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tv   News4 Today at 400  NBC  June 20, 2018 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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. . 214 central two left lanes getting by the work zone there. ght now on 95 in virginia
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quantico to the belt way, o time here, nice and clear going 57 miles an hour and 17 minutes all the way up to the belt way. you're okay. outbounds 395 instruction. >> this morning. initiative 77 is the mosten coous on the ballot. the majority of the cou could decide to block or change it. the measure calls for all d.c. workers to earn $15 an hour by 2025 even if they epsn supporters say it gives them a
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consistent salary.op nents which includes the mayor says a significant increase could ends up -- 80% of the vote ofemocrats to become the party's nominee. she's headed to be the district's first two-term mayor since anthony williams. every incumbent on the ballot also won their party's nomination including council chair phil mendle son. council member mary chase is not pictured hereanecause she unopposed. now to the crisis at the border. asesident trump met with house republicans night and told them he is 1,000% with them as they push a major immigration overhaul bill. sources say the president told the group he wants to see an end to his policy thateparates migrant children from parents at the er.
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he did not take questions from lawmakers. while the president was on the hill kiersten nielsen faced protesters while she ate dinner at a restaurant in d.c. >> 145i78. shame. shame. shame. >> the democratic socialists of america posted this video on facebook. protesters h surrounde table for at least a minute before walking away. nielsen did not appr to respond. she was later seen being escorted to an suv. secret service confirmed that they responded to a restaurant. monday nielsen defended the trump admistration's polic of separating children from their parents. >> here's the bottom line, dhs is no longer ignoring the laws. we are eorcing the laws as they belong on the books. as long as illryal e remains a criminal event, dhs will no
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longer look theer way. president trump said secretary nielsen did a fabulous job quote, explaining security at the border and our country while at the same time recommending changes to obsolete and family laws which force separatirt. we want hnd security in america. angryat protestorshered in the city of btherly love. mike pence was at a fund-raiser for scott wagner. protesters chanted and held up signs saying things like cage free kids and build bridges not walls. one persorr wasted at that protest. maryland governor larry hogan and ralphortham are speaking out. marylandnd virginia sent
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members there. immigratn enforcement efforts to, quote, focus on children not separating innocent children from families. northam said he would not support an inhumane. poli >> lawyers and medical provid s providers, i'm going to have to hand this off. >>msnbc's rachel maddow broke down in tears. she was trying to read a new associated press report last night. it was about the trump administration operating so-called tender age shelters for migrant babies and toddlers. >> those three centers are in combs, raymondville and browns. the mayor says it will be established at a warehouse previously used for people displaced by hurricane harvey. it could house up to 240. childr another move by the white house drawing criticism as well.
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the united stes is withdrawing from the united nations human rights council. u.s. ambassador nikki hailie and mike pompeo made the announcement. they're allowing the worst abusers to join. >> iant toake it crystal clear that this step is not a retreat from hum rights commitment. on the contrary, we take this step because our commitment does not allow us to remain a part of ati hypocl and self-serving organization that makes a mockery of human rights. >> the announcement came one day after u.n. human rights official criticized the trump administration's zer tolerance immigration policy. 07. month fwom ri police need your help findingng mis man. angie, what's happening? >> good morning, eun. we can invite our viewers to take a look ats. their scre detectives from the montgomery county police department need in their helpng this missing
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man. his name is austin dennis. 38 years old and lives in the 5800 block of marine.i ro police and family r concerned about his physical and emotional welfare. you can call the montgomery county police and remainym ans if you have any tip or any information that will help find him. > a manesponsible for a security scare at the white house ononday told officials he was on a mission from god. that is according to a tourist who recorded this on his cell phone. 29-year-old alexander miner iso fr danville, california. received communications from the birds and the sky to come to d.c. to resist tyranny. someone else told miner they
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didn't believe in god and that is when witnesses say he jumped the rrier. 'll be back in court today. 4: right now.ce of are learning more about mental health and first aid. an officer shot and killed an unarmed man last week. this is cell phone video from that shooting. it shows officer anan vajubar standing next to white after he s shot. the department wants cops to be able to tell the difference. w >> want officers to come on scene and realize there may be a health-related emergency taking place in front of them and the behavior they'reeeing in fro of them and may not be the true behavior of individuals. last night's training was scheduled before that shooting. police in the district hope a sketch of the so-called d.c. hote rapist w lead to his arrest. take a look at this sketch here. investigatord relea this sketch of what theyelieve he
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looked like based on hisdna. police say one man is responsible for attacking at least nine women in the late 0s and early 2000s. >> he currently has a 15 year statutef limitations for first degree sexual abuse, but d.c. law allows us to indict an unknown offender under the pseudonym of john dough. >> ts is the first time the district has been able to charge an unknown suspect using>> dna. happening today, a vote that could raise the cost of your commute. tolls are likelyo jump on the dulles toll road. a 75 cent hiket the main toll plaza. a 50 cent hike. forsome that's $1.25 every day.
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one driver we spoke with is not thrilled the money will go to fund the metro. >> so if i wanted my money to go to metro, i would get on the metro. >> now the price hike could take place in january of next year. commuters will have a chance to weigh in late the story from this family's house of horror. 13 children locked inside for yeens. now the pts are set to go back to court today where the judge could stop the case before it goes to trial. thousands of preschoolers suffer from deprsion. researchers found helpful ways to help kids in crisis. chuck? good morning, everybody. temperatures in the 70s this morning. no 80s t on map like yesterday and as a result it won't be quite so miserablyot this afternoon. more about the slightly cooler andlightly less s
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you're watching "news 4 today." for a second straight day the justice department's internal watch doc was in the hot seat on capitol hill. >> this time it was house members firing questions at the d.o.j.'s inspector general. democrats grilled michael jhorowitz on whetheres comey's actions hurt hillary clinton's bid for the white they focused on fbi agents who expressed opposition to president trump leadi up to the 2016 elections. horowitz said while he didn't find them to be politically th motivated in e clinton investigation, he can't yet say the same about the start of the russia probe. >> it's a matter we've got under review and a looking at right now. >> more to be deatrmined on th >> more to be determined. >> the inspector general says
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the fbi broke protocol by announcing the clintio investigat but followed the roles in not reporting that trump confidantes were being investigated for their ties to s . today the parents accused of keeping their 13 children captiveide their california home will be in court. they'll see if there' evidence against david and louise turpin. back in juary one of the kids escaped and called 911. the children were shackled their beds, barely ate and barely showered. they showered once a ye. theturpin's have pleaded not guilty to torture, false imprisonment and child abuse. c internationalld pornography ring has been busted in argentina. authorities made several arrests in buenos aries. the network produced and distributed child pornography to several countries. researchers say as many as
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300,000 preschoolers are depressed. a new study says interactive therapy involving parents can help. the 18-week progrve was ped by researchers at wa ington university in s louis. therapists coach parents on how to help young children identify andanage their emotions when they're stressed order upset. the goal is toewire the brain as it develops. kids who receive the therapyad wer rates of depression by the end of the program compared to those on the waiting list. conditionsmp iroving for cities where both ends of main street are now open to traffic. cars began crossing the tepco ver bridge. the most severely damaged part of main street is still closed. this could surpass the cost of $21 million in damage. it's term because they were still cleaning up from that flooding and then they were hit with another devastating flood
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again. >> bad enough to have to spend $20 million but $20 million not en last two years. >> exactly. >> do maybe more than that, your heart goes out to them. >> a long road. >> the reality is they will deit again. this will happen again. >> they say 1,000 year flood doesn't mean it hpens once every 1,000 years. that means there's a .1% chance that it happens again. >> now it's happened within five years. >> hopefully it will be 1,000 years before it happens. >> let's hope so, chuck. >> that's not the way things are breaking dow for us. today will not be quite as filled with rain chances as yesterday turned out to be. yesterday, the storms were gone by 1:00, 2:00 into the afternoon and kept on goi i wello the evening hours. luckily things have slowed down during the overnigh a lot of clouds and things will clear out a little bit later on in the day. p 6 now in washington and remember yesterday when it was still 83 inol ann at this time of the day? still above 80 degreesn town.
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this morning noticeably cooler. 5 to 8 degrees cool er than wha we've started out with. it will not be as hot. yesterday 95, today 87. a little more pical. our average high is 86. we're keeping a 60% chance for rain in the forecast, but unlike yesterday when they were bubbled up real early in the day, i think today's rain chance comes much lat on into the afternoon. a bubble of high pressure has a front that sparked the rain yesterday just down to our south as it tries to wobble back up to the north on in the day. that will be the focus of somei ability in the atmosphere. maimly just clouds this morning and any rain chance should be relatively low. once we get past 3:00, 4:00, things start to change. here's 3:00 p.m. on future weather. there's the lding edge and i think best rain chances here in town come in after 6:00 or7:00 this evening. could get a drop before then,
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but i think most of the rain chance comes after 6:00 this evening. so if you're doing a littler youth dgrilling, i'll have that forecast for you. otherwise -- where did it go here? stt's take a look at your ten-day fore it will be a warm one for sure. 87 degrees coming up for today. let's go over to melissa mollet. we'llbo talk weekend rain chances. >> sounds like a andria outbound, 395 after mi ry, left lanes getting by the work zone. in bound looking nice and clear. on the beltway looking pretty good but weo have t pieces of road work. atlanta inner loop at annapolis road and capitol heights inner loop aft central avenue. two left lanes getting by that rk zone. taking a look at 270, 70 downno the spur time going es60 mil per hour. going to get you there in 26 minuils. forons of slaves it was the first part f america they saw.
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now years lat that city is issuingapology. > the reunions that never get old. a dad surprises his sob at school
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you're watching "news 4 today." in honor of june teenth, le chon's city council apologized for the major role it playedn the slave trade. >> the national parks service says nearly half of the s. slaves entered in charleston, south carolina. they denoue slavery, promises
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tolerance a t sayy will have an office of reconciliation. this year marks the 155th anniversary of the official end to slavery in america. it is a common challenge for spouses of service members, a steady the d.o.d. says it's launching a n.rtnership with linked defense officials say spouses will have access to premium membership free of charge. they'll be able to keephat membership for one year every time they have a change of station move. theremium membership includes professional courses and also allows users to message anyone even if they're not connected. 74 years later two american brothers killed during d-day in normandy, france, are now buried side by side. an underwater mine killedouis and henry piper in 1944 as their at approaches the beaches of normandy. yesterday t family looked on
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as the members carried his casket to the cemetery. henry was buried in belgium without identification. at was until last year when dna testing identified him. remains of both brothers are now together in france. cool that was able to happen. >> absolutely. 4:25. one arlington second grader had the chance to share a special moment with his classmates. >> take a moment that cause pure excitement for this little boy. ah. >> navy commander jonathan blithe surprised his son yeerday. he was sitting at the teacher's desk when david walked into the asassroom. thist the arlington scienceocus room. he's been deployed to afghanistan for the past year. you saw that. it took a moment for it to click, right? >> right. i am telling u, militario family reunns just gets me because there's so much
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sacrifice on both ends, you know? the service members who sacrifice so much for our country and freedom. welcome home and thanks for youv e, sir. >> absolutely right.i econd that emotion. partly cloudy sky and a dry start afty a stoay yesterday. we are facing another chance for rain today. i'll let you kno what time of the day that's most likely to happen coming right up plus, roller coter risk. we've all seen riders stranded, left high in the air. ahead at 4:30, how often this happens and the chances you'll be on board. >> and new video, a woman attacked during a morning jog. we'll tell you what she did right that may hav right that may hav e
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mollet on the roads. chuck, what do you have for us? i do have the forecast for you. it is going to be another high chance for rain today, but it's coming later ithe day. yesterday as we all know it was going pretty early for a rain chance. things have stled down. couple sprinkles northwest of pitturgh. no rai across any of the dmv as you get your wednesday morning started. it will be a dry start to the day today. current temperatures in the 70s. if it's a bit humidouide, not bad. outdoor grilling, know that rain chaps pick up after 5:00 or 6:00. rain becoming more and more likely today. afternoon highs, no more of th mid 90s. today's high, 86 degrees. there is a pretty good likelihood of showers coming in after 6 or 7:00 this evening. let's go to melissa. >> good morning.


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