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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  June 18, 2018 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> 11:00, the stanley cup champs now hiring. >> he's had a huge impact here. >> where the g teas next after the head coach resigns. >> eight hours until polls open in d.c. and a vote that could decide the future of tipped
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workers and the businesses that hire them. >> and border backlash. the trump administration responds to bipartisan outrage g over separat children from their parents. >> we have to do our job. we will not apologize. it's 11:00 and still feels like 90 degrees outside. we're glad you're indoors. good evening, i'm doreen 'mntzler. >> iim handly. amelia, you have a lot of heat, humidity, and storm chances too in the forecast for this week. >> sure feels like summer out there. >> absolutely. summer officially begins thursday at 6:07 in the morning, so appropriate we're dealing with heat and humidity a thunderstorms. storms will be impacting the area tomorrow between 11:00 a.m5 an0 p.m. the biggest threat i'm seeing is
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heavy rain, but we could also see some severe thunderstorms bringing gusty winds that coult bring iso damage and some hail is possible tomorrow as well between 11:00 a.m. and 5:00. we are at 86 degrees, but when you factor in the humidity it's feeling moreike 90 degrees outside. tomorrow morning, 7:00 a.m., only a 78 and it's a muggy start. 84 degrees by 9:00 a.m. temperature of 88 degrees by 11:00 a.m. coming up i'll be walking you through your day tomorrow hour by hour with future weaer tracking when thunderstorms will be impacting your neighborhood. i do want to give back. there's some things we haveo work out. if we can get them worked out, then there's no question. i lovero the g of guys, i love the situation i'm in with the team. >> that was barry trot just four days ago. today he announced his
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resignation and it all likely came down to money. >> dave johnson is here now. a lot of people don't understand how this could happen a few days after the bigtanley cup championship. >> i could come up with a lot of theories,ov but ithe money theory. that's probably the one that holds. it's often about the money. look, it doesn seem to make sense. we went from we want the cup to weave the cup to we need a coach. therwas a contract ioextens he's not staying. trots choosing to resign wheou theyn't come to an agreement on term. the term onlyvi pd a $300,000 raise, but barry decided to say goodbye, and the decision was tough for everyone, especially their general manager, mclellan. >> it's hard for me and guys in
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the organization. t in the endnk sports is a business. if you want it to work out, you want it to be a game, you want it to be all fun, but ten day after you win a cup you have to come here and this thit's not fun. >> more on his decision to step away from the capitals and what he was specifically looking r. the general manager talks about that. >> dave, thank you. a new plan to solve the crisis at the border and this comes from republican from texas. leon harris here at the live tdesk. senato cruz says he's introduce ing a bill this week that would keep migrant families to get while their asylum cases are being heard in the u.s. that wouldreate newemporary shelters for families and mandate a decision on a family status should be made within 14 days right now families who try to come here illegally are separated. parents go to an adult detention facility.
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children go to another place. you've seen heartbreaking pictures of that, no doubt. this is a in the name of the the trump ministration's ro-tolerance policy that kicked in back in april. tonight every living former first lady is speakingut against this policy. laura bush called ital imm in "the washington post." former flirld michelle obama retweeted that article saying sometimes truth transcends parties. hillary clinton who lost to president trump in 2016 said the policy is causing a mal and humanitarian crisis. late today rose lynn carter called it dgraceful and a shame. president trump was defending the policy he blad democrats for obstructing progress on immigration reform. jim, back to you. >> leon harris, thank you. now to d.c.'s primary tomorrow. a rare election where one of the most heated races is about
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initiative 77, whether or not to raise the minimum wage for tipped workers. it would happen gradually but it would be dramatic for workers. it'sckie bensen reports, got national interest groups focused on d.c. >> this is one of the most contentious ballot issues in the district in years. >> vote yes on 77. >> reporter: on martin luther king avenue, they wave a fla subject of a city wide vote. workers who receive tips make $3.33 an hour, it includes people like car wash and nail salon employees. it goes up to $5 in 2020 and if the initiative passes, employees would earn $15 an hour by 2025. diana ramirez is with the
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opportunity centers united, a nonprofit association that supports the initiative. >> the majority of temporaryer wo are women are "x" people of color. so when you tell employers you can pay women and people of color less, that's legislative pay inequity. >> more sign waving a a u streets. there is opposition from the national restaurantas ciation. they identified themselves here as d.c. restaurant workers and their family members. >> if you're not talking to tip workers, you don't uand to you how did you it's counterintuitive but this does hurt us. >> i don't think any voter in any city anywhere should ever decide on my salary. ever. have votersecided on your salary? >> reporter: it is difficult to say what impact this initiative would have on the district's vibrant restaurant scene.
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very fewth studies o aspect of minimum wage exists. in northwest washington, jackie bensen, news 4. >> tomorrow the polls are open fr:00 a.m. until 8:00 at night. there is also same-day registration if you wanted to vote but haven't registered yet. this is a closed primer, soou must be registered with a party to vot in that primer. initiative 77 is on all ballots. in maryland eight days until democratshehoose nominee for governor. the winner will face popular republican governor hogan in november. jealous has gotten endorsements from other progressive lawmakers including cy booker and kamala harris of california. baker has been neck with him in recently polls. baker campaigned at a rally with
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latino business owners in garrettersburg tonight. imagine getting stuck here, chopper 4 shows the rail cars that stopped near the topnf the super oller coaster. park crewsad to rescue a number of people. thanks to the viewers who showed these pictures of people safely getting off th w ride. no o hurt and no word tonight from six flags on the status of the ride for tomorrow. tonight police are looking for subpoenotects in a sg on a playground. someone was killed in the middle ofhe afternoon where neighborhood children to me to play. shomari stone reports. ice cream : not even
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can comfortable this neighborhood on a hot summer evening. >> disappointed because this is a really calm community. >> reporter: maria and her cousin jacqueline sit on their front steps hours after man across the own street near this popular playground. >> it hurs because i fun place to have fun in. someone just got killed and it's really shocking. >> reporter: the man was killed in very nam park around 2:00 in the afternoon. >> it's scary because now we around hereanybody >> reporter: detectives are tight-lipped with wt happened. no word on suspects, persons of interestr a motive. the maryland national capital park policeri and pe george's county police are investigating. there are people who use this playground who live in the neighborhood thatl me they are scared to talk on camera and give us information out of fear of retaliation.mi de detectives investigate, maria hopes they solve the se
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so she will feel safe again. >> we can't let them get away with this. ave kids and families that come with good intentions. now with someone being injured, it's really painful. >> reporter: shomari stone, news 4. police in montgomery county reased new details in the investigation of a deadly shooting involving one of their officers. remember cell one video captured the aftermath of an apartment complex murder here off the cre parkway in silver spring last week. robber white, an unarmed african-american man later died. we learned today that the man who shot white has so far refused to be interviewed by investigators. video shows officers handcuffing esm performing cpr on him. police thatnded to the area for a 911 hangup call. the incident was captured on a police body camera. there will be a meeting next week about possibly releasing
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that video. we just learned the name of the man who breached a barrier outside the white minor climd the barrier on the south side of the white hse. at one point minor shouted, shoot me. jim trip recorded the whole thing. >> he said you want to see if god's real and he through auto backpack at me and i looked up and he jumped over the barriers that were there. >> he's charged with unlawful entry. officers did not find anything dangerousnside the backpack. next at 11:00, another tesla car in flames, this time on video. tonight the company addresses questionsut a its batteries.
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a poisonous plant pops up in virginia for the first time. what researchers want you to know about the giant hog weed. >> what exactly is a space force? we explain president trump's plan for a new branch of tshe
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. breaking news tonight out of south florida a. popular rapper with a number one album shot and killun. broward deputies confirm that xxx ten tacion is dead.
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two men confronted him as he was leaving a motorcycle dealer. he waslumped over the wheel of his bmw and was pronounced dead at the hospital. he was a controversial figure, heas awaiting trial for allegedly beating his pregnant girlfriend. the pentagon tonight is working on establishing a sixth military branch, a space force. president trump gave the directive at his meeting today with the national space council. he pledged to return the u.s. space program to the moon. he also vowed to send a manned mission up to mars. >> we will establish a long term presence, expand our economy, and build the foundation for the eventual mission to mars. >> the president framed space as a national securityissue. he said we must dominate space to keep america safe. buar both the mil and members of congress have warned
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establishing another military branch is a long press, and now is not the time to weigh down u.s. armed forces. tesla is feeling pressures after t tesla model 3 car caught fire in southern california over the weekend. the car was owned by actress mccormack's husband. be ntsb is already investigating tattery technology after a crash and fire in florida killed two people. tesla says its conducting its own investigation of this weekend'sire calling it extraordinarily unusual. we have a warning tonight about a weed that can leave you blind. it'sgieen seen in va for the first time ever. and it looks like this, it's called a giant hog w id plant ancan grow 14 feet tall.
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its toxic sap causes burnsnd blindness. scientists with virginia tech recently found plants in clark county near winchester. if you think you have one, do not touch it. call the state department of agculture. >> you're just out there working away, so watch out for big plants. watch out for the heat and humid. we're not talking about dangerous hea tomorrow like today, but it's still going to be hot and humid. thunderstorms moving through the area between 11:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. tomorrow is one of those days where storms that d celopld be strong to severe. we're not going weather alert right now, but you want tbe weather ready, especially around the midday and early afternoon hoows tomo a bit of relief with humid thursday into friday, but the humidity shoots right back up for the weekend. i'm tracking the weekendight now for storm chances mainly on saturday. sunday has a better chance of
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staying completely dry. wsthe good is the weekend washout.oking like a outside right now it feels about 90 degrees for most of us. the heat index in th district, 1. frederick, 86. leesberg, it is a muggy night. hopefully you're air conditioner is working jus fine because you're going to continue to neen only tomorrow but wednesday as well. this is the system that i'm tracking tomorrow here in pennsylvania. you can see this lfe showers and thunderstorms that will continue to drop south overnight tonight and move o into area around the late morning hours tomorrow. here's the latest with future weather. 11:00 a.m. we see thunderstorms around the mason dixon line. notice the bright colors here. that's very heavy rainfall. the potential for gusty winds and hail as well. we see thunderstorms mainly around washington and then to the south at about 4:00 in the
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still very gain, heavy rainfall and the possibility for hail in play. by 6:00 or 7:00 p.m. we're completely dry.e thunderstorms happen mainly during the day versus the late afternoon and evening hours like we would more typically expect 7:00 it's already hot at 78 degrees. by noon, scattered showers and thunderstorms, impacting prince george's county, m through washington and southernrie george's, fairfax county, and by 7:00 we're dry. hi of 90 tomorrow. tomorrow might not be pool day for the kids, but wednesday and thursday you'll be just fine. 86 on wednesday. it is still humid, but only a 30% to 40% chance for late-day thunderstorms. the day is looking dry, but as we move toward the late afternoon and evening hours,
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that's when the chance for maybe an isolated thunderstorm friday. the weekend, 83 on saturday. 90 on sunday with thunderstorms on saturday. >> feels like summer. >> it does. coming up, the caps gm tells us what he thinks went into barry's decision to say goodbye. > here's jimmy fallon. >> jared will he toe is my guest tonight. plus we have music from
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aruna miller: almost every law i write comes from listening to peoples' stories. i'm aruna miller, and growing up as an immigrant, i know we have the power to improve peoples' lives. that's why in the state legislature, i fought for more computer science in our schools.
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gps tracking for domestic abusers. and some of the strictest gun safety laws in the nation. in congress, i won't let donald trump undo the progress we've made. i approved this message for all our stories.
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. a stunner, fans not too happy. can we bring barry back? this is final. no going back. >> people say -- it's april 1t. people think it's a joke. it out? they work >> apparently not. this is why we're trying to make sense. of th there was jubilation followed by celebration and then that last word doesn't seem to fit, but it was used today as the capitals accepted head coach barry trotz resignation. that's not to say that's what the teamwanted. he just helped dwlifr the first anley cup in the team's 44-year history.>> his representative, you kw, wants to take advantage of barry's experience and the stanley cup win andas trying to negotiate a deal that would
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compensate him. he's looking for that type of ntract. i don't think all teams pay that type of money, certain teams are open to it and the rest of the league isn't. a we said money gets in the way ofot of deals. now tost yankees. harp harper going the way of the razor. smacks this ball to right. o that is long gone, a two-run shot for hicks. yankees take a 3-2 lead. skip ahead to the bottom of the ninth the works on, two out for turner. takes thisee ball d into right, aaron judge back, makes the catch, 6'7" outfielder to keepe the l intact. they beat theats 4-2. nats and yankees finishing
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onhe 15th. just crushes this ball to right. that's up oond concourse. mit have landed in somn ne's popcorfor goodness sake. we're not sure, we can't find it. that's the difference, took over a month to finish a but they win 5-3. are you ready? w head to theld cup. belgium taking on panama. belgium, one of the favorites. they plad like it. 47th minute a score. panama had the ball out. watch this finish. belgium with the lead. that's a great finish. he made 2-0, belgium. beats the goalie and comes up with a score. belgium up 3-0. win also today, first game f england taking on tunisia. tied 1-1.
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in the 91st minute, england with a corner kick. kaine has it in the right place at the right time. second goal of the day d formative. enns 2-1. they picked up herrera from the royals in exchange for three minor league prospects. that's good news to give you. some folksg comin to d.c. some folksg comin to d.c. >> that's what we
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christmas eve, my dad had no healthcare. he walked into an emergency room clenching his chest, and they sent him home. he died alone on a cold floor because he was poor. today in america your life is just a paycheck to an insurance company. it's time to end the american nightmare that my mother and i went through. i'm roger manno. i'm running for congress to expand medicare to every american. i approve this message.
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. ut if you want to getde tomorrow, you better it do it early. >> we're going to have storms moving through between 11:00 and 5:00. tomorrow is another great indoor day. we see relief finally on thursday. >> that does it for us. >> that does it for us. jimmy fallon is ♪ ♪ ♪ raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens ♪ ♪ bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens ♪ ♪ brown paper packages tied up with strings ♪
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- jared leto, alessia cara,


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