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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  June 21, 2018 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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we start news 4 midday with fat breaking news a brutal dog attack that's left a woman in critical condition. maryland state police say t attack happened today on cherry hill road in hunting town in calvert county. it was a large dog and was shot and killed. it's not clear who shot it. we'll update you as we learn more on the air and through the app. appeals court is ordering a new sentencing hearing for d.c. sniper lee boyd malvo. it denies that -- against
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mandatory life without patrol he and his mentor terrorized the washington region. ten people in virginia, and d.c. were killed during the sniper shootings in 2002. right no a there's verizon wireless outage affecting customers in parts of northern virginia. >> it might prevent customers from calling 911. it's in princewilliam, arlington, loudoun counties. customers can text91 as an alternative. also happening right nbi shall the is recreating the scene of a deadly shooting involving park police. an unarmed virginia man killed last year involving a chase. some roadways were closed off this morning. let's go to mark segraves live at the scene in alexandria. what's going on there, mark?
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>> reporter: good morning. ft. hunt take a look over my shoulder. you see the gray jeep cherokee. that is a similar vehicle to the vehicle gazer was driving the night six months ago when he was shot and killed at thisti inters by police officers. now, you can see they are recreating this incident here. hey've been out here taking pictures. we've seen them here with metal detectors, machetes and weed whacke clearing the area. this will go on for several hours today. let's take you back to last year. he was driving alone along gw parkway when he had a fender bender with an uber drive and then into a police chase. this dashcam video shows you the police officers chasing him several times. he will stop and start again. ultimately, it ended at this intersection nheree shots were fired. he was shot and killed -- at
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least four times he was shot. his family said he was unarmed. again, today we see policere they are here actively not only recreating this bcident, they're also searching for evidence. it appears. again, they have svels here and mal detectors and these are crime scene investigators from the fbi. the familyelsed a statement earlier today once again complaining about how long this investigation has been takin the lack of transparency, they say from the fbi and from federal police officers that were involved with it. but they say, tt this renewed investigation and what's happening he today gives them hope that they'll get the answers they've been looking for, forng so . that's the latest here. mark segraves, news 4. >> thankyou, rk. one of the largest hotel companies in the world is kicking off construction for its new headquarters in downtown th
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bethesda. marriott plans to re derrick ward will join us in a few minutes with the latest from the groundbreaking. chopper 4 capturing images. amazing images fromhi outside morning. clouds lingering over the dmv. aloser look at the forecast now. >> how is it looking for the lunch-hour samarra? we aren for some isolated showers during our lunchtime time frame. it's not going to be a washout. live look in the district. you can see it's quiet here. where is the rain? let's take a look at the radar. spotty showers getting ready to move through parts of d.c. and prince george's county along i-81. tice how they are very sparse and we are seeing them spotty in nature. that's the trend we're going to go on through the afternoon, all right? here's a look at your planner. we're at 81 degrees right now. we're climbing. by 2:00 p.m., we should be
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around 84. i know we have a o l itfo t he . by 7:00 a. still warm. in the afternoon, the chance for isolated showers ulingers. know when the rain is really coming? tomorrow. i'll walk you through hour by hour. fornow, over to you all. >> thanks, somara. a recall developing story in montgomery county. dozens of firefighters spent hours battling a house ble. firefighters say that two residents had to escape by jumping from a second floor window. nicole jacobs has been athat sceneingate urs be gaithersburg us with the latest. what a frighteningor al. >> yes, it was. the two who jumped from the ere taken to the hospital with burns and bruises but are expected to be okay. we just learned from a fe official, they were actually in their bedroom with the door closed when this fir started and that door being closed
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lives. saved their but their adult son has been here atng the scene all mor long watching his childhood home burn to the ground. >> i can't even think of what to think about. >> it's been a traumatic morning for troy lips >> i lived here my entire life. >> his childhood home up in flames. he was at a neighbor's house when the blaze bro out. this shows the intensity. >> i ranut the back door and my house was involved in flples. >> two pwere inside. troy's stepfather and mother. both making a daring escape from the flames jumping out the window. >> i see my mom and she's crying. i run up and hug her, make sure she's okay. made sure that my step dad was okay. then i found out my cat wasst l in there. >> his cat midnight did not make it out. upwards of 80 montgomer s firefightermed the scene as smoke billowed from the end
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unit and fire spread to others. fire chief scott goldstein says the flames were fierce. >> a large volume on the back of the house and rapidly thereafter, large fire to the front of the structure. >> hours later, hotspots still linger under the collapsed roof, giving crews no other choice. but toheemolish home. >> having our lives is better than ling a house. >> they'll have to start over. but they cano that together as a family who allade it out. >> reporter: they're taking a live look at firefighters still putting water on hotspots. propane tank for the grill really fueled this fire. it's unclear when it started. i can tell you one firefighter was injured in all of. th he was also taken to the hospital for evaluation. but he's expected to be okay. i just saw that adult son takoka t the ruins here and shake his head. he is one of several being
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helped out by the american red wo cross. re live in gaithersburg. >> he raises a good point. thank god they're okay. everything else is material. nicole jacobs, thank you. a white nationalist group, rally triggered violence in charlottesville. now wants to demonstrate in our area. unite the righteqsted a permit to gather in lafayette park outside the white house. the group wants to hold an anniversary rally august 11th d 12th that marks one year since last year's rally. wu'll recallhat in that class betweenhitena natls one person died. two virginia state troopers also died patrolling the violence. the national park service approved the application but has not yet issued the actual rmit. meanwhile, president trump reversed course and will no longer force families to be separated at the border after entering the country illegally.
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that move following enormous opposition from both sides of the as mcginnis explains, now akit's up to congress to the next steps. >> the cries of thehildren were heard. >> i think anybody with a heart bout feel very strongly it. we don't like to see families separated. >> the president's executive order allows families illegally cr the u.s. border to stay asether in federal custo parents await prosecution. >> this is wrong. >> it's a response to a worldwide outcry of parents and children. while showing compassion, the esident made his position on immigration clear at a rally in minnesota. >> they're not sending their finest, that i can tell you. we're sending them the hell back. i will never sacrifice the safety and security of theop american . >> now it's up to congress to agree on immigration reform. >> i am commied to working with the administration and my
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colleagues on the other side of the aisle to hopefully do that. >> as competing bills face an uphill battle in congress, thet remains uncertain for thousands of children still separated from their parent. i families togeth indefinite detention is not something sustainable in thi country either. >> at the least, families now crossing the border andg await processing will wait together. >> votes on the immigratiou bills happen today. but as of last renight, tas said to be a scramble for support. susan mcginnis, nbc news. traffic is moving again this morning on the wilson bridge. you can see there are no backups right now. totally different scene than we brought you at midday c a deadlysh on the bridge shut down the bridge for hours. >> the shutdown cated horrible backups all over the areas. >> transportation reporterss ad as stuck in the nightmare and explains why itnded up
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being so chaotic. >> what a traffic mes that turned out to be. it was the perfect storm of events. take a look. the wilson bridge today is running normally. that's great news. because in this areaesterday was a much different situation. take a look at all theat reacti as coming in on social media. people who said it took a half hour to go around a trafficci le. it took multiple hours to go on a commute that would normally take 20 minutes tnd all ofs really happened, guys, because of the perfect storm of events. we h the wilson bridge episode which shut down some people cut through 392 and 295 in the district. we had an orioles baseball game putting extra strain on the southwest freay and theain moved in overnight. all of that combined forfi a tr catastrophe and people were stuck for hours. back here on the bridge, people are moving this morning. at's certainly a good thing. me, myself personally, i was stuck at reagan national
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airport. couldn't get out of the airportb parkway was gw backed up. i got out of the car and hopped on metro. i want to say this points to the need to further study ourfi tr management system and how we get around in the management system. back to you. >> goodpoint. adam tuss. thank you. a famous father still grieving theoss of h little girl. he's taking time to raise awareness about her >>ath. news 4 midday continues. you'll hear the message olympic skier bode mler wants every il
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stronger is blasting her tumors... without risking her bones. it's training her good cells... to fight the bad guys. stronger is less pain hope ...more fight. it's doing everything in your power... and everything in ours. stronger, is changing even faster than they do. because we don't just want your kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger.
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it's a big day at bethesda. marriott is breaking ground atr headquarnd hotel. it's a project expected to transform the downtown bethesda area. news 4's derrick barred is live with a look at thelan for the new headquarters. ke a look. bethesda -- what you see is the old court hote that was a landmark here on wood mont. will soon give way to a sprawling tower complex that will serve as a new hotel the international headquarters for the marriott corporation. we are on wood mont .aven it will stretch between wood mont and wisconsin avenue. that's going to stay, too. they're going to fit into here.t
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they sayt this is part and parcel of how marriott is trea ng thismove. they're moving from north bethesda to this location because it's more eclectic and urban and walkable. all of those things. the governoras on hand as were others. al therincipals involved say it's good for bethesda. we heard from bill marriott, the patriarch of the family who talked about how this company actuly started in washington, d.c. they moved to north bethesda a few years ago and are staying in the area take a listen. >> today i stand here with my family and our associates ready to begin the next chapter in the marriottur y. i couldn't be more proud and grateful for everyone who has participated in this tremendous effort. my parents would have never believed that ther rootb stand could turn into something like this. a bbeautiful,utiful skyscraper with their name on it. they would never have believed
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it. my dad wouldn't have liked that. but everybody else seems to like it ar alo with the change to the skyline, this will bring about 4,000 skbrobs jobs to thes well as the constructionobs. it's they're going to start tearing it down in t not too distant future. there will be a big change in bethesdan the not too distant future. right nowe're live in bethes bethesda. derrick ward, back to you. >> pretty exciting development there in bethesda. thank you, derrick. iis almost july if you can believe that. that means, fourth of july travel. aaa says more people than ever are planning to travel over that holiday. liz mclaughlin has what to expect and how to orepare. >> repter: if you're planning to take a trip over the july 4th holiday, you're not alone. >> pack your patience.
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a lot of people will be joining you. even if you're traveling by air or hittingro the . >> there's a record number of people traveling this year. nearly 2.5 million more than st year. july 4th is landing on a wednesday and aaa expects the worst congestion on terrible tuesday. travel times expected to double in major metro areas3 on july rd with the worst traffic in the afternoon. motorists should anticipate bumps in the road. aaa is expecting more than 350,000 will need roadside assistance over the holiday. >> make sure your car is road trip ready. check your batteries and your tires. s also a good idea to pack an emergency kit with tools, snacks, water and supplies in case anything does go wrong. some good news, gas is only expected to go up a few cents for the july 4th holiday. still, lower than the prices over memorl day weekend. hotels and car rental prices are slightly higher than ts time
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last year. but airfares with the lowest they've been in five years leading a record ofumber of people to hit the cies. >> youan expect long lines. >> leave plent of cushion for travel times to get to your destination smoothly. enjoy your freedom from home. this independence day. liz mclaulin, nbc news. aaa says the most popular destinations for the holidayhe weekend are you'll find major theme parks, anaheim, california and orlando, florida. there is a development debate brewing over the home of george washington. this is the view across the potoma at mt. vernon. dominion energy wants to build a gas cpressor station directly across the river. they say the development will threaten the historic view. the association will unveil a campaign next week to stop dominion from building that compressor. we learned recently of
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tragedy striking the family of an olympic star skier. bode miller and his wife are coping with the loss of their young daughter who recently drowned in a swimming pool. as miguel almaguer t report prevent this from happening to other famils. >> posting a new photo with daughter emmy, olympic skier bode miller says his family is inspired to honor her memory, writing on instagram, our midwives started a go fund me campaign to raise funds and we intend to donate the funds raised to worthwhile causes coerected to w safety education. >> to help save other children's lives. >> courtney ellis and lindsey who helped the millers bring them into the world have collected nearly $30,000. >> the purpose of the foundation they're creating is to share and
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spread light on prevention. at least help one person, it's worth it, righ >> on june 9th, 19-month-old emmy died in an accidental drowning. the 911 call came from this gated community where emmy was found in a neighbor's pool. >> pool safety expert. allison perez says danger is lurking in most backyard pools. what adults see as a summer oasis is often a tempting lure for locations who can't swim. >> we emphasize getting in as early as three months. they won't learn how to swim at that age.l theyild foundations and skills that make them more confident in the water. >> when emmy was rushed to the hospital, shhad a pulse. by the next day, doctors said there was little they could do after she suffered severe brain trauma. cording to the cdc, ten people die every day from unintentional drowning. for children one to four years old, it's the leading cause of
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accidental death. >> every day, is diffen he' nng ttl be eourvery normal about their lives anymore. they have to find a new normal. >> today the miller family is grieving the lirs of t beloved emmy. >> hi da da. >> but for now, they hope her trag t accident could save lives of other children. such a tragic story. >> we really hope it can hel somebody out there. >> new attraction is coming to a museum near you. how you can cancer is smart. it pushes us. we push back challenging conventional thinking. finding smarter solutions.
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that's what makes cancer treatment centers of america one of the leaders in precision cancer treatment. using tools like advanced genomic testing and immunotherapy to bring more options to our patients. cancer treatment centers of america. we're not just fighting cancer any more. we're outsmarting it. visit to learn more.
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if you wish you could visit wa dan, you'll hav a chance to sort of. i like saying wakanda.f pieces o the set will be onsp y here in d.c. in the inaugul smithsonian festival in october. you will see his hero costume, scripts used by the crew and behind the scenes photos. it's addo consideringg them to a permanent display at the african american museum ofu cu >> and the impact it's had on
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culture. tell us about the impact of nature on oure situation h in washington. lots of sunshine out there. feels good. >> it doery >>out. >> we do have some clouds out there, though. some rain passing through a few neighborhoods. for most of us, ware dry. not a bad day. not a perfect day. kind of like 81 degrees in the we areg a good amount of clouds. that's a live picture. winds out of the radar shows activity. we are seeing rain right now. just the northern fauquier county, north of i-66 there, very light rain falling. then we head farther east of 95 into prince george's crossing into anne arundel. this is thef gist today. very spotty, isolated activity. but rain nonetheless. your futurecast at 4:00 p.m., i've got it on the time stamp. heading throughout afternoon, notice how we're still seeing some of the spotty
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showers. but the bulk of the of the heavy rain farther south. it's not until late tonight into tomorrow we start to see the rain pick up bymidnight. just before you can see the heavier rain starting to move through pts of winchester. it's going to continue to pull into our area through friday and to saturday morning. damp day is going to be a day. nonetheless, running errands today, keep in mind, youay get a spotty sprinkle or light shower passing over. for the most part, it' safe to go out and get stuff done. temperatures in the mid-80s by the afn. another warm day. not quite as hot as the beginning of the week. remember, tod is the firay of summer, folks. keep that in mind. we also have the orioles taking on the nationals at nat park. we're looking at temperatures around a. mayb isolated shower. they had a major rain delay last night. noxpecting any activity like that. storm team 4 ten-day outlook. check it out. highs will hit 90 probably by sunday. we are looking at a few raingh
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chances thrt the weekend as we head into the weend, we have the capitol barbecue battle going on. going on. i'll see you with more news and
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to three generations montgoof elrich' home we love it here. but we have to work to keep it great, like fixing transit and traffic to shorten my son-in-law's commute. increasing open space where my grandchildren can play. and reducing classroom sizes for all our kids. that's why our next county executive has to require developers to solve the problems their developments create. as county executive, that's exactly what i'll do for every generation.
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already. we're going to go to some breaking news now.
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they are teaching yourkids, but the news 4 i-team found hundred of teachers in d.c. classrooms do not have a teaching license. >> investigative reporter scott mcfarlane broke this storyhis morning. how did the i-team uncover this? >> reporter: we we tracking a few teachers and when we did that, weound they weren't licensed to teach in the first place. so we went deeper and checked for all unlicensed teachers in the district and found there are nearly 1,000. about one quarter of the entire teaching force. 1,000 of 4,000. ny were newer, first-year teachers. some were veterans. in fact, in fours. ca the teachers unlicensed were members of the d.c. school chance lors teachers cabinet. the hhest ranking for a teacher. a teacher would advise the chancellor on policy and school practices. 1,000 unlicensed, that's a
11:32 am
great -- prince george's and anne arundel county where zero teachers are allowed to enter classrooms un >> we are talking about d.c. teachers and individuals in the classrms that may not be licensed. d.c., you don't live in why would you care about this? >> that's perhaps the group that should care st. unlicensed teachers are more difficult to track when they leave employment. if a teacher engages in misconduct in maryland or virginia, not only will they lose their job, they lose their teaching licenses and all other states nationwide are notified about it. they're on a do not hire list. in the district, if you don't have a license, you can still lose your job for misconduct be, but it's less likely maryland and virginia will know about it. there's no licensevo to and no license to put into the national database. >> any response or reaction to your findings and uncovering of this by the city on the part of the mayor? >> pat, you will hear from theo
11:33 am
deputy mor education on this story tonight as part of our full i-team report on news 4 at 11:00. tell you d.c. public schools is pledt will make changes for 2018-2019 school that no new teacher will be deployed unless he or she has at least applied for a d.c. teaching license. they're going to work backwards with the teacher uon to contact some of the veteran u teachers who aicensed to get them under the licensure protocol. to be clear, d.c. public schools is violating d.c. regulations by having and employing unlicensed teachers. that's this morning from the deputy mayor tore ucation. >> another issue for the d.c. public school system to deal with this year thank you, scott. now to president trump's reversal on the policy that thseparates families a border. there are growing concerns about the children already in custody. nbc news continues to request access tosi facilities h babies and toddlers and little
11:34 am
girls. so far, we are forced to rely on images provided by the government. nbc's craig melvin is at the border. >> as they move in search of a better life. >>eporter: in mcallen, texas, supporters of migrant families coming out in ful force. >> we're families. they should remain together. >> holding an evening vigil to stand in solidarity with children still in>> custody. oncerned about those reuniting the families who have been separated from their children. now there's been thousands of children. just like my little guy. >> reporter: the gathering coming hours aftertr president p vowed to growing pressure signing an executive order halting the separation of migrant families who cross into the country illegally. but the w reversal't change anything for the children already separated andetned. this morning, new images released by health and human services showing boys and girls at two facilities, one in florida, the other in virginia.
11:35 am
the childrenpparently transported there after being separated from their parents at the border. and for the most vulnable, questions remain. these are some of the first images we have of so-called tender age facilities. shelters reportedly housing babies and young toddlers. no cameras are allowed. insi but an associated press report describes some of thehelters as being fled with crying children in crisis. as the administration is now changing course, many families say the damage has already been done. elsa ortiz was deported to guatemala earlier this month without her son anthony. she now fears he will find 'tt she i there and will feel abandoned. with a new policy in place, the changes should be quick. but the flow of desperate migrants tryin to come into the u.s. is noto likely end any time soon.
11:36 am
t would be the practical impact on your operations here in south texas? >> you wouldontinue to see heavy influx, folks trying to cross the river as we have seen over the last months. >> reporte along the border see family separation as necessary. >> i think it's fantastic. i mean, we cannot sustain this. >> others remain dedicated to fighting it. >> it' not about really anything political. it's really about doing what's righ >> a doctor in a major accident has a renewed push to help others. >> you're going to hear the incredible story when news 4 incredible story when news 4 middayontinues. to three genations montgoof elrich' home we love it here. but we have to work to keep it great,
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like fixing transit and traffic to shorten my son-in-law's commute. increasing open space where my grandchildren can play. and reducing classroom sizes for all our kids. that's why our next county executive has to require developers to solve the problems their developments create. as county executive, that's exactly what i'll do for every generation. stroand restoring aing a father's faith.... it's standing tall after one surgery ...not six. stronger is being a typical kid... despite a rare disorder. stronger is finding it earlier... and coming home sooner. stronger is seeking answers... and not giving up, until you find them. because we don't just want your kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger.
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an emergency room doctor is living with a newk outl towards his work and patients. >> the turn about happened after heac his own catastrophe. nbc's lester holt has that story. >> reporter: it was the final ride of a mountain biking trip
11:39 am
whenm emergency r physician daniel grossman came face to face with one trauma he wasn't prepared for. >> i went up a little hill.he that's only thing i remember. >> the next thing he knew, he was on the ground. >> i could see he wasn't getting up, he wasn't moving. >> choppered to the nearest his tal, he got a look at own scan. it was catastrophic. one of his vtebrae was shattered causing irreparable damage to his spinal cord. he knewe would never walk again. >> it was devastating to hear that. litelly one second to thenex next, life is turned upside down. >> but here's the thing about daniel. he's not the type of guy to let a wheelchair stop him in his tracks. he pushed himself. learned to li independently. and in ju to work in the mayo clinic e.r. >> hi there. i'm dr. grossman.
11:40 am
one of the supervising doctors today. >> being in a wheelchair makes him a better >> i'm 6'5", i would often forget to sit down. now i have no choice. i have to sit and hold their hand. >> hello there. >> howdy. >> that connection to his patients inspiring him to push forward with his own life. >> i a smiling the time because i could have been dead. instead, i get to practice medicine. i get to influence the lives of others and it's incredible feeling. >> what an increbly inspiring story. >> i was going to say what perspective. >> incredible. somara, first day of summer. not bad a>> all. e're around where we should be temperaturewise or we're going there. we are startin to see or we are seeing sun breaking through the clouds. still a few spotty showers. some of us getting some rain. here's a look at the first day of mmer. we're seeing a lot of clouds. but we're going to see a good
11:41 am
amount of sunshine as well. milder than yesterday. not quite as hot but pretty close. then we do have spotty rain expected. tomorrow is going to be a damp seco of summer. let's take a look at the temperatures right now. 81 degrees in washington, d.c. how are you doing? 74 in leesburg. 70s the fartherorth youead. we're headed to the mid-80s this afternoon. if we had a little bit moresun, we'd probably break up a little bit higher. we'll be in the mid-80s. here's a look at the radar. tice where the rain is at. fauquier county, coming down ry ligh a bit more of a nuisance situation. prince geoe's county as well. towards anne arundel, spotty showers. futurecast, i'll walk you through it. 4:00 p.m. notice how it's scattered or isolated throughout the region. this lighter shade of green means it's coming down very light as opposed to deeper colors.
11:42 am
heavier rain isn't going to arrive until tomorrow. this is 11:00 p.m. on the clock here. you can see we're going to see the next round of rain moving in. your fecast today. around 85 degrees. mainly dry. a few quick showers. i'm going to skip tomorrow. wet vitomorrow. into the weekend, we've got the giant national capitol barbecue battle going down. sunday near 90. i think saturday will be the wettest of the two days. keep that in mind you could see a few storms. storm team 4ten-day outlook. 90n sunday
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today fashion designer kate spade will be laid to rest. her ownear-old took life earlier this month inside her new york city apartment. her funeral will be held in her hometown of kansas city. her death rocked the entire country. yesterday our own melissa mollet spoke with joshua winer about the impacts of suicide and how to talk to your family about it >> the reason suicides of kate spade and anthony bourdain are tragic, they bothin left b young children. sadly, each year, 7,000 to u.s.0 children in the
11:46 am
experience the suicide of a parent. any parenta t death isumatic for a child. but when a parent dies from suicide, it can make the grieving process more challenging. >> dr. joshua winer joins us to talk abouthis rarely discussed topic very top of mind these da. a lot of people feel like suicide, when you talk about it, how can they d at? what do you think about that? >> they say it's such a sacfish on the part of that parent. let me tell you what i've learned over my years and my practice. sadly having seen some people. before ty made a suicide attempt and before they completed suicide, what i think people should understand is that for these people, it's faulty thinking. but these people believe that they're actually doing theirhe family and kids a favor by killing themselves. they feel like, you know what, yes, it's going to be tragic and difficult for my child or other family members, but over
11:47 am
the period of time over the course of the year, they will get over the loss of me. but my life and me being around and continuing to cause problems in their belief will be more damaging to the child and the family than their dying. >> i would imagine, guilt is a feelint the children would experience, that people surrounding this person who committed suicide would experience. with that deal portion of things when you're the person left behind? >> it is so challenging because when you think about it, people do g noterally feel guilty for causes of death that are natural or even caraccidents. they don't blame themselves for their father dying in a carde ac. but for kids and other family members, they'll feel guilty. what did i do? what did i not do? what could i have said? what signs did i miss? what people need to understand when they're dealing with this, you are never responsible for the full actions of somebody else. no idy perfect. we all make mistakes in
11:48 am
relationshpls. but some p have to realize that other people are responsible for their actions. u cannot control the actions of other people. you can just do the best you can and you have to recognize and nobody is perfect. this is really hard and it could take years and maybe never get over. to get past. >> the long-term effects of suichee in children they are the ones remaining. >> there aren't that many studies on this topic. there has been some look at this. and wh scary and unfortunate is that kids of pents who hav committed suicide are two to three times more likely to thigis, why?mit suicide one theory iste that wr underlying psychopathology or illness going on in the parent may be going on in the child. the other thing is, for the person when they may maybe later
11:49 am
experience a pblem, they think this was a solution or answer my dad did, my mom did. maybe i could consider this myself. once you pass that ruin con in your brain, once you go to that point, that's a scary point and increases the likelihood that you may make a suicide attempt. >>or any advice viewers regarding this in general? >> i think the main thing is that if you have a friend or a family member who has had somebody die from suicide, don't ignore them. you may feel uncomfortable talking about this. it's a taboo topic. fert comle bringing it up. you are not going to create problems. one of the cllenges with grief, these people ostracize themselves or ostracized by friends or family members. if this happened in your family, be quick to get therapy. even family thery. because this is a very long difficult process to go through.
11:50 am
you're going to need help. >> doctor, thank youo much for joining us. >> my pleasure. thank you both. we're going to get a final check of you forecast in a minute. sure you join us this afternoon for the ellen show at 3:00 and stick around for news 4 at 4:00 and n
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at children's national, stronger is caring for a baby's heart in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. and a future when prenatal pediatrics leads to healthier children. it's being the number one newborn intensive care unit in the country. and giving parents peace of mind. it's less recovering in our bed, and more jumping on yours. stronger is standing out and standing proud. because we don't just want your kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger.
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americans will hit the roads and airports in record numbers
11:53 am
lifor the upcoming july hoy despite higher gas prices. they estimate 47 million people will travel at least 50 miles over the upcoming holiday. that's the fifth straight annual increase and theum highestr since the group started tracking this 18 years ago. gas h pricese dropped a bit since hittingheir highs earlier in the year over memorial day weekend. for a national average of $2.97 a gallon. right now, the national average is at $2.87 a gallon. ill up, though, $.59 from a year ago. instagram has more than 1 billion users worldwide. that's up from last september. the app owned by facebook is adding a section devoted to long form video. expanding beyondto the p sharing roots. the section is called igtv. it willre fea videos from rising internet celebrities and artists. it will initially be part of the instagram app. but it will be available as a stand-alone app. with your cnbc morning business report, i'm courtney reagan.
11:54 am
>> thank you, co wtney. all weve been working with you with ideas for summer stay-cations. how does a day on the water sound? molette green iski t to folks at the northern virginia sailing schoolbo a their push to keep the water clean as well as boating safety. >> check it out. we've gotio recreatl sailors on thete wa it's the first day of summer. this is what folks most want to we've got to about two important topics, safety and keeping the water clean. safetyfirst. we strapped on the life vest and the friends from northern virginia sailing school are here to talk about the other important things you have to do. i love the you have the standard kind and more high end kind >> they have to fit properly or they won't work. >>let talk about the threeou things need. trouble could always happen. you never know, right? >> first we have an air horn with a sou signal device. very important to have. we have our vhs radio to radio
11:55 am
for help and flares. three per boat. >> of course you do the man overboard drills on a regular, right? you teach this. >> we practicethat. america's sailing association. all sailing schools practice that. >> behins us, thi an illegal crab pod is that what that is. trash is that what we're talking about. >> we don't want trash or plastic. none of that stuff breaks down. if we swing over sere, we can the recreational sailors fl they have nets as well. i don't know if we can zoom in that far. they have caught s plastic and all of that that comes down cameron. that's a big no no. we don't want to do that. we need the water to stay pristine. >> absolutely. >> those are the two key things. don't pollute and of course, try to stay safe on the water. you want to enjoy summer, right? >> yes. >> look at that. trash you caught ts morning. keep that out of our water. i'm molette green on thein wate northern virginia with the
11:56 am
northern virginia sailing school. back to you. >>. today is the official start to summer. the longest day of the year folks are excited about that. thousands gathered at in england. the summer solstice is one of the rare occasions when the stones actually open up for public access. >>ery cool. all right. speaking of summer, let's get a final cck of theforecast. >> somara, how is itoking? >> we're expecting temperatures in the mid-80s. felatively norm for this time the year. the good news, mainly dry. sunshines of few showers passing through the neighborhoods. it will be very isolated. i wouldn't letut it damper on evening plans. your storm team 4 ten-day outlook. we're seeing the soggydeekend ah of us. tomorrow, we'll start off friday with lots of showers. moreea wides and cloudy skies. saturday another chance for
11:57 am
showers. probably see storms as well. we're warming things up by sunday with highs around 90 we do have a chance for more afternoon thunderstorms. this comes with ersu right? >> by next week, a nice break with plenty of sunshine. temperatures very mild and comfortable. get out there, enjoy your first day of summer. thank you. >> thanks, somara. >> that's it for news midday. thank for joining k. >> we're b on the air first at 4:00. you can get updates any time with the n washington app. have a great day. we'll see you at 4:00.
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we're live in five, four, three, two, one. how great is this? how great is this? this is insa right now, we are dying of crazy. the first day of summer. we're outside celebrating because jurassic world becau our friend is in the rafters. the great mike castle is joining us today, are you a jurassic world


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