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tv   News4 Today at 400  NBC  May 25, 2018 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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a c.d. picolste ioatn is h downfall helped gaizlvanehe te moo t movement. oday harvey weinstein expected tnur himself intool pice on sealxu aauss archs. in iist :0 40. a.m good morn evoderyby. i' aonar gihrlcist. it's fr.iday oanr my of us, anxtended iydake weend jushot awurs ay w. >>'m ikera gleonz ezal f inor en ng. ig bst queions i wthhe terhe eather is goingo ty plang alo tur ons pla ts weekend. >> let's check ohe roads in a ute, but, k,first, chuc how isheee w kendrefoca?st >>our friday is no gt toingo tbehe prm.oble yoreoi gong t leaike the wer tsou idetoy.da ait'sse wet g into the ekweend, rtulicarly sdauny ihi tnk that ma ty beheos mtmp idacte by raopindrs. uryoda friy morngnice, on again, e.ce and cotamforbl sk cieslear teermpesatur iont m theid0 5s in ethhe soanandh vy.alle
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ttlds t there's htea iansl edfftec for the city and the potomac. poiror a qliuaty alo tnghe i-5 coidr coid.or f you are in the b oayr th nahdo va,lley bteetr air quality e. mi t uopper 80sun arod town. aonlyrodun 80 t by bayn i anlinapos. a cineshanc sakneeving erp u rdwas as we get intohe t enweekd. remo t onha ctg ominup in a bit. rcaffi dayeled is probably not trfi ceddeni, is it? >>,no it's n.ot it t'lekes ta alo ok, thghouig, rht now. you have aay deler hen o i95 ia.nrg jt usa got ca, llhii tnk- - hhe are t doingoa rdor wk ere as went eer thi msiaemorl da weekend? wee hav t heslwnowdo in .oodbrgeid wee tkialng autbo sthoudboun 312 t orhe rampow dno t 9 a5. yoanu cee s 95 is aols very .w ab aout two-mile upbackau becse just o lneanen opehe trehi ts mog.rnin rit gh twhe beltway isoo lking ok. no major prmsoble. i'm tngalkiut abo as issue a
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well. .s roadss etienal avueen crhnv iestigations e.ther lal lanes >> limessa, t hankyou. >>e > warekiorng for you th wkeeendth is e ofunalfici ckkioff tommer, an idouf y earde headut o of town p,ack your patience. a>> tvengli on theds roaod tay ld be worse tnha mostve tral exspert icpredted. obouyslng thisre are p cttyalm ismo 'sit early. dit'sryou e.tsid yeerst wdayas a day tthaos m eople aipnticated the engveni rush hour to betr th wisndke more than three iomillneo p fplero tmhe d.c. aareare expected to tralve algonh wit the ghhi.ways he airports,he ty' eretexpecd toeac p akeds well. theat le timesay m dbloue or triple what they normally th teicraff styey,erda a wse menentiod,ea rlly light. that means a lot of people ldecido t phus hayolid plans back atle bit. thouat cld ldeao t somewf aul
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trfic. >> p>eolic are tinry tgo fd in touor m aeutbohe t shooter and atwhld cou heav u ledp to isth. nowe wwant t o go to brngeaki nsew o outf cadana. chrisaw lerenc whit thees latt at abi bomng at restraaunt. >ight now police are cenirtaingor f twoen mho w antk into an inndia resurta dnt ienonti sallyet off a .bomb
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is chrre lawnce atht e live sk. you.s, tha nk >an hodg tayn i af matter o urs. fact, harvey weinstes in i expected to surrender to w ne rkyoth stsorn oex slua scmiduonct allegations rsh sources say he will do sot a.m 7:00. he is expected to beea relsedn o a $1 million bail and an ankle lstea om75 w havecc aused inweeistn of misconduct, includgin ra,pe sexluass a,ault andme harass. > m>norgafr neema is olizog aingfter he iscc aused of harsmasent andna iprpproiate beorhavi. gheiomt wenavee com forward. freeman writes he is i sorryf he made anybody fleenc uomfortable or esdisrpeedct.
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th with that exioplosn,or n re casoim t heav desoytred unrground nuclear test sites. this demolition was supposed to build confidence ahead of the planned summit wh the u.s. next ntmoh. resenidumt trpce canledho tse ta jlksust hours laterin citg tmeresndou anger and open oitstilyn ienect statements from gypyonan"g. the white houseay s isist sllti oen tot negiaontin ihe t re.u happening today, president trump will give theom mencement address at the u.s. naval thacademy. ter cyemon srttats a 1000: m. in anponalis. kemice pen geav theads.dres ptheredesiasnt wn i syicil for the g-7 sumtmith at at time. y maneo ppleay m havbee en exposed tohe tea msles vusir and me. even kw no the montgo countyea h lth ofcifi walsan tteto g t whe ord now. man with their vusit vised he veryusyas are orve the days.oev saler s 're talking autbo the dle airport, a in order stram rock n gaithersrgbund, a the montgomery couy ntuimorct court. peopleav he iunmmyit beuscahee ty' bveeen ccvaedinat,
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tot n evyoer ane,nd thast' a cause for nccoern. t'>> isea rlly dinauntghe woun y think about theum nbeofr eo pple hatay me havbe enexsepo ad,nd add to ttha howhl higynt coioussl meaes is. now,e w mhaveore detlsain o he exact lioocatns andim tes thtie paenhat atve pie wntn re i those a in the nbc wainsh gtonp.ap >>symptoms of meaessl iluncde r,feve cough, r runny nose, daner waty eyes too followed by otspn s itheut moh. a then rasht tha cldou be acmpcodanie b ayy ver high r.feve aiagosn, mt peeopl areot n at i bskseecauhe ty've bnee vaincc.ated asf o16 20 the ccdep rorts %91 cofhireldn n ithisou cntry a vaatccinedga ainst the measles rus. if you hav head two doses ofhe t invaccet' iprs kd e 97%fftecfeev > a> w manhole kild a woman by cnghi i hernhe t hdealil enthd xte ne decade in jail. thuris svelail vnceideoho sws eth cfrontiontaonet bween the o. isth is last lyju. sutec sorsay coleman punedch th39e -yr-ea moldotrhe inhe t
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adut o asidenle axarinda ev7-elen. comaleol td picole shed use a alraci slur, ande h eth ctviim's 15-year-old daht ser apoket yestdaery's ntsengenci. he told the judge that it wa fsn'tairha tt she w'ton e ar spendther bdairthy with her mom. nou crt macolen apogilo tzedo im family. >> aus by w-malart beecam the scene of a horrific crime ihe not d.c. ttwoee wns seretaedbb erthe. this happened at eth wal-mart arnd 7:00as lnit ght. thbons tee wereon cusscio wnhe sprengondi t poe olicofcefirs arrived. , th are eecxp ttedo be ayok an no have been made >>ew a nrr aests i unrwde iayn thise dtrict to encraouge unyorgeeo pple to talk to police. ng put tetogher t aralive hi xthibi o f m200urrde vicmsti sie01 20 sineaouthst shington. omostf ethes cas raiem n unlved. e thinks peeopl whit inatformio anotre n tkialong t police. he calls it a code of silence that cnoant go .on
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>> wvehaur mrsdere inur o idst thatre a being otprecd,te and that are being coddledy b ity.le in this counmm at'she t bottom line on .this t>>he pelan says these memorials will have more mniea ifhe t mdeur rrersesnspo fibleor .mth c areaught and osprecedut >> ts hiinmornga lavs i tinuing tour bst o outf eth ea orthnhe t big island of ii.a u' lrengooki atn aer aliew of theoi bling vala. lgetsogis s tayhear l ogestf hesu fiss has b tegunow slo down a t,bi but dozens of hom es bhaveee dnoyestredt as thi point since the eioruptn sedtart nelyaree thr weeks ago. fsoar noea dths havbee ed report but the natnaioarl gud a t iheresnl oyne o evtiacuaon route left for aboutr 1,000idents who rusefeo t lee. wa it sne oth of eig hhthligs tof royal w bpishoic mhael curry isn i d. wc. aithew n shior w adstht wedied wngeer
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all about lo, but it was integrity that he spoke of here. hop curry medarchit wh oerth fahea lders and a huge crowd of demonstrators. he hopes toraw attention to what he calls a moral and political crisis at ethig hsthe lsleve. the group says those crisis tthreenhe tl sou o tfhe nioatn and thent ityegri of the chstri ianfaath. emonsors march from a chur service in thomas circle to a vigil in front of thehi wte y ouay m r hear ther of engines this weekend and here's y. inll tgernd rolls into town y.da a'sl memoria day weekend veterans n horginhe wh arell stih wits u and those wh d nidot come trt stas nitowight thhe t sblessing of the bik at the naaltionat chedral and a candlelightil vigl wilbe hdel at the vietnam veterans memorial. 36 hours later, and the fans are still reeling. caps are going t the stanley up final forhe tir fstim t ien
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20 ars. aeybt' thas their fimst te yo hu'veea rd.that >>ye.ah this is a sersief ooc lal hockey fa hnsaveai wte ad longe tim to see, and many nobt dou will pony uperusio cashse to e e thsgame in person. esimphas sonuserio cash. daccoin tgtuo sb b,hu the ave eragpre ica for tietck in .a omelm aost ,5$100 ohare tnal hff ohe tke ticts have already beenol sod tan f s inal cifniora and vegas. dsomeiear hd capsan fs are ki tnghe cross-country ip. of tickets to game h oneave enur pedchas b pyeeopl in maryland. o>>ovur cereag m ofonyda t'nighsam gege bins with a quest rfo the cup prameg showt a 307: dhe tnou y'll see game one at 008:ight here on nbc 4. a pilotas w sehomow able o live touhrgh this p clanerash in the florida neighborhood, but ou won't believe how the lderly pilot got help after atla penne wt down. and tshiee wkendld cou be as lte tim you seen a orst bicdgrie without a constr tion crew on it for years. e'roi gong t tlel you whyhe t
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longer.coun' wt aaitny go odinmorng, k.chuc >>oo gd rnmoing, everybody. it i a fdariy mngorni and the n tsu is goingbe snghini tayod soou y g canet the car washedf i yowau nt to,ut b justee kp in mindha tt the arere rain ceshanc onve eryne o othf hre tee d ays ofhe tol hayidee wndkebu, att th tesn't mean
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n a accenidt behdin thehe wel ton axp eloonsit a a teessee gas station. s. i js oustutdesi mehimp driver of an 18-welheer rdhe into a pump cngausi the en ttirehing tost bur into flamesnd an theexplode. that truck was destroyed along thhe tt res of the ilbu.ding nodybo h wasur tt,h.houg zberk ha tent tneeessck truer wa tsn'thenl oonot e. a piln floridaal wked away froms thi crash. chkut o howse clo he came to
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hitting a home. 71ea-ydr-ol pnelat wenn dow a wil mwaes ayro fm daytona ssay iwat sng eine failure atse caud it. he says he was able to crawlut o wn and wckreage on his walk to eth hospital. >> wh?at crinleedib. .nedleib o s this morning we nowno kw hase cega ainst a fmeor aycareor wker accused ofiex us we g lo toyndagra ryju. t aylor boinykem rainsn i il onbond. he w aasasn sistant teacher. atst lea feiv accusers have ceom foard against him. >> t'shere no questionha tte h dhata conct withhe t chireldn usbecae he wkeord at the ady.em thhi cnldre were studentst a he academy, but ihi tnk today from toy'daros pceinedalrely israomed seer sious qstueions as toheerthno or t hison cdu ct waons, e, criminal, d,an wheerth otor n iwat sl. intentiona
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ing skbroe hit admse hou tch ed chdren, but only in play. >>hi> ts rnmo winge owkn the a omef the man whoseod byas w odns iide a burning helot omn i capital heights. aanrox kno wasco disvedre in a aroomt eth la taquinnn in o hatomparn pk boulevard. ho d heieds i still uneaclr, ut a s fll fire wasnd in sro om. gutses hadwa to itut o a odend n rey allow bed iacknhe w env igaestition was mp> colete. >> just a matrte ofay ds a evano wtionill begin onne o of kis.ea'ses oldt idbr we are tal about the nty'urlds orl aoningt miaemorl wtheorkil wom ce with years, ye cars, of lanelosuresnd a elays, but the crew behind the rkay s it's bettern than a feunsa idbrge. everything starts right aerft memorial day. even ive you don't dri on the bridge but you enjoybe may the r aailsrodun it oren beath it, tuoo wlilxp eieerenc some es.ros ws 4 has leaedrn tthaf i this wo drkotid n pphaen, b therie dg could be unusable by 2120, in fa.ct
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m ovgin n isever easy, but here's a look atne o move that wa ait b morell chaennggi than ckgin a up few xebos. hobow autov ming an entire use? at.atht iss i near loiluisvle, .tkekyuc au lrengooki atht e old toilnvoule hse w, ihichs rehunddsf ors yea d,ol er hean id ssat onas w ndeede for anothproject, stho ome he ic pkedp uro fmts i untidaoou s that it c tulyal be n'dotw knowhe er wtheyer geoing utto p .it >> c yan gouet on aig h -hway- ocan u get on a hhwigitay wh ththat ing? cu seme. annggila nes. >>hast'ha wt you get stuck bendhi y onou wroay t the acbeh, kn?ow ?elyal thho wle ushoe? t>>'shere no aidvoingt tha one. >huck iser he to t aalkbout spcuectala rheweatr. nlastig whtre i c'tanem remrbe a mor e tibeaufu lt.nigh >>ri ggllinut o? w hoou y do that on tshi ?uschele i'm asleep by 7:00 p.m. > i'm strugglin gtoy,da but we ghit >> fair enou. go bbear wcueeaerthin aga f or g.hisevinen yo fdariigy nht is probably n tgo be the easstief all th teimr ove the hidolay
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weekend to pnla somhietng tdou woorsitutho fear from vemoth nuratece bau rseain chances creep e wauprds as we he iont the weekend. right w,noou thgh, on frid ayrnmoin ng, wiceay toet g eth day started. 66 dotownwn, but oencet g ahey rom t tyci, l hookowuc mh coert iis. i55nde frerick and new rkmaet. 61 atul dlesir a aportnd shan tiy. n55 i manassas. rlleaicy neay w toet ghe t day going. nsu is up at in5:48 this morng his dot ntwn uil 228: t o it'soing to be are gat day t beut o fsideorhe t schoolkids. ngsueslass,ho srt sleeves, and or.ts tdon' fgeorout yr spfs a .well osomef ethhe higstun s angles ofheea y arre for the ntex days or .so hi pssre wureil kl ueepsic ne and driveway today, but as high pressureff moves o shore, it allows theur retn flow of moistu freromhe t southwest. it wl ilbe cdeonsirayble mor udmiro aunder heom tworro and through the hidolay weenekndd, a thre tropics a swihoigng snsf o life as wl.el more abouttha could beer albto micopng u i an numite.
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refutu wtheaorer f us around he rey,toda ghthou,ro fmta srt n fish today, harydl even a cl toudo bed.foun aeyb o oner two pop-upwe shors wauty o iont the mntou onsf stwerg viin.ia tusa mrdayorngnie her onut fure heweatr, parytlud cloy acl ds will eaincrse. weho s buldery d touhrght a least the first hal off the day .rtomoow af aterbout:0 4 i0n eth footernn, a chance of seom shersbl bubin ug ipn nerorthn nd.ary s reain chances sneak toin e.c dtr. meo eaarwe beten:0 8 and 10 1:0. p.m tomorrow. stjup kee indn mi ttha as youo g heayrtr into the d rrtomoow , .ain cnchailes wl increase no tt aotal washut-o.ig even hr rain cnchanes o ay.u l give youhe tci spefic ocastor fol rlingnd thuer coming up in just ait bs a llwe. n 60%ha cnc oefto srms late i the day tomorrow and a 70% anch for showers on sunyda n.oorn monday still a rai nchan,ce but not quites much of e.on hat rolling thunder forecast co umingpn ife a w. spki ongmpf iacts on the ro lads,et g'sveo oro t >> good ing. ing a lookth at e roads here thmois hrit now bay briedg loongki od.oe ,know chuck, you're planning gtoet o outf townat lerod tay
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tndhi ts is gooned ws for you a le rastig nhthiow ts rnmoing. emb,er t tryingsear ely or tef i youos psibly can. scipe oallyn a dayik le today whee' wre etixpecngdd anaitiol luvo b rsecause itlly on'esomt cehr t aoughse w day.h it would yeerst er h aet eth bay idbrge. looking good. mortonth soudboun 95er aft route .. woodbridge leanft leet g tingby,nd ahe t- - if you areea h odedut south erthe in, virginiaouthbound 95 ereen cter courtkw paray ri lghtan geets by the worke zon ere. addison road near calentr veigation.c shst lal lan sestill tur shee wnha tt one is going to clear out of the way. ltway looking fine. n.aa >> all right, melissa. thank you. > t the little machineshat are advertised asn sku carleg ramiescl t,y'he prekiicngp u the wrong brush could put something on your face that may never wash out. we'll break down w yhaou may tne
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m youaynoo bee abl todd a ivdr ler'sicseenos t thet lis of itsem yrourt smapheonps kee actrof . washington d.c., ryma,landnd a lade awarereal among sever states text ees tt lopi ting .rraogorms f ditigal liceesns don't worry if yeou'rot n ready toit dhech tla pst icongee. ing a digital one will be strictly optnaiolnd a ritadlna licenses will coin tue o beedissu. thheen tre's a question of -- >> i don't know how i feel about that. >> i knowla pces that won't take my insanurarce cdn o my phone. v h teoro pduce a paper insurancerd. >hi t ssumrmeps u isai rsing rice o an cplou te ofheir month.ta srtgint nex eythl wilrg chaera exto t hanedl eversidzeig packages wehing mor than $10po .unds itoi's gng from 00$5 to 50$6
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thnen i jyul ups will raise ihandng costsor packages wengighi me or than70 po.unds >> >,soap thlaer, nsri dry. so lundsik te rheight rneouti rfo clean andar cle coximpleon , ght? rit. in 1820 somere aur t tningo tech. our justin finch got his hands on a tyrend diceve ttha many are usgin s totay esfrcefad. >>or repte pr:edower upnd a yread to go. the fiaacl h.brusol ermatist howdarok bross i miarlih wit it. reot a l o tfhesh bruesha tt a the mkear that vie,brato s i li wnhe it vibrates gyentl thrahaer tn os cillates. >> the brushes range from $10 to hundreds of lldoar dp y'r atidversed toee cln,ea liexfoate, and leave your colemp rxionadntia. ifoue'r notre caful, you could be left with seom waunnted results rig wht ehereveonryane c se e.them >>f iou y use aru bsh tt'has too rshah on uryo fa,ce it canse cau problems. >>f iyoaru te inhear mfoket r facialsh brur. d brosok sues ytsoou dr you homework t. hefe prers s arofteti brish on
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e e face,nd a heay ssnc chaes are you'rlready using t he l.bestoo >hi notng btseaentlerh wit your hands. atth'sim the most portant tool .hat y ouhave an spf of 30 orbo an ve oyo ur basis. a dlyai ll stiah ead,k pac the purel. rmsre awh everyere inside airports. ext at 4:30e'll tell you the phaot tt you wldou en'txptec that is even derirtiha t an toet. >> gross. uspl c,omg in,up he is the boy scout at the center of ontroversial comments insid ae lol shop, and he is only h telling newsis side of the story. coming up brsh. >>ne o of the altil-me gre at rimemoalay d traditions here in washington. suaynd isol rling thdeunr.50 00 motcyor iclesn a motrnsnatio deri. y gngoi tbeo a reasoblna day d fordiri bng,ut jtus w that there will beha cnces rom se .s not guaranteed tbeo ry d oscl lerk oo tat oday
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ht rig now on news 4 today, .thol hiday weendkes i rehe undsares a pkiacng up and higtd the roads. we are working for you to get you aunrod anyra tffic tubrole
4:29 am >> plus, will it beai r onr sh fineorhe t long weekend? e'reoi gong t bakreow dn the r tmeam 4or fecast andhe t stim toe td eaout. >>t > iisus jtut abo 4:30 now. goodmo g,rnin erevyby.od mar aon giislchrt. i>>ri'm eca gonzalez in for eun .g thyo wk u for waking uphs u ons thi ayfrid. foure a up and trying to tc tharhe ely flhtig, things ar lengooki goodo s far. melissa llmoetas h ethveryin g you need tono kw onhe t .> chuck bell is here ho iw ist oklothing isor m,ning chk? ear.kies are cl pater auresren i the comfy zo forsu re. t 5hes0 toro aund 60 deeegrs. tta lilede milr dowowntn at .66 ba sy iiden annolapheis tret a .5 bo o iutn the shenandhoa va,lley athnoiger nht wrehes it wapendo winwea wtheror f resu. g.coblortaehi trns moin susn i upt a 48. relyal a notllha tt long from w. t is going to be any sun and warm day today. apoorirua qlityro aund the c.d. trmeo area,nd a upar towds baime.or k isteep that in mind you havert hear opi resraryto issues. maany wto t tak iet sieaer. otherwise, it's goingo tbe ni. wlo hidumity today.
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doyesm war you. t o88 rain cnchaes arere cepgink bac d.upe w get into the ekween talkor me autbot thand a i'll give you teahe bch fasorectf i yo auoire gngo t pull a chuck e a hndeadr ove the briedg tord tscohe astline on your fr iday afternoon. let' ssfee i the rdsoa arell a jyourobod tay iso t keepou rte 50 clr.ea >>o nleprobm. absolutely. vegiab me ou$1t ,00 and i can dohat foru.yo no obprle m,k.chuc got .it rt aon southbound 95, rteou one. thsis i a slow spot becseau of work. we have pe eoplcainlld g an complaining the erouas y a re indrivgou sunthbodhr t ough ngwogebrid. why are they doi roadk wor on isth get-away day? lleftan ae about two-lemi kbaup as you are hdeade sohbndou here ts hirnmoing. wain fgouor y there. edicerrgksbu, souboth95und fobere centrertpo y.parkwa atra cnvsh iesgati stiontill blocking all s.lane bewaltooy lki ng.good reminder, you have toea l ve relyalar elyr oea rlly late atofy i y wou tanto avoid that dd taylrave wrehe folks are probably lvieangar ely to get


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