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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  June 18, 2018 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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southbound bw parkway before. green belt road, 19 this crash on the right side, we have that tow they're on the scene. right now it's a four-mile backup as you are headed southbou here this morning. northbound unaffected. southbound really has impacted.a 95 through same area, if you are living sometime stoon, it's really going to be your best idea right now. take a look at that. that is bw parkway, but 95, they are paralleling it. in a proirj problems ol i-95. >> as we take a look at the beway, all the other main routes into town and out of town actually look pretty good. we do have someissue, though in capital heights eastbound. marlboro pike a vehicle fire there. now, says sheena, speaking of fire, it feels a little fiery out there this morning, huh? , wait until the afternoon, melissa. you think it's warm now. wait until later today.
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sno that kibt south winds. it will be hotter than it was yesterday. of the area sitting at about the upper 60s. some smots in the low 70s. mre's what's going to happen as we it go through tning hours. we're quickly going to warm into the 80s. mid 80s, closes to lunchtime, and then we're around 90 degrees by about noon, and then those temperatures keep on growing up. also, when we will see rain relief. >> it's 6:01. as we've been saying all rning, it is going to be a hot one today. we are helping you take care of yourself in these summer 4 mont. ne justin finch is live on ways you can beat the heat. justen, good morning. >> hey there, good morning. i don't know if youant to go out for a run or a bike ride, now is a really good time. it feels great out here for now. we know that we are just some hours awayt from t real super heat comingwa our
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dawg about the clothes. you want to keep them light and loose today. it's a good idea to avoid the alcohol and caffein if you are going to be outside for a prolonged period of time, they actuay work against you. you want to make sure toth reapy spf every two hours. it's also aed goo idea to avoid those hot and heavy mea on a hot day. they really do just weigh you down. this is also a good time to check on your neighbors who will have a harder time in heat like this. >> if you are living near a issues,ho has healt please college on them and make sure they're okay.
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people who don't have air conditioning at home need to spend part of the day in the mall or in the supermarket where it's cool. we do know it's going tb a lot warmer outside. if you have to be in the always a great idea to take a break before staying out there much longer. i'm justin finch. news 4. for you back to you.
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>> train service also was suspended. passenge forced to get off board. many of them had to walk along the track to get home then you can see in the buildings there are pple franticly trying to secure thimgz as the walls continued shaking. we all in all three people died. one of them a young girl when they were hit by sdebris. she ust 9 years old. back to yo >> all right, ang judgy. thank you. >> also develrning this g. two shootings in public places sent innocent people running for vetheir >> one ended outside of a busy state.rt in washington the second set nearly two dozen to the hospital after someone opened fire at an arts festival in new jersey brir first to ebt thereonhere police say gang fights led for a wild shoot-out early yesterday morning. cell phone video captured chao about 1,000 people were at the
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fundraiser whe the gunfire started. more than 20 were injured. hear from witnesses who ran for cover. that's ahead at 6:45. in washington sta a carjacking suspect is dead after being shot by a man he was trying to rob. police in tumwater say the gunman shot a man and a 16-yeagold girl before try to steal another vehicle in a wall mart parking lot. zpliechlt we're learning new details of a disturbing crime in d.c. a man faces charges for secretly filmingre women inside r it 21 while they were changing where, it happenedy saturda the store in f street downtown. according tod.c. police lawrence foreman stuck his cell phone underneath the dressing room door. he was recording women as they were undressing.
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he was quickly arrested and charged with voyeurism. it's 6:06. tomorrow d.c. voters will decide ehether tipped restaurant workers should mhe minimum wage. >> you probably have seen the signs in restaurants and bars to around . both for and against initiative 77. that measure w boost base pay for workers from $3.33 an hour to $15 an hour. now,ay opponents s it could lead to fewer hours and less money for workers down the road. supporters argue just the opposi s. >> custome an increase in prices. sticker shock is going to set in. they are not seeing any wage increases. >> i p your bosses are saying you're going to lose your tips and you're going to lose your shifts, but none of that true. the data is there to prove it. >> we have more on initiative 77 and other issues on the ballot in tomorrow's d.c. primary in the nbc washingto app.
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6:07 our time right now. skbriench the immigration crisis is sparking outrage and political debate on both sides of the aisle, and now the first lady is weighing in as nia trump's office released a statement saying in part, "m. trump hates to see children separated from their families. she believes we need to be a untry that follows allahs, but alsont a coury that governs with heart. is is all inesponse to the trump administration's zero tolerance policy which requires adults crossing the border illegally to be arrested. thousands of children have been d from their parents as a result. one of the president's top advisors echoed the first lady's softer tone on "meet the press" this weekend. >> as a plomother, as a catholi as sebody who has conscience, i will tell you idbody likes this policy. you saw the present on camera. he wants this to end. >> now, the hse is expected to vote on two immigration measures this week.
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peeve people are dead following a chase with border patrol agents in texas. p ple were in said this suv d when tver lost control wed why yesterday. you can see the damage after the car flipped several times. 12 people were tloenl out. the suv was going 100 miles per hour when the driver lost control near big wells, texas. s authoritie the driver, who is a u.s. citizen, was smuggling >>ople who had just crossed the border. he driver of this vehicle has handled him before. we dealt with him last week. obviously he wasn't smuggling any people at that time. he was either here to pick up some or scouting. >> nin people survived that crash. zpliencht a long-time ally of president trump is now being investigated by special counsel robert mueller. roge stone apparently had a meeting with the russian figure in may of 2016, who wanted dlan 2 million exchange for dirt on hillary clinton. ? meeting was not disclosed until now. stone says he rejected the
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offer, and he believes the man was an fbi informant trying to set him up. snoo the rapper was sentencesed to two to four years, but was released in april. >> an impatient doctor made a scary trip to tr. worse for fame in california. this morning the hospital is apologizing since that doctor wasam caught ona grabbing upd mocking the patient. >> put your head don't try to tell me you can't move. >> pick my head up? >> yeah. sit up. sit up. >> he can't. >> sit up. i'm having you sit up >> w, the patient's father recorded this video. the 20-year-old patient collapsed after basketball practice and was rushed to the hospital last week.
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>> i know exactly from when she brought t security gored that it was going to be hostile. >> no. yo havehanged your story every [ bleep ] time. >> whoa. >> that's how pissed off you've gotten me. >> now, the family is considering filing a lault at this point. the hospital says that doctor no longer works in the emergency room. rizona police arrested a man they say was running mart scam at more than 1,000 stes. police say thomas rudd eker was buying computers, removing parts, and then returning those computers for a full refund. he was arrested last weekn yuma as he tried to return one of the computers he had purchased earlier. wal-mart says this that his fraud lent returns cost the company 1.3 million. pledges of love in the district.
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>> couples with 33,000 years of marriage between them renewed their .vo cardinal donald -- preceded over the special mass at the national shrine in the northeast yesterday. >> this jubilee is a celebration of enduring human love. we're all here, are we not, baring testimony to the beauty, the challenge, the wonder of love. >> just wonderful. the couples are from perishes here in d.c. and in maryland. 75 years of marriage. congratulations to all those co les. coming up, getting your finances in order. it's a big goal dpor millions of sericans. we'rwing you where to start. plus, under investigation. are america's charter schools unfairly keeping children of color out of t u classroom. in spoke. an art school turns into a
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raging inferno all while cameras are rolling. sheena. >> well, it's going to be a hot one today. get ready for temperaturesn the mid 90s few by the afternoon. warm and muggy. theumidity will make it feel close to 100 grows. a we hav air quality alert. i'll talk more about wst to expecte go through the rest of the week coming up. >> oh, we have the bunls going hair salon this morning. dad has got up early to get special tips. it's a special daddynd me workshop. i'm going to tell you why thls also veryps hologica also veryps hologica details
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simply smarter shopping. ah- hse inferno in scott land. a massive fire ripped through a building at the glasgow school of arts over the weekend. look at those flames.
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it is the second time this building h caught fire in four years. no one was hurt.e just incredi video there. this morning a stunning report on charter t schools in u.s. >> the idea behind charter schools is ton give students disadvantaged yashz a leg up. the new report says hundreds of schools a keeping those children out. a joint investigation found 7 p0 charter schools across the country have student bodies that are whiter than any other traditional pupn schoole same districts. in many cases people say zoning restricks can keep the students out. >> fep your financial information stored on your phone could be the reason you're not paying off your debt. a certified financial planner says everyone, but apparently young people, shut put down the one and pick up a pen. remember this -- tho write things down on paper. he suggestions managing a bunl the old-fashioned way by writi it down. new includes a detailed list of the money coming in and outcc o
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yournt. he says using teb nolg gives us a shortcut, but no shortcut when orting out finances. >> i do like tori these down and it still gets in my better, and i'm keeping track of it better. >> you're going to be going on nice vacations. i'll be squirrelling away money. 6:178. it hpens in many households. mom thats to leave early for work, and sometimes dad has to make sure his daughter's hair is done. well, some may hesitate. many dads are now stepping up to the chal epg. >> molette green is live at a special event where dads are getting professional help when it comes to hr care.
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>> this is all part of an effort to just improve the relationship between parent and their children. kadisha harris is one of the co-owners at the salon valencia is 9. her dad is valentino. what are you doing? >>'m doing my daughter's hair. >> are you making the adjustment here? >> yes. i'm making an adjustment. >> let's talk about the importance of having these workshops. you got one coming up in about eight days. >> yes. it's important tmyt there is a that doing african-american hair care it's a hard thing to do and that you new edo invest in all these products and all of these things. as anyr is just as easy other culture. >> i want to you see, really quickly. a lot of y about your childhood trauma, right? >> yes. i see a lot of my clients come in today, and they do suffer from pts signs. ptsd. excuse me.
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th is definitely given by their parents. workshop, the datay and me work shot. the -- go to the event bright, and you did get more details on the first avenue design. plan to help dads and irthis daughters. back to you. skbro figuring out how to do it. what do you have comg up later in the hour? >> okay. at the end of the hour this dad promises to be able to put her hair in three tails. >> we're going to see how that all happens. we're going to bring it all together here. full circle wher >> good luck. thank you. >> they're wishing you good luck. >> 6:19.ol we're flowing breaking news actually that may impact youco morningute. >> melissa is here now with your first 4 traffic. what's going on? is. >> tffic alert here in the groo enbelt. this is southbound bw p-kway before the crash still on the
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right. hoping this gets out of the way soon. this is a five-mile backup as are you headed chicken. if you are headed out sometime soon, you want to do 95 stead. look at the delays and 9 that really loong pretty good comparatively speaking. inner loop and outer loop, no big problems there. as we zblook in for you he, the american region bridge looking good. out of town and outer loop really long nicely. branch avenue at kcoventry way. right side blocked by the crash. it is warm out there this morning, the sun glare could be impacting thungz as well. we don't like the sun glare in the morning but we have to deal with it today. attoday wooep wel hotter than yesterday. we'll feel near 1 had degrees as we go tn.ough the aftern because of this we have an air quality alert out for the cord high temperature. we'll be dry many until tomorrow
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morning. it's 74 degrees in washington whern 76 in annapolis. warm, humid start to the day. 68 degrees in frederick. here's the air quality alert to all the counties shaded in gray. this is for sensitive individuals. poor air quality for maybe the elderly. ose are respiratory issues like asthma. meu don't want to be outside for lock periods of oday. a lot of hot air moving in and really just sitting over the area. big area of high pressure. that's requestg to keep us dry. those temperatures with t humidity will be feeling close to triple digit heat today. this morning is really going to be the best time to do exercise 75 by 7:00 a.m. by hufrm time already near 90. bit afternoon topping out at 94. will you want the spf positive or higher, and you'll thement the shade andake sure you stay hydrated. here's tomorrow afternoon. we have thunderstorms in the forecast. that will be giving us a little bit of relief, but temperatures will still b near the 0
6:22 am
tomorrow. if we hit 90 on wednesday, that would tel technically be a heat this is really borderline. after that more rain chances as we go into the weekend. we'll take a closer leck at what tot today coming up. all right, sheena, thank you. still how you can copy your property clear of mosquitoes this summer. and details on that rare warning from disney. one scenen "incredibles 2" may one scenen "incredibles 2" may ri mas eve, my dad had no healthcare. he walked into an emergency room clenching his chest,
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and they sent him home. he died alone on a cold floor because he was poor. today in america your life is jusycheck to an insurance company. it's time to end the americ nightmare that my mother and i went through. i'm rogemanno. i'm running for congress to expand medicare to every american. ove this message.
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zploinls a greater chance of mosquito and tick bites. >> we findut how you can best protect yourself andr y family.
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every week environmental health rts and sends off the captured mosquitoes to test. >> have any standing water near you? well, it' got to . experts say no matter if you have to drain it, toss it, or tip it,us it can't stick around. they say mosquitoes only need seven days to grow, hatch a whole new crop of bugs that just might come after >>you. look out for ticks. they're out there too. take a look. they're tiny. that means if you or your kids spendime in woodsy areas, you should take off those clothes and do a trough tick check as soon as you get home. >> there could be ticks on theil hing, and it also gives you a chance to check everywhere on their body and make eyre that don't have any ticks attached anywhere. >> and if you turn up a tick -- >> use some fine-tipped tweezers. grab it as close to the skin as possible pull up with steady even pressure. >> you can send off your ticks to fairfax county to check them
6:27 am
for illnesses like lime disease. almost 200 lime cases were reported las. ye to stay safe outside, the county recommends you use bug repellant with the key ingredients. >> de, oil of lemon eucalyptus, or ir 3535. they're all very effective at repelling mosquitoes. >> i'm justin fih, news 4. the mosquitoes love tha humidity, and we're going to have that around. as we go through the day this moing, very warm and humid. sun glare on the roads. we are going to stay dry by 9:00 a.m. ahd at ea6:
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zpliencht that breaking news. several crashes that could slow down your morningcommute. melissa mollet is tracking the 4 traffic.our first >> then to sheena for some
6:31 am
warnings from the weather department. melissa, let's start with you. >> good moing. is one starting top of the beltway in silver springs. chopper 4 will be over that in just a second. green belt, though, southbound bw parkway before 193. those lanes have reopened. this is where chopper 4 just was. those delays, look at that. five miles. still hanging around. if you are headeut sometime soon, take 95 instead. that's just a better ption at thint, and probably will be for the next couple of hours because of that delay.r inner loop n georgia avenue looks better than we expected. chopper ran over there for us tu sh really what was going on. looks like it's just on the shoulder now. inner loop and outer loop near georgia looking prett good overall. 95 north virginia after route one. trick fire. real delays as you are headed inbound. good morning. it is a warm and mumd start as you walk outside. nice sunrise here, but that sun is reallng to be warming us up soon. 74 degrees right now. the sou wind today, that's going to heat us up into the
6:32 am
90s. it is going to be hotter today than it was yesterday. 68 degrees gaithersburg. 76 in annapolis. 68 in leesburg. as you are about to step outside, look at our temperature trend quickly. weill be getting into the 80s this morning after about 9:00 a.m. by lunchtime, it closer to 90 degrees, and you can bet we'll be in abou today with the humidity. it's going to make all the difference. we're going to have heat tips for you an of course, your pets as well. that's coming up, guys. >> sheena, thank you. 6:32 right now. breaking news on a powerful and deadly earthquake in japan. you can see the 6.1 magnitude earthquake shaki inside this building. you also can see a person running around there trying to keep things from falling over. the earthquake hit in the inland city of osaka. train service was halted while passengers were still on many of them had to walk along the tracks to get home. a 9-year-old girl and two men were killedy falling debris. the quakelso caused a number of fires to break out.
6:33 am
more than 200 people had been hurt. we're following breaking news in silver spring as well >> angie has more on that. >> aaron and eurr soy, just getting new information from our news desk here as we take a look at this video that we got on what is believed to be this semestic related incident. the big policence outside, the point apartments in silver spring there. you see that there were two people led iowan handcuffs. they were detained. this was on first avenue. what we're hearing at this point -- i just got the update from the desk -- is that police wove called us back. they said these t people that were questioning, but they were not related to what had happened. as of right now no word on any charges, but we have heard the good news that nobody was hurt. we get it, but for now we'll send it back to you. >> angi thank you. it's 6:33 this morning. a family is planning two funerals after their loved one
6:34 am
did not make it home a from a boating trip. they lived in silve spring. maryland natural resources police found their empty boat turning in circles near cobb island in charles county saturdght. their bodies were recovered yesterday morning. it is unclear exactly what happened. people have died in boating accidents just in the last 18 months. it is now 6:34. a shootout a an arts festival left oneso per dead and more than 20 injured. police say about 1 ,000 people were in a warehouse itr enton, new wjerseyhen one gang member arted shooting. one of the suspected gunmen was killed. another suspect was injumd. hear fro witnesses who ran for cover ahead at 6:45. two people were injured in a crime spree that ended in -- outs ie a wall mart washington state. police say a carjacking suspect shot two people and stole a car in the town of mwtuer. a driver in the store parking k
6:35 am
lot shot andled the suspect when he tried to steal his car. that driver is not expected to face dharjz. presint trump will face tough questions from his own party this week as he sits down with gop lawmakers to talk about immigration reform. thousands of children have been separated from their parents under the trump administration ace zero tolerance policy. ing theires adults cro border illegally to be arrest reasonable doubt. lawmakers on both sides aisle are speaking out. hear what they're calling for here in about ten minutes. >> this morning a mans facing dharjz for secretly women inside a popular clothing source dressing courtroom. >> chris, good morning. >> yeah, eun,his one went dow the way so many of the crimes unfold. two women were changing clothes in a fitting room here on sunday afternoon whe a guy allegedly
6:36 am
took his cell phone, stuck it up underneath the door, and tried to start to record this happened as the former 21 rated 11th and epp stolet, andes were all over it. they arrested a man named lawrence foreman. theyed confiscat his phone and charged him with misdemeanor voyeurism. there's no indication at this point that the images got out. gr that they were posted to the internet or anyth like that. while the crime is disturbing, it is also not t at unusual. just last year alone, we saw thing this exact same happen at forever 21 stores in syracuse, orlando, tacoma, washington. , a guy with his cell phone trying to report women as they change clothes. chris lawrence, we're not not turning back. >> chris, thank you. zbliefrmgt new this mo the father of england's new duchess breaks his silence. thomas markle bailed on the royal wedding. now what hebo says his
6:37 am
daughter's -- t local dads are learning about hair care,
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lamont: my kids e in publicschools to perform at a particular i'm very sfied with what we have. vo: mayor muriel bowser has accelerated education reforms chat have improved ourls. she's made our teachers the best paid and the most accountle in the country. and parents are staying in the district for our schools. but her work isn't done. now's the time for bold ideas to continue making progress. lamont: i'm voting for mayor bowser because she's moving in the right direction and that's we need and our kids are thriving as a result of that.
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. welcome back. it's 6:40. new this morning, for the first time since the royal wedding, w are hearingrom meghan markle's father. >> you may remember thomas h mark surgery just days before he was supposed to walk his daughter down the aisle. this morning he talked about the moment he found out his daughter was dating a prince. >> he was british, and i said, well, that's really nice. eventually she came around and said he is a prince. that the point she said it's
6:41 am
i said, oh, harry. >> harry asked thomas markle for permission to marry hghter over the phone. markle has not yetet face-to-face with his new royal son-in-l. >> oh, that harry. it is the lincoln memorial's makeover that is entering a new phase today. it's the second part of a$25 million facelift. it is work won't impact any summer viss you have planned. most of the work is to repair the roof and areas damaged by the 2011 earthquake. it will be a hot one today. if you are staying at the bus mop every stop, w and humid. want to find some shades. it will be heegtd up quibble. if you are exercising, best to do it early.he ise, by 4:00 p.m. worry going to be feeling close to 100 degrees. problem on bw parkway and another one on 95 in maryland. virginia i should say.
6:42 am
we'll also take a look at your travnd times, maryland virginia. straight ahead. plus,in box office warng. incredibles 2 is a worldwide hit, and it can be a health hard. why disney is warning that not eryone shouldev s
6:43 am
aruna miller: the teacher who made me feel like i belonged in ameri when i didn't speak english. the minimum wage jobs that helped me get through college and become a transportation engineer.te and my dau who make me proud every day. i'm aruna miller, and i have a lot of reasons to give back. it's why in the legislature, i helped write dozens of laws to protect every maryland family. i'm running for congress and i approved this message because right now, protecting maryland families means stopping donald trump.
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>> we're tracking backups on t grown belt. a crash there. we've been warning you about that, and that's been cleared. you will still see the slowdowns for some time. melissa is going to zbroin us with the first 4 traffic alert utes here. you're taking a live look ow outside where the heat is on. today is a day you're going to want to crank up that ac. look at that sun, right?e our team cov of the hot weather continues. >> we are working for you with some tips on how to stay safe in the summer months. justen finch live for us a this morninng with tidal basin. not horm horrible now, but it's going to get rough. >> aaron, that's right. is it still feels pretty nice out here. we know the heat moves in a bit later. hard to believe it will feel like s 100 degrrhaps as
6:46 am
sheena has expense e mentioned. this is the kind of weather you don't want to unrestimate. instead, you want to make sure that you are prepared. we do have the tips t help y with that. one of the first things you want to do is make sure you have a place to cool down. that coup your ohome. foers it could be a movie theater. even a library as well. it's also a good idea to schedule your outdoor events carefully here. you want to flow the forecast. we've been showing it to you throughout the morning. make sure when you plan your rup or your bike ride or play time tore your dids at a time that will be comfortable or at least able. we know that hotter afternoon is coming. snoo doctors say the sunscreen is something you want to keep up with, especially for your kids. >> getresh sunscreen. use it liberally and reapply it. there are so many products
6:47 am
available. it's wrel important to get the sunscreen on kids. and you want to make sure you reapply thatspf every two hours or so. also, a good time to make sure you're checking on an older family member or a neighbor because the heat can be much harder on the elderly. we're live from the tidal basin, just irn finch, news 4. sheena will have a look at the forecast in just a few minutes. 6:47 right now. you may see this on siaial m this morning. former first lady laura bush speaking out against t themp administration's immigration policy that separates migrant children from the families. mrs. bush shared her op ed for the washington post on twitter yesterday saying, "i rif in a boarder state. ctappreciate the need to enforce and prour international boundaries, but this zero policy is cruel, immoral, and it breaks my heart.
6:48 am
congressional democrats are headed t the boreder today as outrage over that policy grows. thousands of childrenw have een separated from their parents. nbc's kristen welker is following the latesm the white house. kristen, good morning. >> hi, eunn. and aa good morning to both of you.00 nearly 2igrant children spent their first fathers day in the u.s. apart from their parns. president ump again over t weekend blaming democrats saying they have opposed every measure to close immigration loophole, but, in fact, it was the president's own attorney general that announced thu new tolerance policy back in may. overnight with outrage mounting, former first lady, laura bush, she's called this policy cruel and immoral. >> the current first lady, melania trump, hates to see what's happening and called for a country that governing are heart. the president is meeting with republicans about the issue. we will have live report from here at the white house and from
6:49 am
texas. wel see you in a few minutes brsh eh and ain,ba h. >> we'll see you in a few minutes. >> it is now 6:49. five people are dead following a chase with border patrol agents in texas. 14 peopleere inside this suv when the driver lost control yesterday. you can see the damage after the car flipped several times. 12 people were thrown out. the suv was going 100 miles per hour. the driver was smuggling people who had just crossed the boarder. >> a violent crime spree in washington state came to a deadry end outside a wall mart. tumwater police say a carjacking suspect shot a man and a teenage girl and stride to steal a care outsidhe wal-mart. the owner of that car shot and killed the suspect. that drivers not expected to face any charges.
6:50 am
seni senior. about 1,000 people were there when the gunfire started neand witsses describe the frantic moment that they realized wint was happ >> about ten shots range yout. everybroze for a second too, and then everybody started running. >> one of the suspe ed gunman was killed, and another is in the hospil right now. he will be arrested once he is released. we wan to check in with melissa molette, and the first 4 traffic. >> traffic alert. a five-milbackup there. 95 through that same section locking a lot better. before urbana. left side blocked by a csh there. beltway, as we syndrome down,
6:51 am
but no big complaints there. street's street bridge. as you look downtown, here's no -- looking good no matter which way you'reheaded. northbound northbounding, number 95. the iarlier delay, buts still hanging around from the before. had a car fire. we're stilleeg some real draz -- 66 inbound. 95 north qauntico to the beltway, you can see that slowdown there. taking a loo at maryland now. 270. hasor thatl slowdown, and topping of the beltway looking typical. wtop 130. 5 fm. it is going to be a hot one out there today. >> oh, melissa, having the a. krfrmt on in the car. all day really especially later on this afternoon. we have high heat, high humidity. weeling close to 10 degrees today. ave an air quality alert. nothing to move this air fas
6:52 am
around toochl. no rainnt really tomorrow afternoon. temperatures as you walk up and walk oud, wa it's still humid. 74 degrees, away ush wash. 6leesburg. 71 degrees in qauntico. air quality alert for much of the area as we go through the day today. all the countiesd in gray. this is really poor air quality for sensitive individuals such as the elderly or those with respiratory issues supper as asthma. you don't want to be outside for a long period of time in this type of weather. we still have the south wind coming in. the hot air is continuing to ploouf in. we stay dryy. to dry if you are out walking the dog. here's one who needs a home. is available for adoption at the humane rescue alliance. if ucht to adopt hi head to our website. this morning is the best time for dog walks. lunchtime is starting to get hot out and maybe ahort dog walk near 90 this afternoon. too hot for a long way. temperatures in the metro detroit 90s, and feeling around 100. cloo the shelters are coming up. >> you can inderstand foo out
6:53 am
more on the nbc washington app. we could have near record highs today. mostly we'll stay in the mid 90s. normal high is 85. then we'll be ound 90 over the next couple of days. there is our next rain chance tomorrow, though. scattered afternoon storms, and we're going to hold on it the rain chance across the weekend with temperatures in the 80s. >> all right, sheena. thank you. 6:53 right now. more world cup action kicks off in jusut an hour. south koreatation on sweden, and we've already seen some pretty stunning upsets. >> goal. >> mexico shocked the world with defending st the world champion. they beat germany 1-0. it's their first world cup win cher against germany. there was so mucring dp month exmexico city that seismologists said it trirged an artirnl earthquake. it is one of the most anticipated movies of the summer, and you may be planning
6:54 am
ai trip to theaters to escape the heat outside, but this morning there is a ponl health hazard for anyon heading to see "incredible "incredibles 2." des any warns aut a scene that features bright lights that could trigger possible seizures for viewers with epilepsy. it brought in $180 million, and it became the biggest pg rated film launch ever. the first incredibles was veleased 14 years ago. if can you belie it. lots of kids arend watching they weren't even born. you see it on videos all over your timeline. the dad doing the daughter's hair. >> like most things it took a while to perfect that technique. is morning our molette green is live for a tte. >> these guys have accomplished
6:55 am
a great feat. these dads are putting the finishing touches. his -- >> putting four ponytails in this one's hair. at this salon, these workshops, the next oneins comup on the 24th. nd 1:00 in the afternoon. the daddy a me. you can get more information on event -- there you go. valencia, look. daddy is all done here. kadishi air is. this is so important tayou. passionate thing about this, right? >> yes. we are going to start off and do a good fashion show. >> you do this at the end of -- >> yeah. >> one of the things i heard you talk about in ts as the young ladies model their hair, is the importance of apologizing en it hurts. >> we want to make sure we hurt our babies, we want to tell them that because what are we
6:56 am
promoting for the future? no no. >> just take a moment, stop apologizing. laet let them know that we'll do better next time. >> thed special bon between dads and their daughters here at first avenue salon. dae and me workops. you hav mommy and me work shops too. 've have much more coming up in our 11 health care hourt a news 4. >> nice job. thank you. >> 6:56. your time now. here are four things to know where, three people are dead and 200 hurt an after earquake in japan. that's 6.1 magnitude quake that hit in england in the city of osaka. the saij sank caused a sinkhole tolt be b up a a now police say he stick his cell phone underneath a dressing room door as women were undretsing.
6:57 am
zblierjs look for the district primy. ndidates for mayor, council, and congress are on the ballot. we have sample ballots in polling place loeks at the nbc washington app. >> wir in for a hot and humid day with the heat sbekz near 100 forome areas. a life look outside right now. did he do have an air quality hoalert. anyone is sensitive to the heat take precaution. take a lot o breaks today. southbound bw parkway. first 4 trsk alert right now. if you are headed towards 193, very slow on bw parkway. 95 is a great option instead. >> thank you. thaetsd the news for today. >> the "today" show is it sneks e next. thets it's mosh weather, traffic, and -- >> until
6:58 am
duke's is the perfect companion for so many things. it makes a tomato taste more like a tomato. it makes bacon taste more like bacon.av it's a unique fl. the texture is incredible. duke's really adds integrity to our recipes. duke's is smooth and creamy.. it has a lemony edit's not swee to our recipes. it tastes like real ingredients because it's made with real gredients i don't think there's another mayonnaise
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that compares to duke's.
7:00 am
good morning. boiling point. >> what do we want? >> justice. >> the border erupting over the trump administration zero tolerance policy takin immigrant children away from their parents. this morning, a rare rebuke from first lady laura bush. calling it cruel, immoral and heartbreakg. what melania trump is saying as the president's allies dig in. >> he's drawn a line in the sand and i don't think he's going to back off of it. we're live at the white house and at the border. breaking overnight, a powerful earthquake rocks western japan. at least three people killed, hundreds more injured, as buildings collapsed.


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