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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  June 14, 2018 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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to think that after ne surgeries and everything i get to be back out here with my colleagues. god bless america. lawmakers getting ready for tonight's congressional baseball games one yearer a shooting left congressman steve scalise near death. >> the maryland primary is only two weeks away. early voting starts today. >> gorgeous weather today but i'm tracking a heat wave starting on father's day. i'll let you know just how hot it wl be coming up in my updated forecast. >> news4 midday starts now.
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>> good morning a welcome to news4midday. i'm melissa molette. >> and i'm pat muse. >> last year, an attack wounded steve scalise, who plans to take the field at today's game. hi, megan. >>congressman steve scalise in good form this morning. at time he's had his cane with e him. aid he's ready and excited toec playd base tonight. also here is matt micah. he was shot as well. the two men will be rejoining their team for tonight's big charity game. >> how about that. e fact that i get to start at second is really special, to be able toalk back out on to this field again is year later is an
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incredible feeling. >> his cane nearby and his quitiquit spirit, he's learned some pretty serious lessons over the last year. >> it focuses you on what's impoant in life. my friends and family, the job i love. that what's most important. >> scalise was on the field that day in 2017 when a gunman opened meyer on the republican baseball team as they practiced for the annual congressional charity game. >> when ias lying on the ground, i had a second shot. >> lobbyist chris micah was also hit. >> did you think you'd ever be here? >> that day, no. i thoreht it was py much over. lucky to be alive. the biggest thing is not to take anything for anted, be in the moment. when you're with family and friends, turn your phone off. >> last year's game a went on
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scheduled the day after the shooting in support of thend friends a team members. hugs at this moing's batting practice. >> i likehe way the freshmen have to bring in the equipment. >> an example of the friendship that hare to cross lines and transcendli cs. and the congressional baseball charity game open to the public. the gates here at national park open at 5 lk 30. tickets general admission, $10. thanks, megan. early voting is under way for the june 26 primary in maryland. polls are open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. >> now to our weather.
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the morning started off ratherw . >> it did. let's check in with amelia draper on what we can expect for the rest ofhe day. >> pat was just saying it feels nice. >> feels great to me. >> i erard your question in my ear, hearing it is going to be a day today. it going to be beautiful out there, low humidity, temperatures will be comfortable. there is goi to be a breeze out tre throughout t afternoon and evening hours. a wind out of the northwest at 9 mile-an-hour. to see this wind direction, especially in the summer. it's bringing down thatr coo air from canada. another sign of how comfortable it is out there is the dew poi temperature.
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ais is how we track the humidity when it' 65 or higher. 52 is the dew point ttperature riow in washington and the humidity levels stay prettymo l ow and on saturday as well. again, warm and breezy with high of 85. however, pat, as we look to the weekend and onfather's day, start to track a heat wave. a massive warmup in the forecast. i'm going to have more on ethat. plus may see a few thunderstorms around here. >> a violent night in the district. >> five people shot in three separate shootings. one of the victims critically injured. >> justin, do police think any of these shootings are related in. >> well, pat, meliss at this point i don't think police are going to hold that out. they tell m they're going to investigate each of these three cases thoroughly.d should they f connection, they're going to pursue that. of these three cases, of these
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five victims, the one we followed this morning were by far the most criticallyinjured. in that case, they want to know what made the suspect in these cases get out their guns. appearsshlight and what to be a bullet stuck inside this shell gas station wall and crime scene investigators' efforts to collect it it. it's one of many shell cases strewn about southern avenue, some by this driveway acrosshe street. this stioting investigaon closed down southern near wheeler road in southeast for hours overnight where a man was shot close to 1:40 a.m. a bus night shift for d.c. police, mapped out here just before midnight, a call of two men shot off the 3500 block and after 2
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a.m. another shooting, this one on the 100 block of ivanhoe street in southwest, raising the overnight victim total to five. the ivane location is only feet fromhomes. and many were asleep in the huntington village community. >> i did reach out to police for updates on the victims here. all fivehey tell meai r in treatment. we're told they were both conscious and breathing. and the southern avenue person, the most seriously hurt, still in critical condition. police say if you have any information in each of these three cases to please give them a call. they believe the cmunity will
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help them solve these shootings. i'm justin finch. back to you. >> omar was on his way to put more money on his smarttrip card. signs have been posted at the place where he died, asking anyone wh information about his death to call police. >> we have new details about that deadly police-involved shooting. police say there is significant evidence prove persian gulf marquis allston fired at officers first. itd happe 1st street and
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southeast. the officers involved were wearing body cameras. >> human remains turned up along i-95 and dna tests confirm they are the remains of rodriguez. but her husband is curre ly in jail after leading police to the spot where he said hed dum pamela butler's body. both scenes were just m es apart on i-95. it's not clear if rodriguez cruz is a suspect in the 1989 case. information thi morning about president trump's embattled personal attorney michael cohen and what it means
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to the special counsel investigation. >> and world cup excitement is sbuilding. gatarting right now.
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there are rumors that michael cohen could cperate with the fbi. sources close to the case say cohen has n been interviewed yet. a federal judge gave cohen until next week to review the materials. >> and we're getting a look from the inside at a facility of migrant famies. authorities are separating parents from their children due to orders from the trump administration. >> reporter: texas's rio grande valley, when you come here, it isn't hard to find refugees.
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we met these men turning themselves in seeking asylum. >> reporter: a lot of problems in our country. >> reporter: were you scared to come to u theted states? >> translator: a lot of bad people. a lot of bad guys. >> reporter: the department of homeland security wouldn't tell us if they celebrated this family or where they are today. >> reporter: in this shelter, there are ove a thousand young boys. there's van coming in right here. looks le there are some boys coming in right now. they didn't let us bring our cameras inside but the department of human health and services is pushed to capacity. the kids here doesnn't get out much, spending up to 22 hours a day inside. they doesn't get toalk to
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their parents much either. with some kids being medicated for mental health issues without their parents even knowing it. h anour and a half later, we were back outside. >> i don't see how you intend to see that. it's 10 to 17-year-olds, some have come on their own and some ripped apart from their parents. makes you think what about the kids zero to 10? what about g the littlels, what about the babies? this is about as good as it's going to get in there. >> the . >> we're following two developing stories out of hollywood this morning, involving two legends in the entertainment history accusations of abuse. >> los angeles police are oking into claims that comic book legend stan lee may have been the victim of elder abuse
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and stall own is facing allegations of sexual abuse. not many detailsre being released but we're told the claims date back to the early 0s and might be too old to be prosecuted, even if true. the los angeles district attorney's office is reviewing thecase. stall own has denied any wrongdoi wrongdoing. >> meanwhile, he's accused of separating lee from his family, and taking henning. >> he clas there were burglars in the house but they were actually workers checking on
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th >> some younger home buyers are leaning towards renng instead. >> reporter: in atlanta, newlywed dominicaeed was feeling the pressure to buy a home. >> reporter: but with the key r interee rising one quarter of a point, she and her husband are choosing to rent insteed. >> we're trying to fick out in we want to it stay in the city. >>t's a dilemmae for hom buyers nationwide. mortgage applications have dropped dramatically, a t average mortgage rate rises to 4.8% just this week. >> there is a f trend more people choosing to rent rather than buy.
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>> and prices are going up in big cities. >> prices are outpassing the market much faster than encome and that's going to leave no. >> so when could it be better to rent instead of buy? experts say if you plan to move within five years, if you cannot go or if you have a low credit score. finding the right deal at the right time mean a in. >> now, the rate increase could also impact credit card bills. the latestype means you'll be forking oaf more money in interest payments every year the average rate right now is 15.32%. that hike will bring it a little bito closer t 16%. you'll likely see the increase within the next two billing cycles. >> the 2018 world cup is kicking
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off right now in a russia, the fans are ready. ♪ ♪ >> the streets of moscow of flooded with soccer fans. as you might imagine, security is exceptionally tight across the 11 cities hostings. matc you can watch the 2018 world cup live on thtele-mmundo 44. >> and a deep drive to right field. see ya! >> the youngster juanot s comes up big. theeam snapped a 19-inning scoreless dught last night. final score was 5-4. today the nats announced that theodore lorner has stepped down
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as the principal owner of his team. his son markill take over. mark has serd as one of the owners since they purchased the team in 2006. >> a northern virginia school leader says dress codes faly target girls. the change he wants to make. >> and cars left crumbled on top of each other after a storm has moved through. parts of pennrlvania, a close look at all t celebrate dad this father's day. save big on something special from ross, from gifts that fit his style to gifts that bring a smile. happy father's day begins at ross. ♪ you gotta go to ross
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♪ you gotta go to ross take a look at this new video. storms an area view of damage in wilkesbarre, pennsylvania. the national wcether sers there today to inspect the damage. nbc's kristen dahlgren has the latest. >> reporter: overnight severe weather, including a possible tornado ripping across parts of northeast, pennsylvania, overturning cars and up-ending u-haul trucks, this area looks like a war zone. >> totally destroyed, collapsed in and the r tf over main
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structure is also gone. >> residents dodging debris while driving through town. >> i started going like five miles, ten miles an hour just to get home becau i was that scared. >> mostly cleared out now but just huge chunks of concrete. i've never seen anything like this. >> incredibly just six people reportedly suffering minor injuries. >> another key for safety sake as we're still evaluating the structural integrity, please stay away from the area. >> we are extremely fortunate this occurred at 9:30 and not at 6:30.ld we wave had a much worse situatioo >> turning our weather now. >> it's interesting because you're saying that that storm system is actually giving us nicer weather. they got the bad end of it. >> we had a cold front move throug pretty much the entire
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northeast ouovernight. ifere watching the forecast, you knew we had a chance of thunderstorms ae some could severe. they just didn't fire there but we saw extreme weatherou t parts of pennsylvania and up through the south. it's beautiful today, low midity, nice breeze, winds at 10 to 20 miles an hour. not only is it gorgeous today but it is going to be a spectacular friday and saturday as well. after that, though, tracking the heat so heat wave is loosely defined es threeyou hit 90 deg days in a row, at least sunday, monday and tuesday looking very, very hot and then some thunderstorms during the forecast next week. but we're not looking at a super wet pattern to set up again like we had for the month of may. thankfully. we need to dry out. temperatures around 80 degrees right now, 71 in washington, 80
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degrees out in quantico. as wek at your tuesday planner, a high of 82. we'll keep the breeze around through the afternoon hours as we head on into the evening hours. the winds sta to subside but it is just gorgeous out there. tonight is the neht you f up the grill, eat outdoors, cut up the water mellon with the kid and eat outside and make those summer memories because it is so comfortable. we talk about humidity levels, could the h tidity star build in just a little bit but then look at what happensut there onsunday. the humidity levels really jump up, not onl very humid but i would consider sunday owe prosive. when you factor in the on sunday, it's going to feel much warmer than the forecast and high temperature in the to mid 90. coming up i'm going to let you
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know just how hot it's going to feel out there sunday, monday and tuesday when you factor in that muggines >> already feels sticky. >> all right, thanks. >> and whotoll roads in norther virginiaou where could possibly pay to avoid
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welcome back to "news4 midday." our first look at meghan markle, now known as the duchess o sussex. on her first engagement the ropes from the world's longest serving monarch, pausing tove obs a moment of silence after the tower fire in britain. from the weddiroyal train to noe
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led train. meghan attended the queen's official birthday celebration in london and makinger first buckingham palace balcony appearance. meghutting on another perfect performance. >> meghan hasn't put a food wrong today two royal generations show the queen who 65s been doing this job for years and megan in her new role for less than a month. even without harry wowing t crowd. imagine that she ever thoug growing up in california she would be addressed as "your royal highness" and wld be on official events like this with the queen. back to you. >> and back here at home, fairfax county school board
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member is set to introduce a new dress code heopes will end body shaming. ryan mciilyvie -- >>uy gs aren't told they have to cover u anything. >> the current code was adopted in 2nd4 says girls can't wear clothes that expose cleavage, private parts or is sexually provocative. mcyvies changes take outhose
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wor words. >> series of security upgrades in the wake of recent tragedies. >> we begin intg mery county where we've learned school official there is will begin adding surveillance cameras to elementary schools. school officials in that strict don't think they have enough camera coverage at thetr level. they'll begin starting the new cameras this month. the cameras can be revwed and recorded at the district's security hub. me meanwhile on july 1 they'll have new security and new part-time
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police officers. and the community has been very vocal aboutthis. >> tonight a local school detective that is driver licenses, photo irchlts d.s and running realtime criminal background checks to l local visitors. for now, scott mcfarland, news4. >> thank you, scott. we'retill working to find out whetr the waves. you're looking at video from chopperve 4 othe pool at the seem park in upper marlborough. reports that a teen-age boy had to be pulled from the pool at around 30 yesterday. at last check he was in critical condition. >> it's almost second nature for d.c. drivers to expect
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congestion across 450 across the potomac river. d-dot is consideri ordering new lanes to the bridge. but as adam tuss explains, . rginia can't do >> love 'em or hate ep aem, more express lanes could be on the way. >> wre lookingg at extend two lanes of the current expressway to the vicinit o the american legion bridge. it doesn't matter what time of the day you go. >> mayor lan driver being. >> and that's what this environmtal study is all
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about. it's a new and early look at what it would take to extend thy embass press lane. legion rive around the bridge area, you know it's become one of the biggest bottlenecks in our region. this project requires a bit of diplomacy bec ase maryland virginia have to work together. susan shaw with v-dot. >> we understand to truly have a big impact on traffic john jestijest i --ongestion in this area, we need to have a bridge across the river. >> and neighbors have been come paul ryaning because some still idon't like thea of being able to pay your way through traffic. >> it gets expensive sometimes. i don't use it all that often because why afford it. >> not everyone can truly benefit from it because not
11:37 am
everyone can. >> matthew. >> and now for a couple of dogs. >> they are recovering after getting into a fight with a porcupine. the dog's owner woke up to find both doctors covered with the kwils. it took staff more andand they go up and the majority of the time if they attacked or they ttack the porcupine, they're getting a face full of quills. >> as long as the animal is taken to the vet early, they should be able t make a full recovery. at first ihought it was the
11:38 am
back of the dog but then i realized it was the face of the animal. >> and summer heat headed our way.el am gets us ready for t return ohef ng stronger is blasti . without risking her bones. it's training her good cells... to fight the bad guys.
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stronger is less pain hope ...more fight. it's doing everything in your power... and everything in ours. stronger, is changing even faster than they do. because we don't just want your kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger.
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two area contestants to compete on american ninja warrior. >> dan courtney said his daughter inspired him to compete on the show. he fell into the water in the fly wheel obstac. eli bell of winchester went further but he couldn't get in either. congratulations to them on their very great performance last night. >> that is a lot of fun. time to take a look at the weather. i stand i baven'tn out since
11:41 am
3:30 this morning. i hear it's beautiful. >> whe you're walking out the door here in about 20 minutes, you're going to be thinking how great my workday ends at lunch antime. when you're leaving at around 7:00 tonight, you're going to be thinking the same thing. >> everybody's happy today because the weather is justla specta low humidity, plenty of sunshine, a nice comforting breeze. today is the time you make time to g out and get fresh air. i want to talk more about the weekend. if you're golfing this ekend, the weather is looking fantastic, but especially on saturday when it's low humidity and it's not sweatering outsi-- sweltering outside, if you have an afternoon noonuldee recommen.
11:42 am
the past five weekends in a row have not only been extremely wet, but we've h to dea with flooding rains as well. that is not the case this weekend. but on sundaybot's all the heat and humidity. high temperature around 94 will feel more like 100 degrees out there on sunday when you factor in the humidity on monday, feeling about 105 degrees outside because it's still extremely muggy. on the final day f our heat wave, it will feel like 0 degrees. mid 80s today and tomorrow with plenty ofhi su. plenty of sun on saturday, still really nice, slightly more hud. then you c see we have three 90s on the board there, nday, monday, tuesday. maybe thunderstorm out there ter tuesdays out into wednesday. >> imagine finding you were
11:43 am
switched at birth at the age of 72. meet the women living this drama and how their families are now connecting. >> you don't think it weird? >> he does like to play dress-up. that's not news. >> and we'll talk to the director of i was there for it all. civil rights... vietnam... feminism. but revolutions need to come home. so i became a teacher... saved ten-mile creek on the county council... and passed a fifteen dollar minimum wage. i even extended my house... so there's more room for my family. developments should add value. it's why as county executive, i'll make developers invest in schools and infrastructure, and i'll never take their campaign money. developers will think
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that's a revolution!
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>> a scene from the powerful movie "a kid like jake." it's a story of a mom and dad desperate to protect their 4-year-old with gender differences. the director joins us with more on the film. ally happy that you're here. i have a feeling we'll see youh on stage with some awards at some point. i don't want to get too f ahead and jinx anything. this is based on a book -- >> a play really. >> a play. >> tell me what drew you to this. >> it was based onhe play authored by jim parsons and he has a newroduction company called "that's wonderful." they sen the script to me. what i loved about it washe human story. it wasn'tng preacwasn't just
11:47 am
about the difficulties and you said i want to do this? >> i love that you start off looking at the cplexities of school and apparenting and then it really becom an anatomy of a marriage and how this couples deals with the outside world pro te protecting their 4-year-old. >> explain how the story unfolds. you're not really focusing on jake. >> it's called "a kid like jake," which would also lead you to think you'll be focused on the 4-year-old. we've chosen to turn the camera on the world around jake. the schools, the parents, the families, the friend and family. because at 4, a tender age of self-expression and if the child is different at that point, society does tend to notice and pick up on that. so we're kind of looking at the
11:48 am
world that's influencing jake. >> and the battle between the parents of this internal battle and this external battle of how do we do this? >> exactly. exactly. >> talk about because this is a serious subject and a very timely subject i would say, how did you handle it with the child actor? >> sure. jake, played by leo, is this amazing young 4-year-old, now ar 5-ld, who actually loves dresses and skirts and fabulous princess things >> so it kind of worked? >> i it workt worked. i didn' want to cast a boy who didn't want to wear dresses. this 4-year-old actor, it's true to who he is. >> you're one of the first successful trans directors in hollywood. do you hope this opens a bigger conversation in hollywood but
11:49 am
also in families in the community in. >> yeah, yeah. jake may be different because of his gender embassy-- expansiveness b as parents, we protective and you want the w outsidld to be kind to the people you love and sometimes we do the wrong thing in the aim of trying to make that happen >> it opens in theaters tomoow. and you can actually see it on demand. thank you for being here. >> thank you so much. pat. >> thank you both. filming for the upcoming "wonder woman" sequel is under way. the crews have also been stted in georgetown at the recreatedal
11:50 am
general manned location. >> did my dna right away. i thought i got to see this on paper. >> she's talking about one of those mail-indn tests. hear f
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>> there's justone word describe this next story. unbelievable. >> two women recently learned they were switched at birth 72 years ago. we go through the momen they learn about their biological families. >> my baby pictures. >> that's denise. >> the blond. >> growing up in a loving family. >> this isme my sister geraldine. >> sure of her place. >> i'm the oldest. >> until age 72 when denise, an ancestry buff, committed dna for testing to the web site, 23. >> i didn't match anybody. >> yr didn't match y mother? >> no. >> with you ultimately led denise here. >> reporter: but if denise had grown up in someone else's family, w had grown up in
11:54 am
hers? >> i believe you've been switched at birth. that would be linda. >> oh, dear. i did my dna right away because i thought i have to see this on paper. right here at the bottom, it says m. maye mother. >> not your mom. >> not my mom. >> in the early morning hours of bethesda ross perot, two baby bureaus were born. >> 30 minutes later -- >> you got switched. >> yes weeks g switched. >> for 72 years each has gl unknow walked in the other's foot steps. lend a, a red head i a family of blondes. and denise t blond among bruin ets and red heads, not the least
11:55 am
bitthletic while her siblings excel. >> my sister got adopted into the on the. >> linda, the only athlete in her family. played soft ball into her 50s. for seveny decades t have lived each other's life answering to each other's name. >> i was really supposed to be another person. >> yeah. >> yet neither has an answer for why this happened. >> we'll never know and i'm sure the nurse a that are dead who probably took care of us. >> i kno they told me you were born easily. >> i just caught howou said
11:56 am
that denise. >> and speaking of mother >> hi, mother! >> at 99 and in memory care, she's retold the story by the daughter she raised and the daughter to whom she gave birth. >> now you'll have more grand chifr chifrpd. >> at 17 linda lost a mother. at 72 she found another. >>unbelievable. >> can you imagine? >> no. that's the first time i've seen that entire story. unbelievable. >> pretty unbelievable. >> how about the weher? it'sunbelievable, too. >> it's really nice outside.
11:57 am
the high temperature today is 75 degrees with low humidity and a nice breeze out of the west at 10 to 20 milesaler hour. gorgeous and pretty much a repeat performance for your friday. here's a look at the ten-day. 84 degrees on saturday. mid 80s once again. plenty of sunshine. moreloudiness on sunday. a mix of clouds and son. maybe -- sun. l keep the weekend completely dry. that 92 on sunday feels more like 100 with the humidity on monday feeling about 105. >> we'll be in the soup. >> thanks for being with celebrate dad this father's day. save big on something special from ross, from gifts that fit his style to gifts that bring a smile. happy father's day begins at ross.
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♪ you gotta go to ross three, two, one! >> ['tnaudible ]. >> d forget to show live. so excited. he's become a nalts super hero. four-year-old austin from birmingham. we have him here today with his dad. yesterday they were handing out food to ne homeless o skid row. they'll join us later in the show because we took


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