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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  June 14, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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em> here comes the heat. the hottest tperatures so far this year. it happens just in time for father's day. news4 at b 4:00ins with breaking news. >> we begin with a family of a police officer who died from friendly fire, now suing princey george's cond the officer who shot him. >> the family of oljakai con speaking in the past couple of hours calling for justice. more from the livtedesk. >> rep: jakai colson's family is angry and suing saying they feel they didn't receive justice. they are upset charges were not fired against the officer who m killed during friendly fire. this happened at police headquarters in 2016. an officer fir on colson who was out of uniform and had been working undercover, miss taking him for one- mistaking him for e of the suspects. the prosecutors say they grieve with the family and understand the anger but say there's ben a transparent investigation from
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the start. ofspeaking on behalf the famil an attorney disagreed -- >> we brought the colson family in, spent about eight hours with them one day going throughl of the evidence we had surrounding the death of their son. walked them through the video and audio audience. >> prince george's county provided complete accountability for the death of officer colson and complete transparency intoe the of jakai colson. they're asking for fundamental fairness. when the familiar fails, people lose faith in the courts and in our community leaders. >> reporter: according to the county, the family is seeking upwards of$75,000. the first of the suspects from the 2016 shoot-out is expected to go on trial this fall where he faces multiplelife sentences. pat, back to you. >> thank you. we have an update to a story
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you saw as breaking news this morning on the "today" show. the man shot on southern avenue in southeast d.c. has died. he's one of four people shot overnigh throughout the district. we don't know his name yet. detectives are still trying to find the shooter. if it seems like we're telling more of these stories this year, it's because we are. according to police, homicides in the district e up 51% compared to this time last year. on june 14th of 2017, the city counted 47 homicides. n june 14th of 2018, that number is at least 71. now to breaking news. d the tragth of university of maryland football player jordan mcnair. athletics officials at umda ed up a press conference, and here is what we learned about the sophomore lineman's death during a supervised workout. trainers noticed mcnair is having trouble they tended to him and called 911. mcnair died at the hospital. his coach with these comments
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moments ago -- >> the whole team of players, coaches, staff, love him very much. and for the reason everyone's right >> officials are not revealing the cause of death. they say a review by outside entity is underway on that. maryland's athletic director called mcnair a tremendous athlete and teammate. he was 19 years old > we are just getting a first look at the watchdog report on the fbi'stions in the hillary clinton e-mail investigation. the justice department inspector general did not find evidence of political bias on jame part even for clinton or against her. susan mcginnis is on capitol hill whee the report is already providing some fresh fuel for critics on all sides. susan? >> reporter: yeah, it sure is, pat. his report was widel anticipated, and everyone from the white house to here on capitol hill to james comey to say has something
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about it. in a scathing 500-page report, the justice depars internal watchdog finds former fbi director james comey was insubordinate, deviated from fbi norms, a damaged the agency's image in its handling of the hillary clinton e-ma investigation. the 18-month investigation did not finds any political moat -- did not find any political motivation from comey or others in the fbi before the2016 election. the president's supporters and detractors are seizing on different findings in the report. >> the president's sycophants and cronies areoingo distort and spin this report. >> reporter: secretary trump said was right fire comey. >> it reaffirmed the president's decisions about comey's conduct and the political bias amongst some members of the fbi. >> reporter: comey calls the report reasonable but says he disagrees. another focus of the report -
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text messages between two top fbi employees involved in a personal relationshi lisa page telling peter struck he's not ever going to become president, right? right? noruck responding, no, he won't, we'l stopit. the report says the two showed a willingnesso take official action to prevent trump from becoming president but not finding they did so. one question yet to be answered -- does this report hurt comey's credibility as a y witness in the russia investigation? pat? >> susan, thank you. these voters in prince ge's county are taking advantage of early voting today. 80 polling places are now open as voters decide which democrat will take on republican inmbent governor larry hogan in november. candidates are also bing chosen for eight house seats and a senate seat. the maryland primary takes place june 26th. we have a list ofit polling and sample ballots in the nbc washington app. as theng early voets
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underway, the six leading democrats for governor square off in the final forum before the primary. that was hosted bynd nbc 4 telemundo 44, moderated by our om sherwood. among the topics discussed, the me too movement. the candidates were asked if they ever settled a sexual o harassment ca signed any kind of nondisclosure. everyone said no, but take a listen to this response -- >> as a me too movement survivor, i appreciate the questfn. the answe me is absolutely not. in fact, earlier in the year, i put out the policy that box g office avernor how i will create an office of sexual harassment and violence at the governor's level to address this aissue. i haed all candidates to take a pledge of exactly what you asked, and no one had sponded until this moment. i appreciate rcing the question. >> just part of the spirited debate. you can watch the forum with the democratic candidates in the race for governor in maryland. that will air here on news4 this
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sunday at of course, that's right after "meet the press." play ball. the annual congressional baseball game for charity takes placeonight atnats park. >> special this time around because the game comes one year after a gunman fired on a group of republican players practicing in alexander. that attack wounded four pele including house majority whip se steve scali >> megan mcgrath says he's going to be there and play at the game. how about that? the fact that i get to start at second is really to be ablealk back on the field again a year later is an incredible feeling. >> reporter: his cane nearby and fighting spirit in fullce , steve scalise joined teammates on the field this morning. he learn some pretty serious lessons over the last year. >> it focuses you on what's important in life. my family, myfriends, the jo that i love. that's what's most important, and just make sure every day you wake up and make the most of itp >>ter: scalise was on the field that day in 2017 when a
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gunman opened fi on the republican baseball team they practiced for the annual congressional charity game. >> when i was on he ground next the officer, i had a second shot. >> reporter: lobbyist matt micah was also hit. >> the bullet came in here and missed my head, shoulder, neck. >> reporter: you thir you'd e here? >> that day, no,n o. i thought it was pretty much over. lucky to be alive. the biggest thing is not taking anything for granted. enjoy the moment. be in the moment. when you're with friends, turn your phone off. >> reporter: in a show of support for their wounded friends and colleagues, the game went on last year the day after the shooting. tonight'game marks a new chapter as the wounded now healed once again take to the field. an emotional time for everyone onl.apitol hil back slapping and hugs at the morning's batting practice -- >> jimmy? i like the way the freshmen have to bring inuithe eqent. >> reporter: an example of the friendships that cross party lines --
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>> game day. >> reporter: -- and transcend po litics. if you are attending tonight's t game gates open at 5:30. the first pitch is at 7:05. from nationals park, megan mcgrath, news4. it happens all too often -- peopl hit by a car while trying to cross the street or riding a bike. alexandria residents who have been the victims. those kind of crashes are gathering today as part of a push to promote safer streets in the city. transportation reporter adam tuss talked with one of the victims still dealing with the pain. >> reporter: the scars from a bad crash. >> vertebrae cracked in my neck -- : alexandria resident norm lisek can remember it like it was yesterday. >> both bones my right leg were broken. wa>> reporter: after hes hit while riding his bike in 2006, the damage didn't stop there. >>y left wrist and my left arm, the ulna, were broken. >> reporter: it happened to norm
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here at this intersection.ed altreet and princess street in old town. >> my first reaction was that i was just going to get up, brush myselff, and get back on my bike and go get my coffee. >> reporter: but tt didn happen. norm still can't turn over his left wrist which ist his domin hand. and if you can believe this, norm isn't the only one in his family to have been hit by a car. both hife and daughter were also hit while walking in alexandria. luckily they only h minor injuries. you feel like you're familkes sbitten, or do you feel like -- >> bad luck comes in threes. now hopefully it's over.e we arall very cautious now. >> rorter: norm part of a group called alexandria families for safe streets which is pushing for safer streets in the city. alexandria itself has adopted a vision zero panhich aims to eliminate alltr pedian and bicycleatalities and serious injuries. chris zeman is with the city's transportati planning department. do you feel like alexandria
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itself has gotten safer since e the initiatarted? >> the initiative is very new. i would like to say yes, but we are just starting. >> reporter: for now, he says the conversation is changing with a push toward safer streets for everybody. in alexandria, adamtuss, news4. only news4 shows you security changes inside local schools. the work this summer prompted by the string of school shootings across the nation. a new study that shows a may in type of vitami prevent colon cancer, especially in women. >>t andge 19, this woman answered the call to serve h country. now at 96, she takes flight agaili and it was le different this time around. i can tell we're going toha love story. loving the weather, too. temperature right now 86 degrees. low humidity. the heat, oh, boy is it going to creep in big time over the next couple of days. celebrate dad this father's day. save big on something special from ross,
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a love look across the national mall -- a live look across thable i national mall os sunny day. an update comi o up the father's day forecast. on a picture-perfect day, a world war ii vet g chance to get back into the cockpit of a plane for a dream flight. >> a dream for us to watch this. ericka gonzalez is there to see miss maybell in action. >> report: at 96, mabelle campbell goes about everywhere with her walker. today isn't about walking, it's out flying in one of these -- a restored boeing 1940 steerman, open cockpit. iv not afraid at all. >> reporter: prte first class campbell is a world war ii veteran. serving her country at the age of 19, she got the mail out toh
4:16 pm
soldiers, she says. >> i have flown a plane before because i was in the women's army corps. we flew different places. >>hereporter: she's part of first group of african-american women inrvhat e. >> i told them youere too young, and we didn't accept black people. if they were wrong, i told them. >> reporter: we mitt m-- we met ms. campbell at the airport for what's called a dream flight. >> that airplane look familiar? >> reporter: spring hills mt. n rnon assisted living and the nonprofit aviateams are getting the veteran back in a plane for a ride through the skies. >> t >> the aviation dreams organization was established in 2011.ot for pand volunteers it's an opportunity to give back and bring joy and excitement to
4:17 pm
these veterans that have given so much to us. >> one more step if you can help her -- >> reporter: with a little help -- >> put your foot on the bottom. >> reporter: -- ms. campbell was up and ready to go. all right? >> whoa. >> lean on me if you like. >> there you go. >> reporter: the engine was started. before we knew it,as she up and back. if a picture's worth a thousand words -- how you feeling? ms. campbell's is worth 1,001. >> you okay? >> i made it. >> you made it. >> you did make don't he ground. it looks bad for the pilot. [ laughter ] enjoyed it. >> glad you could come out today. >> it was precious. to me what was the most endearing thing in speaking with her, i asked what is -- what does your day look like, a normal day. she said, well, they all look the same. this is something different. it was such a treat to be out
4:18 pm
with her today. she has this srit about her. if i can be 96 and be like we can all, my gosh, we'll be so much better for it. >> we'll all be good. >> i cannot imagine just going -- in her headwhat itust have like to be transported back 75 years or so in that moment. that had to be -- >> so maernny emotions running through her mind. she was fearless about the whole thing. just feelearless. >> in an open cockpit. 96. >> yes. >> i'm not afraid. >> write that down. there you go >> we've got to celebrate those living members of history while we have them. >> thank you. >> a good day out there with ms. campbell. a beautiful day to be up in the air today. >> ablutely. a little breeze out there. low humidity. today is the kind of day you want. oby if you can go for a nice flight like that. no matter what you'redoing, getting out for lunch, dinner, looking fantastic. look out there now, nothing but
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blue skies. also going in the wild blue yonder, there it is there. temperatures at 86. wind ort of est at 18 miles per hour. breezy. hey, that breeze feels really, really good.t curretemperature, 84 at martinsburg. 85 huntingtown. 87 toward the patuxent river. 86, a lot of 86s in northern virginia and toward d.c. the radar picture is dry. i want t show the heat index. why do i show heat index? yesterday, the heat index in the 90s. the current temperature is 86. the heat index feels like 83. this is what you get when you have very dry air acrohe region and that nice little breeze. yeah, that feels pretty good. nothing on the radar picture. you're not going to see anything anyway. d.c., foils, toward pittsburgh -- philadelphia, toward ttsburgh, big storms to the west and to the north. for us now, we're in a perfect location. and that's going to be the case over the next uple of days.
4:20 pm
we're eventually going to get into some heat. 86 no 88 in raleigh. look at the 90s back here. this is even se 100s in kansas. 95 now in kansas city. dallas. this type of heat is going to move our way just in time for father's day. 've got a couple of days before it gets here. out there tomorrow, this is what we're expecting on your friday. a faastic friday. nice tomorrow morning, 66 at the bus 78es at noon. 86 by 4:00. just like today, it will be war witw humidity. it is going to be gorgeous. comfortable at 8:00 tomorrow. heading out to dinner tomorrow, sit is going to bectacular to get out and about. at 8:00, it may be cooler than that. but here mes theheat. 88 on saturday. 94 on sunday. 98 on monday. and look what i've got here. dangerous heat. the reason -- we're going to see a heat index close to 100 on sunday. monday, the heat ind could get above 105. it may stay that way through th. day on tues amelia will join me in about 20 minutes. we'll talk more about the heat
4:21 pm
index and what it's going to mean to the end ofek your d and early next week. three-day ave only a heat wave. that's all you need to get an official heat wave in the d.c. metro area. shower aivity on wednesday before we see more summer-like weather as we make our way into late next week and into next weekend. imthe average high this of year, 84 degrees at or above that, well above that the ne ten days. >> going to be hot. thank you. father's day is on sunday. >> it could be a reason for a big box store og ape for this. this is a baby daddy card. plus, you s boyseparated from their families livi in shocking conditions. an inside look at the world's i was there for it all. civil rights..nivietnam... femi. but revolutions need to come home. so i bece a teacher... saved ten-mile creek on the county council... and passed a fifteen dollar minimum wage. i even extended my house...'s so theore room for my family.
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developments should add value. it's why as county executive i'll make developers investasn schools and infrtructure, and i'll never take their campaign money. developers will think that's a revolution!
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♪ ♪whoaaa-oooaaaa s ♪as long as the s... ♪there's no holding back.♪ ♪whoaaa-oooaaaa d every moment,♪ke ♪you gotta mat last. all the thrills of summer. one amazing getaway. busch gardens williamsburg and water country usa. visit both parks for only $30 per day. hundreds of fans are holding something special this afternoon. one of the fanned out stars on the championship team was with shemary stone at a packed autograph signing. >> kind of overwhelmed with all. the exciteme >> reporter: deisha howard waits in line to hopefully meet her s
4:25 pm
favorite c player, devon thte smith kelly. >>erformed so well. a reporter: deisha 350 fans are at dick's sporting goods in gaithersburg >> it'sexciting. >> i'm so happy. >> reporter: they can't wait to get a picture and autograph. moments later -- [ cheers ] >> you're my favorite player! >> reporter: the stanley cup champion arrives. >> i wasn't sure how the turnout would be. looks great. good to see everyone here. >> reporter: he ma national headlines when he said he would skip a white house visit saying sexist akes racist and comments. you reportedly said that you don't want to go -- do you still feel that way? >> yeah, i mean, i said what i said. i stand by that. ans eporter: most caps including deisha told me they support his decision. after twohours, she meets her ol. what's going through your mind? >> i'm so excited. i'm shaking right now because i'm so excited. >> reporter: they tell me they really like dsp's humility.
4:26 pm
a nice guy. you look here, folks, 5,000 . signatur aese are people who was the team to know threciate them. it says,2018champs. the folks at dick's plan on transporting this to the caps sd they can have cherish this moment forever. here in gaithersburg, news4. >> dsp. >> one of the younger stars. he could be here for a while. one thing the nhl loves is the complexian changes of people in the crowd. >> new fans to the gam >> goodstuff. de> school is wrapping up. security upgras are already being made for the fall. only news4 reveals the changes will ordered to keep your child safe. plus, life inside the largest migrant detention centee in t country. we discover young boys kept inside there for 22 hours a day. and it's a sunny day in washington, d.c. will these nice temperatures hold for father's day weekend?
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floor & decor makes my job incredibly easy. floor & decor. you have to see it to believe it. now at 4:30 -- the family of a police officer killed by friendly fire is called in for more accountability. jacai colson ed in 2016 during a shoot-out at a prince george's county police headquarters when a fellow officer mistook him for
4:30 pm
one of the suspects on the scene. the family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit. this afternoon an atey for the family says they want more transparency. the congressional baseball game takes place tonight. we caught playersracticing to earlier y. this comes a year after a man opened fire at a republican practice in alexandria. four people were injured.ow t 4:30, migrant children separated from their parents and sent to live in detention centers. that's the situation for hundreds of families caught crossing the border illegally. n, several ern members of congress are calling for changes in border policies.s their call conside as we see -- comes as we see inside one of therg last facilities in brownvilletexas, in a long time. we will this report. >> reporter: texas' rio grande valley is home to more people caught by the u.s. border patrol
4:31 pm
than anywhere else on the southern border. when you come here, 't hard to find them. a few months ago, we met hondurans edwin and edwin jr. as they turned themselves in seeking asylum. why did you come to th?united stat [ speaking foreign language ] >> a lot of problems in our country. >> reporter: were you scared to come to the united states? [ speaking foreign language ] a lot of bad people. bad guys. the department of homeland security wouldn't tell us if at they sep the edwins or where they are today. this is the casa padre shelter in brownsville, texas. thers,are over 1,000 young boy t0 to 17, inside now. check this out -re's a van coming here. looks like there are boys coming in right now. they didn't let us bring our cameras inside, but the department of health and human services took these photos of the shelter. where we saw a facility pushed to capacity. crammed bedrooms, kids in line for food. the kids hereon't get out much, spending almost 22 hours a day indoors. they also don't talk with their
4:32 pm
parents much either. we were told cases of psychological distress is also something they see here. with some of the kids being medicatedor mental health issues without their parents even knowing it. an hour and aalf later, we were back outside. i don't know how you prepare to see that. 10 to 17-year-old boys without their families. some of them came on their own, apd some have just been separated, rippet from their parents. it makes you think about what about the kids 0 to 10, the little girls, the babies. this is as good as it's going to get in there. with the trump administration zero tolerance policy separating more children from their families on southwest border than ever before, the ding at facilities like this in brownsville are bound to only get worse. >> the average child spends 52 days in those shelters. jose fell -- feliciano sang
4:33 pm
today at the museum of national history. ♪ he's still got it. feliano performed the national anthem using the same guitar he played in the 1968 world series. after the ceremony he donated his guitar, a pair of sunglasses, his bille typewriter, and an embroidered letter from a fan to the museum. >> i try to serve my country with the talents that god gave me. i'milled. i'm thrilled to be a latin american. >> several service members were among the 20 people who became american citizens there tody. pat? the school year is just about over,d most youngsters are thinking about summer vacation. some school officials are thinking about the big changes coming insideoc some classrooms as soon as summer vacation oends. y on news4, scott mcfarland shows a series of security
4:34 pm
upgrades. what are we going to see? >> reporter: tomorrlast day of school in many local districts, if you go to school s,xt week. when school e it's a great time to upgrade security in the buildings now that they're empty. begin in montgomery county where school officials will begin adding surveillance cameras to elementary schools. school officials in the district don't think they have enough camera coverage at the elementary level. they'll begin installing those new cameras starting this month. they can be viewed and recorded at the school's security hub in rockville. in fauquier county on july 1st, they'll start hiring a dozen new school security guards to help support the county's school resource police officers and help provide new armed security in middle and elementary schools. these would be part-tist securitff potentially including retired police officers says the sheriff. >> again, this will b a prelude to a school resource officer inside the elementary schools at some point.
4:35 pm
we're going --e >> repo they want more security, more buildings? >> they do. and the community's been vocal about this. >> reporter: tonight at part of our full report on news4 at st6:00, a local school ct that will begin checking driver's licenses, photo running a realtime criminal background check off the i.d.s on anyboes that c to visit a school. the local schools considering adding more school resource officers, pat. these changes are happening almost regionwide. >> thank you. to imessive athletesrom our area got a shot to prove themselves on "american ninja warrior." they were up against the notoriously difficult cour. in mia check it out. [ cheers ] 41-year-old dan courtnay from alexander said his daughter inentired him to -- inspired him to compete on the show. i he fell the water on the flywheel stacle. eli bell from winchester, he went a little further but couldn't finish either.on gettinhe course, that is impressive enough for these two
4:36 pm
gentlemen. ourcongrats to dad and eli on their brave performances last night. awfully bre to take a faceplant on national television. >> yeah. impressive to see them competing, win or lose. >> good for them. the father's day cards sparking quite the controversy today. the big box retailer that's apogizing for this. and new at 5:00, the controversial move at that summit in sinpore getting president trump a lot of pushback today. d our average high temperature now 84 degrees. this is tomorrow through tuesday. every single day is goin to be above 84, not only that but tracking record warmth in the tracking record warmth in the forecast.
4:37 pm
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two officers run over by a pickup truck i adams-morgan are honored today and talk only to news4 about their recovery. >> jiit and wendy what's new coming up at 5:00.
4:40 pm
hello, you two. >> reporter: hi, you may remember this story -- they were deliberately run over by a man in a pickup in adams-morgan a year ago in june. a horrendous scene. both officers have one setgo back on the job for the first time. only on news4 tonight, mark seagraves talks to both as they were honored today. and we're working for with a consumer alert. this was bound to happen, right -- fake tickets for theational muse of african-american history and culture circulating on line. we'll show you what t look out for. >> unfortunate. those stories, plus theco l memorial like you have never seen it before. >> wonder what that could be. also, we decided weate handley's tie. if you're feeling like you don't want to watch because you hate e'll change. >> this was brazil for the world cup. i did it for you -- >> didn't know we were voting. when did we start -- >> everyone on this side e
4:41 pm
newsroom hates it. >> it's a family show, hanley. no disrobinon camera. -- yeah. >> if you'reto going strip, wait until we move the camera. >> see you in a bit. >> thank you. target is apologizing for ar contral father's day card that is going viral. a shopper posted this picture of the greeting card facebook. the card shows a couple kissing behind the words "baby daddy." in a caption, the shopper said it was the only card there b showingck couple. reaction on social media has been mixed. some think the card is supposed to be funny. others believe it' aep's -- it' offensive. target removed the cards from shelves and serid they ne intended to offend their guests. >> what were they thinking? >> that's a good one. although i can tell now, it would take us five minutes to side and find people wh feel both ways. >> yeah.
4:42 pm
new research on the power of d -- vitamin d. y some experts think it could prevent a form of cancer.nd violent tornadoes lead to destruction in -- leave destrucon in their wake. update on recover y aruna miacher the who made me feelke i bea when i didn't speak english. the minimum wage jobs that helped me get through college and become a transportation enginr. and my daughters who make me proud every day. i'm aruna miller, and i have a lot of reasons to give back. it's why in the legislature, i helped write dozens of laws to protect every maryland family. i'm running for congress and i approved this message because right now, protecting maryland families means stopping donald trp.
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four things to know. i'm ericka gonzalez. let's get you caught up. the family of a prince george's county officer who died by friendly fireay they are angry and want more transparency and accountabili. jacai colson died in 2016 when a fellow officer shot him. mistaking him for a suspect during a shoot ute. prosecutors did not -- shoot-out. prosecutors did not bring charges against the officer. thee fbi rport on the hillary clinton probe is out afte 18 months of investigation. the report is sharply critical by decisionses made by former -m dece by former fbi director comey and others at the
4:46 pm
itstice dartment but finds no evidence that polical bias played a role in the outcome. ayers to tonight's congressional baseball ga for charity were practicing earlier today. this year's glooame coming a ye after the group were fired on ast year in alexandria. house member steve scalise was injured. he is playing tonight. first pitch set for 7:05. and an absolutely gorgeous day out there. check out the live view of the city. for the first time in a while, we're looking a a dry weekend, and it's going to be t. hot, hot, hot. doug and amelia tracking the hottest weather of the year. how long the heat wave lasts coming up in a few minutes. back to you. >> thanks. in all the heat, we get vitamin d. many of us take vitamin d for uur bones. a new suggests it may alsot help protour colon against cancer. ouica edwards asks a doctor
4:47 pm
about whether you start taking more of the sunshine vitamin. >> reporter: long heralded for its ability to help strengthen bones, vitamin d may have a new mission. >> this study strengthens the evidence that vitamin d may also cancer.event colorectal >> reporter: cases of colorectal cancer have been increasing in recent years, especially amo oung adults. it's the third most-common country.n the now a large, new review of research from the american cancer society and other groups finds people who have high blood levels of vitamin d have a lower risk of developing colorectal cancer. however, doctors say we don't yet have enough evidence to recommend taking higher doses of vitamin d for colon cancer prevention. >> we know about other ways to prevent colorectal cancer in other ways, as well. maintaining a healthy body weight, not smoking. not drinking a lot of alcohol. eating a hethy diet is important. >> reporter: sunlight is the easiest way for the body toso vitamin d, but doctors
4:48 pm
warn against sunbathnig which increases the risk of skin cancer. vitamin d is also found in fe. fatty fish -- in foods. fatty fish, cod loier fortified cereals and juice. they american cancer soci recently lowered the recommended age to start colon cancer screenings from 50 to 45. erica edwards, nbc news. right now the sun is bathing our nats park. we told you earlier about the congressional baseb game that's going to be played there tonight. emotions are going to be so high, we ow it. majority whip steve scalise was in good form this morning. you s himthere in his lsu tigers jersey. exactly one year ago he was awavely wounded when a gunman opened fire onmakers as they were practicing in alexandria.i lobbyist matth is also recovering after being shotat t day. recently i talked with him about his journey back that started on the tice congressional hockey --
4:49 pm
on the ice at the congressional hockey challenge. >> w tt happened onhat baseball diamond in alexandria, rest to be he by the grace of god, and just lucky to be alive. you know, look at the next things and can't look at that as a negative andove forward. the biggest thing for me is the first baseball game back. whei can throw and hit and run. that will be the moment i'm back. >> that moment is coming up in just about two hours and ten mutes or so. see my full interview with matt micah in the nbc washington appd go there earch "congressional baseball." tonight's charity game is open to the public. the gener admission, $10. first pitch at 7:05 p.m. >> incredible to see him and steve scalise in the game tonight. >> great to see them come back on the field like that. great statement. ug, a gre night for the game. >> you could not ask for better weather for the game. it's good morning perfect wi temperatu. around 7:00 -- i have a graphic. take a look. outside now, nothing but blue skies.
4:50 pm
again, simply gorgeous today as we move into the middle of june 86 now. 83 degrees by 7ma0. ing your way down to the park, 83. 78 by 9:00. 72 by 11:00. it is going feel nice once the sun goes down. you'll notice a big difference from lastnight. temperatures, 82 gaithersburg. 86 leesburg and manassas. 83 at camp springs. huntingtown coming in at 85. nothing on radar. nosorain any time . we'll be on the dry side for the next ten days. we've been through so much in n terms of rnd thunderstorm activity. looking nice as far as the potential for rain over the next couple of days.ed we don't o see any. tomorrow, no rain. sun and clouds, a fantastic i love saying that. fantastic friday. high temperature of 86. the weekend -- not extly fantastic. saturday looks good, amelia. but sunday kind of turns a corner that none of us -- not
4:51 pm
it, iactually -- pat loves can't say none of us like. pati loves the heat. >> oppressive, record-breaking heat and dangerous heat sunday but especially monday and tuesday. here's the weekend planner. 8:00 a.m., 68 degrees. here's what i love to see on this plan ear -- dry.on no dry saturday but sunday,t as well, st finish. we deserve a dry weekend at this point. 5:00, temperatures around 89. heading to the jazz feeival to eslie odom, weather looking nice. it's going to be hot at the start, but as the eveningicks on, superb out there with low humidity. not the case on sunday. we start to see build in early in the morning. it is muggy throughout the entire day. that 94 degrees at 5:00 p.m. feels more likeou 100 degrees there on sunday? if you're going golfy with dad -- golfing with dad, it's
4:52 pm
looking awesome. personally, i think it might be too hot for a later tee time on sunday. if that's the plan, have the sunscreen and lots of water. you'll need t sunscreen a weekend long. the pool is going to be awesome on sunday with the heat and humidity. yard work looking good, getting out in the garden. we're finally not tracking here's the temperature and the heat index on sunday -- 94, feels like 100. then we move to monday. 98, feels like that is heat advisory criteria. we're likely under another heat advisory on tuesday with a feels-like temperature around 110 degrees. this ishe weekend,f you plan to go to the beach, you struck gold. it's looking fabulous at the beachith temperatures arou 80 degrees both saturday and sunday. >> bea would be fantastic. saturday, not band here. again, heaidity is notly going to creep up until sunday, goes up big time. iday. 88 on saturday. there's the 94. you mentioned dangerous heat. any time we said the index gets above 105, we have dangerous
4:53 pm
heat. ings that when we have the advisory posted. could see that monday and tuesday. nday, high of 98. that would break arecord that was set back in 2014. yeah, we've seen a lot of heat the past couple of summers. looks like this oneaeptsing started -- one's getting started on a hot note, as well. >> thank you. today graduation at loudoun valley high in purcellville features something unusual. among the grads- quadruplets, wyatt, mad line, elenora, and antonio serafin. ohe siblings spent all four high school years atoun valley. all four are heading to colleges in virginia. we wish them well and lots of luck. their parents also have two older children in college. >> amazing. the family's -- mom and dad getting rid of l the kids at once. >> spending a lot on tuition. >> that's true. wish them good luck. >> good luck to all them. coming up at 5:00, you may remember this chaotic scene we all covered -- a man accused of running down two police officers. one year later, the officers
4:54 pm
talk only to news4 about their recovery and their surprising plan for what comes next. ae warning as get into the busy summer tourist season. the tickng scams targe one of the most popular museums in town. and look at a of this damage -- a string of strong tornadoes ripping through the northeast. why it could have been much worse.
4:55 pm
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"a pason for innovation." david blair, democrat for montgomery county executive, endorsed by the washington post. . nature's power is on display from one side of the u.s. to the other. >> four hours north of here, s dangerous wi hurt six people and tore up a shopping center. to the west, wildfires are in r >> jay gray looks at the dangerous weather sweeping the country. >> reporter: a violent tornado ripped across eastern pennsylvania overnight,ew g up everything in its path. >> there's trucks on top of other trucks, cars flipped over.
4:58 pm
ople trapped. parts of buildings in other parts of buildings. >> reporter: cars and trucks lifted by the winds and turned on their sides, and this shopping center, mangled by the storm. >> we're very fortunate there was only six people that were injured. ethey were minor inju >> reporter: as the cleanup continues, so do wildfiresbu ing across the west. >> it's like a slow monster chasing you in a treatment.c it's ing, you don't know really when to run. >> reporter: this nightmare of flameses stretc from california through colorado, close to two dozen separatefires, some burning for two weeks now. forecasters say relief could be on t way. once a urcategory-four ricane, bud was a tropical storm as it lashed mexico's baja california, peninsula this morning. the system expected to bring desperately needed rains to the fire zone by the weekend.
4:59 pm
jay gray, nbc news. breaking news now at 5:00 -- >> it's not reasonable that a 19-year-old should pass away. >>, motions run high at the university -- emotions run high at the university ofaaryland as es address the recent death of a member of the school's football team. also, making their case. >> this is a family that's fbelieved in the rule law. this is a family that did not want to file a lawsuit. they wanted to get to the bottom of what happened to their son. >> the family of a police officer accidentally killed in a shoot-out are now talking about the $75,000 lawsuit they just filed. play ball. >> game day. >> reporter: those wounded when a gunman opened fire on a baseball practice one year ago today get ready to te the field once again. and a dream decades in the making. >> not afraid at all. >> she answered the call to serve her country at the age of 19, and now at 92, this vet is
5:00 pm
taking flight. ak> good evening, we begin tonight with brg news. for first time, we're hearing from a maryland football coach about the death of one of his players. >> 19-year-old jordan mcnair. mcnair died yesterday, two weeks after he collapsed during a team workout in college park. >> our ericka gonzalez is at the ve desk now with the explanation from school aficials tonight. >> reporter: it w emotional day on campus as members of maryland athletics department we tried to asome of the questions surrounds -- surrounding his death. the offensive lineman collapted a team workout on may 29th. mo was taken to shock trauma center in bale, had a liver transplant on june 6th, and passed awa yesterday. maryland head football coach d.j. durkin choked up talking about ma


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