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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  June 19, 2018 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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who are -- more criticism of from their parents at the .rated bord >> and i'm storm team 4 meteorologist huck bell. tht is on, as well as increasing changes for rain and thunderstorms afternoon. a check of the forecast coming right up. >> announc: news4 midday
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starts now. >> it is already a scorcher out ere today. chuck bell is now taking a look at just how hot it's going to get. chuck. >> absolutely right, pat. it is super duper hot out here already. ese temperatures are going to continue to inch their way up. there's already a little line of rain showers there across parts of central pamtylvania. it is slowly heading to the line nc northern virginia. everybody has a c to be rained on today. boy, do we need rain to help hold temperatures down even just a little bit. with no rain in the d.c. metro area, temperates have jumped. it's only 11:00 in the morning s and i 93 degrees, 94 in quantico and itik feels with humidity that it's over 100
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degrees. take it easy, drink yourwater, take your shade breaks and check on the elderly in this kind of heat. i'll time out those rain chances coming up. >> good advice, especially as voters in the district head to the polls. >> one issueould change t way you dine out in d.c. news4's chris lawrence joins us live to explain initiative 77. chris? >> reporter: well, pat, you could read through the entire measure on the nbc washington app. let's just say it boils down t this, do we want to force businesses t wage that it makes it, you know, almost no reason for us to tip anymore? >> vote yes on 77! >> the question has split the city. it could define d.c.'s dining scene. >> i'm in favor of the initiati initiative. >> should the district make tips truly optional and raise
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vrkers' minimum wage? >> ied no. >> suzanne was swayed by her waitress out to dinner last week. >> she makes twice as much money relyingn the current system than she would with the new . system she sure convinced us to vot no. >> tip workers are only guaranteed $3.33. restaurants are to $15ig ang hour. they argue it will spike prices and cause bars to gor. un but residents like margaret ss.ks want it to >> i think tips basically should be for excellent service. >> there's no other job that i can think of where the public or the customers are required to pplement theemployee's salary in order for them to have a living wage. >> there's nothitingppg, but i then idea
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know yourserver's making x amount of money and you're paying more for the, well, a lot less likely you're going to kick in an extra 15, 20% on top of that. chris lawrence, news4. >> can't wait to find out how voters really think about thisnk >> t you so much, chris. just a reminder, early voting is happing in maryland until thursday. voters will decide which democrats will take on republican incumbent governor larry hogan in november. the myland primary is set for june 26th. we have a list of polling sites and sample ballots in the nbc washington app. >> new pictures and audio from inside theex detention center are fueling outrage over the trump administration's decision to separate migrant children from their parents at the potts has more on the backlash. >> reporter: sounds of anguish
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from behind a chain link fence. migrant children sleeping on floors, waling for their parents, mocked by a border patrol the audio provided by a civil torights ey, not verified by nbc, is sparking outrage. >> they need to end this policy. it is unconscionable, it is s moral, it is wrong and it unnecessary. >> this is government sanctioned child abuse. >> a strong defense from the trump administration. we have to do our job. we will not apologize for doing our >>b. resident trump blames democrats for a law that does not exist, separatg migrant children from their parents, prompted by his zero tolerance polil. in ap >> the united states will not be ara m camp and it will not be a refugee holding facility. >> t government is caring for more than 11,000 migrant
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children. president trump will likely be confronted about it when he meets with republicans on capitol hill tonight. and that number, the number of children in gdyernment cus is expected to rise to more than 20,000 before t summer's over. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. >> new details this morning about the manaught on camera jumping a white house urists watched as alexander thomas minor climbed over a rail on e street into a restricted area. the secret service immediately move in with guns draw. at one point you could hear minor say "shoot me." >> we're learning details of a deadly officer involved shooting, an officer who shot an unarme black man at an apartment complex ruses to speak with investigators. the video showsic the o and
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his partner standing near robert, who later died. the officer shot white and isn't n interviews. there will be a meeting next week about possibly releasing theody camvideo. >> we are following a developing story in prince georges county.l this morninge are looking for suspects in a deadly shooting on a playground. the victim was killed in t middle of the afternoon at a spot where many children go tor playd 2 p.m. yesterday. detectives haven't released any information about the suspect or a motive. >> take a look at your screen ght now. montgomery county police say this man sexually assaulted a woman twi and they need your help to find him. it happened back on march 6 around 3:30 in the afternoon. police say the victim told them the man assaulted her after she boarded a ride-on bus and thenf again they got off at a
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stop in silver springs. the suspect ran off. contact police if you have any information about these cases. >> parts of main street are back open in ellicottity after devastating floodsam daged areas of downtown. cars are allowed to cross the bridge on t main street for the first time in three weeks. clean-up continues as the city continues clean-uphe for second 1,000-year flood in two years. >> right now the search is on r a new coach for the washington caps. in a shocking announcement yesterday, barry c trotzled it quits. the news comeseeust two w after the team won the stanley cup. it's likely the decision came down to money. negotiations stalled after trotz and the team couldn't reach ase compromi on renewing his ntract. some fans say they understand his decision to leave.
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>> i understand that he wants to heceive a better contract. i wish capitals manager would have stepped up and gave him what he wanted. but what are you going to dork rig -- do, right? it's buness. >> we don't know the team plan buts it' possible associate head coach ted reardon is being considered. trotz's next move is unclear. he's technically under contract but the caps allow other teams to talk to him. >> aaron hicks. he's going toit one mile to right to put the yankees on top. >> oh, it wasn't such a good night for the washington nationalo they fell tthe yankees last night. bryce harper looked a little dierent on the field going beardless. the final score was yankees 4-2. >> the nats have a chance to redeem themselves witttthe of the beltway. they're taking on the orioles tonight in a three-game series.
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he last time they played each other, the nats swept the 0s. let's hope for a repeat here as the summer gets under way, a warnin for parents with a pool out back. a this is story you can't afford to miss. plus -- >> i was trapped and we couldn't get >> she survived a nearly fatal roller coaster accident. house of representatives she ma
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at children's national, stronger is caring for a baby's heart in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. and a future when prenatal pediatrics leads to healthier children. it's being the number one newborn intensive care unit in the country. and giving parents peace of mind. it's less recovering in our bed, and more jumping on yours. stronger is standing out and standing proud. because we don't just want your kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger.
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we have an update concerning this frightening situation at six flags america in prince georges county. news4 is told the superman ride of steel is open again today. the news comes less than 24 hours after chopper 4 captured this video of the ride stuck, stories above the ground. thankfully no one was injured. he from one amusement park nightmare to an we're hearing from a mother of two thrown from a roller woaster lak in daytona beach. kristen dahlgrereports. >> i couldn'tbreathe. i really thought i was going to
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die. > reporter: melissa collins describing a horrifying scene. >> my car totally derailed and i was hanging up in the air. another one of my co-workers. i wched her fall to the ground. >> reporter: trapped some 30 feet above the ground. the mother of two recalling those scary h moments after roller coaster ride derailed. >> i couldn't breathe. i was so much pain. >> reporter:he terrifying tragedy playi out late thursday on the daytona beach boardwalk. >> the roller coaster completely broke off. we need an ambulance, please. >> the car flying off the rails, its front car dangling off the track, two riders plummeting three stories down, including collins' friend amanda. >> a i could do was see her thrown to the ground. i knew she was probably in pain. >> reporter: melissa said her
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injuriesnclude nine broken ribs, spinal injury and a collar bone that required surgery. the ride has a history of maintenance problems, includingd damaged cars excessive errosion. >> w believe a lawsuit is imminent. >> reporter: attory mattan mos representing collins and two others injured. >> we believe the failure occurred as a result of improper wnintenance. >> reporter: the oer pointed to that day's state inspection telling nbc news in parthe fety and well being of our customers has always been our top priority.ti we ce to fully cooperate with all state agenciesn their investigation and will do so until their investigation iste comple meanwhile, melissaollins says all she really wants to do is get back home to her family in kentucky. >> oh, god, i have a 10-year-ola
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and 13-year-old back at home crying because they don't know how their mommy is. >> watching my son with it locked and shut pull himself up this ladder. >> you're watching this video of a toddler climbing the protective cover on a ladder of an above-ground pool. it's going viral, sparking fear among parents. the wyman family said it only took t child a few seconds to scale the door that is designed to keep kids from climbing. >> scary. i'm sure he's not the onl kid that can do this. >> how fast a toddler could imb the ladder with the door shut, if a 2-year-old can do it, a 6-year-old can do it, an 8-year-old >> the family reached out to the manufactur but hasn'teard back. >> today friends and family will begin theirin good-byes to a university of maryland football
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player who died last week. a viewing for 19-year-old jordan mcnair is bng held in randallstown, maryland. he was hospitalized last mon after a team workout and he died on june 13. >> a handful of prominent private pools here our area are dropping advanced placement classes. a.p. courses are not necessary for college-boundts stud they put too much emphasis on memb member memorization. >> bill cosby was con vvicted o three counts of sexual assault
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and the honorary degree he received was taken back. >> forensicools were used to create a picture of what a woman found looks like. >> sheas most likely between the ages of 25 and 35. >> lieutenant don stall has been working todentify a woman found murdered for years. >> there's a family out there hemewhere who has no answers on what happened to tir daughter or their mother or their sister >> reporter: he developed this new image of what the victim may have looked like back then. he used newol tecies to
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enhance an older image. >> i mean, l thisks very life-like. are you feeling pretty good about coming u with it? >> i'm veryho ful. >> reporter: the victim was found in a wooded area. she wasn't wearingcl any hing. she had been beaten so violently in the face that she suffocated. still police recovered enough of her remains to create this likeness. >> nobody could not think about the person that this once was. >> reporter: over the years police have tried everything, dna, fingerprinting, but nothing showed up in any national database. she is still listed a a jane doe. this is a black-and-white ige of her developed more than a decade ago. the newn one is i color and it depicts her hair stbuightened t on a handwritten note the detective found in the c file. >> not having her name pretty r muchules out solving the case, doesn't it? >> it's a hugeob acle.
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>> reporter: it's an obstacle he hopes to overcome. if someone recognizes her, cass in with a name and gives this cold case nlife. in charles county, darcy spencer, news4. >> we are working for your health this morning. in a moment we'reak going to b down the health signs you shouldn't ignore. >> plus, from one hero to another. see the momentthat's trending on social media from the
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receiving an award for s playinger hero is amazing, but it's even greater to acknowledge the heroes in real life. if you don't know james, come on up here. >> last night he w for "black panther" but during his acceptance speech he honored james shaw jr., the man credited forro wrestling a suspect at a waffle house. >> what a great moment. >> what a great gesture. >> june 19th is known around the country as juneteenth. >> it'she only nationally
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known celebration of slavery's end. >> it was a big hit over the weekend in prince georges county and we are here this morning celebrating juneteenth. we're here where this served as a place for african-americans to be educated. >> it's an important time to just reflect and honor our history. it's a part of our continuing drive and goal to t celebrates history throughout the year and tons of historic sites and museums here in our county. >> and there's link on our web site where you can geteuch m information on where to go to
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learn. strike force, let's hear you. >> one, two, three, four ♪ ♪ >> june 19th, 1865 was the date. weren't they awesome? >> absolutely. >> it was hot out there, though, early this morning. >> i could see a little bead on sweatou and the kids out there. >> the kid don't mind the heat. >> that's what we love about ds they just get out for summer vacation. >> they've been waiting for this. >> absolutely. what a great day to celebrate. summer heat and assume e summer e back and in aband s abundance. it's only 11:30 in the morning and it's already 93 degrees. the heat index now 101 degrees are in washington. the reason that' factor is because the high humidity prevents moisture from
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evaporating off your skin and the evaporation of sweat off your skin makes you feel cooler. 93 now in washington, 92 manassis, 93 in quantico. north and west of the city not quite as oppressive but still awfully warm, upper 80s now across much of northern maryland. when you factor in the heat index, low to 90s for montgomery and frederick county. take it easy out the. the heat index levels for today are oppressive, no doubt about that. for tomorrow, temperatures will trend back into the 80s and there's still a likelihood of rain and thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon. but the cooler temperatures will really help qte a bit. now, as we head into theen weekd, back up to the annoying level. heat indexes back over the weekend will be in the low 90s. this weather front, which will
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spark off o roundof showers and thunderstorms later on in the day today as that front settles to ourouth tomorrow, that's the reason tomorrow won't be quite as oppressive as today. easy for me to say. there's that line of showers now across southern pennsylvania. the trajectory should have it south of the mason/dixon line shortly. out to shenandoah and thedg blu and into the city between 3 and 5:00 this morning. 3 and 5:00 this morning. a hint for a cooler dayas stronger is blting her tumors...
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without risking her bones. it's training her good cells... to fight the bad guys. stronger is less pain hope ...more fight. it's doing everything in your power... and everything in ours. stronger, is changing even faster than they do. because we don't just want your kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger.
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president trump is set to meet with republicans at the capitol tonight to strategize about immigration bills that map come for a vote in the house later this week. tonight's meeting comes amid a growing t backlashe border with more than 2,000 children separated from their parents since april. jacob soboff toured the busiest processing center. >> inside this building, the mcallen border patrol processing station. there are probably over 1,200 people detained right now by the border patrol and 1,100 young kids have been their families right here in this sector alone.
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they were down under this bridge. this is a popular crossing destination for migrants seeking asylum. hundreds crossed at a time on roads j.t like th that is one of the key crossing locations for migrants that comy into the coun order to present themselves to the border patrol to seek asylum. the big question you have to ask, are people still coming. and according to the border patrol they are. but they do say they believe sooner rather than later people will stop leaving, or at least in the numbers we've come toro expect those central american iuntries. did ask if they're messaging in the central american governments. they didn't answer me. >> major repairs are under way this morning in japan following the deadly earthquake. yesterday we showed you pictures of massive nkholes. this morning crews are repairing the giant holes in the road. the earesquake dtroyed several roads andat undergrouner pipelines.
11:32 am
you can see the intensity of the quake in this video. four people are now confirmed dead following the quake. all four were killed by falling de more than 300 others were injured. >> nth korean leader kim jong un is in beijing this morning o discuss the next step after his summer with president trump. china has long been considered a powerful force. >> reporter: there's no official explanation why this visit, kim jong un's third to china, was announced in advanre the other two visits were not revealed until after he left the presumably ks here to meet with president xi jinping to tell him about his summitith president trump in singapore. a spokesperson today said the visit was at deepening relations and discussing strategic
11:33 am
communications. but the visit is also timed with theca intension of this trade war between the u.s. and china, the u.s. threatening another 00 billion in tariffs. and this tension is something that all sides willook to play off of each other. the u.s. wants china's help to pressure north kores but china's point of view is it not uning to come for free. so kim joninds himself in an unusually strong position, emerging as a key player in asian diplomacy and having met the leaders of great rivals in the span of one we. is is all coming, too, at the same time that south korea hast confirmed tt will suspend joint military drills with the u.s. scheduled for august. this is following through on the surprise concession that president trump made to north korea last week, which le undoubtedlyes china, too.c nb news, beijing. >> new today, marriage may be good for your health. a new study o of the u.k. found marriage may protect
11:34 am
against heart disease, stroke and even early rechers found adults who never married, divorced or were widowed were 42% more likely to develop cardiovascular disease and single people had a much high are rier risk of heart disd stroke. experts say better health stems from social and financial health. >> are you feeling overworked or stressed out? but that feeling may be a sign of something moreerious here. the dr. david popeo suggests you play closer attention to your body. he said being excessively tired when you wake upn or having ability to concentrate or doing nsmething you're interested in could be sig of something more serious, especially if the feelings last longer than a few
11:35 am
days. >> i think these are things thaa could be phy stressors that are really sort of distracting your body or it could be a mental health stressor that are also distracting your mind from being ableo engage in both why are best mental he physical health. >> the doctor suggests checking inityour personal physician if your feelings last for more >>an a few days. pat? you know that a tick bite cano leadme disease, but it can also lead to allergies. patricia sat down with a woman whose life has been totally changed by a tick bite. >> like many of us, lend a wiinn loves to eatat me >> i am a carnivore. >> but after being bit i don't know -- bitten by a tick -- s
11:36 am
>> can no longer e beacon. this allergy doctor says the symptoms are varievaried. >> you can get lyme disease or get allergies or it c lead to death. >> i was a big, itchy blob. i had no idea why. i knew it was an allergic reaction. >> so if i get bitten by a tick, when do i have to be concerned? >> if you start noticing itching or hives o diarrhea a few minutes or a few hours after eating red meat, it's time to seek help.f >> you develop a meat allergy as a result of a tick bite. she said there isood ws.
11:37 am
since the particular bite she's lost wait. >> how much weight? >> 87 pounds. >> wow. that's all you c say. >> changing subjects now, are your kids' gaming habits out of control? >> we're going to tell you about the new warning about its impact on mental health.
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it's been years since the d.c. area has had a children's museum of its own. >> the last one closed in 2015. that's all about to ichange. wo under way on a brand new national children's museum. it will be located across from freedom plaza in the ronald reagan building. it will feature interactive science exhibits and a whole lot more. we got a sneak peek yesterday.
11:40 am
>> we know in a child's dream anything is possible. we're setting at tone as soon as they enter the museum. >> the museum is set to openrcn of 2019. can't wait for that. >> that will be n. another thing can you do on a hot day. >> can't wait for it to cl off either, chuck. how hot are we going to get today and when do we start to taper in the other direction? >> today is probably going to be the hottest day of theweek. mid 90s and a smidgen cooler for tomorrow and seesawing back and forth a little bit. not going to have the official w heat wave,ch is three days in a row of at least 90 or higher but it' sure going to be a a steam bath to be outside today. breaks of sunshine in what is becomi a partly cloudy sky. super steamy today. at index value already over 100 degrees. actual high temperature near 95 today. little cooler tomorrow.
11:41 am
higher rain chance for tomorrow as well. and the weekend, though not stiflinghot, wil be very humid. there's that leading edge of the rain chances no this will fill in in intensity and i believe come down through the d.c. metro area here, probably between about 2: and 5:00 this afternoon. it just all aboutt the h and the humidity right now. 93 the current temperature in -- probably going to stay in the upper 80s for northern maryland. then cooling the way back 2086 degrees by 8:00 this evening. if youe going to do outdoor grilling this evening, probably best to do it after 6:00 in the evening. sun is not down uil 8:35. another likelihood of rain during the second half of the day tomorrow b in theably conot
11:42 am
cooler. highs tomorrow in the mid to upper 80s. if you're thinking about going to the beach this weekend, i think that's a great idea. friday dry and a slight chance of showers on saturd.ay
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a growing number of young people are addicted to theiron and computer. now veo gameddiction can be
11:45 am
a serious health condition. it affects thousands of young people in this country. it's an addiction that can be just as strong as alcohol or drugs. >> reporter: icould be a car chase in "grand theft auto 5," i futuristic rty in "over watch," survival of the fittest in "fort night." experts warn gamingan have t same addictive quality as substance abuse. rolyn porter finally had to seek help for her teen-age son. >> he sacrificed everything he cared about, his relationship with his family, his academic performance, his self-respect, his self-esteem. >> reporter: the world honlth organizaati sagys most gamers
11:46 am
are not addicts, thoe.ugh 3% >> video games appears to be very good at elevating that pleasure chical. we get addicted to not the game but the addiction to dopamine. >> reporter: the gamin industry contests these findings. >> reporter: at the resta internet addiction clinic in washington state, brian, who asked we not useis full name, says he was spending nine hours a day in online games. >> i was just using them to not thin about stuff and not -- like just to escape from reality. >> rorter: at start the patients must give up their electronics for seven to 12 weeks and focus on both mental and physical health. then a slow entry. >> it's pretty hard to live a modern life in this country
11:47 am
anyway, without. technolo but they don't have to play video games. and they don't have tose social media. >> i am so proud o hi so proud of him. pr >> reporter: her son-in-law is now out of therapy but in 2018 there is no escaping the lure of technology. >> tom costello reporti there. new numbers reporting how expensive it is to live in our area. local residents need to earn more than $34 an hour to afford modest two-bedroom rental. not just talki about d.c. this includes arlington and alexandria. d.c. residents would have to work more than two full-time minimum-way jobs.>> if you call 911 from your iphone, emergen services will soon be able to see exactly where you are locathd.
11:48 am
is new feature is part of the next iphone operating system that's set to come out this fall. the feature will not giv out more information than your phone already has in it. now, apple simply claims the location will be more accurate. >> one criticism of tre fea is that the information will only go to the 911 call center, not to the individual reooonders. >> s may be out for the summer but some universities want to make surede ss aren't mining in their dorm rooms when they get back ton campuse fall. we're talking about crypto currency mining. andreaade explains howt works. >> i had fans running, the window open.ay >> one at penn state and there was a crypto mine respiration up and running.ou >> whene at school, it'sil
11:49 am
making money for you. but it creates a ton of heat and elecasicity. >> whoooting the electricity bill? >> penn state. i'm paying tuition, right? why shouldn't i be able to mine my dorm room? >> reporter: we called the university and did not hear back. . >> it says you cannot use sources for personal gain foryp mining. >> what's the potentialcost? >> it's the electricity nsumption. you average $4,000 in bitware.
11:50 am
>>e are 11 universities participate. 100% of them had crypto mon operations. >> andrea day for bc business news. >> it's a little costly for the school or the person fayipaying bill. >> we'll get a final look atte thisy forecast coming up in a moment. >> and be sure to tune into the
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google will please ach soon to fix a bug in its home smartpeaker and chrome craft streaming stick. it could let hackers potentially use your device to show your location within a few feet. security experts say other smart home products could contain similar bugs and recommend putting those devices on their own network. >> good things come to those who wait for their uber. reports say the ride hailing rvice has started testing a feature to give customers the option to get a cheaper fare if they don't min waiting a little longer to get picked up. it's one of of the ways to offer people lower cost ould soon be rolled out to other consumers.
11:54 am
>> prom night is certainly a nighmb to re, but for parents of teen-agers, it can also be a night filledith worry and concern. we see both sides of that in a film available for home viewers this week. rafael seth explains. >> i wanted to make sure that they were dferent colors, different textures. >> reporter: kate loses his lun lunch. the film follows the parents of three high school seniors who follow their teen daughters around on prom night to prevent them from consummating a sex act. >> and this soviet satire makes it clear all the brightest minds have been locked away or
11:55 am
assassinated. >> i spend all my time indoors behind special windows. >> in "midnight sun" a girl with a rare disease is allergic to sunshine. >> what do you see up there on the shelves. >> gls killing it on stiej. it as far as the former snl cast member as a hit he's empty and depressed until a job leads him to an acting job and a mandate to express himself. >> now to the dance floor. the "world of dance" airs tonight at 10:00. and among the contestants will be a ♪ ♪ >> you go, lucas! he's competing for a million
11:56 am
dollar price p prize. and the competition isn't easy. the dance styles range from hip hop all way to ballroom. >> and tap. >> all that. russia and egypt play in the world cup this afternoon. but we may already know thenn wier of the match. a cat and white tiger in russia have both predicted the winn to be russia. ctionssee if their pre are correct in just a few hours. can you watch the match at 2 p.m. on our sister station telemundo 44. the house cat has already successfully predicted match nners for russia's games against saudi arabia, iran and morocco. so on a roll >> so let's take a look, final look, at the weather. >> chuck, what's it look like? >> it looks hot and humid.
11:57 am
shows in southern county maryland. they're not severe at this time. we'll keep a close eye on that. amelia will be along this afternoon to keep you posted if any severe storms develop. we're not expecting any. anyime you hear a rumble of thunder, that is your sign to go indoors and avoid any ifssibility for a lightning strike. ou have friends or neighbors on the gf courser at the pool, give them a heads ups well. sunday look likes the warmer and kend andlf of the w temperatures hovering back to average recall next week. >> thank you so much. >> we're back on the air this afternoon first at 4. you can get news and weather
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we're live in five, four, three, two, one. ♪ >> oh my ♪ >> the only thing i can do for you young lady is give you this. ♪ pretty pretty please >> i love it it gets me every time. howie's golden buzzer last week. and look who is withs today, howie


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