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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  June 21, 2018 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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tonight, chaos and confusion with thousands of families still fe separated an clear answers about how this crisis will be resolved. all of it as melania trump makes a surprise visit to the border where migrant children are being held. >> and i'd also like to ask you how i calp to these children to reunite wh their families. the first lady also raising eyebrows with the words emblazoned on her jacket. the state of s mergency, a ferociood disaster going from bad to worse. an unarmed teager running away after a traffic stop, shot to death by a police officer. age, ght ou protests and a lot of people demanding answers. the price you pay for stuff you buy on the web, why onli shopping is about to get more
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expensive? the fbi warning about an alarming increase in sexual assaults on airplane and we're with the creative genius who revolutionized hollywood. tonight how that movie magic came to life. announcer: this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. evening, everyone and thank th you for bein us. first lady melania edrump travelo the texas/mexico border today to see for herself what is being done for migrant children. erher visit to a she many texas offering some damage control president trump wa s backed into a political rn and yesterday ordered an end to the family separation policy he had supported, but left unanswered by his order is what to do about reuniting thousands of parents and children alreadypa ted. tonight from the agency's charged with enforcing the crackdown, mixed messages and apparent confusion. our gabe gutierrez is
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in south texas and has details. a >> reporter: in surprise visit to water logged texas, the first lady waded into the controversat as drawn worldwide outrage. >> i'd also like to ask you how i can help to these children to reunite with their families as quickly as possible. >> reporter: she te via children shelter which houses 55 kids, mostly teenagers, six of them separated fro their parents. re >> these chimost of them come here alone without parents -- >> the mority of our children -- >> reporter: the department of health and human services says about 10,000 of the almost 12,000 children now in its care are unaccompanied minors. most are teenagers and 13% are younger than ten. the first lady's visit ca a day after president trump signed an executive order to cease the separation of migrant families at the border saying his wife's advice was key to his decision. my wife feels very
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strongly aboutit. reporter: last weekend she said, we need to be a country that follows all laws, but also a country that governs with heart. but tonight, more than 2,300 children separated from their parents a limbo. onhere are mounting questis about how they'll be reunited and growing confusion within the government. today a u.s. attorney's office in texas told nbc news some pending criminal cases against parents sepa would be dismissed but the justice department later saying that's notrue. the defense department now sending extra military lawyers to help prosecute cases. how overwhelmed is the immigrationystem in south texas right now? >> there are not enough resources to do what the governmentnt to do right now. >> reporter: today mayors from major u.s. cities gathered at the bord calling this a humanitarian crisis. >> the reason those children cannot be reunified is because the system has been overwhelmed by this policy. >> reporr: despite repeated requests, our
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cameras haven't been wed in the shelters. new images released by hhs show living nside tions facilities in florida and virginia. kids doing homework, eating meals at tables and pying soccer. for the youngest there are cribs, high chairs and small beds with brightly colored linens. e pentagon is now preparing to house as 20,000 migrant children on military bases and tonight the justice department has agreed to release a child separated from mhisher from guatemala after he sued in federal court. >> gabe gutierrez in texas, thank you. now to those still unanswer questions about what comes next for these children. first and foremost, how and will they be reunited with their parents while the president may have back dow separating them, he made it clear today the political battle is far from over. white house correspondent kristen welker has the story. >> reporter: a soft touch with the first lady on the ground. >> i want to thank you for your hard work.
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>> reporter: but a hard line on f immigrationm the president himself. >> they're the worst immigration laws in the htory of the world. >> reporter: a day after the president retreated on the issue of separating families, there's still no plic plan in place to reunite those roughly 2,300 children with their parents. dhs secretary nielsen on capitol hill unable to answer basic questions about their fate. what happens to the kids now that have be separated from their parents. >> we're implementing it. >> reporter: president trump defended his zero-tolerance policy which is still intact requirin adults who cross the border illegally to face prosecution. >> if we took zero tolerance away, you would be overrun -- you'd have millions of people pouring through our border. >> reporter: today invitation to democrats to come to the white house and work on an immigration deal while lashing out at the same time. >> they don't care children, they don't care about the injury, they don't
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care about the problems, they don't care about anything. >> reporter: andta king fresh aim at mexico blaming tm for the influx of immigrants from south america. >> they walk through mexico like it's walking through central park. >> reporter: there is new fallout. se attorney jefions acknowledging the political damage. >> it hasn't been good and the american people don't like the idea that we're separating families. >> reporter: on capitol hill, protesters wrapped in ma th blankets imitating the images from the border demanded action as a conservative immigration bill failed on the house floor. >> the bill is not pa ssed. >> reporter: with life er bill on support now postponed until next week. and tonight, the first lady's facing sutiny for the jacket she wore today. the back of it reads, i really don't care, do you? her spokesperson saying it's jus a jacket there's no hidden message but the president tweeting tonight i the fake news media. melania has learned
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how dishonest they a and she truly no longer cares. >> thank you. >> one of the most heart-wrenching parts of this story is the audiotape of detained dr ch crying out for their families. tonight our chief richard angle has traveled to south america where he found a grandmother w heard her granddaughter's voice pe on that ta. now she's waiting on edgeor any news of what happened to her. richard has the story from el salvador. >> reporter: tonight, anna is worrying about the fateyf her separated and detained in the united states. she says this is her 6-year-oldan aughter heard on audio obtained friday pro publicca pleading with u.s. border agents to be reunited with her aunt who's in the u.s. i feel helpless she says. it's hard to hear someone you love suffering. anna's granddaughter allison made the dangerous trek to the
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united states with her mother but 16 days ago, they were detained while ting to cross the border illegally. why are so many families with children risking everything to leave el salvador. we can't even go out at night she says. this country is tor apart by gang violence. this neighborhood is the sidered one o most dangerous. the homicide rate in el salvador is 15 times higher than in the u.s. sometimes people here just disappear. el salvador is gripped by a war between two ng the notoriously brutal ms-13 and another gangalled the 18th street. anna worries about her family facing possiblepo ation back here. my daughter is young. i'm worried the gangs will set their eyes on her. her life is in danger she says. tonight as far as the family knows, 6-year-old allison is still held in u.s. federal custody. ti her mother held separately.
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no one here knows how he or little allison will be reunited with her mother. lester? >> richard angle, thank you. we'll take a turn now to the protests erupting in the streets of pittsburgh after police officer shot and killed an unarmed high school student in a neighboring comnity when he allegedly fled on foot during a traffic stop. the deadly shootings aught on camera. ron mott has the story. we want to war you, some of these images are disturbing. >> no justice no peace! t,>> reporter: tonica lls for justice for antoine rose. >> why they shooting at him? are he did was run and they're shooting at him? >> reporter: cell phone video showing the high school senior gunned down by east pittsburgh police after running from a traffic stop shot three s. >> all lives matter! >> reporter: protesters rally outside the courthouse. donna giles came with her 18-year-old son . nd 14-year-old daught
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>> they didn't have to shoot him in his back. >> that could have been my brother, my friend, anybody that i know. >> reporolice have not identified the officer who opened fire on rose and another male ashe were fleeing now enevealing that officer had sworn in just hours before the deadly shooting, although he had been an officer in other departments. the officer now on leave. >> is the officer white? as> i don't understand what to do with the situation here. >> reporter: iuthorities stopped the c which rose was a passenger because it matched the description of a vehicle involved in a drive-by shooting minutes earlier. police say two guns were found in the car on the floor, but rose was unarmed when he was shot. tonight, protesters demanding answers. >> the's obviously a racial bias and that is what we need to stop. >> reporter: tonight the borough of east pittsburgh issued a statemt offering condolences to the family, the officer who shot and killed him is on leave and on the investiga being led by al-ghani county is ongoing tonight.
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now to your money and the price you pay to buy things on the internet. eot's the way more and moree shop, of course, and it's about to get more expensive. the result of a major decision today at the supreme court. our business correspondent jo ling kent explains. >> reporter: tonight, you're online shopping may get more expensive. the supreme court ruling that internet retailers can bere ired to collect state sales tax in online transactions. nso what does this m for you? medium sized businesses are expected to be hit the hardest, meaning you could get charged for sales tax because they have to change the way they do business. colleen raft owns a medium sized gift shop. her store may not survive this change. >> financially i couldn't afford it that's like putting me on the same level playing field with large corporations who have multiple locations and in-house legal and in-house accounting firms. >> reporter: but the court disagrees. justice anthony kennedy writing, thereot isng unfair about reqring
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companies to bear an equal share of the burden of tax collection. if you sho at major online retailers like amazon, you're already payi online sales tax nationwide, but if you buy from a small, individual seller, you probably won't pay mo . that's because the court ruled in favor of a south dakota law at does not require online sales tax to be charged if the retailer sells less than $100,000 worthf products a year. ultimately this decision could mean you p more the next time you shop online, but it will also mean a big payday fortate governments. the court says states could recoup up to $33 billion in lost sales tax every year. jo ling kent, nbc news. let's take a turn back to the border now in south texas, a ate of emergency, a flash flood disaster forced people from their homes a sewhere across the country. torrential rain. ann tho has all the latest. >> reporter: sunk into
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today's flash floods, unashing a tide of emotion. >> you work so hard for what you have and >> reporter: rainfalling in astounding two to three inches of hour. tting your most precious belongings into the kr. an army of one ng rescuing sts. >> we wanted to make sure we could go through the neighborods and help as many people as we could. >> reporter: while the texas national guard airlifts people to safety. everyone and everything desperate for a dry spot. 1,700 miles to the north and east near pittsburgh. >> this is the charlie stop. >> reporter: another storm system inundating bethel park. >> there's gs a r. >> reporter: powerful floods with tragic nsequences. 64-year-old wendy abbott killed when the water swept her away. while in montana two chinook helicopters rescued campers stranded by washed out roads. back in stexas, a brutal heat wave wil follow the rains.
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tomorrow forecasters say it will feelike 108 degrees. unbearable conditions to recover from a disastrous flood. ann thompson, nbc news. there's late word tonight, the author conservative charles edkrauthammer has "the washington post" where he wrote a column for decades tonight called him an intellectual pro-voc tour. he was also a famiar presence on fox news. he was paralyzed below the neck in a diving accident. he disclosed publiclyst eeks ago a terminal cancer dying know significance. he was years old. we'll take a short break. the new fbi warning, sexual assault aboard planes are soaring. what to wch out for and how to protect yourself when you fly. also, its summertime and the box office wars areat ing up. the largest movie theater chain unveiling a
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tonight the fbi is ut what it calls an alarming increase in sexual assault cases passenger planes, a federal crime because many passenger are reluctant to file a report, the real number of assaults could be much higher. here's tom costello. >> reporter: it happened on a red eye from lax to chicago. dana la rue fell asleep, then awoke as a fellow passenger was assaulting hers. >> one of his hands was feeling around toward my chest and moving around toward the belt and the other one was high on the inner thigh. >> reporter: she's part of an alarming trends. from 2014 to 2017, the number of federal sexual assault investigations jumped 66 but investigators say many cases go anreported because victim reluctant to speak up on a plane. >> many of theictims are seated in middle or window seats, are covered by a blaet or jacket and often
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times are asleep. >> reporter: the fbi says it happens most often on overnight flights, sometimes the victim has taken a sleeping pill. one in five flights attendants reports being aware of an assault even assaulted themselves. sarah nelson was attacked while flying as a passenger asleep at the window. >> this person who was attacking me was right there over me. t i was afraid t if i spoke up right then it was going to cause the attack to become more violent. >> reporter: police say alcohol is often a factor. now a new fbi public awareness campaign urging victims and witnesses to immediately push the call button for help and call for police on the ground if passengers deplane before police arrive, ery can be difficult to apprehend a suspect or find witnesses. tom costlo, nbc news, washington. >> take another break here. when we come back, making hisry the world leader celebrating something that hasn't happened in decades. and the headline tonight about
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some sad news to tell you about tonight. koko the gorilla who amazed the world by mastering sign language has died in california. she was 46 years old. beloved by millions, koko had a vo care layer of a thousand words and was known at for her gre affection for kittens. she was a big star paling around with celebrities like robin williams, mr. rogers and deowe in regardo dicaprio. it's a girl. she's just the second elected world leader to give while holding office. she plans to take six weeks of maternity urleave before rning to work of the in the meantime, t deputy prime minister has taken over. still no word on the baby's na>>. and with summer blockbuster season in high gear the nation's ie largest mov chain amc is launching a service that let's you s ae three mov
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no question about it. talk to your doctor about chantix. finally this finally this ening, our spotlight shining tonight on the kmur magic that makes ha movies bigger life. 25 years ago a film called jurassic park" dinosaurs were brought to life now as the latest installment of the franchise is about to premier i visited one of the old sets to
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meet the man who helped take motion pictures to another age. >> welcome to jurassic park. >> reporter: 25 years ago, they roared to life terrifying movie goers while also leavg them in awe. when you think of where you were 25 years ago, the latest film, can you describe the technological leaps that have occurred in tha quarter central? >> things are faster, better and look more realtic. >> reporter: dennis meren is the king of special effects. he's won nine academy awards for his work. how did hollywood react to this technology and seeing the way you made these dinosaurs come to life? >> when the movie came out, they went crazy. >> reporter: that technology cgi, computer generated imagery. did you have to sell the concept to the producers? >> we had to prove to could do it. e
7:28 pm
we tested for about four months or so. steven saw it, everyone saw it and said this is it. we got to do it this way. it was going to be stop motion animation which you saw in the old king kong. >> reporter: we go to films now, we don't know what's real and bohat's not how do you feel the way cgi is usedrently now? >> it's as big as your imagination can be and for storytellers, directors and writers, it's got to be an exciting thing. sthey couldtart telling stories better than before. >> reporter: somebody says it's almost a big a change as when you ded audio. >> yeah. >> reporter: it's now a billion dollars franchise, five feature helms, park rides, toys and more. it's still around 25 years later is that, originally steven spielburg made a great movie with great characters and great visuals that took you to another place. even then it looked pretty well.
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i jurassic par produced by universal pictures part of the nbc family. we appreciate you spending partf your evening with us. that is nightly news for this thursday night. i'm lesr holt and for all of us here, thank you for watching
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lights, camera, "access." a $650 million fortune gonement johnny depp's no holds barred interview where he details how he lost it


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