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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  June 19, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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lorthwest washington. wow. at that. you can see the rain coming down sideways. >>er pouring. dr on the belt way had their wipers working overtime because rain is coming down so ha during the afternoon commute. >> wind and rain in northern virginia as well. this y s here. this is on the dulles toll road where adam tuss and hisph photogra are right now. no dirty cars out there. that's for sure. draper ano to amelia laur laur la laure lauren rickets. >> they were moving south and east and pushing south. a lot of thateavy rain now south of zblus we'. >> we're going to continue to track storms south of the , distriut for washington and areas to the north you're only dealing with some showers now. n if you'rth of the district, your thunderstorm threat for the afternoon is now over. south of the distr still going to be dealing with hunderstorms for a few more hour here's where i'm seeing some of the heaviest activity in parts
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of prince william county. traveling along 95 south towards fredericksburg it is going to be a slow g with the weather head be over into charles county. just someun showers aro waldorf, but more substantial heavy rain in western parts of th county. here's a wider look at what we're tracking. you can see this is a broken line. st of theounty mainly dry. just some scattered light showers. you can see som haf reasoeavy r moving in. along 66 and areas to the north looking mainly dry. just a fewcattered showers. the national game should be fine tonight. at 6:00 p.m. you canee sunshine along the mason dixon line. we're going to breakdown how this will impact our humidity levels. has been brutal out there today. >> that is for sure. folk you follow the storm's tracking on the nbc washington app. the hour by hour forecast in the
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palm of your hand all night. make sure you set weather as your home screen. get to some breaking news on the crisis at theic m/u.s. border. president trump is going to be headed to the capital in about anshour. >> he set to meet with house republicans to talk about immigration. this asmages of migrant families separated at the borders sparked outrage and anguish. tta civil rightsney released that audio to nbc news. she says it was recorded inside a detention facility and w given to her by a client who wishes to remain anonymous. blayne alexander is tracking reaction right now on capitol hill. blayne. >> across the board here, lawmakers and b h partie everyone says they want to stop seeing these images of families separated at e border that they don't want to see these hardhi images ofren being
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taken away. president trump does have the authority to end this. te straeadministrationayt sha th not l just amp ary fix and that's why they're turning to congress. the image disturbing. the voices even worse. the cries of children in a recording not verified by nbc newss titayo nbe taken texas. in washington theig over the fate of those children intensifies. t >> we've got stop separation of the families. >> reporter: president trump insistin he is powerless to stop the policy his own administration enacted just weeks ago. >> all we need isood legislation and we can have it keken care of. >> lawma from both parties furious they are catching the heat for the administration's action zbls t action. >> the white house can change it in five minutes and they should. >> this was a picynvented,
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implemented and executed by president donald trump. >> reporter: a policy that has further complicated the conversation around immigration reform. attorney general jeff sessions contradicting oths in the administration who claim this is about following the law, not deteuling. >> hop people will get the message and come through the border at the port of entry and not break across the border unlawfully. >> there's so little we can do that's worse than what they're facing. >> reporter: across thesuountry pres is protesters calling the policy unamerican. >> we want a great >> reporter: while president trump says that by strengthening the border he's only making the country safer. back here on capitol hillay republicanshat they are all in support of keeping families together and at least one senator, john corn cornyn
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says they hope to mt a solution by the end of the week. >> thanks, blayneet go to break news now here at home. theovernors of maryland and virginia both polled their state and national guares resou away from the southern border because of the child and parent separation policy. both state have four guard members and one helicopter. virginia governor ralph northham said he will not support a policy. in a tweet this afternoon governor larry hogan says until the policy of separating children from their families has beenrescinded, maryland will not deploy any national guard resources to the border. we know the story matters a lot to you. stay with news 4 over the next three hours for continuing coverage of ths cri at the border. plus on "nbc nightly news" hear from a man who says heound the bodies of children who died trying to cross the bordernd he believes the current policy
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may be the only answer. echnologyt 4:00, new helps police create a new sketch of the so hi-called d.c. hotel rapist. the man attacked nine women oer ourse of eight years. news 4 meagan fitzgerald is live now with a look at h that dna is being used to file charges even though no suspect has been aught. >> soleon, the statute of limitations on a rape charge in d.c. is 15 years. so before it expired, the s attorney was able to indict the dna of the suspect. wh they figure out who he is they'll be able to prosecute. he's accused of assaulting women of all ages including a 68-year-old housekeeper who works just behind me at the jefferson hotel. law enforcement agencies across the d.c. area released these pictures of ay man t say attacked several women between
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1998 and 2006. this is a sketch of what the av suspect might looked like in 2003. this is what police believe he coul look like now. investigators say this man often target housekeeper while they were cleaning hotel rooms. during his crime spree, police say he left behind this box cutter with debbie written on the side. thising was taken from the suspect by a victim who was sexually assaulted at the renaissance hotel i may of 2003. >> six of these attacks have aen linked by dna evidence to single assailant and there is suspicion that he may be eight additional incidents in the region. >> repter: police believehis guy is in his 30s or 40s. they say about he's about 5'7" to 5'10". they say he has a stocky build. they're asking anyone with information to come forward. if a tip leads to an indictment, someone could receive up to
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$45,000. >> meagan fitzgerald reporting live. you hav until 8:00 tonight to get in line to vote in the district. ters will decide on several, but perhaps the most contentious decision is initiative 77 which nuld impact you if you don't live in the district. it would raise the minimum wage for workers including those who tips like servers and bartenders. sors restaurant wor oppose it concerned it could lead to more expensive meals andewer tips. count on news 4ouo bring the very latest results tonight at 11:00 and in the nbc washington app. how to find teachers to fill classrooms. that's the dilemma facing a lot of school districts across theu y, including in prince george's county. they've got a job fair coming u. this thurs news 4 aimee cho has more on the county's growing need for educators. >> reporter: it's the start of summer. the last thing on most people's mines right now is school, as we speak, prince george's county school says they're working to get createe to m
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sure every classroom has a teher in the fall. the challenge, the school system says they're having trouble finding people who want to be teachers or areualified so they're offering bonuses for people who sign up and have special skill set. pearl is the director of hr for prince george's county schools. she says soms subjere especially tough to fill like science and math. >> it starts with having that individual who is committed and dedicated to their learning in those classrooms. >> reporter: having a jobair on thursday. they hope to recruit people like clare fields she's had practice student teaching and next fall will become a brand new reading teacher nen fall. >> whey hear you're a teacher, they think that's awesome, i could never do that.k but i t if you care about teachehen you can be a >> reporter: and the county says they hope to share their own kids that, too, encouraging them to grow up and one day become
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teachers themselves. mee cho, news 4. the ribbon was cut tay on a new police station in the heart of prince william county. the area serves areas like lake rage, dale city. it's named after one of the original officers hired when it was established in 1970. the station also holds artifacts from big time cases in the county including the d.c. sniper case and the eastis coast r case. there will be an open house at theon stahis saturday. as they say good things come to those who wait, how you may soon be able to get a cheaper uber ridef you can wait a few extra minutes. >> get ready to pay more if you drive along this busy commute. i'll tell you where and when you could be paying mo w. right are in weather alert mode tracking storms across our region. for the evening commute, storm
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team 4 is back in less than
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ea we areer alert right now and storms are pushing south of the d.c. you can see some heavy storms going out through the neck leaving fredericksburg. a lot of lightning, heavy downpours, low visibility all the way backom andg back through culpeper county. how much more can we expect tonight? amnd i are going to time this out for you and let yha know when humidity drops. we do have relief on the ten-day forecast comg up. y may have to pay more to drive on one of our areas's biggest road zb. >> we learned tolls along the dulles toll road are likely going to go up a lot p transportation reporter adam tuss is live now along the road with a look at what you could on be paying out there.
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'tam. >> reporter: i dike to be the bearer of bad news, but $1.25 per trip, 2 $.50 more per day does add up. this unfortunately is all but a done get ready to pay more along the dulles toll road. >> 7 cent increase and a 50 cent increase on the ramp. >> it's a pricey hike proposed at the moment, but it's to be approved for public comment by the metropolitan washington airport authority tomorrow. again, take a look here at what is being proposed. 75 cent hike at the main toll plaza on theoll road. 50 cent hike at the off ramp. and for some that can be a extra $1.25 per day. >> i prefer to stay on roads that i'm know how much going to pay when i get on in the
4:16 pm
morning. >> here's the tlofcontroversial part. aity goes to pay for the silver line extension. lauren not thrilled about th. >> if i wanted my money to go to metro, i would get on the metro. >> reporter: the public will have a chance to o weigh inn the proposal later this summer before it becomes final. now, the earliest this toll increase could take effect is 2019, so n january oft year. there could be some wiggle room. in other words, it could beit littlef a difference of price here at the main toll plaza as compared to the off ramp but the airport authority wants to hear from the public before it makes any of those decisions final. back to you guys. >> trust me, adam, they are going to hea from the public on it. i do know they're going to hear. >>ex getting nsive. >> you know it. tuanks, ada reporting live. well, pay more on the dulles toll road. how about paying less for your next uber ride if you can wait a little longer to be picked up, it could be money in your pocket.
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the ride hailing service is reportedly testing a new feature by wai ang just few extra minutes, you could save up to 25%. this is one of several ways uber wants to offer cheaper fares to riders. right now it's being tested in san francisco and los angeles. it could soon roll out tionwide. it has been exactly one month since the royal wedding. ry>> prince h and meghan markle joined queen elizabeth at the royal co horse race. >> arriving in a horse drawn carriage with prince edward and sophie. believed to beirhe time meghan has been to the famous race. >> it's tration the queen brings family members with her on each of the five days of the race. >> the royal family is growing. sarah, the granddaughter of quee ezabeth has given birth to her second daughter. the number of great hildren to seven baby girl is going to be the 19th in line to the throne
4:18 pm
she has not yet been named. s storm team 4 is tracking rain across our regionight now. >> we're in weather alert mode this hour. amelia and lauryn tracking all that in the storm center. >> we're tracking it got a little busy this afternoon. we already saw videosf that. we got a good deal of rain out there. >> parts of the area saw over an inch of rainfall and we're only going to be weather alert until 5:00 p.m. the threat for strong thunderstorms and pushing out of the area. lo at what we're tracking on the radar right now. you can see this r heavyn down into parts of culpeper county and then parts of southern maryland. only a few sttered showers for the most part pretty light in nature around thed.c. metro area. here's future weather at 5:00 p.m. don't aecessarily look intensity because this yellow would typically indicate a pretty moderate rain. but just notice the placement.
4:19 pm
5:00 p.m. you can see most of e rain is along south of washington. areas to the north up around the mason dixon line completely dry. frederick, carroll and northern montgome be completely as we move toward 6:00, 7:00, we continue to track mostf the metro area, areas north with dry conditions but then as we move toward midnight we can seein showers m through. the nationals game should be okay, but pack the poncho.e they might dealing with rain but nothing they're going to cancel the game over. the rain did little to help the comfort factor out there. thesre the due point temperatures. this is the humidit'. when about 65, it's humid. when it's 75, it completely uncomfortable outside. the humidity levels will still be very high during the evening hours as we track isolated showers out there between about 9:00 and midnight. tomorrow morning for that commute not all that bad out there. >> really not all that bad. we will see that humid drop a
4:20 pm
little bit as we go through the rly part of themorning, but then it comes back right as we head into the afternoon. you may be wondering what we're dealing with for your wednesday mornin commut there could be an isolated shower here or there for thate commnd we'll take that chance through the morning. i do believe by the afternoon we'll get some sunshine. the humidity starts to come back up. temperatures will be in the low 80 daytime highs. low to mid 80s. a little cooler than today. then we've got some storm chances mainly after about 5:00 or 6:00 p.m.00 o the west of us and we'll be tracking coming into the metro area as we go through 6:00, 7:00. let's talk about thaty. humid boy, you head outside tonight. amelia was tking about the nats game. the nats are playing the orioles. very sticky tonight but the d humidityps tomorrow morning, comes back through the day. etank goodness that humidity drops as we into thursday and friday, so not quite as bad as we get into t yourrsday and
4:21 pm
friday. it's still going to be on the humid side, but nothing oppressive like we've had over the last couple of days. rtunately we're still dealing with rain chances as we get to thursday and friday. as we head into the weekend, we up those chances again. >> that is unfortunate and we were talking about this yesterday and today. it's a veryumr like pattern. summer officially begins thuray morning and while the weather is following suit. you can see tomorrow we have about'r a 60% chance y dealing with showers or thunderstorms, but the best chance is going to be dur evening and overnight hours with some heavy rain is possible. mid 80s tomorrow. feel like 90 degrees with the humidity. a morning shower chance on thursday. most of the day on thursday, a quick look at the weekend.s lo like sunday would be more dry but hot as well. high around 90. thanks amelia. well, for most of us the day just doesn't get started until that first cup of hajoe. >> tt's exactly right. today some customers a a d
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lauryn ricket>> a maryland dunkinonuts is raising some anger from a sign found at the register. joining us is c jagger. it's so good to see you. >> you too. >> let's startit this sign. it was posted by a baltimore area news pducer. so what is it about the sign that's to controversial? >> this is so crazy. when you go and you want to get a cup of yoffee and see a sign that says if you hear any employee shouting in a language othe than english toall a number and then you get free coffee and a pastry. it's from the general manager. >> okay. >> so of course it turned into a firestorm on twitter. everybody was weighing in. it worked of course. a lot of social media activists. they had a statement from the dun kin donuts corporate office
4:26 pm
that while she was addressing customer service satisfaction, she went aboutt the wrong way. she had it removed. why is aone shouting? >> it's all about the doughnuts and the coffee. >> let's move on to netfl. they central harass policy. staring can get you in trouble. >> when i first saw this i didn't think it was a real story and netflix amid theev space t -- spacey allegations, they have implemented a lots. of new rule the employees have been making jokes. you cannot stare at your c co-worker for more than five seconds. they've been joking with each other, counting out loud to five and then quickly looking away. youo cannot ask someone for their phone number and if you do
4:27 pm
ask ar co-wor out on a date and they say no, that has to be the end of it. they want to sure they cover themselves. the staring thing, i don't know. >> they've gotten serious about that. finally we know all the caps have been shaving their beards now that the playoff system over. a big star is doing it, too, and everybody is speculatice why. >> b harper. have you seen him? >> i have. >> nord bea they're, like, why is the beard gone? there are a lot of different things that people are saying. so one, they're saying maybe he's trying to attract the yankees because they have a no long ir, no beard policy. is he flashing it for them? i t don'tnk so. then they say he's doing something different to get out of his two month slump. that may be the reason why, but i think the reason is it's too dag gone hot outside. who wan allf that facial hair. >> i think he's not recognizable
4:28 pm
out of uniform. i wouldn't know him. >> he's probably a lot more cooler literally. >> we're sure he is. >> thank yo >> going to make him cooler is if the boy starts hitting again. at's what we need, whatever it takes, bryce, whatever it takes. hitting.t it was breaking news 24 hours ago. a roller coaster stuck on the tracks. we talked about the entire ordeal live on the air. new today, what thrill seekers need to know about their safety. >>ea and theer alert continues. continues. storm team d too maices on your network could mean you see this that's why you need fios-the 0% fiber-optic network. that means more speed for more devices at once -and to prove it, we'llelp you add another. choose a free samsung chromebook 3 or a $200 credit toward other samsung tech plus get the fastest internet available, up to 200 tv channels, phone, and a 2-year price guarantee. all for just $79.99 per month with a 2-year agreement.
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here's the s latest onrm team 4 radar. i'm tracking heavy rain and thunderstorms still in parts of culpeper counties. a little bit of rain. just scattered showers and wntll ue to have scattered showers impacting the area until about midnight tonight. those humidity levels still through the roof for the evening hours. still uncomfortable out there even though we'll experience plenty of dry times if you have plans outdoors. for the nationals game, can't rule out a shower,ut they should be able to get the game in. coming up tomorrow we're going to be noticing the humidity levels building up throughout the day. we'll break that down coming up in about ten minutes.
4:32 pm
it was a nightmare scenario for anyone afraid of heights. >> a roller coaster at six flags stopped at the highest point in the no one was. >> chris gordon is live outside of the park in prince george's county. working for skyou and looking io the chance fist this could happen to someone in your family. >> reporter: the roller coaster reopened today. sex flags says sensors along the tracks stopped the super man roller coaster at a safe place the way it's supposed to work, but yesterday at about this hour r was a harrowing experience for someler coaster riders and their families. this video was tape by julia kim of fairfax. she also shot still she watched with her two young children as her husband was stuck at the highest point of the super man ride of steel roller coaster. she says he had just bought a
4:33 pm
summer pass for the whole family. >> he paid almost $200 and he doesn't want to go back there. it's bad. >> reporter: six flags sent us their training video explaining that what caused this rollero coastertop is something anticipated. >> these control ride stops are proof that our ride safety system are working exactly asth should. >> reporter: a rider calledfr 9 the roller coaster. when rescuers arrived, the incident was over. >> 30 or so riders on board were stuck towards the top of the incline. had been removed safely and no injuries occurring during the evacuation by staff and personnel there at six flags. >> reporter: when heavy rain ll, six flags closed all of its rides. tonight on news 4 at 5:00 we will tak a look at the safety record of the rides here a six flags. the safety record which is
4:34 pm
monitored by the state of that's the latest from prince george's county. back to you. >> all right. thank u, chris. today we are hearing from a woman whousas ser injured in another roller coaster accide accident, this one in daytona beach. melissa collins has broken wibs and -- ribs and a broken collarbone. riders fell three stories down. melissa says she's glad to be alote. >> i've a d 10-year-old 13-year-old back at home crying because they don't know how their mommy is. myar totally derailed and i was hanging up in the air. another one of my co-workers, i watched her fall to the ground. >> she fell 30 feet. collins says she's consideringg su the roller coaster company. that re had just passed inspection hours earlier. the company says that safety is always their top priority.
4:35 pm
a local member of congress seeks answers about whether children are being separated from their parents at i.c.e. detention centers here in the washington area. >> jim handly is iew theoom with a look at what's coming up. >> we've seen some of the images, heard some of the audio, the children of migrants trying oo cross the border from mex separated from their parents and held in detention centers in texas as part o a zero tolerance policy in the white house. is that also happening in ourk own b yard here in washington? ahead at 5:00, barbara harrison on what a virginia congressman found out wn he visited a detention center. plus a little boy's wish come true when he got to see his dad for the first time in a year since th faurt wather was servi afghanistan. the reunion and what theou fath t back that was a bigger hit than the visit itself. we'll have those in about 25 minutes. >> what a shot there.
4:36 pm
thanks, jim. chances are you and your family are spending a lot more time outdoors this summer. a warning today about a dangerous plant turning up virginia. it's called the giant hog weed. rearchers at virginia tech university released these photos. this plant contains a toxic sap that can lead to blindness and burns, especially if it becomes airborne. >> if you go outh there w the weed eater and take out a patch of this, youl likely wind up covered in the sap. if the sun's out, you'll quickly developurevere anywhere you have exposed skin. >> one plant was discovered last week in clark county near winchester. if you think you've seen one of these, call the virginia agriculture offiheal. we haveumber on the nbc 4 website. >> it's something we see everywhere. >> in our yards, something you could easily come across and
4:37 pm
pick. moving along alexa, she's got aew job. hotel conciarge. >> is it convenient or creepy. >> creepy. is it possible t the whereabouts of any phone in the u.s. within seconds? hanginge companies are clanc this long-time practice. we've got storms that are going to continue to move rroughout theion. heavy storms with a lot of lightning mainly moving south. we'll talk morebout those storms and the timing on thatig coming up rht
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. how would you like to have america's favorite busy body, amazon alexa in your hotel room? she's coming and not everyone is on board with this idea. news 4 today's molette green has a look at what you should expect. >> reporter: some will call it convenient. others creepy.
4:41 pm
amazon has new agreements with several major hotel chains to put alexa in your hotel room. the company says it wants to make you feel more at home. you'll be able to order room service, check the weather, ask for a wakeup call. alexa will be rolled out in chains like marriott and westin. not all guests are sold on the iea. >> i thinkwill be a good idea. >> i think it will be kind of weird in a >>hotel. lways have somebody listening and watching, no. it can be a little >>concerning eporter: the hotels are saying you'll be able to ask for a room without alexa and you'll also be able to mute the device if you tonight want its help. amazon says data will deleted every night to protect your privacy. >> if you don't use it at home, do you want to use it at a hotel? >> no. unorss you're paying half the room, no. >> there you go. >> alexa will pay for half of the costs of the room, good. have you ever been in a
4:42 pm
fender bender? one local woom iser inus condition this afternoon after she got intoinor collision that led to a major case of road rage. and we're tracking the last of the rain coming down across the area. storm team 4 is in weather aruna miller: almost every law i write comes from listening to peoples' stories. i'm aruna miller, and growing up as an immigrant, i know we have the power to improve peoples' lives. i that's wthe state legislature, i fought for more computer science in our schools. gps tracking for domestic abusers. and some of the strictest gun fety laws in the nation. in congress, i w't let donald trump undo the progress we've made. i approved this message for all our stories.
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4:45 stormsw at moving to the south now. we had a severe warning earerer this aon for a few counties. amelia draper and lauryn ricketts are back in ate couple mi with what's in store for tonight. four things to know now. leon harris here. new technology helped police create a brand new sketch of the so-called d.c. hotel rapist.ay police this same man attacked at least nine women between 1998 and mostly housekeepers in area hotels. police have indicatedhat the suspect's dna they've
4:46 pm
identified it so they now can press charges if someone is ever arrested. in less than an hour president trump heads to capitol hillo meet with house republicans to discuss the growing crisis on the u.s./mexico border. we'll keep you on top of that. the governors of maryland and virginia have pulled their national guard troops away fm the southern virgia and maryland governor arating policy of s children from their parents is unacceptable. voters ind.c. are goio the polls today casting ballots for more than justol piticians. one issue could change the way that you dine out in d.c. it's called initiative 77. voters have to decide whether or not to raise the minimum wager fo tipped workers. pat. a maryland man is behind bars this afternoon accused of road rage. bureau chief julie carey reports he's accused of running over a woman last week iprince
4:47 pm
william county. >> repdter: theins happene lastne wsday at this intersiction. the vm had apparently pulled in fnt of a pickup truck. he had to slam on his brakes and he hit her from behind. it was just ainor collision. both of them got out o their vehicles. that's when the man began slapping the woman in the face. she followed him back to his truck to confront him about the assault and she climbed on to the running board. >> our victim tried to stop him leaving. at one point climbed on to the side of the truck to get him to stop. he drove away and somehow she fell and had her leg run over. >> reporter: witnesses got a tag number and police were able to track down the driver of the pickup. he's now charged with hit and run, malicious wounding, andnd assault battery. that 22-year-old victim's leg was broken, but she is expected to recover from her injuries. coming up, more on the important role the eyewitnesses played in this cas in prince william county, i'm
4:48 pm
julie carey. news 4. turning now to the weather and it's turning little nicer out there? >> a little bit in the sense that the thunderstorms are over. we d have a few severe thunderstorm warnings this afternoon. the threat ofll storms r no more in our area. >> they came up quickly though. >> they did and it did nothing humidit usually storm its feels a little more comfortable. not the case. we'll have lower humidity levels out there tomorrow morning. here's storm team 4 rar. over in virginia where i am still tracking some thunderstorm activity out a the culpeper and area, some thunderstorms starting to push into theks frederrg area and more storms around king george county and down through the north ern ne -- northern neck. al of this well south of washington. here's the bigger picture where you can see most of the d.c.
4:49 pm
metro area and now completely dry. only a few scattered showers in parts of anne arundel, pnce george's. we'll keep the showers in the forecast until about midnight, but by no means is your evening going to be a washout. humid? be absolutely. it's feeling about 83 degrees. about five more degrees thanhe actual temperature because our due poi dew point temperatures are eaopical. that it's extremely muggy. we just say it's hum in it's 65. >> i had to go outside and grab my heels right before we did the show and i said after the storm passed oh my goodness, how curly is my hair rig now because it was so humid out. the thank gadneoodness for straighteners. you may not need that tomorrow because the humidity is dropping by theime we head towards day break tomorrow.
4:50 pm
a little more comfortable temperatures in the 70s, but that humidity is not going to be quite as high. tomorrow morning through about noon you could have isolate showers. we'll start to get sunshine through the day. if you're headed to the pool, middle part of the day looks good. we're going to have scattered storms we're going to be tracking. more heavy rain tonight? no. as amelia said just a few scattered showers. could we have a few storms? we'll have to wat for that. especially later on tomorrow night. humidityall? yes. it will fall tomorrow. come back through the day tomorrow, but by thursday and friday much lower humidity. unfortunately, amelia, as you're going to sho everybody on the ten-day forecast, we do have rain around for the weee nd. not allcould, but we do have rain around for the weekend. >> but the good news is we were forecasting today and we were saying it's only tuesday so there's still a lot of time for the forecast to evolve and to determine exactly what the weekend is looking like. right now showers are in the s forecast onurday and really
4:51 pm
we could see rain morning, noon and night on saturday. then thehance for some late day thunderstorms on sunday. here's your four day forecast. 86 tomorrow. really nice thursday afternoon. most of friday mainly dry. 83 on saturday with, again, showers possible throughout the day. then there's the chance for a late day thunderorm on a hot and humid sunday. high temperature on sunday around 90. >> tell lauryn next time she can borrow my heels. >> save yourself a trip. it shows fewer americans are lining tha lining up that cigarett only 14% of adults were cigarette smokers last year. that is ad rec year. only 9% of high school students were listed as smokers and that's also a recordlow. there are some glaring gee graphical distances. people in more rural areas are twice as likely to be smokers
4:52 pm
than in cities. the cdc did not look at how many people are unge-cigarettes however. today june 19th known around the country as june teeth. >> it is the oldest nationally celebrated co mmmemoration of t ending of slavery. that's therum line. nbc 4 out in theommunity this morning at ridgely rosen wall school in capital heights. built back in 1927, the school served african-american children until the 1950s. >> this is a point in time to reflect and honto our h and it's a part of our continuing drive and goal to celebrate history throughout the year at tons of historic sites and museums herer in ou county. >> it was reopened as a museum in 2011. cute kids. tomorrow we continue our summer staycation series.
4:53 pm
we're going toun down four great stay and play ideastl for your l ones. that comes your way tomorrow on news 4 today. tonight on nbc world of dance, leesburg virginia native lucas marinetto takes the stage. he's only 14. he's up against elite dancers of different genres in front of four celebrity judges. the grand prize at the end of it all, $1 million. the show airs tonight at 10:00 on nbc. >> those are million dollar moves, doents yn't you think? >> can't miss that. yeah, i do as a matter of fact. i think he's very good. three major cell phon companies are going to stop doing something they've been doing forco years. nsumer reporter susan hogan is working for you coming up next with w ft this mea your privacy. then at 5:00, one family says a pool they purchased to kee
4:54 pm
their young son safe actually their young son safe actually put the vpbz z16fz
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4:57 pm
i'm amelia draper. here's the latest on storm team 4 radar. mainly drew. still some heavy rain south of luray and down around the fredericksburg area. push southtinuing to out of the area. the bad news, the rain has done litt to improve our humidity levels. we'll probably warm a few moree de to around 80 with scattered showers in the forecast until midnight. we're going t have theatest on humidity and storms tomorrow that could be strong to severe coming up at 5:00 p.m. >> thanks amelia. three major wireless rriers are making a pledge to their customers. verizon just announced they're goingo stop selling your phone location data and at&t and sprint say they'll follow suit.
4:58 pm
consumer reporter susan hogan working for you with the details of what this means for customers. phone location data is sold to third parties to track your wireless devices without your knowledge or even without your consent.s now, t location data from verizon and other carriers makes it psible t identify the whereabouts of nearly any phone in the united states within seconds. the verizon pledge to end the sale of location data from its 116 million subscribers through so-called o location agdegree this will not affect your ability to share your location directly within the app that you like and other services as well as emergency roadside assistance. ck to you. > right now at 5:00, high heat
4:59 pm
and heavy afternoon rain. storm team 4 tracking a line of storms moving through the area. >> boy, is it wicked out there. our radar shows those storms, but look at the roads that people were dealing with. our radar has been lighting up all afternoon. meteorologist amelia draper will join us with the latest data and what we can expect the rest of the night. the search for a serial rapist. the lengths police are going tt. andnager gunned down inside a local park in what may have been a robbery gonerong. tonight his father is talkingo news 4. >> my son was the best and somebody killed him. right away let's get started with the latest on the forecast. the area just pounded by thunderstos all afternoon lon all around our region. >> a lot of rain and a whole lot
5:00 pm
of thundr. amelia draoins us now from the storm center. is it over yet amelia? >> the good news is thunderstorms are over and they brought torrential downpours to parts othe area. some of us saw over an inch of rain including here in you can see there are about 60 miles south of the district down around parts of the nourrthern neck. here's a loop for the last six hours as these storms developd up aro the mason dixon line and then dropped south into the hearea. again,torm threat is over for tonight, but we'll still have some scattered showers out there. some very light showers around until about midnight. otherwise some peaks of sunshine and we've just jumped back up to 83 degrees. storms at least pulled us into the 7s. they do nothing for the humidity. it is still going to be extremely mgy out there. by 1


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