal immigration law known as daca. the justice department is objecting to the temporary ruling. a spokesperson says it does not change the fact that the program is illegal. this morning the threat of a stsunami is over for people in puerto rico and other caribbean
6:32 am
islands. a magnitude 7.6 earthquake hit the coast of hon >> oprah's home is one of the many damaged from the mudslide. chris lawrence will have more. today the congressman at the center of the baseball shooting will take another step in his recovery. congressman steve scalise was shot last june during that practice in alexandria. police killed the gunman. scalise will undergo surgery for what he says is part of his continued recovery. he says he plans to stay involved in work but has not said when he will return to capitol hill. 6:32 now. new video this morning showing a suspected sexual predator. take a look here. a home security camera caught the suspect running along a popular path in sterling last week. deputies say the man quickly changed course and sprinted after a middle school girl walking alone. she told loudoun county deputies he touched her inappropriately.
6:33 am
she screamed and he ran away. the timing of the attack is alarming since it was the middle of the d take a look now. this is a new sketch of the suspect the loudoun county sheriff's office sent us. the trial for a man accused of killing two teens the night before their graduation may wrap up today. jose canales-yanez's case will be decided by a judge because he waived his right to a jury. he's accused of killing two teens hours before their graduation. they were found shot to death in the back of their car montgomery village. prosecutors say this may have been revenge for a drug deal gone bad. defense attorneys argue there is not enough evidence to link their client to the murders. after nearly 15 years in silver spring, discovery communications announced that the company is moving to new york city. this comes after discovery decided to partner with scripps network late last year. >> but what does this mean for
6:34 am
the future of downtown silver spring? news 4's adam tuss is live in silver spring this mornin this news? >> reporter: what a loss this is, aaron. you guys have been around this area. take a look, discovery building right here in downtown silver spring and has been credited with revitalizing this entire area. there was a period where downtown silver spring looked like, quite frankly, it might not make it. discovery was a part of why it came back. things like the silver spring transit center that you're looking at. take a look at how close it is to the metro station as you see the hustle and bustle. we're talking about lots of employees who simply won't be coming to this area right now. we'll see what happens with the future with the building as it gets sold. right now, a big loss. take a closer look at the numbers here. 1300 jobs affected. of course, discovery has been in downtown silver spring since 2003. the headquarters will be sold
6:35 am
and closed in 2019. people here in this community are wondering really what it's go silver spring. >> i remember how we languished with no development and a lot of boarded up buildings so development was brought here by the arrival of discovery and i just wonder will we see some sort of downturn again with them leaving. >> reporter: guys, don't forget, the purple line is also supposed to come right through here just steps from discovery's building. we'll have to see what happens with this building, who buys it and maybe more importantly we're never going to see the shark on top of the building anymore. remember for shark week, they used to dress up the building? that's going to go away, too. that's sad news. >> for sure. it impacts so many people in our area. adam tuss live in silver spring. adam, thank you. that #metoo movement is moving to med throw. women across our area are
6:36 am
sharing stories of being grabbed and groped. they have some advice to women about what to do in these safety, you can always sit in the first cars of metro car. you can also always sit near the driver on a bus. >> a metro spokesperson released a statement saying metro is regarded by the advocates as an industry leader in the area. metro partnered with several groups such as collection action and safety to raise awareness. >> the #metoo message will be making its way to capitol hill. shredded beef bandit.
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we'll tell you about the man who spent hours illegally inside a chipotle. you're watching "news 4 today." leads in and fires. ka recommends in.
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the caps have the 3-1 lead. >> how about that! the capitals have the longest home winning streakt right now. they had their tenth straight win last night against the vancouver canucks. vancouver scored first. the caps went on to win 3-1. their next home game is tomorrow night against the carolina hurricanes. d.c. police releasing this surveillance video of what we call the shredded beef bandit. police say the man broke into the chipotle there and started ciaoing down on $60 worth of shredded beef. the manager spotted the man. the bandied dit disappeared bef the police could be reached. anyone with information, call police. getting fit for the new year. >> it's on a lot of people's
6:41 am
to-do list. molette green is checking out a new trend. >> these are real surfing moves could this be the new wave in fitness? i don't know. watch out for the sharks, right? >> watch out for sharks! >> be careful, molette. you've got to get that balance right this morning. well, if you are heading out early any time soon we're looking at temperatures below freezing later this afternoon. we're back in the 40s. wait until you see the warmup later this week. melissa. breaking news in first 4 traffic. northbound avenue ramp still shut down. we'll talk havertys furniture helps your home look perfect even when life isn't. nice pick. pops, your pick. art monk!
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from 2 to 6 pm. america runs on dunkin'. you're watching "news 4 today." 6:44 is your time right now. check out these temperatures. they're not above freezing quite yet, but they will be later today. that's just a small victory, right? we'll take them. after weeks of these below average temperatures. >> yeah, the cold continues to cause some trouble on the roads as well. right now we're taking you live to alexandria where crews are working to repair another water main break. >> this is creating a headache for neighbors. justin finch is live. any progress out there? >> reporter: hey there, eun. we are seeing progress. right there everything is happening at once. traffic is moving slowly in this
6:45 am
area and repairs are continuing behind us at that water main break at north janneys lane. i can tell you right now they've approached the late stage of repairs. they're filling in that hole where that new water main was laid just about an hour or so ago. that work continuing now. earlier this morning there was a lot of heavy gear out here working on that repair. these repairs stretch from north quaker lane and janney's lane to key drive. virginia water reporting 200 homes were impacted by this water main break and one nearby on trinity drive. crews have been at work out here for several hours to get to the point where they are right now which, again, is the latter stage of these repairs. again, for drivers who are making their way in this area trying to get to 395 from north quaker lane here, bear in mind you will have a choke point here between janneys lane and key drive. again, repairs are continuing. we're almost there but not right away.
6:46 am
live here in alexandria, i'm justin finch, news 4. i >> justin, thank you. new video is coming in showing the devastating reality of the mudslides in southern california. take a look at this devastation. the neighborhood in monticeto looks like it has trees down and debris everywhere. apparently oprah says that her estate in santa barbara has been damaged by the mudslides. chris lawrence is live with the latest on all of this. >> it has. take a look at this video that oprah posted to instagram. it shows her walking through the mud at her estate in santa barbara. showing us how deep it is. she said the house in the back is gone. in her post oprah also showed some helicopters who have veryivery i veryhovering above trying to get in to save her neighbors. the rivers of mud and debris
6:47 am
have left 13 people dead. dozens injured. but for the first time in days there forecast and no rain. eun? >> terrible situation there. chris, thank you. it's a sad ending to the search for a missing man with dementia. we told you all week to keep an eye out for daniel dehaven. last night prince george's county police said the 65-year-old's body was found. he disappeared on january 2nd from a costco in beltsville. he was found by someone taking a walk in a wooded area near bwi marshall airport. he may have been picked up on route one and dropped off in anne arundel county. police do not expect foul play. the threat of a tsunami is over for the people of puerto rico. a magnitude 7.6 earthquake hit the coast of honduras.
6:48 am
we are awaiting president trump's response to a judge's decision to temporarily block his ability to block >> it protects children brought to this country illegally by their parents. they're known as d.r.e.a.m.ers. the ruling requires the department of homeland security to accept renewal applications for people already protected under daca. there was no immediate reaction from the white house. today terry mccall live will give his farewell address before ralph northam is sworn in. the first openly transgender delegate danica rome is one of 10 women joining the general assembly. there is a slim margin in the house after dave yantsey was named the winner. lawmakers getting back to work in maryland. some have outlined a proposal to create an individual mandate at the state level since federal lawmakers got rid of it in the gop tax bill. news 4 is working for you with it all.
6:49 am
be sure to tune in to news 4 at 4:00 for our team coverage. there will be a silent the union address. nbc news has learned some democratic women in copying plan to wear all black in solidarity with the #metoo movement. it is the same act many women took part in at the golden globe. president trump will make his first state of the union address on tuesday, january 30th. 6:49 our time right now. we are staying on top of breaking news in first 4 traffic. >> melissa mollet has a report on what's going on. >> northbound georgia avenue, the ramp there to the inner loop of the beltway, chopper 4 over the top of the beltway there in silver spring. you can see we are still shut down here this morning. still an issue for folks through that area right now. southbound gw parkway before the first scenic overlook. the left lane is blocked by a crash there. you can see that delay, almost four miles of a slowdown headed
6:50 am
in bound. in bound south capitol, have a crash reported there as normal. 15 at frederick, mountainville road have a crash there with units responding. both directions being affected. 270 at montrose, no real problems northbound or southbound. as for the travel times, you can see 270 pretty typical. top of the beltway pretty slow. outer loop 15 miles an hour. 66 headed inbounds okay. quantico to the beltway on 95 to virginia is slow as well. remember to listen to wtop 103.5 f.m. when you hop into your car. good morning, melissa. temperatures below freezing. compared to how cold we've been, this isn't so, so bad. 28 degrees in washington. light breeze out of the north at five miles an hour. a little bit of a breeze is shaving a few degrees. the feels like factor down to 23. that's pretty much the story area wide.
6:51 am
most of the temperatures mid to upper 20s. you'd need to take three to four degrees off of that for the there. planning your day, cloudy skies. sun's up almost at 7:30. temperatures in the upper 20s to around 30 for the next hour or so. upper 30s by lunchtime. by mid afternoon we should easily make it into the low to mid 40s. sun is down at 5:05. you have to start loving that extra bit of sunshine at the tail end of the day. 45 in fredericksburg. what to wear today? that whole pile of things you've had a to wear the last couple of weeks. probably nothing more than a medium to heavy weight jacket and a scarf for later on. the cold pattern is in retreat. as a result, we get a little bit milder air to start coming back in tomorrow. then a real surge of very warm, very moist air comes up here friday, friday night into early saturday. so mild, in fact, that even with an 80% chance of rain on your
6:52 am
friday, look at that number. 62 degrees friday afternoon. even with the rain that might be g the rain kind of weather there. the rain ends early on saturday. should be dry by saturday night. breezy and colder weather returns on sunday into next week where there could be a little chance of snow wednesday next week. thank you, chuck. 6:52 and you know what, we're going to help you get fit 4 the new year. showing you different kinds of workouts. all you need. >> if you ever wanted to rides waves in your workout, we have found the place for you. surfing is hard. >> molette green is live for us at surf set in tyson's corner now showing us the ropes. hey, molette. >> reporter: hey, guys. you know what, we're doing real surfing moves on these surf boards. this is surf set here. to work on your core, to work on your balance. beginners in this class as well as the advanced in this class. i want to bring in michael papalardo who is the manager who
6:53 am
can talk about the growing popularity. while we're having our conversation, who is more advanced, we might pop her in and show some of her cool moves. growing in popularity? this surf set. >> it has. it's for beginners, experts, people that haven't worked out before ever. it's a great class. >> yeah. you have beginners in this class, people who have just taken the class for the first time or only a couple of classes and they jump right into it. it's something different. >> it is. don't worry. i fell off three times myself. >> oh, yeah. >> and for the guys, it's no joke. it's a serious class. and, yeah, we like to invite everybody in. in fact, any of the viewers that see this segment, we can ofr a week pass to any of the viewers that mention this segment. we have four locations in the d.c. area. >> you offer these classes once a week or you spread them out? how do you do it? >> we do have them once a week
6:54 am
here at the facility. >> all right. take advantage if you can and try something new to get fit for that's what it's all about. >> absolutely. >> impaget back on your board. no cheating. if i have to do it, you have to do it. >> that is the latest live. back to you guys. it's quite a workout. >> at least try, eun, aaron. >> all right. >> i'm glad you tried it. >> i would do it with you, molette. thank you. tomorrow molette is doing an indoor cycling class in the heart of cathedral commons. >> you can ride along with her starting at 6:00 on "news 4 today." >> i've done zingo. >> yeah? >> yeah. why not apply for the racing presidents. they're looking for candidates to suit up for the new season. today is the deadline to apply online. you have to be 5'7", no taller than 6'6".
6:55 am
there's a range there. you need a high school diploma and be able to attend 40% of the from center field to home plate. we're going to link the application. 6:55 right now. here are 4 things to know this morning. temporarily d.r.e.a.m.ers can once again put in their renewal applications under the daca program. a federal judge made that ruling last night which protects young immigrants from deportation. follow updates on this all morning on the "today" show. at least 13 people are dead. dozens are injured and more than a dozen people are unaccounted for after massive mudslides in southern california. the images are astonishing. you can see that car stuck in the mud there. live report on this disaster coming up on the "today" show. >> missing maryland man who has dementia is found dead. someone found daniel dehaven last night. he disappeared january 2nd from
6:56 am
beltsville. we'll have updates for funeral arrangements. right now we're t are working there to fix a water main break. about 200 people are impacted. we're going to let you know when that works wraps up in the nbc washington app. on first 4 traffic, follow us on twitter, as well, we'll let you know. northbound georgia avenue on the ramp still shut down there because of a metro bus crash there. still closed through there. chopper 4 bringing us the pictures all morning. another slow spot here this morning, five mile backup southbound gw parkway before the first scenic overlook. that left lane still blocked by a crash. as you know, when one lane is blocked on gw parkway, not a pretty morning. no major issues. flow up top on the outer loop. >> guys? >> melissa, at least it's dry out there. temperatures are cold. it's below freezing.
6:57 am
by the afternoon we'll be in the mid 40s. that's an improvement. later this week, 62 that comes with rain though. but i will take it and as we go into the end of the weekend we're actually going to get cold again. >> i saw a guy in a grocery store last night in shorts and a tank top. >> too much. >> 51 degrees yesterday. >> oh, come on. >> come on. >> that's taking it -- >> 80s. it has to be 80s for tank top weather. >> that is the broadcast this morning. thanks for waking up with us. >> the "today" show is next. here is molette live at the surf workout in ties sons.
6:58 am
>> whew! >> she got off that board. "today" show is next. enjoy "what if" more of the came from renewable resources? "what if" the electric grid could
6:59 am
detect, fix and even prevent power outages? "what if" our grid were less vulnerable "what if" all these "what if"s became a reality? well, they are. at dominion energy, we're completely transforming our power grid and the way we think of energy... move from "what if"
7:00 am
to "what's next." dominion energy. good morning. breaking news, the death toll rises to 13 in those devastating flash floods and mudslides in california. as many as 20 people missing. entire homes swept away, leading to dramatic rescues. >> i thought i was dead for a minute there. >> with more rain on the way, crews are digging to find more survivors. blocked. a federal judge temporarily stops president trump's controversial push to end daca, just hours after the president said he is open to a deal. >> i'll take the heat. i don't care. >> where does it all go from here? outrage.


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