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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  June 11, 2018 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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barbara mscoastock h bteneaer evy potilician. i'm different. > >>brkieaewng ns tonight from singapore, t fhealin countdown as pretrdent ump and kim jong-un meet face-to-face. nua r cleasuitmm liunkeny ag thinwe have ever ense has d.rveri e thamicerrean psintde and e thh nortkoanre ctdiator in the same omro a inda t's lo ng frway omhi ts. n >> rocket maould a a bvehaeen ndd le ago.te im they will be metit wh refi a fnd l ryike the rlwos d haner ve seen. a w>>ilnol korth re agtoree ge ivtsup i l uked what wil p renesidt umtr omprisine ur ret >> a> lsonito aght, amdr haticosgeta standoff and a police fiofshcer otn ad arme llhon g ldinfo sur ds. >> ware gie urngim h rtoelseease tho children. >>ur om teaishe tre.
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>> a>ys mtery sd,ve an th aircfocae aiptwin s cssceo terama'ic top cret to vashni without a trace found 35 yrseaer lat living ife. ub lle maa e ssiv exospllen vels a mehowi blongpa a rt a nehbigodorho, investigators combing for clues. urgent uaevactison as ordered major ldwi gfireetwas o y to cle osomto he. >> announcerth: s is i "n nbclyight ns"ew thwi lteeslt ho. go eodngveni, as n psingorwae upkes o a datuesy morning, a dohozen urahs ofead on washingtthe summit meg etinbeeetwn esprt idendoldnamp tru and north korean erlead k jimunong- is e bt ouakto te acpl here. e thti fmeouor tgh d talk, bluster an miecsdirtss i.over a lecoup hrsoum fro no tw,wohe t ldees llwi reveal their true hadhaass y theexndte their nds in a shake for the ages. on the table, north kores a'eanuclr and eprons ogm ra thestwe es qutions, llwi g kimivthe p em u anwhd ilat wl esprt identrump offer inxc ee?hang wiinth l theashot ur, ee thidpresentwt ngeeti
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that mngs between staffs and reesprtaentives are goweing llad, wdinge will all know soon whr etheorot nea a rl .alde erovnight kim jong-un surrndouy ed bbo dy guards out sightseeing antad skingelesfi with singapore's refomiign nierster aft icannnd ag inn eram made air c jet, sidehs trird iput o r. thuncoy tr lasdeea reportedly sending out decoy planes, even his own food and toilet. now, the stage set f e thbiesggplt diomicat meeting in a enegeonrati. prt trump arviri sngdauny. soundingonfident. thee mting only s hour iawaynside a xulurysl ireand so, rt twthe o men expected toke sha hdsan t forhe rlwod'cas s meraberefo inmeetg e onneon o. e th oonlyth pereople m n theoo r antrslors. the esprt idensangyi l he'lsi udee p th re dictator
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. i sthinecdson t h>>owon lllg wi i take? thi wiink th tinhe rsfinut mite'l i know. >> w?ho h.> just my ucto l.yee f that's what. .atthha's wt doi thi invek uiry qck ly hei'll know whetor s ot mesog thingo iod orngog hton.appe >> repr: it's a n.i-sghs takemiioss kisimon j, g-unwhe os atthreened the world fi 2ring3 ssmi iles la ystevear en detonating a hydrogen mbboll reay adre y to wei uvehip nus eacl apons foecr iconom d aiseand cutyri suasraesnc >>th nor keaor slya preouvi confmeirs d it willingness to nudeclrieandze a wree' ea tro see if those wosrdve proin scere. toe>> t bnkriwa of r thgoe netiinatblg tae hahere at singapore t.sbeentuinnnswgly if laprst sin wg,e an d siteamicer soldiers airmen in utsoreh koa aonr hai trgeigerr alt. unnorth korea laing missesilen, ev wlehi ere.eerthe wshere is breakinneg rehe ison kouth re a, wordha trtt noh korea
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has fired an unidentified precojletint itho e sea. president trp umd fire hin s owvealrb ssmi. es a > rockemat on isn sue icidmiiossr n fo hielmsd f anfor his . ireme >>le whi k im atthreen tedshpu his nguclr eaonbutt clial e thpridesa ent dordta. hsmont later, we were nnoor kth.orea ss kim's mies had ricuy ouslgo snet ilen talkvt heen tn,o n aboutht rte noh anabngdoni i nts.ukes a niseov gernment us f tcialelngli tonit ghthe couny tr anpls to build on the sus ccesofts ien rect missile te r>>orepr:teft a er s pcrplg intisancon d decades of olisatn,ioki is m w no y readtoak me a e?ricamat cngha i ist a simply a ttmaerf ocrhim yi ng e,uncl t sheioanctns are hurting so much he e?anos ou recrs >> i think that might tbeiehe vw sofonome f u.e ids. se,ut b her e, thote reas non korthor ieas coming to the table is eyth sd ai they mpcoled ter thei s ur cleaweonap m.gprra
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thavey he modeatnstred the h he av capalibio tthreaten s. thedunit steta >> t ohemeutco f or sthisummit is far d.ruaom graeent r foalthl lke ta wt ha wnorth korea isling to ge ivitup, 's rtimpoantot si conder whheat t u. .sis llwitoing p oute n th table to achieve it .s. ow wi ull offialciris vefy whr ethenoh rta koreis epkeiting s d enheof t baairgn. nbwsc neef chior feign faafirs creordesponnt has nitea mchl el . ore >> rter: tonhtig , fothfie tirst me prenesidt umtrtop's p pldi iomats nthiating nesew tycuri te for kim ife' hlls wiintog vegi uhip kes nus. w>> pe'rererepa d to keta wthal wilbe security assurances that are unique t t amicersa i wliilong t proveid previously. >> reporter: what could that ?mean they won s'tutay b lkeddndtrate umtap abouwit awthdring uth foopsrosom ckoreana lld puinbag e thnuclear umbrella, 52b s omfrm guaand
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nurclea aedrm suinbmares and stheyayor north kea netoeds oerffof pro .what it is giving up ed s m'erfath cathe bin auc n dleareawil clintonn i4 1 99 anged borgeusinh if220. >> verng the oudenuclearization w keta ermnoous resoceurs. r>>teeporr: and the ear'sgimeas vt clnu compx leo is swe ll lsnhidd, s.u.ic offia doknn't owow hy man it weapons as. s urrt enmaestite rag nginfr 2om 60 to0 waher bs,uried in doze onstef sis voing lvinhurendf ds o buildings, staffed by thousands of people. enevki if m ts inspecrsto i in,t ulcoked ta aec dorade the esprt iden derisc tbingod'say inmeetg as get to know yoluu, ps. msoliore ke rlyt esul from today's summit, a joinstt enatemt to n begithpre s ocesof deeanuclringzi and agree after 65 years to falintaly srt en tdingheor kwaean r. inus nda res
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rehe. now leary will talkuc n weaps onouobvisl y, awhatbo hut an s?ights iuess t>>hesay eyy th w'ton usdiscs .it ngt woulde brisurpsi ify thedoic patk th .up e putng theyay m ntn t jhe sointtamete aisn reagt emento opipen dlotimac ofs ficefothr rse fit metith in e spreveti s.ountrie thouat cldak m e it therrsite to sthe w kim ngjois-un gngoi l>>oofok al sml steps. >>ct exaly. >> arenda mitcllhe, anthk u.yo ofe g gotselimps hikim jong-un and rcmotoadbue g zzin abt.ou e theris so much stmyery surrodiun ng r.h yeoungta dicto wege're ttg inoka lo a atasis pt omfr form terereach tt ha h yse knew him in enop docemc rati swzeitd.rlan heal ttoked nbc's keir simmons. r>>teeporr:ow nth nor koa'reths ruless adles er isuourr nded byod bary guds asvwherere h bgoesut e teenage hr, n kwaedo tolscho o hin.s ow >> i never s aawy bod gud aromor setnghi
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s.ikehi t . cheamtoe oo schl by foot s p>> rorr:teye 20 ar r giso th fmeor teacher believes h is age nuds t waa ente kim ngjon. >> iefrlynd gentle. he played sports. >> used to play ba sketball here. >> reporter: and listen to music on an 3mp pyelar. >> he had a good one. he or repte tr: inchallenge assess kim jong-un's honesty bu lt heiv uednder an assud me aname nd a andistt lare stiveays m kijo-ungfan's ther taug hhto im tusfee ar pon aea w s nd a cirtexpes llca ll targs eteato rd. >>w knoyo aursadverry is the key piece of advi iceld wou ggsuest. it's important to k remember is a cocamplitechd tearacr. ep>> rorr:ten soo pridestrent umwip ll t si wdownith kim jongn,-ut' whas uryoic adve? t>>o ry tfi tndhe see of humor. >> reporter: his time einurope could impact whether he open to
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the west. the stakeson thtig co'tuldn bhie .gher ke sirnsimmo, c nb news, switzerland. is back to th 'sibustngap c, italit annt eve le ik singapore has never ense. arne60ly 20 pores er iton se,20 $li milon ity.nent surec you ghmi wt beonrideng t ounyof awhe erhein t world why this place? why ngsie aporfothr is we?su ut just that tiquesono tp a to prxrtpee, her a ofessor omfr .apsingorune siiverty what makes singapore idfoeal r isthd kinof a meinetg? n >t' iwas alysee b ense aa s raneutl jeobe ivcountry, osortf keli switzerlan east as.ia apsingorhae o s tw embassies here, north s.oreana e d thu. nokorth re eansimbases d anu. es.simbasesan c communicate wi tthheir counter parts. >> singapore small as an economic power e.ouse is saf dronesre ane band. > >>wothe rlisd
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watcnghito hisry founut b beyond the twrto paieats the table, there is no uncotrwiy bth aigr ge e stakinha wppt haens than sou kth.orea nbc foreign corrpoest ndenriarchd en glel is there for us.glel is erthr e fo usl eishe torre f us. r>>orepter: no summit e s bngeich watedor m closely than here in seoul. this city is only 35 lemifrs kom im jong-un's massive war machine. anuvest or x sihsmont ago, msouth koanreres we fiourus with president trump. s e>> psintdemp tru i expe to passy b aherenyin m ute. ng ep rr:orte clial him waa germonr t bu y todaonofe the gornve'sment top igforen lipocy advisors himself oe nc a fierce critic is applauding him. mp>> president tru is kind of hero to save
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korea from the nightmare of war. >> reporter: he's become a hero? >> oh,es. >> rorep tter:hiiss e thdelimizetarid nezo separati nng aorthnd sokouth reana utd soh s ve long come thereo nghair the pehod s anprerayr s fo peace on this border e.enc hothpes atav hvee ner hebeen higher than t are right now. nebut not everyoere cisomrtfo hableavg in r theiplate in the ndha ns ofor kth'sorea dictator a pndderesint ed> ty hehoare t adhe thbo othf utem b t he rlwo wd isatinchg. >>ep rr:orte aholtugh not there in singorapoue, sth t korea's presidens enbe ctiriincal yilaheng t gunrok dwor hich this summi wt, he clsal s theumt miof t he ntcehoury pi ing llwi ld eaeato pcend a tdownhe road a new lipol ticaunn io with rth.oe lester? n r>>icrdhael eng i sefooul r tushtonig. thk an you. e >in> m theeaimnt this enives ng a p ridestrent um presepar tsio wn do with t dhetoictar,e h reis fshff oew a n udfeh witsome of amicercla's ost es esalli ilunc tdinghe thbneigortos n theor inad cana d ane prim j ministertin trudu.ea hall jieonks has atth e onde f thsty or for . us
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>> reporter: as d renesidt umtriep trs to finace withn a y,enem hs e'tifighng wi fth arid,en he a hndisis advors at h pwingunesch ju stin trudeau. h>>e alreinly kd of bestabd iuse n th back. l e>> tres ieca spia any acelin hl r fo t foreign leader tha geengas binaiad fth diacplomy thwi . sprten donald j umtrp. >> the president llcatring udu ea ondishesant wed ak after the summit in quebec where he called neamw aneric tifarfs m te sndel a amilu sulting d anispromes toal retia. te >> canadians are ble eli r andeanaso but awewilso llot n be pushed around. r>>epteorre psident hirp uminkeepg up aksttac tshi rnmoin fggirin you have tetwes fmro kepsingorlie t rsoy cwet annole our friends or enemies ketaan advta oge f us nra tnyde amo bre day amera'iclis ales are not backing down, >>heier this is a difficult summit with at times ve crydandi discussions.
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>>ep rteor tr: he 7sprenidlet heft t g earld pulledut o aof pnnlaoied jnt stenatemt,en talse tks atth b hadrishtime pri mistnierer tesmaa y highlighting how she to tokighe fht to the s.u. w>> iaser veay clr. i've been clear ent treo ly tprides trum ip,isn th hseou and elsewhere, the se unare juifstied. ge> repteorndr: a i rmany. chceanllor angela merk selamays era'ics protectionism couldod onecicomam dage around e world. that diplomatic sfdyiounctn llcog idin with a critical thace-to-cefae herwi searcrety sof tate singorapyie trngo t . oplwnheay t dmara s t>>he arelwre aay irntritas in tirelaonipshd s ani'm idconfent lareshtionipset bwe en t twconfident ben the uneditte stas d an e thosg co7 ieuntrs will continutoe e mov g oarrw ad on sontr sibas. >> reporte sr:taecrery be poeeeo smso t tryi tngnd me some singsncay tod, aipr thoseue anrope aiells ngsayi is t'r thei omdiplat wicthk at e nar plpt heedak m isth singapore summit t phaenn ifithe rs pl ace. >> fascinating tiposionet b tweenhe se oriesf etme.ings thanks vermuy ch. >>em docciraes vsersu
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ctdiats.or tu rng in hbackome, the trump admistnionrati is algning a onrontiaversl vemo ion.iatgr ateytorn gerenefal jf day e sionsaitod the u.s. wstop grtiansyng alum to victims fleeing domestic abuse or gang violence that could have a huge impa octn thousands of people from central america looking to the u.s. r fotysafe. e sse sionsayths asum system is being abedusut bis hov me will be challenged by miimgrioatvon adcas.te te now to a mys th aat 3fter5 aryes has finally been lvsoed. y milar offi with top secr cetanlearce ensuddly sadireppead y35 ears nd ono o ly tbeou f thin the last few da lysg ivina olwhe n eotfer li i california. nbjoc's e yefrllr tes husowis ht pas ca finally ht up to hi m. >> reporter: this was r aifoe rcaicaptn wim lliahuesghio junr fobee re hmyerstlyious i vanished1983 and cldear aed deserter
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ghand this is hu now t osi fng mor augho s s idunghe tye 35 ar between the esosphot, veinigstoratsas hey we bntrry bey obeir d anlid ve awith wanom f iin ts mehoth sou o san francisco. ed ias wpr suris cabethuse eyre a rmnoal people, very r>>epteoracr: bk in 1983ghes was r sgnsio ed tthaie rcfoe base in new ximendco a h aad top secretec sy urit clraeaannce d nepdiedatch ttho ork ands wto withat nfio ofce rs stte aingircraft sullrveianceys ste ms but afreter tuinrnomg fr roeuo pe nonsae m w hi again. stinveigoratuns fod eo suaneillceid v owing him wiawthdrin$2g 0 8,00 from his account at 19 ffdit erenalqubue erqu bas.nk cathe big break a sth mthonin durg partsspo fudra investigation confntroited wh nsincoisncte asbout his identyti,e h esdmiedttwa he s ghhu d anle tftirhe a fceor cae he was desepresd. >>e oncinwh athile e armed rcfoes will pick up l aagong o serter, usually the suref lt oa aftrfic ostopr mesog thin
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like that. >>ep rr:orte n iown in 0s ugs, hheiss custody, a decade's olstd myersoy .lved joe fryer, nbc news. ot there is moreo t ytellou about, the hostage standoff unfolding at this hour. a angunm briard cade wi fthchour ilendr teafr a police officer is st.ho an> d raging feinosrnxp edilo ng across serevtaal stes. thousands forced to evacuate. hope you can stay with us. woman 3: this is my body of proof. man 2: proof that i can fight psoriatic arthri..tis. woman 4: ...with humira. woman 5: humira targetsan d blocks a specicife sourc of immnflaatio th conatuttribes tojo both inandt sk in sptym its 'proven p to helree lievinpa stop further irreversible joint damage, and clear skin in many adults. mihus thra ie #1pr escribed blogiio orpstic iaarthritis. avo: humira can lower your ability to fight infections, ud inclinbeg tuosisrcul. se srious,omimeset tafactl infeio and canc iers,ncluding lymphoma, have happened; as h blave ood,iv ler, and rv neous stsyblem proem seourirgs alleiceact r,ions w and neororse wning arhefailt ure. rebefore tntatme , ge stt teor ted fb.
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ckba w nowita h dramicatnd staofinf a.rflid anic offerho sd t anan mearn d mahoinldurg fo sml aldrchilen hoe. ag tense netigonsatio ingo ag onllay dg lon and now into the ineveng yitro ng tcoax .m hioupet ulacefly nbc'rry sanders is there. >> reporter: tonight, anen urgt anst ff urfold chire 1n, , 6, 10nd a 11. e th46ea-yd r-olis hog ldintwofo the his ldren that e ar own,he ter oths,is h rlgifrndie.
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thine ntcide baneg stju borefdne miig ht ay nd when police spreonngdia to lledoicstio vnclecae t were shoat from siinhede t artpa ment whe ilalthe led ge shooter'gis ierlfrnd ouidts fiofceker vavin ialenc othotn ihethe ad. >> shog officer invoedlvtb wesro ok tmaparents. pathe tit en bwille the officer. r>>teeporr: police say 'sitle uncarf i enhthe ilendre havbe harmed. selindy owkn ln toaw enemforcen rt,dsecor dating back to 2007 incle udicconvtis on anrfor so dn,tiomesc batterd fleeing poli.ce st tonit,ir f respondersnding by the nhease ss et aparentmtht wi t he ds on till inse id .fire ch aief,reou yri wored he doesn't he av erianytngo t aloseft fi aringt coa d an p?itting coa a>>ga, ine we'rurnggi tohim reaelhese t chenildr a lndhiet ts o peaceful luresoti. on rsp>> rorr:tegh neibo shd.ocke t'>> is scary. thour kids. i'm inking about the baby, 1-year-old >>or repte ar:nd sta f ofpoceli fndamily standoff p family hopends safely soon. kerry sands,erbc n news, orlando. coming up next,
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thmae esscuvaioatn as as ssildfires erupt roac one erastl , ates doubling in size overnight. >>so> al, e thdeadly exioplosn atth was erod yemea ho, there foullay? p and n i cat wido ith 'what's adalrethiny wi me. beuscaode my by stcan illma ikets own ins.ulin and once-wkly eeictrulityac s tivatemyody belto reaset. i truscaode my by stcan illma ikets own ins.ulin ulicy it iis notnsin.ul it comes in ona klce-weey,tr easyuly -tuso-e pen. truscaode my by stcan illma ikets own ins.ulin ulicy ititi 2 works4/7. truliticn y is ainctioje n to imovprd e bloosur ingalt as with type 2 diabetes when used with diet and exercise. don't use it as the first medicine to treat diabetes or u if yohaypve tdiabe 1 et esia or dbeketic idostoacis. don'doutan't keruli tirst medicity ifou yur or yo filyam mhavelaryedul trohyceid canr, you' ' arec llergitoli tru,city or have multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome type 2. opstli trutyci and call your doctor right away if y ouav htoe sympmsa of seri ouals rlergicean,ctio opstli trutyci and call lua r mp oelsw ilingyon ur ckne s, orevere stomach pain. seriousis de effec tsinmay cludpae itncreatis.
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>>ck> ba he omghtonit, ewthere are urgent n a tiacuaonass wireldfi explodes, doubling in size and tt ing way too close ntoboeighrhdsoo new ger.n d of ddsre firefighters aren o e thonfrlit s near o.urango, colador s umiellm ar agueha deilta >> reporter: off to a fast and dangerous start, this year's wildfire season exploding out of mcontrol in newexico, california and .colodora in 24 hours, durango's refi dbloun ed isi, ze 22,000cres destyerod. ofehi tndurhe ctas in oksme,nf id rareshs ow walls of fire. >> turn around right here. >> rorep cter:re ws
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riordeng c ae odd,re ua the evaction of at let as h2100om. es o >ro py bablti tme . go n > reporter: i is rnlifoiath, toeas ionats heinupg lasyet w46e erllki aed nd moreha t,0n 11om00 hes rewetr desoy.ed e ibackn loco, radoth 41y 6 majust be s tgeinstg >> thiis going to be a lae rg tfirehas t' g gointoe bhi ts landsce apfor a long . eti r>>epteoronr: tig aht glimpse of what's to me. migu aeluelmagr,bc news. >>ts ouide cleveland, maa sse ivosexplion velell aede hom killing one person and badliny ngjuri otanher. veinstatigarors e tdetermine if w ari c two rspeofons interest have been detained including a n womawi athmirinal histy.or d athe s mpcofoany un
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7:26 pm
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7:27 pm
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> >>llnay tonight as the rlwoldd hos s it thbrea a wndaie awt the hashndbeake twn ee idpresentrt anump d kim jongn,-us it' ndnrsdeabndle a rmnoalo terbe nvo us exand cited. innothg hwe eard berefos thisuitmm fr both men offered t.oormf hweea lrdagangue d an onactis that made us feorel f t looweong reweth on e inbr k of e armed coct, mayb ar.ucen nle war whats it abouto happen herise ia a gnt rom tk bacaw fay thated lange, d an r toppouny itsofor be reabasonlein mo ds t prevail for the sake of w theor bldseecau e thd worlisat wg chin and the world is nghopi. atth"n is iglyhts" new t. for thisday nigh a ndremiere' wavll he velier covagofe the
7:29 pm
hiorstic summit on th nistabc sti.on lei'm hsterolt poreg rtinfoalr l of us at nbc news, thank you r fohiwatcngnd a odgo nhtig. >>
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> lights, camera, ceacss. pick a is de niro swearing at the presidt enheat tys ton g tngoo far? >> depends who you ask. eth most inspiring tony memont.


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