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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  June 13, 2018 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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tonight, is president trump's personal lawprr aring to flip? michael cohen's legal shakeup stowing speculation he m cooperate with the feds. what does he know? a growing wildfire emergency spreading across several states. >> the fire just exploded and created a vortex throwing flames down the mountain. >> thousands evacuated in colorado, homes burned to the ground h and flames too close in beverly hills. the price you pay for your home, the cost of borrowing got more expensive. t is it a betterime to rent than buy? alarming news about the serious side effects in some of the popular prescription drugs in america from everything for high blood pressure to acid reflux. arthey increasing
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your risk of depression? our nbc news exclusive, kim kardashian and the great grandmother she helped set free. >> when she said that, i went intfull fledged pen coastal d hoce. >> we're there when they meet for the first time. >> announcer: this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. good evening and thank yofor joining us. we begin with news president trump's former personal lawyer michael cohen is lookinfor new lawyers amid reports his loyalty to the president may be being put to the test. a source close to expected to split with his attorneys as federal investigators dig into business dealing raising speculation he'll flip and become a government witness.wh oue house correspondent kristen welker has the latest. >> reporter: is michael cohen ready to cooperate with federalst inators? that's the question
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looming over the white house tonight. after abc news reported cohen, the president's long-time fixer and personal attorney is likely to strike a deal with prosecutors. so far, cohen hasn't been charged and several sources familiar with the natter tell nbc news, he hot spoken with prosecutors. still adding fuel,e looking to shake up the legal team g to sources close to the situation. it comes as prosecutor pouring over documents from cohen's office and residences in a dramatic april fbi ataid. invests are focused on business dealings, including the $30,000 payment to stormy daniels just beforehe 2016 election. >> michael cohen should absolutely be concerned about being charged. the fbi executed a search warrant on his si nce and office. they don't do that lightly and without cause. >> repter: the cohen case came out of robert mueller's
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russia probe that refers it to investig in a raid and sparking furry from president trump. ra> strikingly a real disg. it's an attack on our country in a true sense. it's the attack on what we all stand for. >> reporter: mr. trump later tweeting, most people wilflip if the government lets them out of trouble. sorry, i don't see michael doing that. >> it's a danger to r.the president that cohen if he cooperates, will be required to cooperate broadly. he'll have to tell toanything he know anyone who asks. >> reporter: we reached out to michael the white house and attorneys for the president and so far no are you spoenresponse, lest? >> kristen welker, thank you. here in the west where there are , ildfires on multiple fronought conditions and powerful winds fanning flames in several states and un's in men and women leading strike teams. they are already facing a tempo they see at the height of fire season evith homes threatens and uations
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ordered. nbc news national correspondent miguel almaguer has more. >> reporter: from california to colorado tonight this is what refi teghriacppfiing across th west. the so-called 416 fire tn durango burning near weeks now with plenty of fuel in its path. >> it's like a really slow monitor chasing you in a dream. doou know it's coming but yot know really when to run. >> reporter: tonight, thousands are evacuated and hundreds of homes are threatened. >> that fire just exploded and it created a vortex, flames down the ng mountain, which then went up the mountain all at the same time. it was scary. r orter: in utah
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where the trail mountain fire is raging, flames are compromising a water supply. eight homes are now ne. beverly hills, disaster averted, this explosive blaze threatened glitzy hillside homes. >> it's complex, heavy brush. these areas have not been bned for many, many years. >> reporter: tonight conditions are ripe as for disasterrews face multiple firestorms. miguel almaguer, nbc news. in the meantime tonight, president trump is back at twh e house after a long journey home from that historic summit in singapore with kim jong-un. now comes the hard part, secretary of state mike pompeo still overseas today ioaying negoti with the north koreans will begin next week after their commitment to denuclearize the korean peninsula. he says there could be disarmorment by 2020, the end of the id prt's first term. now at the fallout from the trump administration with a zero terance policy that's led to migrant families being separated at the
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border. attorney general jeff sessions said the u.s. will no grant asylum to those fleeing domestic abuse or gang violence. gadi schwartz is near the border and has the story for us. >> reporter: today a maive fear among migrants including thousands locked away at did tension centers across the u.s., mexico border. concerns over the zero tolerance director playing out in real life. for years migrants from central america made their way to the u.s. to plea for refugerom gang violence from the homeland.01 ina surge of families like this one that saw loved ones gunned down and last month the migrant that escaped her father was tortured and decapitated. she says the only thing that awaits him in el salvador is death. >> reporter: but this latest directive could jeopardize cases where gang violence could centralize the appeal. critics say the zero tolerance policy is wrong.
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>> america is better than this inhuman and willful injury to children musstop. >> reporter: religious leaders speaking out. the bishop of tucson asking if border bishops should take away communion and franklin graham says it's a disgrace. >> it's terrible to see families ripped apart. the situation we have our lawmakers in washington over generations ignoring this. >> reporter: meanile, in washington d.c. lawmakers protesting separation of detained parents from their children. back on the boarder, thousands of immigrants asking for asylum and being detained now fear the worst. and today, late word about a new republican immigration bill that ei is drafted up for a vote as early as next week that could provide some sort of provision that would prevent the separation of families at the border, as well. as provide some sort of protection for 1.8
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milliodreamers currently in the united states and also provide 25 billion for border security. lester? >> gi schwartz, thank you. now to the price you pay and the cost of borrowing gettingre xpensive. the federal reserve raising a key interest rate by auarter of a point tt could put pressure on potential buyers looking to purchase a new place or refinance. with cts going up younger buyers and retirees are choosing to skip buying in favor of renting. is jo ling kent. you? >> reporter: in atlanta, newlywed daminica reid was feeling the pressure to buy a new home. >> my parents are like you have to buy now that you're married. there is really no excuse. >> reporter: with the e key interest rat raising one quarter of a point and relatively few homes on the market, she and her husband are oosing to rent, instead. >> we're trying to figure out if we want to stay in the city. housing costs are rely, really expensive. >> reporter: it's a
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dilemma nationwide. the average mortgage rate rises to 4.8%, just this week. >> there is a trend for more people choosing to rent versus buy. >> reporter:he booming economy is also driving home prices up big cities. p ces are increasing in those markets much faster than incomes, which will be higher and that will lead to additional frustrations other than finding a house. >> reporter: there could soon be more reasons for potential rent buyers instead. today, the federal reserve indicating the plans to raise interest rates two more times this year. b so when could better to rent instead of buy? experts say if you plan to move within utive years, if you cannotown between 10 and 20% and if you have a low credit score. finding the right deal at the right time, making home sweet home a litt sweeter. >> this is so nice.
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>> reporter: jo ling kent, nbc news. the results are in after voters cast ballots in primary races across five states on tuesday. and there are very big lessons to take away, icspecially for repus who dare to defy president trump. like south carolina congressman mark sanford a trump critic that lost the first election. >> reporter: tonight a wakeup call for republans, cross president ump at your own peril but not criticizing the president. >> think that i'll end up losing this election. reporter: the former south carolina governor turned congressman did lose his primary last night to state senator katy arrington. >> i'm running for congress to get things done, not to go on cnn to bash prt trump. >> reporter: in the deast two years, sanfornded the president release tax returns, called him untrustworthy and said
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he's fanned the flames of intolerance. >> it may have cost me an election in this case but i stand by every one of those decisions. >> reporter: the president tweeting just hours before th lls closed, sanford has been very unhelpful and is better off in argentina. >> every cycle we lose -- people lose primaries. >> reporter: for many bl reans, the message is crystal clear. >> it's usually a good thing not to be at ds od with the most important elected official. >> reporter: it explains why republican leaders ayi away on huge policy disagreements. scrambling to avoid a showdown over immigration in the e and tariffs in the senate. >> it's not a good place for any party to end up with a cult-like situation as it relates to a president and reported in the same parties. >> reporter: that may be easy for corker to say. he's not running for reelection. to an nbc ne exclusive, you've seen the headlines, kim kardashian-west and
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the woman choose cause she took all the way to the white house, alice johnson is sitting down for the first interview today. asohnson was freed from prisonweek when president trump commuted her life sentence on drug offenses after a plea from the rlity tv star. johnson and kardashian tell hoda about the moment they got the big news. >> you were about to do to change this woman's life. you've been in that prison for 21.5 years and someone pages you e and says you h phone call. >> uh-huh, yes. i thought it was an attorney call when my case manager was waiting on me, and it was, but i didn't know that kim was coming in and when she told me -- >> what did she say? >> i believe she said you can go home. >> uh-huh. >> that you can go home. >> y can go home
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now. e you ready to go home? when she said that, i went into full fledged pent pen coastal holy dance. i was screaming dancing, i was dancing, i was jumping, screaming, i was doing everything. >> kim, what did it sound like from your end? ho >> at first, iht she knew because the news was starting to break and we had to geher on the phone, so she was kind of quiet on the phone and ow her personality enough to know that she would have been screaming or something, and i said wait, you don't know? and she wa know what? i was like you're going home. and screams and cries and we all just cried on the pho >> and there will be much more of hoda's interview tomorrow morning on "today". d, still ahea side effects warning, the warnings about common medications side
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ere is concerning news tonight about a ible connection between rising levels of depression and some of the medications most often found in .american's medicine cabine researchers today report more than 1 in 3 adults ion at least one medication that could put them at risk. nbc's tom costello has the new rning. >> reporter: the warning tonight, some of the medications american's most commonly take could ha serious side effects, depression even suicidal symptoms. >> you're in a black hole and you can't get out, you can't move, you can't call for help. >> reporter: mary battled depressi and rvived two suicide attempts. while her reasons were many, she's convinced her medication may have contributed. >> i felt lonely and suicide seemed like r the best option at the time. >> reporter: now research published in the journal of the
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medical association finds 38% of adults use a medication that could have depression as a side effect.20 medications, not just anti-depressants, beta blockers and opioids linked to depression but gabapentin, predizone. psychiatrist joshua weiner. >> aover medicated and don't know how these meds act? i think so. in this country we're looking for the quick fix. we turn to medicine re beifestyle. >> reporter: advice, tell all of your doctors about all of your meds and the side effects. diet, sleep and exercise can also help. >> i meditate, i do yoga, i help people in the community. that's my favorite picture of you. >> reporter: serving for balancd quality of life. tom costello, nbc news, washington. still to come here
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tonight, a big scorefo r the u.s. one of the world's biggest sportingev ts is coming to america and military dreams cut short but it's only making his determination to serve his country that much stronger,
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if you've been anywhere near the internet today, you probably heard about the raccoon scaling the tall office tower tower in minnesota at time s taking breaks fo grooming and a snooze. onlookers holding their breath gravity wouldn't get them. ron mott picks up the wild climb. >> move away spiderman, step aside tom cruise. meet the world's newest daredevil, mpr raccoon, no stunt devil needed. the furry super hero climbed the tower capturing the attention of worried d fans, making a 23r floor pit stop for e rooming and a nap becausen you scale a 300-foot building on
7:22 pm
a windy da everybody is watching. minnesota public radio started trailing her journey, soon the tiny mpr raccoon was a force. l she reached the roof safetyt 2:30 in the morning. >> a daredevil raccoon is an internet sensation. >> reporter: instant stdom. she's fueled inspiration, t-shirts, memes, rnactments. in the end, what goes up, must go down. she was released with for more than 25 stories to tell. ron mott, nbc news. with the world cup aybout to begin half a world soccer fans rejoice. the event is coming to north america. the u.s., canada and mexico will host the tournament in 2026 beating a bid for inmorocco and return the men's event to the u.s. for the first
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time since 1994. when we come back, his dreams of serving his country hit a
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finally tonight, those who serve and finally night, those who serve and the story of a young man who is practically y.orn to serve his coun his dream to join the military, however, was cut short by something he never saw coming but now his spirits are soaring again thanks to elite warriors who took him beneath their wings. a atthew pierce was born o11 generation, the images of the falng towers arthat stood here into his memory. that day he was 5 years old, growing up on a marine base in hawaii. his mother says she knew early on he would serve. >> he would dress up in every military
7:27 pm
possible i could find at a store to buy, he just loved all of it. >> reporter: the days after 9/11 cemented his desire. >> the marines were the ones standing around our school and protecting us and ha everything, so really stuck with me. >> he set his sights eing a marine officer enroll income a private college but the summer of his p freshman year, a b on the back of his head turned out to be a rare type of bone cancer. >> no one is prepared for the of diagnosis you got but tell me how you dealt with it. >> push yourself through it and get through it the best way you can. >> he endured n- ur surgery to remove part of his skull, 14 rounds of chemo and 28 radiation treatments. it would end his dream. you must have been devastated to find out military service wasn't going to happen. >> yeah, second to being told i had cancer was the worst day of my life pretty much. >> how dou bounce back from that hisappointment? >> ye to pick yourself up to fix the problem or find a new solution. >> matt has a new goal
7:28 pm
to be a deral law enforcement officer. >> he has no limits and that he should pursue everything in his life without restriction. >> matt's doctors at boston's hospital are so impressed by him, they arranged a sky dive with e all veterans group. if only for a day, matt would live his dream of being a member of the ar military, sog through the sky attached to michael elliott a veteran of ,0 jumps, including three with bush 41. >> i'm truly honored. it's so amazg. a young man whose life threatening illness didn't stop him from finding another way to serv the doctor was right, he has no limits. coming up at the end of our broadcast on the spotlight tomorrow night, the new movie based on arue story, how a childhood game of tag has helped keep a friendship alive for more than 30 years. what is "nightly news"
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for thnesday night. i'm lester holt, for all of us at nbc news, thank you for watc
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lights, camera, "access." >> a msage of love. our special sprise delivery straight to chris pratt. >> after surviving a o leapff of the golden gate bridge, his


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