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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  June 19, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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6:25. let's get you ready for your evening. we're tracking some only very light showers in parts of the arlia arlington, alexandria, d around northern parts of stafford county. these are the thunderstorms well to our south. th is on a six hour time loop. they moved down through the area as the afternoon wore on right around 2:30 is when they were moving through the d.c. metroea currently we're at 80 degrees and by 7:00 p.m. we'll still be around 80. here's the thing. e rain lowered our temperatures. it did nothing to the humidity. is still soupy out there. only a few isolated showers for the evening. more importantly, it's warm and humid. 77 at 11:00 p.m. feels more like 85 when you factor inhe humidity. i am tracking the threat for stronger to severe thunderstorms tomorr m. i'll haveuch more on that coming up in about 20 minutes. >> we'll s you then. thank you. now to the crisis at the
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border. president trump s at the capital right now meeting with house republicans to talk about immigration. that meeting waset several days ago but the tone and theof tenohe debate have since changed. republican wing pushback for the policy that results in migrant families being separated at the border. adding to plic outrage, audio of a 6-year-old girl begging to call her aunt with a sobbing child nearby. so wre are the girls and wrr -- where are the toddlers? nbc news has been asking those questions for days. ey're worki to get some footage, but it may be two days before we get to >>e it. few reporters have been given access to detention facilities that house the young
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boys. there's been no access to facilities that house girls or toddlers despite nbc's repeated request. we're forced to rely on these photos and videos handed out by the governhent. this as president escalates his rhetoric. >> reporter: a lot of questions, a lot of outrage from lawmakers re on capitol hill from both parties help let's be clear. president trump does have the authority to stop this but his administration says they're looking for long-ter migration reform, not just a temporary fix and that's why they're turning toongress. the images disturbing. the voices even worse. the cries of children in ag recordot verified by nbc news said to be taken inside a borderention facility in texas. in washington the fight over the fate of those children intensifies. >> we're got to stop separation of the families. ter: president trump insisting he is powerless to
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stop the policy his own administration enacted just weeks ago. >> all we need is good legislation and we can have it taken care of. >> reporter: lawmakers fro both parties furious they are catching the heat for the administration's actionshe >> white house can change it in five minutes and they should. >> this was a policy implemented and executedre bydent donald trump. >> reporter: a policy that has further complicated the conversation around immigration reform. j attorney generf sessions contradicting others in the administration who claim this is about following the law, not deterring. >> hopefully people will get the message and come through the a borderthe port of entry and not break across the border unlawfully. >> reporter: critics say migrants are running from conditions far m >> there's still nothing we can do worse than wha they're facing. >> reporter: across the country pressure is mounting, ptesters calling the policy unamerican.
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>> we want a great country. >> reporter: while president trump says that by strengthening the border he's only making t country safer. back here live on capitol hill we're expecting president trump to be in that meeting with reblican lawmakers for another 30 to 45 minutes or so. republicans have said that are all in favor of keeping families together and they hope to some sort of solution by the end of the week. politically ty're also u against another time crunch. we're talking about the midterm elections. election day less than five months from now. >> this is getting hotter, this issue and it's not going blayne alexander, thank you. local lawmakers are taking action too. today the governors m ofyland and virginia pulled national guard resources from the border. virginia governor ralph northam and larry hogan made a similar immigration ing enforcement needs to focus on criminals, not separating
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innocent children from their families. > close to home families are gathering at a local park where someone shot and killed a 17-year-old. it's possible he may have been kiesed for aner belt. tonight we're hearing from the relatives. news 4 pat colns has our story. >> reporter: great sadness tonight at this place of play. a family trying to come gps with yet another senseless murder. the victim shot and kille this playground yesterday. he was just 17 years old. tonit his relatives gathered loss. scene to mourn his among them brian's cousin eric. he says brian was with his girlfriend when it happened. he says the gunman was out to
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get brian'suc belt. >> they took his belt. >> he got murdered for his belt? >> you kw what i'm saying? all the kids out there [ bleep ] gucci, you know what i'm saying, just stay safe out here. you never really know when your last day is. >> reporter: joses brian's dad. >> my son, i miss him f all of my life. >> they say this playground, this park isar popul at bladensburg high school. brian used to go to bladensburg high school and yesterday afternoon he was here at this ark with some of his old friends. now rights before thi happened brian was setting on this perch near this red slide beneath that blue canopy. in fact, we have a picture of
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him doing just that. a man with a gun comes into the playground and says somebody's going to get robbed. that man with that gun goes over to a briannd shoots him atng cle and then that man makes off with brian's designer belt. >> my son was the best. and somebody killed him >> that was pat collins reporting from bladensburg. the man behind a security scare at the white house yesterday said he was on a mission fromgo court documents reveal what drove him to jump a a barrier a tourist captured the arrest. the 29-year-old ifrom danville california. according to police he said he oreceived communication t come to d.c. to resist tyranny.
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somebody else reported told minor they didn' believe in god and that's when witnesses say he jumped the barrier. he's being held in jail until his next court appearance. now to the next story that captured headlines aer a string of sex assaults. today police released this sketch of the d.c. hotel rapist. investigatorsay he's sponsible for attacking at least nine women over the course of eight years in the late '90s and early 2000s. six of the attacks now connected by dna evidence. news 4 meagan fitzgerald joins us with cser look at the crimes as police work to track down the suspect. >> reporter: police s this m was targeting women who were cleaning hotel rooms. one of the victims was 68 years old. she r worksht behind me here at the jefferson hotel. for nearly 20 years police have been searching for a man they say has terrorized women in cities thraghout the a
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including washington, d.c. investigators believe he looks like but they don't know who he is. >> between august of 1998 and february of 2006 there were a o series violent sexual assaults. >> reporter: many of those victims were hotel housekeepers. they were sexually assaulted while cleaning hotel rooms in silver springs, greenel arlington, here in the district. >> six of these attacks have been linked byna evidence to a single assailant. and there is suspicion that he may be involved additional incidents in the region. >> reporter: in may of 2003 a c housekeeperaning a room at the renaissance hotel in d.c. was sexually assaulted. at victim managed to take this ring from the suspect before he took off. this red box cutter with debbie written onhe side was used in another attack. >> d.c. currently has a 15 year statute limitations for first degree sexual abuse. but d.c. law allows us to indict
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an unknown offender under the name of john doe. >> the u.s. attorney for the district of columbia, she says f this is thest time the district has been able to charge an unknown suspect through dna. >> a john doe indictment like this one tolls the stute of limitations and will allow us to when the the assaila case is finally solved. >> reporter: but until then at least nine women are still waiting for justice. police belve this man is in his 30s or 40s. they say hds about 5'7" or 5'10". they're asking anyone witho informationive them a call right away. back to you. >> let hope they catch him. thank you. when we come right back on news 4, a scare in their after that roller coast gets stuck stranding riders at the very top. tonight how often it happens and what's being done to keep it fr hpening again.
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rush hour road rage. how a minor accident was pushed into overdrive landing one driver in the hospital and the other behind bars. nd (sound of footsteps) (sound of car door opening) (car door closes) (sound of engine starting) ♪ ♪
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that's what the washington post vo: "callsrous." the attacks on david blair. it's dirty politics. the washington post endorses blair for montgomeryounty executive. "an energy and."assion for innovation blair is "the best chance of injecting a dose of vitality in a county that badly needs it." david: we can invest more in our schools,
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trpand pre-k and improve sportation and we can do it without more taxes when we create jobs. that's the change we need. vo: david blair. democrat for montgomery county executive. endorsed by the shington post. (sound of footsteps) (sound of car door opening) (car door closes) (sound of engine starting) ♪ ♪ a roller coaster atme six flagsca stopped at the highest point on the tracks. park admits this does happenme some news 4 chris gordon is outside the park in prince george's county working for youooking into the chances that this could happen to you or someone in your family. chris.
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scary. >> reporte doreen, the superman roller coaster reopened today. let's take a live look from above. chopper 4 shows us that the superman roller coaster is operating right now. during the afternoon rain it was closed down for a while for safety reasons. it apparently is back up and running. yesterday we are told track sensors caused it to stop, a controlled stop in a safe place. but that scared some of the riders and their families. this videoas taken by julia kim of fairfax. she also shot still photos. e watched with her two young children as her husband was stuck at the highest point of the superman ride o steel roller coaster. she says he had just bought a summer pass forhe whole family. >> he paid0, $almost $200 and he doesn't want to go back there. it's very sad. >> reporter: six flags sent us their training video explaining
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that what caused this roller coaste to stop is something they anticipate. >> these controlled ride stops are proof that our ride safety system are working exactly as they should. >> prince george's county fire ems this the staff at six flags did a good job. >> they were able to safely evacuate everybody. >> reporter: the agency which monitors the safety of the rides here at sixlags says since july of 2015 there have be four accidents requiring some form of first aid and eight incidents that resulted in bumps bruises. roller coaster accidents are rare according to the international association of amusement parks and attractions. it says the chance of being seriouy injured at a fixed site ride at a. u amusement park is one in 17 million. would you ride perman ride of steel knowing it got stuck yesterday? >> absolutely. it happens. >> reporter: would you have
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taken your daughter on it? >> yes. >> reporter: would you have wanted to ride superman ride of steel? >> yes. >> reporter: no fear? >> no fear. >> reporter: we are back live looking down fromer cho 4 down on the superman roller coaster which remains one of the main attrtions her at six flags. for those riders like13 ear-old kalisha hodges who is quick to say she has no fear. that's thees l at six flags. >> i guess the risk is part of the fun of those rides. thank you, chris gordon at six flags. step by step ellicott city moves closer to being back in business. both ends of main street are now open to traffic for the firstn time i weeks. cars ban crossing the bridge this morning.r, portion damage of main streitets
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still closed. it's primary election day in the district. you have until 8:00 this evening to get in line to vote for mayor. council members and four wards are up for reelection too as well as one at-large seat. voters will also give a thumbs up or down to a ctentious proposal that could impact you even if you don't live in the initiative 77 would raise the minimum ge. it would also include tipped workers like waiters and bartenders. early voting in maryland continues through thursday. the psmary there one week from today. all eyes are on the democrats governor.r the winner faces a tough battle against incumbent republican governor larry hogan in november. he to our app f a list of polling sites near
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coming up, a local father has been serving in afghanistan for almost a year. before he left hese pro his 8-year-old son he'd be home before the end of the scho year. >> with one day left he made good on that promise. mark segraves was thehe for surprise reunion. >> reporter: jonathan has served in the u.s. navy reserve for 17 years. he's been deployed inis afghn for the past nine months. he missed christmas and he missed his son's 8th birthday. >> at the airport i picked him up and reablzed that pro this was the last time i was ever going to be able to pick him seup, bec presume by the time i get back he would be much taller, muchavr. but it was important for me to hold him one last time. >> repter: before he last t commander sat david down and explained where he was going. >> when i toldim i was going to ther i stan he asked w was going to war and i said yeah, i am going to war. he said well, daddy, if that's
6:20 pm
what you have to do, you have to do. >> reporter: he also made a promise he'd be home before the last day of school. today, the second to the last day of school, commander snuck in to david's classroom and waited. >> how are you? >> he didn't come home empty handed. he brought david a hat and a and while sg his dad was a arg thrill for david, his classmates were c more interested in the scorpion. >> if he was alive -- >> 23 he wif he was alive he'd
6:21 pm
you. >> they're having dinner tonight and then they've got a trip plan. we're going to walt disney world. >> scorpion. that's some show and tell. tough to top that. >> and the look on his face when he saw his dad is priceless. we're keeping an eye on sky as strong storms move out of the region. >> amelia is back in a flash to tell us when we'll get some relief from all that heat and humidity. plus costly commutes. the pri hike on a popular toll the pri hike on a popular toll road and the new steps to track
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first there is was aew sprifr sprinkles and then a downpour. >> theationals game versus the orioles is going to be just fine. it's going to be muggy b it will be mainly dry. we're tracking some showers, mainly inarts of southern maryland. southern prince george's county, out around thealdorf area. a few sprinkles falling in parts of fairfax and prince william counties as well. only a few isolated showers out there until about midnight
6:25 pm
tonight. but tomorrow anotherdehreat for thtorms strong to severe storms to move through the area. the timing tomorrow, though, is going to be later. right now we're alreang tal about dry weather. the storms have passed and are now down to our south. tomorrow look at the timeline. 5:00 p.m. until about midnight. i think maybe eitn ae bit later than 5:00 p.m. as we'll start to see those thunderstorms move in. you're getting home from work, you're settling in, you're going to be just fine. most of us will be homw tomor during that severe thunderstorm. the biggest threat is going to be heavy rain that could lead to isolated flooding. some gusty winds that could produce wind damagepossible, some hail as well. how the winds are set up i can'o rule an isolated weak tornado. i'm not counting on it but it's not something i can rulereut. the latest with future weather with those storms. 8:00 a.m. we're dry. some hazy sunshine, but overall a mix of clouds and renshine. louds than sunshine. by noon a few widely scattered lateshowers, maybe a rumble of thunder. most of the day on wednesday is actually dry.
6:26 pm
hours.ring the eeveni around 8:00 we're tracking pockets of rain and heavier thunderstorms and 11:00 p.m., this is when we're trackingrm thunders moving through the metro area. this is when we could see some throng to severe w as we head toward about midnight. still the chance for some strongertorms out there. maybe a lingering shower on b thursday overall thursday is looking really nice. again, most of your wednesdays tomorrow dry, but during the evening hours we'll have some storms moving through. nice oda thu maybe some late day thunderstorms on friday. not a huge risk for severe weather on friday and saturday a there's ae for some showers. i'm going to have more on the ten-day forecast coming up around 6:45. more breaking news now the crisis at our border as thousands of families are separatedrom their children. >> up next we'ret separating f from fiction tonight revealing what happens after the children are taken into custody.
6:27 pm
plus our first glimpse into conditions inside a local detention center as we hear from parents desperately trying tok trac down their
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return these children to their parents. n >> women ral ly onil capitol calling out president trump for his zero tolerance policy on >>immigration. he group is angry the government is enforcing the policy that separates children from their parents after the families cross into the u.s. illegally. >> leon harris is at our live desk following the latest developments and crisis at the border. m,>> doreen, legal or not, as parents we understand how these families must feel. and as the outrage ows, president trump met tonight with republicans trying to get a handlen immigration policy. today both maryland and virginia
6:31 pm
took a stand against the president. the governors of both of those states now recalling national guard members facing the southern border. e governor of virginia says quits inhumane t separat families. governor larry hogan of maryland blamed congresspp for dg the ball on reform. there is a chance the senate could vote on ao plan keep families together after they cross the border. mitch mcconnell says that every republican in the senate backs that plan but he needs votes from some democrats to meet the 60 vote threshold and make sure it passes. in the house eliza cummings became very emotional and demanded president trump relax thatto zerrance policy. >> we all should be able to agree that in the united states of america we will not
6:32 pm
intentionally separate children from their parents. we will not do we arer than that. we are souc better. we should be able to agree that we will not keep i kids internment camps indefinitely and hidden away from public view. what country is that? this is the united states of america. >> president trump bs the way overturned a number of policies that he inherited from the obama administration and said he's only following the he law. ays congress needs to act to give him the power to keep families together. jim, doreen, back to you. >> leon, thank you. you may be wondering what'se happening tohildren who are in custody. an average of 67 children a day have come into the system since the zero tolerance policy began. at one shelterbc news visited
6:33 pm
the children are given just two hours a day to go outside. on average children spend 51 days at these b facilitieore they're placed with a sponsor ie the unid states who may or may not be a relative. >> ain, this is all happening because of that zero tolerance policy that started back in may. it means migrants who illegally enter the country will be arrested and held for criminal prosecution. their children can be prosecuted so they are sent to separateefacilities. clear, there is no law that requires families to be separated at the border. separations a the result of the zero tolerance policy. >> our forr presidents george w. bush and barack obama were harshly criticized for their immigration policies, but they allowed families to stay together in detention. a former white house aide toldh ew york times" that president obama's team quickly discarded the idea of separating families. she said in her words the mora e
6:34 pm
morality of it was clear that's not who we are. >> while many of the images we are seeing are also raising questions about detention centers in our area too. >> virginia congressman and his wife went to the anne arundel county detention center to visit parents who say they've been separated from their children. >> barbara harrison was there and joins us to tell whaus whate saw and heard. >> congressman was saying that he was on a fact m findingsion when he went there. he had heard there might be some of the adults arrested and then taken from their children when theyrrived at u.s. borders seeking asylum in this country. they wereitble to meet two of those fathers being hel at thaton deten center. one of the fathers, mario, was taken into custody when he arrived with his aaughter at border custom station. after several days of deteion, they were separated. he was sent to maryland without
6:35 pm
her. so how did it go? >> it was very emotional. very difficult. we spent a long time with two thers. the fauther of a 5-year-old a ghter and the fauther of 7-year-old son who have been parated from late april and early march. >> they walked in to talk about asylum and within three days both of them had been put intoo this ice with the child and within three days both the child was taken away. >> this facility houses only made offenrs. 113 of the prisoners here are detid sent by >> one of the saddest parts is neither one has a lawyer and neither one has an announce date in which they'll appear before a judge to have the asylum determination made. >> they were looking for some kind of peaceful place to live andheir children weraken
6:36 pm
away from them. >> mario has learned that his daughter is being cared f by a foster family in chicago. but has no idea who the people are or how she iseing treated. he is desperate for n mores. the interesting thing is he has gotten a little bit n ofs because as he was leaving his daughter he made her memorize at 5 years old a phone number back at home in honduras. she told ther fos family what the number was. they were able to reach out to a relative there who was able toa co a grandmother who lives here but the foster family can't pu child together with the grandmother because she's not allowed t even stay with the child. >> the only reason that happened was because t 5-year-old was able to memorize an international phone number. but she apparently is anxious from what we can hear. >> i bet the faurthers are too. >> the fathers are beside themselves. when they came out oft meeting, they were very
6:37 pm
emotional. >> bash rarrbara, thanks so muo still come, is it creepy or convenient. a new addition to some of the nation's largest hotel chains. i'm adam tuss. a big toll increase planned for one our busiest roads, but there are some who try to cheat the system. i'll tell you what's being done about it coming up. here's a quick look at your a high of 86 with storms most likely later in the day. the chance you'll be dealing with storms during the overnight with storms during the overnight hours at about
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amazon is trying to go on vacation with you this summer. and moving into thousands of hotel rooms. >> alexa, what can i do around here? >> the echo smart speaker is about t o land night stands in rooms at these four big hotel machains. the speaker can order room service, call housekeeping, and
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even make restaurant reservations for you. guests concerned about their privacy can ask to have the eaker removed from their room. >> well, you may have to pay more to drive one of our area busiest roads. we've learned tolls along the dulles toll road will likely go up and by a lot. the dulles toll road stretches from the belt way io essentially leesburg. our transportation reporter adam tuss is live along the road with what you can soon be paying. adam. >> jim, we are talng about potentialli potentially $50 more per month. the dulles toll road remains one of our busiest roads. it impacts so many people. this toll increase unfortunately allut a done deal. get ready to pay more along the lles toll road. >> 75 cent increase at the main plaza and a 50 cent increase on the ramp. >> reporter: it's a pricey hike
6:42 pm
that's a proposedthe moment but it's spetexpected to be appd for public comment tomorrow. again, take a look at what is being proposed. a 75 cent hike at the main toll plaza on the toll road. a 50 cent hike at the off ramp. an for some that could be extra $1.25 per day. it has some drivers cringing. here's the controversial part. a majority of the revenue collected here goes to pay for the metro silver linesi extenon. driver laura watkins not thrilled about tha toll road to metro funding structure. >> if i wanted my money to go to metro, i would get on the metro. >> reporter: so-called toll road cheaters to. exist they use the airport access road and hop offca on lol road zbls . >> we do know it happens. >> you can get about
6:43 pm
and police say they'll be on the lookout. don't be a toll road cheater and get yourself fined. the earliest any toll increase here along the toll road would take effect is january, 2019. the public has a chance to weigh in before anying becom final later this summer. jim and doreen, back to you. >> be careful out there, adam. theve storms oved out, but did little to help with the humidity. amelia backtracking some relief and our next chance for rain. a minor fender bender at this sbrer iintersection turo oe of the worst road rage cases police have seen. police have seen. coming
6:44 pm
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now to a case of extreme road rage, folks a man accused of attacking a woman whose car he just hit then running over her as he fled the scene. >> she survived and as bureau chief julie carey reports now thanks to the help of witnesses, the suspect is now behind bars. >> reporter: it was rush hour june 13th around 6:00 p.m. a very minor fender bender. a pickup truck hit a car from behind. when the orivers got and walked towards one another, things quickly escalated. court documents show the pickupr er, 60-year-old robert warren, began slapping the female driver across thece he also grabbed her by her wrist, dragging her towards the hicle. when he returned to his truck tf drive f, she followed him toim confront about the assault. she climbed on to the running board. >>ictim tried to stop him from leaving. at one point climbed on to the
6:48 pm
side of the truck thinking he would st. he dro away and somehow she fell and had her leg run over. >> reporter: police say some itnesses began tending to the victim. others started following the pickup. here'spa what the police dh call sounded like right afterwards. >> a car is going to be following a ford ef-150 wh a man struck a woman and started striking her. >> robert was the one behind the wheel. rging himsted him c with hit and run, malicious wounding and assault. >> it's one of the more esca rated road rage incidents that we've seen toachere someone ally gets run over by a car. >> reporter: a 22-year-old woman sufferedke b leg but she is expected to recover from her injuries. i'm julie carey, news 4. >>. wow. terrib amelia is back with more
6:49 pm
about our weather. we are done with the rain for tonight, but not for long. >> not for long. more thunderstorms in the forecast tomorrow, but it'sbe going tor the most part this time and later when we're dealing with thunderstorms tomorrow on your wednesday. take aur look atnt temperatures across the area. it's still muggy out there. you would think looking at this 70s, low 80s, not that bad. when you factor in the humidity, it is uncomfortable. it is soupy out there. 84 right now the current temperature in frederick. 77 in what i'm showing you are the dew point temperatures. this is how we track humid. we look for dew point to be 65 or higher. idat's when we say h at 70 we start feeling oppressive. when we ewve points at 78 in fredericksburg and 74 annapolis, almost unheard of in our area and down right uncomfortable outside. we're not talking about anymore heavy rain tonight. just an isolated shower. for most of us we'll be
6:50 pm
competely dry. ths the potential for severe thunderstorms. the humidity does fall overnighy into v early tomorrow morning. a few hours of uncomfortable weather out there e yly onr id builds, but the hum back in and that could help to aid severe thunderstorms much later in the day and there is some rain in the forecast for your weekend. the pool tomorrow i think yld she okay. thursday looking fabulous. friday most likely looking like a good pool day as well. here's your planner. so 7:00 a.m. temperature around 72, but remember lowid hy. by lunchtime a few isolated showers and thunderstorms out there, but most of us looking mainly dry during the day on wednesday. 86 for a high fee more like 90 degrees with the humidity and then this scattered thderstorms really move in between about 6:00, 7:00 p.m. and a little bit later. 7:00 the temperature around 85 degrees. severe weather tomorrow includes heavy rain, gustyamaging winds and the potential for some hail as well. you do want to be weather ready
6:51 pm
wednesday night. on a thursday maybe lingering shower early, but most of the day is looking dry. a mix of clouds and sun. low humidity out there on thursday. it's going to be so nice. i cannot wait 84 for a high. 82 on friday with a chance for late dayor thunder. unfortunately some showers are possible at times throughout the day on saturday with ae temperatf 83. most of sunday looking mainly dry, but there is the chance foe some l day thunderstorms. otherwise hot and humid on sunday. a highemperature of90. the weekend forecast right now not looking great. not looking like a washout, but it is only tuesday. we have a couple more days to really refine the forecast and figure out exactly what's going to happen on the weekend. but the best chance of rain right now looks to be on saturday versus sunday, doreen and jim. the nationals make a splash
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6:54 pm
this is the xfinity sports
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desk. >> sherree is back starting off with baseball. they will get the game in according to amelia. >> yes. >>t's a big one. the nationals have done a bit better recently over the orios, but t nationals are adding reinforcement to their bullpen. they nowave two closers with the addition of the reliever from the royals. here he is wearingumber 40 warming up this afternoon. don't worry, sean doolittle fans, he will be closing most of the games, but thisolsters the bullpen. he's a two time all star and won the wld series with the royals back in 2015. this season an e.r.a. just over one. gm has been thinking about making this move for a while. >> we identified our needo strengthen our bullpen early on in the season this year. we lov the back end of our bullpen, but the front end of it wasn struggling early o during the season and we were going to need to some help in here.
6:56 pm
we wanted a guy that's been through the wars befo een established and was pitching extremely wl. calvin fit all of those criteria and we really liked te, person, on and how he performed, two and his makeup, three. >> theig nationals b supporters of the caps during their run, particularly manager davy martinez who struck up a friendship with head coach barry trotz. trotz resigned from the capitals yesterday and has already been looking for new reports are that trotz has already been in new jersey possibly talki to theis landers as well as seattle who are in line for theext expansion team. tzrtinez wishing t well, but like the rest of us, surprised. >> i was very shocked, but he went out on top, you know. i got to meet him and for me he's been a pretty good mentor over texting and stuffll fina got to meet him. we'lly definitely sta in touch.
6:57 pm
we plan ongoingut to breakfast or lunch together here soon. he's a good man. what can youut say a him? he won championships help well deserved. congratulations on an unbelievable career. >> battle of the belt way at05 tonight. there was more mayhem at the world cup this afternoon. uptwo more ts. we are closing in on the final six teams with some countries on the verge of missing the cup. the upset of the day 16th ranked colombiaakg on japan. the japanese with a penalty kick in just the sixth minute. taking it for japan and he comes through. japan taking an early lead. colombia evened things at one. they put japan ahead ford. g japan wins it, 2. the first ever world cup win for an asian team against a southri
6:58 pm
afn team. the enegal ready to shock world against eighth ranked poll land. up 1-0 and a mistake by poland helps them add to it. the polish defense forgetting about him and gets past the goaltender taking advantage of a wide open net. he was waved back in. poland doesn't see him and he's passed back by the defender, totally opens things up, puts it in the empty net. einegal stuns poland and win 2-1. third win ever at the world cup. and the final match of the day and plent of support for the home team russia taking on egypt. russia up 1-0 after a goal by egypt and they want more. mario fernandez puts it in the back of the net. tying him with ri nonaldo.
6:59 pm
i don't know how you don't enjoy every single minute >> a lot of drama. >> a lot of drama. i nightly news startsn 60 cheddar puffs. and i like these award-winning cheddar puffs. >> a lot of drama. i nightly news startsn 60 first place. both events? boo-yah. we're an awards family. you'll like them both, but love our price. award-winning organic cheddar puffs, from aldi.
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simply smarter shopping. tonight, the emergency on rehe border and intense pressu building in the nation's capitol. >> free our children now! >> we have late word from congress as president trump takes no signs of backing down. >> you have to take the children away >> our team on the other side of the border wit families making the agonizing the decision whether to cross with their chdren. the price you pay in the president's tradwar with china could cost you more for everythingm tv and computers to toys, clothes and food. violent storms on the move, tornados, flash floods and hail the size of golf balls. al roker is here. a new consumer alert. your credit card perks are disappearing. those price protections, return


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