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tv   Today  NBC  June 14, 2018 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning. breaking overnight, path of n. destruct a string of possible tornadoes rips across the northeast, damaging businesses, knocking out power, and overturning trucks.we ave the very latest on the powerful storms. ready to cooperate? president ready to cooperate? michael cohen expected to cooperate, and what does it mean for the president and special counsel, robert mueller. we'reive at the white house. two decades in the making. >> i love this woman. >> le this lady. >> after helping secure her freedom, kim kardashian west ane
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this lad for the first time. e>> it becam a mission that i just didt want to give up. hose stories plus border battle. a look inside the place where families are being split amid the growing fight over immigration. breaking silence. five women speak out about the abuse at the h from a doctor at uc. all aboard. overnightma megharkle takes a hist qic trip with theueen on her private train. their very big plans together,, june 14th, >> from nbc ne, this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb on studio 1a in
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rockefeller plaza. i was in the room when kim kardashian west and alice johnson saw each other for the first time, and it was a cool moment. >> they talked on the phone and this wasst their f meeting. >> she had no idea who kim kardashian was. >> we will look forward to that in a little bit. >> we will get to that top story. owerful storms in the northeast. kristin doll gra kristin dahlgren has the latest on that. >> they are just beginning to get a sense of how ba wthose stormse. >> overnight, severe weathercl
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ining a possible tornado ripping across parts of northet pennsylvania, downing power lines and overturning cars and u-haul trucks. >> i started going 5 or 10 miles per hour just to get home because i was that scared. i never seen anything like this. >> emergency crews from across the region responding to the scene, and six peopleuffering reported injuries. >> anotherorey f safety sake, as we are still evaluating the instructural integrity.
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we are extremely fortunate and thank god this occurred at and not 6:30, if this occurred at 6:30 we would have had a much worse situation. kristin, thanks. is the president's personal lawyer rea to cooperate with federal investigators? that question is being asked amid reporters that michaelis coheplitting with his legal team. the white houses watching who is speaking new legal counsel, and the question looming large here, could cohen be rea to flip on his former boss. >> this morning speculating
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mounting, michael cohen could cooperate with prosecutors. on laura engelastnight, still buzz began to build after revelations cohen is looking to split with his current legal team. eshen has not even spoken with prosecutors, a nry step in any plea agreement. investigators are pouring over documents in that dramatic fbi raid two months ago. one focus, that $130,000 hush money payment just before the 2016 elect daniels said she had a sexual
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encounter which the white house denies. el's lawyer weighing in overnight. >> when the music stops he will not be left with a chair. this is a dangerous situation for the president. >> the president rushed to cohen's defense following the april raid, lashing out at the i at the time. >> i just heard they broke into the office of one of my personal attorneys, a good man, and it's a disgraceful situation and a total witch hunt. >> laterg dismisscohen would flip. sorry, i don't see michael doing that. just before the president tk office cohen declaring -- >> i will do anything to protect mr. tru >> and then the frequent attacks on the russian inquiry are taking a toll. 36% of all voters viewing mueller unfavorably, including t% of republicans.
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>>re's another big event happening today. the justice department will release its report about the clinton e-mail case and the conduct of former fbi james comey? >> that's right. later today the justice department is expected to release that rort of the agent's conduct during the 2016 election. the white house and congress will be brief later today. >> thank you. now to the renewed fight over immigration and a first look behind the doors ofam ica's largest detention facility for migrant children. it's in texas and being pushed capacity because of a trump that stration polic separates parents and children
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entering the u.s. illegally. jacob, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. this wase, shocking to quite frankly. this morning there are 1,500 young boys waking up inside this former walmart, and with so many families crossing in texas and being split up, the overcrowding crisis doesn't look like it will be letting up anytime soon. texas's rio grande valley is on the southern border, and when you come here,t's not hard to find them. we met edwin and edwin junio t s theyned themselves in seeking asylum. >>. >> translator: a lot of problems in our country. >> were youcared to come to the aluntry? >> cr: a lot of bad people, lot of bad guys.
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>> the department of homeland security would not tell us. this is a shelter in brows,ville, texa and there are over 1,000 young boys 10 to 17 in there right now, and here's a van coming in right here, and looks like there's boys coming inig r now. the department of health and human services took these photos of the shelter, where we saw a facility pushed to capacity, and the kids here don't get out much, spending almost 22 hours a day indoors. they also don't talk with their parents very much either. we were c toldes of psychological distress is something they see here. with some of the kids being medicateor mental health issues without their parents knowing it. an hour and a half later we were back outside. >> i have been inside federal
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prisons and count jails, a i have been inside, you know, detention centers of all kinds, effectively that's what this is. it's 10 to 17-year-old boys that are without theires familiand some came on their own and some have been separated and ripped apart, and you thank about w about the little girls and babies? this is about as good as it's g going t in there. >> when you think about 22 hours a day inside for somef these kids, it seems like a lot. you wonder how they are fairing. afr they are in the facility, then what happens to them? >> one of the officials said smile at the kids, and they feel like animals locked up in cages being looked at, and for all intents and purposes, the quality of the care is good. they are looking for sponsors on
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the way out. in terms of what happens next, there's a lot of overcrowding. the next generation of them, they won't necessarily have the same quality of care like these kids do this morning. >> thank you. >> also this morninghere has been a major development in the tragic case of fraternity hazing at penn state we have been following. the first guilty plea. kate snow hasthe lat on that. >> there are 26 young men charged inelion to his death, but this is the first penn state fraternity brother. >> ryan burke pleadin guilty to nine charges. >> mr. burke decided to
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acknowledge and accept his responsibility. we did not have for a plea agreent and none was offered. >> piazza died after falling down a flight of stair last year after a hazing ritual known as the gauntlet where pledges werexpected to quickly consume alcohol. fraterty brothers failed to help him and did not call first responders for 12 hours. >> this young man understands that, and condolences go to the p piazza's family. >> the guilty plea for the family is just the beginning. w othersully it will s that it's okay to step up and take responsible for the things they did wrong. >> piazza's father,jim, still wonders why. >> why did you do it? that's my son.
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it's an incredible void. t ihink we -- you know, we have a long road aheaof us. we will never get over it. >> it's just incredible what they have been. throu >> this young man pleading guilty, will he face jail time. >> technically under law, the four hing charges could carry jail time and it's the first offense and it will be up to the judge's discretion and another trial starts in august as well. members of congress come together for their annual g basebae for charity, and it comes one year after the shooting rampage at a practice hat wounded house majority whip, steve scalise. kasie hunt has more on this. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. steve scalise will take the field here at national's park here tonight.
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this annual charity game has special meaning because ar y a ago scalise could not have been here because he fighting for his life, but a year later he is here for practice. it has been a long journey back to the baseball diamond for steve scalise, and he nearly died after being shot last year at practice for the game. >> we can't help him. we're hapless. we have bats versus rivals. three others were shot but scalise and his teammates were lucky. >> scalise's security detail and capitol hill police immediately rushed in. to return fire. >> it took three months and multiple surgeries, but scalise was back at work by the fall. >> you have no idea how great
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this feels to be back here at work in the pple's house. i am definitely a living example that miracles really do happen. >> reporter: last week he practiced for the first time with his teaates for this year's charity game. tonight as republicans and democrats trade in their battles over policy in feavor of pinstripes. >> you have come l ag way in a year? >> it has been ani journey. dely came a long way, a lot of prayers and support and surgeries, but just to know where i was a year ago and where i am now, it just shows you you get back in the game andtteep ng. >> reporter: scalise is very excited to get back on the field in some capacity for tonight's big game. when we stopped by practice, he said h hwasing to reearn his starting position at second base, so w will see if he
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convinced his coaches that he's ready for that job. >> i have a feeling he probably has done that. >> thank you, casey. we talked about the storms in the northeast overnight. what to expect today. let'so to al. he's on the road again for our deservingad's series, and let's talk about the weather in the northeast. >> again, the gtd news t threat is over. all eyes now shifting down into the southeast where we are a lookin strong storms firing up, and they will continue to fire up during the day today bringing heavy weather right now between birngham and mobile alabama, and the same front tha caused the problems in the northeast, that continues into friday. the threat will linger through the weekend. it has been a miserable time throughout the southeast. if you look at the gulf coast, one to four inches of rain,lo lly even more falling between now and saturday. we will get to your local
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forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. good morning, everybody. i ammeteorologist, chuck bell. skies are clearingft out a cloudy and muggy overnight, and midity levels will be falling as the skies continue to clear out. expect a mostly sunny day. mid-60s in the shenandoah valley, and mid-70s around town. again, nice breeze anddi lower
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ty today, tomorrow and saturday, hot for fathes day though guys, we have got a heck of a you love this gentleman when we introduce you to him coming up i:0 thet. straight ahead, two big exclusives, kim kardashian west and alice. >> since i feeled sofa fulfi why would i stop that. by a form bu doctor, they're sharing doctor, they're sharing their stories for the very f
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at royal canin, we developed over 200 precise formulas to transform every cat and dog into a magnificent animal. royal canin 7:26 is your time on this thursday, june 14th, 201 good morning to you. i am eun ymg. >> i a aaronchrist. today marks one year since gunman opened fire at a baseball field wounding one and injuring five others. and then voter can head to 80 polling sites across thet state to c a balancen between 10:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. let'sheckr on y morning commute with melissa mollet.
7:27 am
>> silr ring, a crash with delays at the top of the beltwa allow extra time. afterll southbound 270, shady grove, an acnt >> thank you. a check on your forecast is up next. stay with us.
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the humidity of yesterday will be pushed out of here today by gusty wind, and temperatures will reach the mid-80s for highs today but will not feel that hot with the falling humidity and light n breeze, and t tomorrow low humidity and the weekend for father's day, saturday will be the cooleralf of the weekend at 86, and sunday will be the steamy hot half at 92 degrees.
7:29 am
if you are beach bound for the weekend, good idea, friday, saturday and sunday look all great at the coast. >> for now back to the "today" show after this short break. have a great day.
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good>> morning, everybody. it's 7:30 and thursday morning, the 14th of june, 2018. it's flag day series. good to have you along, craig. you are obviously patriotic yourself. >> i left my red tie at home, and i do love america. the united states approved the design for our first national flag. did you know that? >> i didn't. >> we like ae lit history lesson from craig mel sruvin in morning. > dangerous and destructive weather. severe storms. >> never saw anything like this. >> overnight possible tornadoes
7:31 am
rip through northeastern pennsylvania. >> i started going 5 or 10 miles per hour just to get home because i was that scared. a highly anticipated justice department report set for release today, putting former director james comey back in the spotlight. > making it harder f law enforcement agencies to g information fromet iphone. and then musk do mist. a rapid system between o'harerp aiort and downtown chicago. a that office-scaling raccoon set free in the suburbs o minnesota, thursday, june 14th,
7:32 am
2018. >> i am glad we have closure. >> i leave for one day and that big story breaks. >> yeah, that's what happened. we will t get our story with kim kardashian west and alice johnson. >> i'm home. >> alice marie johnson is sharing one of her favoriteon gospel with me, special moments like these with her family nearly 22 years in the making. >> you never gave up. >> not a day? >> not on the worst day.ow >> >> in 1997, alice was sentenced to life in prison without parole for her role in a drug trafficking operation in the mempa.s a it was herst fime
7:33 am
nonviolence offense. >> it's a dkness of the soul. it's something unimaginable. you know, i know th many people experience tragedy and they don't get invved in criminal illegal activity. my house had beefo closed on and i had to file for bankruptcy, and i couldn't en provide for my children. >> we are all one bad decision away from disaster, all of us. the first day you t madet bad decision, you decided to get tnvolved in the drug ring. did you know w you were getting into? >> no, i knew what was going on. it thought w -- it was just such a minor thing. i am not trying to excuse myself, hoda, i want to m that clear, i made that choice to do what i did and sometimes you make excus for your actions and before you know it it's deeper in and further down. >> alice's case caughthe
7:34 am
attention of kim kardashian west. in october of 2017, she sharedr alice's s on twitter saying this is so unfair. >> at first id just retweeit, and then i sent it to my attorney and i said is there anhing we can do? cane hire different attorneys? what are the options here and what cane do? >> after being incarcerated for 22 years, how well did you the name kim kardashian? >> i didn'the i didn't kno name. i didn't know kim. as soon as i found out who she was, i started reading everything i could about her, and everybody was was amazed. i >> you retweeted and some people would have said that was eat, some 60 million people now know, way to go, kim. but you were not done after that retweet. why did you take it a step further? >> it became a mission i didn't
7:35 am
want to give up. to some people it would be, like, okay, kim made a phone call to the president and showed up, and we had been in talks and working on this for seven months and it was not an instant thing? >> kim, you will go all the way to the white house. first call you make, who do you call first? >> ialled ivanka, and we had a really great conversation about women and wanting to help each other, and i knew that she would have understd aalice,nd she immediately was so reseptiveso d great. >> that chat led to an oval office meeting on alice's birthday? >> it's like, i can't believe we are in the oval office. this is crazy. it's just insane. just the history that in this om one it was -- it was overwhelming in the most amazing way.
7:36 am
>> was the president there yet? >> yes. >> he was at his disk. >> did you try and break the ice with anything? >> yeah, i first said that im re because i really want to know why you kicked chloe o "the apprentice," and then he laughed and it broke the ice and then we spoke about alice, and i explained where i founder and why i believe in her and how people deser second chances, and immediately -- i phaerpbmea president had compassion for her right away. >> one week after that oval office meeting,li was released from prison. it was kim kardashian west who called alice with the goodews. >> believe she said you could go home. >> uh-huh. home. can go >> you can go home now. are you ready to go home? when she said that, i went into
7:37 am
full-fledgedentecostal holy dance. i started screaming and jumping. listening.e i was dancing. i was jumping and screaming. i was doing everything. >> kim, what did it sound like from your end? >> at first -- i thought she knew because t news was starting to break and we had to get her on the phone. i said, wait, you don't kw? she said know what? i said, you are going home. she screams and c weed on the phone. >> it was not until yesterday that the two women met face-to-face for the f time. >> how? >> thank you is notnoigh. i think i have to walk it out. i have to walk my thank you out. i have to live it out for her. for my family, for the supporters. >> by the way, i don't know if you know this kim, but aliceay
7:38 am
for you and kanye. show her. >> your favorite moves ound, my favorite picture. >> in her bible. >> right now my prayer focus for you in psalm 105. kim has been atphoeupbtd through this, and nobody ever touch her. kanye, your family, your mom, everybody, were they onboar whenhey started this journey, kim? >> my family is always really supportive. ere might have been people around, are you sure you should go to the white ho maybe you shouldn't go? to me this has nothing to do with pol tics. it hdo with people. >> you have spoke about disagreeing with the president olitically, it's not a secret -- >> yeah. >> but you are saying you can still go in there and fight
7:39 am
something that is right? >> absolutely. i hope this inspires people to talk to the people in wer, you can have an affect over there them for greater good of other people. the president has said, he's very hard on people thatre drugealers and traffickers, and he has gone so far as t say at he believes the death penalty is appropriate in some of those cases. do you think you could change his mind? >> i think his mind is being changed already. to me i saw compassion. >> i have ton say wheyou are discussing tecs su you light up. it's like it's purposeful. it's like there's something. do you see your life going down another path? >> people have been asking me, are you getting into politics? like, no, i'm still, doing but i enjoy this. this fulfilled my heart, and so since i feel so fulfilled why would i stop that?
7:40 am
>> so the president d tweet, and i don't know if you saw it? >> yeah, good luck to alice johnson. have a wonderful life. >> what do you think about that? >> i love it. thank you, president trump, for making a wonderful life >> alice, what is next for you? you're home, you're here and you are free. you said your life is going to be purposeful. at will it be? >> i will continue to magnify this issue, and i can't stop. i lived and walked with them and cried with them, and my life is intertwined forever for those left behind, so it can't end here. >> you are on parallel paths, youtwo, and think you will run into each other quite a bit in your lives. >> i hope so. >> me, too. >> kim was also saying that she is going to continue this that she already brought other cases to the white house.
7:41 am
a lot of people wn theyee kim kardashian, they go, that girl from the reality show, but i sensed an evolution. she's not the 25-year-old people know from the reality show. she's got three children, an she cares about different things. when i sat there, i said this is legit. this is what i felt in the moment. >> we all grow andevolve, and for alice johnson, she did 20 years time f her crime. she definitely does not shriek from her responsibili, but a woman of faith and inspiration, she is out and wants to go back and help others left behind. >> what was it about her story in particular that made kim say i want to save this one? >> kim said she connected on so many levels, but mainly on family. she's so tight with her family, and when we were at her sister'n house memphis, the family was insane, like there were so many family mbers around, and literally each person was more successful than the other two.
7:42 am
i am like, that's my nephew. it was cool to be, like, just to witness>> it. alice is ready to start her life. she's got a job ained up -- >> yeah, she's ready to go. still ahead, another "today" exclusive. five of the women that have come forward to accuse a campus doctor of sexual misconduct are opening up to natalie. and then the royal privilege extended to meghan markle by the queen that even prince harry has yet to enjoy. >> a then chris pratt and bryce dallas coward. and then busting out the old happy dance? yeah, we have al's special series ahead of father's day. >> that's right after these messages.
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meningitis b strikes quickly. be quick to talk to your teen's doctor about a meningitis b vaccine. welcome back to "today." how would you like to be there t right a now? >> i would like to be there. send that dad jet to come up and get me. >> i know. al is there to celebrate dads, but first a check of our weather. >> craig a carson, i tried. i talked to our executive producers, and i said let's move it to friday so w can do
7:47 am
father's day in the bahamas, but e said,no, get back here. i will be back there tomorrow. but in the meantime we have a terrific surprise coming up.ou let's show what is going on. a little surprise to our friends down t inas in the gulf coast. we have the texas two-step going. tropical storm bud at 45-mile-per-hour off the baja coast, but alloihature is going to stream up into texas. we have also got ann area out the gulf that is going to start streaming moisture in and the two converge on the west and east coast of texas and we have a real mess in the southwest. arizona, three to four inches, andhe texas coast could see up to four inches of rain before it's all over. good morning. temperatures are warm but it tll be way more comfortable lateray. 75 right now, washington in frederick. annapos, 80 degrees right now.
7:48 am
by the afternoon, breezy nd a high of 85 degrees. if you are headed to the beach this week, it's gorgeous. i think this is the best beach weekend we have had so far,ith high temperatures near 80 degrees. 86 on saturday, and dry and hot, in the 90s for father's day. >> that's your latest weaer. a deserving dad in less than 40 minutes coming up here on "today." guys? >> i cannot wait. >> tnk you, al. we have more to come including meghan markle's first solo outing with the queen, but first these messages. nsula trai? you won't find that on a map. i'll take you there. t tas left. if you listen real hard you can he the whales. oop. you hear that?
7:49 am
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7:56 is your time on this thursday, june 1th, 2018. good morning to you. i am eun yang. rit now we wil check on your morning commute llth melissa and your first 4 traffic. >> overall looking good in most spots. have a couplslowdowns we want to talk about. laurel bw parkway, a crash reported there. and then lanes blocked near the fire station, and the ramp to 70 at u.s. 340, a crash there
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
. good morning. temperatures are in the mid to low 70s, so comfortable but it's humid. later on today, less humid. sunny and breezy and a high of 85 degrees. a beautiful weekend set up for us, nice and dry and mid-80s, and by sunday 90s, and if we hit 93 on tuesday that would be a heat wav another local news update for you in 25 minutes, but for now back to the "today" show after this short break. have a great day.
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on oday." coming up, speaking out. >> had full trust in us in f e women accusing aormer doctor at the university of so ohern california sexual misconduct. >> plus, royal training day. meghan markle stepsut with the queen. a palace on wheels. we have an exclusive look atra that t and what the solo f outing meansor the newest member of the royal family. >> the way of the dinosaur. fam.
8:01 am
and the way of the dinosaur. chris pratt and bryce dallas howard, stars of "jurassic world: fallen kingdom," are here live with special surprises, as we celebrate 25 years of the iconic mie franchi today on the plaza. today, thursday, june 14th, 2018. >> from washington, d.c. >> to celebrate grandma's 68th birthday. >> we'reti celebra with "today." at the children's center in rochester, new york. >> yay! ♪ roc, mama, like a wagon wheel ♪ just married in scotland, and now we're honeymooning on "today." meet sunny. >> siste from sacramento. >> celebrating her 60th birthday today. >> yay! ♪ mama, rock me
8:02 am
how about a little darius rucker in the morning. >>ow abo craig harmonizing. >> i think darius might have been proud. thank you for joining us.l >> is pulling off another surprise for a remarkable dad. nt all the way to the bahamas. not having a good time at all. we will check in with al just a >> first, news at 8:00. new speculation this morning that president trump's former personal attorney, michael cohen, could be ready to cooperate with the russia investigation. w nbte house correspondent, kristin welker, has the latest. >> reporter: good morning to you. all eyes are on the president's former attorn, and will he cooperate with federal prosecutors? that's the questn. th president's current attorney, rguiliani, turning down the heat saying i have no informatio cohen is going to
8:03 am
flip, ando there's information regarding the president so therefore i'm not concerned. investigators are still reviewing documents they seized from coh a's office residences in that dramatic fbi raid back in april. rn star stort before the 2016 election. the president tweeted in april that he doesn't think cohen will flip. mr. trump, just back from his trip to singapore, has no public events today. >> kristen, thanks. the national weather service has sent the national weather service investigating severe damage from a possible tornado. police and fire tweet from across t s regiont the evening checking for victims, lookingor gas leaks. so far they only reported minor
8:04 am
injuries. >> now toig news in the enterta entertaimcent world. t is making a $65 billion cash offer for 21st centy fox. the big tops the $52 billion offer from disney. not included in the bid, fox news and fox sports. sade news from orld of sports this morning. basketball hall of famer, anne donovan died wednesday of heart failure. in college donovan won a national championship at old, dominid in 2004 she became the first female coach to win a tie in the wnba. w donova a pioneer and icon in the women's game a made a profound and lastingimpact.
8:05 am
she was just 56 years old. t >>hat is the news. how about little more inspiration in our "morning boost." >> give it to us. >> a young cancer patient is deteined to beathe disease after a major boost. he was given his own white sox jersey with his own name, and he stepped in the batter's box, and they lined up along the first and third-base line to cer him on. his dad says alex has been through tough times, and doctors do expect this young man to make a full recovery, and got an rded boost, going all the way home. ning fast, too. >> slides into home. coming up, all aboard the royal express. a look at the big honor overnight alongende the q for meghan markle. >> but first a "today" show exclusive. >> he kept a insisting there was medical reason for everything he
8:06 am
was doing. >> five women accusing a former doctor at the university of southern californi of sexual misconduct and they are sharing their stories for the first time with natalie. (tiffany) i quit smoking. but i still get those cravings. so, i talked to my doctor and with coueling,
8:07 am
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because with a name like smucker's, it has to be good. and exquisitely delicious in an everyday sort of way. hey justin, think fast! what?! every time! i get lucky every once in a while. we are back with an u pd we're back with an updaten california. >> there were troubling allegations of sexual abuse involving a long-time doctor at the university of southern california. since then hundreds of women have com forward with more accusations, and natalie sat downith five of them exclusively. good morning. >> good morning to you guys. since 1989 dr. george kendall was the only full time
8:10 am
gynecologist at usc. now five women ranging in age from 23 to are telling their shockingly similar claims of abuse from man they trusted in a place they say should have protected them >> he took pictures of me during the exam. he had meully undress behind a curtain, not visib to my exam. >> while i was ithe stirrups, he told me i was beautiful. >> the phd from usc, and sene hughes graduated with a major. >> fox just received her masters. earned her masters in 2014. all have painful memories of their first visit to the dr. george kendall. >> i thought ts is his sty
8:11 am
and i thought maybe i was uncomfortable with his style. it was not his style. he was a sexual predator and he sexually molested me along with thousands of women. >> they each describe the methodology digned to prey. >> they look at what kind of victims they ke, they groom them and they try different things to see how far the can go. >> now 21 and 24, it was their first visit with the guy tphau call gist. >> he told me if i needed to be on birth control i needed a pap smear. >> he falselyol them they had sexuallyransmitted diseases. >> he died. >> there was a written complaint in 2016.
8:12 am
two voiced their concerns to nurses. >> did you know from that first encounter that this has gone far and beyond what should be the norm? >> had full crust in usc and him as a doctor and professional? >> he kept insisting there was a .edical reason for everything he was doi >> more than 400 women have reached out to u since the report first serviced, and accusations range from improper commentary to improper gentle contact. these women say it may not be possible for usc to right the wrongs they feel they have been done. >> it's painful to know that our
8:13 am
collective voices ultimately meant nothing to usc. >> i think he has not hundreds of victims, but thousands. >> the lead attorney in the chigan state usa gymnastics scandal,ar dr. nassar, says over 130 women have approached him of claims of abuse against george kendall, dating bac as early as 1988, when he was just a resident. >> your firsts obligation to protect the safety of your students, and usc miserably failed at that.ey failed for 30 years. >> he was fired20 in with a payout after a usc internal tvestigation, but t investigation determined there was no criminal activity, and until the "los angeles times" reported aut this.
8:14 am
usc's response was we welcome the u.s. department of education's investigation and the university will fully cooperate with their inquiry. >> i hope bypeeopleing out people will know they don't have to keep the secret. >> the five women determined to show strength, courage, character, they s the just want usc to do the same. >> nbc news has repeatedly tried to contact dr. kendall for contact without success, and while he has not responded to usc, he said in par patients sometimes fabricate stories and he defended his practices throughout usc's internal investigation. the medical board of california confirms they are actively investigating claims of misconduct by the doctor, but for now he is still allowed to
8:15 am
practice in the state ofia califo >> the lapd are investigating more than 100 mplaints, and ose numbers continue to grow as part of the ongoing criminal investation, and as isaid, those numbers keep coming in. as of yet, no criminal charges have been filed against dr. kindle. >> natalie, thank you. we will switch gears now, and al is down in the beautiful bahamas. hi, al. >> we are at theorahama r and about to surprise a deserving dad in the next half hour, and you will love this he guy. amazing. in the meantime, fires are out west, especially iad col 21 at least, and they are not eny kind of control with low humidity and we looking at a high fire danger throughout a good part of the southwest and into the central plains. ry thunderstorms in utah and
8:16 am
colorado, and there could be more wildfires. the midsection of the country, hot and hidnd feels like temperatures well over 100. for tomorrow we w see the heat advisories and heat 1 indes ov all the way up into the plains, into omaha, and saturday the heat just continues tond exrom florida to texas into chicago where the heat indexe are well ove 100 degrees and right into father's day. that's what's going on around the country.ha here'ss happening in your neck of the woods. >> i am meteorologist, chuck bell, and skies are clearing out and it's a bright and sunny start to the day. the humidity will be pushed out of here today, and so temperatures mostly in the mid-70s, and not a big warmup, about another ten degrees or so, and low humidit stays with us
8:17 am
and omorrow and friday, then returns this weekend and could be mid-90s by monday. >> we will be back in just a little bit with our today's deserving dad. >> great one a yesterda look forward to today's as well. she has been a member of the royal family for less amonth, but overnight meghan markle received a big honor from the quee there she is. >> side by side with een. highn with the queen? royal duty with th queen. meghan, the dhess of sussex, on her first official engagement without husband prince harry, learning the ropesrom the world's longest-serving monarche inorth of england.
8:18 am
observing aoment of silence, and then it has been less than a month since the american actress became ait h royal, from the wedding dress train to this morning's royal train,egn traveling in style overnight with a secret stop for a good night's sleep. that r has a dining room seats 12. another, a workingor office f the monarch. kate travelled by plane outside london with the queen. that is a normal sc tdule. anhen megan attended the queen's birthdaynd in , showing off what many suspect to be a post honeymoon glow, and making her first buckingham palace appearance.
8:19 am
>> she h has the ground running. she started work as a working he royal, andas been embraced by the family. >> today two royal generations, the queen has been doing the job for 65ye s, and meghan in her new role for less than a month. we still don't know what has happened with the honeymoon, but we are expecting harry and megan to have their first international tour traveling to australia and the south pacific lahis year. when will they come to america, though? right?the big question, when will meghan bring her home?e >> yeah. thank you, keir. can you imagine, you are a meghan markle and you are on the train with the queen. cute. >> carson is over o in thnge room. what do you got?
8:20 am
>> josh graduated with the highest gpan his class, but due to policy change he was not named the valedictorian. s hisool recognizes groups, and his dad rented this board, and the school's decision to do away with valedictorian honor is a nationwide trend we are seeing about half of high schools no longer report class rank.he we go with i always thought naming the valedictorian was pointless. en did we stop recognizing individuals for their hardork. everybody does not get a trophy. we asked on twitter should
8:21 am
schools do away with valedictoriasa most people no. andome said to have more than one valedictorian, too. >> i guess if they have the same gpa they could have it. yeah. >> as somebody with a 2.5 g. we now get glimpse of the sequel to follow. t's thewoman 1984, t title of the upcoming movie. the fm's director tweeted a photo of the sequel as well. the photo is getting o a lot talk because you recall in the
8:22 am
first film, trevor sacrificed himself for the good of the cause but it appears he will be returning in some way. wonder woman 1984 set to be released november 23rd. and then "the shining" starring ck nicholson is getting a sequel after almost 40 years. the sequel will be modeled off the steven king novel. mcgregor wants to play that role. filming will begin in the fall, but theovie is not set to be released in janry. >> yeah. that would be a great idea. a >> reason for red rum somewhere in there. finally, cue the f music this one, puerto rico now set to take shot -- yeah, take your
8:23 am
shot there because additions began for the "hamilton" production, and hundreds showed up. some cited, whi others visibly nervous about the addition. e production will take place an wthe stagel open in january 2019, and he wl step back as hamilton. he has said f. i have to play hamilton with a flashlight under my face in one hand and a duelling pistol in the other, lthat's what i w do. >> i want to go there and see it. >> you got a "daly click"? >> yeah. i do.
8:24 am
the tkrurpdrums, eight years ol. >> oh, my word. that's playing it, too. >> whoa! >> she nails it with the 8-year-old -- how awesome is that. been playing as she was two. sheryl crow put out on twitter this message. >> adorable. ust ahead, the big surprise of the deserving dad taking al to the bahamas this morning. >> we have chris pratt here, but first your local news. local new.
8:25 am
8:26 am
>> announcer: this is a "news4 today" newsre. good morning, everybody. 8:26 on this thursday, june 14th. i am aaron gilchrist. let's start wh a look at the roads with melissa mollet and your first 4 traffic. >> frederick southbound 15 a crash on the right side. and outer loop approaching connecticut avenue and inner loop as you head across the bridge at the bottom of the beltway. lateensville near the fire l station, aes shut down. >> thank you. we will get a check of your forecast when we come stay with us.
8:27 am
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into a county that badly needs it." "realistic ideas for attracting new businesses, extending pre-k, improving traffic."de "a progressive l for jobs, to fund schools and combat gun violence."ka "an eagerness to listen." "energy." "a passion for innovation." david blair, democrat for montgomery county executive, endorsed by the washington post. nice day to be outside today. it will be a breezy afternoon with northwest winds up t and 25 miles per hour. tomorrow low sunshine and low humidity, and father's day a hot
8:29 am
one with a high of 92. you can get the latest news an wther anytime in the nbc washington app.
8:30 am
> 8:30 now. it is thursda morning. it is the 14thf june 2018. it's flag day. be sure to supportg it's fla day, so be sure d wear your red, white and blue this morning. boy, do thwe have a great crowd out here. we have "jurassic world" themed shirts. the first of
8:31 am
"jurassic world." where is matthew and spencer? >> how are you? >> good. >> you were first online, right? >> yeah. >> open up those envelopes for us. pull it out. >> you will get to see "jurassic world:fallen kingdom" when it comes out. thank you, boys. have a good time, everybody. >> how cool. >> yeah. >> a 25-year difference, you can see the original and then the new one. >> meantime, you have the plaza fun continuing rrto, because guess who will be here? the great christina aguilera will take our stag a unforgettable concert.
8:32 am
speaking of live music and talented singers, heil perform his smash hit as well in just a few moments. megyn, what do you have ming up? >> we have a woman that started a pig sctuary. apparently pig's are the fifth startest animals, and they cry and can get ptsd and they are helping veterans get over their ptsd, and we will meet wilber, wead to put him up first class in a hotel, and you will meet him later. we will talk about how meghan markle's racy photo shoot is beingsed against the palace and whether it will work. >> give wilber our >> almost time for al's father's
8:33 am
day surprise, but we he to get the weather. >> there's a big thing here in the bahamas, wild pigs around the island that people swimwi . it's limestone and coral here, and we will use it as part for today's deserving dad.or looking ahead tomorrow, you will see a heat wave in theec mion of the country. sunshine in the northeast. saturday we expect sunny skies in the northeast, and let's get to father's day really quick. you can see we are looking at decent weather making its way into the midsection of theco try. sunshine along the east coast. beautiful weather today. 75 degrees right now. we go through the afternoon you will notice theumidity dropping.
8:34 am
much more comfortable quantico at 76 degrees. through the day, we will be in the 80s. 81 by lunchtime, and 85 by this afternoon. and also mostly sunny io the weekend, we are in the mid-80s and dryatr's day. temperatures will be in the low 90s, bute at the beaches, too. >> today's d deserving coming up in just a bit. >> can't wait, but ifirshas been three years since jurassic has opened its doors. >> now in the sequel, the park is destroyed and our heroes played by chris pratt and bryce, they are hoping to save the dinosaurs. that means getting up close and personal with an old friend. take a look. >> don't go in!is
8:35 am
>> cnd bryce, good morning. good morning. she' scared. will you hold her has not. >> >> i'm so happy right now. >> this seems scarier than the first. >> yeah, feels moreth dangerous previous jurassic films. >> was there a real physical dinosaur in the house. >> tonof hoebgious pokious. ama >> this underwater scene, that loike not movie scary but real-life scary. how did you get that done? >> yeah. it took a few weeks.
8:36 am
it took a lot of training. oh, lo t, there'st roller coaster. oh, good times. >> remember that? >> yes. there's that, a well. i mean, these things,t is like, there is an element of danger when you're doing stunts like this. the key is, we're trained and prepared so we can perform the stunt again and again and again without panicking, basically. >> a lot of people love "jurassic world," and they can't wait to see th. give me sense of what they'll see that's different. >> this film isly t different. it gives you everything you want from a "jurassic" film. your jump scares, amazing creatures, you dinos running around and eating people. >> as they do. that.u get you get sort of the cautionary tale of man meddling with science, oming back to bite them in the butt. the park is being rodestyed. there aresa more dis than any other "jurassic" movie. it expands outward. the second half of the film
8:37 am
takes place off the island in this haunted itnsion. s pretty awesome. >> let's get to what matters. what kind of shoes do you wear? >> finally. >> everybody was making such a big stink out of your character wearing heels in the first movie. >> i know. >> the second movie, they tried to put you in sneakers, and y no, need to wear heels. a girl doesn't outrun a t-rex in high heels and then wear sneakers to the office. >> they have action figures of you two >> we do know that we have action figures. it's very excitingre >> here they >> chris has these lego ones. >> yeah.
8:38 am
>> you are lik a director. >> yeah. >> i love the one with the bearded dragon, and he didn't cooperate. that was really great. >> jack and i love that. you have your own action figures as well? >> how do you feel about your actionre fi >> what is -- >> what do you mean? savannah and hoda. >> i love it. >> yeah. you have the fullig actione experience. >> it looks like i have a and everything! >> it's great. re our action figures bigger - >> yeah. >> i am looking at her. she doesn't look like me. >> can we just say, you are going down another lane and
8:39 am
hitting the directinge. l how are you liking that? >> i am really excited. i have been directing music videos for the last 12 years and i am so excited to get into featur.. it's aweso >> it is. >> having worked with her now on two films, i don't know anybody else that is more equipped to direct she works in her mind 24 hours a day, which is what you need to doo direct a film. to beble to do that -- >> yeah. i'm in. >> youot to visit -- >> yeah, i got to shadow him on the set of solo, which was incredible. everybody was such a group of brilliant and creative workers.
8:40 am
>> so great to see you. >> yeah. >> a lot going on. >> yeah. >> you got to get a close-up on that butt. savannah got back. >> yeah, my action figure.ou >> thank so much. hits theater f onriday. >> always a good thing when malcolm is knocking on. your door first, this is "today." first, this is "today acc
8:41 am
at children's national, stronger is caring for a baby's heart in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. and a future when prenatal pediatrics leads to healthier children. it's being the number one newborn intensive care unit in the country. and giving parents peace of mind. it's less recovering in our bed, and more jumping on yours. stronger is standing out and standing proud. because we don't just want your kids to grow up.
8:42 am
we want them to grow up stronger. deserving dads is brought by netjets. worldwide leader. >> you mind if do you guys mind if i just put myction figure -- >> i don't know if that's suitable for morning television
8:43 am
with the bottom on that. >> al roker on the road for deserving dads. >> it was almost imposble to rprise him. let's go down to the bahamas. >> we aro goingcore a hole in one with this one. we have another amazing dad. his name is art tureed, and he s 88 today. he packed a lot inhose years. and still pursuing that love of golf making him that deserving dad. this looks like a special occasion. with all the hugging and singing -- and doing a dance called the rusty dusty.
8:44 am
>> it was not much of a dance. all it was is sotking your bo. >> i think my dad is one in aio n. >> i thought it was just part of life. >> this incredible life began in a small town outside of pittsburgh. >> almost everybody in the town was poor, and that was a fear i had over the years that i never wantbe poor again. >> that fear turned into a fuel to provide a bettewi life for hs and four kids. he was one of the first paid
8:45 am
black firefighters i arlington, virginia. >> the saying was blacks did not have the courage to be firemen. >> he was the first black station commanderouth of the mason dixon line. >> i have to say that i loved that job. you learn to love helping people. >> saving people by day, and driving a taxi at night to make ends meet. eventually becoming a partner in one of the first african-american owned taxi companies in virginia, which he still runs to the day. >> i dn't know that the world thought my dad shouldn't be a firefighter or own a cab company, a whatever you want to do, do it. >> that included caddieing par time at a segregated golf club, sneaking bac in at night
8:46 am
playing golf with one ball and one club. >> we didn't want them to think we were playing out there if they caught us. >> his true love is being a family man. >> my sister and i would always wait for him to come into work, and he would come into the house and he would open his arms wide and say, pop's little girls, and we would jump from the top of the step into his arms, and he never dropped us. i think of that in terms of my life, where he said go ahead and jump, go ahead and do it. i am with you. i got you. >> on this day, we're coming for you. we're asking h to put his trust in us for a surprise of a lifetime. hello, sir. >> al roker. >> all right! >> looks like you have been witr nbc about as long as iave en on earth. >> i am an old man.
8:47 am
we want to celebrate you as a dad. we are going to put you on a plane. are you ready to do the rusty dusty in the bahamas. ready to go? >> yes. >> let's go! let's go! >> overwhelmed. >> reporter: thanks to dad air to where are going it's better in the bahamas! >> happyda biry. as part of thatt ae royal blue golf club, they have got a brand-new set of clubs for you. georgette is taking you set on the cooday. >> thank yo thank you, thank you. >> you are invited next week at the creighton invitational to be his guest, you will be with jack nicholas, your hero, and we have a birthday cake from the folks
8:48 am
here. >> hit it, boys. ♪ >> that was awesome. >> yeah! s >> gooff. >> al, thanks so much. they will continue to celebrate down in nassau. p next, one of the summer's big hits live. but first this is "today" on nbc. ju safety isn' an inspector
8:49 am
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oh ♪ ♪ stay a while, stay a whileer stay with me ♪ ♪ lay here with me ♪ oh, i like me better when with youha ♪ >> tt is lauv. ai tha thank you so bmuch. we'll back in our fourth ho ur
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8:56 is your time on this thursday, june 14th, good morning to y. i am eun yang. we want to look at your fst 4 traffic with melissa mollet. >> a couple things happening. college park ier loop ramp there in college park have a work zone causing slowsdowns. leighton between 108 between
8:57 am
sundown and griffith, all lanes blocked right now. india inbound 66 aroosevelt, a crash in the right lane. we will take a break and then check your forecast when we come back. stay witus. celebrate dad this father's day. save big on something special from ross, from gifts that fit his style to gifts that bring a smile. happy father's day begins at ross. ♪ you gotta go to ross
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♪ you gotta go to ross good thursda morning. 77 degrees in washington. the rest of the area about the mid-70s. today 85, sunny, breezy and less humid as we go through the afternoo so feeling comfortable. tomorrow, and satuay, mid-80s, and then sunday d 90s but and humid. get your news and weather anytime in the abc washington p.
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good morning, everyone. welcome to the show. i'mll megyn we have a bunch of headlines making the rounds this morning, including somews royal meghan markle, the newly minted duchess of sussex, receivi a huge honor from the queen, but also the royal famy getti a little backlh from a risque photo shoot in ms. markle's past. we'll get to that in a minute. more keir simmons with the duchess' big day. >> reporter: royal duty with the queen. me meghan, the duchess of sussex, on her first official engagement without prince harry, learning the ropes from the longest serving monarch.


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