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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  June 20, 2018 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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now 11:00, bumper to bumper, a traffic mess in northern virginia hours after that deadly crash on the wilson bridge. >>explosion, man, looked like bomb went off. >> why the back ups continue tonight and what you can expect tomorrow. >> president trump rallied
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supporters after signing an executive order to keep migrant milies together at the border. >> we're going to take care of. peop >> now democrats want to know what happens to the thousands already split apart. >> all they have is each other. >> announcer: news 4 at 11:00 begins with breaking news. >> breaking news right now, it is not rush hour, but try telling that to a these drivers in northern virginia. >> here's what the back up looks like on the outer loop of the on i 39right now and near the 14th street bridge. all of this a ripple effect from that devastating cras now take look at this new video. the crash scene up close from alexandra firefighters. the fire and black smoke here billowingight from the wilson bridge. we know one man died. three others were rescued and this crash is still affecting people on the road some 12 hours later. this was one of the worst we
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have seen in a long time, folks. good evening, everybody. i'm jim handly. >> and i'm doreen gentzler. this triangle around arlington and alexandria, from 395 and 495, it's been bumper to bumper. >> what amess. and news4's darcy spencer is reiving in this traffic right now. yoarely moving, darcy. >> well, i'm in the passenger clear.o make that we are here on 459 in northe i alexandria, virginia. we are going 15 miles an hour or so. 12 miles into this, it is still a nightmar s we aing reports on social media that people have been stuck in traffic for hours. one man tweeted me very recently that it took him three hours tonight just to go 15 miles and so people are very frustrated.
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news4's transportation reporter adam tuss said this is t he's ever seen in north jersey rginia. that -- northern virginia. that's saying a lot after the snow and ice events. let's show you video of the incident that haened at 11:00 this morning leading to this big mess. this was apparently caused by the crash that happened on the woodrow wilson bridge 11:00 this morning. a tractor-trailer crashed into some construction trucks killing that driver and several construction workers had to be rescued. now, we are being told that all of the lanes of the wilson bridge haveeen opened. i think that just happened probably within the last half o hour, you can imagine just the frustration. and i've been seeing tractor trailers parked along the dwshoulders of the r here. you can imagine that the truckers are having to get some rest and j pullovet from sitting here for so many hours. to give you ane idea of impact, gw parkway, 295, route 1, all of those here in northern
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virginia affected at this hour we can only hope all this will be cleared up in time for the mo guys, we'll send it back to you. >> all right, you guys be careful out there. looking live at the bridge right isw, folks, thihat darcy was talking about. these roads are still slick as you saw. some flashing lights still, but traffic is starting to move. and again, all outer loop lanes look like they're open. >> melissa will have you covered on any lingering impactsto morrow. t't the reason for today's crash, i still a mystery. maryland state police aren't sure why the driver of the tractor-trailer lost control and slammed into a group of work trucks, catching fire.d it all happene 11:00 this morning and people working arby thought a bomb had gone off. >> i saw fire shoot counsdown underneath the bridge, smokesh ooting up in the sky. looked like aomb hit the bridge. >> the crash killed the
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tractor-trailer driver. e truck they were a tashd to was protected by a barrier vehicle put in place for exactly this reason, to protect it from a potential crash. incredibly none of those workers was seriously hurt. now to our weather. certainly not making things any easier for drivers out on the roads tonight. but the storms we saw thankfully weren't too severe. >> but those windshield wipers were getting a workout. amelia draper is still tracking rain in the storm center. how much longer itu this going to stick around, amelia? >> we're going to continue to see scaered showers overnight tonight and a few widespread showers out there tomorrow morning. and then more raine in forecast. thursday, friday and saturday as well. i'm going to be tracking themi coming up in my full weather, but right now here's what i'm c trackingrently across the area. rain inside of the btway. the nationals orioles game getting underway after a 2:43
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rain delay. we're going to see sttered generally light showers moving through the area overnight tonight. and tomorrow morning 7:00 a.m., we start off at 74 degrees. widely scattered showers, otherwise plentou of . and it is humid tomorrow morning. 00, 9:00, we're in the 70s by 80 00 a.m. temperature o degrees. tomorrow not all that bad as far as the rain goes. it's one of those days you have the umbrella handy, might not need to use it. not the case on friday and unfortunately saturday as well. again more on that coming up around 11:18. >> i will always fight for an immigration system that defends our borders and takes care of our sovereignty as a nation. i will neveracrifice the safety and security of the american people. >> in a campaign-style rally in minnesota tonight, a president trump defended his tough immigration policies.
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>> he also accused democrats of caring more about undocumented immigrants than americans. news4's leon harris is following it all from the live desk for us. leon. >> jim, president trump took his hard line immigration stance on the road tonight rallying supporters in duluth, minnesota. the president defendin executive er callin executive order, accusing democrats. >> we don't care, letomhem in from the middle east. we're not going to let it happen. we're going to kee together, but the border is oing to be just as tough as it's been. >> democrats saying the president's executive order doesn't go fargh en senator tim kaine raised concerns for the thousands of children missing theirarents tonight. >> what is the fate of the 2300 children you have stripped away from their families? how will you assure that these children are properly returned to parents who areed wor to
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death about them? >> thelt department of hand human services says that they are working to reunite families as soon as possible, but thecy agidn't say exactly how it was going to do that. at the live desk, leon harris, news 4. doreen, back to you. >> leon, thank you. 9 tensions over immigration led to this protest in downtown baltimore tonight. it happened during the height of rush hour outside immigration and customs enforcement offices. it was planned before president trump signed that order today. protesters blocked streets of some of them brought their children along. couplehad to shutdown a of roads. >> back in the district tonigha refugee run and vigil. it was all part of world refugee day. community membersnd some oklahoma at fitness clubs joined the cause tonight. the run and cane light vigil ended here at the lincoln memorial reflecting pool. donaseons r will help four refugee focus groups including s d.c.-base the children. >> children and reuniting them with their parents is the focus
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back at the border. we want to show you video of a shelter in texas. families at least together tonight as their asylum cases are decided. not the same night ahead for more than300 other ildren. a woman who helped migrant children placed in michigan explains what's ahead. >> we are seeing between two weeks to a month for us to make contact with the parents and begin to set up contact with the child. >> since the zero tolerance pocy took effect in april, migrant children have been sent toes 17 stnd immigration attorney says trying to locate parents through a child is nearly impossible. some of the children are so young they don't know their parents' full name. >> he has been a familiar face and name in our region for years. now the arch diocese of new york says thedeormer l of the catholic church in washington sexually abused a teenager more than half a century ago. cardinal theodore mckerik has
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now been removed from public ministry. mckerik is one of the highest ofile catholic cardinals in the country. he served as archbishop op from 2001 to '06. the arch die east said there we credible and substantiated allegations against mckerik when he was a priest in new york. in a statement tod mckerik said he's innocent but is sorry for the pain the accuser has gone through. >> when the investigation corroborated the allegation, action was taken. the process set up to protect young people, inact, worked. >> cardinal timothy dolan is the archbishop op of new york. he said a review board looked into the allegations. cardinal dolan told nbc news a today theusations were personally painful for him. breaker.s a real heart when you see somebody you admired, loved and appreciated and when something that
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nauseating from the past comes forward. >> the diocese in new jersey said it received three sexual miscondu miss conducts against mckerik and agreed to stlements in two of those but none involved minors. mckerik is 87 years old and served as the archbishop op in washington. >> a man who wreached ahite house security barrier earlier this week, we td you abo this on monday. alexander minor faced a judge ie feral court today. that judge ordered him to undergo a 30-day mental evaluation. miner is from the bay area in california. a witness captured video of him as he stepped over a barrier on the south side of the white house. you can see the secret service officer movg in wit a gun. miner's father told our sister station in the bay area he filed a missing persons report three weeks ago and that his son may have been suffering from ptsd. >> he served his country and
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came back not quite the way he went. i know that he's not who he was. and i don't think it's his fault. >> miner's father said his son's conspiracy theories started afte f he returnedm afghanistan while serving in the marine corps. miner is due back in court in august. >> the group whose rally triggered violence inlo chesville last year now wants to demonstrate in our town. and they want tot exactly one year later. unite the right. put a permit in to gather at lafayette park. it's right outside the white house. the group says tonight it wants to protest what it calls civil rights abuses in lo chttesville. one woman died there, you'll tcall, in that violence and virginia state troopers died isponding to it backn august. the national park service h not yet issued the group a permit to protest here, but it has approved the application. >> next at 11:00, burns and road rash for the victim of a hit and
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n on i-95 inrg inia. next her parents tell us why they think it was a hate crime. >> and we dodge the severe weather tonight, but texas nots lucky. the story behind these incredible pictures of flooding. >> and another live look at that picture from darcy spencer t approaching wilson bridge tonight. tune in to news 4 today and tune in to news 4 today and first
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new at 11:00 now, pictures of w a virginian in recovery. >> herarts tells news 4's
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shanari stone a rammed into her pickup and drove off. >> they say this is a hate crime and shomari explains why she ended up with a ticket, too. >> very upset. i'm very hurt, more upset. i'm really hurt. >> reporter: shante and kevin are worried about their daughter. she is too upset to talk on camera. they say she is a victim of a hate crime. >> she's going through lot and it's very emotional. reporter: these photos show burns on her arm shoulder and hand. she was driving with her friend in the evening about a month ago. they pulled over to check her tire. sueenly virginia state pol tell us that 51-year-old robert mcgee drove up and allegedly called her the n word. >> she turned around, said words to him. >> and moved in front of his puck. herents say mcgee sped up hitting her and kept on going.
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she needed skin graft surgery te repl the skin on her arms. >> she could have had her head n over. >> reporter: he was investigated and charged mcgee with one felony count of hit and run and one misdemeanor count of assault. >> i was veryup set. that is why i'm now trying to get justice. >> reporter: she received a traffic sum ondsor being a pedestrian on the interstate and improper stopping on the interstate. her parents say that's not i fa. doesn't matter if she got in front of the truck or not. he was stopped and he pressed the s. >> reporter: mcgee is behind bars on that felony charge waiting for his court appearance next month. shomari ston news t 4. >>e a look at this cord-breaking flooding. swamping parts of south texas tonight, more than a foot of rain triggered flash floods there, submerging areas. they are relying on help from volunteers now. cars are stalling out. roads are givingut.
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creating sink holes. floods like this are rare, so many homeowners don't have flood insurance. experts say the long-term drought and the sun-baked soil are come boupounding the flood' impact. >> seems nothing like that, felt lielk we got a heavy rainfall tonight. >> we had some heavy rain moving through, but here's the thing. an was moving and it wasn't heavy enough ully to cause any flooding issues out there. we did have rain and we still have showe out there now. as we look to tomorrow, it's not bad. we'll have scattered showers about a 30% chance you're dealing with rain but mostly cloudy skies and humidity levels will fall throughout the day on youray thur friday, it's kind of like san francisco weather with a marine layer over us and some showers and rain likely at times throughout the day. it's not a wash out but we'll have plenty of clouds and temperatures friday. ly in the 70s. saturday the mugginess and the heat is back with rain and thunderstoecs in the ft mainly later in the day.
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i think sunday is the better of the two weekend days with the best chance of being mainly dry throughout the day. still a thunderstorm chance later in the forecast in the day on sunday. currently our temperatures right now are in the a 60s 70s. 70 degrees in frederick, 74 in washington, 72 in cull ppepper. we're not going toee too muc overnight. right now it's pretty much what you inn expect tomorrow mo i'm showing you dewpoint because this talks about the humidity. anything a 6ve5 we say it's humid. so when we're seeing dewpoints arou 70 it's pretty uncomfortable outside. and still humid out there tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m., with a few scattered showers and degrees. still some scattered showers until about the late morning hours. 81 degrees at lunch time. during the afternoon and the eveninhours, the best chance for dry time actually i think between about 2:00 and 6:00 p.m. for most of us tomorrow is going to be really nice with a b tak fr humidity and temperatures in the low to mid-'80s. and then 7:00 p.m. we'll kee it
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mostly cloudy with a temperature of 82. more rain moves onrnight thursday into friday morning. your 6:00 a.m. tomedrow not scattered showers. otherwise plenty of clouds out there around 9:00 a.m. as we move toward the midday hours, ain we are keeping it mainly dry. future weather wants to bring in showers here and southern maryland is picking up on the shift in the wind. i really d b't see thang the case. and remember, i think tomorrow ceternoon and evening will be pretty but here you see the rain moving back in. overnight thuday into friday morning. this is your friday morning at 9:00 a.m. dealing with showers out there, otherwise cloudys. sk tomorrow i think is going to be an okay pool day. not necessarily the case on friday and saturday. take a look. here's your four day forecast. 77 on friday with cloudy skies and showers at times reallyei n the threat for thunderstorms on friday. not the case on saturday. a 70% chance for rain and thunderstorms. especially during the afternoon and evening hours. hot and humid, highs in the mid-'80s.
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hot on sunday with highs around 90, but only a 30% chance for a late day thunderstorm. it'shen next week, well all sunshine and pretty low humidity. >> okay. there has to be a bright spot. thanks, amelia. >> coming up, the party just doesn't stop. ovechkin and nicolas backstrom take the cup back to vegas. what they think about the departure of their head coach. >> first here's jimmy fallon. >> hey, (sound of footsteps) (sound of car door opening) (car door closes) (sound of engine starting)
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that's what the washington post vo: "callsrous." the attacks on david blair. it's dirty politics. the washington post endorses blair utr montgomery county exece. "an inergy and passion for novation." blair is "the best chance of injeing a dose of vitality in a county that badly needs it." david: we can invest more in our schools, expand pre-k and improve transportation and we can do it without more taxes when we create jobs. that's the change we need. vo: david blair. democrat for montgomery county executive. endorsed by the washington post. (sound of footsteps) (sound of car door opening) (car door closes) (sound of engine starting)
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>> announcer: this is the xfinity sports desk. >> who doesn love some midnight baseball? if you're a fan out there andyo re a nats fan, you're behind. >> you might be a little damp as you're watching this. things certainly not a damper for the ories now. they were beating the nationals, they still are beating the nationals, you and it rained on their parade. the rain lasted 2 hours 43 minutes before play resumed. the nionals looking fh their severaight win against the birds. bottom one, price harper. ne this one to first, but mar trumbull getsne to manny machado for two. manny gets the out, but goes trumbullow to second a twn. low, but manny makes the tag and takes an elbow kind of right in the face tre. machado in some pain. no worries. he's all right. breathe a sigh of relief, oriolesfa . they will bell right.
11:26 pm
unloadingth on is baseball bat deep in the seats and left, a two-run shot. ore yalz tof - orials take a two-run lead. it is two-0 in the seventh. >> has anyone seen ovi? >> start the >> well, the original wonder woman and capitals fans helping alex ovechkin andas nic backstrom continue their stanley cup party underneath the fountains at the bellagio. where else? ovinhkin also takg home his seventh career maurice rocket rishard crossov rishard troph as the top goal scorer. they talked about barry trotz's departure. >> sad. obviously we won together, but l knowike i'm pretty sure he'll
11:27 pm
be fine. especially thank him for a greae job to our coach, be our dad, you know, to give us a chance to win. but again, it's a business. we nev know what's going to happen. i'm sure he'll be fine and wish him luck. >> little surprised onviously. he's a great job in washington and we obvusly have m a lot to thank for. he's done a tremendous job of schooling us. i mean, andinning championship. so no one is going to take that away from him. >> heading to the world cup cristiano ronaldo continuing to star for portugal, taking on morouso. in j the fourth minute portugalith the corner kick sent in and coming up with the goal on the header. the fourth goal of the world cup. the most so far in the tournament, then showing off some hops there in that celebration, right? he gets some air. portugal beats morocco 1-nil. portugal on the brink of advancing whileco mor is
11:28 pm
eliminated. certainly a little calmer of a day but i'm sure as things pick up, a couple more upsets. >> back to that vegas fountain stuff. thn't wear a black tie dancing around in our harbor. with no shirts on. >> where ee do you go between georgetown, vegas, fountains? it is all full circle. full circle celebrationment >> they sure are
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and that's it for us. "the tonight show" is heading your way next. >> thanks for watching. we'll see you tomorrow.
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this is a test. test. this is a test. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- robert pattinson, pete dson,


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