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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  June 15, 2018 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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>> enjoy the weather while we hait. 63 in loudoun county. 61 in montgomery county. 69 by the bay in annapolis. planning out your friday. anything you want to do outside. the weather is going to bey extremooperative for your friday plans. sunshine and low tyhumi the humidity levels which are in the comfy zone for today tomorrow start inching their way up as we get towards sunday, father's day. annoying levels. it'sl going to f very hot around here on sunday. then monday and tuesday dangerouslyig temperatures and high heat kbeks index values. could be as hot to s100 105 heat indexes. that's monday and tuesday of next week.
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27 at montross road. no problems. main and local lanes. ltway, inner loop and outer loop, no worries. nice and green. do have a littl bit of road work there on the beltway, and this is at capital heights. ofner loop. still a coupl things happening in virginia. alexandria, southbound 395 afternoon seminary to left lanes are getting by. that work zone this morning and manassas eastbound 66 after prince william parkway, work zone with just one lane getting by. aaron. >> all righss me thank you. it's 4:31 now. new this morning, a major change is coming to classrooms in our area. students in fairfax county will oon learn sex education in a totally new way. >> the school board voted overwhelmingly in favor the curriculum change last night. people on both sides of the issue packed that meeting. one of the biggest chang be to include more transgender
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curriculum. supportersay the new policy is more inclusive of all students and can help save lives. those opposed say the change ignores the biological aspect of sex education and focuses too much on gender. >> there is no need to -- meaningless in the a eyes of student. it is not meaningless. >> using laurng that is inclusive of year, trans, binary, gender year and gender non-conforming people is suicide prevention. >> the new curriculum will also discuss different types of contraception available to teenage girls. news 4 justin finch will o have mo when that policy will go into effect coming up at 5:00 a.m. the boalso adopted a new drez code at school board member ryan mcelveen said he hoped it would help end body waming. es violations to be hangdsed in private.
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emotional reaction from the head football coach at the university of maryland after one of its players died. jordan mcnair was a sophomore and an offensive lineman on the team. he died wednesday aft collapsing during a teamworkout in college park. had liver transplant on june 6th. maryland head football coach d.j. dirken became emotional while talking about mcnair. >> my heart is broken. zbliefrmt joseph rube cht is ol
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yearand has downs syndrome. he was last seen yesterday morning leaving his home on windin creek way in germantown. we're told he is familiar with public transportation. call police if you know where hh be. new video of a shooting investigation happening in mt. pleasant. teenager was shot on ivging street in northwest kfrmt c. just before 7:00 last night. >> it's so scary really. you cannot think that you are safe wking streets, try to catch the bus. you see something like that, it's so scary really. police do a description of the suspect, but so far they have not trangd hill down. d.c. police also investigating two more shootings in the past
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12 hours. they are part of a recent spikeh in violence i district that has loofr people concerned. >> now a touched by tragedy is determined to do something about the shootings. the group rides througtrthe very samets people have lost their lives in air caravan with the message stop the killemg. one of thers has had her share of tragedy. her son was killed in 1990, and just last month her s grandson d fe were killed while riding in a lift vehicle. as of wednesday there have en 71 homicides in the district. compare that to 47 homicides at this time last year. that is a 51% increase. it is 4:35. six people being treated for injuries after a roller coaster derailed on the daytona beach boardwalk. the fire department there says rescueesponders had t ten people and two of them fell out the coaster and hit the ground. we have an update tea ng news you saw on news 4
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at 6:00 p.m. the man ho bafr indicat himself inside a home on lilac terrace northeast was threatening to arm himself. heat also thed to harmony police officers who tried to enter. leesburg play s jason tally had two outstanding domestic assaul it took police several hours of negotiation to get tally to surrender. he was arrested and taken to jail. the democrats may have won the congressimeal baseball ga but all eyes were onss congren steve scalise. last night he hit the field one year after he was critically hurt in a shooting. the house majority a standing ovation. democrats won 21-5. the g me raisesey for local charities, like the boys and girls club of greater washington. i> school is out for summer for a number of kid our area. classes wrap up in montgomery county, fairfax county, and the district today. comingp at 5:00, news 4 molette gren has fun and educational staycation ideas.
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zploinchts take a look at this board. what a terrible start to a summer scation. thishat hundreds of travellers saw last night in charlotte. canceled flight after canceled flight. look at all that red. dozensan of amerirline flights in and out of charlotte were canceled due to a technical issue. the airline says about 120 flights had to be canceled. the cause of ts glitch being investigated. o>> now they have to scramble rebook all those passengers.
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>> good luck to them. >> our area is notorious for bad traffic, but we're not the only ones battling with gridlock in the country. >> elaneiusk just rd the green light to begin building a tunnel from downtown chicago to o'hare airport. he says thens new trtation option would cut down a 50 minute commute to just 12 minutes. musk says it would only cost g,5. later this morn the "today" show will sit down with him and talk about this new project. >> you first, aaron. >> i would do it in a heart beat. i boo. >> to save the time. >> absolutely. >> larry hogan supported musk's proposal to build a similar undergroun transit system between new york and wash wwish. here'st it would look like. zplienkts the administration issued a permit tool to allow musk to dig a ten-mile tunnel beneath the bw parkway. musk says the trip would only
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take 29 minutes. tunnels scare me. i'm going to put that outzpther. liem all over that in a heater beat. it's4:42 right now. >> good friday morning. we made it to friday and the weather is going to be fantastic. if you liked yesterday, you're really going to like today. as we go into tomorrow, sunny and warm, father's day, we will be hot and ononday we are talking about dangerous heat in the forecast coming up. chuck has all these details and how hot it wl actuall be. plus, father's day is almost here, but when you go to pick um those lastute cars, there's one you won't be able to find. still ahead, a
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>> all around the world are being taken. what did they do? >> rallies opposing the u.s. immigration policy continue across the country. the demonstrations are in response to the trump on administrati decision to separate families caught illegally crossing the u.s. southern worder. last month u.s. attorney general tff sessions announced a zero
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tolerance polict any adult who enters the country illegally is criminally prosecuted. the department of health andvi human serces released this video of a former wal-mart ins texas thaeen converted into a shelter for migrant children. nearly 1,500 children are being held there. our policies that can result in short-term separation of families is not unusual or unjustified. >> to rid that child from the arms of their mom or their dad,i it's psychol torture. >> the trump administration says the immigration system is broken and needs to be fixed, but in the meantime authorities will enforce the law. it's now 4:46. the head of t fbi i responding to a bombshell report just released by the j department. >> it reviewed the bureau's investigation into hillary clinton during the 2016 election cycle. news 4's tracie potts is followng the latest this from capitol hill for us. what does this report say? >> aaron, it says that formerec fbi dr james comey, who was fired by the president, used
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bad judgment and that he was not politically moesh ated in the clinton e-mail investigation. they said that it was insubort nant and extremely careless of him to come out publicly before his bossed d to talk about the jvestigation and then to reopen that investigatit days before the election they also publishedext messages. they seem to be very muc against president trump saying -- questioning whether he president. become the other saying, no, we're going to stop that. we're not going to let that happen. the white house says it showed clear bias in the rsiusa investigation. the president's attorney says the wle thing should be shut down as a result. no indication that's going to happen. interestingly, hillary clinton tweeted,ilut my e- she was talking about the fact that the report found that not only were they lookingnto her use of personal e-mail, but the
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man who was investigating. the fbi director also used his own personalhi e-mail w the fbi. >> tracie potts on the hill for us this morning. thank you. the supreme court just a dropped dow law in minnesota restricting wt voerds can wea to the holes. that law banned boat voteers from wearing clothing, pronoting a -- minnesota says it was an effort to prevent voter sbi intimidation. the justices rulds minnesota's was too broad. zbliefrmt a reminder for voters in the rict. i recall voting in d.c. t prima enay. election day is next tuesday, june 19th. maryland voters have until next thursday to cast their balance loss early. after being devastated by fire earlier this year, it is now on its way to reopening.
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hank's stood with him right. since then the lot has been empty. yesterday the county issued owners permits needed to start reconstruction. they did not have insurance, says the majority of that work that will be done by volunteers with donated materials. an update to breaking news we brought you earlier this week. it's scary for anybody who has a car. a shop vac is being blamed for thisn investigation in t outside nnsylvania, flerg. it was being used to suck up water. one man was killed in that explosion. another person was critically injured. the blast was is strong it registered on a soiz mick detector about 20 miles away, where. cleanup begins this morning for several pennsylvania toubz tornado. take a look at some of the damage here in bradford county. the national weather service says this damageas caused by appear ef-2 tornado. several homes were destroyed, and cars were lifted off the ground and flied over.
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a dick's sporting goods seeb was ownen meters away in a neighbor's town. six people were hurt. ow our check bell is here with some good news athlete foes half of our weekend. even though it's day, dwrits going to be hot and humidity. still a pretty nice across the area, and then next week that's when you need to be on the lookout. the real industrial strength heat and hut arrives on monda brshid for your morning a comfortable start where are we are talkssg about the ility of some blitserring hot weather here early next week. these are the reerrd high teures for monday and tuesday.f all them are within reach of being tied or broken. 97, the record monday in wash,gton. he record for tuesday.
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ronald reagan that 94 on monday is in real danger. those 98's, 9's, maybe a step or two high, but we'll be within a group or two of that. m canada iing away. the return flow on the back side of that means that high pressure over texas. you don't want your weather to come from -- you prefer canada over texas easily. otherwise, no chance for rain, tomorrow, today, or into the weekend. that's good news. we're in ie 50s now the shenandoah valley. 60s for most of the suburbs to low 70s iedtown. forecaigh today, exactly average. humidity.s with low can you get in the car waub every wash today -- in fact, the rain chancesff hold until after probably tuesday of next week. here's your dad's day weekend forecast then tomorrow. it will be a hot one on father's day. 94. early next week that's the
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possibility of a weather alerto here. it could be105 degrees. let' go over to melissa mollet and see howraffic is doing. >> taking a look right now. only real problem alexandria southbound 395 after seminary road. two left lanes gettingy that work zone. beltway we found it all after. work zone. one lane gt'ting by. now, all open. hand the out about a ozen awards to some real hereees in montgomery county, awards forbr ery, life-saving citations and even an award to the family sandy cohen. that's the rock skrl volunteer firefighter who was killed helping a motor it's on 207 last
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t ar. zbliefrmll, it zend naert what kay of the week it is, if wu go down to the national museum, hel be be seeing this. lopg lines. look at that. everyone knows tickets to the pruchl are free, but it cane hard on your -- to get your hands on one of these passes. now some of the free passes are showing p op line for sale. someone claiming to be an authorized ticket seller on craig's list is asking for clars 15 per pass. theinuseum rem the public that all tickets are free all of the time, and it may just take a littleatience to get one. the 2018 world c is officially underw host nation russia kicked off ake tournament in the first ma much yesterday ting on saudi arabia. they score early andoften. the final score 5-0. the u.s. did not make the cup thisear, but there are stilln more t0 other teams to route for. yeah.
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okay. it's very exciting. i know americans aren't soccer as much as the world. zbliefrmt we're excited about the cup here at home too. we played in our own backyard on the field at national preside presbyterian coach. it came down tb a shoot-out. wh,. rememberou can watch the real game on telemuntdo. ahow about that? graduations arkskn you , very exciting time for the family. >> that meelg wasulplied four times over for the sfaem family from pcent illville, virginia. white, madeline, ang lord owe. that's the good news here. now all four of them are heading off to colleges in virginia. >> that's a lot of tuition. >> at the same time. >> they have two older siblings in college. we wish them all well, and good luck with the wills. f
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>> i'm prayi that family. >> maybe some scholarships in there. well, today is apologizing for kbeshl -- there was a picture of that greeting card on facebook. c it shows tple kissing behind the word baby daddy. in her caption the shopper says it washe only car showing a black couple. target said it removed the cards from store shelves and never intended to offend its guests. a violent start to the summer in d.c. people doing anything they can to stop by the shooting. woel break down the numbers on just how woshlg the straight fush tear har been this zbliefrmt plus, a maryland football player collapsed and needed a river transplant you and now he has died. 'll talk about the people who knew him and what the school is
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doing after his death. at's straight ahead on news 4 today. ifrmt i'm jimmy dean and uh, isn't that sunrise somthin'? i honestly feel that way about jimmy dean sausage. get yourself a ld ge chunk of that grning feeling. boy, that smells good. mmm.
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. >> good morning, everybody. i'm i aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. first, we want to get to your friday forecast. >> melissa is going to have an early look at theoads for us.
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first, we turn to chuck and sheena tracking a hot weekend, and i'm not buying this picture behind us. >> it looks fake, doesn'tit? >> it's not even 5:00, and the sun is -- come on. too so>>. it looks too perfect. >> right. >> beautiful is what he is trying to say. >> no, i'm -- >> that's what you are trying to say. earliest sunrise is 5:42. friends and neighbors up to the north. even earlier i was reading on my twitter feed yesterday boston sunrise is at 5:07 this time of ar. their day starts a little earlier. courtesy of that north latitude and the st, they get more adults than we do. >> you know, you are more productive if y have more daylight, right? >> i don't know if i want the sun up before 5:00 a.m. >> it's not before. yo said it was 5:00 something. we have a gorgeous, gorgeous sunrise. take a look a this picture. we have an orange glow on the horizon. beautiful clear blue skies. through the day today, perfectly
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sunny. again, the sun i up yet. 5:42 your sunrise. 70s our temperature. very comfortable outside. temperatures, though, about the mid to low 60s. a little keerl yesterday morning. as we go through your friday, it's going to feel great. ju like yesterday. humidity will be low again. temperature by lurk time 0, 84. wait uil you see how fast your father is. chuck will get a check on the friday.n this finally good morning. >> good morning, sheena. beltway looking good at inner loop and outer loop. on no questions. everything along ruft world war i. alaccident andrya after seminary says that has just well.ed as we have two left lanes getting by, and a little bit of a slnedown, and now that's 66 here and 95 through looking good as well. in prince george's county, pennsylvania avenue branch avenue, iia


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