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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  June 18, 2018 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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policy on immigration. our first look at the man behind the security scare at the white house. >> someuy came at me kind of from my blind spot andalmly walked up and looke at me and said do you want to see if god's real and threw a backpack down at my feet. >> see how i unfolds as we learn what the suspe. left behind the news sending shock waves in the sports world. the stanley cup washington capitals are searching for a new leader after their coach says go bye. >> announcer: news 4 at 6:00 begins with breaking news. some scary moments in midair this afternoon. a roller coaster at six flags in maryland now fctions stranding passengers. >> we broke the story at 4:00 and are gathering new iavelopments and some pictures on s media. >> let's get right to scott macfarlane with the breaking news at our livees scott. >> doreen, thrill seekers got more than they bargained for
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this afternoon at six flags. a group riding the super mf ride steel had to be rescued right at the peak of the hill. park goers sent us a few photos from the ground. the fire department received several calls from people who were at the park at the time. by the time prince george's county fire arrived, the staff at six flags had safely helped d every down safely. no reports of injuries as you see from this video of choer 4. it was certainly a stomachen churning m for the riders on board. you might remember last year 24 people riding t jokers jinx at six flags were stuck in aid air r more than three hours. in 2014 the same thing happened. again, on the jokers jinx ride. no word yet on what caused today's malfunction or for how long the riders were stuck. we'll keep working thestory. i have updates for y as soon as we get them. doreen and jim, back to you. >> hot day to have that happen. scott, thank you. our other big story, the father. no relrom the heat and humidity out there. >> not at all. most of our entire region under
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a heat advice re at some point day. what fee like temperatures in the triple digits. >> amelia is in storm center 4 with a look at how long this is going to last. when will we get some relief. >> we're not going to see lower humidity levels in until about thursday or tomorrow, wednesday, they're not going to be as bad as today, but certainly not comfortable out ny there by means. take a look. under ay near orange is heat adviesory. you might be wondering why aren't fderick and loudon not under this heat advisory? the national weather service, the government issues this and they have certain craoiteria hot enough to hit that. the heat advisory is going to in effect until 8:00 this evening. this is how hot it's feeling outside. le is cooking. it's about 110 there. feeling about 101 in hagerstown
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and 103 in gaithersburg. as we move through the evening hours, by 11:00 p.m. it's still feeling like 90 storms are in the forecast tomorrow. i'll have more on that timing coming up in about 15 minutes. all right. we'll stay tuned. thank you amelia. now tho to the crisis at thebor. at least 2,000 have been ruparated from their parents since president changed the immigration policy in april. those children along with minor iose came to the border without parents are the custody of the department of health and human services. more than 11,000 minors are in custody as of today. more than 350 of them came in just this past ekd. if things continue at this rate, the total could top 20,000 by august. susan mcginnis is on capitol hill where a growing number of lawmakers are calling on the president to reverse this
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policy. susan. >> that's right, lawmakers here on capitol hill from both sides want the president to turn back that zero tolerance policy for the good of the children. the images are heart wrencng and tation is gripped by stories of migrant families separated byde.s. b agents. >> it hurts to have my son inside and i don't know a about him. >> reporter: today president trump remained defiant. >> the united states will not be aignt camp. and it will not be a refugee holding facility. it won't be. >> reporter: the preside defended his zero tolerance policy and put the blame squarely on democts saying they can stop it. >> we can do this very quickly if the democrats come t the table. >> democrats are blaming the president. >> he could stop it. all he needs to do is say i give the order that this be stopped. >> reporter: the hopse isg to vote on two immigration
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bills. one has billions of dollars for the border wall the want wants as well as a pass to citizenship for dreamers brought here as children. >> the short solution would be if democrats and republicans would actually work together, we tuld fix this in 24 hours. >> are in meantime the administration is not backing down. >> we will not apologize for doing our job. weave sworn to do this job. this administration has a simple message. if you cross the border illegally, we will prosecuteu. >> reporter: the government says nearly 12,000 minors are in its care today andt number could top 20,000 by august. migrant families who came search of the american dream waiting for washington to decide their fate. senate democrats are also pushin a bill that would make it illegal to separate migrant families at the border. doreen. former first lady laura bush
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wrote an op-ed calling the policy immoral. form former first lady michelle obama retweeted the article and hillary clinton who ran against president trump and lost says his policy is causing a moral and hanitarian cries. >> every human being with a sense of a compassion decency should be outraged. this is not happening because ot the, democrats law as the white house has claimed. separating families is not mandated by law at atall. is an outright law. >> former senatorim kaine says he thinks the president will back down. >> i think theresident will eventually make a sniveling retreat from thisy. pol >> more reporting on this story ahead.le er holt reports from the border on "nbc nightly aws"
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righter news 4 at 6:00. less than two weeks after winning the stanley cup washington capitals head coach barry trotz is out. let's go to dave johnson. he's at our live desk with what we know about this exit. what a stunner, dave. >> it reall was. on this monday we thought we'd be talking about hot weather. ape washingtonals victory tour has taken a detour. there's this business of gettint ready for n season and a season that will be without barry trotz. trotzesigned as head coach. his contract was up at the end of the season. there was a clause that triggered a contractsi ext but trotz said the caps could not come to terms on a new deal and new ttz is a free agent and the capitals are looking for a new head coach. just after winning the stanley cup. he went from hoisting the stanley cup to packing up moving boxes in one week. last week he told sherree burruss his desire to stay with the citals. the two year extension triggered trotz winning the stanley cupt
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bu with only a $300,000 raise. the two sides couldn't come to an agreement. so it's about certain details that we thought may be able to smooth over with his desire to stay her in d.c. now he becomes a free agent. there is one job openn the nhl for the new york islanders. comingp we'll have the gm's reaction to barry trotz signing from the capitals. >> money talks. dave, thank you. news of trotz's resignation is blowing occupy social media. grant paulsen tweeted thank you for the stanley cup and a job well done. didn't see him coming back. lots of water under that bridge. d.c. kpam examiner retweeted i found out barry trotz has resigned and i just had to havel a f on silent melt down in
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this the middle of judic l hearin a tourist outside the white house stumbled on a security scare. he saw the man jump three fences. you can hear the suspect shouting shoot me before police tell everyone to get down. the secret service has not identified the jumper. news 4 pat collins spoke to the man who captured the video and he'llave that story coming up in our next half hour. tomorrow voters wil decide whether to raise the minimum wage for tipped workers in the strict. it's measure that could impact restaurant workers and others too. even if youust need out. not all tipped workers want this measure to pass. news 4 derrick ward is in rthwest d.c. where some are protesting the initiative. derrick. good afternoon, jim. we are at the intersection of 16th and u northwest.t sort ofe beginning of that whole corridor where the restaurants and bars are. balance initiatives in d.c. always hotly contested, especially this one that deals
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with what is arguablyhe city's main industry. hospital and service. these folks are against it, but both sides are predicting dire circumstances should the otherp ail. initiative 77 will raise the workers age for tipped to a livable wage over the seven years until they've reached $15 an hour by the year 2025. that's something people like noraanet behind. she recalls make 66 cents plus tips. she supports the initiative not so much for herself now. >> people coming behind , they need this. it's very expensiveo live here. >> all we're doing is try to provide a base wage a ask employers to pay their workers just like every other industry does. >> diana says the initiative is about wage e parity. ys local figures that say more than half the servers in
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d.c. are women and about 70% are people of color. it will raid tip workers from $3.33 to 5$5 an hour by 2020 an $15 an hour by 2025. opponents say tipped worke make more than $3.33 an hour now, way more in some ses. anywhere from twice the base pay to $20 per hour and they see a this as pay cut for restaurant workers and bar staff. frank mil is a bartender and opponent of the initiative. he says this mayhe hurt it's trying to help. t you will see the establishments sta put on service charges as well as tack on extra fees. hour hours will disappear. >> there's a bit of irony because both sides want to seea the resta workers, bar workers, tipped employees improve. they just have different ways to go about it. it will be up to the voters to
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decide tomorrow. we are live here in northwest. back to you. >> derrick, thank you. up next on news 4 at 6:00, the extreme heat and folks, it's not over yet. see how people are coping with gh conditions today. and just how l we'll have to wait for some relief. new clues in a cold case. the digital tools that could solve the mystery of what happened more than 20 yearsr af a woman's murder. you go in for a basic vaccine and leave with a bigger problem. our i-team has learned it's happened thousands of times and led to millions in financial settlements. see why the people causing the injury are nev evener
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aruna miller: the teacher who made me feel like i belonged in america when i didn't speak english. the minimum wage jobs that helped me get through college and become a transportation engineer. and my daughters who make me proud every day. i'm aruna miller, and i have a lot of reasons to give back. it's why in the legislature, i helped write dozens of laws to protect every maryland family. i'm running for congress and i approved this message because right now, protecting maryland families means stopping donald trump.
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can you imagine going for a run on the national mall right about now? not me. >> i can't even think about it. we give you permissiono skip your outdoor workout tonight because o these extreme conditions we're seeing. we have team coverage for you with amelia and lauryn tracking the dangerous heat and humidity. >> let's start with nicole jacobs. she's in fairfax county to tell us how people are handling this heat. hi, nicole. >> reporter: ht.there. it is let me tell you that. i can also tell you emeency ro room visits are common this kind of year because people ovbeheat re they realize it. a lot of time its happens when they're having fun like this. it's important to keep track of how long you're traactually stag inhe sun. a few daysia before the off start of summer but already the fun has begun. >> i'm happy to be outside.
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>> reporter: at this park in fairfax count beating the heat turns into enjoying a splash. >> i was actually hoping maybe thoo they'd do first steps but not quite yet. >> reporte no firstteps for 11 month old twins, but it's their first water park insurance and they know what they like. >> water. especially the splash. >> reporter: just that simple for them but a little more strategy when it to staying safe in the heat. >> i thought nice way to get in the shade and let him runaround. >> reporter: rob skpin and harv have t perfectdea. they've pitched a tent and are more than prepared to stay school. a i have a lot of water so i'll keep them hydrated load up the sun block. >> preparation is key when perts have their l sayiting time in the heat and protecting yourself against direct sun. so the beginning of summer sets the tone for not only fun but also staying safe.
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and it's also important of course to sta hydrated and doctors also say wear light clothing instead of dark clothing because the dark clothing of course t attracts heat. but one other really important part is to check on your elderly neighbors to make sure they are also doing oy in the sweltering heat. back to you. >> good advice, nicole. u're managing to look cool somehow in the scorching heat. thank you for that. mode in weather ale tonight because of the extreme heat out there. >> let's check in with amelia and lauryn. we heard you both request two clickers. >> hopefully you heard what we were talking about earlier. jim, you said you don't have to go work out outside and i was tellingamelia, s did this morning. she was running this morning. i even looked at her and s id don't know how you were running outside this morning. >> lots of water. take it easy. i just lov to get outdoors.
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if you don't do it when it's hot out,oou can't it around here very often. >> i was sitting in the air conditioner watching netflix, maybe i should go work out. it was hot out there today. >> it is hot and it's sfell ing hot and it's going to be hot and humid tomorrow. not as bad as today, but not going to feel comfortable by any means. wee humidity level still very high. l have storms around tomorrow between about 11:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. m by nons is it a washout. they're going to be hit and miss in nature. not everybody will see rain. umbrellato have your handy. we have a bit of relief in the forecast on thursday and friday. ths humidity lev a little bit lower. it will be mainly dry. right now we're watching the weekend for the chance of storms both saturday and sunday. but it'sbeot going t a washout this weekend either. our average high 85 grees. we'll be above 85 through thursday. after that we cool off into the low 80s. right n just about everybody is dry, but again tomorrow we
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have tha high aroun 90 with thunderstorms around for the midday and afternoon hours and with more on why we're goinghoo be having thunderstorms, we'll send it over to lauryn. >> mheing in from north to south, about a 60% chance you'll see it. the reasothey're moving in is we have a frontal system sweeping down that way. let's show you what's going on out there. 6:00 a.m. you wake up it is still going to be humid out there. to be reallyoing warm out there for tomorrow morning. maybe even a little patchy fog. this frontal system is going to v slip to theut that will create storm chances. in northern maryland you could see them as early as 11 ok:00 a then through the noon hour and through the evening so thatco eveninute we could have a few storms around. any of these could contain some heavy downpours. we'll have to watch for t flooding threat. also maybe some gusty winds. possibly some small hail.
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is frontal system is going to hang out just through saturday teetering back and forth. we're going to keep rain chances in at least saturdayor our region. we have a chance for some storms tomorrow, then some sma chances as we get into wednesday, thursday, friday. another bigr chance a we get into saturday. not a washout, but at least the humidity will sweep down for thursday and friday. like i said, n a washout as we head into the weekend. p t's a very summer like pattern. tomorrow a high temperature around 90. high today 90 degrees. feeling like 100 when you factor in the humidity and thehance that you're dealing with a storm omorrow at about 60% on wednesda some scattered late day thunderstorms. 40% chance you're dealing with rain onybhursday. an isolated -- on wednesday maybe an isolated thunderstorm out there on thursday. there's the weekend. not picture perfect. not terrible. 83 on saturday. 90 degrees on sunday. >> all right.
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we'll try tog in there. thanks, amelia. be careful out there jogging. >> thank you. thousands of people suffering from the same injury. and it could be caused by the same people over and over again. the i-team investigates why little is done to protect patients from a painful complication of injections given incoluectly. our first glimpse at the site of the new national children's museum. children's museum. e what's newse a
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thefor montgomery county "the best chance of injecting a do of vitality into a county that badly needs it." "realistic ideas for attractingew businesses, extending pre-k, improving traffic." "a progressive leader, for jobs, extending pre-k, improving traffic." to fund schools without more taxes, to take on the nra and combat gun violence." "an eagerness to listen." "energy." "a passion for innovation." david blair, democrat for montgomery county executive, endorsed by the washington post.
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a number of prominent private schools in our area are dropping advanced placement cosuses. the unu joint statement today said the a.p. courses are not necessary for college bound students. they put too much emphasis on memorization according to this group of schools and schools promised to cut the class the next four years. among the institutions, national cathedral school, aist. albans, and sidwell friends. the national children's musepe will next year near freedom plaza. the old site a national harbor closed three years ago but today officials held a preview of what
6:26 pm
families can look forward to. here's aimee cho with a look to the future. >> reporter: these stylish students braving the heat to move today and inside the billing the dancing in front of, this time next year this building will be the new national children's museum. they hope to make this a place where kids can put down the phones and pick upomething new. this is what the finished museum will look like. giant exhibits, every small detail planned out, all of it encouraging kids to learn about the and dream of what they can become. >> this is going to be a very wonderful open airy environment. >> crystal boyer is the president of the wants kids to enjoy learning as much as she did growing up. >> y takehem into a museum and they can remember something they s and it can spark something in them that changes their whole life. >> the kids outside say they can't wait to come back when the
6:27 pm
museum is open. >> you get to learn about history, what somebody did back in the old days, like the 80s, 60s. >> while the kids have to wait, they can use their imagination in the meantime which is really what it's all about anyway. i bet thereoing to be lots of art work in there and i can't wait to see art work art a lot. ke >> in northwest, aimee cho, news 4. another security breach at what's supposed to be one of the most security s in the world. >> see the dramatic scene that unfolded outside the white house today from a man who captured it all on camera. 20 years ago a young woman's body was found in this wooded area here in charles county. police have never been able to identify her. coming up you'll meet the detective who didn't give
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lamont: my kids are in public schools. i always wanted the schools to perform at a particular level. i'm very satisfied with what we have. vo: mayor muriel bowser has accelerated education reforms that have improved our schools. she's made our teachers the best paid and the most accountable in the country. and parents are staying in the district for our schools. but her work isn't done. now's the time for bold ideas to continue ming progress.
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lamont: i'm voting for mayor bowser because she's moving in the right direction and that's we need and our kids e thriving as a result of that. welcome back. we're in storm team 4 weather alert mode because of today feeling like the hottest day so far this year. 90 degrees right n. feeling closer to 100 when you factor in the humidity as we move towards 7:00 p.m.
6:31 pm
really not all that much is going to change. ght around 89 degrees. 9:00 still hot. 86. by d 11:00 we'n to about 82 degrees, but feeling more like 90. this afternoon it felt like 110 degrees in many locations. just about everybody was under a heat advisory. jim, i'm going to have the g latest tim coming up with future weather in my full forecast. >> we'll look forward to it. amelia, thank you. now at 6:30, a man's in custy tonight in connection to an ongoing security issue downtown. since last march we've at least five cases of people tryingo jump over the white house fence. this latest case hapd today along the south side. >> our pat t collins talked the man who recordedom thets here on his cell phone. or joins us live downtown. pat. >>ter: what a story he has to tell. the ellipse back to normal right
6:32 pm
now. people over there takingd pictures beh the fence back there playing ball. earlier today, though, a different story. jim trip is a tourist from washington. he was -- this is iphone video of a would-be white house fence jumper as he touched the fence, t off an alarm, and then was approached by police. he yelled out "shoot me, shoot me". this videoaken by jim trip, a tourist from washington state. he was here when it all went down. >> we were just there taking pictures in front of the white house with tons o other people and some guy came at me and just very calmly walked up and looked
6:33 pm
at me and said hey,o you want see if god's real and he threw a t and i down ati my f kind of looked up. he jumped over the barricade and started climbing the fence. at that time i turned on vothe video and started videotaping him. >> there was an ellipse closure as the cops moved in to cture th suspect. retrieved the suspect's backpack and made sure there was no reat to the white house. as for tourist jim trip, a washington souvenir he'll not soon forget. >> that was a very surreal mome, like something out of the news or whatever. >> well, it is part of thenews, right? >> yeah. >> you captured it. >> yea >> welcome to washington. >>w yeah. technology is bringing new life to a cold case in charles county. >> it was 20 y rs ago this month that a woman was found dead.
6:34 pm
police haven't been table to identify her since but they used new forensic tools to create thf sketch what she may have looked like. only s on 4 tonight, darncer talked to detectives about how this could reignite the investigatioos >> she was mt likely between the ages of 25 and 35. >> lieutenant don stall has beeo workingdentify a woman found murdered in a wooded area off crane highw in charles county for years. police searching for evidence 0 years ag >> there's a family out there nswer on who has no what happened to their daughter or their mother or their sister. >> reporter: he developed this new image of what the victim may have looked like back then. he used new technology to enhance an older image. >> thike l very lifelike. are you feeling pretty good about coming up with this?
6:35 pm
>>. >> iery hopeful. >> a victim was found in a wooded area. she wasn't wearing anyng clot she had been beaten so violately in the face that she suffocated. still police recovered enough of her remains to create this li ness. >> nobody could not think about the person that thisnce was. >> reporter: over the years police have tried everything. dner fiinting, but nothing showed up in any national database. she is still listed as a jane doe. this is a black and white image ev heroped more than a decade ago. the new one is in color and itp s her hair straightened based on a handwritten note thaf a detectind in the case file. >> not having her name, that pretty much rules out solving the case, doesn't it? >> reporter: it's a huge obstacle. >> reporter: it's an obstacle he hopes to ovcome. if someone recognizes her, calls in with a name and give this is cold case new life. in charles county, darcy
6:36 pm
spencer, news 4. >> her sry made international headlines. now meghan markle's father is breaking hisn silence his his tv interview since daughter's royal wedding. why he says he has no regrets. plus a growing concern for parents in this digital age. why video games could be triggering real mental health issues for children. issues for children. wh
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to three generations montgoof elrich' home we love it here. but we have to work to keep it great,
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like fixing transit and traffic to shorten my son-in-law's commute. increasing open space where my grandchildren can play. and reducing classroom sizes for all our kids. that's why our next county executive has to require developers to solve the problems their developments create. as county executive, that's exactly what i'll do for every generation.
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news for your health eo tonight, vid game addiction is a growing ccern for ahole lot of parents. now the world health organization is adding gaming disorder to a draft of its international c nternational classificatf diseases. it could open the door for doctors to diagnose and treat the condition and for possible health insurance coverage. mental health experts note there is a difference between a gaming enthusiast and a gaming addict. they say the problem comes in
6:40 pm
when gaming takes priority over school, social life or work. the american psychiatric association has not recognized gaming addiction as a mental illness. frank harden and jackson weaver dominated theashington air waves for more than 30 years. late last week hardeedied at the f 95 at his home in chevy chase. harden was best known as the straight man to jackson weaver. hall of fame broadcasternn j holiday competed against the morning show for years. >> it took me about maybe about a week to understand why they were so dominant. you turn the radio on, they had news, they had sports, they had information. it was just automatic you turned in hard skpen and weaver. i got to be second against them, bu i was a distant second. >> harden will also be known for giving back. onhe and jac raised millions
6:41 pm
of dollars for children's national m>>ical center. ne month after prince harry married the american actress meghan markle, her father is giving his first televised interview. thomas markle missed his daughter's wedding because he was recovering from heart rgery. the royal newli weds are known as the duke and duchess of sussex. he sd he is not phased by his daughter marrying into the monarchy. >> my daughter is certainly a prize for him as s well, i don't have, you know, ah, he's great, he's an interesting guy, he's a prince, but my daughter's en arincess since the day she was born. i don't have a problem with that. >> thomas markle added that he wase grateful to princ charls for walking his daughter down the aisle in his absenc w when come back tonight on news 4, it's a simple mistake that can haveng las impact. >> it's because they put the injection in the wrong spot of
6:42 pm
my arm. >> and it's led to millions of dollars in federal settlement, so why is nothing being done to alert people responsible to keep alert people responsible to keep them from doing ♪ ♪whoaaa-oooaaaa ♪as long as the suns up...
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♪there's no holding back.♪ ♪whoaaa-oooaaaa ♪and every moment, ♪you gotta make it last. all the thrills of summer. one amazing getaway. busch gardens williamsburg and water country usa. visit both parks for only $30 per day.
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the pain that you have. >> it's happened to thopeands of le. >> they go in for a regular vaccine but end up losing use of their arm because the shot is y. given incorrec the news 4 i-team found a federal program simply pays the victims ait settlementut ever telling the shot giver about it. >> investigative reporter jodie h thecher is here w danger that can cause. >> those settlements are meant for victims with catastrophic reactions to vaccines, but in may we showed you how half of all the nes c last year were the shoulder injuries which can often behrevented w proper technique. we found even if a shot g er injuries several patients, the federal agency that runs the program never goes back and tells them it happened. >> it stretches and pulls and hurts in here. >> bonnie struggles to do basic chores. she still can't raise her arm all the way after getting a flu
6:46 pm
shot back in 2015. >> you can't sleep with it. you can't move it around. you want to. you try to. but it hurts so bad. >> it's called sirva, shoulder injury related to vaccine administration and it's on t rise. it can happen to anyone anywhere shots are given. a doctor's office, a workplace, even a local t'ugstore. >> because they put the injection in the wrong spot of my arm. >> bonnie f a claim with the national vaccine injury compensation program. a $3.7 billion federal fund to takeare of patients with stra catastrophic reactions. n ths 4 i-team found more than 76 million of that has been for sr injuries like bonnie's. >> it happens more than you would expect. >> paul brazil's law firm specializes in vaccine court cases. ays 2/3 of his entire practice is all sirva.
6:47 pm
it usually happens when a shot is given too high on the arm or or ahe needle is too long small framed patient. he's even seen a husband and wife who got the shot together both get injured or multiple co-workers from the same offices >> when you more than one person suffer an injury on the pesame day from the sameon, yeah, that would indicate that it was probabl an improper technique. >> and the i-team disvered no one keeps data on how often it happens, where it's happening or which shot givers caused the injuries. >> the vaccine administrator are are lies eighted. itrotects vaccine makers and those who give shots from beingsued. they don't even pay for the program. you do. with a t 75 cent on every shot you get. >> if they were sued, they would be cognizant of the fact they may have caused a serious sho injury. they don't hear about it so how would they know they did something wheng? >> house resources and
6:48 pm
service administration declined the i-team's request for an interview but says a statement citing ade coniality agreement which prevents the release of informationor someone who is not a party to the proceedings absent express written consent. brazil says in every days the patient already consents to contacting the shot givers. >> you notlay the that administered the vaccine because you have to get the records.he so know something is going on. >> reporter: he says it shouldn't be that har f the overnment also alert them it's sirva. >> i think most people if they were made a re ofit, they would want to improve. >> bonnie says her shoulder will never get better and while she appreciates the settlement that's coming, she hopes the program will evolvend help prevent it instead of just paying claims. >> how are you going to solve somebody getting a bad flu shotd if you't inform them they did it wrong? >> the attorney told meven a
6:49 pm
form letter that doesn't identify the patient's name would be helpful or they coulde allin on the proper technique every year. he said thatoould a help in cases where the records only where the shot was given and not the person who gave it. >> this mak no sense at all. if you'd like to see the i-team's original story, head to our nbc washington app and search investigation. once there you can alsoend other tips. amile yaelia was out joggin rning and the rest of us were trying to stay as cool as we ssibly could. i actually ran into erica gonzalez. >> really? >> we love to get out there. >> you guys are crazy. ro it's going to be hot and humid tom not as bad as today but not comfortable. a high of 90 feelsik100 during the afternoon hours because of the heat index right
6:50 pm
now, how hot it's feeling outside. the national weather service haa issu heat advisory for everybody in orange. this is going to run unt 8:00 p.m. we're not going to be hot enough for a heator adv tomorrow but it's going to be uncomfortable. never leave children or pets side of a car even with the windows down. on a daye l today or tomorrow for ten minutes is about 110 inside of that car and about 130 degrees inside of that car after one hour. so something you definitely want to keep in mind. right now feeling about 100 in quantico, 103 in gaithersburg and close to 100 in washington. tomorrow morning it's already warm out there as you're stepping out the doo at 7:00 a.m. and sticky as well. the humidity level still very high. tice we're dry. future weather here at 7:00 a.m. as we move to the mid toate morning hours, we start to see s and thunderstorms comi down from the north.
6:51 pm
by about 11:00s a.m., we move into the early afternoon hours, we're tracking thunderstorms moving through the metro area, back through loudon county. storms tom hrow coulde heavy rainfall, gusty winds and some hail due in part to h thet and humidity. i can't rule out a few severe thunderstorms tomorrow mainly between about noon and four 4:00 p.m. and the best chance for severe weather is actually starting around 2:00 south of washington like you're seeing future weather with the storms down around charles county, southern prince george's county, back through stafford and king george count t once we heaough the evening hours, we're looking dry. night it's still going to be humid out there, but we're not tracking any thunderstorms. again, scattered storms tomorrow imct us mainly between about 11:00 and 5:00 p.m. maybe not the best school day. i think if you really had your heart set ongoing, you should still go. i wouldn'tancel my plans. know the kids might get pulled out for storms ming through.
6:52 pm
wednesday and thursday should be just fine pool days,onspecially thursday where there's only a slight chance for an isolated late day thunderstorm. summer officially starts early thursday morning. here's your ten day forecast. the weekend,he chance for storms mainly on saturday. high saturday in the low 80s ano around 90 sunday. around 90 sunday. we're going to
6:53 pm
thefor montgomery county "the best chance of injecting a dose of vitality into a county thatadly needs it." fo "realistic ideas attracting new businesses, extending pre-k, improving traffic." "a progressive leader, for jobs, to fund schools without more taxes, to take on the nra and combat gun vlence." "an eagerness to listen." "energy." "a passion for innovation." david blair, democrat
6:54 pm
for montgomery county executive, endorsed by the washington post.
6:55 pm
wow. >> yep. unbelievable. >> ye'r, wow. still shaking our heads over there. >> i thought ewe weresed to get ready. we have to deal with the reality of the future and it's a future without barry trotz as a head coach. it turns out the final chapter of barry trotz coaching career was the best chapter. trotz resigned today as head coach just 11 days after leading the capitals to their first ever stanley cup. he told sherree burruss it was his desire to stay with the
6:56 pm
capitals but today it was revealed that trotz and the caps could not come to terms on a new de t. by winninghe stanley cup he earned a two year contract extension with a $300,000 raise. the gm was hopeful of a short te deal but noted that trotz representative was looking to capitalize on the success ofhe winning t cup and potentiallilyush trotz to the upper tier of coaching pay in the nhl and not all teams pay that kind of money. now trotz moves on and also do the capitals. >> he's a good guy. he's done a great job here. he came in, changed the culture. won two president trophies, stanley cup. i enjoyed working with him. wee still friends. there's not a negative thing i can say. we just didn't get it done on the negotiations. in the end sports is a business. it's not always -- you want it to work out. you want it to be a game. you want it to be all fun.
6:57 pm
ten days after you win a cup and you have in come here and do is, it's not fun. >> there is outrage on social media. >> there's a balance. barry trotz won the stanley cupt brought sng to the city we've never had before. there's a belief among the fan base hehould be rewarded. there's also the balance of the team. i'm thinking the team's point of view is you pa iin a cer amount for a coach but at the end of the day it's all professional sports. the players are the ones who get it done on the ice. ye, you need to have a good coach b you have to have players and those are the ones you take care of first. >> they're goi to be looking for more money. >> the capitals have taken a philosophy that we're going to pay a coach a certain amount of money and not go over that. >> it's not like a salary cap issue. >> no. that's a good point. they can reward him with any amount of money they want. with a coach it's not a salary cap issue, but an organizational philosophy. i'm just t speculatint they've decided this is all
6:58 pm
we're going to pay the coach and we're not going to god bey that. >> feels like it must have been such a low offer that he was insulted enough to announce his resignation right away. xp >> hessed a desire to stay here. clearly he was halfway to the poin i want to be here, but they didn't come up with a right deal. why is it always about the money? the nationals back home after a lost weekend in toronto with three loss to the bluejays and the challenge of completing some unfinished games. remember that rain in may? they picked up where they left off. a couple changes from that game. a 30 degree temperature swing. and pinch-hitting on this one, and yeah, glad to have him now, to smash this is ball. that might be going to virginia. bounces out of the concourse and the nationals with theomomer soto.
6:59 pm
gets a 5-3 win. that was good stuff. >> thank you. that's goi to do it for us. that's goi to do it for us. nighy newstl here's money for pizza. here's the wi-fi password, but, if you go online while the boys are online the internet can slow down and... they don't like it. you guys don't have fios? [mrs. jennings] oh-no. but it's a 100% fiber-optic network with ridiculous speeds. you could have, like, a hundred devices online at once. interested, talk later. bye boys! don't even think about going online. woah... i can't work like this. the 100% fiber-optic network means more speed for more devices at once. so get a fios triple play with a 2-year agreement, and choose a free samsung chromebook 3 or credit towards other samsung tech.
7:00 pm
toni t, the boiling point here at the border over those thousands of children taken from hieir families and locked chain fence walls like cages. and we have new sound purportedly from inside -- children crying out for their parents. >> papa? president trump defiant, doubling down and blaming democrats. >> and i say it's very strongly the democrats' fault. >> that in the fe of a growing chorus from democrats and republicans to end the policy he ordered. is it hyperbole to call this a form of child abuse? >> i would not call that hyperbolat all. i mean, this is government-sanctioned child


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