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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  June 18, 2018 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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>> announcer: "news4 midday" starts now. thanks for joining us. oh -- there's lauren, you ready? yo ready for the showers? >> we're at 11:00 right now. >> all right. i'm ready, girl. >> i'm angie goff. >> and i'm eun yang. it's shaping up to be a hot and humid day. that's w we're in weather alert mode. we need to get to lauren rickets for the forecast. in early this morning, oh, 'sbo lready warm, it's already hot. it's already sticky. weather service has issued a heat advisory. that's why we're a weather alert
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as we continu through the middle part of the day and into the afternoon. this is whe we see the heat index up to 105. even if iou're not that advisory, know that it's extremely warm outside. we haven't seen heat outside in quite some time.he 84 temperature in washington. temperatures across the 80s across the board. and you factor in thean humidit it feels like we're in the 90s in a lot of spots and that number continues t rise. we're dry today, we do have storms in the forecast tomorro but welso have heat in the ten-day forecast coming u in 18 minutes, guys. >> thanks, lauren. a lot to get to as you just mentioned it's a weather alert day and the sun will be unrelenting. >> you hear the sun that we always here, take care of yourself in.temperatures.
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news4's justin finch is working for you withips to beat the heat. justin, good morning. >> reporter: heythere, we're live in columbia. the air is thick, the temperature ns hot why come out here to this splash park here. doing what the kids are doing. letting the water run over your body. with heat out there, i can tell ,you this it's just one of those things. we've been asking people all over town h they' staying cool and this is what they told us. been outdoor today? then youdy likely alrea felt it, the hot and hid start to the week. those whot knew the h was coming early got their workouts in early. >> yeah, fee like 100 already. >> reporter: this runner didn't want to show his face but he d want to use a tip that he uses to sta hydrated. >> drink lots of water. i like to mix it with gatorade,
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half and half. i find it's better. >> reporr: and with crews when we asked about the hot day ahead? do you do when it gets hot outside? >> driot of water. a lot of water. >> i've been looking forrd to this all year. >> reporter: what do you tell the people who feel like the heat is aad thing? i embrace it. >> yeah, i hear you. that's pretty muchy. everyb i respect their opinions. i just say i love it. number one, humidity, it feels like the air i hugging you at all times. embraced. >> reporter: with temperatures going to rise into the 90s george washington university dr. scheckerays you break out the spf. and lots of it. >> get sunscreen, use in liberally and reapplyit there's so many products available, it's really important. especially in the kids. reporter: and back live, we
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can tell you the kids out heres are the spf. you want to reapply that every couple hours, that'scritical. you also want to havot a weather plan. that means not keeping yourself out too long. and they also have a place to go like your home. want toortantly, you do take breaks this type of weather o sneak up you and wear you down. we're live, justin finch,news4, back to you angie and eun. >> thau, justin. starting today, you're going to notice a l more construction activity around the link memorial. l news4's chrrence is on the mall right now with a look at how much this project will cost and how long it will take. chris? >> reporter: well, eun, the problems here at theor ml will sound pretty familiar to any homeowner who notice, let's say, more than a little moisture
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after the recent rainstorms. the roof here is about 26 years old and it is leaking. for the past several weeks what upy've been doing is tearing some of the slate tiles, and today, they're finally getting to the heart of the roof, about five layers. they've got huge tiles, each of them weighs 85 those going to start to get installed. the problem here has been akage over the past sev al years. eventually, when this project is done, there will be a new roo on there, ahould be about 40-year warranty. and we're told that should alleviate the problems that we've been seeing over past couple years. beef seeggest failure of the roof over the last several years is that it's simplyo longer water tight. the roof on the lincoln memoria is no different than the roof on your house. once you get moisture that becomes a critical failure and that creates a lot of damage. >> rorter: all right. so it should be wrapped up in
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september. it's not affecting any other tourism. c yo still get in there and get the tours. the good stuff will be by the year 2022. they're going to expand the visitor area. new rest and visitor areas.ul that sbe in time for the centennial anniversary coming up in four years. now, outside of the lincoln memorial, chris lawrence, sweltering as usual. news4. >> happening today, construction on the silver line is expected to begin. la week, we swed you the work that's going to begin. starting today, t lintonsville place verge will close for six months. and it will t behe capital cresceil tto run beneath it. work is expected to be finished up by 2022. we're learning now details
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in a disturbing crime in d.c. a man faces charges for secretly filming women inside forever 21 while they were changing. this happed at the store on f street downtown. lawrence foreman stuck his cell phone underneath the dressing room door. he was recording the women as drey were sing. he was quickly arrested and charged with voyeurism. and the story that has a lot of you outalking, ye probably seen the signs in restaurants and bars in town. both for and against msure 77. the measure would boost base pay from $3.50 to $15 an e'hour. working to learn more about a marijuana bust in d.c. police say they arrested 30 distributors and seized pounds of marijuana from more than two dozen vendors.
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take a look. these are pictures from police. detectives told news4 they busted a marijuana pop-up event saturday night. as you can see, they also recovered three guns. police say t event was 2200 block of 25th place north east. the sale of any amount of marijuana in d.c. is illegal. another -- more anger over president trump's zero tolerance immigration policy continues to boil over at the border and across the country. nearly 2,000 children have now been separated from their parents. tracie potts has theatest. >> reporter: father's day protests across the country, including this one in aitexas, t tent cities being set up to house immigrant children. >> i'm not happy. i'm not hay. i think they should follow the money. >> reporter: nearly2,000 children crossing the border have been separated from their parents since april, when the
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government started enforcing zero tolerance. >> a hot mess, that's what this is. >> reporter: president trump facingri ctics from his own party. >> more than a 20-year republican voter and i'm n anymore. >> reporter: the president raised bad legislation by decrats. >> democrats have to change their law. >> reporter: first ladyia mel trump weighing in. mrs. trump hates seeing children separated that their families. a statement fromff here adding the u.s. has to follow all laws. >>t's zero tolerance. >> the station is defending it. >> why would you wanthe children in jail with their parents? you want them in a facility temporarily. resident trump could stop this with a phone call. >> reporter: he and republicans are lining up against the separation policy. president trump prepared to meet with them on capitol hill tomorrow and lawmakers votehis week. the administration denies that these kids are s beingarated
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from their parents as a bargaining tool to get money for the president's border wall. he's meeting with a couple of lawmaker on that today. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. vaping is gaining in popularity. accidents are growing as well. >> when "news4 midday"es continu >> when "news4 midday"es continu you'llee w sha
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well, if you're headed tout start your day, you may s wore of this wrapping up. several streets were closed off because of ailm shoot. take a look at your screen, according to wtop the streets listed here were closed until 5:00 this mornc.g. police on twitter for scenes for "wonder woman 1984" filmed in georgetown. cool. you may be planning a trip to the theaters so you can escape the heat outside. this morning there's a possible health hazard for anyone headed to see "incredibles 2." disney sent an advisory to theaters warning about a lotigf br strobe lights could possibly trigger seizures for those with epilepsy. the opening weekend brought in $180 million. it became the best animated film
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of all time and the best tv launch ever. the first "incredibles" was four years ago. >> what took them so long, right? >> can't wait. we're hearing this morning from meghan markle's father for the first time since the royal kldding. thomas m was recovering from heart surgery at the time and could not attend. he talked to "good morning britain" about missing his daughter's big day. w >> ald exclusive on "good morning itain" theost famous father of the bride talks trump, brexit and now that he's father-in-law to prince harry. he said the prince is an interesting y. even though he's never had a face-to-face meeting explaining about trump in one of those meetings. >> he said give donald trump a chfce. i sort disagree with that but
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i still like harry.or >> rr: he said harry seems open to the experiment of brexit but it's the inside of father and fher-in-law that get a glimpse than we normally get. he points out that meghan is certainly a prize for prince harry. >> yeah, he's an interesting guy and prince but my daughter's en a princess since the day she was born. >> reporter: recalling the w moment thee going to be engaged. >> harry asked for her hand over the phone. i said, you're a geleman. promise you'll never raise your hand against my daughter and of course, i give you my blessing. >> reporter: he points out the royal family has a different lifestyle and his daughter isle cont to them. he thanks prince charles for stepping in and doing the honor, while he was a lel jealhas, princees looked very handsome. nbc news, london.
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>> beyonce just dropped an album and i'm freaking out. >> in case you've been living under a rock this weekend, it is true, beyonce and jay z released their very first joint album this weekend. knew it was going to happen. it's appropriately titled everything is love. the album came out in the middle of the afternoon on saturday. the power couple rolled out album in london with this stunning video all at the louvre. >> uh-huh. >> and it's crazy that they could keep it a secret for thi long. especially since they shot out of the museum, not insi. it's gorgeous. i know it's available and it's really good. >> it's good. as always, it covers issues of the day. >> yes. >> i'm convinced that they're like supernatural. >> right. >> after beyonce released very, ry risque photos -- >> yeah, like a leadup to
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something. all right. >> happening later today, rapper meek mill returns to court in philadelphia. it's reported i a judge expected to decide if he should get a new trial onan drud gun a rges that date back to decade ago. he was sentenced two to four years i prison for violating probation but he was released in april. he posted on his facebook page that he's having a standard meek mill rally. there's a new case of a battery explosion that seriously injured a north carolina father. now, safety notice surrounding thoseterybatteries. >> reporter: the videos are scary. ploding within people's pockets without a man in california whe he was riding the bus, the battery in
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the e-cigarette blowing up in his lap. rkin new working in a wine shop, after his exploded in his pocket. this man standing at the cover of a kentucky convenience store when thepare battery of his e g b cigarettst into flames. this the latest victim speaking exclusivelyta from his hos bed. >> this is the worst pain i've ever been in my life >> reporter: was there any warning at all here?t just exploded. pulling up inu're the driveway. then next minute you're onfire. >> reporter: as he arrived home, his leg so severely burned he needed a skin graph. >> it just burst into plaflamesp acrazyburst. >> reporter: these are your jeans right here? >> yeah. >> reporter: the expon burning a hole right through the floor of the car.
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kevin jumped out but it wasn't he had another battery in his pocket. >> the other one explodes, hrapnel in my face and everything. >> reporter: doctors say one o inchver and kevin could have lost his visi what caused the explosion? kevin had loose change in the same pocket as the battery. when they came in ontact with each other, boom. >> it's almost like an accident waitg to happen. because the batteries were in the pocket with lots of loose change it actually shortedut and energized it. >> reporter: experts say it could happen toodan in fact, according to the fire administration many e-cigarette explosions happen in the user's noket and there's often warning at all. up close, it's even scarier. i got to see what happened first at underwriters laboratory ul. >> you see the flames ere. >> did you ever realize you had
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that much energy in your pocket. >> reporter: you're in a lot of pain right now? >> yeah. >> reporter: but you told me you want to do thisnterview because you want t warn everybody else. >> something should be done. if it's on the market then take it off t. mark it can happen to anybody. >> very scary. lot of people have that. good report there. the official start of summer ju days away and that means -- >> i've got the evidence. >> mosquito bites are looming. >>e're working with you with details how to ward off the
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so, it's hot and humid outside that means greater achance of mosquit tick bites. >>euse 4's justin finch is tellowg us fairfax county is keeping an eye on the insects ted how to p your family. >> that doesn't look like much to us, but to themt's dinnertime. >> reporter: he catches them and sends off the mosquitos to test for diseases like west nile virus. >> a lot of folks arereing their own mosquitos without noticing it. those breedinge grounds may closer than you realize. have any standing water near you? well, it's got to go. experts don't know if you have
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to drain it or tosst or tip it just can't stick around. it takes seven days to grow, hatch a whole new crop of bugs that might come after you. >>eporter: look out for ticks, they're out there, too. take a look. they're tiny if you or kids spend time in thoseoodsy area do a tick check as soon as you get home. there could be ticks on their clothing. also makes sure they don't have any ticks attached anywhere. >> reporr: if you turnp a tick -- >> use fine-tippedtweezers, grab as close to the skin as possible and pullpou with steady pressure. >> reporter: you can check for lyme disease. almost 200 limeas were reported last year. use these key ingredients. >> deet, oil of eucalyptus or ir
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3535 they're all very effective. >> reporter: i'm justin finch, news4. >> i try everything. i try not to use the heavy-duty stuff but you have to sometimes. >> yep. >> today is the day with the humidity. that's when they come out. >>ia espy with rain. we're not getting rain today and tomorrow, some rain and humidity all week long. so, yes, it's going to be hot and humid all week long. today is going to be o of t more warm days. that's why we have the weather eaert. the nationaler service went ahead and issued a heat advisory. temperatures are going up farther than yesterday. it is on the warm side. already on t hazy side. here's the heat advisory. going until 8:00 p.m. it's still going to feel 90 degrees at 10:00 tonight. so, again it is going to really heat up. and that heat is going to stick with us.u an see where the heat advisories are placed. i know montgomery county not in
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it, even if you're those counties, it's still going to be rm. current temperatures in the 80s. you factor in the humidity and this is wha iteels like out there. look at leesburg, feeling like 98. gaths thersburg feeling like 96. the feels like factor only going to go up. really in the dead of the afternoon is when it feels theh est. of course, you don't need knee tell you that. 104, 105 is the feels like factor. air temperature o another. very stuffy, very muggy and very dry. no rain out theretoday. again, stay hydrated with water. make sure you're checking on your elderly and neighbors. plus, we have an air quality alert. even if you have respiratory problems, you want to limit yourself untside. ss you're in the pool, that's the only time you want to be outside if you're in thepo ol. because it's just going it be too darn hot.
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very hazy as we continue, even at 2:00, our heat index well over 1 ease o00degrees. we do have storm chance around for tomorrow. i'll show you that real quick. mainlyn the afternoon but we could have a few showers early in the morning but again, a few thunderstorms possible later on tomorrow afternoon. we've gut
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> you're watching "news4 midday." now for the rising public outrage over the forced separation of migrants famil at the nation's southern border. nbc's jacob secob serveroff wase where more were separated. >> reporter: inside border chief to double down on the policy to prosecute anyone who enters the legal illegally. but he didn't say it wa designed to separate parents from children. >> there's no separation process. as they go through the judicial process, they are temporarily separated. her he u told here alone 1,174 kids were taken from their parents since the policy was enacted. at's more than anywhere else on the border. and it happened inside this
11:31 am
building. the facility serves as an intake for the busiest sector of tut rn border. the biggest of its kind in the countr we were invited to see it with our own eyes but notur own cameras. might go grants wereepteh b wra mylar blankets, the same used by marathon runners anduddled on mattresses on the floor. when we walked into the processing center, 1,129 migrants were detained inside. 525 famil members. 197 unalaska cpanied minors and the rest, adults on their own. inntde, mig are sorted based on age, gender and family status into four pods. that's what the border patrol calls them one for girls 17 and order. another boys 17 and under. and then there are the families. moid with k and dads with
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kids. nbc news. a long time ali ofresident trump is now being investigated by special counsel robert eller. roger stone apparently had a meeting with a russian figure in may of 2016 who wanted $2 million in exchange for dirt o hillary clinton. that meeting was not disclosed until it was outlined in letters to the house intelligence committee. stone said he rejected the offer and believes the man was an fbi informant trying to set him up. so, get this -- keeping your financial information stored on your phone could be the reason you're not paying your debt. a certified financial planner says everyone, but especially young people, should putown the phone and pick up the pen and paper. nbc'sck chris claum explainses. >> reporter: even though vast amountsnff pertaining to your personal finances relevants in the palm ofr y hand, there is a new school of utthought. >> down the technology here,
11:33 am
because what we want to do is really beha able toe behaviors. >> reporter: changeehavior according to certified financial planner douglas bonaparte, by changing to an old-fashioned approach of managing you money. >> and sometimes, using technology is going to give us shorcut. and this is not the area of personal finance that you want to have a short cut. >>eporter: advised the co-author of "the meley linl mon fix" said even resorti to pen and paper to manage things like budget, cash flow and sedisp >> not by necessarily pouring it into a program that's going to use its own o algorithm artificial intelligence to tell you what you've been doing. >> reporter: because, heys no one developed an app yet that can manage your money better than you. chris clackum, nbc news. getting a good night's sleep is critical to your child's health. research to the journal of
11:34 am
pediatrics found that lack of shut eye leads to heart disease and high blood pressure as well as obesity. you should s a bedtime, cut out thein caf and no screens in the bedroom. >> sleep just as important as physical activity in predicting our cardiovascular health. >> doctors recommend eight to nine hours of sleep depending on their age. >> younger theare theyeed more sleep. it's hard to get them to go to bed, right? >> .oshlgts, it looks like dogs have more in common with humans when it comes to food addiction.
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if you've been diagnosed with cancer, searching for answers like where to treat, can feel overwhelming. so start your search with a specialist at cancer treatment centers of america. start with teams of cancer treatment experts under one roof focused on the delivery of precision cancer treatment. start at one of the cancer treatment the evolution of cancer care is here. lere at ow appointments available okay. so, you've seen the cute videos over the time lines of dads
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doing their daughter's hair. like most things it takes while to perfect the technique. >>ws s melissa mollet has the very special affaired caughter to dads their daughters. >> reporter: all about creating a special bond between dads and their daughters. the bubbles here at first avenue are part of this workshop to kind of relax the young people as they are working with their dads. kanesia harris is one of the owners here at first avenue sal salon. this is very important for you to have th, to work out the kinks in what could be a hairy situation. >> yes. we want to make sure that you don't actually hurt the baby, we want to make sure that you apologize for a moment. what you don't want to do is that they go out in the world and accept that behavior. >> reporter: why did you start anis? you wd to do what? >> i wanted to take the pressure off of everybody and make it
11:38 am
easier for babies and change ths dynami of what it like to have their hair done at home. >> reporter: we have two young ladies here. valeia works with her dad. and you have to do your daughter's hair. this is all part of the dad d me workshop. that are part of this sal one coming up on the 24th, at 1:00 p.m. you can get more for the first avenue salon. you can see they're all done and ready. l right. i'm molette green in silver spring with this daddy and me special day. back to you. >> good , dads. my daughter is 7 years old. it's hard for me to do her hair. we do the messy bun. we've perfected that. that's lik my goal every day. you know it's going to be hot. warning you,eather alert day. >> yes it is. if you'reutions
11:39 am
outside for an extended period of time, doctors say the bes way to stay safe is use common sense. >> the firay hot is when we usually see the problems. the common sense is take a break and get int the cool. so if you're working outside, every 45 minutes to an hour or g so, into a cool place, cool down, and of course, keep urself hydrated. >> experts recommend wearing light and loose clothe ing and avoid beveres with alcohol and caffeine. and always wear your sunscree >> slather that stuff on like a day like today. >> it's great out there.ll sunshine day. not going to have any rain. it's going to be rather warm, we're weather alert, because of that heat index, it's going to be right around 105 as we get around the middle portion of the afternn. again, take precaution with some of the tips we gave you. you can download the app to see
11:40 am
how the temperatures are whenyo re in your neighborhood. today, weather alert, we do have storms in the forecast. we've got another hot day. unfortunately, the mugginess are going to stick with us. but we do have showers as we head through that portion of the day. the weather alert right now because of the h advisory all up and down 95 and back towards the west. that's until 8:00 p.m. even if y not in his heat advisory, it doesn't means i not go to be hot out there. current temperatures out there in the 80s. but you factor in that humidity, and this is what it feels like for the skin out it feels like already 100 in leesburg. feels like 90 in washington. 93 in manassas. it's a little on the warm side and feels like temperatures as we continue through the afternoon. it's really going to be warm feeling like triple digits. no rain out there to dry us off -- actually keep us more comfortable. that's what i should say.n no ror tomorrow.
11:41 am
evening planner, 7:00, our heat index still at 80 degrees. again, oppressive heat out there, humidity is sticking around all week. it won'te quite asad as we head through the middle portion of this week. ten-day look at the forecast. we do have -- not tem at children's national, stronger is caring for a baby's heart in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. and a future when prenatal pediatrics leads to healthier children.
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it's being the number one newborn intensive care unit in the country. and giving parents peace of mind. it's less recovering in our bed, and more jumping on yours. stronger is standing out and standing proud. because we don't just want your kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger. z2u2gz z16fz
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y2u2gy y16fy
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dogs and humans share more than just affection. turns out we also have the love of food in common. a new study out of hungary suggests obese dogs and humans refuse to settle wor lessn it comes for food choices, meaning we all go for the best options what looks the best. researches suggest dogs could b used as models for future research into the causes of obesity and humans. eun. >> it makes sense. i'm notettling for anything less, right, angie? >> that's right. it t seems like life of summer to sit on a roof deck and enjoy drinks and tacos. now there's a shop cortez that opened up. ryan the owner and alex, the chef. thanks for joining us tosy. >> tha for having us. >> okay. this is my idea of good eating, guacamole, you're ming tacos. all of the good for d.c. what's the vibe of cortez?
11:45 am
what are we talking about here? >> the vibe of cortez is very light, fun, airy and playful. timately, we specialize in baja coastal mexican cuisine, tke mexican fare that pairs well with tequila program and the baja music. >> chef, you tell me about the tacos you're oering at cortez what you're offering today while i dig into the guacamole. >>nd chips, salsa verdie. >> yeah. >> and thi is house made? >> all house made? just gives little more flavor. >> you put that right there with the steak? >> yep. get that right in there. get some more flavor to the once you get it hot, you get
11:46 am
your tortilla. nice and hot, on this awesome little plate here. some romaine lettuce just to fill it up soou got all your food groups there. once this guy is nice and hot, take it off the heat and then you startng cut it up. so, i like my steak in pieces, small chunks. i don't have to fight with it. once this isready, have this to the top of your taco right there. >> come over here. >> what do you add?re >> w going to add some toppings. i'm a big fan o getting it really saucy. so the more flavor the better. we add sass sa rolsa roja and s verde. >> what's in this? >> cilantro ices.
11:47 am
alow spicy? >> ov mild. >> gotcha. >> life is all about flavor. and some of is that if you really want to bring the life to it, theret is. >> gotcha. >> that's itu ut that to the side, that's pretty much our taco right there. plitse enjoy it's definitely one of the offerings we serve on both restaurant level and rooftop. for me,s i the most tasty. >> and what about you, ryan? >> my favorite is the fish taco. >>hat you say that's morea b mexican? >> yes. >> were the best fish taco and steak taco. our fish taco is our number one seller. our close second is the steak taco. >> are you going to change the menu for summer? >> we have it in place. we're waiting for the weather to
11:48 am
turn cold until d.c., thi fall. and chef has great things. >> we're going to have hardier fish. just on the restaurant level,vi sly, it gets cold here. too cold. more comfort food. >> i imagine the rooftops get extremely crowded? >> we're extremely busy. the neighborhood embraced we have a fun atmosphere. >> ryan and chef alex, from cortez. thanks for joining us. i'm not going to wait any long and have this gorgeous taco. angie, we'll save you some, too. >> please do. and the benches also. thank you. the show that takes everyday athletes to the test, "american ninja warrior" returns i to usual monday night home on nbc. contesnts will take onhe notoriously difficult course in the quest for that million dollar prize. on one athlete has claimed it
11:49 am
in history but host matt eman explains. >> this is a show that hasll virtuay more success than any other show because oftentimes, people win just by showing up. >> "american ninja warrior" airi t here on nbcnbc4. we're going to get a look at that hot forecast. be sure to tune into
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american airlines has agreed to pay $45 million to settle a lawsuit allegeding it colluded with other airlines to drive up fares. american denies wrongdoing and said fighting the case which cour would be costly. earlier this year, southwest also reached a settlement in the case. the suit alleges that the airlin colluded to limit the number of available seat and tesla toward its goal of producing 5,000 model cars per week by the end of this month. tesla showed off its new production line. the new line is rolling out the high performance model 3 that sk announced recently that starting price is $78,000. in an-mail to employees saying
11:53 am
that they must congratulate them. for this morning's cnbc business report i'm ldon dowdy. according to the american society of plastic surgeons botox is the most popular nonsurgical cosmetic procedure on the market. >> and it used to be a suation whert was geared just towards older women, but now, that's really not the case. halle prioret plains. >> reporter: jeff goldstein says he sees more and more younger people -- >> we're start stog see 20 year olds, 25orter: getting on the trend. >> of wanting to have less wrinkles before they get too de>>. eporter: goldstein said botox in your 20s can prevent the wrinkles from forming in your 30s, 40s and 5s. >> by getting injected it eases those muscles and relax the muscles so they never get deep enough. >> repter: he says people typically get botox three or four times a year. for those with tighter purse strings you have the option of
11:54 am
baby botox. >> which is a small amount to prevent the subtle wrinkles into further wrinkles. we definitely do a smaller treatment which costs less. >> reporter: about $100 for that doubt. if you don'tantotox on your face there's another option. >> basically, botox gets injected in the armpits, actually relaxes t sweat glands and the sweat glands turn off. the medical term is hyperhidrosis and that's what is treated. >> reporter: he saids just a small pinch. >> it's a small needle. >> reporter: but as often said beauty is pain. it's really not that painful, especially because it can be iced prior to injeion. >> i'm scared of needles. that whole thing, it's small needle, it still looks painful to me. >> i avoid the flu shot. >> it'razy that people in their 20s are doing it. they don'tven have wrinkles.
11:55 am
>> they're having full flownx bo parties and let's come over, have some you wine and the injebltables. not only the injeshgts but to do the liquid nose jobs. instead of doing a surgical procedure you can change the shape. all right. look at them go. >> yeah. >> hundreds of people flocked to see the annual dragon boat races. the dragon boat competed after the race. and the legend has it that they use their paddles as blessing of good fortune. we know we have the dragon boat races wrapping up here. >> columbus day. >> let's check in with lauryn rietts for the storm team 4 alert. about?re we talki ing
11:56 am
>> a heat advisory, from the west going up towards the easter panhandle of west virginia. even if you're not in thest advisory, now it's going to be warm out there today. 94 degrees, your daytime high b this afternoon. anytime, between 2:00 and 4:00, thatn we see the heat index combined up in the triple digits. we105. tomorrow is still hot and still muggy. that heat index around 100 de ees. 90 degrees for tomorrow, sun and clouds mix. you canry see we're throughout the day today but a few rain showers possible today a frontal system drops from the north to the south. that will spa a few thunderstorms in the afternoon and into the evening. and then we'll c keep ance for showers and thunderstorms as we head into the day as well we still will have a chance for rain showers on wednesday as wel. it w still be muggy out there on a wednesday. in fact, the mugginess is sticking with us throughout the week. it will drop a ltle bit on
11:57 am
friday and come back for the weekend as temperatures start to go up. unfortunately, the frontal syst gets hungup. and we have chance all the way out and through next week. it doesn't look like a washout, 's not going to be rain the whole time but we do have those chance pretty much through the end of the work week and weekend. guys. >> thank you, laurwye lauryn. >> thank you. >> you can get the news and weather anytime on the nbc washington app. have a great see you tomorrow morning. >> bye.
11:58 am
11:59 am
12:00 pm
we're live in five, four, three, two, one. >> the moment that she tells you she's dating prince harry who is one of the heirs to th frothron of the british monarchy, most be fathers woulike, wow, what? >> my daughter certainly is a h prize forim as well. so i don't have you know -- yeah. he's great. he's an interesting guy. he's a prince. but my daughter's been a princess since the day she was born. >> isn't that swee >> so sweet. meghan markle's dad there breaking his silen first time in a new interview since the royal wedding. happy monday,


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