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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  June 15, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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breaking news. we're just gediing word of a urbing case at a local day care. >> let's get right to erika gonzalez who is working the story at the live desk. >> we're learning a dee-care empl is accusesed of sexually assaulting a child. the suspect is juan perez. he was a worker c attro nia day care inig columbia s. day care police say he abused a child fromem last dr to this march. all the alleged abuse happening here at columbia road in d.c. juan perez is charged with second degree child abuse. jackie bensen will have f an upda us as soon as we learn more. back to you in the studio. first on 4, an early morning
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gunshot rang out just outside of the home of the u.s. marine corps highest ranking office. >> it happened at the home ofth commandant in southeast g street in capol hill. >> a marine rushed to the hospital for what turned out to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound. what else have you learned about this, mark? >> reporter: good evening. i just spoke to a marine w offici tells me that marine is still in a local hospital. he is in fair but stable condition. you're lookit the commandant's home right here. this happened in this guard shack hhee on corner. >> the marine was on duty assigned to this guard station at the cornerf 9th and g street southeast. just before 8:00 this morning, the marine discharged his own weapon, injuring himself. other marines as well as d.c. police and fire responded to the scene andro pded first aid. a team of naval criminal investigators combed the area
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trying to piece together what happene happened. we're just a half block off barracks road. the restaurant destination area. we can tell you this remained under investigation. i spoke to marine officials who say they're still not determined whether this was a self-inflicted gunshot wound that was done intentionally or whether this was ade ac. all that is still being investigated. that's the latolt on capit hill. back to you. >> thanks, mark. breaking news now, president trump says it is, in his words, very unfair that former campaign chairman p paul manafort was se to jail after his bl was revoked today. manafort had been on house arrest as he awaits trial on money laund and conspiracy charges. a judge revoked his bail after
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wecial counsel robert mueller's team accused him oness tampering. the president sought to distance himself today. a live report with the latest on this ahead a 4:30. turning to the forecast now. stormeam 4 tracking warmer weather and a heat wave. amelia draper standing by. you can tell it's getting warmer. >> it's getting warmer, but still nice because the humidity levels are low. 84 degrees is our current tempulature. just fs as the sun goes down, it will be really comfortabl sunset right around 8:30. 7:00, clear sky, 80 degrees. f perfect te up the grill tonight, take the dog for a long walk. enjoy extra time outdoors with the jukids. no dry tonight, dry the entire weekend. here is why the weather is so great todayt and whys so great yesterday. this is the dew point temperature. this talks about the moisture up ther when it hits 65 or higher with the dew point temperature, we
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start to say f it'sling humid. dew points in the low to mid 50s in mid julys something we don't get around here often. here is the humidity levels, tomorrow still comfortable, b the humidity does start to build in by sunday. on monday anduesday under weather alert because of the dangerous heat. i'll have more on that right around 4:25. >> thanks, amelia. we're learning more information about an apartment fire in northwest that lt a woman critically injured. police say she intentionally set the fire inside her apartment. >> reporter: fire investigators are saying the fire started inside this woman's apartment. police say she set it herself by setting three separate fires. t you'll sees boarded-up window. that fire forcedam2 fies out of their homes. in a matter of minutes,
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firefighters were on scene and inside this apartment building on r street in northwest. >> i was in t bed when it happened. somebody was knocking on my door telling mefire, fire, fire. >> reporter: julia wilson says she was sleeping when the fire started but woke up t a neighbor knocking on her door. re quickly joined the dozens of others whoan outside as firefighters ran in. investigators say the woman who started the fire was foundde insi this bottom floor unit. firefighters did what they could to help s her befor was rushed to the hospital we're told this woman is in her 30s. she's in the icu being treated for smoke inhalation and severe burns. police tell us this is an ongoing investigation, but right now no charges have been filed. back to you. >> thank you, megan. the day care that employed a worker accused of sex abuse is closing.
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minnie land academy, in april assistant teacher taylor boykin was accused of inappropriately touching severalchildren. he was indicted on 22 fely charges. after months of threats and concerns about a trade war president trump just slappin with huge trade tariffs. china is promising to retaliate. nbc's jay gray has more ofhe escalating tensions between the world's two largestec omies. >> reporter: president trump this morning firing the latest shot in what is quickly escalating into an international >> we're putting tariffs on $50 billion worth of technology and her things because we have to because we've been treated very unfairly >> reporter: the 25% tariff will appl t to morehan a thousand items from china, more from then manufact aerospace, aumobile and robotics industry
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for what the white house calls years of intellectual and technogy theft. the impacts will go far beyond just tariffs. it could lead to boy cots of u.s. products. >> reporter: the chinese minist of commerce says it will, quote, immediately introduce taxation measures of the same scale anden same sgthca aned on other countries to do the same. this as the battle continues between the u.s. and its european allies after a rocky g7 summit because of steep tariffs announced byhe president on steel and aluminum imports from janada, mexico and the european union. gray, nbc news. the eu and canada are also retaliating with tariffs on u.s. goods. hey take effect in july, and mexico's tariffs are already in place. more breaking news right now. look at this scene.
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a largeniire b at a recycling plant in montgomery county lanes are blocked on both of the roadways in and out of there as you can see. the smoke can be seen for miles. no word yet on how this started. we're gathering more information and will have updates for you soon as we get new info. the lixding democratic candidates for governor squared off in their final televised forum before the june 26 forum. it was hosted bybc4 and telemundo 44 and moderated by our friend tom sherod. immigration was front and center, promising to help undocumented immigrants facing deportation. >> too many immigrant children waking up at 2:00 in the morning checking to see if their parents still there. >> we're not going to work with i.c.e. why? we had too many families afraid to send their children toho . >> these i.c.e. officers are
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thugs, bully., they've be as donald trump said, let off the leash. think about the image of that. let off the leash. the only way to stand up to fight is you've got to them. >> you can watch the entire forum with the democratiid caes in the race for governor of maryland coming up on sunday on news 4 at 11:30gh after "meet the press." we n w knowhat will happen to the campaign funds of late baltimore county executive kevin cam nets. it includes money for northwest hospital, the maryland zoo and the hippo droem foundation. more than $900,000 wil support a scholarship fund. he dd suddenly back in may while campaigning for governor. a night of fun takes a dangerous turn. >> six people injured after a roller coaster derails. it was inspected yesterday
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morning. ahead, what officials are saying about what went wrong. apple and oprah teaming up. the project that's bringing these two giants tr and what you can expect from it. >> i'm melissa mollet with a lookt your first look at traffic. a partial closure for this weekenlk g about the beltway friday, starts at 9:00 p.m. and runshrough saturday unthe evening, around 5:00 p.m. the outer loop oversi kton parkway, three loanseclosed near cocut avenue. a warning, allow extra time. wntown, columbia heights day festival on saturday. we're talking about closures
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back now with more on that
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breaking news. chopper 4 over the scene of a large fire at a recycling plant in montgomery county. this plant is located o south lawn lane at goody drive in rockville. you can see the smoke for miles. we a gathering more information about this, and we'll bring you updates as soon as we getthem. in the meantime, a roller coaster ride turning into a nightmare rid s afterething went terribly wrong. take a look at these pictures. the first car on this roller coaster went flying off the track and plunged two riders more than 30 feet to the ground below. others held on for dear life as their carsaned precariously off the rails. this happened last i night a park on daytona beach. investigators say the sand blaster coaster passed inspection just hours before it derailed. remember the '80s?
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hollywood is shooting scenes from the upcoming movie "wonder woman 1984 no big stars whi we were there. just props and setups and lots of old cars. next week the crewrosses the river to film in alexandria. >> 14 years in the making "incredibles 2" is in the theaters. op entertainment editor says the sequel may not be another academy award winner. >> in 2004, the original "incredables" won the oscar for best animated film for pixar. this one i wouldn't say is going to win -- it's a lot of fun. it's almost oddity took so long for them to make a sequel to "the incredibles" ispeciallyn the current era of superheroes.o nsters university came out,
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"finding dory" came out. it was worth the wait. it reminds us why we le this fantastic family of superheroes. in this e craig t. nelson, mr. incredible, is doing a mr. mom thing. he stays home and takes care of the kids when wife, voiced by ntholly , goes out to save the world. it'sf a lotun as you can tell by that plot. there's a lot of gende dynamics at play that the writer/director teaks. in villain is a monster called the screen slaver. the longer w stare at our scenes -- the's cool theme going on underneath. if it causes one kid to look up from his cell phone or tablet, i would call it a win.
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it's a lot of fun. t supere at the movies, pun intended. i would invite everyone to go ut and check it out. "ente "incredibles 2." a big announcement from apple. they just signed oprah to a multiyear deal to create exclusive and original content for apple streaming service. apple is set to take on amazon and netflix when they launch the service. earlier this week applehe announced t deal with actress nicole kidman. they also inked a dolenith step spielberg. lots of big names there. >> yeah. we're about to get some big heat. >> it's going to feel incredibly hot out there mday and tuesday, especially when we compare it to yesterday and today. if you're watching doug was saying how the temperature of 86 felt mo like the l 80s because the humidity levels were so low. not the case sunday, monday and tuesday.
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the humidity is going to make it feel much hotter outsidav we one more gorgeous day tomorrow. we're going to be warmer by about fivedegrees. the humidity level still in check. plenty of sunshine and plenty of sun out there on father's day. we start to notice the mugginess. i'm tracking a three or four-day heat wave. if we honly warm to89, it will be a three-day heat wave. sunday, monday and tuesday are the days to think about the and humidity impacting us in a big way. monday and tuesday we're already declaring weather alert days as we track dangerous temperatures in the afternoon and early evening hours. limit the time that a the kids outside. if they are outside, make sure they're drinking plenty o water on monday and tuesday. currently, how nicest to open the windows? 82 in gaithersburg, 82 in leesburg. i love this weather.
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barely a clo in the sky. tomorrow morning we'll start off with barely a cloud in the sky. roa high tom of 90. so it is hot, but it's not humid. it's kind of that dry heat on sunday, 71 degrees to start the day on father's day. happy father's day to all the dads out there. 5:00 p.m. we hit a hig temperature of 96 muggy degrees. the beach is the place to be. if you pick this weekend for your beach weekend, you're lucking oure tempera about 80 both days with a water temperature arod . when you factor in the humidity, it feels like 100s. degr on monday, we'll likely be under a heat advisory as re99 d feels more like 110 with the mugginess, and very similar on tuesday, feeling like 110 degrees during the afternoon and evening hours. no rain in the forecast to help bring down our pal len count. trees and mold scores coming in moderate. grasses coming in high. weeds coming in low. here is a look at your storm
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team 4 four-day forecast, low 90s tomorrow, mid 90s on sunday and upper 90s on monday andtu day. again, monday and tuesday, storm team 4 weather artdays. we cool down to the mid 80s on wednesday with a chance for thunderstorms, maybe more showers anthunderstorms ngering on thursday with high temperatures in the upper 80s. we start to warm right back up high temperatures near 90. next friday and next ifsaturday you're making plans for next weekend, a chance for late day shers onunday but by no means is either weekend looking like a washout, especially this weekend. >> that's important. it's a big weekend for some of us, about half of us. today marks the end of the school year at a number of school districts. we'reorking for you. coming up ahead, summer activities for the kids that you won't have to go tooar to find. plus, i love bananas. are they healthy or not? susan hogan peels fat fromo
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fiction help you make the best decision. live pictures from chopper 4. we now know that cardboard is what's burning at this recycling plant in rockville. still working on getting
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what's really big and really small at the same time? it's the tiny house festival under way right now at the prince william county fair ground. music nt features live and food and more than 30 tiny houses, some you might recognize from popular tv shows. there are bus and box truck conversions and even really tin housebuildings. the event runs until 8:00 tonight. tomorrow and suny from 9:00 to 6:00. all thes proce go to charity. >> tiny house, nice. tiny mortgage, even nicer. we a kking off our summer staycation series if you're looking for ws to find fun outings for your family, you don't have to travel too far. we're working for you to track down the best places to go. this one is going to have your kids thinking about science and technology. news 4's mole l green found an awesome event happening at the
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national air and space museum. >> reporter: so amazing, you've got planes on theeiling, big plan planes, little plan, innovations in ight, incorporates steam, science, technology, engineering, artd ath into this great family event tomorrow from 10:00 to 6:00. let's talk toat the an curator dorothy cochran about all t that's on tap fs one-day event. >> we'll have 50 aircraft here, everything from private planes to loc police, medevac helicopters, air force and navy and a 767 airliner. >> let's come see all of thatnd tomorrow a whole slew of events throughout the summer. family friendly and free. we'll leave you with the united states air force drill team honor guard group. let's take it away here inside this beautiful hangar in chantilly.
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>> that museum is very, very cool. >> got to see that. you've got to see that from dream gools to sister actress cheryl lee ralph joins us to talk about a big event in the district. former trump campaign former trump campaign manager p
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we'll he out with up to a $500 credit for your early termination fee. go to
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chopper 4 flying over breaking news inll rock fire at a recycling plant still burning. wee told this is cardboard that's burning there. there are a number of crews on the scene trying t put this fire out.
4:30 pm
smoke can be seen from miles away. no word on how thisar d. it appears the whole situation is contained just to that plant which i good news there. leg experts will tell you judges take accusations of witness tampering very seriously. judget's exactly what the in paul manafort's case did today, revoking his bail and sending him to trial. >> the charges stem from his political work in ukraine. robert mueller's team is also enred in his stint as chair of president trump's campaign. >> susan mcginnis has the latest on th t. >> reporte judge deemed paul manafor untrustworthy and ordere him locked up. former trump campaign chairman paul manafort walked into court today hoping to continue his arrest. instead he ended up behind bars for contacting potential witnesses in his upcoming conspiracy trial. judge jackson said he abuseus te
4:31 pm
placed in him acting this isn't middle school, i can't take your phone. the question now, will time behind bars change man ford's mind about cooperating with special counsel robert mueller. >> manafort has clearly bee in the mindset that either through fighting this at tri and/or through a pardon he's going to get of it. >> reporter: president tru tweeted sympathy for manafort this afternoon but only hours before disavowed him. at an impromptu press conference, the president also weighed in by the inspector general's office which blasted the fbi's handling of the hillary clinton investigation. >> cey looid a tremendous amount. >> reporter: the president trump dismissed the conclusion that former fbi directorom james was not politically motivated in his actions. >> what y i'll see bias against me and millions and tens and millions of my followers. >> reporter: instead he offered a very different take on the
4:32 pm
bottom line. >> totally exonerates me. there was no collusion. there was no obstruction, and if you read the report, you'll see that. >> in fact, the rort never addressed collusion or obstruction in the russia inquiry. rudy giuliani, the president's attorney, tells the "new york daily news" the president may use his pardon power after the russia probe is over. it turns out h backtracked those comments in that interview with nbc news following that comment. >> thank you, susan. this summer the march on washington film festival returns to d.c. celebrating the untold stories and unsung heroes of the civil rights movement. actress and tony award nominee sheryl lee ralph is here in our studio with us this afternoon. we know you from the b screen, the small screen, your work on broadway. tell us how you got involved in the festival. >> i was invited. it's always wonderful when people choos you and invite you to come out. they say, you know, we want to pass on the stories of those who
4:33 pm
have come before. when i think of the women that came before me. lena horne, ruby dee, josephine baker, pearl bailey, rosshyn so many that had to go through so much to become the wonderful personas they were and never gave up when times were thhard. asked me to tell my story and what was it like for me to urke that y, follow maybe not in their footsteps but eate my own. i'm very happy to be able to join them. >> people get a chance to see you -- >> tomorrow night, june 16 at the studio theater. they get to see me and songsnd from the original dream girl. >> i remember that version. >> because we love film and the way the arts can t transform way people see, feel and learn, i'll be showing through picture
4:34 pm
and films parts of my work over the decades. wow, decades. well, that's only good because i've been doing this since i was 19. so yes, decades! myself through the decades and the songs and stoes aboutme. >> and you're working on some special projects of yourown. tell us what you're doing in your spare time. i know you see me. it's my "avatar" body. i'm actually in new orleans shooting"claus" with niecy nash. and i play a mysterious htian dy. it starts in the third episode. i've got to tell you,here giving people what they did not ask for. they're enjoying it. >> do you have a preference, the theater, the stage or film? >> there is nothing like the immediacy of the stage. there is nothing like getting up in front of an audience and g e
4:35 pm
giveing it your all. stop, e not going to say take, can i do it again? you've got to know your hit your mark, be on point and be ready to deliver to people even though you've done it a million times, understanding it's their first time. so they must have t proper gift of you. i love theater. >> we're going to see you at the fund aaiser tomorrow night studio theater on 14th street. reception starts at tickets available at the box office. she film festival starts july 12 and r until the 21st. i can't tell you how excited i am to haveyou. >> thank you. it's good to be here. >> good luck on all that you do. >> thank you very much, because more is coming. >> we know that's true. sheryl lee ralph. leon, back to you. >> theorus o.d. > original dream girl. >>awesome. the bond between owner and pet may be even deeper than we think. ahead, what this could mean if
4:36 pm
both you and your dog are a little on the heavy side. head at 5:00, the stanley cup on a tour around the area. >> it was a great day for the fans to be outside or m be you needed to get outside. don't worry. the sun doesn't go down until 8:35. temperatures upper 70s and mid 80s. it's going the heat up as we head into the weekend. we'll talk about that father's we'll talk about that father's y forecast ijust a ldait thanks for financing the new space.fe yeah, like i'm inside a pinball machine. our td bank small business bankers go above and beyond dutch folk music. it makes the tulips grow fasr. oh, i never knew that. it's true. his name is dennis,
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you're looking to welcome a new pet into the family, you might have an easy time adopting a cat this mont >> it's getting hotter in the month of june but also we have a lot who cats at the animal shelter. we're talking about it at the humane rescuecealli why is june national adopt a cat
4:40 pm
month. >> this is the time that cats come into shelters. the cats are out and about,arm weather, they're out making friends and having babies. they end up inhe shelter. >> how many do you hava at these twoumane rescue alliance? >> about 80. >> that's not including foster homes. would you recommend indoo or outdoor cats if someone wants to adopt? >> definitely indoor. they have more than double the life span of a outdoor cat. >> hopefully we c find homes for lots of these cats. hungarian scientists did a study where they put b twols in front of dogs, one held an appetizing meal. the otheemr wapts y or had somethin less appealing init. normal wght dogs followed instructions c tock the second bowl. the obese canines gave up after
4:41 pm
a couple ofies, not wanting to waste the energy. rwsearchers say this is similar to oght people who see food as a reward. interesti interesting. >> landmark study touted the benefitshe of t mediterranean diet. >> there are questions about whether the study can be truste the chain of events thated to authors retracting their work. >> and he revolutionized celebrate dad this father's day. save big on something special from ross, from gifts that fit his style to gifts that bring a smile. happy father's day begins atros. ♪ yotta go to ross
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if you're looking for anor incredible selection of the brands you love, this season's newest trends for a fraction of what you'd pay at department stores, ♪ you gotta go to ross tere are fourngs to know this afternoon. chopper 4 is up over this breaki news in rockville. there are multiple crews on the scene right now trying to put out this fe at a recycling plant at south lawn and gudie drive. we're told it's cardboard burning. it apponrs to beined to the plant itself.
4:45 pm
a day-care employee accused of sexually assaulting a child now under arrest in the district. the suspect is juan perez. he was aorker at centro nia day care.d. police say he abused a child from last december to thit pa march. jackie bensen will have an update on "news 4 at 5:00." a marine rushed to the hospital for what turned out to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound. this happened outside the home of the s. marine corps'hi est ranking officer in southwest d.c. the marine hospitalized in stable conditions. investigators say the don't know if he intentionally shot himself or if it was an accident. president trump's former campaign cirman paul manafort is back in jail. a judge revoked his bail aer special counsel robert mueller's team accused manafort of witness tampering. president trump called theci on, quote, very unfair. if you've got nihon any
4:46 pm
smacks cereal at home, throw it away or take it back to the store. kellogg's says some of the boxes may be contaminated with salmonella and are under recall. of people have gotten sick in 31 states. some of them in the hospital. the recall involves 15.3 ounce and 23 ounce packages with best if used by dates b yesterday and june 14th of next year. other kellogg's products not part of this recall. the new englandournal is retracting a study to the mediterranean diet. the study had a tremendous impact onuttion and health. itsuthors say some of the research they used was flawed. they're standing by the conclusion that mediterranean diet can decrease the risk of heart attack and strokes. > bananasre the most popular fruit in the trld. ary really healthy or is the story bananas.
4:47 pm
coumer reporter susan hogan is rking on whaou need to know. >> some of you have relegated bananas to the list because of high sugar and cas content. >> one large banana has about 120 calories and 17 grams of natural sugar, more than double of what you get in a cup of strawberry slices. >> compared to otherfruits, they can be higher in sugars, but far less than a o soda candy bar. kn >> reporter: keep in mind, too, some of the carbohydrates in bananas come in the form ofy dietar fiber. 3.35 grams in each large banana. that's about 15% of the amount u need every day. eat green bananas and you get an added bonus, resistant starch.
4:48 pm
>> resistant starch isn't easily digested. >> reporter: bananas are also rich in vitamins b and c and potassium which can help promote heart health. go ahead, give in to the a-peel. >> fine with me. i love >>em. o if you love the heat, you're going to love these next few days. in all seriousness, we're talking about dangerous heat out there on monday and tuesday. you want to that in mind, if you know of neighbors that don't have air conditioning or you have young children, you want to be checkingn the monday and tuesday with kids outside monday and tuesday, make sure they're bringing plenty of water. tomorrow is going to be another great da another comfortable day. take a look at the humidity levels, in theowest range i can give in summer. it's going to be a perfect day
4:49 pm
fo the up county commute and the wal and roll-a-thon. i posted more information about it if you're interested in coming ony facebook and twitter payables. you'll find the link right there. on to the humidity level on sunday, you can start to see them increase. we're right around the muggy level. it's not oppressive or terrible. but it's not as nice as today and tomorrow. as we look to monday and tuesday, oppressive humidity moves into the area both days. we're declaring monday and tuesday storm team 4 weather alert days because of how hot it will feel during the afternoon hours. ght now 84 degrees, sunny skies. it's comfortable and dry on you fridening. exactly what we want as we finish off the workweek. a lot of kids have their last day of school today, a great way to kick o summer. 7:00 p.m., 80 degrees. 9:00, 76 and11:00, 73 degrees.
4:50 pm
tomorrow's high arod 90 degrees. if we hit 90 we'll have a four-day heat wave thatesoes through y. >> this weekend looks fantastic. we finally a weekend with sunshine and dry conditions. saturday, low humidity but warmer than today. today low to mid 80s. tomorrow temperatures in the miu toer 80s possibly nearing 90 degrees. i believe we'll make the 90-degre mark by sunday. father's day increasing humidity in the morning. by the afternoon on father's day, hot and humid. car wash, it's dry until wednesday. go ahead and get that washed. perfect conditions for that yard work. t's going to be muggy on sunday, but dry through the weekend. looks like the feel-like temperature. warmest part of the day will be in the afternoon where that feels-like factor wille up towards 100 degrees.
4:51 pm
again, temperatures will top out in the mid 9 as we go to your father's day. make sure you have theunscreen handy. amelia, are you going to go play golf with your d? >> my dad doesn't play golf. we're making dinner together on turday night. that's his idea of a great father's day. how about you? any plansd? this week >> i've got to call my dad and figure that out. i'm so terrible. i' going to callim right now because i know he's watching. >> here is a look at your four-day forecast. saturday, a high temperature around 90 degrees. mid 90s o father's day. monday and tuesday,ro dan heat, high temperatures near 100, but feeling like 110. we'll be und heat advisories and cooling showers and thunderstorms on wednesday with a high temperature of 85. you're right, bananas are
4:52 pm
fruits. no phone calls and e-mails. this will be a special father's day for a c. man and his son. the first for eric weaver,or se and 29-year-old son eric junior. both serve time behind bars at one point together. now they're working together to help rng citizens, their families and communities. >> i came into a perfect situation, to a father that did 22 years incarcerated before me. had to navigate not only through the same system butam in the city, with the same people i have to negotiate with now, he's opened those doors for me. i meet so many people that are position now to help me succeed in life because they met my father prior tothat. they know the blood line and the dedication we have to helping the community. >> theirs is quite a story. eric weav,senior, is founder and chairman of the national association for the advancement of returningcitizens. you'll see the full interview
4:53 pm
and learn more watch news 4 your sunday, it airs father's day at 5:30 a.m. that's disappeared from the esapeake bay, but now they're back. what mussels are saying about the health of our biggest waterway. a night of fun turns into a night of terror after a roller coaster goes off the rails. ahead, what aruna miller: the teacher who made me fe a like i belonged rica when i didn't speak english. the minimum wage jobs that helped me get through college and become a transportation engineer. and my daughters who make me proud every day. i'm aruna miller, and i have a lot of reasons to give back. it's why in the legislature, i helped write dozens of laws
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to protect every maryland family. i'm running for congress and i approved this messagee becaus right now, protecting maryland families means stopping donald trump.
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f quickly turning to terror for people riding this roller coaster. >> cars went flying into the ain endg two plunging to the ground. >> gabe gnierrez has more the frightening right. >> a fun night quickly turned to a nightmare. >> two cars from the roller
4:57 pm
coaster fell off. >> it happened on a ride called the sand blaster in daytona beach. the front car of the roller coaster going off the rails, dangling precariously. panicked screams. two riders falling three stories to the ground. anotherin desperately clito the ride. >>ma 's still on the car, but hanging off of it. >> it looked like it flipped upside down, like it was part of the ride. > reporter: rescuerin frantically working to get eight more workers down. >> we didn'te want anyone e to fall out of the car so they had to be secured and taken out carefully. >> reporter: firefighters using a tower crane. in all six people were taken to the hospital. >> i have to am blah tory that can probably ride sitting on the bench. >> reporter: after an hour, the heart stopping rescue w >> everybody is out of the roller coaster.
4:58 pm
>> reporter: landon metler. >> i tried to talk my 11-year-old brother into riding it. he didant to. we're so glad we didn't get on that ride. it was very scary. >> reporter: no word from the company that runs the ride.o according an internet database that tracks roller coasters, it had already been 35 years old back when ned at this location in 2013. gate gutierrez, nbc news, florida. >> state inspections say the roller coaster was taken out of service a month ago due to corrosion and a crack. >> it passed inspection just hours before the derailment. our news continues right now with jim and erika. >> at 5:00, a story you will onlyee on 4. >> how is morale inside the prince george's countyolice department? >> tonight our tracee wilkins
4:59 pm
talks with offic who say they face intolerable working conditions within the police department. how the department is responding to their allegations. tracking a hea wave. i'll have your father's day forecast, plus the dangerous heat that follows. plus a graduationra cle. >> my mom. i won't lie. i probably spent a half hour she's in the car because not here. >> a local teen's inspiring cap-and-gown moment. good evening. we begin with a story you will only see on news 4. quote, it owes a racist a sexist community. that word from officers tonight with the prince george's county police department. >> that's how they're describing their work environmentn an exclusive interview with bureau chief tracee wilkins. were pgpd boys and girls with
5:00 pm
girls written in lower case. it's a closed group with a deposition that reads men aho women busted some heads to settle pg county. these officers say it's an example of the racist and sexist examples within the prince george's countyntolice departhat no one seems to be doing anything about. how is morale right now inside the prince george's county department? >> racist, unfair and also a sexist community to work for. >> reporter: these a two current prince george's county police officers and one former officer. cause they fear retaliation, we've concealed their identities. >> within the last five years, i've never seen the prince george's county police department so separated. >> separated by how? >> by race, by sex, by discipline. nobody is given the exact same punishment for the exact same cause. >> reporter: tse officers are am


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