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tv   Early Today  NBC  June 19, 2018 3:30am-4:01am EDT

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>> all this policy of family separation rinds us of the cattle cars of nazi germany when children were separed from their parents. >> here is the bottom line. d.h.s. is noonger ignoring the law. we are enforcing the laws as aley exist on the books. as long as ill not tri remains a criminal offense, d.h.s. will not look the other way. >> ase,ureaucrats ar the children of undocumented immigrants are left hanging in the balance. have we reached a tipping point in the immigration crisis? >> to china where north korea's kim jong-un is now holding important talks with chinese leaders, we'll there li >> and the best hero is. chadwick boseman.
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>> a big night at thtv m movie and tv awards. y we haveour highlights plus host tiffany haddish's best one liners. >> a dire warning for parents to never take theiryes off of kids near swimming pools. "early today" starts right now. good morning, i'm phillip mena. >> greato with you. i'm frances rivera. the backlash against familyt separationse southern border continues to grow as new images emerge from photona josts and the u.s. government. customs and border protection releasing this video from aes prng center in mcallen, texas. from here children who arefr separate their parents are sent to health and human services facilities. and now for the first time, we are hearing from some of those children. the ns outlet pro publica publishing audio they say is from inside the facility. it has not been verified by nbc news, butn it children heard desperately crying for their parents.
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>> the trump administration has blamed democrats and loopholes in fmmigration law their separations claiming their hands are tied by the way the laws are written. but last night jeff sessions seemingly undermined that defense telling fox news's laura ingraham the separations are meant to be a deterrent. >> , yes, hopefully people will get the message and come through theth border a port of entry and not break across e border unlawfully. >> lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are condemning family separations, calling for its immediat end. nbc's jacob soborofffr has more one of the facilities housing children split from their parent jacob, good morning. >> reporter: phillip, the this is the epicenter. this is the mcallen border paol station where vast majority of the separation s are occurring.
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1100 separations have occurred at the border patrol since this policy was put into place directly by the trump administration. we went inside there. we were the first group of journalists to get eyes on hat is happening in there and despite all the rhetoric there's no cages, that the conditions are good, there e cages in there and there are young kids sitting in them and only an increasingumr of young child migrants are being separate in thatro facility their parents. and again, this is creating a massive stress not only on thec dren, but on the border patrol staff and the facilities in there as well. it just wasn't prepared for thie policy tut into place, including theocial workers. so as these separations increase, the crisis will get worse. the manpower and the lack of it in this facility is going tote crore problems that we haven't yet anticipated. we are only getting rampedp here. only 40% of families are being charged at this point and families seilrated. p, back to you. >> eye opening report. jacob, thank you. >> president trump is expected toeet with house republicans on immigration. meanwhile there are growing
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calls for homeland security secretary to resign over the family nbc's tracie potts has more to r for us. >> reporter: four so far including kamala harris, tweeted that nielsen should step down, resign over this situation, haying this account amounts to human rights abuses and adding that breaking up these families at the border h failed to hold her accountable and transparent with the americ people. we are hearing that from a number of democrats. meantime, nielsen is defending the policy saying the childrente are being trwell. >> here is theliottom . d.h.s. is no longer ignoring the law. we are enforcing thes laws they exist on the books. as long as illegal entry remains a criminal offense, d.h.s. will not look the other way. the children are noteing used as a pawn. we are trying to protect the children which is why i'm asking congress to act. >> reporter: as you noted, the
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president meets with houseod republicans where he'll likely be confronted with this because while there are republicans backing him, there are also those who want to see this sittion with the children and the separation of the families changed. so, how is president trump doing politically in all of this? take a look at the latest gallop poll. 45% is his latest job approval with 50% disapproving. this breaks down largely along party lines with 87% of republicans approving of presidentrump, only 10% of democrats at this point as he heads off to capitol hill today to meet with republicans on this immigration issue. frances? >>e'll see what happens of those meetings. tracie, thank you. >> overnight dozens were hospitalized with carbon monoxiden poisoning southeast houston. fire officials say at least 25 people were transported to three different hospitals. several intierious condi after a carbon monide leak at a fruit and vegetable processing center. officials say employees at
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hardy's fresh feuds reported headaches, nausea ands. dizzines investigators say the carbon monoxide came from exhaust from contractors equment running in an enclosed area. >> now to some major news out of south korea. that is where the country's defense ministry said it was suspending joint military drills with the u.s.hich were to takepl e in august. >> one week after president trump met with kim jong-un in an unprecedented summit and as kim looksor tolize relation was world leaders in the days and weeks ahead. beginning this morning with yet another foreign trip for the dictator, this time to china. let's bring in nbc'se jan mackie frayer live in beijing. janice,in good mo what can you tell us about kim jong-un's visit there? >> reporter: good morning, phillip. this is the third visit to phillip by kim jong-un. this is the first time that state media has announced it in advance. now, presumably kim is here to update china's presideg xi jinpn the summit with president trump in singapore.
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and it comes as the trade war is intensifying between the u.s. and china. hours after the trump administration threatened china with another $200 billion in tariffs, and this tension is something that all sides are going to try to play to their advantage. the u.s. said it wants china's help to have leverage over north korea to have it give up its nuclear weapons, but from china's perspective, that is not going to comeor free. kim jong-un finds himself in this unusually strongiplomatic position where he's becoming a key player in asian diplomacy. he's had two meetings with great rivals just a week apart. and at a time when south korea is confirming thatnthose j military drills scheduled for august are now off. f that ilowing through on the concession that president trump made to north korea at the summit whichou uedly is pleasing china, too. phillip? >> kim jong-un all of a sudden a globe trotter these days. janice, thank you. >> two rising rap stars killed
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in separate shooting incidents. in rapper xxx was shot outside a torcycle dealership. the 20-year-old recently earned a number one spot on billboard 200 album chart. he faced domestic charges. in pittsburgh following a drive by shooting, a second victim was wounded bbl is in s condition. no arrests have been made yet in either shooting. >> extreme heat is hitting much of the eastern part of the united states. millions battling record highs in the triple digits. here's nbc's ron mott. >> reporter: from columbus to richmond to massachusetts, the heat is on in chicago where it hit 93, umbrellas were out. so was the f a.c. a time at this animal shelter. the brave still rolled out yoga mats despite the h warning. >> those mats are probably a little hot.
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>> it's bad. 50 degreeom having weather to all of a sudden 90 degrees weather. >> reporter: it's all about the sizzle. 90 degree readings around the heat zone, but an approachi cold front promises relief. 80 million americans doing what they can to beat the heat. in albany, a walk in the park not so >> we trhoose the shaded paths for bike rides or walks to make sure we gethexercise we need, but we stay safe at the same time. >> reporter: schoolsrllosed in jersey city, new jersey. >> i'm very happy because it's like so hot i would not be able to bear being in school for long. >> reporter: the heat is all the more unpleasant because it's ushingith high humidity feels like temperatures past 100 in placeea a double thr damaging winds and severe storms moving through new england. or that.s to ron mott temperatures dropping, too, pretty quickly thanks to cold air moving in. don't take my word for it. we have an expert here. here he is. >> yeah, we're watching the
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texas flood overnight. these thunderstorms have been stationary and is what we are were fearful of. this is how you can get 6 inches of rain in a shorteriod of time. areas north of corpus christi between corpus risti and victoria of concern. bands in galveston bay near the houston area, we'll watch the progress of that during the day. numerous bands and thunderstorms from nebraska, iowa right hrough areas from madison to milwaukee and near chicago. texas is the concern. this is going to last for at least thedaext two . we'll have to see just how bad the flooding gets and where it occurs. that's a look at the big weather now here's a closer look at your day ahead. wellhere is the weather you love and deserve after your spring 81 in albany, 819 in boston. that's beautiful weather after yesterday's heat and midity. should feel fantastic. today we're watching showers and thunderstorms hit and miss through the areas of the central plains. and temperatures littl bit of roller coaster ride as we head towards the weekend. give you an update coming uk >> lorward to it, bill. thank you. today african-american
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joke rocking her famous $4,000 alexandercqen dress for a fourth time between numerous costume changes. the comedian took shots at one of tv's most famous kafamilies, thashians. >> that family is basically the "star wars" franchise, they make a ton of money, a new one is always popping up. and they're ruled by a bossy overlord who sleeps in a mask and she loves black men, so -- >> and that wasn't the only shade being thrown. while accepting the award for best villain, marvel's "black panther, michael b. jordan admitted he was surprised by the honor. >> i'm shocked that i won this ward for best villain, you know. i thought for sure roseanne had that in the bag, you know. >> burn. while "black panther" brought home other awards like best h bo andest performances in a movie, meanwhile the hit netflix show stranger things took home
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top tv awards as we mentioned be a performance in show and most frightened performance. >> now to a strange story out of maryland where some are questioning a controversial sign outside baltimore dufrpg an doughnuts. the sign reads there, in part, if you hear any of our staff shouting in a language other than english, please call management with the name of the employee. management offering a coupon for a free item if the calls mad according to our affiliate, the phone number listed belongs to r former man who admitted he put up a similar sign in the pa. dunkin' donuts corporate got wind of it all and said the manager's move was inappropriate and the sign has been removed. >> is the name known all around the world, bond, james bond. the spy famous for his stirred martinis, fast cars and romances usa today ranked all 26 bond movies, they used data from rotten tomatoes and here are some that didn't fare so well. never say never aga came in 24th.
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a view to kill 25th and 1967s d casino royald last. gold finger came in third place. >> best bond actor? >> best bond actor? i'd have to go with sean conery. >> me, too. still te come,ve all your world cup highlights and much more here on "early today." can you actually love wearing powerful sunscreen?
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sweden goes up. it's a nice called penalty. >> that's how we began day five of the world cup. tight mat between sweden right there, south korea. sweden wins 1-nothing after nailing the shot. belgium completely just dominating the game, crushing panama 3-0 in their world cup debut. capping things off england and tunisia, righte there in back post is harry kane bailing out the eyglish. erupt in joy and relief. they win 2-1.on playnues today at 8:00. >> as people turn r toe sharing companies like uber drivers of traditional taxi say they are having a harder time making ends meet. against the backdrop of the astruggles we are seein alarming trend. nbc's ann thoson has the
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story. >> reporter: he knows he's facing an uphill climb, fighting rmoreegulations on companies like ubernd lyft that have side swiped the financial fortunes like cab drivers like his dad. cabby's protesting on the las vegas strip to today's demonstration in new york. >> action now. >> reporter: a new urgency after suicide by cab drivers including gabriel's dad diagnosed with depression. >> a tax driver once used to be able to count on his cab as something that would allow hima to his mortgage and to put his kids through college. that doesn't exist any more. >> reporter: in 2013 there were 47,000 for-hire cars in new york city. today there are more than 100,000. and two-thirds of those are
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uber. >> this is about regulation. >> reporter: they have to buy medallions to operate. they cost hundreds of thousands of tdollars. bu limited competition and grows in value until uber and lyft came along. >> it's not equal fees, equal licenses, equalng everyt >> reporter: gabriel wants fairness for his father's fellow drivers. so cabs will once again be a route to a secure financial future. ann thompson, nbc news, new york. >> just ahead, remember hawaii'v active volcano? now it's flowing more like a river of lava. that's next. [thoughtful sigh] still nervous about buying a house? a little. thought i could de-stress with somzen gardening. at least we don't have to worry about homeowners insurance. just call geico. geico helps with homeowners insurance? good to know. been doing it for years. that's really good to know. i should clean this up. i'll get the dustpan. behind the golf clubs.
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i guess we're having cereal for dinner. deliciously heart-healthy kellogg's raisin bran crunch. the kilauea volcano on the big island of hawaii has now destroyed almost00 homes. this kristen dickerson yo here shows the lava spewing out of fissure 8. that fissure continues to be active. it has become more fluid sending 2000 degree miles running into eocean. the volcano first began erupting over a month ago. >> now we have trouble spots across the country with heat and storms. >> the heat and humidity especially in the areas of the th carolina, tha will be the worst of it. the highest today not as high as the ohio valley, not as high as new england. it will be hotter after we factor in the heat indices. wilmington today 97. washington 91. you're watching "early today."
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zbliefrmt remember these things, a week ago today? we were getting r ady for huge championship parade. the caps have to search for a new headoa c now. i think fans across t area were just stunned. riding this wave of excitement. look at the coach. he was up there front and stage and center and talking about what it took for thi team to


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