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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  June 12, 2018 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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virginia voters decide who will be on their ballots in november. tonigh the local races that could help decide whoontrols congress.
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d.c. police shoot and kill a suspect in an alley. what happened beforehand. >> and capitals celebration. nley cup champs start a new champ. it's the virginia show panel that many have been waiting for> nd women rack up wins. good evening on this election night. in the race, kory stewart edged out nick stewart. he will take osenator tim kaine in november. he in the house, barbara comstock sun ives her challengee bid for a third term. she'll face jennifer.
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we, jennifer. we haveton. they'll compete in one of most expensive and watched races in the country as democrats try to take controlf congress. >> reporter: the party has wound down by itnow. as a crowded six-person d. fi now she is taking on her biggest challenge, barbara comstock. jennifer wexton knocked on thousands of doors including 4,000 just it w endorsement of democratic elected leaders like jerry conley that helped her wayne convincing victory. now she turns her focus to barbara comstock.
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she used her victory speech to spotlight one of the top issues in orne who will fight to keep our communities safe. >> wexton is a former prosecutor who won in 2014 and was reelected the nextar ye she concedes s starts as an underdog but thinks her success athe polls makes her a strong contender. there.l govern once i get i have a record of working across the aisle and making positiveresults. >> democrats in virginia and across the country pting their hopes in wexton that she'll be able to slip it from redo blue. now as mentioned before, she easily fought off a challenge from withiner own party. her campaign issued a story that
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says she issued on common sense conservative results. she is the only candite in this race who has voted to cut our taxes,re ie our take-home pay and grow jobs. her biggest challenge goi forward, winning again in a district increasingly blue and in fact voted not for donald trump in15 but hillary clinton. back to you in the studio. >> one to watch. thank you. corey stewart shocked a lot of people when he almost won republican nomination for virginia governor last ayyear. >> t nobody is shocked as he was able to hold on for a chance to unseat tim kaine. >> this could fl an awful lot like the 2016 presidential race in virginia. kaine, the former running mate, and stewart, the long time trump supporter. >> reporter: you can ear the sound of celebration behind me.
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this was a narrow but tea ice issive victory. corey stewart with the board of supervisors, former cte for governor and former campaign manager for the trump presidential campaign is now the republican nominee in the senate race. he squeezed past nick freitas as the votes came in. stewart who promised to run a ruthless race, now faces the incumbent senator kim kaine in november. >> we'll support his policies and that's what i'm going t bring to the united states senate. >> i am very confident that virginians will go with the positive. theylways do.
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>> reporter: he touchd what has been a consistent theme is throughout anaheim politics. getting tough i onegal immigrants. live in wood ridge. >> thank you. the wave of women candidates in the era of trump continues tonight in virginia. in the use, district one, the thecrat angie whims tea republican incumbent rod whitman for the speet covers parts of prince william, spotsylvania and stafford. williams was the only woman up for the democraticnanoon. >> and district seven in virginia. that includes orange and culpepper counties. a woman is in e race. democrat abigail spanburger. one ofive women aier ago who entered the democratic primary for this district. she will face the repubcan incumbent this november. a new nominee for mayor tonight. and the incumbent is out.
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justin wilson edged out the mayor allisonlv burg in alexandria that effectively makes him the next mayor. about 1,000 votes separated them tonight. >> wilson supporters celebrated with a barbecue tonight. watch the bottom of your screen for other race resultsncluding the alexandria city council. breaking tonight, valerie ir'i irvin. when he died, s t foughthave ballots reprinted to show her name at the top of the ticketul a judge r there was not enough time. tomorrow she will throw her support behind baker. the remaining democrats trying will e on larry hogan debate on nbc 4 this sunday. tom sherwood will moderate.
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look for it here "meet the press." there is also breaking news in washington right now where several officers shot andailled an in an alley thievening. >> the man shot at officers and he had a gun. one of the many things detective there's try to find out is who shot first. >> police have been on the scene for hours. they tell us the shootingpp ed just after 7:00. i want to show you where it happ led. takek at that gray building behind us. just in front is an alley. investigators say a group of guys were out in that alley when officers approached 'sthem. th when shots were fired. >> this p cellne video captures a chaotic scene assh ty an armed man. not long after, he arrived on the scene. >> when officer entered the back alley, there was a group adult males there.
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one of the adult males produced a weapon. there were shots fired and the s suspect in the has been pro announced dead. >> i'm just watching tv, man. i looke out the window. >> he lives near by the alley wherehe shooting happened. >> from what i heard out my window,t was no exchange of gunfire. it was a straight up -- >> other neighbors who didn't want to go on camera say the same thing. >> wasn't a back and forwards shooting. it wasn't cross fire. it was one person hittingne person. >> but he says this is a picture of the gun used at th scene. he also. poli body camideo will be ing ewed as part of on investigation. police say they want to hear from witnesses. anyone with information issked to come forward. reporting in southeast. news we know more about monday's
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deadly police involved soting in maryland. this is video you'll only see on news4. it shows the moments after a montgomery county police officer shot a man outside a silver spring cond over. o -- a cond the man is rob white. witnesses say there was a confrontation before that shooting. >> i saw a male, a black male, talking. a police officer. and then eventually, i saw the male pull the officer dow on the ground. >> robert white died at the hospital. the officer who shot him is a two-year veteran and is on leave during this investigation. historic.s a day d.c. will never forget. a chance for cams players to h celebrate wit the fans who never gave up hopeful. >> and the party just keeps going. check outhis video from alex
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ovechkin. he was waving at the fans, heading home fm the parade. a parade he's waited for his whole life. >> here's a look back now at the celebration that was decades in the making. >> captain and playoff mvp. mber eight. alex ovechkin. ♪ and the rocket's red glare -- ♪ >> i love you so much. i know how much you love this city and these players. and now we have something tha bonds us and unites us. a stanley cup championship. >> the words i want to lea with you and i have to paraphrase with it the greatest americans of all time.
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we had a dream. and we did it. >> every time i driven constitution for the rest of my life, i'll remember this day and howsmazing it and it is all because of you guys. b >>k to back! tback back! back to back! back to back! back to back! back to back! >> and now i have only one thing to do. we all want to sing together with you guys ♪ we are the champions ♪ ♪ we are the champion >> that song was made for them. >> doug kammerer was among the throors out therehe parade
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today. pretty much a picture perfect day. >> it was spectacular. is it going to stick around for the remainder of theek >> it is. and someone pointed this out. during all the concerts, all the games, all the viewing parties, the weathas been perfect. you talk about the weather here, yeah, it continued today. just gorgeous weather for the parade. 74,richmond. look at roanoke. that's because of the cloud cover tt we saw. it all moved. we've got the clouds tracking storms. then a really nice stretch. but heads up for father's day. much much
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reaction to presidentp' tr surprise decision today to halt military exercises on the korean peninsula. >> well, it seems he may have blind sided the south koreans ts that u.s. forces there. it is now afternoon in seoul and that's where we find nbc's chief correspondent richard engel. >> reporter: across south korea today, hope this historic hand shake means peace is finally in the r. president moon jae-in said he was so excited he couldn't sleep last night. now focus is turning to the curveball. president trump saying while u.s. troops would remain in south korea no, more war game.
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>> we will be stopping war games which will save us a treme amount of money unless and until we see the future negotiation is not going along like it should. >> reporter: but it is the one of the military alliance between the and u.s. south korea. we visited themiv extey. f-16s, firingranges, patrols, always said they're essential for the safety of south korea and american troops and their families based here. but apparently no one told the south koreans president trumppr ised chairman kim he would scrap them. a south koreanff militaryial told nbc news, we need on find out the exact o meaning intention behind his comment. american forces in south korea said they, too, received no updated guidance onti exe or
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cessation ofg train exercises. it is seen here as a major concession toth korea. and this morning, perhaps not surprisingly,th korean propaganda media is reporting that kim jong-un demanded and it president trump plicomplied. we're going to a little more summery. >> a perfect day for a parade. >> tomorrow, we've got the heat and the humidity. all the security, all the police officers that were out there todayg protect everyone. they were on the warm side for sure. everybod saying thank goodness we're not talking 90 degrees. tomorrow, that's what it willel like. with the low humidity. the humidity is going up currently sitting atde 68 ees. he is starting to come in.
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that willp ke temperatures warm. tomorrow, it could be a few areas of weg. e going to stay on the warm side. 66, martinsburg, 70 in leesburg. i've got 68. i don't think that numbe is going anywhere. that may be the low temperature tonight alread the temperatures may rise. i want to w show yout's happening to the west. notice the cloud satellite picture picks that up. we can no longer seethat we look back to the west. we're watching the storm. spinning to the west. notice all the showers and ms st even some flash flooding reporting into hearts of ohio and indiana. we will see good chance of storms. 8:00 torrow mornin we could see a couple of showers. not much. some cloud cover to stt. a little in the way ofbreaks. and then notice 3:00 in the
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afternoon, some showers and p.storms beginning to fire maybe some stronger storms developing. the more sunshine we get, the bett chance with strong to severe storms. we could see that now. 87 thdegrees. heat index around 90. we'll be with you for sure. thursday and friday, looking great. sunshine, high temperatures. low humidity. it's awesome. saturday, the humidity starts to creep up. heads up father's day. 90 degrees on father's day. a heat index. it will be a hot sunday. look at monday. one of the hottest days so far this year and then a little
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unsettled. i'm not talking about any m flood chances. it does look like good chance of showers and storms tuesday, wednday and thursday. coming heup, t party is not coming heup, t party is not over just yet.
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i think there's going to be more to come. >> just chomping there. i don't know. i love these they were with us. whatever happened. whatever happened. they were with us. they deserve it. >> this is something we've dreamed of since we were a kid. >> we had a dream. w and did it. >> there's a love affairtyetween and the players. it is a life changing momente >> wake up every morning and think, what the heck just happened? it's incredible. i'm so happyre to s with my two kids. >> everybody says what haens in vegas stays in vegas. but we brought the cup home!
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>> this city has made us feel so ome. it is unbelievable to give back with them and celebrate with them. >> it was so sweet seeing them with their children. it reminds that you they're dads and families. >> they talk about their families. that was very nice. >> all right, doug. a lot of you could use some rest after this today, right? >> especially your voices. doug we decided to keep pushing him and letting him do sports tonight. >> wew don't k what's going on. >> d.c.ans want more so what do we turn to next? >> it has to the nationals. the na, taking on the yankees. the yanks came out swinging.
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he shortstop, oh, takes it deep to rightcenter. that ball is gone. his 12th of the season. 1-0.yankees up to the sixth. .t doesn't get any bett he had judge and stann. sa hello to gregorius again. he hits his second of the game. allowshree in just six innings pitched. you're hoping bryce harper can bring it back butot this is what he wants to see. for th second time, harper was hit this time inis tha h we'll be fine. he is expected to be in theli up and they're going to need it. the nats, shut out for the second straight game. now, the other game of the night. the orioles fans having a good
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night. the o's finding new ways to hurt themselves. hess -- castro gets called for the bulk and another run comes e ho. that's not what you want to do. >> they're not going to get a parade. >> the orioles, not. but the nats can
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aruna miller: almost every law i write comes from listening to peoples' stories. i'm aruna miller, and growing up as an immigrant, i know we have the power to improve peoples' lives. that's why in the state legislature, i fought for more computer science in our schools. gps tracking for domestic abusers. and some of the strictest gun safety laws in the nation. in congress, i won't let donald trump undo the progress we've made. i approved this message for all our stories. are we still singing "we are the champions"?
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are we still singing "we are
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thefor montgomery county "the best chance of injecting a dose ovitality into a county that badly needs it." "realistic ideas for attracting n businesses, extending pre-k, improving traffic."ve
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"a progreseader, for jobs, to fund schools without more taxes, "ato take on the nra and combat gun violence." "an eagerness to listen." "energy." "a passion for innovation." david blair, democrat for montgomery county executive, endorsed b the washington post. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- jeremy renner, -- derek hough, -- mrs.


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