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tv   News4 Today at 400  NBC  June 14, 2018 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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>> this morning we are very warm oitside, but later this afternoon you're to notice something. the humidity dropping. it's a really nice day. >> i'm so looking forward to it. i just about had to sq uh-huh gey my forward off. as you step out the door this morning, if you are a runner, wait until later. run this evening and not this morning. it is a steamer tse this morning. rain chances are incredibly low, and they'll be gone before 6:00 or so in the morning. as sheena mentioned, it is warmy still up into the 70s right now. a pleasant day coming. the real thing you're going to e no a nice northwest breeze anfalling humidity. turning way less humid as the day goes along. that is excellent news. more aboutour low humidity friday and your father's day weekend coming up in a few minutes.
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for now let's go over to melissa mollet. >> taking a look at a couple of things happening on the roads right now. first of all, in objectionentail, southern avenue at wheeler road, all lanes shut down trying to get more information on an accident there. in capitoleights inner loop at marlboro road, work zone on the and the right lane is getting by. developing this morning in maryland police need help finding the driver who ran over a man and kept going. hi omar reeba cardenia was found lying. brother tells our sister station, telemundo 44, that omas was on way to put more money on his smart tlip trip card. there is significant
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evidence proving martise austin fired at officers first. police say austin started running from police before he started shooting. this happened on first street southeast. officers fed back. police say the handgun recovered from the scene was in austin's possession illegally. >> the officer involved. we're told that footage will be released after it is reviewed by the u.s. attorney's office.
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>> the details of her disappearance and death are still unknown, but her ex-husband, jose rodriguez cruz is currently in jail after leading police to where he said he itd dum pamela butler's body. she disappeared back in 2009. both scenes were just miles aparts on 95. it's not clear whether cruz is a suspect. today marks one year since a gunman opened fire at an alexandria baseball field, wounding a congressman and several others. you may remember these images of police swarming after the first shots. house gop whip stevecalise was shot and critically injured. congressional staffer and lobbyists were also shot.
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two capitol police officers were hurt when t eyaged the shooter. the gunman james hodgkinson was killed in a shootout with police. tonight's game begins at 7:05. we'll have a live report from that park beginning at 5:00 a.m. right now it's ea4:04. brng news out west. dozens of wildfires threatening homes and resorts. chris lawrence at the live desk. >> aaron from california to colorado, this is what firefighters frte and more antly fear. 21 large wildfires are burning a out of kroloss the west. take a look at this video of one th them. you're looking at so-called 416 fire in door ,ango colorado. now, some of you may have gone skiing there, and it is a popular resort town, and durango has been burning for nearly two weeks now with plenty of fuel in its path.
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>> thank you krrks, chris. it's ll4:05. ing two -- both involve icons of the entertainment indury, and both invol accusations of abuse. >> los angeles police are looking into claims that comic book legend stan lee may have been the victim of elder abuse, and the second case involves sylvester stallone and sexual abuse allegations. we'll begin with stallone's allegations. they were first reported back in novemb. these allegations reportedly date back to the early 1990s and maybe too old to be prosecuted. santa monica police sent the case to los angeles county districtattorney's office yesterday. there e few other details about the allegations, but stallone denies them. zblierngts meanwhile, los angeles police are investigating thos claims of elder abuse involving comic book writer stan lee. they granted a restraining order against the 95-year-old former
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business manager. kia morgan i accused of separating lee from his family, moving lee from his home, and taking advantage of his hearing, vision, and judgment. morgan was arrested monday for making a fashion 911 he claimed there were burglars in the house. it was actually people conducting a welfare check on lee. a big legal shake-up for president trump's former personal attorney michael cucoh, ently at the center of an fbi investigation. nbc news confirms cohen's legal team is c leaving thee. that move sparked speculation that he will cooperate with prosecutors. t sources closeo the case say that cohenas not been interviewed yet. fbi agents seize the millions of documents during raids on his home and office back in april. the federal judge gave cohen and his lawyers until friday to complete their review of the materials. . larry kudlow is out of the hospital this morning after suffering a heart attack. president trump announced tdlow's condition on monday after he was tak walter reed medical center. kudlow is 70 years old and
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ined the administration back in march. press secretary sarah santrs says t kudlow's recovery is going well. sanders is f alsing back at cbs news this morning. the white house press secretary took toer responding to a report that says she is planning on leaving her job. sanders says she found out about the report at her daughter's kindergarten event tweeting, "i love my job and am honored to work for potus." nbc news is working to confirm multiple reports that sanders and deputy press sretary rod shaw have considered leaving their positions. no response yet from shaw.
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>> she says she has to -- after she was prevented from using campaign cashaised by h former running mate. ervin w was originally a candidate for lieutenant governor decided to run after her running mate died last month. this sunday t sixth leading democratic hopefuls will meet face-to-face here on nbc 4.
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that is set to go t $5 in 2020. if initiative 77 passes, tipped employees wou go to $15 per hour by 2025. opponents say employers will probably have to raise menu prices, lay off workers, or add a service fee. suorters say the issue is not about tipping. it's about equality. the caps have won the cup, and now it might be time to loo to nexyear. the team held its final press availability of the season yesterday. >> i don't want to let this tarty end. i just w to keep celebrating.
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the biggest symbol of the being over, look at the that face. i hardly recognize him. he looks 15 years younger. >> exactly. that is alexander ovechkin, who shaved today. it makes one week since the team won the cup. still remember that moment. even a week later players still talk about not taking this experience for granted. >> we just want to enjoy the moment, you know? enjoy the time. you know, it's something when you dream, you dream about it you know? >> you might n see the team around the town like the past week, but the head coach says the great thing about this group is they always enjoy reving the championship season they shared together. yeah, a lot of them are going to go back to their hometowns. you know -- >> home countries.
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>> home countries. right. enjoy some time off. >> good for them. >> thank you for ansencredible on. what a ride. and sharing that glorious celebration with the rest of their fans through the whole weekend, through the parade, and ove isn't t oy caps player speaking out in the days fter theparade. >> coming up, devont spit smith pele talks abo a potential white house visit. this after his harsh words for president trump. >> it's one of the worst bottlenecks in our oea. detailsn the plan to fix it and get to where you are going faster.> reed from prison by a presidential pardon and a little help from kim kardashian-west. now alice johnson is speaking out. sheena. well, good morning. it is a warm start.ea as the kids to the bus stop, temperatures will be in the 70s. a warm a humid morning. by the afternoon less humid. recess is looking perfect. throughout the day we'll be topping out in the mid 80s. a littlebreezy. check back in just a few minutes with a closer look as we head into your father's day
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skbriefrmgts there's a brand new plan to ease congestion. >> they're considering extending press lanes around the beltway. .t would pass over the american legion bridge virginia needs maryland to get on board with the plan. an environmental studys underway. v dot says some action could start as early as next summer. however, drivers seem split on whether approximate express toll lanes solve any problems. >> it's only bad going towar maryland. it doesn't matter cha time of the day. >> it gets expensive sometimes. i don't use all that ochk, because i can't afford it. >> the governor of maryland likes the idea of toll lanes.y
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hogan proposed spending $9 billion to add express lanes to the beltway, 27 and bw parkway. prosecutors had their first guilty plea for the death of a fraternity pledget penn state. former beta theta phia pled guilty to hazing, hazing and underage drinking. they sayd he walked aro pledge event with a bottle of vodka and made pledges drink from it last year. a pledge later died after fallingown a flight of stairs. a judge previously threw out most of the serious charges, including involuntary manslaug ser againste of the defendants. at> in a today show exclusive hoda kotb down with kim kardashian west and alice johnsonor their first joint interview since president trump commuted johnson's life sentence on a non-violent drug offense. kardashian was involved in the
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effort to free johnson. she met with president trump to discusshe case just days before johnson was released. she was the first to tell johnson that she was headed home. >> well, she said that i wen into full-fledged pentecostal dance. i started screaming and jumping. people were listening. i'm telling you, i was dancg. i was dancing. i was jumping. i was screaming. i was doing everything. >> and you can see more o that interview later this morning on the "today" show right here onn 4. 4:17 right now. it looks leak your credit card bill could soon be going up. the federal reserve has raised interestates again, and that means you'll be forking over money, in interest payments everyyear. the average rate is 15.32%. the hike will bring that rate closer to 16%. you will likely see the increase within two billing cycles. filming for the upcoming
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wonder woman sequel is getting derway. our cameras caught crews at the landmark mall yesterday with their equipment. crews had also been spotted in georgetown at the recreated commander salamander location. >> does anyone know what that is? >> it' a wonder woman tv show reference. >> star trek movies, you don't know this stuff. >> the all-knowning chuck bell. >> i would love to spot galgado. >> youil and aon men. >> she is gorgeous. >> she's a strong, pro-woman. she's out there fighting for the cause. >> that's what we want to see. >> as opposed to shrinki violets like yourself. all right. we have a cloudy sky i overhead, an remains really muggy now, but that will be going away. we have another break frm - what would typically be a very stiflingly hot and humid summer.
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that arrives later today. right now still clover washington, and there had been one or two very light rainshowers here over the last couple of hours. as this weather front slides ever farther down to the south, i wouldn't call it a cold front. the real difference is behind it lower humidity. we'll be equally as warm today as yesterda but with a gusty northwest wind and plummeting humidity later today a into this evening, we'll be very pleasant indeed. a couple of drops out here. page, shenandoah county. those are drifting southbounl towards cpupper. this is a low impact amount of rain. the humidity remains in place. still in the upper 70s to near 80 degrees, at 4:19 in the morning. there's your planner then wrrn plenty of humidity early today, tut as that wind increases this afternoon, tempes will get into the low and mid 80s again this afternoon, but ani really evening to get outside and grill some steaks in the backyard or whatever you want grill. you can grill tofu in the backyard. whatever it is.
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you can also get the weather foreca on our nbc washington app. you can follow me on social media. humidity,yes, indeed. on the way down. rain chances on the way down. you can get the car washed today. dry weather for the most part all the way into early parts next week. again, a nice day coming up today with temperatures in the mid 80s.r here's y five-day forecast. ineezy today. 85. fa humidity. sunshine, low humidity tomorrow. as we get into saturday, still mostly sunny. getting a little more humid on father's day. obviously that's this sunday. hot too. high o 92 degrees. there could be an isolated rainower or two on nday, but rain chances so far remain below 30%. then again on monday it's going to be bad, folks. might as well be monday. 95 and humid. heat index up close to 100 degrees on monday afternoon. enjoy the little break from the humidity this evening on into the first half of the weekend. for now let's go to chris lawrence at the live desk.
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good morning. >> hey,uc we're following breaking news in southeast d.c. where aee man has shot and is now in critical condition. this happened just before 2:00 this morning. this is on southern avue, and e roads are closed around wheeler road. this is right down the road from united medical center and draper elementary. if you are heading out early in, that ar just a heads up that those roads are closed. this shooting was one of three that took place from just before midnight too 2:00 a.m. three shootings. ve people shot in d.c. in. still ahead, schools pre justparing to let students out for the summer. enhancements underway to make your child safer. also ahead, does the fairfax county school district's dress
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code unfairly target ongirls? school board member says ye the changes.s you like dinosaurs? so do i. hey blue. i brought you something.
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okay we're getting out of here. you're welcome. run! holy! thiss gonna be awesome. rated pg-13.
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we're talking about the final da for many local families, but there are big changes coming inside the local classrooms as soon asumr vacation begins. >> only on news 4, the i-team scott marland reports on a new series of security upgrades in the wake of tragedies nationwide. >> we begin in montgomery county where we've learned schoo officials will begin adding surveillance cameras to elementary schools.
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school officials int the distr don't think they have enough camera coverage at the elementary level, and they'll begin installing the new cameras starting this month. the cameras cane viewed and recorded at the school district's security hub in rockville. >> how is it >>ing? good. good. >> meanwhile, on july 1st they'll start hiring a dozen new school security guards to help support the county's school resource police officers and to help provide new armed security and mdle elementary schools. these would be part-time security staff potenti including retired police ty icers says the co sheriff. >> this will, again, be a prelude to a resource officer inside the elementary schools at some oiint. we're to have to -- >> you want more security in more buildings? >> they do. and the commuty has been very vocal about this. >> tonight as part of our full report on news 4 at 6:00, checking, driver's licensd running real-time criminal background checks on all visitors and the localchool is considering adding more school
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resource officers. for now, scott mcfland, news 4. amid a crackdown on safety, a scare inse one of our schools. next at 4:30, new details about an armed teen who tricked his way into a school that he doesn' even go to. il> well, it is mild and warm this morning, or and muggy, i should say. temperatures are in the 70s, but the good news is we areice and dry. wait until you see the afternoon forecast, though. it's going to feel a lot more comfortable. we'll talk about that after the break. plus, it's the raccoon that became a viralse ation, as it scaled the side of a building. the u happypdate this morning about where that animal ended up. > and kind of trouble we don't usually see for family pets. the warning one woman has after her dogs were left looking le this.ik
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right now on news 4 today, back on the field one year later. victims of the alexandria congressional shooting return to e diamond to play ball. plus, dress code debate. are the rules i schools biassed
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against girls? the changes proposed and what it means for what your kids wear to school. sflierj e helped win the cup. we talked to a capitallar for his plans for a white house visit. >> news 4 today starts now. it's we4:30, ane taking a live look outside as you start your thursday. it's still dark out there, and you are going to feel t heat as soon as you step outside. it's really muggy. can i tell you a true confession? i put a shower cap over my hair >> no, you did not. new as soon as i walked into the building -- >> are there no pictures? >> no photos. no photos. >> it's literally a five-second walk. >> my hair isha so straight the humidity really affects it. >> i'm so gladt you didt stopped on europe way to, who. can you imagine explaining a >>shower cap? do have it in my bag. i'll prove it to you. >> that would be quite a piure. >> maybe


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