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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  June 14, 2018 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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breaking news coming in right now. scott mcfarland with more. scott? >> reporter: a police standoff in leesburg where are trying to make an arrest in a domestic situation that happened this afternoon. for now, the suspectrefuses to leave his home. the home's near the location of sycamore hill drive and schedule u tulip tree square. the victim appears to be by himself, and they don't know if he has a weapon. the domestic incident occurred last night. when policeameto arrest him this afternoon, he refused to come out. aerial views of chopper 4. the police sndoff, you see quite the perimeter. more as we get information. for now, at the live desk, i'm scott mcfarland. >> thank you. back to capitol hill and criticism from both sides of the aisle on this doj report. >> right. susan mcginnis is here to break it down for us. >> reporter: this report's 500 pages, 18 months in the making, ly anticipated here on
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capitol hill. and now up people from here, to the whihouse, to james comey himself and now hillary clinton herself have something to say about it. in scathing 500-page report, the justice department's internal inwatchdog former fbi director james comey was in bordinate, deviated from fbi norms, and damaged the agency's image in its handling of the hillary clinton e-mail es invgation. the 18-month investigation did notind anyolitical motivation from comey or others in the fbi before the 2016 election. >> nothing in this report impugns theintegrity of our work force as a whole or the fbi as an institution. >> reporter: the president's supporters and detractors are deach seizing onferent findings in the report. >> the end of the day, the actions reviewed in this report helped donald election, not the other way around. >> president trump sees proof he was right to fire comey. >> it reafrms the president's
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space station -- reaffirms the about ent's opinion comey's conduct and members of the fbi. >> reporter: comey t calls report reasonable but says he disagrees. another focus of the report, text messages between two top fbi employees involved in a personal relationship. lisa page telling peter struck he's not ever going to become president, right, right? struck responding, no, no, he won't, we'll stop it. the report says the twoshowed a willingness to take official action to prevent trump from becoming president but not inding they actually did so. illary clinton has weighed in on social media into this, simply saying, i don't know if you're familiar with the liberal meme on social media, everyone saying, but her emails, hillary clinton tweeting, "but my emails." >> thank you. now we want to goo the serious allegations leveled against president trump's orrsonal foundation. the state of ne is suing the president and three of his
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children who sit on the board of directors. donald trump jr., ivanka trump, and eric trump. the civil lawsuit accuses the trumps of using the foundation as a personal piggybank and violating multiple state and federal laws. new york attorney general barbara underwood is seeking toe dissolve toundation and collect nearly $3 million in restitution. president trump responding on twitter. he slammedou pre attorney general eric schneiderman who started the investigation and claims the foundation disburseda more money it took and insisted that he wld no settle any lawsuit. mr. trump t tried dissolve the foundation right after he was made president, but schneide blocked the move because the investigation was already underway. a difficult day on the campus at the university of maryland after the death a promising football player. jordan mcnair died yesterday. he had been hospitalized after collapsing during a team workout two weeks ago. hensad a liver tant on june 6th. mcnair was a sophomore lineman.
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maryland head football coach d.j. durkin spoke about the loss a short time ago. >> such a tremendous person --i eart was much bigger. a team, players, ,coaches, sta loved him very much. >> an external review is underway to make sure alls protocwere followed. it's been more than two years, but the family of an officer who died by friendly fire says they are still looking for justice. today the family of jaca colson called for transparency in the case as they sue prince george's county and the officer who pulled the trigger. ggan fitzgerald with the story. >> reporter: stileving the loss of their son, jacai colson's mother and father carried his picture and a flooding as they walked - up and a flag as they walk united
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states -- and a flag as they walked up the steps to the courthouse. thfamily didn't speak, but their attorney said they want the officer who killed colson during friendly fire h to bed accountable for his death. that's part of the reason why they say they're suing the c gnty. >> prinrge's county provide completely accountability for the death of officer colson and complete transparencien into the death of jacai colson. >> reporter: undercover narcotics officer jacai colson was killed in march, 2016, outside the district three police station as he tried to stop a shooting in rogress. clothesas wearing plain at the time, and a fellow officer mistook him for the suspect and shot him. >> there had already been a broadcas describing the shooter as a black male that was heavyset with dreadlocks. detective colson was not heavyset, nor did he have dreadlocks
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>> reporter: an investigation was oped, but a grand jury declined to indict the owhficer opened fire. the state's attorney's office said they're grieving with the family and could their anger but in-- and understand their anger but insist their department has been transparent from the beginning. >> we brought the family in, spent about eight hours with going through all of the evidence we had surrounding the death of their son. >> reporter: michael ford, the man accused in the initial shooti, will go to trial i october. he's facing multiple life sentences. reporting in prince george's county, megan fitzgerald, news4. we have an update to a story you saw as breaking news this morning on "news4 today." the man shot on southern avenue in southeast d.c. has died. he was one of four people shot overnight the district. we don't know his name yet. detectives are still trying to find the shooter. according to polmie, des in the district are up 5 % comped to -- 51 compared to this time last year. switching gears now.
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it is a tradition that dates back more than a >> if you about the highly politically charged times, this is one of the few truly bipartisan moments we have here. >> yes. an hour fromnow, we'll see first pitch at nats park for the annual congressional baseball game. it comes one year to theday nce a man opened fire on republicans practicing in alexandria. >> among the injured in the attack, house majority whip steve scalise and lobbyist matt mic micah. both are thankful for their recovery and looking forward to taking the field tonight. in alexandria tonight, there's a push to promote safer streets, to help protect pedestrians and bicyclists. those who have been hit by a car and lived to talk about it are telling their stories through transportation property adam tuss. he is live in alexandria with the story. >> reporter: that's right. there were nearly 60 pedestri cidents in alexandria last year. two were fatal. when you talk to the people who
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actually survived the crashes, you find out how painful that be can they've lost loved ones. they themselves have been usly hurt. and today, they made their voices heard. >> a lot of people are concerned nd >> reporter: alea resident norm lisek can remember it like yesterday -- >> both bones in my right leg br weren. >> reporter: after he was hit while riding his bike in 200 the damage didn't stop there. >> my left wst and my left rm, the ulna, were broken. >> reporter: it happened to norm here at this intersection. alfred street and princess street in old town. >> my first reaction was denial that i was just going to get up, brush myself off, and get back on my bike and go get my coffee. >> reporter: but that didn't happen. norm still can't turn over his left wrist which his dominant hand. and if you can believe this, norm isn't the only one in his family to have been hit by a
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car.t his wife and daughter were also hit while walking in alexandria. luckily they only had minor injuries. you feel like you're family's snake bitten, or do you feel like -- >> bad luck comes in threes. now hopefully it's over. re all very cautious no >> reporter: norm part of a group called alexandria families for safe streets whis pushing for safer streets in the city. alexandria itself has adopted a vision zero plan which aims to eliminate all pedestrian and bicycle fatalities and serious injuries. chris zeman is with the city's transportatpn planning tment. do you feel like alexandria itself has gotten safer since the initiative started? >> the initiative is very new. bui would like to say yeswe are just starting. >> reporter: for now, says the conversation is channg with a push toward safer streets for everybody. in alexandria, adam tuss, news4. only news4 shows you
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the chae for the family. thank you, adam tuss. the immigration debate is raging across the country. next at 6:00, the fiery exchange at the white house over what to do with hundreds of children and families separated the u.s.-mexico border. plus, we hear from two d.c. police officers honored for their bravery andstrength one year after a driver ran them down inms aorgan. and the controversy tonight over a local school district changing the way it refers to a person's biological sex. the new terms students could be hearing in the classroom. and a beautiful day across oion today. blue skies, low humidity. a great day to be outdoors. look at this -- yeah, hello to thekayakers in the potomac. careful, water's still on the hi those guys look like they know what they're doing. much more on this weather coming up.
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back at the live desk. breaking news in the debate over the futures of migrant children in this countr late this afternoon, the federal government said it would open a temporary shelter for unaccompanied children in texas tiwhen existing facili reach capacity. the number of kids in those existing shelters is surging.p the trministration is standing by its zero-tolerance policy for families entering the u.s. illegally and separating hundreds of children from their parents. there are rallies taking across the country tonight opposing that policy. today attorney general jeff sessionsmi says the stration is enforcing the law, and people need to stop smuggling children into the coun>>y. > at the white house press briefing, this change between a reporter and sarah sanders -- >> come on, you're a parent. don't you have any sympathy for what these people are going through -- >> brian, got, settle down. >> seriously -- >> i'm trying to be serious, but
6:15 pm
i'm not going to have you yell identity out of turn -- >> these people have nothing. >> brian, i know you want to get more te -- >> it's not about that. >> i want to recognize you, go ahead, jill -- >> honemp, answ-- honestly, anse question. these have nothing, they come to the border with nothing, and you throw children in you're a t. you're a parent of young children want don't you have any empathy for what they go through? >> jill, go ahead. >> u.s. house speaker paul ryan this morning says he does not want to see parents a children separated but says the trump administration is not to blame for it. he says congress needs to fix the problem and aft a possible immigration bills circulating tonight on >> thank you. early voting is underway for the maryland primarres. voters deciding which candidates will be on the ballot in november.g voting sites opened this morning at 80 locations and will be open for a week. the polls open at 10:00 in the
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morning and close at 8:00 at night. if you m,sed your chan vote in person june 26th. early votingns be in maryland, the six leading democratic candidates for governor squared off in their finalevised forum before the june 26th primary. it was hosted by nbc 4 andor partners, telemundo 44, and moderated by a familiar face and voice for viewers. tomb sherwood. immigration was front and center with the candidates pro help undown paymented immigrants facingrt deion. -- helpiun ocumented immigrants facing deportation. >> this is one thing we do. g >> we're notoing to work with i.c.e. why? we had too many families afraid to sd their children school. >> these i.c.e. officers are bullies, thugs. they've been as donald trump said let off the ash. think about the image of that -- let off the leash. i think the only way to stand up to bullies is you got to to fight them. >> you can watch the forum the democratic candidates in the
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race for governor in maryland. that airs this sunday at 11:30 after "meet the press." you maymb re this horrible crash in adams-morgan. a pickup truck driverlowing into two d.c. officers on bike patrol. they suffered devastating injuries. now a year later, the officers are talking exclusively to news4's mark seagraves. and both tell him they are planning to return to full duty and the beet they lo-- rureturn the beat they love s muc >> reporter: the driver raced down 18th street. witnesses said it appeared he was targeting the police officers. alan brookvick and aaron duvonte had been patroing adams-morgan on bicycles. neither remembers much about being run over. >> i was hit. i remember being on the ground. that's it. >> reporter: are you glad you me don't rember? >> yes, yes. >> reporter: brookvick was close to death after the incident.
6:18 pm
his heart punctured. nearly 40 broken bones. >> it'smazing and overwhelming just to be here and to be able to be with my partner, officer durant, and going trough this together, unbelievable. >> reporter: despite almost dying, brookvick is back to work but n on the streets just yet. his partner still has months of rehab before we ca get back to work. [ applause ] today both officers honored by chief peter newsham f their party. >> these guys, they went through to trauma -- i was talking them a couple of minutes ago. they want to be back on the street policing. >> i want to do the job that i signed up for. keep people safe. keep doing what we were doing. my partner and i were doing good things out there. i want to get back to that.>> reporter: duran who with his wife is expecting their third child this summer hopes to be back o the streets with his partner early next year. as for brookvick, he'll be back
6:19 pm
on 18th street patrolling adams-morgan for the first time since being ru over this saturday night. >> i picked a good night.ep >>orter: yeah. in the district, mark seagraves, news4. it's on. the 2018 world cup now underway after an energetic openin ceremony in moscow. president vladimir putin opened the games saying russia is an open, hospitable, and friely country. the games will be hosted in 11 different russian cities. and you can watch th o matchesn our sister station, telemundo 44. ew jersey governoil murphy bet on germany to win the world cup when he kicked off his state's new era of sports gambling today. murphy went to monmouth park near the jersey shore to place the first legal sports bets.dd in aion to putting $20 on , germanyhe bet $20 that the new jersey devils win the stanley cup next year. we'll see about that.
6:20 pm
new jersey won a supreme court case last month that cleared thf wa all 50 states to offer sports bet figure they choose. delaware -- betting if they choose. delaware beat new jersey to the punch and launched legal sports betting last week. coming up next at 0 armed guards, security cameras, i.d. checks. ow local school districts are working to make students safer when the new year starts th fall. metro has got a plan to make sure some commuters don't wait aslong for their ride home. we'll tell you what they're changing and how soon it could happen. the words heat wave are in doug's forecast.
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to fund schools without more taxes, to take on the nra and combat gun violence." "an eagerness to listen." "energy." "a passion for innovation." david blair, democt for endorsed bycounty executive, the washington post. tonight we know all this is the work of a tornado the national weather service says at least one tornado touched down overnight in wilkes-bar wilkes-barre, ndnnsylvania. ripped apart the stores in the town, tossed cars around. look at that. also left six people wi minor injuries. ahat tornado, an ef-2, doug? >> winds of about 130 miles per hour that came through. i was watching than only on radar but oni er. the meteorologists that were watching the storm said this would most likely be anef-2 just by looking at the radar. you can look at the radar and see how much debri in the storm and how high that debris is going. that tells you how strong the winds are. >> wow.
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>> that was incredible. we saw it coming through the wilkes-barre, pennsylvania, area last night. through. way one other tornado possible in northeast pennsylvania. l saw a few showers come through our art night. that was part of a front that's brought us thi -- beautiful weather coming in across our region today. bright blue it is just gorgeous out there now. and it is going to be a fantastic ently sitting at 86 degrees. that's above average. our average high is 84. above average. but it feels like 83 right now. the heat index actually lower tuhan the actual tempee. that's because the dew point is low, the humidity is low. 83 by 00, talking about 72 by d:00. temperatures shoup quickly because we're on the dry side and because we'll see clear skies tonight. urrently sitting at 83 in reston. heading to the reston towne center for dinner, no roblem. rockville towne center looking good if you're out there. toward bowie, no problems in that region. toward annapolis, too, looking good. temperatures in the low to mid 80s. no rain. we're not going to seeany,
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storm team 4 radar is dry. we need a dry stretch. that's what we'll get here for the next seven to ten days. not much in the way of rain. rain and storms in new england. that brought through the drier air. other storms to the west are fizzling out. for us, another gorgeous day tomorrow. fantstic friday. mix of sun. some clouds, but very much like to ay. ain with low humidity. the only difference between today and tomorrow, tomorrow may feel a little bit warmer because we're not going to have as much of a b-- of a breeze. winds gusting 15 to 20 miles per hour. 88 for saturday. the real heat begins on sunday. that, of course, father's day. high temperature of 94. a heat index a0ound degrees. dangerous heat coming up on monday. 96 on tuesday. that's the heat wave. the hottest temperatures we've a seen i while. and monday, we're going for a record high temperature of 98. that right there is pretty extreme. >> well, that escalated quickly. all right. thank you. next at 6:30, changes to the
6:26 pm
family-life curriculum in some s legislatiools aimed at making more students feel included. julie carey will explain why not everybody is happy about it. plus, working 4 you to help identify fake offers for tickets to one of d.c.'s most popular destinations. and today, i got to see a world war ii veteran get back in the air. her story ahead.
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> it is now 6:30. here are the top stories we're evworking this ing. >> that's right. the justice department's watchdog slamming former fbi director james comey. the department's inspector general says comey breached protocol in his handling of the hillary clinton e-mail n. investigat the report says comey was not politically motivat found no evidence that prosecutors were affected by bias. first pitch at this year's congressional baseball game is
6:30 pm
about thirmtna30 minutes away a park. the game one year to the day after the shooting that injured skeef scalise. more on the game -- steve scalise. more on the ge coming up at 11:00. and the family of jacai colson carrying his picture and a flag as they announce a lawsuit overhis dea in prince george's county. a fellow police officer accidentallyt sd killed colson who was an undercover narcotics officer. it happened in a shoot-out involving other suspects in march of 2016. colson's family says they want accountability. in just a few minutes, parents and others are expected to pack into the fairfax county school board meeting tonight. >> that's right. the board set to vote tonight on some controversial changes to the sex ed curriculum for oer students. bureau chief julie carey takes a look. good evening -- >> reporter: speaking before the school board, not something t englishcher mary matheson relishes. she's lending support to those
6:31 pm
for e older students,e on change meant to help students -- >> i saw one too many kids strugglegith not be accepted for who they are. >> reporter: one of the most controversial changes replaces the term "biological sex" with "sex assigned at birth." >> biological sex is incomplee. w know now that gender is determined by a whole lot of different factors, and gender identity follows that. >> reporter: groups ranging from the arlington diocese to the fairfax county republican party are strongly opposed to the new term and wonder about the motivation behind it. >> a lot of the people who are really opposed to the ange are making the point that what we want the kids to learn is biology, not ideology. >> reporter: troubling, too, for the diocese and other religious groups,edhis proposhange -- removing the word "clergy" along with "counselor" from a list of adults students could go to with questions about sexualri
6:32 pm
tation or identity. >> and really to narrow rather than expand for young people who they might turn to as trusted adults is unfortunate. >> reporter: matthewson takes a different view. she says giving older teens a list might limit them. >> i think parent orst t adult gives kids a broad range of choices for who to g to when they're questioning things. >> reporter: feedback from the community has already convinced one board member to offer an amendment to add the word "clergy" back to thelist. yet another board member wants to delay a vote until ioctober. fairfax county, julie carey, news4. more trains could be coming to metro's red li the metro board vote today to end the number of trains that a turn arouthe grovner station and head downtown. that means shady grove, rockville, twinbrook, and white flint all wou see more service during resource. it's not a done deal yet. metro still evaluating wheth or not the section of the red line can handle the extra trains. if the change doeshappen, that
6:33 pm
will start in january. we are working for with a warning for everyone who wants to visit the national museum of african-american history and culture. as you may know, ticketsto the smithsonian museums are free. as news4's derrick wa xplains, somebody out there is posting craigslist ads charging money for the passes. > oreporter: they're some the hottest tickets in town -- passes to get into the national museum of african-american history and look a line outside. imagine the revenue if you had to pn. to get ever. is you don't, it's no secret. >> everyone knows the museums are free. >> reporter: this one's not as always thest to get into. >> i tried on line this morning. tried toat do the reservn threedv months ince, couldn't do that. definitely a lot long process. >> we got here first thing tuesday, there were none available. >> reporter: it's well worth the effort and the linesay those who have been. >> we've gone through so fast.
6:34 pm
>> it's a place everybodybl shod beto see. >> reporter: ads have been showing up on craigslist offering passes for specific date and times for $15. >> horrible. we go through the pain of doingt all thengs and then people trying to sell this on craigslist for profit, horrible. >> most of these people, they're taking advantage of something so beautiful. that is wrong. >> reporter: the ads are there from a person claiming to be an authorized seller. when we dialed the number listed for one of the ads, we reached an answeriservice. the folks at the museum want you r know that there are never any circumstances unich you should pay for a pass. yeah, sometimes they're harder hey're than others, but always free. sometimes passes can be part of a tour package. that's not uncommon. whatever you pay for the your packagere not paying for the passes. they're always free. derrick ward, news4. grammy wiawaring singer jose feliciano sang at the awards ceremony today at the
6:35 pm
smithsonian museum of african-american national history. ♪ that's m performing the national anthem on the same guitar he's used in the 1968 world series. following today's ceremony, het donhis guitar, a pair of signature sunglasses, a braille pewriter, and an embroidered letter from a fan. several service members were among the 20 people who became american citizens today. still to come, new at 6:00,f scottland shows us what some local school districts are doing now with technology and guards to make kids safeext school year. and we know vitamin d is good for your bones. now there is new eviden that could mean maybe it could make you me healthy. more coming up. doug? and it's all s aboutshine making us healthy today. 87 degrees. a beautiful day out there. a litt above erage, but not bad. look at this. the congressional baseball game about to get underway a mlf hour fnow. some of the guys on the field throwing around, the grounds cre getting the field ready
6:36 pm
just like they would for the ontionals. theessional baseball game theessional baseball game goin
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to every american. i approve this message. we areorking 4 your health with news of a potential new benefit from taking vitamin d. you know it's good for bone health. now research shows there may be a link between vitamin d and preventing colorectal cancer.ew a re by the american cancer society shows people with higher blood levels of vitamin d have a lower risk of developing colon cancer. however, doctors say theyon't yet have enough evidence to recommend vitamin d for colon cancer prevention. >> we know a lot about how to c preventorectal cancer in other ways, as well. maintaining a healthy body weight, ing physically active, notsmoking, not drinking a lot of alcohol, a alsoeating a healthy diet is important. >> colon cancer cases are increasing, especially among younger adults.
6:40 pm
te american cancer society recently lower recommended age to begin colon cancer screenings from 50 to age 45. coming at 7:00 on "nightly news" with lester holt, kristen dahlgren explains how much vitamin d a body needs and the best ways to get it. o>> work is underway now on one of the popular spots for tourists and locals on the mall. it's taking the place on a part he lincoln memorial that you can't see. crews are up restoring the memorial's two roof levels. part of that involves repairing cracks that were caused by the 2011 earthquake. but the bulk of the work is ensuring that everything is tightly sealed up. >> every stone-to-stone interface, the existing mortar will be raked to a certain depth, and new mortar will be put back in. that's twofolds. there -- twofold. there is an aesthetic component. it makes things more cohesive, clean, and tight. the st important thing is from a water-tightness aspect. >> the memorial will remain open
6:41 pm
while repairs are underway. it's expected to wrap up sometime in september. right here in d.c., it is thegh opening n of the tonight award-winning broad we musicam ton" at the kennedy center. hamilton hasn't's crea-- "hami " "hamilton's" creator lin-manuel miranda tweeted, hi, c., and tweeted a picture of him and former president barack obama saying that he had stopped in to visit an old friend. the show runs through september. there's lated number of $10 tickets available to each -- a o limited numb $10 tickets available to each show two days in advance. good luck with that. >> you don't want to miss your shot. >> there you go. >> have you seen it? >> notyet. >> make sure you get a chance. >> everybody has told me that. you know, it was special to see lin in it, it is still a sensational show even if he's >> you will walk away amazed no matter what. end of sales pitch. comin, she is in her 90s. she is a veteran, and today private first-class maybelle
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6:45 pm
>> reporter: sheriff's deputy chris meyer. >> with everything scary going , it makese feel safe and protected. >> reporter: nearly all local high schools have full-time school resource officers. in the wake of the series school tragedies nationwide this year, fauquier county is hiring a dozen new school security guards, too, to help lighten the likelihood on the resource officers and add --lightenthe load on resource officers and add security to middle schools. >> the community isaying we want elementary schools covered. >> that's correct. that's correct. our goal is, of course, to make this mhappen before the next school year. i >> reporter montgomery county they're adding security equipment. y w surveillance cameras around the many elementarhools in the district. they say the schools now lack enough surveillance camera c aerage. that'ording to the school district's chief operating officer, andy zuckerman. >> to monitor hallway traffic and so we give principals and school administrators a clean light of sight to what's happening. >> reporter: they'll be
6:46 pm
installed beginnins month. security staff will be able to monitor cameras inside the school se hub in rockville.ud father of a st at bethesda elementary says it's all needed -- >> it's going to cost money, but it's moneyy wit spent. it's going to be a significant renovation. >> reporter: in loudoun county, the school district has developed new photo i.d. technolotec techology which scans a -- technology which scans a driver's license t check a criminal background. money is set aside for all of the projects. liberty high princal sax cox says the community wants it. >> we cannot guarantee anody's safety in a public school. it's frightening to the students now, frightening to the public. >> reporter: new cost of doing business for local schools. scott mcfarland, news4. switching gears on a picture-perfect day. world war ii veteran got back into the cockpit of a plane for a day in the skies. an open cockpit at that. >> that airplane look familiar? >> yeah. >> ms. maybelle campbell is 96
6:47 pm y she was just 19 years old when she signed up to serve this country in they women's a corps, becoming one of the first african-american women in that service. she got the mail to the soldiers and spent a lot of hours in the plane just lik this, she says. thanks to her assisted living facility iexandria and a nonprofit called ageless aviationreams foundation, ms. campbell took a trip down memory lane and was absotely fearle about it. >> for th pilots and volunteers, it's an opportunity to give back and bring some joy and excitement to these veterans that have given so much to >> ms.ell says at her age there's not a lot of variety in heday. etty much all the same. today she said, todayas something different you could say that again, right? say that again. she is absolutely incredible. to see her g up into that
6:48 pm
plane -- this is a gopro camera that we had on this thing. and it just -- it seemed like she was just in awe of everything. we said, would you get out there and do it again? she said, absolutely. >> absolutely. i bet she would. >> were you nervous, scared? no. i've done this before.ri okay, allt. >> awesome. >> she was wonderful. >> we love that story. >> yeah. >> itsolutely. >as just a perfect day to be out there. at least for me. it was the first time i put a little sunscreen on as i was out in the field today. we'll be needing more of that this weekend. >> yeah. not just sunscreen, but get ready for the heat. i say get ready because we lhaven't seen heatke what's coming the next couple. days at all so far this year. temperures the next twodays, really nice. i meteorologist a beautiful day today. high temperatures -- mean, beautiful day today. high temperatures of 86. winds out ofheorthwest at 16 miles per hour. what a difference that makes. yesterday wind was out of the south. muggy, 86 yesterday. rather 84 yesterday. felt like 90.y, to86 actually feels like
6:49 pm
83. dex actually eat i less today because of the fact that we're on the dry side of things. that's good news. 79 winchester, 85 culpeper. 83 toward ntingtown. fredericksburg, temperature there, 86 degrees. toward frederick, maryland, coming in at 84degrees. rainfall, none. we don't need it. we're not going to see it any time soon. by the end of the ten day, i only have one day of significant chances of rainfall. that's next wedne'tay. i donven think that will be all that much. now, satellite and radar showing the clear skies all across our area. up toward the new york area, back toward chicago. seeing high clouds from a very s strong line oorms that came through iowa earlier. what'soming through our area is this air out of the north. coming out of canada. beautiful weather. canada -- canadian air is dry cr. that means we'lol nicely tonight and have a great start tomorrow. here's what's coming -- th 90s. and boy are they going to get here quick. 95 in dallas. 91 in fayetteville, arkansas.n 90 jackson. 92 in nashville. the 90s making their way our
6:50 pm
way. upper 80s tomorrow before we get close to the 90-degree mark. yr any planner looking good. like today, less wind. and a nice start. 66 degrees, much cooler tomorrow morning than this morning. 78 by noon. 86 gorgeous by 4:00. by tomorrow night, dropping to about 81. if you're thinking of heading out on your friday, it is looking perfect. the next couple of days, there it is. close to 90 on saturday. staying just shy. itmidity not a big factor, but by sunday, hum a major factor here. 94. and notice das heat on monday. look what we've got -- temperatures versus the heat . ind 94 the actual temperature. heat index of 100 sunday. that's hot. lo at this -- 98 on monday, a record. the heat index expected of105. tuesday could be worse. the heat index could be 108. heat advisory criteria at 105. i think we dame close to that monday -- we came close that onu monday and day. we calm things down and head back closer to average, average
6:51 pm
high this time of year next week into the mid 80s. >> thank yo coming up in sports, all eyes on the world's biggest tournament as the hostrtation stoff on the right foot. first, lester holt and what's ahead ongh "nbc y news." >> tonight, former fbi director james comey blasted for na insuboron in the clinton e-mail investigation as the insperng general weighs in on -- inspector general weighs in on
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
you're trying to start something -- we'll let you do your thing. talk about it -- we're not going to t lkout the u.s. soccer team. >> didn't make it. >>thank you. i know -- >> don't talk about it. >> when is mexico playing? >> all right. after 20 years, the wait is over. the 2018i world cup kicked off this morning with russia taking on saudi
6:55 pm
the first game did not disappoint. a total of five goals scored by a host nation for the first time since 1934. group-a the game the world has waited four years for, russia an saudi arabia, kicking off the world cup. russia got started on the right foot. 12 minutes, ball played into -- kaz inski for the header. scoring the firstheoal of t 2018 cup. russia takes the lead early. the crowd goes wild. skip ahead, russia up 3-0. coming up with what will be one of the goals of the touhenament. used the outside foot and puts it in the net. t two goals in game for him. russia out to a commanding 4-0 lead. late in the game, russia with the free kick. alexander golov puts the icing on the cake. russia's fifthoal of the match. they beat saudi arabia 5-0.
6:56 pm
and no rest for the stanley cup champions, the cpitals front office and coaching staff with a short break, but the playoffs coming up. then the most important day for the caps, free agency begins july 1st. tom evwilson, d they smith-pelly free agents. e two biggest names on the free agent board, head c trott, defenseman john carlson. carlson expected to be oneosf the mt sought-after free agents. he set career highs i goals and assists in the regular season and the post season for trott. a lot of questions about his future durise the on. he took care of those after leading the capitals to the rst stanley cup franchise history. both want to be back, but there is work to be done. >> i do want to beback. there's things we have to work out. there's things that -- i'vee talkto mac, if we can get them worked out, there's no question. i love the group of guys.
6:57 pm
i love the situation i'm in with the team the location for my son and me. wif there's some issues that we've got to just work through. and we will. >> this has been my home. i've lived hmee every s since i've been rehe. this is my home base. and obviously the guys that i've been around that, yoknow, the experiences we've you know, i love the area, and that's -- this is all i know. i want to stay here, but there's more to i than that. >> we hope he the natiand orioles both have the day off. for baltimore, a rough starthe season. a major league berth, 19-48 record. changes coming. athletics' ken rosenthal reporting that manager buck sh w showalt showalter's time might be coming to an end.he has the second most wins in orioles' history. if you're a fan, check this out, doug -- this special might be for you. chris davis is on pace to have
6:58 pm
one of the worst seasonsin the history of major league baseball. nd one bar in baltimore is trying to make it easier to watch. bartenders pub in camden is offering free shots every time davis gets a hit. >> oh, my. >> davis had just 31 hits and 207 at-bat this season. his 86 strikeouts is tied fore urth most among players in season. >> yow. >> on my fantasy team. thanks a lot. >> more like nightmare. >> i can try and get tickets for baltimore, see if you're up for it. i hear the are some available -- he might get a hit. >> no,s. tha >> might play in the u.s. soccer team. a tough opening around at the 118th u.s. open championship. right now there's a four-way tie for the lead at one under. world's number one, dustin johnson, in the mix. tiger woods aet jordan s both eight over par. rory mcilroy at ten over. today. isn't playing easy
6:59 pm
>> that course is kicking butt. thanks for joining us. 60 htly news starts here in seconds. seconds. >> see you tight at 11:00.on here's money for pizza. here's the wi-fi password, but, if you go online while the boys are online the internet can slow down and... they don't like it. you guys don't have fios? [mrs. jennings] oh-no. but it's a 100% fiber-optic network with ridiculous speeds. you could have, like, a hundred devices online at once. interested, talk later. bye boys! don't even think about going online. woah... i can't work like this. the 100% fiber-optic network means more speed for more devices at once. so get a fios triple play with a 2-year agreement, and choose a free samsung chromebook 3 or credit towards other samsung tech.
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tonight, the bombshell new report blasting former fbi director james comey, branding him as insubordinate over his handing of the clinton e-mail investigation but finds no evidenth comey was bias. nbc news goes inside the larst detention center on the boarder where nted children are locked inside. >> it's 10 to -year-olds, boys that are without their family. the uproar over the solute hidden from u.s. cameras being used as propaganda on north korea state tv. what doctors he found about reducing your risk of one of the most common forms of cancer by harnessing the power of vitamin d. is this the solution to beating the traffic? how would you like to speed up your commute and get there fo


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