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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  June 15, 2018 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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. right now at 11:00, friends mourn the loss of an unarmed man shot and killed with montgomery county police. live with how they're honoring his memory. authorities say these suspects engaged in human trafficking and prostitution at
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massageig parlors here in our area. and new tonight, explosions rock parts, leaving a mancole. >> ann: news 4 at 11:00 starts now. good evening, only on news tonight, candles are lit in silver spring tonight for a man killed by montgomery county police. friends who organized this vigil thought robert white was harmless. and they're having a tough time connecting the man they knew with allegations he fought with the officer. news 4's darcy spencer is live for us at the scene darcy, n one in that crowd saw this death epcoming. >>ter: well, they certainly didn't, jim. that shooting happened at the far end of the p lot. that's where people gathered for the vigil thisg. even there were people here tonight who've known this man since he was a kid. t they sayy are disturbed by what happened here. >> he was a good dude. never got in a fight with him.
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never known him to rob, ne of that. >> dozens of friends and neighbors who knew robert white turned out for a individual it in a parking l where he was killed in a confrontation with a montgomery county police officer. >> my daughter is 10 years old in the fourth grade witnessing things she shouldn't have to. >> police say he was shot after he attacked an officer monday afternoon. cell phone video captured the aftermath, him on the groundng after b shot. he later died at the hospital. white was unarmed. >> interested in the outcome of this situation. ecause this does not need to happen. >> reporter: white was known to walk for miles every day. heenold f it helped him deal with personal struggles. many described him as gentle and fragile. >> i never known him to really bother anyone or be aggressive to anyone on the street walking. he walked ery day. >> reporter: police say white knocked the officer to the ground and assaulted him. that's why the officer opened
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fire. and montgomy county police are continuing their investigation. once it's complete this is going to be turned over for an independent review. the officers involved were wearing bod cameras and we're told that video will be made public once the investigation ie comple. back to you. >> darcy, thank yo.c the d police officer who killed an unaed man on a motorcycle is being fired now. officer brian traer sthaugt terrence sterling back in 2016. trainer said he feared for his life afterrling rammed his police cruiser. a witness told a different story. sterling's death was ruled a hocide, but trainer was never criminally charged. last month the policed trial bo recommended trainer lose his job. police chief peter newshom made the final decision to fire trainer. the termination o takes effect week from today. new at 11:00 tonight, an explosive fday night in parts
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of d.c. news 4'sn jackie ben joins us live in northwest washington where a manhole went flying. jackee? >> reporteis there's a c behind us looking into the situation, what caused it, how to fix it. the d.c. fire department confirms that some type of explosion blew the manhole cover after ofe.ts h those covers weigh about 80 pounds. now, the fire department was called heree to th 600 block of inana avenue northwest for report of a manhole fire after 9:00 tonight. they found one still smoking. they quickly requested the d.c. police close both ends of the block for the safety of pedestrians and motorists. we spoke to a woman who was walking by when it happened. here is how she described it. >> i jusm left f jasmine gardens. my sister and i were standing there. there was a loud boom and then all of this smoke started coming from the ground. and people were like kind of
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ducking. it was just really, really loud. >> reporter: now, we initially thought that there was another ock of this all the way down to eighth street blocked off for this manhole cover explosion. it's not. turns out a movie is filmed down there. we hear it's "wonder woman," not suosed to say tha we hear that's what it is. >> the word is out. a columbia heights day care is cooperating with police in the investigation o sex abuse involving a male employee and a child. d.c.olice arrested 65-year-old juan arturo perez. he's charged with second-degre child abuse. he was an assistant teacher in the pre-k program at sentro nia. a little girl repeatedly tried to pull away from the accused as he allegedly groped her multiple times between december and march. he's now on administrative leave.
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new at 11:00, three rmantown residents are accused of using their massage parlors for humannd trafficking prostitution. police arrestedwang, lynn and jang on tuesday. they own massage parlors inck lle anddeaithersburg. ctives began investigating a possible prostitution ringn december. they observed one suspect picking up womena i gaithersburg apartment and driving them to the parlors to work. they wou services to the male customers. well, a heads up, folks. ome potentially dangerous heat is in enroute. our meteorologist amelia draper tells us we'll be able to enjoy one last gorgeous day.s howaturday shaping up? >> tomorrow, jim, it will be really nice. it will be warming by about fivr s, a high of 90.
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plenty of sunshine and humidity levels nice and low. forecast, high temperature around 90, and comfortable out there. but as we look to sunday we start to seeum theity build. it's starting to feel a little bit muggy out there. by monday and tuesday, the humidity level's making it feel outside.ess even coming up in my fullnd forecast ar 11:20 i'll walk you through sunday, monday and tuesday, letting you know how muchotter it wil feel when you factor in the humidity. monday and tuesday, we've already declared as weather alert days if you track dangerous heat. leonarris at theive desk in the newsroom staying on top of today's big breaking news story. president donald trump says it's unfair that his former campaign manage is sitting in a jail cell tonight. a judge revoked paul manafort's bail today. manafort originally facedon federaliracy and money laundering charges. he's facing new allegations of
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tampering with eswitns. he pleaded not guilty, but thee juaid she can't trust him to follow her rules. she sent him toail until the trial begins. later, trump tried to downplay his connection with the man who ce ran his presidential campaign. >> paul manafort worked for me for a very short period of time. he worked for many reblicans. he worked for me 49 days or something. >> for the record, manafort actually ran the trump campaign forive months. and none of the charges against manafort are connected to the presiden or the campaign. manafort's lawyers can appeal the judge's dec to keep him in jail. chances are slim he'll be out of prison before he goes to trial in september. jim, back to you. hank you. nbc news political director chuck todd joins us on set. discussed manafort, the trump administration's controversial
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policy of separating migrant children from their pare the key role virginia could play in who will control congress. chuck says special counsel bert mueller could be sending manafort a message. >> there's somhoht that if he may be in d.c. jail, the ones with a lot of cockroaches, the flat metal beds. i don't know if that's an accident. menaing that could be a sig that bob mueller is once again putting more and more pressure on manafort. >> theresident coming out and saying that this is a democratic rule, this is a rule or law that was enacted by democrats. what gives here? >> he's making something up. and, i mean, it's toets totally -- nobody understands at he's talking about. virginia now has about a four-state p pce of thezle here for democrats to win control of congress, and suddenly virginia might be among the most importst. >> and t just in, nbc news has confirmed that manafort was oked into a facility in
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warsaw, virginia tonight. that south of st. mary's county in the northern neck of virginia. u'll hear more from chuck this sunday on "meet the press." we talks exclusively to mark sanford as he criticized the president and lost his primary. "meet the press" is at 10:30 sunday morning. after meet the press, the six leading democratic candidates rfor maryland goverquare off, the final televised forum before the june 26th primary. nbc 4 and telemundo 44 hosted. it airs sunday morning at 11:30 on nbc 4. give it up - f >> new at 11:00, student activists from parkland, florida won't take the summer off after surviving that massacre at their high school. they're bussing across theun y for a summer of peace tour. e first stop came tonight in
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chicago. ormer congresswoman and shooting survivor gabby ffords also spoke. now investigators are trying to figure out if a marine sho himself on purpose or if it was an accident. gunshots rang out around 8:00 this morning up on c hill. the marine washe guarding t home of the marine corps commandant. we don't know the marine's name, only that he survived and is in the hospital night. xt, an all new at 11:00, a grandmother comes face to face withbobcat. the one thing she feared as the wild animal went on the attack. i'm a julie carey eagle bank arena. nine months ago ben caplan connecticut walk or talk aft a terrible accident that claimed his
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there are great stories of success h at everyh school graduation. there was an especially moving ceremony today. nine months ago you'll recall ben caplan could not walk or talk after an accident that killed his mother a put him in intensive care. well, tonight, he's celebrating with familyfter walking across the stage to pick up his diploma. our bureau chief julie carey has the inspiring story. >> reporter: gathered in the tunnel ready to march on the floor at eagle bank arena, ben
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caplan recognized this was the big day, even if he hadn't overcome near fatal injuries to get here. >> it's still a big thing because i have beenorking most of my life for this. whether i'm -- after an accident or not, i still -- it's still a big thing. >> lasl f this day seemed unimaginable. it was a heartbrseking on, the accident that claimed the life of ben's mom, erin, badly injured him, his two little sisters and his grandma. we met him last october in bed, speaking again. >> it's been tougi ve a broken heart over the loss of my mother. >> after 90 daysit in the ho it was on to rehab, learning to walk again, building .streng through the intensely painful days, ben wanted to know one thing. do you think i can graduate with my class this year? returned january he to high school. faculty and fellow student helping him to reach his goal? >> what is he telling the
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reader? all paid ben kaplan walked onto the graduation floor with his classmates. ben's thoughts were on one person, the one who couldn't be re. >> my mom. i won't lie, i probably spent a half-houcrying in the car because she's not here. >> later ben's principal recoorizing him his determination. >> your will power and resolve over the last nineav month been an inspiration for anywhe o has met you. >> when the big moment did come -- >> benjamin william kaplan -- >> there was a big smile and especially loud applause and then the pictures to mark a day some consider a but ben still thinking of his mom. >> i hope she proud of me. >> ben's summer plansan include other surgery. then he'll go to community college nearby so he can sy sisters.his dad and
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who are, indeed, very proud of him today. in fairf county, i'm julie carey, news 4. >> ben's got a whole community proud of him. dramatic video, flames shooting from a school building, crews are on the scene at an art school in glasgow, scotland, firefighters don't believe anyone died in the fire. the b mlding ise than 100 years old. the second time in four years it's caught fire. a brave grandmother in georgia saved her ownife by fighting off a vicious bobcat and strangling it. dee dee phillips spotted a bobcat under her suv. she snapped a picture, the bobcat took a few leaps, jumped five feet and landed on her chest. phillips fought to get a good grip aroundk the bobcat's n while it bit her arms, her legs, her fingers and face too. she wastruggling for life, but
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trying not to scream. >> my 5-year-old granddaughter was in the house, and i didn'tg want her com out. if she'd have came out, it would have killed her. he's biting the daylights out of me and i'm thinking, i can't let you go. >> she says when police arrived her arms and legs were numb, but her hands were still gripped around that bobcat's neck. she's being treated for aie r infection now. wow. day.ught i had a rough whoa, i'm telling you. >> i wantde as my grandma. >> everyone needs a dede. a goodon looking saturda tap, and then monday it all starts to heat up on us. >> it really does. we're talking about the hottest weather wve had by far so far this year. it's dangerous heat we have monday and tuesday monday and tuesday already weather alert days. i know for a lot o kids today it was the last day of school. so getting in on those summer activitiesn monday and tuesday, make sure you keep in
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mind it's going to be so hot. limit time outdoors for the kids during the afternoon hours. and if they are outside, make sure they're drinking plenty of water and staying hydrated. weather headlines, gorgeous tomorrow. it is warmer but we still have low humidity. we'll take that in our area. second weather headline, i can't rule out an isolated shower on father's day, adding this in from earlier tonight, maybe back around the mountains, but most if not all ofs areompletely dry. a small chance, but a big day. i do want to mention that. winchester and lieu ray. looking to monday and tuesday, it's all about how hott's feeling out there when you factor in the humidity with near record and record warmth. more on that in a moment. s.rrently in the 60s and 70 tonight is once again windows open kind of weather. we're going to be falling into the upper 50s and 60s across the area, 65 in gaiersburg, 63 in frederick, 64 in cull pepper. clear skies out there. a oeautiful sliver a moon out tonight in the western sky.
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just spectacular. morrow we're starting off in the district around 68 degrees. but theur s will have temperatures for the most part in the low to mid-60s. refreshing everywhere. as we look to 5:00 p.m., high temperature of 90. 's a hot day, but it's a dry heat. on sunday, it's no longer a dry heat. it will feel for humid out ther 71 degrees at 8:00 a.m. 5 0, around 96. but that 96 on sunday is feeling more like 100. if you picked this weekend to escape to local beaches, y're incredibly lucky, amazing there. 77 for a high tomorrow on saturday. and 82 on sunday, a water temperature right now around 70 degrees. t back here in the area feeling about 100 degrees on sunday afternoon. monday we're hitting a high temperature of 99, which would be aecrecord, thed to break is 97. and it will feel like 110 during the afternoon hours.
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that's going to be heat advisory criter. 97 for a high on tuesday. means it's feeling like 110 again tuesday afternoon. and we'll be under another heat advisory likely during the afternoon and evening hours. all in all the weather having a low impactn your weekend. golf is looking awesome, especially if you made the earlier tee time sunday will be a perfect day for the pool. and yardwork, we finally have a dry weekend. the past five weekends have had rainfall. not a lot of rain in this forecast. it's more comfortab out there on wednesday. with a chance for showers and thunderstorms, high temperatures wednesday in the mid-80s.ho morers and storms possible on thursday. but we have lower humidity moving into the area we understand and thursday, jim. >> all right. if we can just surviv right? >> yes. >> keep it indoors and the a/c cranked. his exploits have earned him the nickname childish bambino.ea the 19r-old juan soto was back at it again for the nats
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shine ast toronto tonight. upped the homer count in the second inning. barely stays in the park. he scores later in the inning,p nats jumhead 2-0 in the second. blue jays get it right bac in the third. devon travis, has only homered once since april, well, make that twice, game tied at 2. later in the evening, and jarvis salarde books this flight solo off of 1 enth inning, tron tooronto is ead, and now jumping ahead by 3. nats tie running game, goes down inging. that's all, 6-5. >> he's a good hitter. he can smoke, smoke strong. so you've got to fly. i like miller a so he's go be put in
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situations like that. >> those birds in baltimore not doing as well as those bds in toronto. oriolesrying to avoid an eighth straight loss hosting the marlins. kevin gousman trying his besto break the streak, tossing a scoreless game in the fifth. anderson, first run of the game. isixthing, alvin in trouble d again, secon triple of the game, gousman done, giving up two runs in and the 3rd. no offense for baltimore. hjose gets second. marlins win 2-0. angela sparks paying a visit to the nation's capital, l.a. feeling right at home. candace parker, 1 assists in the game, to odyssey simms. mystics chip away at the deficit. fourthtyuarter, chr toliver, all tied at 76. l.a., reignites their spark
11:28 pm
though. putting the game out of rich. mystics dropped this one 97-86. mid-day start for the nats on saturday, p 4:07 firsch in toronto. max sherzer on the mound, looking for his 11th win on the year. that's always a great thing if we can see mad o max there. we can see mad o max there. >>
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