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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  June 14, 2018 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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right now at 11:00, community t membersing their message of nonviolence to the very streets thaav he seen so much tragedy. b onight wereak down the alarming spike in homicides in the district.
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one person in critical condit bn after flamesreak out at an apartment complex in northwest washington. rchlt a congressional baseball game one year after the tragedy at the republicans' practice. i'm shomari stone and i will tell you all about it all new at 11:00. news 4 at1:00 starts now. the district of columbia is sufferingbrhrough an ok of violence as we head into summer. now a group touched by tragedy something ed to do about all the shootings. first some perspective. weut reached to d.c. police to get the raw numbers. as o last night there had been 71 homicides in the district so far this year. compare that to 47 homicides at this timeast year. that's a whopping 51% increase. new tonight how members of the community are spreading
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their nonviolence message. >> reporter: for some the sound of gun shots in the district is normal. they also say hearing word that yet another senseless killing has happened is also normal in the district. up this gs trying to make a difference in these neighborhoods while there is still time. that common news for al snyder has reached a boiling point. >> we go to every neighborhood in the city. >> reporter: he, his grandmother and others areaking the message of stop the killing to the very streets where so many have been killed. >> my son was killed in 1990. >> reporter: and most recently her grand son and his wife killed while riding in a lyft vehicle last month. >> h itts so bad you can't stand up anymore. >> reporter: theer ovght hours five people shot, one of them
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killed. the only answer this caravanf believers has for the moment is their own outreach. >> they are feeling pain. they need help. and we have toeach out to them. >> reporter: because they know the pain. it happened tothem. >> i hope i'm notxt ne i hope my family members are not next. >> reporter: i asked ife felt the message is resonating? >> i believe it is. a lot of peopleed are tf hurting. >> reporter: with that he wants everyone in ear shot of his voice to stop and listen. >> your family lose your and iw make you more of a man forme killing dy? >> reporter: the group is also organizing a rally in th stadium parking lot for saturday. they say they want to create an outlet and an alternative to gun violence. we are live outsidef d.c. police headquarters. jim, back to you.
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>> difficult times for a lot of anfamilies. thyou. new at 11:00 tonight an apartment fire on r street. firefighters removed a womanun from the g floor unit of a three story apartment. she is in criticacondition. fire officials are not sure if the victim's smoke detector was working but they are sending it to the lab for analysis. the cause of the fire is under investigation. one year a tonight house majority whip steve scalise was fightior his life in the hospital. he and several others were shot an ambush on a baseball field. tonight scalise is manning second base. shomari stone takes us to nats park where plers p partisanship aside for the love of the game. >> reporter: it was a beautiful evening for a congressional baseball game. people on both sides of the aisle, republicans, democrats were happy to see house majority
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whip steve scalise back on the field after last year's shooting. house majority whipteve scalise receives a standing ovation at the congressional baseball game. allison schneider and 10-month-old cameron are excited to see steve scalise smiling at nats park. >> we are excited to see steve alise has come back. >> reporter: last year g aunman opened fire on republican lawmakers at their practice wounding scalise and three others. he threatened life threatening injuries but returned to work last fall. >> this is a terrific stadium. >> reporter: maryland congressman says the congressional baseb game dates back to 1909. members of congress wear uniforms of their favorite teams. t all about having a good time and workingether on behalf of the greater cause. >> the weather is perfect. e we couldn't h asked for a better night.
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we feel >> reporter: in keeping with tradition tonight's game raise money for local charihes s as the boys and girls club of greater washington. i'ri shostone, news 4. >> what a night. the family o detective jacai colson is suing the officer who killed their son in a friendlyire shooting. a fellow police officer accidently shot colson. it happed in a shootout involving other suspects back in march of 2016. colson's family says they want accountability. an investigation was open but a and jury declined to indict the officer who opened fire. according to the county thely fas also asking for upwards of $75,000. leon harris here desk where we are staying on top of today's breaking news. thebi director of the is defending his agency.
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christopher wray says nothing in bie report diminishes the integrity of thes a whole. the justice department beforet chose jamesomey broke protocol into handling investigations. it clears comey of political motivations. the report finds an fbi employee acted out of bias against president trump by prioritizing the russia investigation and not the e-mail investigation. wray admits mistakes were made but argued missteps by a few don't condemn all fbi employees. >> let's also be clear on the ope of this report. it's focussed on a specific set of events back in 2016, a small number of fbi e connected to those events. s >> wray s steps are being taken to help fbi employees makt judgment calls in the future. training from the top downill
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highlight the importance of objectivity and avoiding personal conflicts and appearance of any political bias. enjoy it while you can. doug is keeping an eye on a big heat wave. for the next couple of days things are looking pretty good. >> that is all because of the humidity. umwe saw noity today. high temperature today just take a look at the numbers. we were in the 8 mid to uppers. we hit a high of 87 degrees. the rest of the mid atlantic 90 degrees. as i mentioned that 87 in d.c. actually felt more like 83 or 84. it didn't feel that warm. e the next cou of days not bad. looking good, gorgeoushrough saturday. then the heat wave moves in and dangerous king some heat. we will talk about just how hot and humid things get. it starts father's day. much more on this. see you back here in just a minute. t is some gift. of u.s. ents immigration policy staged rallies in cities all over the
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country. the demonstrations are in response to the trump fministration's decision to separateilies caught illegally crossing the u.s. southern last month attorney general jeff sessions announced a gyro tolerance policy that any adult who enters the country illegally is criminally prosecuted. the department of health and human services released this video of a wal-mart converted to aor shelter migrant children. nearly 1,500 children are held here. >> policies that can result in short term o separatio family is not unusual or unjustified. >> to rip that child from the arms of their mom and dad, it is psychological torture. the white house says the immigration system is broken and needs to be fixed. but in the meantime authorities will enforce thelaw. we're less than two weeks primary. the maryland
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early voting began today as the six leading candidates for governor squared off in their final televised forum. it was hosted by nbc 4 and telemuo 44 and moderated by tom sherwood. the candidates took aim at president ump. take a listen. >> donald trump is a vulgar, demented pig demon. >> it's not that we are obsesser with donalp but with the policies he is making and it aryland e an impact on at the local level. >> he is undermining so many things we value as marylanders. the voters need to know they will have a leader who will stand up and make sure we continue with a civil society and say we wiare going to prote our cherished institutions. >> the primary is on june 26. the winner faces republican governor larry hogan in november. you can watch this forum with
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democratic candidates. it airs nbc 4 this sunday at 11:30 right after meet the press. a strong tornado rips throug parts of pennsylvania. a damage report straight ahead. an express traith speeds topping 150 miles per hour is blowing into the windy city. we'll show you why a similar system could roll into a city near you. and a 96-year-old world war ii veteran is back in a cockpit for a dream flight. and new 4 was lucky enough to and new 4 was lucky enough to join heror part f so, what's new? we just switched to geico and got more.
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on this picture perfect day a world war ii veteran got the chance to get back into the cockpit of a plane for a dream flig erika gonzalez was there to see ms. campbell in action. >> reporter: at 96 maybelle campbell goes just about everywhere with h walker. today isn't about walking but about flying in one of these restored boeing steerman open cockpit. private first class campbell is a world war ii veteran, serving her country at the of 19. she got the mail out to the soldiers she says. >> i have flown the plane before because i was in the women's army corps. we flew different places. >> reporter: she is part of the first group of african-american women in that service.
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>> i was told you are too young and we don't accept black people. if they were wrong iold them. >> reporter: we met her at the maryland airport for what is called a dream flight. >> that airplane look familiar? >> reporter: spring hills and theonprofit are getting the veteran back in a plane for a ride through the skiles. >> the dreams foundation was tablished in 2011. we have given over 3,000 flights and for the pilots and volunteers it is just an opportunity to give back and bring some joynd excitement to the veterans that have given so much to us. >>e with a lit help ms. campbell was up and ready t go. >> lean that right on me. >> reporter: the engine was started and before we knew it
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she was up and back. if the picture is worth a thousand words -- howre you feeling? ms. campbell's isorth 1,001. >> are you okay? >> i made it. >> don't kiss the ground. it looks bad for the pilot. >> i enjoyed it. >> gla you could come out today. >> reporter: erika gonzalez news 4. >> ms. campbell said at her age there is not a lot of variety in her da they are pretty much the same. the day she said was sometng ecial. next at 11:00, football players and politicians are tackling racial bias and criminal justice reform. theplayers coalition held a forum withandidates for states attorney. wide receiver anquan boldin and carl davis moderated this conversation tonight. the players' coalition say
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states attorneys in maryland hold tremends power and they want to help the community understand who they are voting for. early voting again began today in maryland. new technology could get people heade from downtown hicago to o'hare airport in just minutes. chicago mayor announced today the city has chosen billionaire inventor elon musk's boring company to build a new express service. electric vehicles will move through underground tunnels at speeds up to 150 miles per hour. each trip is about 12 minutes one waynd will cost 25 bucks. this project will begin in just about three months. it will beunded entirely by musk's company. some analysts say the project could be the future of travelou and help people in big cities beat traffic. > a tornado, a big one, toucheyl down in pennia
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injuring at least sixoreople. the ripped roofs off of homes. dozens of businesses were destroyed and damaged. strong winds took down hundreds of trees. in some spots debris was thrown 15,000 feet into the air. you saw this coming on your feed last night. this last watching night, the storms rolling through parts of pennsylvania. this was an ef-2 tornado with winds of 130 miles per hour. the good news here is th most businesses were closed. two hours earlier there were hundreds of people around that area. fortunately only six people hurt in that and they will be out there today that front caused the tornado and us this phenomenal weather. high temperature of 87 degrees right now. washington monument looking great. current temperatures at 78. winds out of theht west at e miles per hour. as always is the case with dry air and clear skies the suburbs cool ster.
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78 in the city. suburbs into the low to mid 60s. 61nc ster. 66 in baltimore but the airpo airports. temperature around 70. it's still a mild night tonight. we are going to cool fairly nicely. tomoow morning will be great. nothing on radar. we will stay dry not skrjust tomorrow and into saturday. the only exceptioniddle of next week. we need dry time and time to dry out. plenty of clear skies out the right w. a very nice night and really no systems anywhere in our area. we don't have anything going on. there is the storm that helped bring a front through yesterday that produced the tnadoes into parts of pennsylvania and brough air. e nice canadian that is why temperatures were quite nice. 81 ingh pittsb 87 in d.c. that is not a warm 87. no humiditycross t area. 87 with a breeze is comfortable. this is what is mi.
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97 in dallas. 96 kansas city. those will move our way. whenhey do they will really give us a little bit offr -- ay afternoon looking great. your friday planner is fantastic friday. tomorrow morning 66 in the city. many of you down around 60 degrees. 86 degrees by 4:00. weather. by 8:00 still looking great and a great night to get out for dinner for nesure. couple of days 86 on friday. 88 on saturday. look at father's day. a hig of 94. heat index is a problem. we are going dangerous heat for monday. let's take a look at the heat index and temperatures as we move through the next few days. sunday a high of 94 but heat index of ay100. mo a high of 98. look at tuesday. a heat index close to 108 both monday and we could have heat advisories across the region for that heat making its in as the hottest
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we have seen so far this year and looksike it will last through the day on tuesday before cooler weather i moves next week. summer-like heat for sure. >> triple digs in that heat index. >> we might hit 100 in some areas. coming up, the world cup starts off on the right foot. ay first d strugglesor a ay first d strugglesor a f thanks for financing the new space.
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this is the xfinity sports desk. >> it's been a little while w sinc started out with anything other than caps and hockey. what about golf? >> i was watching golf and kept
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waiting. ead athletes making shots wit sticks in pursuit of an iconic trophy. we enjoyed that when the capitals sured the stanley cup and now the quest for the u.s. openp champions trophy. simple and to the point unlike the challenge ahead for those playing in this week open. everyone loves the u.s. open, even the four legged friends. this dog had a good da a certain tiger did not. tiger woods tough spot. this rolls back. triple bogey. dustin joh oon onef four under par. holes that from the sand. he is at a four way tie for the
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first at one under. maybe you noticed co workers slipping away. the month long global excuse to get out of work soccer's world cup started today. perhaps you have heard in soccer elclassico is the name between fierce rivals. elg elgasico is between two oil nations. a great scene in moscow. russia scores the first goal of the 2018 world cup. ru ia a 1-0 lead and you better believe everyone is going wild. russia up 3-0. coma thas just fantastic. two goals in the game. russia out to a commandin 4-0 lead.
11:27 pm
more celebrating 94th minute. russia a free kick. first time since 1934 the world cup nation scored five goals in the opener. ssia wins 5-0 over saudi arabia. from the world cup to stanley cup champions. caps with big decisions to make. and the third most tenured capital jay beagle unstricted free agent. >> kind of have to wait and see what happens with a couple of the big guys there. this team a has lot ofns decisio to make and i don't want to be burden or anything. i will wait forim to contact me and we'll go from there.
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this is my home. i obviously want to come back. >> we still have hockey. >> we still have hockey. >> they
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world cupke play k off today. here at home it was a perfect night for a friendly game of soccer orfootball. news 4 took on the pros at telemundo 44. we p oyed in backyard here
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field. national and an intense game ended in a shootout. great time was had by all. you can catch all the games on telemundo 44. it was intense. there is jackie bradford taking a picture. a picture. i watched them (birds chirping, a running brook,) a picture. i watched them ahh. the new deer park sparkling is made with real spring water. ♪ it's so refreshing and delicious, you don't need slo-mo models to sell it. real spring water, real fruit flavors and refreshing bubbles. just what's refreshingly real.
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- chris pratt, christina


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