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tv   News4 This Week  NBC  June 16, 2018 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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now on hi"news 4 t week." the washington apitals seal their place in history as stanley hapions and celebrate with tens of thousands of their closest friends. it's the virginia senate showdown. can corey stewart beat tim kaine? he's promising a vicious campaign. medical miracle. a forme body builder survives a freak accident that cost him an arm. the inleedible way he was to get a new one. >> welcome to "news 4 this week." the caps have won the cup, a moment in time ourne area will r forget. they brought it home for a chance for caps players to celebrat never gave up hope.
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>> oh! >> that is awesome. alex ovechkin waving at fans from his car on his way home from that parade he waited for all his life. here now a look tack at celebration that was decades in the making. >> reporter: it w beginsh a military flyover that raises our spirits to newht heig >> this is awesome! >> reporter: the paradef champions provides moments and memories that caps fanstiave been wai for so long. alex ovechkin lifting the stanley cup trophy for all to see and share. chopper 4 flying over old glory on a day of glory. t.j. oshie holding his daughter. and doug kemmererer high fiving fans and finding out how important this championship is to some families. >> the stanley.g their boy
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lue higrter: the school marching band parading down constitution avenue. along withrn the eas high school blue and white marching machine. chopper 4 gives us an eagles-eye view of therowd on the mall celebrating the cup. soundsm arriving to the of d.c.'s own chuck brown. ♪ get get get get get on up >> i want t capitals for bringig the stanley cup home to our city! >> reporter: team owner ted leonys acknowledging the part the fans played. >> we have the greatest fans in the world. now we have the greatest hockey team in the world. >> look at the people who are re. you know you thought it was going to be crazy, but it's -- it's basically nuts. >> reporter: alex ghechkin deng the crowd by leaving us all with these words. "back to back." ♪ we are the champions
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reporter: back dito back. >> check out this move by the capitals organization. they took out a full-page ad in the "las vegas review journal" congratulating the golden alights on quote the most successful inaugeason in the history of professional sports. that is a class act. s> the stage now set for virginia's senate race, and it might bring flashbacksf the 2016 presidential contest. stewartpporter corey won the gop nomination to challenge incumbent senator and ntrmer hillary c running mate tim kaine. northern virginia bureau chief julie carey reports on the match and the strategy. >> virginia! >> reporte corey stewart's victory party, the third time the county board chairman has sought stateofde ce, first time he's won the chance to run. maki the interview rounds, he spotlighted his presidential
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tweet congratulating him and adding, now he runs against a total stiff, tim kaine,ak who's n crime and borders and wants to raise your taxes through the don't underestimate corey, a major chance of winning. >> i have the support of the president. we're going to have him come down to virginia, welcome him there. >> reporter: senator kaine firing back reminding thet president l virginia while didn clinton/kaine won the commonweal the president obviously doesn't know anything about vi. >> reporter: stewart is repeating a pledge he made when he launched his bid that he'll make a quote vicious and ruthless campaign. >>'m going to run a very brutal race to get out the brutal facts and therutal truths. >> reporter: that strategy on display tuesday night as supporters started the hti-hillary clinton lock her up chant, and responded. >> that might just happen, by the way. >> reporter: kaine says vicious and ruthless? not what virgians want to see.
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>> that's not going to help our country do well. i think virginia wil stick with an upbeat problem-solve history goes to work every day listening to the concerns of . virginians >> reporter: kaine says his focus, the economy, health care, and education. >> he's an isolation economics guy, i'm an innovation economi guy. he's a slash healthe care, t it away from millions, i'm for expanding health care. >> reporter: stewart willcho theesident's priorities including tough treatment of illegal immigrants, something hisutation was built on. while he'll praise the president, he'll also be talking a lot about hillary clinton. >> it's goi to be the anchor around tim kaine's neck. hillary clinton is going to be absolutely sink tim >>kaine. across the potomac, the star power on the campaign trail in maryland. stumpingdave chappelle for democratic gubernatorial ben jealous. ey've been friends a long time and chappelle grew up in our
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area. here's what he told the crow >> i'm sure he cares, i'm sure he has everybody's beste sts at heart. and he's my brother. i love him to death. please welcome, god willing the next governor of maryland, mr. ben jealous. >> the democratic primary is set for june 26th. the winnerac incumbent governor larry hogan. el> after the break, this next story will definmotivate you. >> you're looking at a modern miracle of medicine. how this body builder in alexandria returned to the gym after losing an arm in a terrible accident. anthony bourdain's death still resonating. he had a special connection with our part of the world. his favorites spots in the district. you're watching "news 4 this week." ♪
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this will amaze you. a bodyis builder who lost arm in a freak accident four years
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ago has transformed his mind and hisbody. he i one of a few people to have an arm transplant. news 4's chris gordon has more on his story, a modern miracle of medicine. >> reporter:37 ear-old jeff swadarski works out every day,g strengthenis transplanted left arm. >> had to rebuild my shoulder, go into myde oid, triceps, biceps, everything by my rotator cuff. that was the one thing that i still had. >> reporter: jeff became an amputee in 2014 after falling 40 feet at a d.c. hotel. he grabbed the banisterke that bis fall, but tore off his left arm. it's been three years since jeff's transplant operationed a john hopkins, one of only 85 hand/arm transplants ever done around the world. >> one year to the day that i lost my arm, got a text from my doctor saying, we got an arm for you. >> repter: jeff receive his arm from the family of a
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40-year-old in philadelphia,ie d wdhich m led give his transplanted left m a nickname. >> this arm's from philly, a southpaw, we call it rocky. you know. i haven't hit any meat yet, but maybe that will be part of the rehab later onef >> reporter: works out with a trainer here at sport and health inin alexandria h to get back to full strength. o> as long as he doesn't allow his mind let him think he cannot achieve those goals, then he can achie those goals. >> reporter: others who work out here are inspired watching jeff's >> it's amazing. you look at your everyday life struggles and you realize that it pales in comparison to what he's had to overcome. >> i believe that some things happen for a reason. i felt i'm the right kind of person who can take this and do something special wilt >>it. eporter: jeff says he wants to share the secrets he's learned in rehab with others who face physical challenges. reporting from alexandria, chris gordon, news 4. >> don't bet against rocky.
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now progress on the purple line. transportation reporter adam tuff shows us theew tunnel. anthony bourdain toured the world, learningll about what people eat and why. one place he returns to time and time again, d.c. his impact on our area next.
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a young deer finds its way onto the tracks at the crystal city metro station in arlington. nto ther somehow got tunnel and then jumped around between the tracks and the platforms. worry, bambi made it out safely on its own. roads closed, trees cut down, lives impacted.on construcn the purple line really ramping up right now. the rail line will run between carrollton and new metro stations. crews are focusing on this area between flower avenue and arlis street in silver string. adam tuss is there working for
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you with how this work will impact you for years. >>ngeporter: the dirt is bei turned. take a look at this swath of land that'seen cut through these condo buildings in silver spring, a relatively small tunnel going into thee hills here. onhe other side of the tunnel, on arlisstreet in silverng spri you used to be able to drive down that street. now you're blocked by purple ne work. a large purple wall. >> there is a lot of noise every moing around 4:00 and 5:00 a.m., hard to sleep. >> reporter: chanel's ultimately hopeful. >> i'm excit the to come, i think it willedp it will make this area an extensio. of downto >> reporter: a lot of this purple line work is up close and personal. take a look, this is the parking lot of a giant right here in silver spring. right there is where all the work is happening andth right o other side of that you've got homes and people are being impacted. chopper 4 showing us a different perspective.
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look at all the trees that have come down to make way for the project. we've been here as residents watched trees that theve grown up with cut down. >> they're cutting it down, so it's sad, a little t. >> reporter: construction rolls on, completion date 2022. the blockbuster musical "hamilton" has begun its 14-week run in d.c. and only i washington can you also visit museums that have such a ric variety of real alexander hamilton items from the national archiveo the library of congress and beyond. right now an exhibit at national postal museum contains the two pistols used in that fateful duel between hamilton and vice president aaron burr. they're onnt loan june 24th. if you've seen a really moving performance, you k words often don't capture how the art made you feel. one organization our area is tapping into that feeling and teaching kids invaluable
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lessons. clancy works dance company uses movement to go above words to teach khis about leade and self-confidence. that's why i decided to profile them inhis week's "harrison's heroes." it doesn't look like its but t is actually a lesson on teamwork. >> it shows w asre all breaking off individually, it gets tougher. as we all get together, intertwine, that's where the growth and strength come from, durabili durability. >> reporter: using dance instead of words as a teachtool. >> you hear about dance being a nonverbal art form, it crosses over language barriers. really what people are saying beyond wor:s. >> reporor 17 years the company has been providing students from low-income familiesith access to the creative arts. >> we've run programs for all ages and abilities. up to ekindergarte senior classes who are like 96 years old. >> reporter: but it's not just about the daing.
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students use creative movement to help them solve conflicts and learn respecand tolerance. >> it gives us a sense of empowermen like we actually matter. and working with the clancy works company has shown us that we can collaborate and a share we still matter. >> i think dance allows you to see things in different so maybe if you're having a bad day, let's work through it in a different way than shutting down. let's dance through it. >> reporter: with students in , mi adrian created a performance about resilience. >> whathocks are we absorbing personally, economically, environmentally, on a community pep aorf a l? possibilities and stories that not only got the dancers very ut interested, a variety of different populations from high schools to the senio to also working with corporations. >> reporter: dancers performed the piece at schools around our area.
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edrienne says the students often see their own l stories reflected in the dance piece, and that'sct e what they're going for. >> to hear their honesty, how immediately it went to their personal points of view, made me feel artha is doing it's meant to do, reach people beyond itself. artwork >> it doesn't stop in the schools. clancy works dance company t brint same dance program to businesses, and they teach the adults there the same ssons that they did the children. if you'd like to learn more about it, we've got a link in our nbc wasngton app, search harrison's heroes. oprah winfrey traveled to d.c. for the opening of her own ex at the smithsonian national museum of african-american history andcu ure. it shows the way america shaped winfrey and how her work shaped america. the exhibition runs through next june. foodie, author, television personality anthony bourdain was found dead this month in francew did you kourdain had a personal connection to the d.c. area? news 4'snhris gor has been
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talking with people around the region about the chef's lasting impact. >> reporter: at the front door of ben's chili bowl, they've sted a picture of anthony bourdain with the owners. it says he will be missed and forever loved. >> i was sad. i turne the on this morning and i heard that he was gone, i just cried.h he was s a remarkable person, and when he was here, we were so happy, happy to have him. >> reporter: boun brought his globe-trotting food show to ben'swe chili l, focusing on washington food specialties. the owners say their half smokes were only known locally until bore durdain featured them, delicacy. >> you get his love of people. he loved -- i don't care where he visits or walks, he appreciate every culture, everyone he met was special to r:m. >> repord.c. central kitchen, which delivers 5,000 meals a day to city shelters
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with the help of volunteers, was a bourdain favorite. mike curtain showed me arou the kitchen and bakery, stressing how the training program here gives people with troubled pasts a chance to get jobs as cooks. he tells me bourdain got involved in their annual fund-raising efrts. >> jose, our good trend chef jose andreas, brought tony into our big event, the capital food fight in 2005. a teeny event, but having jose and tony on stage made it something magical. and it became an event. >>eporter: anthony bourdain leaves his mark on the local people hknew and the viewers who feel they knew him. chris gordon, news 4. news 4 is committed to shattering the stigma surrounding mental illness ha through ouring minds initiative. if you or someone you know is struggling with those kinds of issues, we have resources for help ready for you including a suicide prevention hotline.
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just search "changing minds" in our nbc washington app. it's our time. caps fans still reving after celebrations for our stanley cup champs. you're watching "news 4 this week."
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that's all for "news 4 this week." i'm leon harris. thanks for joiningus. we'll leave you with moreouights and snds of the capitals' victory parade on the national mall. >> let's go caps! >> captainyo and pff mvp, number 8, alex ovechkin! ♪ and the rockets' red glare >> i love you s. mu i know how much you love this city and tse players. and now we have something that bonds us and unites us. a stanley cup championship.
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>> the words i want to leave you with, and i have to sort of --
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>> announcer: "news 4 today" starts now. >> he helped get donald trump ho into the whiteuse. now, the former head trump presidential campaign is sitting in jail. d.c. police arrested a 65-year-old man for allegedly groping a small child at a lycare center. it is note any other festival you will see. these are not models. seehat you can find happening oday at the tiny house festival. >> that's a thing? >> i guess. first time i've ever heard of it. t s the inaugural tiny house -- >> there is the show on tv, like the small spaces you live? >> it is fascinating. i can't d wait to into that. good morning, everyone. i'm angie goff.


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