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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  June 13, 2018 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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so we have the winner for the 2026 fifa world cup. >> theews is good for soccer fans in the u.s. and maybe right here in washington. a look at the pus to have the remes play at fedex field. plusdent trump declares the nuclear threat from north korea over. we'll have the latest on the questions the president is facing as he returns to d.c. andto on team 4 radar, i'm tracking some showers back to the west. i'll have the latest on a showers or afternoon coming up. good morning, everyone i'm
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aaron gilchrist. >> canada, mexico and usa have been selected by the fifa congress to holdhe 2026 fifa world cup. thank you. >> there you heard it, the world cup is comingrt to america. this is a lo at the potential host cities. ultimatelye there will 16 chosen for 80 games. and d.c. is a potential host city. nicole jacobs is live now in northwest d.c. with reaction. nicole, this is big news. >> reporter: it is big news and people are excited about i this is the first time this joints bid is the first time nce 1994 that the united states willost the world cup and now that d.c. is once again one of the tyci what better team to consider a world class
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event. time cup fever upon us, when soccer enthusiasts relish in the international sport. although the united states hasn't qualified for the 2018ur ment, this morning the u.s. is finding new reason to celebrate. >> so we have a winner. reporter: with a votes of # 1 34 to 65, they willco-host the 2026 world cup and with tha are poised for a piece of the pie. d.c. is on the list of 16 potential host cities. >> folks really enjoy the -- >> reporter: destination d.c. can see the potential even eight years down the road. >> we look athe it from standpoint of the millions of dollars that w be spent in washington that washingtonians and the greater area will benefit frte. >> rep although it is only a proposal, the bid highlights fedex field as a possible for all a prime spot
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d.c. has to offer. >> the stadium itself holds ove1 00 people and it is served by two train stations. >> reporter: and also the hustle and bustle, all of which ferguson says takes t world class excitement from the soccer field to the city streets. >> making surehat we're prepared to handle numbers, large numbers of crowds in washington which by t way 're able to do it. yesterday was a good example and of course the inaugations are good examples. >> reporter: baltimore is little the list so dmv has quite the shot of the world cup presence. nico jacobs, live in northwest. president trump is back from singapore now. air foe one touch down early this morning. and now the president is at the white house working o next steps following that historic nuclear summit with north korea. theiggest task, explaining the deal to congress and convincing
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nervous allies that it will work. tracie potts h the latest. >> reporter: president trump landed from singapore this morning tweeting there is no longer a nuclear threat fromre north >> certainly dialogue is far better than threatening nuclear in-mile la annihilation oth than twitter. reporter: but democrats and republicans are sceptical about what is next. >> it is not an agreement that can be enforced, it is atr eoff. we have to be clear eyed about what a diplomatic success looks like. complete verifiable irreversible tnuclearization. >> reporter: themp administration sales pitch to alli starts today. secretary of state mike pompeo landed in seouloday to brief south korea and japan. >> south korea will bery involv uch in helping and japan be and president xi of china has been really terrific on the border. >> reporter: but china is a wild card, soki is >> try to extend time lines, get
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more concessions out of the united states. >> reporter: like reducing u.s. troops in sth korea. president trump says eventually he'd like to bring them all home. that is a security concern ando it after president trump agreed to end military drills in that region with south korea without giving south korea a heads up. tracie potts, nbc news, washingtonmo and thiing on "news 4 today," we showed you live pictures of the president in his ca holding his phone, and then we saw this tweet from the president showing his support for virgini senate candida corey stewart. the president tweeting don't undere aimate cory, major chance of winning. stewart is promising to win a uicious campaign against tim kaine. can hear from both candidates coming up at 11:15. now we turn to the weather. amelia, a little more than rain, ems to be heating up now. >> and the humidity levels are also much higher today than they
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were yesterday. tre is the lat on storm team 4 radar. you can see i'm tracking some light showers back around ichlts 81. winchester seeing a few sprinkles and then more rain in the panhandle of west virginia. this will be pushing east, but we're only talking about widely attered showers and thunderstorms for the afternoon and evening hours. not everybody will see rain. here is1: a look at on a.m. where we're tracking mainly north of washington. notice:00 p.m., virtually dry across the area, but we're seeing some cloudiness out there. it is really during the late afternoon and evening hours when we'll see scattereds thunderstooving through because of the heat and humidity, storms could be on the stronger side with heavy rain and gusty mnds. i'll have on that and how the rain improves the west for the rest of the week comingri u t around 11:25. developing this morning, neighbors in one d.c. neighborhood disagree with police about what led to a
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deadlyic o-involved shooting. it happened yesterday on 1st street southeast. justin finch is live at pol headquarters with more. >> reporter: we've been reachint to police trying to get the name and age of that person who died, they are he will itting uh telling us they don't have it just yet. a police are continuing their inveeigation. and spoke to neighbors, many who did not want to appear on camera, but say they are shaken you by the shooting hpening so close to their homes. and they are also concerned that the victim might be aan young elom their community and at this point police areng us the responding officers were wearing body cameras and they are hoping that thege foo from those cameras will answer neighbors' questions as well as their own. moments after the shooting, a bystander's cam was rolling just after 7:00 p.m. unerormed off on scene as neighbors watched the aftermath
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of a foot purchase support esui gunfire. the sne is here between wayne and wilmington place, police tell usni urmed officers saw a group of men and as those officers approached, those men began to run were away and at o point one pulls out a gun and that is when officers fired viking the man somewhere about this street here. and actually take a look around, see this, this allegely sy surr several homes and neighbors told us what they saw and heard. >> just sitting there watching tv, and i heard -- i look out my window and a young man ison layg he ground. >> reporter: news 4 also spoke with a woman who didn't want to be identified, but she like many others want more information about the shooting and who was shooting. >> there wasn't a back and forth shooting. there was no cross fire. that was just one person hitting
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one person.. >> reporter: dolice also released this photo of a gun they say was recovered at the crime scene. and so now we have the photo of the weapon recovered on police also w to review that officer body cam footage, the investigation still ongoing at this time. police also still looking for yps from the public. we can tell you you those responding officers are now offl duty pere department policy. and we are still waiting for the name andge of tha man who was killed yesterday. we're live in northwest, jusn finch, news 4. d.c. police also investigating an overnight shooting that left a. man de police are searching for two men who were seen in a yellow dodge charger. that shooting happened in errtheast just aft midnight. there is valero gas station in that area. ll police if you have any information. a 17-year-old is charged as an adu allegedly taking a stolen gun to a high school in
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montgomery county. elijah does not attend paint brch, but yesterday he tried to enter the school by giving a fake name and school i.d. numbet to security as be he ran away. the school resource oiffficer arrestedim and found a loaded gun in his bag. police traced the stolen gun to pennsylvania. police in virginia beach foiled a possible terror plot at a prom. they arrested two and charged them with conspiracy to commit a terrorist act. lrpolice weredy on guard because of threats made against people at the officers arrested a suspicious man out side the hotel. he ran and dropped his gun. that led detectives to his rotel room where they found the 17-year-old and as well as a handgun, rifle and her high school ties to that high school. 2018, we are breaking down the results of tuesday's primary in virginia, including a match-up that could get heated before november.
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corey stewart versus senator tim kaine. a look ahead at how president trump will play into that race. and a spotlight on suicide, we get the view of a psychiatrist on theth recent d of kate spadeanony bourdathin
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l we're working trn more about this big truck fire, it has caused some headaches for k3450
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commuters in laurel. this is northbound i-95. chopper 4 was over the scene as cl crews cleaned up the med. no wor on whether anyone was injured and no word on how the fire ts are in and the field is now set for the november midterm elections in virginia. voters kept the trend of female winners going last night. in thehous barbara comstock will face jennifer wexton for the 10th district street. wexton is loudoun county, she beat out six other democrats for one o comstock the most watched races in the country as democrats try to win backf control the house of representatives. and williamsill challenge whitman for his seat. that includes parts of prince williams, spotsylvania and stafford. williams is a gov contractor and the only woman up for the democratic nomination. district seven will also have a woman in the race democrat abigail spanberger will face
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dave bratt. and it is a senate showdo many anticipated, corey stewart will try to unseat tim kaine. it could feel like the presidential race in virginin. against stewart, the long time trump supporter. parties behind president trump, we'll support his policies and that is what i'm goingo bring to the united states senate and that is what virginia said that they want >> a campaign between upbeatob m solver, i'm very confident that virginians will go with the positive. they always do. >> midterm elections will be november 6th. and with more on that race, w a joined now by mark murray the senior political editor for nbc news. good morning. so you heard tim kaine saying that vicious is the
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corey plans to run. >> and it will probably be ugly and contentious. but this is going to be a very difficult race for republicans. virginia was already a toughe state for epublican party even if there was a rematch of 2016, dond trump lost virginia by five percentage points with the exception of 2009, republicans have been shut out of the statewide contest inrg ia going back to 2005. and we've seen where the winds are blowing at democrats' back right now which mes it doubly hard for the republicans. maybe the biggest thing i'm lookinr, corey stewart at the top of the ticket hurt republican candidates in some of the more down ballots conte like barbara comstock and dave bratt. >> and we know cor stewart is strong support he were of president trump, he was associated with the campaign early on. doouhink that that relationship, that connection might be front and center during the campaign? will you see presidentrump in virginia campaigning for corey
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stewart? >> potentially, but i don'tt think that will end up helping corey but ill be a different race in an when ed gillespie was running. what we saw with corey stewart winning in virginia last night or even mark sanford loeng, ths a situation where loyalty to president trump is more powerful force than ideology. and we'reld seeing dona trump's full takeover of the gop rig now. >> let's talk more about tim kaine. does he still have the sort of statewide support that maybe he typically has had?sl obvi having been governor, senator for a while. or do you think that he could run into some trouble in the more conservative aas of the state? >> as he probably learned in 2016, you can't take any grace if granted, but he has three big advantages. number one, it is name i.d he's been known. this is another statewide race for him. he will have so ch more money than stewart. and then maybe most importkatly, tie fits that virginia way
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of things that benefits democrats and alway bob mcdonnell in 2009. there is a triand true path to ccess stayed wide and tim kaine seems to fit at. >> and having grown up in virginia, the virginia way, i remember hearing that in middle school. >> things don't change. >> mark murray, thank you, sir. alexandria demrats have ousted their mayor. current vice mayor justin wilson edged out silverburg by about 1,000 votes. right now democrat valley irvin is officially backing out of maryland's governor's race. instead irvin is supporting rushern baker. e fought to have ballots reprinted to sho her name at the top of the tickets, but a jue ruled the wasn't enough time for that. the maryland primary is june 26. the remaining democrats battling to take on larry hogan will
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debate on news 4 this sunday. tom sherwood will moderate. an effort to split california into three states has qualified for the november ballot the split would look sort of like what you see here, northern california would include theea y nd all the way up to the oregon border. southernld california w begin in fresno and cover most of the southern part of the state. and new california would include los angeles county and several surrounding counties along the coast. tim drapers behind the effort and says it would lower taxes andro i infrastructure. caps players aren't quite rey to quit for the surmer or gettingst ready tt their summer vacation, what we could hear in them today. and amelia will have aook at th le
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today is the last dayea we will from the stanley cup champion caps before they go on summer eak. the tea is about to start its final interviews with the media. you can wch them this afternoon on news 4. what a season they just had. here is a look back at yesterday's stanley cup victory parade. >> captain and playoff mvp,nu er 8, alex ovechkin.
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♪ and the rockets r glare >> i love you so much. i know how much you love thi city and these players. and now we have something that bond us and unites us. a stanley cup championship! >> the words thato i want leave you with and i have to sort of paraphrase it from one of the greatest americans of all-time, we had a dream. end we did it. >> every t i drive on constitution for the rest of my life, i'm going to remember this day and how amazing iwas and is all because of you guys. >> back to back. back to ba! ck to back! back t back to back! >> now only one thing to do. we all want to sing togetr with you guys. ♪ we are the champions my
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friends, and we'll keep on fighting to the end ♪ ♪ we are the champions, we are the champions ♪ >> and you know wh there was one other classy move by the capitals organization. take a look at oothis, they out a full page ad in the "las vegas review-journal"ra colating the golden knights on the most successful inaugural season in the history of professional sports. they me it all t way to the final in their first season. pretty impressive. hats off to them too. >> i love that especerlly a everything that las vegas has been through. and that is true sportsmanship. >> it is a good example to set for a lot of young people who are watching this wi and want to be good hockey players, too. so yesterday weather out there. today, a little different. >> it is at.ittle differ first of all, it is humid and it
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will be much warmer by about ten degrees. and in addition to that,ve we'l ome widely scattered showers and thunderstorms during the afternoon and evening h mainly between about 3:00 and 7:00. otherwise we'll hav some hazy sunshine out there. rad today is the day where not everybody will see. but some of us will. and it is impossible to pinpoint exactly who will, but the best chance for showers and thunderstorms does look to be north and west of washington. now, because of the increase in humidity, it is one of those days where any storms that fire up cou have some very heavy rainfall and some strong gusty winds. maybe se isolated damage out there. but there is a pretty low threat for hail and i'm rlly not seeing any risk for a low end tornado in our forecast. so if you haveo plans get out this afternoon, i'd still head out, but you weet to your eye to the could i. you can download the nbc washington app for the latest weather alerts. and we'll also have the radar right on your phone. currently we're at 77degrees, winds out of the south at 10
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miles per hour. thos winds helping to pump the heat and humidity into the area. what i'm showingou now aren't current temperatures, but they are actually dew point temperatures. this is howe measure the humidity in the air. when the dew point temperature is over 65, we start to say it is feeling humid out there. the dew point in leesburg at 70, and 66 in washington, tha means it is a muggy day. so we are definitely noticing that humidity. but here is e thing. the rain for us this afternoon and the foldnt moves through overnight tonight and that means tomorrow it will be gorgeous, low humidity, plenty of sunshine. picture perfe day friday looking nice as well. but father's day weekend, saturday and sunday,t is looking muggy. even oppressive out there. especially on i'sunday. m going to have more on the weekend coming up. suicide rates a on the rise. the deaths of kate spade and anthony bourdain have the issue in t national spotlight. coming up, a look at what is behind the higher numbers.
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she said she can't. l' and a look at the impact of the attorney gene move to block asylum for many people coming into e u.s. th stronger is rebuilding a newborn's heart...
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and restoring a father's faith. it's standing tall after one surgery ...not six. strong ibeins ga ty picakid.l .. stronger is finding it earlier... and coming home sooner. stronger is seeking answers... and not giving up, until you find them. because we don't just want your kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger.
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the house representatives
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set to hold two votes on immigration nextweek. president trump's controversial new zero tolerance policy will be center that policy means that some families seeking asylum are split up at the border.di chwartz is at a holding facility in san diego. >> reporter: in detention centers across the country, close to 550 immigrant children have been separated from their families according to a document obtained by nbc news. and now t rules are who can seek asylum in this country are changing. >> people don't want to be separated from their children, they should not bring them with them. >> reporter: jeff sessionsrn overg a landmark ruling that recognizes women fleeing domestic abuse as a group eligible for asylum. >> it was never mean alleviate all problems. >> reporter: and a com woman ys some immigrant women had their children taken by u.s. >> they never chance to
11:31 am
say good-bye. some of the children are as young as six, perhaps yo wger. itas heartbreaking. >> reporter: sessions' legal opinion also stating that the protected status may no longerp apfor victims of violent gangs, a ruling that could affect my of the 700,000 pending cases of asylum. families like this woman who came her young daughters in a recent caravan. >> she just asks people to put themselves in her shoes, parent, mother, all they want is to be kth theirs and kids all they want is to be with their family. >> reporter: she says she's been on the runor over a decade thenng to guatemala a mexico in order to escape a gang in el salvador that she says tortured and decapitated her father and has again and again ied to take her daughters as payment. she says they are n criminals, just people that are looking for peace and looking for
11:32 am
tranquility andsafety. she and three of her daughters were released two weeks ago before t latest directive from the trattorney general, but onef her daughters is 18 and she is still being held here in detention center. so far she h says she not been given a court date or release date, and if she is deported or anyone smber back to el salvador, she says they will be killed. back to you.back to el salvador, she says they will be killed. back to you. this morning we have more information about the police-involved shooting in maryland. will see only on news 4. it shows the moments after a montgomerynty police officer shot a man outside a condo building. you see the officer with his gun drawn standing over the wounded man. witnesses say there was a confrontation befe the . shooti >> i saw a black male taunting a police officer. and then eventually i saw the
11:33 am
male pull the officer down on the ground. >> white who did notave weapon died at the hospital. family of a police detective killed by friendly family is suing the county and officer who killed him. his family has filed a wrongful death wsuit. colson was under cover when he in shot by a fellow officer 2016, it happened at police headquarters ppsz t headquarters. the laws argues that the officer shot at someone whot does match the suspect's description and thatolson did identify himself as an officer. recent suicides of kate spade and anthony bourdain highlight a concerning trend in this country. according to the cdc, there are lo roughly 45,000 suicides a year. a psychiatrist is jning us to shed some light on information.
11:34 am
can you walk us through what they are say something. >> slur. they found from 1999 to 2016 which is the most recent data, there was overall a 25% increase across the country, but it differed varying on the omstate. so states saw as much as a 50% increase that was north dakota, othertates less. but across the board, across all demographics, and i thiges, geni races, s rates were on the rise. >> so do you think that 25% is accurate, is it an underestimate? >> i think it is an underestimate because what we are finding is that it is estimated that around 25% of the opoid overdoses which are considered accident al deaths areua ay probably suicides through opoids. so this numberrosbly a substantial amount higher than the 25% because of the opoid >> so what is going on here, what is behind this increase? are we just documenting better or isth there a problem?
11:35 am
>> that is the million dollar question of course. it is probably multiple things. i think the one thing that believe is a contributing factor social media. we see that. what has been the major chae over the last 15, 20 years? social media has something to do with it. generally studies suggest that the more somebody is o social media, the worst their mood. not all studies -- these are complicated things to look at, but i do think that people get on social media, they cthpare selves to oer people, they start to feel badly about themselves, they see they are maybe getting left out of certain social evenan. for somebody who is vulnerable, that can cause a real downward spiral. >> and what is the alternative then? if we're spending too much time on social media andre there too many potential bad impacts of that, is it better to try to socialize with people sort of face-to-face more? is that more lpful? >> i think that is more helpful. the key is you really need -- i
11:36 am
think intellectually everybody recognizes that when theyo on cebook or something like that and they see people having amazing vacations and looking like they are having a better life than them, they recognize that that is probably not an accurate representation. intellectually realize that person is putting on their best face. buto they really feel that. do they really believe it and feel it. and that is the problemat i thi exists for people. they will say, yeah, i know people are kind of lying and making themselves look better than they really are, but they just still can't help themselves from feeling badbout themselves and their lives. >> i want to ask you about this kaiser family foundation report that looked at suicide rates across the 50 states. where does this region rank? >> we do pretty well. d.c. was the lowest suicide rate ross the entire united states. virginia ranked in the 40s. and maryland was also around 30 or 40. so we're doing pretty well. the question is why maybe do we seem to be doing a little bit better here than other parts of the country. when i was looking at the list,
11:37 am
one thing that stood out to me is this area is more racially and ethically diverse. white people have the highest rates of suicide.s african-americo not. these other states that had higher rates of suicideer capita also more white, more guns per capita. in many i with as it ways, 50%f are gun related, so if you have access to a weapon, that increases the likelihood that o you will use i yourself. >> so good information for folks to think about. thank you so much.y >> pleasure. news 4 is committed to helping to shatter the stigma that surrounding mental illness through our changing minds initiative. ifou or someone you know is struggling, there are resources to help you right now including suicide prevention hotline. just search changing minds in our app. next, an update on the raccoonght on camera
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climbing a high rise building. he animal's adventuresave
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we have anpde to a story that is still captivating folks. there is a raccoon that spent days trappedn this tower in st. paul, minnesota. the raccoon is safe now apparently. it got stuck on that ledge and just kept climbing up. the raccoon was trapped for two days. no food, no water.rn early thiing it finally reached the roof. you see h going up there. he was trapped by using some cat food apparently. and then i hope they took him down andim leto to wherever raccoonsgo. >> i didn't know that they could like climb vertically like that. >> i would think they have that
11:41 am
grip or claws o whatever they have. let's talk about the weather. this day is really heating up out there. 77? >> yeah, and a high today of 87. so we'll be about 10 degrees warmer than we were yesterday. and with the humidity, it will feel a lot warmer out there as well. a cold front will be moving through overnight tonight, we'd have scattered thunderstorms during the late afternoon and evening hoursen mainly bet o:00 and 7:00. not everybody will see rain and the threat for flooding todayves low. now, this front clears the area early tomorrow morning. what that means, your thursday is idfabulous. looking really night as well. as we look to the weekend, we'll keep it dryatday and sunday. but it is looking hot and humid especially osunday. here is the latest on storm team 4 radar. barely anythin out there, just very light rain back in the panhandle of west virginia, trying to move into parts of
11:42 am
frederick and shenandoah counties in virginiaga but between about 3:00 and 7:00, we will have i think widely scattered showers and thunderstorms. it is not a washout though this afternoon. so if you have plans outdoors, i'd keep them, just know that you might have to go inside because there could be a passing khower or thunderstorm. as we l to the weekend, whatever your plans are right now, it is finally looking pretty dnice. 't have to talk about the threat for flooding, torrential rains out there. golf with dad, i'd recommend saturday when it is not asot outside. the pool is going to be perfect on sunday because it will be so hot and humid out there. and yard work you can finally cut the grass this weekend with sy weather in the forecast saturday as well aday. here is a look at your storm team 4 ten day forecast. that 85 tomorrow wilrbe spectacuith a breezy cooling wind. on friday, mid-80s. there you see the massive warm-up over the weekend, abo. >> and we've been warned. no t secrett gas prices
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are up. we'll take a look at how much that increase is going to cost you this summer. and the best of summer gadgets from the practicalo the fun. t getting a cancer diagnosis is difficult. getting an appointment with a specialist shouldn't be. cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia, you can see a cancer ecialist in as little as 24 hours. you'll meet with a physician who will scuss treatment options, answer your questions ep and recommend next for your personalized care plan. learn more about cancer trtment centers of
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america and schedule your appointment at pain at the pump continues.
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aaa says consumers are actually spending $69 more a month to u fi compared to last summer. that is about 7% of annual income on gas alone. but it doesn't stop there.
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experts say you you are likely t to spend least $250 more on gas between now and labor day. at&t and time warner get the green light to yesterday a federal judge ruled at&t can buy time warner for $8 billion with no conditions. the justice department had argued against that merger saying it would hurt consumers and harm competition. at&t says the dl will help it compete with companies like netflix and hulu. e deal is expected to close by next wednesday. this sundahe is fs day and we're trying to help you get ready for the big holiday. here is molette green. >> reporter: father's day just around thef corner, you are looking for the perfect gift, steve greenberg our gadgeturu is here with some great ideas this morning. >> thanks for havg me on. a lot of gifts. firss up, this the kodak print omatic lowest cost print
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camera out theoo. earlier i a picture of you and i'll take another one. >> that takes me back to the polaroid one step. >> here we go. basically uses zink paper which means that you -- there w go. no ink at all. and then you peel back the ends and you can stick it on to things like notebooks. >> that's what. i lo >> so great for scrap booking and what not. and that picture i coming out, you can hear it making noise right now. $69.99. amazon. cameracost instant print out there on the market right now. >> i like it. look atle that. s move on down. >> and this isra the air headphones. you see them, i'll put this on my ears. ey don't go inside my ear, they go in front of my ears. rest on my che bone. so this is great for bike riding so you can still heartr the
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fic. and i can still receive a call, but it is not blocking my r. >> it is very dangerous when you are plugged up. >> and my ear doesn like it. so this is great. after shock trek air headphones. about $179. next, rreat for dht here, this is the brush hero. this goes on to your garden hose and this is great for cleaning the car. we have video of that. clean the car, motorcycle, id gutters, i the pool. just a great way, there are different brushes that you can starts about $34. but you can als buy these gift kits they have as well. a little bit more for dad.ll >> so w put him to work. >> absolutely. and also t walmart hm as well. next dads will love this, this is a rager. summer storms, you lose power, but also for camping, tailgating. and this is generac, it is a
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little heavy, buyou can put it the car. you plug it into charge your electronic electronics, t air conditioner. one balance gallon of gas gives eight hours of power. and it is super quiet. about $899. and it is cheaper than some of the other brands out there. >> and we'll have fun right here. >> this isalled watermelon smh. we haveideo of me trying it out. basically you fill it up with anything from juice to water to ice water or what not and then you fast back and forth between your friends. so you go -- >> what is in here? >> i won't tell you.ll skip it ahead. okay. you go again. >> oh! >> you have to trust me on that but it really does work. >> about 2 bucks? >> about 20 buck.
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watermelon smash. really cool. it comes wit a little spinner here so there are games that you can do. target has it. and last but not least, this is great forat gran or -- there is a packet inside, it comes with bubbles. and then dip into the bubbles. kids love playing with bubbles, an play with it. great for graduations. we're making mess. >> look at this. >> bubbles, can't go wrong with bubbles. >> i love it. steve, our gadget guru. fp. >> gadget nation is my book. check it out. >> we're making a mess. definitely fun though. thank you for coming in. backo you. those last few things seemed like ways to on put dad to work. you know, it can be hard to enjoy vacation if you are
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worried about paying for. and to compete for your business, a lot in the travel industry are offering low pricen and tac fees to make more money. we're working for you with unexpected expenses to watch out for when it comes to hotels, some are addingto amenity fee the room rate. those fees average $27 and cover things like the gym,i-pool, and newspaper even if you don't use any of those things. big airlines arerying to on compete with low fair carriers by offering basic economy fares. check out any of the free carry-ons. and car rental companies have like a toll pass. the xach catch i that it wille added to your bill along with a convenience fee. and fatch out sure charges for multiple drivers or drivers between 21 and 24. and if your vacation takes you out of the country, make sure your credit card doesn't charge a foreign transaction fee. maybe top rated cards don't
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charge it,ou but should check. up next, it is a warming up outside of course we will have a look at your utdoor forecast and friends first, baseballsecond. the sportsmanship no one s tching thi
11:53 am
11:54 am
it is the heartwarming baseball highlight all over social media right now. a high school player sps the celebration and hugs his opponent instead. lester hol fhas morem the two players.
11:55 am
>> reporter: it was an extraordinary end to a hard-fought game. but it was this extraordinary moment that has peopletill cheering in st. paul and beyond. pitch ty king has just struck out the final batter sending his team to the sta tournament, but before rushing to join the celebration, he ran to home plate to console hisood friend jack. >> it was really rough. and to have ty come p to me after the game, that was huge because i needed someone there for me and ty was theguy. >> everyone knows how it feels to be in that situation, so i felt like i needed to go up and say something and just was spontaneous and felt like the right thing to do. > reporter: the two grew up playing ball together. >> when we were about 13, 14n we were a traveling baseball team and that's where we got >>etty close. eporter: they learned thousand win ahow lo win ande ad put friendship first.
11:56 am
>> thinking about, i won't remember the score, bu wi'll remembt ty did for me. >> reporter: that spontaneous hug was the best play of the game, a home run inr sportsmanship. and one more look at our forecast. >> right now i'm tracking temperatures in the 70s. 78 in washington. and 79 back inleesburg. we'll have some widely scattered shower t andnderstorms today between about 3:00 and 00 o otherwise horizon azy sunshine, and humid. d the cold front will come throughts overnight and that us up for a beautiful day tomorrow. low humidity and breezy on thursday withighs in the mid-80s. mid-80s again on friday, all sunshine out there. father's day weekend, saturday mostly sunny, highs in the mid-80s. low 90s on a very muggy sunday for father's day, but it is looking completely dry.
11:57 am
monday, it is hot and humid out there with high temperatures in the mid-9. and then after that, we could see a bit of a stormy pattern se up once again. there is a chance for aunderstorms out there tuesday, wednesday, thursda friday with high temperatures warming into the 8. back tyou. >> sounds good about that thank you very much. and that is news 4 midday forda we appreciate you joining us. we're back on the air this afternoon first at 4:00. and of course you can get news and weather updatesnytime with the nbc washington app. have a great day, everybody. we'll seyou tomorrow morning. celebrate dad this father's day. save big on something special from ross, from gifts that fit his style to gifts that bring a smile. happy father's day begins at ross.
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♪ you gotta go to ross three -- two -- one. ko president trump, thank y for sitting down with me in singapore. now let's get to to it sir. what was it like meeting kim xd jong-un. >> i'veok spoken with him and m him. >> did you speak with him? >> sounds lik you two met. moving on. twihe end to united states and south korea.çó no timeline to stop human rights abuses. did youñi get anything in >> ithu was xdlate-night gold. gave them tons of material toñi work with.çó a radio h


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