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tv   Early Today  NBC  May 25, 2018 3:30am-4:01am EDT

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trideodsinor. the rcuese /s breakingovernight, police are searching for these two suspects they believe detonated an impvirosed eloxpsive deevic inside ata resurant. multiple injuries. we have newails n>> i just aew f hours,ho one-te llywood mogul and power brorke harvey weinstein will surrender tto ahotiries in aua sexl sconduct case. >> t indrelahe wreid resents acss the nation are voting in a once in a generation fendren o abortion. > we'll take you ttho eor kean peulninsao tetea rctnio to eth president's abrupt spiking of shiuc nlear mngeetiit wh nthor a.eare >> and hng into a lgon ekwe tend,he newest list of wheer to find america's best hebeacs. a>>ndon hgorin those amecari who gavehe tir alls ae w approach moremdaial y. "early today" startsig rowht n. >> g>moood rng,in i'mhi pllip >> i'mra fnc resa.iver
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dicesgrad mov producer harvey weinstein is expected to turn tmself over toew nor yk authoritiesoday and face to a al charges aorccng source familiar wh it weein's aeglledua sexl bevihaador meim h grodun zero fothr e me too movenemitt whns dozef womenak ming gaalletisonin agastim h. acrdgin t toheew n yorr,ke ucia ev aans,or fmer ainspirg cstres sdai i shesne oth of e women pinressg chaesrg against weinstein for alledegly sexually asulngti hern iis hha mantt an office in00 24. f ct aorseos mcgowanne o o thfit rsccto ause weinstein of was uau asslt sdai she shkeochad tt phelans to der.rr in ate stament to tneeue vog, cgowanay ss, otque, tshi teim handcuffs wbeill th on e rightrspeon. rvhaeiey wnsinteti connu teso nyde c alllaims of onnoncseuansl sex. innocence's rehema ellis tells us more. >> reporter: fallen hollywood mogul harvey weinstein expected face charges stemming from multiple allegations of sexual abuse according to a source familiar with the case. wldn't er ahoutesritiou ereowal h myanas ces are
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eoedlv > it's morn tha, one we veha 's a lcolamp, intsanitd tively being veinatstiged. >ep rr:orte rorepayts s the ar sge iitren connection w teastne o accuser, actress cia evans, who told the new yorker weinstein sexually assaulted her in 2004. stinn,eiho ws i e xpected to turn himself in to authorities, denies all claims of sex.nsonseua l trehe a are nbeumr o pontteialri cmes ttha hy arve weinstein may be itinvesgadte for. ofone he t ismi crinalex sual coucndn t ithe first that'sl oraex s byci fore ulcompsi wonutitho enconst. > reporter: oarsc wrinne wyneth paltrow is o oneyf man nwomeei wnsteinelpe hd capulatt intota >> theiv rer divides us. must mryar weexss a week ay.m sardtu rorep nter:owa in radio inrvte piewalowtr expinlahes t tunningcc ausioathen se mad ast year in a "e thyonew rk i ames"leinic alleg westneiex syuallas harsed her. >> y andouer we anelo a in room? i>> waslo a inen aoo rmit wh m.
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>> did you heav v anyibedi leang upoha tha tt he might be ngdas?erou >>ef delinity not. >> he ceamut oth of e ueblh wit it >> w itasut oth of e blue. >> reporter:al ptrow clasimt i wasne o instae ncin a hotel room when weinsteinad me aas pts a her. m>>eak a massage? that's the me?ov t>>t'ha tshe vemo. >> reporter: she rejteecd weinstein's advances and later then bieoyfrndra btt pi had .ordsit whei wnsinte >>e said, iyof veu er meak her lfeom uncfoabrtle aiagn, il'l ki you. or sometnghie >>t' thas ameweso. y>> ieah,t s wat.ea >> our tnkhaos teh raemor fha tt report. >> andre bakginew ns outf o cnan wdidhere we are gettingur o ilorst okt aus spesctn i a restaurant mbboing. s teenwo mer weap cdture by sullrveianceer camasnt egerinn .iin ranesurtaant in miaussasga detonated an improvised osexplive device andd flehe t e.scen to eoe plwerens trapoedrt e hospalit,hrcree with itical injure us. ng rthsitie arees invtitiga e blast as api suscisou .intde anpdeatss expected thi
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ing. theto hisric mtieenget bwe en idpresentrt aumpndor nth off.esim kg- jonun is esprt identrpum makgin the isurpsenn aemouncent in a t terimo ket sting recent orthtil stetasment after a n korean officialar wne odf a nueaclowr shdo iwnhof tse talks .aedil trpri w itingnis htt leer, you ta alkboutou yrle nucar apabilities,ut bs ourre a so sseivnd aow perful that i pyra to t godhewiy ll never have to .e edus h sides t signallingy are st willilnglio t ceomo tthe table. snbc'ri ksten wrelke h tashe latest. isn,teoo gd >> reporter: php,illi good ing. esident trump made the oanmeuncentir dyectl i an leero t kim ng-un. ai sdesayne oso reane h was rdieth nor keaorld wou plul th pgluir fbuat, t l last ghniort nthko srea' stetaed mia ayi tnghe wldoran wtshi ts y o mmitndhe t wy'reilngli resolve ansues. >> t>heis hctori sumtmi withim k jo-ungadn hee bn onha sky ndgrou. y.thro gundav g wa >> believe that this is a emtrusendo tbseack for nthor
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koa,re and idndee f torhe world. >or repte ar:io senr adniraston officiald saihe t ridtene mad the dioecisno t cancel the sumtmift aeror n th ments threatening eth u..s whit a nleucar tocl nurho snwdownd aef rngerri oic vese-pridten pence as a pocalitil dummy. the psiredentic dngtati a rethrae-pagrhappo resns teeo th rtnoorh kean dictator, bstlaing kism' trendmes anger andn ope hoilstity displayed in your mtos rentceta sntme. >> hulopefly posivitehi tngs wh be takgince plait eecsp tt toheut fofure nthor koa. tf i they n'dot, wee ar more eyad tnhae w ehaveveber before. >> reporter: aen sior l calling tion oicff rtnokoh resa' aioctns ara til of broken promises, including last we sekintandg up u.s. dloipmats ho werepp prein fgheor t su.mmit ec>> we had rved no resnspoe otournq iriuiesro fm them. r>>teeporr:nd a kim backtracking ons tocu disss nueacltirizaonad meuring hiicstor mtieewings thec sryreta fta sikte me pompeo and with
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uth rekoa'ssi predentt athe dmz. dla b imingtes dtredoy a lnu tearest site, butef rusgin toet ictnspeorser. vify that in recents day mr. trump ignalli tngheum smit was in jear.dy >>he tsre i aer vyub stistanal hcean wutton't workond th's okay. > reporter: theat cancelln o amesfterhr tmeee arinca ainees had been lere,ased evis diossn of ael nob >>ob.el jitusan wt to get the job nedo. >or repte br: tuthe pderesint n, lleaving theoo drpe o writing to kim, if you change yourmi,ndaslee do not sihe ttateo call mer o write. dmaiploticra dma waitingor its nextct a. rten welker, nbc news, the whhoite use. tmp said in iru aanncnnouemtenat cchgin many .u. allies off guard, s aomere aladyxp ereinssg rreegnd a ndwogerin wthaie ls eaahord f eth keaornin pensa.ul ac nbc's janice me frayer isn i se woulit mhoreea ood morning. r>>teeporr:oo grnd moing, anh frces. soutrean predesioont mn
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e-janin i ptiarrcula was blind sided. as w just in wasnghiton meinetitg whre psintdemp tru on y.daes heasee bn apo pronent of y it gingheor nth andet emsehas tthe tre waso n ommunatic wionith seoul beefor is lrpete drop ,oo mn cleald anme ergency etme aingtlo cseo tt midnigh lseou teimhe wre heve conned his released als and then ta sntteme sinay tghahet ely rttegreed the alaeltion of the itsumm, but ped that directal tksou cld ntco.inue e ued thatnd aed hop aols athe tce pross of .eclnuzaearition could contuein th rctea tionhat wvee' f hadm noh rtakore tayod hasct ayuall been quite asmeur.ed asri ksten menonti in her story,or north keaay sing that theey'r open tok tal any time. theyid d smee tolo folwhr tough ntle tmi prose made to dmais the nuclear testing site. e urnalistser weaken ttho te yesterday. there were a sserie of osexplio.ns h nortkoares say that the tuelnnavs heee bnes dtredoy wheery thehaveri cared out feiv
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s,he tir pastix s nleuctear st bugat ainhe txp were no ets orns iorpectsre the to verify .t wer,ve w itasee sn as a gnsianifict dloipcmati spte t.ahf otheum smi >>ic jane,ha tounk y vy er.much >> in oahklcioma tyn a armed vicilian isei bngre cdidteit wh d ngpier a shootho opene finre i aus besy rtaanurt. daccointog li poce, the gunman enre tdheus bsineshu tyrsda enev aingndus j started shngooti. lateastwo t ppleoree we hit and twheo otrsuf sfedre morin he injuries as ted trio tap esce the scene. wiessse a a bysndtaerit w a olpist cononfrted the sothoer outside theta resurtan t andhe twexo geand gunfire. police confirm tedhe speusct was kiedllut, be hav yet to identify m. >n f aewou hrs theri dver loedlvn itheea ddlyew n l rsey schoous cshrail w aparn iur cot. ade stunt a and teaerch wer e edkill andor meha trs 40 othe u wrtthhen eus bli colde wdith dump truck last .week idit said the ryeriv h whoas agt lenhyis hto f suspensions andpe sedgin ckset missed aur t anndhe t n trdie to make aur u-tn ultimately crashing and creating that horrible
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he will berg chaedit who aut by death. 'todasou crt arappeanc ceomes t one day afterheun feral wa hdel foren jnifer wimslliaon t,he tchea werho ddie hain tt horrific shwae ys 51ears. old >>ct aorga morn freeman is sprengondi t coslaim ofex sualr hament andna ippprro iate en.ihayor b eightom w ate stamento ttheto washing stpo f,reple anotwre,n i part, ue,otm i a n sotneomeo who woden inttionally oenff odr inknowgl my aakenyeon feel unsy. apogiloze tony aone whot fel unorcomftaebl ored disres. th watas nerev my it.nten he a cnn re,portev seral women accused t actor ofnw uandte tohiucndng a pubcli cmeomnts about their cloing and bodies on movie sets and in front of witnesses. ree women came forward who ertainment d arent eporters including one of the cothsorf thatnn c tw woomen are named,he t otherx siare anyno.mous b nc hewsasot n vifer tied lealongatisga ainst fanreem. aur sprise appeancran e ith e oovalffeicor f a re recemo,ny ridt enp trumhielmsayf ss ri aghts wngroor f an american
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amch.pion vester stallone standing gsoneidhe tre psident for the cuselmination of a cau nearnd a dear to his heart. c'ros ttn mo elaxpins. >> reporter: he was aan mho w struck fearn i otherow perlfu men. bind a stro,ngmboyantnd a cocky. tbu hisec afftionor fte whi ewos n waaig facht jkoh jnson, th nation's first heavyei wght dcoul not win not in 20th ntyurme jkac jnsoh wonas aou srce of great preid 2r9for the afternoo nn - - aan ic-american community for sintandgp uin agast systemic .asmci >>epteorer: h was arrested for a man act aimeatd ri climinazing any wanomr o girl for the purpeos ofst proitioutrn o ry.euc was conctvied a year later ng rlineigng amch,pion feile bthe countryeforeur retning to eserv his time. >>e h wasre py ttchmu beunleatab. r>>teeporr: president trump flanked byormer champ lennox leswi andox bing serup fanct aos
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sylvr slltaone iuessd a onpard. thsi predent hinted at this poiatentlor fnegivessee wks ago eetwtingveeylster stallon ll medite wh ethto sry of jkac n.hnso his trisal ande tribulations wer grt.ea >> he was are gat insrapi ttiono prme saelshou hrgh myca.reer ep>> rorr:tens johonie dn d ithe 1940s. sut repatnioul s bed inter racial romances, hisso print stin andmi crinal record toet g up off the cansvat a long last. ro mott,bc n news. >>llri ght. i as w bigeendke aadhe. a olotfeo ppl meonillisf o people traveling over the d.enek t' bsringn i bill karins to aget lkoo at wh wat le'reoongki at. wree'ng goi tckra aing optr icalsystem. ouwe cldav he a trocapito srm urocapitol srm alberto to tr oackve trheee w.kend 90% it cobeames depression the fnextivdae ys and could goo t igstraht to tropical storm or surobtlpica m.stor iits slltin i nccaun. n toflora,id thet wescotas of florida by the time we go thugroh tusa,rday nicoteo n
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direct ims.pact neoranleso t panamait c uyntil e get toig saturday nnd a osward suaynd,un sda iynto sunday night loo lksike the btes cechan ofti getng that cselo landfa ll. 'sit not aug heri that's not gngoio tbe the e. th ath's look at the big wea y storofhe t. day urhew are's cselookr lo ayot daahd.ea> >> so, these are yrouft anoeron howers andnd thuerorstms oenc ag fainorhe t fourth day in a row. mpteureratesre a i hotn tasex that'sng goi tbeo thehe tmen i theid m odlef eth country from eaminnposli t allheay w to las, temperatures going bvee arry wm ghriert ov t he daholiy ekweend. ha ttom ceplet beach forecast u >> r le>>ot of peopl hngitti that .p .>ere a >>ll right. ouif y are loongki for someun fn e, the sn a beach someerwh yo mhtigan wt to give these top oisce a try. accordgin d tor. b'seachnn aual list, the best bchean es ithe tau.s.rech bea walrke park, tha .s in sou thlicarona hatan rked nbeumr0 1owfolled by beaesch in licafoiarn, nor th ronalifl orida, new york,nd a massachusetts. uerne o on eth listas w ha'swaii pakalua baych bea.
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th'rey ce bothusy,hioncomf orngti, adeld teganceo hyour tequild nohertrn n aot itt re jusal nlytoice ilapet p l eangdihe t newshi ts rnmo ningewor ytyk ci moray bill de blasio is in hot weratnd a is begin creompad toal dond trump. hi hetomown pser took iss ue rafte a trove ofit cy hall mae- oils,ver 400, wereor fced tintoheub plic endye uer court der. eyai pnt atr poraitf o aay mor eivnsiteo t newsed mia it qcricism and alsock toas lh tou at deais. the mayor at ooine pnt-m e quls ides, e, theew nsed mia is itiful and it's sad for our cindty a nati.on n another instance, he refers othnee rkw yo tesims" a dippntoi bglasting the par'sep rngorti as idiicot and beinmoanghe t quote,ad s sta te ofed mia. le after y a 7r legal ttba twnee o twof ethrl wod' s eslargtom cespani w neavow he a
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icverdt. jauryas hid dec samsung must in ypp le39$5 milonli mas ge iforllalegly cyiopng euratoes t lureeo pple t bouy s prucodt. ey wouldn't have emeedrg had otit nip r opedff their chtegynolo. msg,un hor,weve says it will .oidnsller a its optnsio >nbo anrtioeb dateha ttas h vie dided ireland has com a lesing esqu, tionye osr .no a nioatenwider refenmdus i npping whether to replea the w.ctbo an rtiola legot's tr sait ghto lyuc vacanagh kngeepira tfck ot i many go. ep>> rorr:te anfroo, gd mog.rnin th is a signifintca menonumtal tvotehatic kked off just about deunr twoou hrs a.go 7:00 a.m. local meti, ireland's 2 llmi vionots erearas cting theiral bts in this reneferdum thatic basally asks voters to eal de whether or not toep on th 8nd amement to indrela's constitutihich was pasdse kba i83n 19, eitinnshresf o li othf hie cld as beingal equ tto ohatf ethot mheanr d it
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fctfeyivel turned irendlant io ang the steicstbortion bann ill af o europe. wwhatom tenhatha we vepo ske n oto w had to,or f exe,ampl get abonortisn i ctheas oef a fetal oabitrmaly,ne oan wom ipo ske to, there was nonce tha hter chdilas w going to survevi in her wo.mb shase w not aeblo tet g anab tion. sh heoad tra tvel ttho e k.u., thousands of women hav teo do ithatnre iland eryve year. do st thais shiometngha tt weyill beotingn o ifs thi does pa,sshe tn parliamten will anchhege t ,lawshe tysay, s.po biblyyhi ts ,yearuy g >> lucy cavanagh for us. .hankou y >>ust d,ahea aea rson to wind wndo y.toda uspl peterwns by the mbnuers. who spends the most when it ?omes tour o fryuren frids yo wu'reatincharg "elyod tay." anob. jectsurfany ace.
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>>s morning we're keeping an eye on the roads and the pri at the pumps. all top helou y get where you are going. chk.uc em>> tpeturares are in thefy com zo one ancega oinn a friday mog.rnin mo isttamporntf o all, it is id.ay tdon' g tetoo udse to it, th.ough weon w't be c thisl again f nti setom timeheid mdl oe ne week, and rain ceshanc for
3:59 am
ed. >> the onslaught of hayolid afcfi n didotiv lpe u tohe .ype dohaes ttea mne' wll seee mor fitrafc y?toda o ffericres a o tnhe lotokou for a gunman after t two eens were shot just a blockwa ay from
4:00 am
a c.d. picolste ioatn is h downfall helped gaizlvanehe te moo t movement. oday harvey weinstein expected tnur himself intool pice on sealxu aauss archs. in iist :0 40. a.m good morn evoderyby. i' aonar gihrlcist. it's fr.iday oanr my of us, anxtended iydake weend jushot awurs ay w. >>'m ikera gleonz ezal f inor en ng. ig bst queions i wthhe terhe eather is goingo ty plang alo tur ons pla ts weekend. >> let's check ohe roads in a ute, but, k,first, chuc how isheee w kendrefoca?st >>our friday is no gt toingo tbehe prm.oble yoreoi gong t leaike the wer tsou idetoy.da ait'sse wet g into the ekweend, rtulicarly sdauny ihi tnk that ma ty beheos mtmp idacte by raopindrs. uryoda friy morngnice, on again, e.ce and cotamforbl sk cieslear teermpesatur iont m theid0 5s in eth


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