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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  June 15, 2018 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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it's a shame whe y see a report like that. it's really a shame. >> this morning the president is commenting for the first time on a bombshell report dpr the justice department on the clinton e-mail investigation. we'll have the latest coming up. >> six people in the hospital this morning after a roller coaster derafs. two the riders fell three stories to the ground. we're going to have the latt what went wrong. >> and it's a gorgeous day out there right now. plenty of sunshi comfortable conditions, but the humidity rolling back in. could see some triple degree at indices coming up.
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we'll talk about those in just a minute and when you can see them. >> news4 midday starts now. >> good morning. welcome to "news4midday." i'm molette green. >> and i'm erika gonzalez. >> we have the fbi's report into the hillary clinton investigation during the election. >> the president started this morning calling former director james comey the worst leader in the history of the fbi. as tracie potts repts the attacks continue in front of the white rhouse. orter: president trump sounding off on the inspector general report that found fbi director james comey used bad judgment but was not motivated by w politicsle investigating hillary clinton. >> that was ridiculous. that was the mostf bias set circumstances i've ever seen in my life. >> more reaction on fox this
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morning. >> they just seemed like very criminal actsome. what he did was horrible. should he be locked up? the report called comey insubordinate and extremely careless for going public about the clinton e-mail investigation without telling his bosses. they accused him of a serious error in judgment for reopening that investigation days beforee the on. comby tweets, "that's reasonable even though we disagreed." >> nothing in thiseport lay as glove on special counsel mueller or the ongoing russia probe. >> but it does revea anti-trump text messages by fbi officials investiaating ru "he's not ever going to become president, right? "one asks. the response, "no. we'll stop it." now the new fbi director says he'll use this report to train people in the fbi what notdo to tracie potts, nbc news,
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washington. >> also new from the white house this morning, the trump administration announces new tariffs on chinese goods. the decion is already being condemned from beijing, china saying it will retaliate. the president confirmed the news >> we're putting tariffs on $50 billion worth of technology and other things because we have to, cause we've been treated very unfairly. >> wall street reacted quickl to the news. the dow is down more than 100 points this morning. >> any moment now we will out if president ump's former campaign manager will stay in court until his trial. federal prosecutors say he tried to tamper with potential witnesses while onretrial release. manafort says hs innocent. keep up with nyupdates in the story via our nbc washington app. now to a developing story out of florida where fun quickly spun
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into terror. this is a roller coaster ride o derail the daytona beach boardwalk last night. ten peoe had to be rescued. ga gutierrez reports asve igators try to figure out what went wrong. >> reporter: a funight atn amusement park turned quickly nightmare. it happened at the mardi gras fun center at daytona beach, the ont car going off the rails, dangling precariously. scnic, ams. two riders falling three stories to the ground. anotherat despy clinging to the ride. >> the female is still on the car but hanging off of it. someone's holding on, pulling her in. >> rescuersrantically working to get eight more riders down. >> we didn't want t anyone elseo fall out of the
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they had to be secured and taken out very carefully. >> reporter: firefighters used a ower truck to help stranded passengers. in all, six people were taken to the hospital. >> i have two ambuntory. afterhour, the heart-stopping rescue was over. >> everybody is out of the roller coaster and everybody's down from out here. >> landon was almost on that roller coaster. >> i actually tried to talk my 11-year-old brother into riding tit. he didn'ant to. we are so glad we didn't get on that ride. it was very scary. >> no word yet from the company unthat this ride but according to an instrument database that tracks rolle coasters, it had already been 35 years old back when it opened a this location in 2013. gabe gutierrez, nbc news, daytona beach, florida. >> a little recovery there. all right. let's turn our attention to the weathe a picture perfect
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morning. >> let me say we have paid our dues. >> yes,e have. we've had five weekends of soaking wet forecasts. so now we are ready for some sunshine. >> we can all take a little bit of a breath, a break as we head into this weekend. it's a ther's day weekend, a holiday weekend so that is good news and, yes,e are due. so nice and dry weather. that is what we're seeing out there today. blue skies out there. thanks to high pressure. just a wonderful day. we're up to 80 degrees right now. we've got a nice little breeze in the air. as we it's very comfortable. that's how it going to be throughout the afternoon. mperatures are rising into the low 80s, which is also about our normal temp ature. 84 degrees, that sun is not going down until about 8:35. fthis is one the longest days of sunlight that we have. rtable andhe com sunny condition. but it's not going to be comfortable all the way through e weekend. we'll talk about the building humidity, time it out for your
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father and ayfather's activity. that's all coming up in just about ten minutes. guys? >> right now an investigation is under way after the death of a university oftbaryland fl player. 19-year-old jordan mcnair diedw esday. he was hospitalized after a team workout two weeks ago. for the first time we're hearing emotional reaction from maryland's head football coach.s news megan mcgrath is in nillege park with more. >> reporter: thersity of maryland football team is still reeling from the news, the head coach very, very emotional, choking back hisemotions when speaking to the press saying that he's heart broken. nowordan mcnair was just 19 years old. the oensive lineman hospitalized in lay may following a team workout and he died on wednesday. the go fund me page set up to support mcnair's family said jordan had been airlifted to a trauma center and received a
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liver transplant and had beenor fightingis life. the coach was very emotional as he spoke at a press conference >> it's not reasonable tt the family, parents -- his parents, marty and tonya, should have to go through this. >> reporter: jordan mcnair grew up locally. a review of what happened during and following that team workout is now under way. in college park, megan mcgrath, news4. >> we have new information this morning in a deadly shooting in colorado. a mom took her two sons to the dentist and ended up getting shot in the parking lot. within of the boys died. this is chopper vid of police surrounding the crime scene just outside denve in westminster. e mom and her other son are in critical condition. police say they do have a person of interest in custody.
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>> the summer bus tour kicks off in chicago today. it's called the road to change tour. the goal of the tour
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outside ae those guard po huts. those were erected a couple of years ago and had been manned 24 hours a y. it wass inside that hut that a male marine rps member suffered a self-inflicted gunshot wound about 7:30 this morning. spokesman told me this is under investigation. they do not know if this was accidental or edself-infli but he did stress that the marine has been transferred to a local hospital where he isin able condition. you can see this is actually a federal, investigatiis ncis team behind us gathering evidence and trying to get to thebottom of what exactly happened here. again, about 7:30 this morning, a marine on guard duty suffered a self-inflicted gunshot
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>> change is coming for fairfax students. the school board is making chges to sex aned
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>> he was one of four people who were shot that day. fans were hpy to see scalise back in the game. >> i think we're all really excited to see that steve scalise has won back. 's been such a great story over the past year. >> the democrats won 1- the game raises money for local charities, such as the boys and irls club and the parade of washington. >> president trump says he'll ght a lawsuit against his charitable foundation. >> the new york attorney general is suing the trump family, the president and thr of his children of using the charity like a personal checking account. according to t suit, foundation business was used for personal business and political expenses. they covered campaign events,
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lawsuit settment and a $10,000 portrait for one of president trump's golf clubs. three of his children a named in the suit. the trump foundation denies any wrong doing.>> we are less than two weeks away from the maryland primary. early voting is under way as the sixth leading democratic candidate for governor squared off in their final forum. among the topied discu transportation, immigration and legalizing marijuana. the candidates also took aim at president trump. >> donald trump is a vulgar, dimented -- >> we're not obsessedth donald trump. we're obsessed with the policies he making. >> he isrm uning so many of the things we value as marylanders, voters need to know they're going to have a leader wh stands up and say we are
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going to protect our cherished institution. >> the primary is june 26th. the winner faces republican larry hogan in november. you can watch the forum in full this sunday. >> new zealand's prime has gone on maternity leave. she is set to become the second woman in modern history to give birth while in power. she will be on leave for six weeks to care for her child. >> one of the most popular museums ads an online charge for tickets but you can get into that museum for free. news4's eric ward tried to track down the scammers. here what's he found.
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>> reporter: lines likehi t would be welcomed for any local business. >> we came from san diego, ca fornia. yeah, we didn't go that option. >> the thing is, the passes are free. most people know that. you have to go online to get them or show up for walk-up passes. well, the price? you can't get in cheaper than free. >> we go through the pain of doing it for fee and people go on to try to sell it. >> i think i would have was a scam because everyone free. the museums are >> reporter: the museum says sometimes passes are part of tour packages but that pass is always free. you should never have to pay for it. >> the web sitell provides ahe details you need. there will absolutely no reason to go to craigslist for
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that. >> crooks everywhere. what else do we pe? >> derrick ward, news4. >> on a pictu perfect day a world war ii veteran got back into thet cock of a plane for a day in the skies. >> that airplane look familiar? >> yup. >> maybell campbell is 96 years young. she was just 19 years old when she signed up to serve this he country inwomen's army corps. she got the mail to theol sers and spent a lot of hours in a plane just like this one, she's says. and thanks to her assisted living facility in alexandria and a nonprofit, m cmpbell took quite the trip down memory lane yesterday and she was absolutelyearless about it. j for the pilots and volunteers, itt an opportunity to give back and bring some oy and excitement to these veterans that have given
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so much to us. >> look ate her . ms. campbell says at her age, there's not af lot variety in her day. it pretty much all the same. but yesterday she said was something different. >> right? i just fell in loveerika. >> she's a gem. >> and a little shy about revealing her real ge. >> miss campbell, we love you. we love you. i love it. >> yesterday was gorgeous. today seems like it's shaping up to be the ame. >> yes. >> but a heat wave is around the corner. lauren is going to let us know when the uncomfortable conditions arrive. >> we knew it was coming. and a specibu t to the late getting a cancer diagnosis is difficult. getting pe appointment with aalist shouldn't be. at cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia, you can see a cancer specialist in as little as 24 hours. you'll meet with a physician who will discuss treatment options, answer your questions
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and recommend next steps for your personalized care plan. learn more about cancertreaf america and schedule your appointment at
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>> hi, everybody. work harder. >>rom his start in 1973, jack has grown his company to more than 2 hoon empl00 employees. no question he is competitive y but he say doesn't have to be mean to be successful. >> i think the only b way to successful in business is to be nice.ic >> his niness shows in his giving. he raised tensonf mil for worthy causes. the one he's most committed to now, finding a cure for parkinsons disease. >> when you were told you have o park -- >> nah, i don't have that. you got to be crazy. pli was in ce denial. >> over the past seven years, his walking has slowed, his saliva grand are working overtime. makes talkingll chage at times. >> it's hard to button shirt.
11:24 am
it's stuff you take for granted. >> despite his increasing physical limitation, he's raising more thanever. the michael j. foxoundation recently recognized jack. >> jack and his foundation hav raised over $650,000 for team fox, which is the grass roots fund-raising program. >> meantime jack is still having fun. >> in the middle of the day, it's not unusual to see this, jack calling for a gameplayed. and success is best shared with those around you. that may bejack's greatest win. culver, ndria, david news4. >> and from that to this story. late physicist stephen hawng taking his place among the greatest scntists.
11:25 am
hawking was buried atmi weter abbey today. his memorial stone is between theve ga of james darwin and isaac newton. he die in mar at the age of 7 76 after a very long battle with lou gehrig's disease. >> just arilliant nd, a tremendous story. >> his life story. >>incredible. incredible. >> awe our her. incredible. >> finally. >> i feel so bad for samara and weekend evenings. every time i worked the weekend, mornings wer fine, by the evening, it's been raining for the last six weeks. we need a break and we're getting one just in time for father's day so that's good. but it's hot.
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we have to take the good with the bad. nothing to complain about today, plenty of esunshine, b skies out there, wonderful weather, isn't that just a beautif picture on a friday afternoon? and just another nice stretch of weather headed our way. the humidity isuilding butot until this weekend, most likely on sunday, which of course is father's day. rain chances are remaining low. temperatures out there right now, oh, it is so comfortable. 're in the 70s, low 80s at reagan international airport. temperatures in the low 80s toda take a look at the radar. looking absolutely ntastic. and high pressure even if you're headed out to areaac s. it's going to be a great drive. a great couple of days. ran chances remai low into wednesday. wednesday will be our next chance for our pattern change. that's when we could seeore rain headed our way. but not today, it's going to be dry, sunnd comfortable all the way through the evening.
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the sun going down at 8:45 so feel free to catch that dinner oulide. 86 we our daytime high tomorrow. plenty of sunshine looking just as warm and beautiful today f tomorrow. humid testify really won't build in until sunday. look at sunday's temperature. sunday's temperature will gnt right the low to mid s. i don't know wheth wants to be out with his friends. maybe that's the case. either way he's going to encounter a wonderful day for that weather the heat index for monday and tuesday over 100 degree >> i feel like you're talking about my husband's plans for father's day. >> that's why youan justsay, dear, i got you a beautiful day. enjoy. >> got it. >> right now a major airline trying to recover after the
11:28 am
cancellation of hundreds of flights. we'll have the latest on a ghtravel are. >> and changes made by the fairfax county school board but not without some opposition. what students will now be what students will now be learningore about in sex ed
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civil rights... vietnam... feminism. but revolutions need to come home. so i became a teacher... saved ten-mile creek on the county council... and passed a fifteen dollar minimum wage. i even extended my house... so there's more room for my family. developments should add value. it's why as county executive, i'll make developers invest in schools and infrastructure, and i'll never take their campaign money. developers will think that's a revolution!
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it was a packedor audm for thursday' debate. it doesn't do enough to address the risk associated with sexual behavior. they also feel the changes here might be going a bit too far. the county says they're working to expand theirac contion education program. they also want a curriculum that's more inclusive of an lgbtq and transgende community experiences. they also want to remove the term biological sex andeplace instead with the term sex assigned at birth.
11:32 am
there were michael phelembers oc and parent at the meetiast night and here's what they had to say. >> there's no need to remove the te term. using the language, it is suicide prevention. >> the debate was so heated, the board thought about tabling the vote forome time. so recently, as you heard, they did vote to approve it overwhelmingly and these changes will go into effec next school year. in falls church, justin finch, news4. >> now to the latest, a look at your first 4 traffic and a pretty big closure or partial closure here this frweekend. ay starts at 9 p.m., runs through saturday until the evening around 5 p.m.
11:33 am
we're talking about the outer loop of the beltway. three lanes closed there near connecticuig avenue. a slowdown for a lot of people. just a warning, allow extra pe le. >> colombia heights, we're talking about closures between 11 and 6. have a great weekend. i'll see you monday morning ont news4y. >> now to the latest on a travel nightmare. american airlines is working to gure out what caused a technical issue. it caused the cancellation of hundreds oflights last night. you're looking at the flight data screenn charlotte, north carolina. 120 flights cancelled at al rlotte douglas internati airport. in all, approximately275 were cancelled. erika? >> well, these are just s the wonderful works of art that are being featured in our area this weekend. they're part of the harlem fine
11:34 am
arts show that's in town. it's the first time in a few years that it's making an appearance back in d.c. this morni we are joined by some folks that are part of the show. welcome and thank you for being with us. this is very cool. so tell me about the exhibit, the show and hs you g are part of it. >> it's a traveling show. it has artists from all around the nation. i was able to get into it because i had ad fri from new york suggest a submit and i got accepted and it's really, sighting to be a pa exciting to be a part of it. my art expression is modern with a lot of nude b aies andmals and overall their movement.
11:35 am
>> what about yourself, deejay jazzy joy? >> it has a hip hot edge, acrylis base. thisy expression. >> this is the first time it was back in d.c. in a few years. what is it like for all of you to be in for the first time? >> for both of us. >> what is l he to bee in d.c. where you're bringing your art from? >> we're actually both from new york. >> i'm from the queens. >> i'm from the bronx. we're excited. this is an amazing experience. >> it's definitely been exciting, it'ser been racking. what would you like people to experience when they go out and they see your work? >> just -- tomorrow's family day. so broht to you by bmw, bringing up kids. and then they can experience art. i can't tell you hl to f
11:36 am
when you see anything. it's an experience. some comeer down and ence us. all of the artists are there down.their art so come >> so very cool. you can engage with them, ask questions if you have questions. is art something -- justecause you mentioned family day, is art something you were raised withh or brop in or instead wished that you had, that maybe you had, i don't know, a different take on it? >> it's a for of decompression in this world. if you're taught properly how to utilize and express, then it's a healthy way of decompressing. >> that's a good way to put it. >> art wasin dely a big part of my life growing up. having it in schools and new t york,s a big thing and then now i know it's kind of a goingy in some schools but it's definitely something that people should be involved for all ages. it's just amazing to just experience all of that and get a glimpse of everyone's mind being this way in colors and shapes
11:37 am
and forms. >> we hope up get an opportunity to head out and see the show for lf. it's the harlem fine art haow. we you for being with us today. the show is happening on 101 constitution avenue in northwest d.c. hope up getyou get a chance t at ther meet the artist. molette? >> thanks so much. so we got changes coming to mcdonald's. the fast food restaurant working to eliminate plastic straws. when you wilse see the
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the rain is clearing out. it's going to be a beautiful drive if you're traveling on this be friday. absolutely gorgeous and that sun's not going down until a little after 8:30. if you want to head out to the pool, take those kiddos there. it's going to be wonderful conditions. go ahead and gbt s screen. we'll keep the sunshine around. at sun goes down at 8:30. so comfortable today,
11:42 am
comfortable tomorrow, plenty of sunshine tomorrow, maybe just a touc warmer ftomorrow. temperatures will be in the mid to upper 80s tomorr, mid to upper 90s on sunday. the humidity starts to build in on sunday morning. by saturday, we don't have the humidity. by sunday that will make it feel like the upper 90s. by monday, it will feel more like triple digits on monday. ngerous heat headed our way monday and tuesday. a little bit of a warm streak there. and temperatures again are going to be mid to upper 90s with the heat indices over 100. rain on wednesday. we'll talk more about that? just about 18 haminutes. >> you, ma'am. >> it is adopt a cat month. lauren is going to be clapping right about now. i see you. coming up, why this is within of t -- one of the best times to visit your local shelter. >> you got everything under control, right? >> can't wait to see this movie. >> getting you ready for the weekend.
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a look at the new celebrate dad this father's day. save big on something special from ross, from gifts that fit his style to gifts that bring a smile. happy father's day begins at ross. ♪ you gotta go to ross
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if you're looking for anon for incredible selection of the brands you love, this season's newest trends for a fraction of what you'd pay at department stores, ♪ you gotta go to ross you will be great. >> i will bewi great and s you. >> but is this new movie great? >> "incredibles 2" is 14 years in the making. >> it's weird with th zquels
11:46 am
because the first movie won two academy awards. is the sequel going to do the same, jason? >> i douil it win the oscars. a lot of times they don't give them to sequels. it is a fun follow-up. it reminds us why we love this super family with mr. incredible and the whole gang. this time mr. incred le plays mr. mom. there's a little gender swap going on here. he stays home while holly hunter goes out to save the world here. but there's also social commentary brector and writer brad bird involving o addiction to digital ty is in trouble if they're staring down at their screenit no only is lot of fun but there's still little depth to the themes here. and if one kid comes out of the movie loong up from their
11:47 am
screen, i think it will be a success. i think you'llit have fun the family. >> okay. now hamilton just started -- >> you should go, you should go. >> okay, i'm there with my kids. so turning now to hamilton, it just started its three-month run at the kennedy center. what did you think? >> look at that. i got to say, there's so much hype going into this thing. years and years i since swept the tonys on broadway. i got to say not only did it live up to the hype, it exceeded it forme. easily one of the -- maybe the greatest show i've ever seen on every level. i mean, the music, it's a ramixture of p, jazz, you get the show tunes with kgeg geor i mean, you get rap battles between alexander hamilton and thomas jefferson. the genius mind to think of this, the idea to bringistory alive.
11:48 am
the only one that didn'to get t grow old here. but the idea to bring that to a new generation through vehicle of hip hop is just mind blowing. the visuals are amazing. there's these great spotlights on the characters and a rotating stage that makes the final duel really epic and we haveo remember the subtle reminder of the inherent contradiction, that all men are created equal, and yet men had slaves and maybe there will be some women in the sequel. >> i think he was hanging out arack ormer president obama. he tweeted a picture of that yesterday. he's like, oh, in town to see a friend. you got a couple of fun festivals going on.s tell about those. >> yes. in case you can't see "hamilton," two good festivals.
11:49 am
the film fest is back. last night they honored steve james, who did hoop dreams and life itself at the guggenheim symposium last night. tonight is a centerpiece film. seeing those rockets take off on that giant imax is incredible. and sunday is the closing night, united skates that the festival director told me was his favorite, he said the goose bump movie of the year. and we caught up with the executive rector of the jazz fest who gave us a preview. >> we're talking22 ighborhoods, 100 bands, 300 artists. you can step outside your neighborhood or come from maryland, virginia and go to one of these great performance spaces. >> and of course that jazz fest, justo bring it full circle,
11:50 am
opened up at the anthem with leslie odom jr. so, guys, come on, this is . incredib go see it now. >> we're going to try to get in a very long lin of people. great to see you. >> we'll be right back. stronger is blasting her tumors...
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we have breaking news at this hour. presidt trump's for campaign manager is headed to jail until his trial. a judge has revoked bond for
11:53 am
paul manafort just minutes ago. federal prosecutors say he tried to tamper with potential witnesses while on pretrial release. manafort's already facing multiple charges in the russia probe. he says he's innocent. keep up with the nbc washington ap updates. >> meanwhile, switching gears, june is national adopt a shelter cat month. >> sheena parveeno is here look at what difference a cat can make in your home. >> we have a lot of cats at the humane rescue alliance. what was yourtitle? >> i'm thein f behavior manager here. >> why is june natiol adopt a shelter cat month? >> this is the time of year shelters across the united states are filled with cats. right now cats are out and about
11:54 am
outside, looking for love, having kittens and they're all coming into thelt s now. and we're full so we want to really urge peoe to come and adopt a shelter cat this month. >> we have two locations. how many cats do you have available right now at those location >> almost 80 cats that are looking for homes and are ready to go. >> i've seen indoor cats and outdoor cats. we've talked about what you have to do to cat proof your half. what do you do as far as knowing whether you want an indoor or outdoor cat? >> youy should keep your cat indoors. anr ind cat has a longer lifespan, we're talking 18 to 20 years versus 5 to 7 ears. ther are diseases out there for cats, cats can hurt other cats. cats are very territorial. cats will fight for their space and cars, they can get hit by
11:55 am
cars and sometimes people cannot be so nice, throwing things, sprayinghem with water and they'll get scared. >> some things to cat proof youe you definitely want a scratching post. they can easily learn how if they don't know already to use a litter box,ght? >> definitely, yes. it's all about location for a lot of these things. where's the litter bo where is the scratcher, where is their vertical space? it's got to be in social areas for them. for litter boxes, private. not hidden by private. with animals in general and especially cats, what might you say about the heat going on? what should you not do? >> you don't want to have your cat or dog outside with no shelter. they need e. they also need cold water and food and that means putti ice into a water bowl sometimes and that will help. and keep anem eye on
11:56 am
if you see any signs of distress, panting, hype er salvation or lethargy -- >> thank you so much,li . hopefully we can get a lot of these cats adopted because there are ty. >> thank you, sheena. lauren is a huge cat lover. will you tell them aboutow eric proposed? >> come on now. with my cat that we just adopted and it had a little collar on it with the rg around it and say will you mearry me. it's such a great story. we're looking at great weather. temperatures topping out in the low to mid 80s, plenty of
11:57 am
sunshine and very comfortable. sunny but warm, humidity starts to creep in on father's day warning. mid 90s on your sunday. the heat index right around 100 degrees. monday the heat index will be up to a105 108 by tuesday. take precautions monday and tuesday. next chance of rain will be wednurday and ay. temperatures back in the 80s. >> all right. let's go get some lunch outside, shall we? that is it for "news4 midday."ch thanks so or joining us. we're back on the air first at 4. >> you can get news and weather the tes any time wit washington app. have a great day and a great father's day weekend as well.
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♪ >> we're live in five, four, three, two, one. >> can we talk right now? i'm sorry. i'm too busy freaking. >> it's>>riday. appy father's day. >> thank you. >> this weekend to our da. we have ou roset, so that means we get going. we have our fenny guy here, our radio hosting comediamike catherwood joining us. >> and you have to bring it. >> i'm taken down when mike is in the building. >> good stuff, wtoo. sotever you got, bring it. >> okay, guys, ariana grande and pete davison, they're in love. they have


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