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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  June 21, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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28-year-old fiancee. >> he was standing outside running around. he would come up to me and love on me. he will see me pull into my mom's driveway and he would come up and whineor me to come up and pet him. i loved on him. he neverhowed any aggression. >> this morning that wasn't the case. maryland state police say the dog violently attacked the owner's fiancee just yards away fromheir home and right near highway 4. a driver passing by saw the vicious encounter and called 911. >>og sort of aggressively started going towards the trooper. >> reporter: that's what the officer fired his gun wounding the dog before he rushed over to help the woman who was badly injured. moments later more first responders arrived. >> the sheriff's deputies and our state trooper were able to istancethe dog a short away from the scene where they in fear for him causing more harm to anyone else, they shot againatally wounding the dog. >> r torter: we know owner
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of the dog is a trained dog handler. he works in prince george's county as a corrections officer and wks with their canine unit. as for this woman, we're told she is fhting for her life. jim. ld that's awful. meagan fitzge thank you. now we go to the latest on the crisis at the a day after president trump signed an executive t ordert said it would end children from being separated from their families, there are still a lot of questions about if, how, when those families may be reunited. today the first lady made the trip down to texas. scott macfarlane is telling the developments for us. >> reporter: the president said the images of the separated children had been difficult for the firstady. mrs. trump toured one of the shelters. different from the ones we've seen in governmen videos where children appear to be in large cages. she toured the facility which houses kids between the o ages 12 and 17. they toll mrs. trump on average
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the kidemain there about 45 days and while in custody they're allowed to speak with phone by family twice a day. she walked around and talked with the milies, something cameras were not permitted to film. >> we all know they're happy. i want to thank you for your wo hard rk, your compassion and your kinheess in difficult times. i'd also like to ask you how to help with these children to reunite with their families. >> reporter: you may have seep a lot of talk online about mrs. trump's jacket. s befo left d.c. the jacket had the phrase i really don't care. do you, on the ack ofit. when asked, a spokes person says there is no hidden message in the jacket. regardless, there are controversies about the optics a that since the hundreds of children who have been separated from their families as a result ofhe policies from
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trump administration. a erica, back to you. >> scott macfarlane, thank you. back here in washington the white house is planning a shakeup that could impact more than 20,000 federal workers. theyheant to combine department of education and labor. that would form the department of education and the work force. the move would be meant to avoid duplicated efforts addressing the education needs of students and reworkers. co would have to approve that plan. the department of education has about 4,000 employees while labor employees more than 17,000. dash cam video shows the ment park police shot a man inside his jeep. the manley family andawkers have said the investigation into his death is moving too slowly. todaybinvestigators were back in alexandria. news 4 mark segraves explains how they combed for evidence that is seven months old. >> reporter: green wires run through the jeepnd windows a into the woods showinghe
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possible trajectory of the shots that were fired the night he was illed by u.s. park police officers. fairfax polic closed ft. hunt road just before 9:00 this morning to allow fbi investigators access to the scene. investigators positioned this jeep grand cherokee the one he was driving the night he was killed. at the same location seen in police dash cam video the night shooting. using metal detectors, shovels, even machete, they combed t tough the woods adjac where the shots were fired. the 25-year-old was shot last november by park police after a brief car cse. it ended in a hail of gunfire. police dash cam video shows as many as nine shots being fired by two park police officers. the chase began about five minutes beforehat shooting. video on fairfax county police c
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officer's das shows the chase along gw park way. since theti sh, his family as well as members of congress have complained about how long e investigation is taking and what they call a lack of transparency. today the family issued a statement once againxpressing frustration but also hope. we hope e events today are an indication of progress in the investigation and a step closer towards justice for a young man whose bright future was needlessly taken. no word from the fbi on if anyd new ee was found today. in alexandria, mark segraves. newsing news just in at the li dk. former capitals head coach barry trotz said he didn't feel like the value in h contract was fair, so he's moving on to the new york islanders. trotz led the capitals to their first stanley cub championship. when heig resned it caught many by surprise. asked him what his message to the fans were.
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here's what he had to say. >> i tha them. they were nothing but first class. i said we were going to come there and win a cup within four years and get this withinle the th of my contract and we did that. i thank them and the players. imove t all. they're such a great gro and a specia group. we're tied together. for my family and for myself, in terms of principle, i took my chances. orter: the nhl schedule will be coming out in the next hour. we're going to be looking out for the first time theap cals face their former head coach this upcoming season. >> sherree, thank you. we're going to be back to more breang news this afternoon. a man who shot and killed his daughter and her mother will spen the rest of his life behind bars. a judge just gave da'ron boswell johnson a life sentence plus 20 years. boswell johnson confessed to gunning down chloe davis green and her mother in february of 2016 in ft. washington. he opened fire after confrontinv
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theictim over having to pay child support. a federal appeals court says belt way sniper should receive new sentence hearings in virginia. he was 17 when he received multiple life sentences without parole in both virginia and maryland. today's decision is related to a supreme court ruling -- supreme court whichas ruled against such sentences for minors. malvo and his mentor killed ten people in d.c., maryland and virginia in 2002 in a shooting izree that terr our region. today's decision does not impact hi sentences in maryland. tuesday is primary day in maryland. there are candidates running for montgomery county executive. news 4 chris gordon has a look now at eachon >> reporter: david blair is new to politics. he's runningtgor mery county executive with the endorsement of the "washington
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post." he says executive experience comes from building a fortuneco 50any starting with two employeede >> overcr or they're needing repair. when i talk to seniors, they lk a lot abo the tax hike that they have had to experience over the past decade. and how it's so expensive for them to live here. >> roger has served on the montgomery county council for the past 11 years. he's known for encouraging development while keeping in mind the need for parks and green space. >> whether it's our inenvironment, whether it's metro, keeping our lights o i have a track record of serving our county and being very effective on behalf of your community. >> reporter: george is a four term council member. he says he's running as the g k whws how to make government work and for helping people in need. >> i established the network of community health clinics that last year made sure that 70,000 patient visits were possible for people with no other t access health insurance. i led the charge to house every
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>> in my next report, we'll hear from the other three democratic candidates. former rockville mayor, state delegate andun montgomery council member. whoever wins the primary on tuesday will bein f robin picker who has no challenger in the replican primary for montgomery county executive. chris gordon, news 4. now you still have time to cast an early vote, but do i fast. early voting in montgomery county ends at 8:00 tonight. a hit to your online shopping budget. a consumer alert ahead at 5:00. we're talking about how much this is going to affect your wallet. next time you should add those items to amazon. also ahead, a poisonous plant that can make you go behind just bych toug it. how to recognize it after the break. and i'm going to walk you through the new video of this
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explosive crash scene on the wilson bridge. the daring rescuegh c on camera. the national weather service has issued a flash floodti watc 6:00 a.m. on friday for the counties here in solid green. flood warnings already in effect down around stanton and the charlottesville area as we head on into the evening and especially overnightours. i'm tracking this rain moving ba
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right nowou show a live look outside. you probably don't need the um brel -- umbrella if you're heading out soon. rmeanwhile, we have new video of the dramaticescue after yesterday's crash on the wood w roson bridge that left one person dead. construction workers trapped hanging beneath the bridge. fairfax police capturing the
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death defying images from above. new images of wednesday's dramatic rescue ofhree workers dangling beneath the woodrow wilson bridge tfterhis fiery crash above. >> they are soky l look at that thing. >> what you're hearing and seeing is the narration of the scene. the three workers w platform beneath the bridge attached to one of the trucks that went up in flames. >> second one safelyuan. >> evey all three workers were saved but the driver who police say caused the crash died in the flames. the crash rippled throughout the belt way paralyzing traffic for hours. some people reported b in traffic for three hours just to drive about 15 miles. all lanes of traffic were reopened just aftery0:30
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wednes nighteni ending a drama that both terrified and frustrated. >> you can see more of it in our nbc washiton app. search. wilson bridge $250, 0. that's the settlement money a former university of virginia receivehas keith johnson filed a civil rights lawsuit against virginia department of alcoholic beverage control after a controversial arrest in 2015. this is that video fm that incident. it shows abc agents pinning himg to theund while you saw that image there where he was bleeding from his head.d agents s johnson attempt to enter a bar with a fake i.d. s johnsonaid it was valid. new tod the world's largest hotel chain is billing its headquarters right here in bethesda and bringing tusands of jobs and a brand new hotel with it. officials from marion joined county and state leaders for the official ground breaking tha happened today. derrick ward is live in downtown bethesda with more on the impact
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this is going to have on the area. >> reporter: you can seehe change is coming. if you're familiar with this section of woodmont, you probably remember the o bethesda court hotel and those hair salons are destined for the wrecking ball. what's coming nextas people happy and some a little concerned. some of the old downtown bethesda is already on the way out andith a construction project this big change could be painful. just ask stewart who works nearby. seems we're always under construction around here. if i don't come to work and hea a jack ham nhammer in the streey think i'm in the wrong spot. spot as far ig the partners are concerned. after more thann 40 years north bethesda the corporation is doing what a lot of people are doing. coming back downtown. >> leaving the green field isolated campus and really embracing the neighborhood and that's great for assuring the most diverse and talent of work
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force possible. >> it started with b a rootr stand back in 1927. fast forward 91 years and it's ill a local story, but now an international hotel chain making billions every >> my parents would have never believed that the root beer stand could turn into something like this. >> reporter: both the state and the county officered tax incentives to keep marriott and s employees in montgomery county. the old buildin t on future marriott sit tareexpected to come down in the next few days. get ready forty divers the new high rise and headquarters go up. >> if you look at the payoff, it is by far well worth the investment to the county. >> you look at that and construction growth is aain everywhere you go, but once it's done everyone forgets about what happened in the past. >> this is set to be complete in 2022. these buildings are going to come down over the next few gdays, but what'sng to come next?
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4,000 new employees not to a mentio the traffic from the hotel. that's got some people saying what's it going to mean for traffic that's already here? we'll talk about coming up. right now we're live in bethesda. back to you. >> incredible to think that their story begins with a beer stand and this is where they are today. amazing. derrick, thank you. >> small acorns, tiges grow. >> that's right. let's go live outside our studios here in northwest d.c. we are grilling out to kick off the start of ifsummer. you've been wondering where jim has been the last few minutes, we found him. i think it's safe to say he's not a great cook, but the man can eat, so we've got him outside. >> i can put it away. i think peoplenow my reputation around here. i did not eat a bite all day because i knewerek was coming. we are cutting the heat with barbecue. what better way than cole slaw. tell us what goes into your special sauce. >> like to start with fresh
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cabbage, carrots, little mayo, little celery seed. i like t whip it up nice and fresh and stir it up right over the bed of cabbage. the cabbage is nice and crunchy. i get a lot of people saying ii don't l cole slaw. i said i trust you you've been training your pallet, but just taste this. >> i saw amelia. ae had a baby fork and barel bite. i've got to get a big spoon here. al right. oh mgosh, it does look fresh. oh wow. that is nice. it's got a sweetness to i too. love it. >> it's that sweetness within that celery come in and give it that bite to bring it back down. >> it's got a lot going on. >> imagine later when we put it all together. the beans, the slaw the chicken. that's one big happy barbecue family. >> we've got the chicken coming up at 6. i want to talk to you about your barbecue sauce. this iset crossen kansas
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city and north carolina >> you get kansas city red and mix it with the tang. ie l to bring all barbecue regions together because i don't discriminate. >> that's the allru purpose >> it's a memphis style coming to kansas city redixed with this and i give it the sweet and tangy. there's something about what it does to your mouth. your mouth and all your taste buds begin to dance around almost like the old yosemiteam type thing. >> you're making everybody i there hungry. i cheated at 4:00 and made my own concoction. i put it on the beans. it's got some pop. >> you turned it up a notch. >> chef derek is back with fellow carnivores. >> they want to s some other stuff behind the scene, look at my barbecue man on instagram.
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>> look at this. >> we nee get y real utensils. you're going to break that off in the slaw next time. i want to switch gears now. a change in local gun laws after bullets hit a home in northern virginia. we are working for you, but what's at stake? amelia is back to time out rain chances and i hate to say rain chances and i hate to say thisagain, possible flooding.
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i just came indoors and it is muggy. >> it is muggy and we won't have a break from the humidity until monday. it kind of stays where it's at tomorrow, saturday, sunday, and then we see the humidity levels drop monday. in addition t that i'm tracking rain pretty much through the weekend. take a look at your weather headline. we're going to have rain at times, but you certainly want to have the umbrell handy for the
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entirety of your friday. otherwise cloudy and cooler. temperatures tomorrow only in the 70 trending toward the low to mid 70s. again, it'still going to be humid out there. we're going to have showers and thunderstorms at times onrd sa. sunday looking mainly dry next weekend it looking great overall. low humidity, plenty of sunshine. i'm only tracking this isolated shower just south of leonardtown. elsewhere locally it's dry but notice this rain starting to push in. this is already starting to move in toiuray. hink it will be in the d.c. metro area tonight. 7:00 p.m. we really haven't seen it advance toward thema east. e fredericksburg getting some light showers. it's really as we move toward 9:00 to midnight we're seeing the rain in northern virginia spread into the d.c. metro area. this is tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. you're waking up to showers for mt of us. lunchtime scattered showers out
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there. otherwe cloudy skies. even on into the afternoon and evening hours, notice the timing here. friday at 5:00 p.m. we're still tracking rain. notice how it really favors parts of virginia and the panhandle of west virginia. if you're in especially closer to i-81, you have the best chance of pretty much an all-day rain. friday night you're heading out for dinner maybe. tracking some showers out there. hasaturday morning this is you're waking up to. some areas of rain. saturday is nas aut by any means. take a look at your planner tomorrow. all these 70s. low 70s. 74 at noon. then we fall back into the low 70s for the afternoon and evening hours. a cloy day with showers at times. we're noticing that mugginess t there tomorrow. it's not until monday when we start to feel much more comfortable aund here. here's your ten-day forecas ere's sunday.
5:27 pm
it's hot. it's lumid. e day shower or thunderstorm but your best bet of getting things don outside d enjoying the pool is going to be on sunday versus saturday. monday less humid. then you can see our next chance storms next week falls on thursday. >> amelia, thank you. look at this, folks. video makes you want to cringe here. a delivery man chucks a box of a local -- on a local n's front step. what the homeowner tells us he wants to happen next. i'm jewulie carey. the boa of supervisors is changing the rules at where outdoor shooting can take place after bullets flew into a neighborhood. we take you live to the southern border. an update on the c
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we're bk now at 5:30 with the latest on the battle at the border. l today firsty melania trump made an unexpected visit to texas touring one of the facilities acting as a temporary home for some of the migrant children. back in our area, we are hearing from maryland governor larry hogan. he pulled the state's national sardsman from the border over the policy thatarated children from their family zb.
5:31 pm
>> i'm encouraged that there's movement. everybody is rponsible for not coming up with any kind of solution to this problem for decades. we have team coverage of this immigration battle including what's next here in washington. >> but we start wh nbc jay gray at the texas border with a closer look at the unknown. jay. >> reporter: hey there. there are a l of those right now. look, we know the first lady was one of those whoobed the president to stop separating families here at the border. she's an immigrant herself. today she had a firsthand look at the fallout fromhat policy. a surprise visit. first lady melania trump in southexas touring shelter near the border, talking with nsagents, cors and kids and asking the same questions as many of the critics of her husband's immigration policy.e
5:32 pm
>> i'd l to ask you how it can help for the children to reunite with their families. >> more than,0 children scattered in shelters across the family. taking us insiden facilities i florida and virginia and we're getting our first look now at a so-called tender age shelter housing infants and toddlers. while the president's executive order ends the saration of migrant families trying to enter the country illegally. >> it's about keeping families >> reporter: the measure says nothing about reuniting families already torn apart. t >>re's no plan. there's no transparency. >> reporter: those fameiar with th process say no easy way to bring children and parents back together. >> terms of logistics, i think it will be something that will be a nightmare for cvp, orr and i. two ou f the administration doesn't reunify these childre quickly,
5:33 pm
you'll have a lot of permanent separations. ti >> reporter: v critics say of the administration zero tolerance immigration policy which remains in effect along the border right now. important to remember that enforcement here has not changed at all. families still being detained. they are though at this point being held together in the same facilities. >>jay, thank you. our team coverage continues with scott macfarlane wor fng the storm the live desk. scott. >> it is an ongoing fight on the hill pting compromise immigration measure very much in limbo tonight. house republicans who have postponed voting will vote instead tomorrow. a more conservative measure was rejected earlier today. democrats are opposed to both bills, but house speaker paul ryan says he sees progress. >> it is a sin and a sham >> i think we're making advancements. we're putting ideas on the >> president trump didn't just
5:34 pm
call out democrats. he's inviting them to the white house to try and find common ground on the border laws, but even if a bill makes it out o the house a past the senate, he will need quite a bitmo of atic support. at the live desk, i'm scott macfarlane.ji back to you. >> scott, thank you. it was first on 4 last month. ullets went flying into a loudon county subdivision hitting at least three home zbls they came from a legal shooting zones. it's time to change the rules about where gun ordinary perso k s can shoot. >> behind that is a 40 foot hill. >> showing us the outdoor shooting range on his five plus acres of property. he's an nra range safety officer and certified pistol instructors and doe a weekly podcast on civilian carry radio. >> one of the reasons i bought this place specifically was because two things.
5:35 pm
no hoa and there was no ordinance against shooting on your property. > but the rule change being proposed objection make it impossible for him to hunt or shoot here. the proposal comes after three homes in the subdivision were struck b bullets fired from an outdoor range at a nearby property alarming residents. >> i would hope they decide to because it'snes too close for comfor >> reporter: no one was prosecuted bgause the shoot range was lawful. the current ordinance permits outdoor shooting as long as it's 100 yards away fromccied structures. >> when i heard that i figured okay, well, 100 yards is not enough space for a safe zone. >> reporter: the supervisor wants to expand the safe zone. instead of 100 yards she wants to push it to 880 yards or a half mile away from the nearest home. there would be exceptions. shooting could still be done inside a half mile if neighbors approved. >> it would be irresponsible behavior. one person shouldn't have to make legislation to cause
5:36 pm
everyone else to have a problem. >> reporter: but as the county's growth spreads, homwners rights need to be respected too. >> i would just sayncreasingly we hear from residents who hear nshots and aren't cwifortable it. >> reporter: the board of supervisors meetings, mr. james one of se people who going to be addressing the supervisors. later on this evening they will decide wheth to move that proposal on to the next stage or whether to kill it at this early stage. we'll keep track and let you know. >> we know youan will. you. next at 5:00, the dangerous weed found in a local yard. we're going tbe live with how to spot the poisonous plant and what to do i you see it. plus the decision that will have y paying more if you shop
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shop online? we all do.
5:40 pm
if so, a decision ou chof the u.s. supreme court could force you to pay more at checkout. today they ruled they can requir internet retailers to select sales tax on online purchases. that overturns an earlier one that bars states from imposing sales tax when residents made purchases from retailers. it will boost revenue at the expense of consumers and sellers. we've got a weed warning tonight. a poisonous plant spoed today between two shomari s is live in alexandria with what plant experts say you should not do. shomari. >> reporter: jim, first of all, don't touch it. that hog weed was located right here. you can see tre is now a hole. it was removed this evening. it stood up pre ay tall and resident was here in the courtyard, recently saw one on television and saiou know what, this looks familiar did a check and now let's take a look here aw you what it looked like on video.
5:41 pm
property managers told met with a rep from the virginia co op extension and confirmedist the potentially dangerous species. crews dug it up, removed it this evening. the toxic sap on hog weed can cause severe burns and blindness if it gets in your eyes. virginia tech it in clark county urging people to be on the lookout. hog weed is not nativeo the united states. it originates from southwest asia. itnclear how it ended up here in alexandria. weed.ighbor found the hog >> it actually is kind of cool i guess that something to rare is in the unfortunately, it happens to be something that we don't ever want to touch or get near >> she's absolutely correct. a lot of bugs out here. she's saying that if you chie across thing, make sure that you do not touch it and if you plan on removing it, whether you want to use your lawn mower or a weed trimmer, make sure you we protective clothing and gloves along with some goggles
5:42 pm
on your eyes. live here in alexandria, shomari stone. back to you, jim. >> just steer clear. omari, thanks for that big heads up there. teaching without a ocense. >>y the news 4 i-team with sy alarming report on a local school em. i'm darcy spencer. take a look at this video that was captured on a home surveillanceamera. a delivery driver doesn't even bother to get out of the truck. coming up, why the homeowner says the driver deserves a and stick around. i've got a look at your garden i've got a look at your garden llrecast as we ben jealous -- youngest nof the naacp.dent endorsed by maryland teachers because he'll fully fund our schools. endorsed by the nurses for his medicare for all plan. now jealous is endorsed by the baltimore n, saying, "in his leadership, mr. jealous excels. he has the stature and gravitas to be a leader trylanders turn to in difficult times."
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maryland, it's time for bold victories and new leadership. ben jealous. governor. we just switched to geico and got more. more? they've been saving folks money for over 75 years. a company you can trust. geico even helped us with homeowners insance. more sounds great.
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gotta loveore... right, honey? yeah! geico. expect great savings and a whole lot more. that's what the washington posts vo: "ludicrous." the s on david blair. it's dirty politics. the washington post endorses blair for montgomery county executive. "an energy and passion for innovation." blair is "the best chance of injecting a dose of vitality in a county that badly needs it."d: davi we can invest more in our schools, expand pre-k and improve transportation and we can do it without more taxes when we create jobs. that's the change we need. vo: david blair. democrat for montgomery county executive. endorsed by the washington post. right now a live look over the city. it's not raining now, but keep the umbrellas close. mperatures are about t take a plunge. they have the update just ahead. you expectnd hope that truck drivers will handle your
5:45 pm
deliveries with care, but one fedex employee didn't. and that homeowner has the video to prove it. news 4 darcy spencer is live now in ashburn to show you what that driver did with the package. >> reporter: a fedex delivery driver pulls up to a neighborhood in ashburn, grabs a package from the back, then tosses it like a frisbee. when you saw thishavideo, wt were you thinking? >> i was kind of shocked, a little surprised. >> robert is the homeowner who captured the package throwing incident on his surveillance system last week and posted it on facebook. >> reporter: many people are probably wondering, washere something breakable in that package? > at that time, no, there wasn't, but in my case it's more principle than anything. >> reporter: some of rob's teneighbors p this video on social media and tagged fed iex demanding that the company take action. >> the behavior depicted in the video was unacceptable andit
5:46 pm
inconsistent the professionalism or ground service providers demonstrate every day in safely and securely delivering millions of packages to our customers. anmpanies are ramping up their delivery service customers want to make sure this is something that rarely happens. he says he wants the company to speak to workers about how they're handling boxes b doesn't want the driver to lose his job. >> it could just be a bad day for him or one of those things. i don't want to see anybody like that get fired. it just could be one of those things. everybody deserves to work and have a job. >> reporter: but he does want the cpany to pay attention to make sure deliveries are being made with ce. in ashburn, darcy spencer, news 4. foryou, we're working for you on what to do with a damagee very. first file a claim. then schedule an inspection or do one yourself. after that you can track t status of your claim. now to team coverage of your
5:47 pm
forecast. we'll get a look at your weekend in just a bit. we've got the storm team 4x4. i hear amelia. >> i think they may be getting ready for her. >> she got a mosquito bite out there earlier., amelan you hear us? >> i can hear you guys. we're just talking aboutin all barbecue out here celebrating the first day of summer. so many people are coming out of nbc starting to head home and grabbing something off of the grill. this is whatsummer's all about, right? enjoying time outdoors with friends a family. we have the storm team 4x4 out here. it's tracking humid conditions. still feeling like the tropics out here even though it's not all that hot. and we are tracking concern for flooding. there's a flash flood watch in effect for parts of virginia back into parts of west virginia. this is going to be in effect until 6:00 a.m. tomorrow. is includes all of rappahannock county and then areas farther down to the south and back out tohe west we're going to be tracking areas
5:48 pm
of rain tonight moving into the metro area i think probably by about 9:00 p.m. those showers are going to stati in virginia about 7:00 p.m. where we're tracking heavy rain and as these move east into the m area we're not so much concerned about heavy rain and flooding issues here. those flooding issues mainly back in virginia. by midnight,gh th pretty much widespread rain. take a look. here's the radar. th is what we'reracking out there. notice that heavy rain down around crlottesville and the stanton area. we see future weather fast forwarding to 10:00 p.m. tonight. you're getti ready to go to bed an hour before news 4 at:0 starts and the chance for showers at least pretty much everywhere. the' means as closing out the workweek probably dealing with some rain at times. >> friday with some showers, waking up to some rain throughout the area. here we actually have the gardening forecast from our
5:49 pm
experts. you can see that it may not be the best day to get out there and do some yard work. temperatures are going to be in the 70s. t if onl sun was accompanying that. that's not the case. here's a look at your gardeni forecast. to stop grass and other weeds applyaking over your lawn a weed preventer and let the rain showers water it into the soil. here's a look at the beach forecast. saturday temperatures are going to be in the mid 70s. we are looking at showers and storms and if there's anywhere that's going to get rain on saturday it's really looking like the eastern shore in southern maryland. sunday a chance for some showers and storms. sunday is going to be your better day to go. tp it will be warmer. monday will be aac nice drive from the beach. temperatures in the upper 80s on monday. here's a look right now if you're headedhe to giant national capital barbecue battle
5:50 pm
that's going down, but we'ven also got r that will be coming down as well saturday. a chance for storms in then. aftern sunday we are looking a little on the dryer side with temperatures around 9 it is going to be hot for your sunday. let's go ahead and send it back tond amelia see how the rest of the week is shaping>p. he rest of the week after the weekend isge looking gorous and speaking of that barbecue battle, we have chef derek out here. this chicken is so amazing. in. have to bring you some juicy. perfection. no sauce needed from chef derek. it's perfect off the grill. lipstick is optional. so tomorrow we're talking about showers at times, and then showers and thuerstorms on saturday. guys, i'm going to bring you in some dinner. amazing.ust this is the way to spend a thursday afternoon celebrating the official start of summer. back to you >> we're going to need you to back away from that because the chicken is mine at 6:15. >> not happening.
5:51 pm
>> all right. back close to home, a montgomery county couple is alive tonight after they jumped out of a second floor window as fire engulfed their home here. dozens of firefighters spent the early morning hours battlingir this house in gaithersburg. the couple was inside their bedroom with the doorse c when the blaze broke out. firefighters say it likely saved their lives. we're told they suffered nonlife threatening injuries. it will benown as an ashante alert. tomorrow the governor will sign a bill into law related critically missing adults. it's named for that college studo was abducted and murdered from the hampton road naval base where she worked. it will create a system for adults who are thought to have been abducted and whose zpoer disappearance poses a thr
5:52 pm
their health and safety. d.c. public school system breaking district rules and employing teacher whase do not a teaching license. scott macfarlane joins us to explain. >> one in every four d.c. public school teacher's is unlicensed according to our investigation. the numbers remain clear in school disict records provided to news 4 under the freedom of information act. child safetydvocates and a member of the d.c. state board of education say this is a safety risk. only licensed teachers are tracked by the national nasdaq teacher database which red flage hers who engage in misconduct to prevent them from crossing state lines to virginia or maryland to find new teachino . licenses also ensure teachers have finished the required training. >> that person has a degree, has the experience, and has the training needed to go into our schools. >> d.c. deputy mayor of education tells us backgroundch
5:53 pm
ks are completed on all employees, but there are changes being made now by d.c. publi hools for the new school year. september, 2018, wecause oft we uncovered. more on that tonight, part of our full new 4 i-team investigation on news 4 at 11:00. >> scott, thank you. the news 4 i-team is working for you and your children. the slipping through the cracks investigation exposed teachers who admit to misconduct with students but they kept their licenses. you can search i-team in the nbc washington app for that. w we come right back on news 4 at 5:00, a horrifying case of kidnapping and murder. case of kidnapping and murder. what we know about the young
5:54 pm
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arunacomes from listeningto pe. i write i'm aruna miller, and growing up as an immigra, i know we have the power to improve peoples' lives. that's why in the state legislature, i fought for more computer science in our schools. gps tracking for domestic abusers. and some of the strictest gun safety laws in the nation. in congress, i won't let donald trump undo the progress we've made. i approved this message for all our stories. >> a major sports complex is being built in our region. we are told it will have the feeling of the pros but be available to the public and to our area youngest athletes. this is the st. james state of the art facilities with fields, rinks, pools, and courts. >> it's a very dynamic space and it's the only venue ofd its k
5:57 pm
publicly available. so we expect to have tournaments from -- with participants from around the country here on a regular basis. >> the complex will also provi a wide range of sports medicine and physical therapy services by the largest health care provider in the region, med star. now we switch gears to a terrifying story. a young man was, run ov tied up, taken away, and then held for random and eventually trdered in the district. now police sayy have the man responsible for that brazen crime. earlier this week news 4 aimee cho talked to neighbors in southeast d.c. who say the violence has got to >> reporter: it all started right here tuesday night. andre simmons riding a moped back and forth here in this parking lot according to court documents and that's when a car pulls up, two suspects get out, hold simmons at gunpoint, zip tie him, force him in the c d drive him away. charging documents tell what happened next. the kernapers made s phone calls to family demanding ransom. his relatives dropped off $7,000
5:58 pm
in cash. early the next moerning police say here in this alley simmons was shots and killed. police say they caught one of the alleged kidnaps. he's been arrested before for gun charges. police say he barricaded himself inside this house in bowie last night before being arrested. today just a few blocks from the shooting doz gshering to protest the violence mournin another life lost. >> our kids areying. >> this is like every day in the neighborhood for no i can't even put it in words. >> reporter: darren moore ndappeared in court todayas charged with kidnapping. a judge ordered him held without bond. aimee cho, news 4. now at 6:00. >> they are so lucky.
5:59 pm
look at that thing. dramatic n images capture the frantic moments after a fiery crash. see what it took to get these workers to safest. the fady makes a surprise visit to texas amid growing backlash at the border. but the attention quickly turnee to whatas wearing. plus questions about what triggered the attack after a woman was malluled by hur fianc dog. >> plant that is so poisonous you could go behind by just touching it and it's sprouting up in local neighborhoods. >> announcer: news 4 at 6:00 starts now. thursday evening, a time when members o congress often jet out of town, but the first weekend of summer will have to wait. >> yep. there's another vote on immigration ahead. >> we begin again tonight the crisis at our border. the first lady makes a surprise trip t texas to see the situathen for elf.
6:00 pm
>> confusion reins after the separate changes his decision on separating families. access denied. nbc news sti working to bring you inside the facilities where babies and girls are being heldh let's start w the immigration vote and blayne alexander on capitol hill. >> reporter: doreen and jim, lawmakers here on the hill are working hard to t and answer a question that really has boggled them for some time. whatuto do a immigration. we started the day with two bills and now we're down to one and that one is facing opposition from some republicans who say that it's not tough november. now the vote has been postponed until tomorrow in a last ditch effort to get them votes. milar blankets. children lying on floors. today protesters at the u.s. capital dr capit capital -- aroun leaders praying for change in the country's immigration laws. hours


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