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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  June 19, 2018 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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right now at 4:30 adeive look outn this tuesday. reagan national there for you. we are sure you felt it s.yesterday, fo some in d.c. have definitely arrived. the high temperatures we felt yesterday are coming back for round two. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i eunyang. it's not just thinking people are complaining about this morning, but the big loss for the caps. social media just blowing up
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er this morning over coach barry trotz's resignation. we'll have much h more on whye is leaving the team in just a few minutes, butthirst, back to forecast with chuck bell and sheena. you know i love summer, right, and i love hot weather. in the shade it wasn't that bad. i mean, it >> i agree. on my couch yesterday it felt great. >> we kne aaron was not going to go outside. >> the higst paid coach inhe nhl is making over $6 million, and he won the stanley cup. there may have been a little -- >> thewere not happy about that, though. we don't want him to leave. >> let's talk about -- >> all gd things must come to an end at some point, and the nice -- well, if you like theat dry r, i should say, because a lot of people thought it was way too hot rysterday. the weather are come to an end today. thunderstorms it this afternoon.
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for everybody look at the temperatures, though. almost everybody on the map ie cl to 80 degrees. right now it is 79 in washington. very warm and humid. we have clouds moving in to our north. we have thunderstorms. some of the storms will try to make in and fall apart. our best chance today will be after lunchtime, so b lufrm time we're looking at temperatures near 90, thunderstorms shortly wafter. thl start to drop some temperatures. a little bit of rain re cef. more raiing up with chuck and your best together.go morning, melissa. >> taking a look at the roads. inneoo l at had 50. right lane by the work zone. innerloop. two left lanes are getting by at this point. as we zoom in to alex appearedria, southbound 395, after seminary, you have two left lanes getng by the work ne there. as you can sew, you can see we have two different work zones. taking a look at 676 and 95. no big problems. it's that slowdown as you arein approa wood bridge now going to check into that one and
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be a second in the it. decision 2018. today voters in d.c. head to the polls for someiv dec races. the polls open at 27 a.m. this morning. the big issue on the ballot wnil beative 77. now, we showed you directly to kbukt your next trip to dinner or happy hour. >> current law let's employers pay tliped workers dlash 3. an hour. that goes up to $5.22. if t michigan tv passes, tippedye emp would earn up with flat wanl of $1515 b 2025. a lot of serbers saying this would be a loss for them. we'll have more from people on both sides ofs t issue coming up at 5:00 a.m. d.c. has same day registration if uo vote, but have not registered vet. primary, and sed you must be registered with a
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party both in that party's primary. meanwhile, in maryland there are eight days since -- the winner will face popular republican governorr hogan in november. thenoujealous, y see right here, with a ball out the vote rally in selliilver spring. he also received endorsements in cory booker of new jersey and camelia harris on of washington notah begay. baker campaigned at a rally with latino business owners in jason asberg last night. he is being joinds after announcing that she had dropped fortunate race a few dayso. we're learning more abo the man who jumped the white use bare rer. the whole thing was caught on
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cell phone video. you can see secret service agents observed from alexandria i miner and havingaw guns dr at one point you can hear miner say to thepr tried. >> hey, you topt see if god is real, and he threw a backpack down at my feet right in front of me, and i kind of looked up, hen he jumped over the beer yiris ran across the street and started climbing the fence in front of the white house. >> miner has been charged with unlawful entry. president trump will meet with republican lawmakers as backsh over his immigration policies intensify. both sides of the aisle. thousands of children have been separated from their parents at border. congress could date action this week. we'll tell you what's on the table coming up in about ten minutes. prince george's county police a looking for suspect solid after a shooting on air playground. the victimas killed in the
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middle of the afternoon in a spot where neighborhood kids comeo play. this happened at barnam park at 1:00 p.m. yesterday. the number of riders had to .ome rescued in the swelt e sweltering heat they were stuck on the superman right of steel ride at six flags america at prince george espark yet. also new this morning, for the fifth we are hearing from a woman who was thrown from the roller coaster. the moment after his last day in daytona peach. >> look at this. autoi remember tlfts one man. knew i wasme, and he in bad shape, and i was trapped and really takingut it if i ask questions about talking to pea me and in indication you have talked a lot. i just cldn't worry, you p, it is so much pane. >> that are pooh woman.
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all six riders were injured. two of them -- you can watch the entire interview with melissa there coming up on today. the search isn this morning for a new head coach for the washington capitaling. in a shocking announcement gary trotz resigned. it comes two weeks after the cue brought h the stanley cup. it's vampire fire. negotiations stalled afterried says treatz could not reach a comp myself. advantage ofto tad ine 13r7bs and stanley cup win, and i was try to negotiate a deal that confi ates one better koechds in the league. yeah. for or five koechsz. i don't think all times pay that type of money in years. i see certain teams that are open toit, and the rest of
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them -- >> news 4 kristen lawrence is keeping tans on this story. we'll hear from him in about 30 minutes. coming up, time to hit real estate set on your kids' gaming habits. the new warning from the world health organization it about et cetera impact on mental health. first, if we warning. it's a plant so poisonous it can hurt your eyesight. that would be blowing in our yab. yab. we'llto
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>> welcome back. we can -- >> for the first time it's being seen in virginia, and it looks like this. you take a look here. it's called a giant hog weed plant, and it can grow up t 14 feet tall. it canse c burns and blindness. >> virginia tech recently found ants in clark county near win
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cheer. if you think you have one, don. touch call the state department of agriculture, and it's so pretty too. you know what i mean? >> it will get you. that's how they get you. >> that's right. today' forecast, anoth hot and humid day today. much higher rain chance todayda than yest you may want to have that umbrella ready to go. if you are already thinkin about going to the beach for the weekend, i think it's a great idea. iday and saturday looks good. your ten-day forecast i coming up. don't go away. plus, taking a look at the roads as well. s you can a couple of slowdowns on the beltway. we'll tell you about the impacts i'm jimmy dean and uh, i wish iboould tell ya how i feel a mornin' like this. and that includes a good hearty breakfast. you need somethin' to kinda warm the whole body up
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welcome back. 4:45. the crisis at the border is sparking national outrage. thouldnds of cn have been separated from their parents because of president trump's zeroolerance policy on immigration. >> the president will meet with capitol hill
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today as lawmakers prepare to vote on immigration reform. news 4 tracie potts is tracking the latest from washington. tracie, what is the president asking for here?an >> he more money for his wall, for border security. ofhat the focus of a meeting yesterday with puicans. this issue of ripping kids from their parents didn't even come up. it's likely to come up when he meets with a group on capitol hill todayre democrats anblicans alike, some of them are concerned about how this zero tolerance policy is playing out. there is a growing chorus of people, now former first ladyma michelle o worried about separating kids from their parents. what we can see is a discussion of howo dea with that situation. te cruise our texas, suggested congress throwing more money, more judges, more prosecutors, more people to deal with these cases faster, so that they can get through the system and not
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end up in two different places. parents and then in jail and then children complety separate. >> we learned about that. >> tracie, on another issue, lawmakers are going to hear from the justice department inspector general. thee doing that this will he be talking about? >> michael horowits, he has two house hearings today. he is tal tng abouts before the 500 page report that he did on the clinton e-mail investigation. the president said it exonerates him in the russia investigation, but holds clear before the sena -- we can do that again today. it had nothing to do with the russia inveigation, and notably, he said for the first time he is also going to be looking into formerrrt and james -- and the emails and the memos tha he wrote about all of them. it's prurch. >> 5:now. there is the air force, army,nd
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marine corps now the navy. the space force. president trump gave that directorive at his meeting with the national space counsel yesterday. he is pledging to get americans back tond the moon beyond. >> we will establish a longo eerm residentild our economy and to build the foundation of an evaluate nation tomorrow. >> now, the president says space is a s nationalurity issue, but both the military and members of congress are warned establishing another military branch is a long process and now is it not the time to weigh down u.s. armedrc . this sign found in a baltimore dunkin' donuts has social media in an uproar. it reads any of you hear any of our staff shouting fromua a la other than english, call the number listed with the name of the employee. the caller received a coupon for a free coffee and apa ry. they were spotted yesterday morning. when called, the man answered the phone saying it was a bold
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sign, and he is no longer the general manager of te.t st he add mirtd he had a sign like that one in the past because t sa customers complained. many customer outraged where, skboo they're only been certainlyf that's not. that's no reason to tell them that they wouldn't be able to speak inheir native language or any other language. >> they s the general manager no longer works at that location. new numbers this morning thatrove how expensive it is to live in our yash. local residents need to irn more than $34 an >> talking about d.c. here. that includes arlington and alex appear andrya. h residents woue to work more than two full-time minimum kwaj jobs. these numbers are based on a
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person spending no more than 30% of their income on rent and utilits, which is close t being average. >> the national low income housing coalition conducted that study. very expensive to live in this area. we're not even talking about parking, transporta everything else that comes long with it. a handfulf private schools in our area are dropping advanced placement classes. the unusual joint statement that ap coursed are not necessary for college-bound students. they put fooch emphasis on memorization. the cool has promised to cut the classes over the next now years. it is similar to other addict i behaviors where a person gives gaming precedence over other interests and social activities. the move is significant because it could help people with healta
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insurance co. tom costello has the latest details on this cominup on the "today" show later this among the contestants will be someone from leesburg. take a look. ♪ f this is lucas. he is competing a $1 million prize. e competition is not easy, so in.ned really amazing dancers, and all dance.of the hip-hop dancers are amazing. ballroom. op troops.ung hip i mean, the whole thing. i love the dancing, by the way.
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i don't know why it is. i wish i could do it. >> they make it look so easy. >> it's the rhythm and the clicking noise that ili . it lox way easier than it is. >> j. lo, neo, and derek t houg. t's a dood -- >> yeah. >> good luck, lucas. >> can he come in here and tap dance tore us? > we should. we should lookinme. it's local. maybe as the weather gets better. >> yes, then he will gladly come bay. yesterday was hot in the shade. >> did you move around? >> not that bad. >> remember we had that conversation yesterday. >> e on, i remember. >> today will be another hot humid one. a little bit of rain relief as storms are going to hp to drop
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our temperatures where the storms are because they'll little scattered in nature. not everyone may see them, thouto. that's fory. we have had that chance tomorrow. the rain chance is unfortunately that is goes into our weekend forecast. >> it is very warm outside. annapolis in th 70s. now wire at 83. 79, frederick. this morning, though, we have the clouds through part of the area, but also some thunderstorms up to our ly pennsylvania right now. you can kind of skim of ato our nort east. we're on the dryer sid this morning. this morning if you are xercising, it will be very warm. 80 by 7:00 a.m. 90 shortly after lunchte, and we have isolated thunderstorms ove through. keep an eye to tsky. that being said, if you have the afternoon pool man's, we do have thunderstos in the forecast.
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we downloaded the nbc washington app. have that sf des moines, which is future weather showing us after lurj time. >> another round for showers and storms tomorrow and into the weekend. we are watching more rain. probably looks like saturday, though. >> good rning, sheena. taking a look here two problems beltw we used to have -- they have just cleared out of the way. >> inner loop and open you are beat everythings running along smoothly. we're going slook at that again in just a skd. southbound 95. after qauntico right lane there is blocked by the world cup. sed every as you are heading into woodbridge. no word of any problems. here we are on 66. fairfax tt markway to the belt way. you're going to get there in eight minute. >> your yoer as well on 66. up top of the beltway looking at
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95 and maryland route 129, bw pa parkway. >> something by world cup. match matchup. what finish for england too. yeah. >> we're jumping htd. 'll get to thatstory. >> yeah. >> but -- >> start all in the 91st minute. harry cane gets ahead of it there. yo c can watch the wor action in our sister station. allo idicky and who are -- this article talks about how athletes use sntso help them train. led eky is a five-time olympic
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gold medalist and set two worlt records in rio. ae shulsecently announced she is leaving stanford oout to proefrl a winner. measu measure. >> they measure it by the kbkt the ent and the time i water. >> maybe the technology is available to help do that. >> nrs may taylor and matt sherzer. >> sometimes i think katie is super human. you can analyze what she wants, and -- >> have to have a little bit of that too. next up 5:00 a.m. fromhe a. >> chael:s coach staying good-bye to the stanley cup champion. still ahead we are live with coach fros walking away with in it. b >> called you called 911. details on a new feature respond
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either no motor where you are.
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