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tv   News4 Today  NBC  June 17, 2018 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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heading into the 10:00 hour on news4 htoday,ere is what we are following. seven people had to be rushed to the hospital after a late night headn crash in montgomery county. protestshrough the country as the trump administration continues splitting up families as ty arrive at the border. >> it is father's y, we have a sticky forecast. if you're going to play golf, bring the sweat rag. >> idy think alr over 80 something degrees. >> flat and frizzy hair cast. >> it will be warm. th temperature on t bottom of the screen, 81 degrees already.
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the newest update. it is going to be warm by noon. above 90 degrees if not in some areas. low to mid 90s today. you factor in the humidity, close to d 100rees through the middle of the afternoon. isolated shower or isolated thunderstorm. ying to see a few organize in the shenandoah valley. we'll talkbout chances of showers on thunderstorms through the afternoon. i will show you future cast and heat for monday and tuesday in 15 minutes. >> thank you. we folw breaking news out of new jersey. 20 people hurt when gunfire broke out at anrt festival. we have the latest from the
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sce. 2:45, two men walked in with guns and began to openir witnesses say they heard an argument, fight break out in moments before the shooting. they ran for cover. 16 peoe shotlu idincng critical condition. one of the shooters believed to be dead. u they tell a second suspect is in custody now as the investigation intohe mass shooting continues. happening now in fairf county, police looking for a missing teenager, named charlie barton. they say the 17-year-old may be going through a mental health crisis, las seen at 6:00 saturday morning.
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police say he may have been in the area in alexandria section of the county noon yest tday. newhis morning, this collision sent several to the hospital in montgomery county. take a look. see a couple of cars flipped upside down. some with front ends smashed in and damage. fire officials say four vehicles were invved in the crash. itappened last night in derwood. seven people were taken to the hospital. 10:03. happeningla today. day of the d.c. dragon boat festival. >> it is a nice day to be on the water because it is so hot.ic de ward is live on the banks of the potomac where there might be a slight breeze but plenty of cool boatsut there. >> reporter: nice day to be here when the sun goes behind the clouds. take a look s you ca one of the teams going there, they've gone under
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the bridge there. we have video of more competitive heats. it has beend some goo races. yesterday was the qualifying race. today is the final. it's always good participation here as we hear from one of the organizers. >> it was wonderful. everybody so energetic. they come together and want to events.of the some of the teams come back, some of the teams are new. theew teams wanted to come next year to keeppa parting. >> you've got teams from all walks of rtlife. cen corporations have teams. we have teams of breast cancer survivors, hearing impaired, visually impaired, everyone can take part. there's dark origin that stems back toss oppe regime
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thousands of years ago. fast forward another thousand years and it is a festive event, dmed at bringing people together,playing teamwork, having a good time. like a festival that goes around. lot of people on shore as well. races going on the better part of the morning into the afternoon. might want to come down, take a look. derrick ward, news4. back to you. >> thank you. seems like lot of people have bright idea under the tentnd trees. president trump is assigning new bme to border separation policy enforcement. >> in a tweet, he says separating children from families at the u.s. mexico bord is the democrats' fault. meantime, protests on the issue continue across the depa of homeland security says in six-week period, nearly 2,000 kids have been taken from parents, held in government shelters. the trump administration hopes to change the criteria to gain
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asylum into the united states. hoping splitting up families when they arrive will deter others from coming, many across the aisle disagree. >> he could stop it if he wanted to all he has to do is pick up the phone, say stop taking babies from their mothers. that's entirely within the powde of the presint of the united states. >> department of justice will not stand idly by while our laws are defied and undermined. >> they plan to add 1600 more beds at facilities near the border to accommodate all of the minors being detained. >> meet the press moderator chuck todd will join us later to talk about the policy and what else is on the show later on nb. six leading candidates for governor square off in a final televised forum before the june 26 primary, it was hosted bnbc4
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and telemundo 24 and monitored by tom sherwood. immigration was front and center with candidates talking about vowing to help. >> we have to end the terror, this is one thing we can do. >> we have too many families afraid to send children to school. >> i.c.e. officers are bullies. thugs. as donald trump said, let off the leash. the only way to stand up to bullies is you have to fight them. >> you can watch the ente forum with the democratic candidates in the race for governor of maryland. it airs here on news4 later this moheing at 11:30 after "meet press." d.c. voters decide on the issue of tips, minimum wage. they can be paid 3.33 an hour. goes up to $5 in 20 to.
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if this passes, tipped employees -- in 2020, and if initiative 77 passes, employees woul earn $15 by 2025. darcy spencer talked with workers and diners ahead of the big vote. >> reporter: it is a beautiful saturday night at the wharf in d.c. thousands are hanging out at bars and restaurants, enjoying the water front. d.c. residents have the chance to change how waiters, waitresses and other worrs are paid. it would boost tipped worker pay to $15 an hour by 2025. many we spoke to support the pay hike. >> i think it would help a lot of people as far as being a le to make living wage. >> reporter: but the initiative created controversy. some restaurant owners saying having to pay workers so much more could cause them to reduce hours or close.
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save our tips is urging voters to say no.wo this restauraner that depends on tips says he supports the initiati. >> it would help a lot, but if people would do minimum wage, i would support that, yeet higher paying. >> reporter: some are concerned raising base pay means customers won't tip or at least not as much. many customers we spoke to say ey would still tip. it is about rewarding good service. >> make up your mind to go out and eat, you have to back it up if you want it. that's t personal thing. don't think it would be effected by how much somebody is making at the back end. >> reporter: some residents have not yet decided how they're going to vote cot they have a le of days to decide. the vote is on tuesday. in southwest washington, darcy spencer, news4 today.
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taking a live look outside this father'swe day. could be dealing with dangerous heat. lauryn ricketts will join us next wheh more on rising temperatures and the chance for storms this week. and donald trump turned from reality star toou politician be inspiring others to join the political fray. we're going to show you more of the interview thatum sparked of a kardashian run for the white house. think about that. think about that. at's up next on news4 thto
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to three generations montgoof elrich' home we love it here. but we have to work to keep it great, like fixing transit and traffic to shorten my son-in-law's commute. increasing open space where my grandchildren can play. and reducing classroom sizes for all our kids. that's why our next county executive has to require developers to solve the problems their developments create. as county executive, that's exactly what i'll do
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for every generation. it seems tma oval office an impression on kim kardashian. she is not ruling out a presidential run. he asked her about a white house bid, she said never say never. recently, she visited president
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trump, helped get a pardon for a nonviolent drug offender. check this out. we have all heard the term you break it, you bought it. some parents in kansas are living proof. >> it is $132,000. you can see it. a tumble. that was a pricey sculpture. the family was at a community center when it happeneds one of the it is like an hour glass sculpture. the child and artwork tumbled onto the ground. say it is damaged beyon what they can repair, but the insurance company wants the couple to pay up. and they said this could happen. to anybo
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the community center says you weren't watching the kids, it is a big back and forth. >>m y biggest fear is take t anywhere there's something they could break. especially like that. >> the community center, some pa nts are saying that shou be behind glass. let's check in with lauryn rickett ricketts. a fot of people have pla father's day. we're checking in with her in a moment so she can help you plan the best time for grilling andh going t to
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t>> socme of the images are har to watch, p of the new border enforcement policy. moderator of "meet the press" chalk todd joins us in studio.he happy fs day. >> thank you very much. >> let's talk about this topic, it is startin to riseo the surface. the president now assessing t ame, saying the democrats' fault because of this, now a back and forth going on. >> little bit. the trump administration policy, the attorney general said it, a phoneall could change it right now. i have spoken with head of border patrol, said how quickly could you implement it, he said immediately. a phone call could endt. the white house saying they're doing it for leverage.
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what's intere kellyanne conway is coming on. big meeting tuesday about hite house. at the i have a sneaking suspicion this is untenable p politicalition to be in, even franklin grant, sort of supportive of president trump on anything, like president trump can do whatever he wants, has an evangelical leader, he signed off on all of it. this is the first time he opposed theic president's p on something. tuesday, i wouldn't be surprised if the president says we have a pass on going -- >> the images, election yes, republicon't like this. they're already struggling with suburban women who are turned off by president trump's tone. >> speaking of republicans, another republican congressman lost his primary. critical of president trump.
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the defeat of mark sanford, what does this mean when we look into the future for mid terms? >> here's what it means now. it means right now there blican party -- markanrd didn't get fired over politics, as fired -- he comes on and says we have a problem. he brought u his own situation. there were consequences for my life. he says the fact tha there's no consequence is shaking the foundation of ourn. constitut shaking the foundation of the republican party. it has far reaching consequences. i say for now what happens in november. it is one thing about republican primaries this way, it is another thing if republicans realize that it is a pick your poison, if you go with trump, it costs you november, it may have been second guessed.
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november will tell us wisther s a temporary sort of trump takeover or permanent for the republican party. >> thanks for stopping by, chuck. reminder, see "meet the press" at 10:30, here after news4 wday. >> here'st i want to know. can you turn up the ac tomorrow p nationalk about 5:00? i would like a little cooler afternoon. ll set for my one and a half games of yankees, nationals, mondays are my day off, mondays are my weekend. i'm eited that the yankees series was rescheduled. 12 innings. how about it. sweet. let's go. turn up the ac? wl try. it is going to be a hot one out there, chuck. you bake out there at nats park.
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the heat index tomorrow is close to 105. there you go. what time is the game? >> they pick up sus nded game at 4:00 or 5:00. >> that's better. sun is not going down until 8:30 tomorrow evening. >> hydrate with water. >> everybody will be dumping water on me, the lauryn ricket challenge. >> going to be warm today, tomorrow, tues asked about the nats game tuesday because we have a few storms inec the ft. somebody on your facebook page was asking about it. it is going to be a hot one. monday, tuesday, weather alert days. not it is go be warm today. heat index is around 100 degrees opposedo 105. it is more like 105 as we get into tomorrow and tuesday afternoon. very hot today, tomorrow,
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tuday. rain chances increase tuesday. we'll see temperatures, 70s and low 80s already at this point. at w10:22,re at 81 degrees. now, the heat index, humidity is building. it doesn't quite feel too bad. >> 10:30 in the morning, could feel bad for a lot of pple. that number will only get further and further apart from the actualir temperature as humidity builds in. feels like temperature thist afternoon3:00 is close to 100 degrees. it will be rather warm a we continue through the afternoon. was saying arlier beforebreak, it will be hot in front of the grill. grill forecast is not too shabby. may have an isolated shower, a few clouds. temperatures in the 90s with the heat index in thepper 90s, near 100 degrees. a few isolated showers. weakening over the appalachian mountains. weakening past the blue ridge.
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isolated shower, maybe a storm possible. highly isolated. this system keeps moving south. it will move out of the area. isolated pop up storm not out of the question as we continue into the afternoon. not likely. i would say 20% chance to see it where you are. maybe good to download that nbc washington app. 96 for tomorrow with a heat index of 105. it feels like 105. weather alert monday and tuesday. tuesday, chance for showers and storms. humid all this week. more news after this. ♪
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and add voice and tv for $34.90 more per month. call or go on line today. police in fairfax county are working to find 17-year-old barton. we're told he may be going through a mental health crisis. he was last seen saturday in n annandale. a fire broke out 3:00 this morning at an art festival. the shooter is dead, one other suspect is in custody. "meet the press" next. kellyanne conway will speak
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exclusively with chuck on another wild week at the white house. watch our forum with the nomocratic candidates in the race for gov of maryland that airs here later this morning at 11:30, right after "meet the press." lauryn says be ready heat. he >> it will be a hot one today. weather alert for tomorrow. feels like 105 tomrow. >> need that spray fan. >> yes. have fun celebrating dad. have fun celebrating dad. stay thefor moe.gomery county endorsesexecut blair "the best chance of injecting a dose of vitaty into a county that badly needs it."
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this sunday, truth and consequences. president trump makes many false clms about th justice department and inspector general's report. >> the report yesterday may be more important than than anything it totally exonerates me. >> no, it doesn't. the fbi. >> you look at what happened, they were plotting against my election. no, they wereant. about separating the moildren at the boarder. >> that's the decrat's bill that's the democrats wanting to othat. >> no it isn't. how cane believe a president who routinely says things that are provably false? my guests kellyanne conway and am


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