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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  June 13, 2018 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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right now at 11:00 and all new ton, a man left for dead in montgomery county rode. his family asking for the public's help to find the killer efrmts a person to comic book legend stand lee under investigation for the alleged elderly abuse of 95-year-old
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icon. kim kardashian helps secure a presidential pardon for a 61-year-old great grandmother serving a life sentence.n in exclusive interview alice johnson tell "the today show" what he did the moment she learn she was getting out of jail. >> announcer: news 4 at 11:00 starts now. a veteran loved to sing sing inhhe chu choir found fatally injured in the middle of the road. >>onight his family desperately searching for answers how and why he waski ed. the victim's body was discovered this weekend in the 11,000 block ofugns drive in wheaton. >> news 4 jackie benesen has more on the loved ones and the investigation. jack. >> well take a look, this sign up here now on the road close to where this incident happened, the victim's brother saysr o was walking to wheaton to fill his smart trip pass to refil because the place where he did
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that was closed. and that proved to be aatul and very tragic decision. >> juan says police came to his silver spring home to tellim his brother 51-year-old omar was dead. he had been found on huggens drive where it parallels this road about ae half m away. he told the reporter that officers i of two grown sons was run over by someone who drove away np juan gonzalez says his brother worked in maintenance in van a devout man living a clean life. he enjoyed siljing in church choirs. near the scene of the collision montgomery police set up sign board asking people with information to contacthem. >> this man asked that we not use his name says he was having a late dinner sunday night we he looked outside and saw the first responders separately trying to sa the liv of the
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51-year-old. the victim who is the fatherf two grown sons had told family members that he wished to beri next to his mother in his native hondurasam and hisy members are working to try and make that happen. they've set up a gofundme page. for more information you can log onto the website. and get all of tho details. live in wheaton, jackie benesen news 4. >> we have more details about nde last night's breaking news. a man shot killed by the d.c. police. and the police chief says there evidence proves that mar keys fired at officers first. two officers returned fire, alsteen died in the alley near first street and wayne place. in southeast. he was a convicted felon and detectives found an illegalt handgune seen. some neighbors say they don't trust the police. >> thatha means w more work
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to do to try and gain the trust. and the way we gain that trust is i believe is to be as accurate and asruful as we possibly can. >> the u.s. attorney's office is reviewingamhe bodya video from that shooting. and we are told it could be released in a few days. after a hotid and h day, a line of storms are popping up. storms team 4 radar. >> on cue feeling like mere. our chief meteorologist doug says a bigger weather change is head our way. >> the next couple days for sure. right now tracking warm and humid conditions. close to 80 in some of the area. and right now we're looking at a line of showers and storms moving in. nothing around the metro area current. you have to go up to the north and west out of the views area. we're talng about areas around hagerstown. a pretty strong storm here. a severe thunderstorm warning with it a little while ago. this storm weigh its way towardx
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hagerstown the half hour 40 minutes. but the line right here which has a tornado warning,arts of pennsylvania. it line moving our way. coming through as a cold front. a few showers and storms tonight. and then thorrow a m bigger change. we're talkg about that change and another change just in time for father's day. i have that forecast too see you back here in 10 minutes. es> in the meantime we follow two breaking sto out of hollywood tonight. leon harris here at the live desk in the newsroom. inere were accusations of elderly abuse a a comic book legend. they are reviewing sex criminal ails against sil vester .stalin. the santa monica populace sent that allegations over today. the allegations date back to the early 90s and may be too old to be prosecuted. stall own denying the clegations. >> and a maning for legend air comic book creator and writer stand lee is suspected of taking advantage of the
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95-year-old. kia morgan is lee's business manager and personal adviser. a accused of separating lee from his family. moving lee from his taking advantage of lee's failing hearing vision and judgment. morgan was arrested monday for making a false the 911 call. helaimed there were burglars inside his house but actually it turned out it was peopleti conducng a welfare check on lee. jim, wendy back to you. >> thank. corey stewart's win in the virginia gop senate primarys making national republicans nervous. that it could cost hem them in otheriraises the c of the prince william county board mocked fellow republicans looks their sex drivend promises to wage a vicious and campaign against the democratic incumbent tim kaine. they are urging gop candidates to kee their incidents zants now but president trump tweeted support for stewart. and stewart expects the president to campaig for him.
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in maryland the race for the governor mansion is the biggest thisall. today two former exactic rivals teamed up. valerie ervin threw her support between bakerouhe princey george executive. ervin says she had to end her s campaign aft was prevented from using campaign cash raised bier former running mate. she decided to run when kevints cabi died last mond. this sunday the six leadingc exac hopefuls meet face-to-face on nbc 4. the governor candidates forum starts at 11:30 a.m. after meet press. tom scherrwood is the moderatorr a rr panel includes they prince cou george bureau sheaf tracy wilkins and telemundo. >> dc voters will vote on initiative 77 in next week's prary deciding whether workers receiving tips should get the full mimumwage. currently d.c. law allows
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employers to pay tipped workers $3.33 an set to go to $5 in 2020. and if initiative 77 passes, tipped employees would go to $15 an hour by the year 2025. opponents say employers would probably have to raze menu prices lay off workers evenvidd a ser fee. supporters say the issue is for the about tipping. it's aboutquality. >> 53% of service in the district are women. and almost 70% are people of color. when you as a government tell the employer you can pay women and peopl of color less and have them make up the difference in tips that's legislative payin uity. >> initiative 77 also impacts hair dress he issers. parkin,lot attend presiden thousands of others who are not in the restaurant industry. >> new at 11:00 tonight people whwalk, jog and bike along the capital trail. want a safer path process.
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tonight they reviewed maps and plans for the crossing at littll parkway. they are looking for an option toit improve safetyut slowing traffic. in 2016 a man biking that trail died after being hit by a car. he was in the marked crosswalk at little falls parkway. >> the united states missed out on the world cup kicking off tomorrow. won't be thease in 2026. fifa awarded north america the host for the world's biggest soccer tournament and as nbc news s daneneman d.c. is among 17 cities vying to host the games. >> canada, mexico and usa have been selected by the fifa congress to host the2026 fifa world cup. >> reporter: on the eve of the 2018 world cup, the governingod governiny use choosing the north american bid from the canada and mexico offer mork of as host off f the biggest
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tournament. >> thank you foreign trusting us hiwithprivilege. >> in all 48 teams play 80 games. 60 games expectsed to be in american estadiums. ompetition is started among 17 u.s. cities hoping to be among the t ten sit host a match. >> this is truly a world event. this i truly a wor cup. you're talking about tens and tens of thousands of visitors coming to boston staying ds extended perio of time. >> the u.s. played host to the world cup in 1994. credited with stealing the growth of the beautiful game in america. >> i watch as much as i can. i can't always watch. but during my break at home, i can start to watch. >> it's a little me than 2,900 days until kickoff in 2026. dan scheneman, n coverage of the world cup kicks off tomorrow on telemundo 44. th first match at 11:00 in the morning when russia takes on
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saudi arabia. >> and the time person of the year why an raccoon the run is winning fans. >> kim kardashian and the drug offender who she helped free from prison, are now speaking exclusively on the tood show. le ais johnson describes the moment she learned she would soon enjoy her freedom. a memorable premise more fan. signing
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devantemi-pelly one of the stand outstars the caps team. >> he is making headlines for taking a stand against president trump. >> that's right. and newste 4 rep the caught up with smith-pelly and hundreds his biggest fans who packed an autograph signing event all new tonight. >> i kind of like feel overwhelmed with the excitement. >> she waits in line to meet her favoriteevante myth pelly. >> best player. perfect goals. so cigarette. he performed so well. >> she and about 350 caps fans are at s dig'sporting kboods here. >>'m so happy. >> they captain wait to get a picture andto auaph. moments later. >> you're my favorite. >> the stanley cup champion arrives. >> i wasn't sure of the turnoubu it looks great good to see everyone. >> dsp making headline when he
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says he would skip a w te house visi >> you reportedly you don't want to go. do you still feel that way? >> ahye, i mean i -- i said what i said. you know stand by that. >> most caps fan including this one told me they support hertz decision after two hours she meets her id. >> what's going through your mind. >> gsp. i'm so excited shaking right now. >> they like his dsptp humiliat a nice guy. 5,000 signatures. these are people who want the tps to knowt they appreciate them. it says 2018 champs. i talked to the folks at dig's sporting goods and they plan on transporting this thing the caps so that they can have and cherish this moment forever. here in gathers burg, news 4. as for any visit to the whitlahouse most of thers did say that they would attend if invited. new new tonight and a
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today's showjo inclusive. sat down with sim kardashian analyst johnsonfare the first joint interview singles pruch commuted the life sentence ofohnson on a non-violent drug coves. kardashian has been involved in an effort to free johnson the last seven months and met with president trump to discuss ison reform. she was the first to tell johnson that she was heading home. >> when she said that i went into full-fledgedencostal holy dance. i started screaming and jumping. people were listening. i'm telling you i was dancing. i was dancing. i wasg.umping and scream i was doing everything. >>une in tomorrow morning to watch the e rest of thelusive interview on "the today show" here on nbc 4. there is a new plan to try toonasestion on one of the worst bottle necks in our area. virginia wants to extend the express lanes arod the
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beltway. the lanes would pass over the american legionen bridge, to the maryland line.bu t virginia of course needs maryland to get onboard to do. th an the environmental study is gog on right now. if everything checks out v dot says action could start a early as cenex next summer. drivers seem split on whether exprs toll lanes a going to solve any problems. >> it's always back b are going towards maryland doesn't matter the time of the day. >> gets expensive i don'tse it all that often because i can'tf rd it. ofgov hogan the governo maryland likes the toll lanes. he proposed spending $9 billion to add express lanes to the capitol beltway, i-q-70 and the bw parkway. >> tonight the minnesota raccoon th became of an internet sensation is now back in the wild. that raccoon spotted scaling a 25-story tower in tount st. paul yesterday. by night falhe made it to the
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roof top with thousands on twitter and ondhe gro cheering her on. soft cat food lured t hungry creature into the cage where wildlifefficials took h away to rest before being safely released o someon twitter immediatelily pro claimed her time magazine's person of the year. i like that cover. >> i like it too. >> keep her away from sky scrapers. >> that was a riff oating story. in way we needed that, you know. >> cheer her on. >> we also could use som more canadian air descending on it is that happening. >> canadas helping us out. >> we like that. >> canada is helping us out the next couple days. e south e air out of that meant warm and humid conditions. i mean just take a look. high temperature today - average high is 83. 8 a in k.c. but the heat ind in the low 90s across the arrest. leesburg at 80 today. warmest numbers and quantico ca in at 86. some of the warmest heatups up
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to 93 degrees. tomorrow a different story. right now a very nice night. but still warm and humid. 77, wednesday out of the southwest at 8 miles an hour ahead of the front. as long as we're out of the south we're staying warm and humid. we're still 81 degrees in annapos right now. the 75 in gagters berg. no cool air anywhere with then exceptio of oakland back towards garrett county. you can see the storms firing. nothing in our area. but storms just to the north and west of hagerstown and lightning with them. these are employing to start to die moving south. but hagerstown, washington county you mayee rumbles of thunder. look at the line. here is thef line storms making its way through. this is the front. once it moves through and once again maybe showers in d.c. but not anything big. this will bring in the canadian air and wil allow it to be comfortable. it's not cooling us off .the high was 85. tomorrow 86 but with less
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humidity and a little bit of breeze it's a good looking mixture of sun and crowds. temperatures as well. high temperatures on friday, 8 beautiful day friday. really nice heading out friday night for a festivities lag good there. 87 on saturday. a good day. dry for t week. sunday, a high of 94. and that's not all, folks. let's look at this. this is not what he want to see here. the heat index onsunday, 94 up to 100 will be the heat index. how about ah h temperature on monday up to 95. the heat conclusion upo 105. very warm, extremely humid. 105 ist h advisory area. we'll have to see about that. tuesday 93 degrees for a high temperature up a heat index of 100. that's a hea wave andhe warmest we have been this year. chance of afternoon storms late in the day tuesday. that's with another front should lower the humidity but also a gives us chance of storms on wednesday and thursday. kind of stalls around the area right now we're not expecting
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too many problems as far as flooding or figure like that. but right now all eyes on the next couple of days pl really ni tomorrow friday a saturday. father's day, though, buy dad a fan. he will need a fan. >>r air-conditioner. >> a portable ac unit >> or a trip to alaska that would help. >> yeah i've been there it's beautiful country. >> it is beautiful. >> thank you, doug. coming up ovy still in shock as the caps head to the post season. one of gnats young stars with one of gnats young stars with history u
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a dayft a great celebration with the fans, the capitals were at kettler today for breakdown day, usually filled wh long faces not this year. a final time to get together before every fe heads out summer vacation. it's been a few days. but winning the cup hasn't necessarily sunk in for the n. captai >> i still can't believee did it. you know, we share our happiness, our emotions with all of you guys. >> stanley cup champions. yeah! . >> every year when you come back here, when you lose, you stay here. but today milea he you smile it's like okay, whatever. but right no you just realize
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whate did. it's -- it's something special. >> thank you.te apprec you. love. >> you we going to remember all the guys all the moments to go. i'm pretty sure some day reunion champagne, maybe in 10 years, 12 years but it's fun. that's it. ky talk more. >> how much fun has it been for you. >> trust me we have so much stories we want to share with you guys. >> we want to hear the stories though. na tonals finishes series against the yankees. what a night for 19-year-old juan. nats down 3-1. so the o o fositeield. this one carries over the left field shot. 3-run shot for so the o. nates 4-3 reed.
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yet.e o not done unloads on this baseball. deep to center. and goodb . 36-foot home run second of the night. becomes the youngest plawors with home runs in the game since andrew jones in 1996. nates win it 5-4. d.c. united in toronto this evening had a 3-0il at the half lag good but not so fast. but assad puts d.c. united up 4-3 and lag like fikt victory not so fast. nickthan two minutes later haglund scores to tie at four. haglund two of toronto's 4 in e second half. and this ends a 4-4 tie. to the wnba mtics viting the sun what a night for elenaa dell a don. dell a don on the drive goes off
11:28 pm
thelass and in. 36 points for her mistics hold on for the 95-91 win. good for them. >> thank you, ge or
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our area competed inca ame ninja warrior. dan courtney from alexandria said his daughter inspired him.
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and ealey bell of bifrpt he went further but fell into thedr k. concongrats. that's not easy. that's like cross fit and everything else combined to the 10th power. >> you get cooled off. ovy is still talking. >> he is not >> he is not
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(birds chirping, a running brook,) >> he is not ahh. the new deer park sparkling is made with real spring water. ♪ it's so refreshing and delicious, you don't need slo-mo models to sell it. real spring water, real fruit flavors and refreshing bubbles. just what's refreshingly real.
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- john travolta, sophia bush,


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