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tv   Early Today  NBC  June 20, 2018 3:30am-4:01am EDT

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>> i'm not hanging out, ♪ these are laws thatbe have broken for many years, decades, but we had a great meeting. >> when you prosecute the parents for coming in illegly which had should happen, you have to take the children away. >> president trump dig enginen is zero tolerance policy in washington. while families at the border are brokenan up. d children are being sent topl es call tetier age faci. >> new details surrounding the inspector general reports and the hillary clinton's investigation. >> how much youe will soon b paying. >> and severe weather, and the
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wednesday forecast. >> a surf side gator looking for lunch, something you do not see much or very often. "early today," startsight now. >> as outrage over families t the border engineers a boiling point, we are now learning what is happening to the infants and toddlers who are taken away from their parents. the news leading to the emotional moment from msnbc's racha rachael madow, this has just come out. trump administration officials have been sending babies and other young children, holdon. to at least three, can we put up the graphic this? thank you. do we have it? no. three tender age shelters in south texas. lawyers and medical providers -
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i think i'm going have to hand this off. yeah. sorry. it's timfor "the last word," where he is live in brownsville texas. >> lawyers and pell providers who visited the shelters described play rooms of crying preschool age children had i crisis. 2300 children have beense parated from their parents so far.te advocas are taking their outrage directly t administration officials, a group of protesters confrontsing homeland security secretary as she ate dinner in a mexican restaurant lt night. [ chanting: end family ti sepa tyler holton described what
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happened. in philadelphia, hundred hads o protestedutside mike pence's hotel. chanting "immigrants are welcome re," and for attorney general jeff sessions, religious fall out. clergy members bringing religious charges against him over the zero tolere.ce is the charges include child abuse, immorality, racial discrimination. and new questions about the legal journey of the children and partners being apart. [ end it now, being chanted ] >> outrage is growing with the zero toleranceng policy sepa children from the parents.
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that audio notif vd by ngc news, but a former worker atov anothernment contracted shelter saying that facility was under staffed and uiill-ed. >> that the something you hear in over other room as a child is desperately weeping for their mom, it's an i mpactful thing. >> immigration courtsre swamped and the parents are pleading to be reunited with their children. this had picture was published. >> being there in person ispo s ant and it's the palpable fear and shame and desperation. they are aolutely quiet. >> those charged with illegal entry in to the u.s. are given this flyer. showing them steps on how to locate their children t department of homeland security said that their families
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seek a sigh lumber at ports of -- seek asylum p atts of entry will not be separated and will be processed in 72 hours. but some have been saying they have been waiting longer. some havetieen wai since this weekend. children in tohis child clutches a teddy bear an hopes the journey is over soon. she said that hono on us is her home country and she cannot go there because of the violence. > jennifer said she paid a coyote to bring her from honduras to the u.s. she said gangs threatenednd her life a that's why she had to leave monday d-- leave honduras with her ar3-yeld
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child. letting go of her child, she said, is unimaginable. dhs said that it will process asylum seekers here at ports of entry within 72 hours and some families say they have been here longer than now they are surviving on donated pizza and water bottles and expect to be here longer. >> congressional lawmakers left a meeting with the president confused to which gop bill they should back after thed commande hief repeatedly said he supported the bill. without getti in to specifics during a visit to the capitol. he s isnding hiss ground, according to the ap, this morng, the reporting is that he told house republicans that he would continue to hammer away on immigration and would not relent on the separation of families. saying that the tough stance will be a winning culture war position comparing it to how he used nfl players kneeling during the anthem. that after he did not havehe warmest of receptions when he journeyed up to capitol hill
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with democrain protest in the hall ways of power. >> we will not go away! >> quick separating the kids! separating the children mr. president! don't you have kids! >>ht this comes as the fver the situation at the southern border reaches new heights. let's go the tracypots. tracy, good morning. >> hi there, good morning everyone. new problems at the border and in congress asawkers try to figure out what president trump is willing too sign relieve this issue as you said, he met with rublicans lastnight, but they are unclear on which of two pls he is willing to support. the one that seems to be the most popular, a compromise plan would provide $25 billion for his border wall, before meeting with republicans, president trump blamed the law and parents for tituation at the border.
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when you psecute the parents for coming in illegally, which should happen,ou have to take the children away. people that come in, vlate the law, they endanger their children in the process. radly they endanger all of our children. you see what happens wit ms-13. >> you saw the protests though there on capitol hill,d democras some republicans are saying this is a problem that the president created and it's a problem he can fix. >> have a heart for a change. take that -- pen of yours and do away with thisorndous in humane policy of yours that rips children from the arms o their parents. >> president trump meeting again with lawmakers. this te at the white house later today. philip, hoping to work it out. >> harsh words for a harsh reality there.yo than so much. >> republicans and democrats are
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going hd head to head -- are going head to head over the inspector nel's report that sharply criticizes the hillary clinton report over the investigation of her e-mails. the democrats were looking for the fbi giving her an advantage. neither side quite found what they were looking for after questioning. >> hoping to discredit the beginnings of the russia investigation, house republicans are he reliving the fbi's investigation of hillary clinton's e-mails. >> we s jim comey and jim comey alone deciding which policies to follow and which had to ignore. and they are focusing on the two top fbi employees that privately texted their oppnaition to trump. >> the man cannot become president. clinton just has to win. >> the justice department's inspector general in his second
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day of testimony on capitol hill revealed what he foun >>his was extremely serious, completely antithetical to the core values. it revealed that five fbi employees expressed opposition to trump and we still don't know who three of tm are. while he did not find that the actions were politically motivated, but he cannot say the same about the russia mobe. e to be determine odd that. >> he stopped short of backing the cim of the president and his supporters that the trump campaign did not collu with the russians. he said that the investigations have nothing toh do wch other. >> our report does not address russia. >> and democrats are finding their own reason to focus on the fbi's mistakes. >> director comey did apply a double andard. >> pointingut that the handling of the clinton e-mail investigation likely doomed her presidential hopes. in washington, drew wilder,nbc
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news. extensive hail damage has been repin colorados as a severe storm slams that area. traffic cams show the massive chunks on the highway. the drivers are trying to avoid the ice. that is happening 30 miles north of the denver metro mean parts of the midwest are recovering after their own orms. major roads in minnesota and wisconsin have been closed due to severeflooding. that extended across the great lakes to michigan, where they saw 15 inches of rain in the past few days. it seems there will be troubled spots today many. we will take a tur and michelle has all of that. good morning. >> good morning, we are in soupy type weather. summer starts tomorrow, by the way. and we are looking at the heavy rain where it fell in colorado, where we had baseball size hail that has moved off to the east. we are looking to kansas, oklahoma city, seeing severe weather. you see the ylow watch back, it's popping up at the end and that's indicating the chance of
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evere weather. you see it here. 83 in oklahoma city and 89 in da as. that's a look at the big weather story of the day and here's aoo closer at the day ahead had. very warm for many of us today, temperatures well above normal in many spots, especially the t southwest and southeast, we are looking at stormy weather in the central plains and the mid atlantic and ohio oh-- ohio valley. thank you very much, michelle. it was very historic day, day six at the world cup and kicking it off, it was columbia and japan. came down to the 72 nute. greats, pas he gets his head on the ball and tit's in the back f the net. negal, pulled up a huge 2-1 upset and finally in the last match of the dampt ru-- of the
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stress tested so you can stress less at dinner. how much do you love the place you work is this study the group indeed reveals the top ten best places to work according to millennials. northrop gruman said that discovery financial services came in second and kaiser permanente is the third place. the rest are delta, southwest airlines, apple, erpfiz capitol one, and ernst and young. >> kai that is threatening to -- china is threatening to fight back. this comes on the heels of retaliation of china last week announcing tariffs on america's
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goods. that means you could pay more on gos you buy. we have pr mo-- we have more on prices americans may pay. s thekes got higher with the showdown witha. they are ready to impose tariffs on $450 billion in tariffs on china. that was after chinaaf retaliat r the first tariffs. americans could be forced to pay more forverything from tvs to computers and toys to clothing. a $500 cell phone could jump to $550. onhe farm in southwest iowa, ray and chris support getting tough with chie you that. but they are already getting squeezed. soybean prices have dropped 15% since china targeted u.s. agricultureor retaliation. >> when the prices we receive go down, so does on our ability to supportour family and continue with our farm. fear of a widening trade war sent the stocks in to a slide,
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the dow jon is now negative for the year. though the administration said that china has far more to lose. exporting fesr to the u.s. what the u.s. exports to china. >> this shouldeave been d many years ago. we have no choice. >> china calls the threats black mail, but there's time to negotiate still. the first refund of u.s.ariffs willake affect in july and the second round will come in the fall. nbc news washington. >> still he is one of the world's best basketball players, how much on would you pay for a piece of that mouth guard memorabilia? stretched smooth scarred soaked the sun does not care. but we do. walgreens beauty consultants are specially trained to know what works for the health of your unique skin. walgreens. trusted since 1901. now, all sun care products are buy one, get one 50% off.
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visited washington, trump first heard peop saking spanish in thehite house, he secretly ushed the alarm button under his desk what is going on on? it's great, it's great. he was a little confused when the king asked if he wanted to go to a tapas bar, he said, don't tell mil namnia. >> can you iuess what being auctioned off? steph curry's worn mouth piece. it's set to be sold at scp auct.ns in californ this is the second one of his mouth piec from the firm .sold and the president of under armour said that rrs most recent mouth guard could be
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and try calcium enriched lactaid. 100% real milk with 20% more calcium. still no lactose. welcome back to early today, a rare sight in the gulf of igxi mexico, an allor 4-5 feet long taking a dip. it was spotted while a tour was given. experts say it's unusual to find the creatures in the oceans, since they are fresh water animals. first the sharks and alligators, i may not be going in the waters. they are warning the heat thathe is in southwest, very muggy and summer like temperatures, feeling like 100 in many spo. this will continue throughout the weekend. so, i think they are kind of, you are watching "early today," we will be right back. solve problems.
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