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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  June 20, 2018 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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mid 80s by lunchtime. rain chances picking uput not until much later on in theday. after 7 or 8:00, rain chances jump up to 60%. trying to plan out the weekend plans to the beaches, friday, saturday, sunday. friday looks amazing. saturday, late day showers and thunderstorms on saturday and then drying back out again on sunday. i'll show you our weekend outlook at home in the dmv. now it is traffic time. good morning, melissa. >> good morning, chuck. port washington getting by in each direction. north bound and sthbound you'll find lanes impacted there. the beltway had one piece of road wk clear. atlanta, inner loop at annapolis road getting by that work zone.
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95 in maryland at the ic c. north bound and southbound looking good as well. >> melissa, thank you. now to primary results. d.c. a votersroved the measure giving workers a significant boost in pay.ia inve 77 was the most contentious issue on the ballot and it passed 55 to 45%. the fight could be far from over. adam tuss is live to explain what comes next. adam, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this is for tipped workers in the city, and it would rasz the minimum wage to $15 an hour by now currently the minimum wage in the city is $3.33nd an hour that is for tipped workers. this is to push to get workers more money.
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even though iwas opposed 55 to 44% yesterday, both the mayor and cou members have said they oppose this measure and certain people are talking about revisions already even though this was just proposed l t night. this certainly is going to face some opposition here in the city. there are people obviously for and against it. take a listen to the people talked to on both sides. >> understand that this is bad for tipped employees and this it bad f city. >> the tipped workers prevail. the women, people of color who need better wages. 3.$3.33 an hour -- >> reporter: now some say this will actually put them under because they're going to have to raise the minimum wage up to a significant scale. good businesses say it's for their customers and employees to know exactlyreow much theoing to have to pay. but certainly a lot of gray area for iniative that has
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passed in the district. the mayor and council members have come outnd say they opposed it. >> i don't think it's a done deal. adam tuss live in d.c. 5:03. >> some other b take aways from the d.c. primary. mayor muriel bowser is on her way to become the party's nominee. she is headed to be the first two-term mayor since mayor williams. council member mary shay isot pictured here because she ran unopposed. 5:03. now we turn to the crisis at the border and the fallout in washington. president trump met with house l republicanst night and told them he is 1,000% with them as they push a major immigration overhaul bill. the president saide wants to see an end to the policy that
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children from nt parents at the border. he did not take questions fromw ers. >> shame. shame. shame. shame. >> homeland security secretary kiersten nielsenaced protesters while she ate dinner at a mexican restaurant in d.c. this as both maryland and virginia's governor pulled back troops in oppositio to the zero tolerance policy. >> news 4's justin finch is live with details on the ongoing crisis. justin? >> reporter: aaron, eun, house d republicans ht work on capitol hill on a compromise bill that maintains the hard line on immigration but stops the separation of children at the border. larry hogan and ralph northam
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both announcing they are withdrawingheir national guard crew, helicopters at the bored jefrmt then just here in c. last night -- >> shame. shame. shame. shame. >> reporter: protests are popping trations in the metro d.c. democratic socialists of america surrounding kiersten nielsen last night. they heckled her w asking hert she was going to do to stop the separation of children from thei familiet the southern border and back out live no comment from her as she was heckled by the protesters. the manager of that restaurant also did not comment either. gain on time we do know capitol hill they're working on some kind of solution as the administration now faces opposition appareny on all sides to do something about what'soing on at the southern border. live forutside the capital. i'm justin finch. it's 5:06.
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>> another move by thehite house is drawing criticism. the united statess withdrawing from the human rights council. they say the council is ignoring human rights abuses and allowing some of the worst abusers to join. >> i wano make it crystal clear, this is not a retreat from human trights. contrary, we take this step because our commitmen does t allow us to remain a part of a hypocrite cal and self-serving organization that makes a mockery h ofan rights. op the announcement came one day after the human rights official criticized preside trump about the policy. montgomery police need your help finding a missing man. angie goff has latest from police. >> eun, we have a o photo who they need help finding. this is austin dennis. 38 yearsld and lives in the
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5300 block of marinelli road in north bethesda. a ten-minute walk from the white plains metro station.ed they're conce about dennis's physical welfare. if you have any information, please call police. the man responsible for a security scare at the white house on monday told oicials he was on a mission from god. that is according to court documents. a tourist recorded the entire incident on his cell phone camera. court records sayer alexa miner from california told police he receivedat commions from, quote, the birds and the sky to come to d.c. to resist ty nny. someone reportedly told miner they didn't believe in god and witnesses say that is why he jumped the barrier. he'll be back in court today. tg mery county officers
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are learning more about mental health and first aid. the class comes after an officer shot a kille an unarmed man last week. this is cell phone video from that shooting. it shows the officer and his partner standing near robert white after he wasshot. it's not clear whether white struggled with moept tall illness, but the department wants officers to be able to te the difference. >> we want officers to come on scene and realize there may be a health-related situation happening in front of them and the behavior may not be the true behavior of the individual if that makes sense. >> last night's training was schedule before the shooting. police are hoping a sketch of the so-called d.c. rapist willead to his arrest. they released a picture based on the dna. one man is accused of attacking
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women. six of the attacks are connected by at that man's dna. >> w current have a 15 year statute of limitations but law allows us to iict under the john doe law. >> this is the first time the district has been able to charge an unknown suspect. >> a vote that could raise thes f your commute. tolls ready to jump on the dulles tollroad. here's a look at the proposal. a 75 cent hike at the main toll hplaza. 50 cene at the off ramps. for some that could be $1.25 a day. one driver says she's not thrilled the money will go to fund metro. >> if i wanted my moneyo go to metro i would be on the maine
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metro. >> the price hike could take effect in january of next year. commuters wil have a chance to weigh in later this summer. the stories from this california family's house of horrors shocked the nation. 13 children looked inside for years. tharents face a court hearing today where a judge could stop the case before it goeso trial. and doctors say thousands of preschoolers suffer from depression. coming up, hlthy and harmful ways to stop children in. cris a dry start to today but probably going to get rapedn fore the day is over. car wash r?weat get the
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aruna miller: the teacher who made me feel like i belonged in america when i didn't speak english. through college anmee jobs a transportation engineer. and my daughters who make me proud every day. i'm aruna miller, and i have a lot of reasons to give back. it's why in the legislature, i helped write dozens of laws to protect every maryland family. i'm running for congress and i approved this message because right now, protecting maryland families means stopping donald trump. you're watching "news 4 today." 5:13 right now. for the second straight day the
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justice department's watchdog is in the hot seat. >> firing questions at the d.o.j. inspector general. democrats grilled michael horowitz about whether former fb directo james comey's actions hurt hillary clinton's bid for the white house. ey focused on fbi agents who expressed opposition to presiddit trump l up to the 2016 election. he said while he did not find the ctfbi'sn to be olitically motivated in the clinton investigation, he cannot say the same about the russia probe. >> that's a matter we have under investigation now. >> more to be determino ? >> more t determined. >> the fbi broke protocol by announcing the clinton inhestigation but followed rules in not reporting that trump's confidantes were being investigated for their ties to russia. today the parents accused of keeping their 13 children captive inside their california home will appear in court. they'll determine whether
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there's enough evidence against dad andouise turpin. back in january one of the children escaped and called 911 and reported the horrors inside. the children were shackled in their beds,te barely and showered once a year. they have pleaded not guilty to charges of torture, fals imprisonment and child abuse. researchers say as many as 300,000 preschoolers are depresse a new study says interactive therapy involving parents can help. the program was developed by researchers in st. louis. therapists coach parents on how to help young children identify and manage their emotions. the goal is to rewire then. br i imagine it has long-term benefits as well. guests at the man doe lay bay hotel had quite the surprise
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when a conference quickly turnee into titanic. take a look here. water starts gushing from the ceilg at the convention center area. the leak turne it into a lake there. turns out a water main break in the loadingaock a caused the leak. what a difference a wouple ofks makes. main street in ellicott city was under water. improvins are now for the first time in weeks both ends of main street are open to traffic. cars began crossing the bridge yesterday. th most severely damaged portions are closed. the cleanup costs surpass the 2016 flood when there was 20 348d io mi in damage. >> they have a long road ahead. >> oozing mud. >> water damage. >> you get worried every time
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thyou hear e's rain coming. today gnat bad rain. >> individual storm can dump quite a bit of rain on you. yesterday over an inch of rain came down -- >> fast. >> came down fast and furious, didn't it? >> yeah. >> i was in the middle of driving in baltimore to go get the knuckleheadog a got rained on no less than four times up and down the bw parkway. sunny one minute, rainy the next. wednesday morning, all dry now. anything you want to do this morning, take the dog out for a walk, do the extra miles. got a tweet from a person training for the marathon. apeciating it's not raining. this boundary, little cooler, less humid for today and tomorrow. with that banndaryng close by for the next few days, not a zero% chance for rain until next week when it washes out completely. for this morning, no more than a
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few drops out across far western maryland. nothing too terribly close to us. again, i think this is a bit overstated for any chances for rain here early this morning. skies will turn partly clou a chance for scattered showers. notice how they really start to bloss blossom. nearly heavy n the shenandoah valley and that comes into d.c. just in time for the nats and the orioles game tonight. high today, 87. 60% chance of c raining in for the day and yesterday. lost of your plans if you want to go to the p should be a relatively good day until 2:00 in the nats and orioles, battle of the beltway. elay in the baseball g is extremely likely.
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i can't even guarantee they'll be able to play all the way to conclusion. for tomorrow, little bit more sunshine and lessmidity, sounds like a win. outside chance of a shower but a fairly low rain chance as we get into tomorrow. the extended forecast brings another likelihood of rain and some cooler weather on friday with high o only 80. afternoon storms likely on saturday with a high of 87. sunday back up to 90 degrees and then finally some more typical weaterr and d weather in the early parts of next week but i like the fact that there i only e real shot at 90 over the next ten days. we'll be going to the beach forecast and gardening forecast coming up in a bit. for now, let'so to everyone's favorite voice of traffic, u,lissa mollet. >> thank chuck. you're everybody's favorite voice of weather. fort washington, indian head highway, /snorthbouthbound, each direction you have a lane getting by the paving. h
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e one lane blocked there now. inner loop at annapolis road, right lane getng by. the beltway is nice and clear. no problems inn loop or outer loop. top of the beltway, all of the routes into town or outow of t rolling along nicely. bw parkway, 95 in virginia, quantico to the beltway,oing to take you 21 minutes. aves, i millions of was the first part of america that they saw. now years later that city is issuing a formal apology. the reunionshat never get old. a dad s surprises hison at school after spending a lot of time over seas. more on their reunion straight ahead on "news 4 today." and beure to tune in to nbc 4 later today. ellen jum starts your afternoon at 3:00. then stay tune
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you're watching "news 4 today." in honor of juneteenth charleston apologized for the role it played in slave trade. >> the national parks service says nearly half of all slaves entetod in charl south carolina. they promise tolerance and proposes an office of racial reconciliation. two council members opposed the official apology. this marks the 155th anniversary of the official end to slavery. a common challenge of spouses to servi members to
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keep a steady job. now the d.o.d. says it's launching a partnership with linked-in. spouses will have access to premium membership free ofch ge. they'll be able to keep that one year every time they have a change of station move. the premium membership includes professional coursesow and a users to message anyone, even if they aren't d.connec 74 years later two american brothers killed in d-day in normandy are buried side by side in france. an yuntd waterine killed louie and henry piper. yesterday their family looked on as sailors carried henry's casket to the normandy cemetery. loui's body was found in 1944. they didn't find henry's body until .1961 henry was buried in belgium. the remains of both brothers are now together in france.
5:25 am
>> wonderful that they can do that after they died'm >> so glad the effort still happens to figure out these remains or find remains in several cases. >> exactly. foorm of gratitude and respect for service. one arlington second grader had a chance t share very special moment with his classmates. >> take a look at the m that caused pure excitement for this little boy. he's like, wait a minute. >> wait a isminute. >> t navy commanderjo than blythe who surprised his son yesterday. he was sitng at the teacher's desk when david walked into the classroom. this is at the arlington focus school. the commander had been deployed to afghanistan for the last year. >> welcome home. thank you for your service. love those reunionschuck. >> absolutely. nothing like a littl pleasant surprise for the kiddos. 4 things you need to know about the another m morning. no 90s today.
5:26 am
unke t 95 degree steambath yesterday. doesn't mean it will be all dry all day. do we nd a dryer day? that looks like tomorrow. i'll give you the day planner coming up. plus, roller coaster rift. we've seen riders stranded high in the air. how often it happened. and new video. a woman attacked during a morning jog. we'll tell you what she may have done right that may have saved her life.
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woman: and unexpected finds you never knew you were looking for. so every trip feels like an instant victory. that's the fun of marshalls. (gasp) with brands that wow and prices that thrill, marshalls is never boring and always surprising. (horn honking) "news 4 today" starts now. right now at 5:29. what a difference a few hours makes. after getting pummelled by rain for much of the afternoon commute, the skies are mostly clear this morning. that'swsood good morning to you. i'm eun yang. >> pretty nice good morning, i'm aaron gilchrist. chuck bell is here with the storm team 4 forecast. we'll check in with melissa mollet. chuck, we'll start with you. >> yeah. the skies are about as clear as my mind this morning, whichou means,know, partly cloudy for the most part.
5:30 am
there are a few clouds out there. a dry wednesday morning commute. nothing to worry about there. few team 4 radar shows a lonesome sprinkles. that's about it. rain chances are very low until a little later on in the cuday. ent temperature, far more tolerable morning. 67 in gaithersburg, 68 in maryland. 78 in leesbu, 79 in quantico and 70 degrees at joint base andrews. here's your planner then. it will be a quick the 80s.into no 90s today. 95rd degree day yes was misery. will be quite a bit cooler. 34 mid to upps. showers are likely later on in the afternoon. i think i inhaled a ball of spit. >> lovely.
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>> i'm gladl youe okay but i'm not hungry now after t listening that. prince gorges count earlier problem on 210. the paving has wrapped up for the day. for today we are done with that. inner loop after annapolis road, that has red. inner loop and outer loop rolling along as we look at 66 and 95 in virginia, no problems on 66 and 95. live look at the icc rolling along pretty well this mornin you're separating the kids. you're separating the children.s mr. ent, don't you have kids? >> outrage continues to boil over. the crisis at the border. this video shows democratic lawmakers shouting at the president as he left a meeting with republicans lasnight. in just a few hours he is expected to meet with lawmakers again behind closed >>doors.
5:32 am
the president wants congress to change the legislation that he says is forng children to be separated from their parents after illegally crossing the border into e u.s. you probably have seen these images or heard the audio by now. thousands of children being held in facilities asar theirts face prosecution. most of the childrenon't know when or if they'll be able to t seeheir family members again. >> we are being denied entryo see about the welfare of >> yesterday two florida lawmakers were denied entry to a similar facility there.ou guards not allow senator bill nelson and congresswoman deb debb wasserman schultz insid this facility iad homeste which houses undocumented children. protests are planned there this weekend. both maryland and virginiag rnors will pull back troops to the border. they've done in in opposition to the policy.
5:33 am
justin finch has the details on this crisis.od morning. >> reporter: eun, aaron, good morning. as you mentioned, a busy day across the region. house republicans that work on o solutiontop family separation. protests are popping up across the couny. now the local governors are speaking out as well. let's take you to twitter on tuesday where maryland governor larry hogan is saying this, until this policy of separating children from their families has been rescinded, marylandill not deploy any national guard resources to the erbo early tuesday member i ordered our cre members to immediately return. that was followed up some hours by the republican governor who put on twitter that he's recalling four national guard ldiers. hesays, virginia will not
5:34 am
support the borderenforcement. this time northam says if they can work out the policy, he'll return the resources to the borde region. i'm justin finch, news 4. >> thank team cove on this topic continues with tracie potts in ten minutes. here at the live desk following breaking ws. nbc news foreign desk now working to confirm that terror suspt has been rushed to the hospital with suspected appendicitis. he fled paris after the november 2015 attacks that killed 115 people and injured huneds more, he was convicted of that back in 2015. ou more bring information as we get it but for now that's the latest from the
5:35 am
live desk. we'll send it back to you. >> angie, thank you. it's now 5:35. we have an update to the deadly playground shooting in prince rges county. the victim was just 17 years old. prince gorges county police tell news 4 this was aoi robbery wrong. 17-year-old brian alvarad alvarado escobel was found shot to deathn monday. his husband told pat collins the robbins took his designer belt. terests a $25 award leading to his arrest. we're learning more about a football player. the university has hired walters, inc., to determine what led to walter's death. also all university football team workouts is voluntary.
5:36 am
here are the other top stories we're following for you. d.c. voters gave tipped voters more in may. theal measurels for all d.c. workers to earn $15 an b hour 2025 even if they earn tips. this was the most contentious issue on the ballot in the primary. news 4's t adams will have more on what's happening next coming up at 5:45. a vote today could raise the price of your daily commute. the airport authority will increase fairs on the dulle toll road by up to 75 cents. it could cost some drivers an extra $125 a da.25 a day. at 5:. still ahead, heapd his way
5:37 am
on to local tv. did he make the cut? we'll show you his performance. new video when exercising. jogger wasa
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a womaner escaped attacker while she was running. take a look at the securityde from massachusetts. bridgewater police say the woman was running on sunday morning when she was attacked butfo she ht back hard. she was also able to snap a picture of the suspect's suv. apparently he is a convicted rapist. the suspect eventually sped away but crashed. he is facing multiplecl charges ing kidnapping. it's now 5:40. have been we following since it happened. >> people have been talking
5:41 am
about the six flags roller coaster that stoppedmi ay. >> julia kim watched with her kids as it stopped withhu her and on board. since july of 2015 there have been four accidents. 5:41. a gate meant to keep kids out. take a look. how was this baby able to scale it? arningad of those summer pool days still ahead. and another carry on crackdown. you know you have to t keephe liquids to a minimum. now there's another product you may want to pack inour checked luggage. >> that baby's name might have no doubt about it. get it? spider man's name.n no r on the radar. kiy morning commute and dry for the dog w plans as well. it will rain later on today.
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you're watching "news 4 today." pressure isg mount on president trump as more videos like these surface. thsands of undocumented children being held in facilities after being from their parents. >> shame, shame, shame, wshame ve seen protests in our area and across the country as calls to end the practice intensify. news 4's tcie potts h more on the fallout. she's joining us live. newsmakers are talking and what are the options on thebl >> reporter: a couple of options, two bills that republicans are coming up with. the so-called compromise deals with not only the family separation issue but attacks citizenship for immigrants who
5:46 am
come into the country, migrants who come into the cothtry. 's controversial. it has nearly 25 billion for the llesident's border now you have critics saying that these kids and the situation down at the border is being usea as bargaining chip to get money for the president's border wall. eventually they'll hoe get senators involved. they don't like how it's going down. republicans are driving the effort to get something on t table to resolve the situation. >> tracie potts, live for us in gton. tracie, thank you. while many of the images we've seen ce from texas, virginia congressman don buyer and his wifet w to the anne arundel county detention center to visit parents who have been separated from their children. the buyers were able to meet two of the fathers and one is mario aguilar and daughters were separated three days after
5:47 am
arriving from honduras seeking asylum. >> one of the saddest parts, lawyer,one has a neither has an announced date before they will appear before the judge to have the asylum determination raised. >> aguilar has learned his daughter is being cared for by a foster family but he has no idea where she is or how she's being treated. 5:47. now to the primary results of decision 2018. d.c. voters approved a measure giving tipped workers a significant boost in pay. initiative 77 was the most contentious issue on the ballot. it passed 55 to 45%. >> the fight could be far from over. adam tuss is live explaining what's happening. >> yeah, this is certainly still controversial, guys. this is not a done deal yet.
5:48 am
even after thise pas the mayor said there could be changes and the d.c. council s would be changes. wage aises the minim from $3.33 an hour to $15 an hour for tipped workers by 2025. some say that's a greatthing. we're not just talking about waiters, waitsses, we're talking about bell hops, bartenders, all of them are impacted. others say this wil put unnecessary costs on those types of t businesses increase those costs plus some people already ke the minimum wage because of their tips. take a listen. the mayor wghing in a well as others. >> we have a vast majority of our service and bartenders make well over $15 an hour and if their wages are reduced, what impact will that have on the ability of restaurants to compete around the region.
5:49 am
>> d.c. workers are with us. t they wan see better wages and tips for people. >> reporter: yeah, that is not a done deal yet. ag tn, even afters passed last night, people saying there are going to be changes and itil probably not stand as is. what does that mean? does it mean the whole thing will goy a or will there be revisions? sure, we're going to hear more about that today. guys, back to you. >> adam tuss. adam, thank you. yy're proba going to start noticing more security cameras all over d.c. the district is founding a program that encourages residents and business owners to install them and get money back. 200,000 more programs are being added to the program to give out rebates. more cameras are already installed. officials say they not only stop crimes but helhe investigate they do. here at theive desk with some breaking news from kensington palace. the prince will be imprisoned on
5:50 am
monday, july 9th at the chapel royal saint james. he will behristend by the archbishop of canterbury. i'm angie at the live desk. ♪ ♪ ♪ hey, leesburg native lucas marineto is advancing on nbc's "world of dance." he's 14, people. he's up against elite dancers. the grand prize at the end of it all, $1 million."w ld of dance" airs tuesdays, nbc 4. these dvr it, some o
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dancers are so incrediblyta nted. all genres. i love the hip-hop. tap, contemporary. >> a million bucks comesn handy at any age but 14 sounds like college is ten care . >> exactly. >> you can go to meterology school. >> you go to sool for that? >> you know, throw a dart at a spinning wheel but either way. >> oh, stop it. requir d a lot to what you do, chuck. >> it certainly does. theo willingness tell lie after lie after lie. >> you said it, we didn't. >> it was another day, hot one. degree. that moves our 90 degree day count up to 7 at 43 last year. record number of 90 degree days. a long way to go between now and that. right now it is a 74 degree start to the day. sun just came up about eight
5:52 am
minutes ago. high pressure here has driven the real steambath humidity farther down to the south again. warm and typically humid today but not anywhere near as horrible as it was yesterday. there are a few sprinkles out across far western maryland. one or t drops west of winchester, virginia. rain chances are fairly low. i think our future weather model may be over paintingn the r chance before noon. that being said, add some daytime heating into this mixd do think there is a higher likelihood of rainfter4:00 or 5:00. here's 5:00 p.m. i do think a line of showers anw thunderstorml bump up between 5 and 6. that's most likely to come between the heart of the d.c. metro area beten 5 and 7 p.m. w temperature far better than the daytime yesterday. 87.ay's high,
5:53 am
high chance of rain today. much later in the day than it was yesterday. your ten-day forecast cls for lower chance for rain tomorrow. less humid as well. rain chances come back in here for friday and saturday. sunday will be the dryer and warmer half of your weekend. next half hour, melissa mollet, we'll give you the beach forecast. >> sounds good. taking a lookt the roads. inner loop and outer loop of the beltway rolling along fine. no p problems throughnce gorges county. looking good and 66 and 95, no big complaints there. your travel times, 270 rolling along nicely. top of the beltway nice and light. 66 in bound, 95 northbound looking good. listen to wtop 105.3 f.m. a warning this morning as the weather heats up, if you have a backyard pool o plan to visit anyone who does, you should probably take a look at this svideo. itn important reminder that
5:54 am
the safety gates meant to keep kids out are not a forng a close eye on your children. take a look at this. a massachusetts couple spotted their toddler climbing the gate meant to keep them out of theird above-grpool. they were close by, grabbed him before he made it into the water but they recorded the video to their and warn other parents. the family says they've reached out to the manufacturer but has yet to hback. >> you have to be within arm's length with any toddl nea water. folks takingrl american es are playing a waiting game. the airlines canceled 2500 flights since last thursday. we're told the glitch disrupted the staff schedules for days. it's now stable and flights should be able to get back to a regular service.
5:55 am
the tsa will be taking a closer look at powders in your luggage. containers the size of a soda can. the checkpoint officers are trying to prevent improvised explosives from getting on the plane. the tsa urgesas psengers to pack larger containers. >> summerll offic kicks off tomorrow. chuck was saying summer's already kicked off but it's astrological summer. >> astronomical, thank you. >> believe it or not, a lot of parents are still looking to keep the kids busy. news 4's molette green is livin len echo. she's talking to washington parents magazine. cool stay and playon op good morning, molette. >> reporter: we find ourselvess on t old-fashioned carrousel ride at glen echo park. for $1.25 this gets you five
5:56 am
whole minute if you're okay with going around and around, this is the way to go as one of the stay and play staycation options we're going to bring you this morning. we have a whole l c moreing up in the 6:00 hour of "news 4 today" so stay with us. >> we didn't turn on the music because it's so loud and so much fun. wrildgh bt.outn'e a we'll check back. still ahead at 6:00 as well, a stunt a the white house caused a security scare. the man arrested says he was on a mission from god. >> chaes filed against a man in bolton. several different rape charges. police don't know who he is ut we'll explain that next on "news 4 today."
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voters decided to give voters a big tip raise. there's still a chance the d.c. col could overrule voters. >> shame, shame, shame, ame. protesters interrupt a dinner at mexican restaurant for the department of homeland security head. a vote could make you pay more on a d.c. area road. we'll tell you how muc. mo "news 4 today" starts now. fast approaching 6:00 a.m. good moing, everybod i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. thanks for starting your wednesday with us. hwe're almostalfway there. >> first though, we wanch to
6:00 am
k on the forecast. maybe a little rain headed our way. chuck? >> the good news is it will not be raining on your morning commut i can't guarantee that the ride home will be dry but the ride in issue.e an right now, partly cloudy sky over washington. ext much traffic on the 14th street bridge com going in or out of the city. current temperatures on average 5 to 10 degrees cooler than the same time yesterday. 70 in martinsburg. leesburg yesterday was 81 degrees. noticeable change. lower humidity. it will not be another day in the steambath like yesterday s. that being said, clouds will build. temperatures will climb in the mid t upper s, not mid 90s. with clouds building up later in theday, rain chances come back starting 5:00 or 6:00. keep that inmind. if you're doing any grilling in the backyard, the earlier you can get the g


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