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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  June 12, 2018 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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backo back. >> local sports fans have been waiting 26 years for a water like this one. the washington capitals seal their place in history as channel cup champions and celebrate with tens of thousands of their closest friends. >> fans line the streets eating a sea of red to see the home team and lord stanles big cup. news 4 was there tori you the cup hoisting, beer chugging, red rocking moment. ♪ we are the champions ♪ e are the champions ♪ >> today marked the culmination for a fan base tha has struggled through years of frustration. >> letnt get right dn to leon harris, he is live in northwest where some of the moments of the day -- you know, leon, we have been a bit out of practice but d.c. you can safely
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say knows how to throw a victory party. >> we now know how to throw a championship party and parade in this town. how about that, folks. so many of those people who lere there aed up on either avenue had titution told us that they were waiting almost all their lives to see a moment like that and a it was such a joy to's see. ard to pick a moment that alands out because every single moment seems spe today, beginning with the players coming down that parade route on the buses. i'm going to tell you the minute omwe saw them around the corner with the stanley cup an electric shock just went through the crowd. at the team did was very cool. they put the players in separate buses so it t wasn't like entire team was only in one bus. so the parade it seemed to last and linger a lot longer, a thment the fans will never forget. crowd out there was enormous. this is what it looks like when you ask 100,000 peopleme could co join you downtown, it was incredible and the energy was charts.ely off the now, the parade route went 2
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interest3rd and constitution up to 7th m andison which is where the stage that was -- that's being dismantled behind me is located. that parade route was completely filled the entire day. our chris gordon has more of the sights and sounds of the day. ary t begins with a mil flyover that raises our spirits to new heights. >> this is awesome. >> the parade of champions provides moments and memories that caps fans he been waiting for so long. alex ovechkin lifting the stanley cup trophy for all to see and share. chopper 4 flying over old glory on a day of glory. tj oshie holding his daughter. and doug cammer high-fiving fans and finding out just how important this championship is to some families. >> they're naming their b stanley. >> a high school marching band
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parading down constitutndn march along with the eastern high school blue and white marching machine. chopper 4 ges us a eagle's eye view of the crowd on the mall celebrating the thcup. team arriving to the sound of d.c.'s own chuck brown. ♪ >> i want to thank the washington capitals for bringing the city. cup home to our >> reporter:he tea owner acknowledging the part the fans played. >> we have the greatest fans in the world and now we have the greatest hockey team in the world. >> look at the people who are here. you know, like you thought it was going to be crazy, but it -- it's basically nuts. >> reporter: alex ovechkin delighting the crowd by leaving us all with thesewords, back to back. ♪ we are the champions >> reporter: back to back.
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reporting on the championship city, chris warden, news 4. something else that a lot of eolks in the crowd probably had never seen bef was a treat that we got this morning by the d.c. air national a threeover over the mall to make this day an even more special day, a day that so manyse of t people that were here on the mall with us today will never forget. back to you. >> haleon, you. so many great moments along the parade route and down on the mall today. it was -- it was quite a thing to be a part of. >> you were front and center. you saw everybody coming right by you. >> the energy swelling up from that huge crd, that he was packed in there like sardines one madison all the way back to the washingtonent and i couldn't see past that point. >> even compared to the redskins parade which you and vance took partin, this was nothing like this. >> more people and more energy.
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there was a lot of penalty up sports enthusiasm after 26 years of that a championship,ot of people were ready to celebrate. it was -- it was amazing. >> one thing that struck me during ouroverage today was all the scenes of that cup itself. you've been watching them all weekend hoisting that thing up in the air. so the stanley cup turns out is made of silver and nickel alloy and the hockey hall of fame says it weighs 34 1/2 points and is almost three feet tall. their arms have got to be getting tiredy now. >> you know it. >> we have much more coverage for youtonight, the incredible images and the celebrations througho this hour and also on our nbc washington app. we are not done yet. now to our other big story this evening, the high stakes summit between president trump and kim jong-un. >> it was just one momenut it was carefully choreographed. >> north korean regime leader
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kim jong-un wanted a place oe. the world st he got it. for president trump it was a chance to be seen solving a nuclear crisis thatev bediled his predecessors a. >> kim got what wanted, president trump got the photo but no specific commitments on disarmament. blaine alexander is in singapore to break i all downor us. blaine? >> reporter: we, here in singapore leading up to the summit so many of the questions were about thecs op what would this all look like and what would the body language be like, but though that the conversation has switched backa tongton there is the debate over whether this was productive or just a photo op. it is a 13 secondhand shake decades in the making. the signing of a new agreement aying out on a global stage. >> we are prepared to start a new hisry and we're ready to write a new chapter between our nations. t new chapter is a warm one. >> you would be veryse surpd.
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very smart, very good negotiator. wants to do theig thing. >> reporter: but leaving the negotiating table who was lking away with what? t >>hank you very much. >> reporter: for president trump a recommitment from north korea to work toward zadenuclearition, but no detailsn when or how. and for kim jong-un an end to the u.s. south korea military drills, but tough sanctions against north korea will stay in place for now. >> the sanions wil come off when we are sure that the nukes are no longer a factor. >> but back home in washington. >> the agreement looks more like a press release to me with no real commitments yet on any kind of det >> reporter: skepticism in both parties. >> this is an agreement in principle, it's not an agreeannt thate enforced. >> reporter: president trump already celebrating. >> we had a tremendous 24 hours. >>eporter: taking k at his word while still leaving room for error.
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>> i think honestly i think he's going to do these things. i may be wrong. >> the president claiming a win for the summit, even if critics say it's short on substance. blaine alexander, nbc news, singapore. >> as for the president canceling military exercises with south korea that move appeared to blind side the pentagon and south korea. u.s. military officials in souty korea they received no updated guidance and authorities in seoul said they needed to clarify theeh intention bd the president's comments. congress was also left wondering and there was disagreement among republicans about what the president meant. the next round of joint military exercises is set for august. new details t aight in deadly police shooting. cellphone video shows the ments after a man was shot by a montgomery county police officer. the story was breaking as we came on the air yesterday. news 4'serorothy speoins us from the scene now in silver spring with today'spm
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devets. dorothy? >> reporter: doreen, a number of people were at home yesterday whenhey tell me they started hearing loud arguing and then multiple it happened right here in this parking lot. some of them grabbed their cell phones and began recording. student with a college who said he could not believe what he was seeing. >> oh, my god. the cops just killed somebody. >> repr ter: you can heae disbelief in nate kapler's voice as he records this video. a deadly police shooting happened justteps from h home. >> it all started with very loun ar and then we just heard a lot of gunshots. >> reporter: olice dispatc calls reveal the hectic moments leading up to the shooting. >> he has his hand in shooting. might be suicide by cop, i think. >> reporter: kapler and hisan friends montgomery county police to release the video from the officers' body born cameras. >> they said the guy did not have any weapons on him and lik he sounded hopeless honestly. he said don't do it, don't do
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it. we heard his last words and that's what's really shaking honestly. >> reporter: cellphone video obtained by news 4 shows an officer with his gun drawn over the wounded man lying on the ground after ter shots fired. he appears to be breathing, an officer why else. >> turn around. turn around, man. >> reporter: but the man doesn't appear to move. officers turn him and put him in handcuffs. photos show officers and medics lateorming first aid. the man died at the hospital. police say he was notarmed. the man who was shot has been identified as robert white, he lived at this home in silver spring. e montgomery county officer anand badgujar is a two-year veteran of the force. hchael neighbor told me he lived alonee and walked every day because exercising helped him cope with personal struggles. >> it seems like quite probably a tragic misunderstanding and an excey sad outcome.
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rr: those officers' body worn cameras when this investigation is complete. do remember ev back t fyou. tily of a prince george's county police officer who died from friendly fire is now suing the county andrhe offiho killed him. attorneys for the family of jacai colson jus filed a wrongful death lawsuit. colson who was under cover andn in uniform got shot by a o fellfficer back in 2016 during a shootout at police headquarters. the lawsuit argues t officer who killed colson shot through an obstructed fence and at someone that didn't match the spect description. that officer taylor cross was not indicted on crimil charges. there is encouraging news tonight about larry president s top economic adviser. white house officials say he will remain in the hospital as a precaution after he suffered aa
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hearck yesterday but they say his doctors expect him to make aull recovery. he's being treated at walter reed national military medical center. president trump tweeted the news of kudlow's heart attack last night from singapore. when we come back a deadly hit and run on a maryland highway. >> police have two mysteries on their hands' they work to identify the driver and victimth saved a bus stop, see the dramatic video as a child tas action to protect another student from an oncoming card dwloo and it's priry election day in virginia as voters head to the pulse. first, here is doug. beautiful day across o region today but the threat of rain can't be that far ouf. we will talk abo the chances for storms tomorrow and what comes next.
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that was quite party, wasn't it? our city still on a high after today's epic victory celebration. the parade of champions may be over but for some the celebrationsre still under way. we will have team coverage of the caps, the crowds and some of our favorite moments throughout this newscast. theth wea was also picture perfect out there today. doug is back with the warm upn that's i store and they father's da weekend forecast in just a few minutes. less than an hour for virginia votersas to their ballots in primary races that have national implications. but even witho ch at stake bureau chief julie carrier reports the interest at thpo s has been somewhat underwhelming. >> reporter: turnout a trickle at most polling places even those that have both the gop and democratic primary.
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>> we have a choice between a democratic primary or republican primary. >> reporter: in the tenth is congressionalict barbara come stack faces a challenge from within hair party but is heavily favored to win much the spotght on the six hrn person democratic field bun that has four female ndidates. this couple both educators say school safety is a key issue for them. they cast two votes for jennifer wexton. >> i had a preference forn jennifer wexecause she has experience alrea are the legislative process, her position with the nra falls in line with mine. >> reporter: this time combat veteran dan helmer has won her over. >> i think to have a veteran there that knows the h of war is good. >> reporter: gop ballots are being offered all across the commonwealth as three men seek ime chance to challenge incumbent senator kaine. they include a northern virginia
6:18 pm
tlitician corey stuart bus loudoun county republican is backing nick freitas instead. >> he is more level headed. >> rheorter: and's one very local race we will also be watching tonigh alexandria's democratic mayoral primary. thisrimary generally determines who will become the next mayor, the inn couple mental son silfverberg trying to fight off a challenge from justin wilson. >> we will look for your reporting tonight on news 4 at 11:00. thank you. maryland primaries will be held june 26th. among the racesemocrats will choose a challenger to take on hogan can governor larry in november. the candidates will take part in one final televised debate before it's time to goth t polls. our tom sherwood will moderate and you can see it here on nbc 4 on sunday morning right after "meet the press." first on news 4, there are now developments in the case of
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an army veteran accused ofre ening a muslim community center in northern virginia. scott mcfarland has new information on that. >> just in prosecutors say a virginia man has pleaded guilty to sending threats to the muslim community centern leesburg. his name is matt shutter land, a plea entered minutes ago at the federal courthouse in alexandria. according to court filings shutter land posted the threat on the muslim center's google review page. they say his posting threatened to eradicate muslim americans an specifically target their children. the threat was posted the day after a terrorist drove a car through a crowd of people this stminster england tha happened a few months ago. it was one of a series of threats he had made the feds say. he is 55 years old and an army veteran. no response for our request for comment from his attorney. ll , it's opening night, the ctain rises on "hamilton" at 7:30en this g. boy, can we fit any more into this day? >> no, we can't.
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>> performances will be full and there will be extra security measures. they advise everybody to arrive early, only in washington can you also visit museums that have such a rich variety of real alexander hamilton items from thena nat archives to the library of congress and beyond. right now an exhibit at the national postal museum contains the two pistols used in the faithful dual between hamilton and vice president aaron burr. tthey are on loano the museum until juneth 24. >> kind of chilling to think somebody saved thosepi ols. still ahead, a prescription for saving as the trump administration lays out a plan to save youey mon at the pharmacy. tragedy involving an olympic athlete's daughter, his heart breaking message on social media and why it should serve as a warning to other parents this time of get ready for a warm up. doug is back to he will it us ncen the heat and humidity return a the chae for stondrm
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is that true? is that true? they're naming their boy
6:24 pm
stanley. they're namin their boy stanley. perfect timing. perfect timing. you only get that chance once. >>hether he wants it or not. >> that's right. young stanley. if you needed proof that this was mor than just sports championship, there you go right there. >> doug kammerer having fun with the friends. i thought that was you earlier but it was beagle. you were doing the sam thing with a lot of low fives out there. doug doesn't have a voice. doreen a hoice. >> the medical reporter didn't use a oonscreen. not smart. we were all excited to get oun there and weeren't thinking - we were out there a few -- maybe hour or two longer than we thought we would be. >> i didn't thin about nscreen today, even though yesterday we talked about it being a sunny y, i didn't do it, either. if you put on sunscreen count yourself as vucky andy smart. i had my kids out there, too, and i'morried that --
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>> you are responsible? >> it was me. >> bad parenting. >> we are not as bad oz our lobster producer danny. >> he's in pain. >> he's going to be hurting tomorrow. out there right now still some sunshine but cloud cover, too. wmperature wise sitting at 75 cite now,ds out of the south at 12 miles an hour. remember yesterday we had winds out of the north, northeast, and that helped to keep us coolth along wit clouds today, a different story and a nicer day. 73 urmartin 74 culpeper. honey town 73. no is beautiful all across our region. ing as far as rain is concerned but i want to show you what's happening. notice the clouds, yesterday they were socked in around d.c., today they are down around richmond. richmond only in the 60s today, just like we were yesterday, but we had the sunshine across our area. the wider ghview, th showing why the clouds are movin back to the north. 's a storm system back to our west that will give us a chance for storms tomorrow, some could be strong. target off 8 a.m. cloud cover
6:26 pm
across the area. we will see some sunshine tomorrow morning, a better chance to break out of th clouds by tomorrow afternoon. most of tomorrow will be dry, we ar going to 40% chance of storms and by 5:00 there are a few storms aroundbut there should be enough heat and humidity and enough instability with the storm to our north that we will get a couple thundersrms rumbling on through here right on through the evening hours. that's something we will be tracking for owyou. tomoigh of 87, it will feel more like 90, hot and humid, cnce of showers a a thunderstorm, some could be strong, possibly severe and then itust gets gorgeous thursday, friday and saturday. 85 thursday, 84 on friday, saturday coming in at 85 as well with low humidity. looking greatthere. a little different towards father's day. that father's day forecast it's back in 20 minutes. okay. he's going to make us wait for it. thank you, doug. still ahead, a bizarre scene on a busy highway and now police are trying to solve the history surrounding a deadly hit and run. >> a close call at a local bus
6:27 pm
stop, the quick action of a young safety patrol officer that prevented a tragedy. >> it's our time. caps fans still revelin after celebrations for our stanley cup champs. news 4ot exclusive access. re coverage includingmo celebrate dad this father's day. save big on something special from ross, from gifts that fit his style to gifts that bring a smile. happy father's day begins at ross. ♪ you gotta go to ross everyone in the house is doing all of this at once. but no one wants this... you need fios - the 100% fiber optic network. that means more speed for more devices at once -up to 100 if you got'em.
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if you're looking for anon for incredible selection of the brands you love, this season's newest trends for a fraction of what you'd pay at department stores, ♪ you gotta go to ross now back to the big party today, the pictures, the sights, the sounds, they are going to live on the caps parade of champions. >> today was just as much fun for the players, clearly, as it was for all of us. we want to go bk out to leon harris, he's got some of the best player moments fromoday's festivities. hey, leon. >> hey, doreen. you were here, youould feel the excitement, you could fill it building around this crowd, th the parade ended at this spot on
6:31 pm
the national mall and the players went and tookhat stage and they spoke both with a from theirhearts. >> there has been a lot of chants, there hasn b let's go caps. there's been we want the cup. we've heard in the streets we've got the cup. we've got a new one for you tonight. today. back to back. back to back. back to back. back to back. >> i mean,hi this is --is something we've dreamed of since we were kids and to see you guys out there today celebrating with us, we're absolutely nothing without you guys. so thank you very much. finally, we stalaying hockey ake we can party so that good thing. >> we're the stanley cup champions. yeah!
6:32 pm
whoo! yeah! >> reporter: how could you not like go into battle with a man with that much passion? it was so much fun to watch. and the people that did come out here to wat it they're telling us this was a day unlike any they ever thoht they would see and they talked with shomari ayone to tell him how much they will remember thisor the rest of their lives. >> reporter: right now i'm on f therfax county professional fire truck. you can see them right here andt look, rig over here it says echkin for president. they are determined to make sure ovechkin wins the presidency, they arthing is clear, so happy that the caps had their victory parade today. let's take a look. a as the kapts star player ovechkin hoists the stanley cup over his head from the top of a double-decker bus fans erupt with cheers at th caps victory
6:33 pm
parade. >> it's been a long ride. we've been here for a long time. >> reporter: jeff kabul let his son sit on his lap to see the excitement. >> i started growing this beard four years ago. everybody said you have to grow a boo erred to win so i left it growing. >> reporter: you can feel the joy. just take a look at this crowd. >> how are you feeling right now? >> awesome. >> reporter: really? what's going on? how are you feeling? >> oh, my god, i'm feeling to >> reporter: did you see the cup? >> yes, of course i did. >> reporter: did you see ovechkin? >> yes. >> reporter: as you cxc see they arited over here. >> more than 100,000 fans stood behind barricades on constitutionavenue. >> let's go. whoa. let's go! go caps! >> reporter: the parade is the city's first in d.c. since the redsnns celebrated i 1992. just maybe it's time for jeff to
6:34 pm
get a haircut. >> are you now going to cut it? we have the stanley cup. >> no. it depends on where my wife s they say no, she ss yes. >> no. no way. >> reporter: back out here on institution avenue you can see all these fans are ready, they're excited and they cannot wait for next year. i back to yothe studio. >> i hope he lynn's to hiswife. >> heexactly. >> are a lot of boo erds that need to be shaved, though. >> one o our sports photographers, kerwin. >> he cleaned up nice. >> he looked great without the beard. a historic day. and our coverage isn'tr o yet. >> sherry burris got exclusive access on board a about us with some of the caps players, be one. that's ahead in sports. now to a quick round of other top sores. president trump on his way back to washington after his historic summit in singapore with north
6:35 pm
korean leader kim jong-un. kim did not make any ccrete commitments to dismantle his nuclear arsenal but mr. trump offered a significant concession much the halt of joint military exercises with south korea. >> they willhone video shot by a neighbor shows the moments after a man was shot by a montgomery county police officer on monday. take a lowi. esses say the man became combative when an officer tried to talk to him. robert white died at the hospital. he did not have a gun. the polls in virginia will be closing in just a few minutes. tonight we will know who will be battling in high stakes races for congress. you can follow the vote count in the nbc washington app and find out why voters did what they did on news 4 at 11:00. joe kn now to a deadly hit and run accident involving a pedestrian on i-95 south of the icc in beltsville. it backed up traffic for hours as you can see from this video from our traffic camerasthere. now police have two mysteries
6:36 pm
they are trying to s lve. >> thaght. who was the driver and who was the victim. here is prince george's county bureau chief tracee wilkins. >> reporter: the rd was closed for six hours as policeed investigat a bizarre case of hit and run on the interstate. maryland state police say the pedestrian was walking in the middle of roadway going down the southbound lanes on i-9 a when he was struck and killed about i that vehicle. there were two people in that car who told maryland state police the driver took off running. >> the driver of the vehicleid leave the scene. we're trying to identify exactly who the driver was and who the victim was at this point as well. >> the pedestrian who was struck and killed died on the roadway and lis have not been able to identified him. the acciden happened on just south of the icc route 200. it's no place for pedestrians. we don't know why this person was on there at that point in
6:37 pm
time, at any point in the day, especially 11:30 at night. >> reporter: maryland state police have intified thewo passengers who were in the vehicle and say theashave no re to doubt their story. that there was a driver who left the vehicle and the scene. givene witnesses have not police that driver's name. >> this is a case where early in the invesgation we have a lot more questions than answers at this point in time. >> maryland state police is asking anyone who was traveling on i-95 just south of the icc around 11:30 last m night and have seen this accident to give them a call. they need witness help. off of i-95 i'm tracee wilkins, news 4. a closer look at the president's promise to lower prescriptionrices and the tough question the administration is facing from lawmakers on the hill. it happened fast and far too often. tonight an olympic skier opens up about his heart breaking loss in hopes of preventing another tragedy. and of course we saw abe tiful day today. temperature 79, sunshine, low
6:38 pm
humiditynd a nice breeze. perfect for parade. but i'min tra some storms making their way back in across the area tomorrow, but look at that shot just beautiful. much more on tomorrow's storms and that father's day recast sefoe
6:39 pm
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a terrible tragedy forc olymkier bode miller and his family. miller's 19 month old toddler emiline drowned inwi aing pool sunday in southern california. a friend says miller and his family were at a private party when their young daughter somehow got into t swimming pool. bode miller posted a picture of his daughter on instagram and wrote in his words we are beyond devastated. miller and his wife morgan have three other children and anoth baby on the way. doreen. >> unfortunately far too many american families know the pai of losing a child to drowning.s
6:42 pm
drowning death are on the rise, an estimated 1,000 children died from drowning in 2016. that's a 14% increase from the year before. boys are most at risk, they make up eight in ten fatal drownings. while most drownings among preschoolers happen in swimmin tools, drowning risk increases with age. nearly half of open water deaths happen tong people wean the ages of 15 and 19. open water includes an ocean, a lake or river rather than a swimming pool. nbc's miguel almaguer isorking on this story tonight and has new information ahead on nbc "nightly news" with lester holt right after news 4. a student saves his classmate from an oncoming car. see the dramatic scene as it unfolds as a local bus stop skroo we are tracking the chance for storms as well as the return of heat and humidity around here.
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
in news for your health today the health and human services secretary was grilled by a senate committee today about prescription drug prices and the president's promise to lower costs. two weeks ago president tru promised prices would come down immediately, but democratic senator elizabeth warren says that hasn't happened. the secretary says thenly way costs will come down is for open communication between the ndcompanies consumers to happen. his department wants to require that companies lis prices on their advertisements. sharp young man with even sharper reflexes may have saved a younger boy's life int mery county. >> news 4's mark segraves as
6:46 pm
there as police honored the 11-year-old. >> reporter: they look like typical grade school friends but jarius and ryan now share a special bond. afterui various' reactions that saved ryan from being hit by a car. >> i helpe save his life. >> are you happy he was there for you? >> yeah. >> jarius tayr had been a school patrol since the fourth grade, keeping his classmates safe at thac bus stop morning. a few weeks ago as ryan and others were about to c street to get on to their school bus a driver ignored the sool bus lights and stop sign. luckily for ,ry jarius was paying attention. >> he was about to get run over by the car so i just pulled him back son' he wou get run over. >> thank you for to go your job. >> reporter: families of both the boys were on hand today as jarius was honored. >> youever think about t type of thing happening but he just reacted and did what he was supposed to do. i c be more proud of him.
6:47 pm
>> it's great to have kids like that who pay attention. >> reporter: today ryan is fine. he and jarius are getting ready r their summer vacations. as for the driver of that car ooo could have killed ryan. >> the s bus safety tamara not only captured this heroic act, it also captured the violation in which the driver was crged $250 and paid the fine. >> in rockville, mark segraves, news 4. >> it's good that they caught the person. now here is doug with a check on our weather forecast. so you promised details to come about the father's day weekend weather. >> father's day it's a bigun weekend a here obviously. that's the biggest thing to look forward to after today. todays over, the capitals they got their parad done. >> happy father's day, doug. >> holy cow, after a day like today we do have to look on ande , we are talking about great weather thursday, friday and into the weekend, but two days tomorrow and father's day for a little bit of a difference in the weather.
6:48 pm
t there right now we have the cloud cover across the area, the clouds moving on in from the south but still beautiful. 75 degrees, those numbers tonight not droppinur next i think right around the same temperature. dropping to 72 by 9:00, down to 70 degrees by 11:00. a really nice evening, thinking about getting out there on the barbecue eating outdoors, looking good for that. 77 degrees leesburg, gaithersburg, 74 annapolis. ovsterday cloud only in the 60s. today we saw the sunshine nice weather. no rain right i don't think we will see chances of rain tonight. it is going to be early tomorrow morning and then really into tomorrow afternoon that we see a better chance. here is the storm right there. ie it spinning? >> that storm helping to bring the clouds back in across our area but it's also going to give us a chance for storms tomorrow some could be on the strong side. timing it out for you, 8:00 in the morng maybe an isolated shower but most of the area seeing cloud cover, starting off very l ld, a i we more on the mild side than we were early this morning.
6:49 pm
by noon still cloud cover but starting to see. brea we do get breaks in the afternoon. the morebreaks we get sunshine we get the more instability builds and that leads to a better chance of showers and thunderstorms. a couple willing around 3:00, it's 4:00, 5:00 that we start to storms get going coming through the d.c. metro area, 4:00, 5:00, 6:00, 7:00 before they begin to move out by 8:00. en the front comes through, that comes through tomorrow evening around 10:00, 11:0 c weld see another round of storms with that, too. the storm prediction center a severe storms outlook has put pennsylvania, parts of new york, part of west virginia and western madd into a slight risk for severe storms. that pretty much tells you you have a good chance for severe weather. we are in what'salled a marginal risk of severe weather meaning widely scattered. it is something to watch out for wednesday. first off as i mentioned a chance of a light shower early at 7:00 a.m. no b deals. i don't think most of us will see that. 78 by noon, warm with mostly
6:50 pm
cloudy skies, more sunshine by 3:h or 4:00, h of 87 tomorrow, feeling like 90. then t storms get going through the evening hours. however, as we mentioned they will be widely scattered. not everyone will see them. thursday, friday, saturday autiful weather, low humidity, highs in the mid 80s. look at father's day, 90 degrees and humid, heat index into the low 90s and monday 93, a heatr index o 95. we have heat coming up but also beauti tl weathhe next due days. >> take dado the pool, i guess. >> exactly. >> or the beach. >> or t beach. coming up in sports, a wait.ation worth the every second of it. the caps were hugging, they were chugging, we're going to talk to sherry burris who was t alonghe ride on one of those party boats.
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
finally we start playing
6:54 pm
hockey like we can party so that's a good thing. what happen says in vegas stays in vegas, but we brought the cuhome. >> we had a dream d we did it. >> we have the stanley cup champions! yeah! do you think they're still partying? are they taking i little nap. >> that was a primal roar he finished off wi w. >> jerry,h el come back from your wedding and honey moon, we're glad b you'rek with us. that was quite a scene. u had the best seatn the place, you got to ride on the bus with tj oshie. di>> i it was the most wonderful ilcome back to now being a married woman, guess you could say. i was just in awe at everything. i don't know about you guys, there was just so much t take in and this being the capitals first championships parade it everything we imagined and so
6:55 pm
much ca alex ovechkin said it best today. he said i thought it was going to be azy, but it was absolutely nuts. everything today was crazy. the crowds, alex ovechkin hotating the snley cup for the first time a this town has waited 44 years for this. tj oshie has been having also a heck of a week and i g the chance to ride along the parade route with him today. how do you even feel bthng in is moment? >> it's crazy. oh, man, we've been -- we've been in the streets a little bit lately and, gosh, the t recepti he fans has been amazing. you can tell h much they wanted a championship in this city. it feels good to bring the first and i think there's going to be more to come. >> how special is this for you? >> you know, it's unbelievable because all these people waiting for it so long and we've been working so hard to give it to
6:56 pm
them for sure because they deserve it. and this is unbelievable, you know. we have people around us who have been in the same as us.tion our families, our closest friends and everything and it's just unbelievable. >> and there is really so much to love about the there was s to take in. we are now joined by leon harris. you have ao been out here all day with us soaking it up. what was your favorite part today? >> hands down what i loved seeing was on that stage theyin sisted on bringing everybody who was part o up there.ization that included the trainers, that included the massage therapists, that included the truck drivers. and they made a point of embracing themnd a sensecould really get of the family that they've bu wt. ovieas one of the first ones uno over and put those guys who worked behind t scenes up
6:57 pm
on their shoulders as if they were t championships themselves. >> it really does show how tight this group has gotten in these extra weeks. certainly it takes a villageo be abl to get this far but as we know, as we see on socia media, the pitchers, this party is very far from being over. there's a funny video we want to share of ovie on his way home. ♪ >> ovie. ♪ >> look at his reaction. i would have the same reaction as that fan.t lookat pure joy on ovechkin's face just jiggling on his way home from the parade that he has waited his entire life for. definitely have to stay alert. >> they deserve it now. guys, don't you think? >> that's a priceless reaction. you knowt.
6:58 pm
everywhere he goes. >> his life is forever changed. instead of why didn't you win the stanley cup -- >> absolutely. >> great stuff. >> he's taking us along for the ride. >> "nightly news"tarts in jus 60 seconds, but stay with us right now. >> that's right. we leave you with som best moments from our stanley cup champions, the washington capitals, and their incredible season. see you at 11:00. >> the washington capites for th first time in their 44-yearh story are the stanley cup champions. ♪ ♪ >> let go, caps. let's go, caps. >> we love you guys. we ♪love you. ♪ >> is that true? is that true? they'r naming their boy
6:59 pm
stanley. >> what does that mean for you to share is? >> i mean, it's just unbelievable. i literally just want to probably just jump this there.
7:00 pm
tonight, behind closed tonight, behind closed doors. here in singapore we go the summ the nuclear negotiations. the american president praising the north korean dictator.ty >> great per and very smart. good combination. he's a very talented man. >> a moment for the history w books but nothe hard part. what comes next? also tonight, an american olympic star's family tragedy. his 19-month-old daughter drowns in a pool. a heartbreaking reminder tonight for all parents. breaking news on a blockbuster mega deal. at&t's $85 billion takeover of time warner approved. what it means for competition and consumers. new crash tests and new safety concerns tonight about some of the most popular suvs on the road. does your family'suv pass the


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