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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  June 22, 2018 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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>> the radar is not really what we want to see as we start our friday. it is going to be wet as you head outside. i think we're used to it right now. i'm eun yang. >> last week it seems a long way. boy, i'm chris lawrence in for aaron this morning. melissa is watching the roads. >> we begin with storm team 4is meteorol chuck bell. >> maybe it's me. i was out of town last weekend for the one dry weekend in the last two months.t if you w nice next weekend, send me a plane ticket. i'll go anywhere. right now we are watching theo moderate heavy rain down across parts of central virginia. come towards the d.c. metro area. just know this is going to be quite a bit of rain now across much of culpepper, warrenton,fr ericksburg and stafford. all getting the heavy rain right
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now. heit's come straight upi-95 corridor. temperatures not going to budge much. low to mid 70s now with the eady rain moving in. that will be it for temperatures today. rainy weather start t finish. we're not going to stay in the upper 60s and low s70 for most of the day. high temperature for today, 78 degrees. that's already in the rearview mirror. melissa, how is traffic on a friday? >> good mornine a cou problems here right now, but nothing too major. in the district southern avenuet near 23rd sthere southeast, lanes blocked for police activity. silver springm in has cleared. a fatal crash investigation involving a pedestrian.
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can you see no big delays there. outbound, same situation. eun. >> melissa, thank you. now to the crisis at the u.s. southern border. hit-or-miss republicans are pushing back on a ve on immigration reform. this comes as confusion grows overow to reunite families who already have been separated. first lady melania trump made a surprise visit to rde boer yesterday, but this morning people are still talking about what she was wearing. she boarded the jacket with the phrase't i d care, do you on the back. social media exploded. president trump responded to the criticism on twitter saying, the phrase refers to the fake news media. melania has learned how dishonest they are, and she truly no longer cares." reaction and what's holding up that vote in congress coming up at 4:45. now to disturbing story out of calvert county where a woman was mauled to death by her fiance's dog. someone driving down highway 4
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in huntington, awmaryland,he dog attacking the woman and called 91 1. when the maryland state troer arrived, the dog was still attacking the woman. when it started moving towards the trooper, he shot and wounded the animal and immediately tried to help theimvict. when additional troopers arrived, one of them killed the dog. new this morning, a shutdowno a proposal change the rules for outdoor shooting in loudoun county failed to get any traction. is the review comes in the wake much an incident. no one was charged, in part, because the range was lawful. outdoor gunfire is allowt' as long as 100 yards away from any occupied structure such as homes, but some supervisors think with so much growth into these areashat used to be very rural, that safety zone may need
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dy be expanded. the s group will report back in december with some suggestions. 4:34. we start wit o an update this townhouse fire in gaithersburg. it happened early yesterd morning. montgomery county firey officis propane tank fueled that fire because the exact cause has not been determined. officials also tell news 4 that the residents' closed bedroom door may have saved their lives. lee boyd malveaux, the ruling denies an appeal by prosecutors w t sayhey complied with supreme court rules and mandatory life without parole for juveniles. he was 17 when he andris men john allen mohammedze terro our region. ten people in virginia, maryland, and d.c. were kled during this sniper shootings back in 2002. a $20 million project designed to make an impact on
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communities in prince george's county is complete. two years ago the first haptist churd a groundbreaking ceremony, and on saturday they will have a ribbon cutting. it is to celebrate the completei life center. coming up in oure' 5:00 hour w give you a live sneak peek at the new facility.s i now 4:35. reaction this morning to a news 4 i-team investigation, which revealed hundreds of d.c. public schooler teas are not mcensed. scotcfarland broke the story and hasmore. the chairman of the d.c. council education committee says he is frustrated. d.c. schoolso are failing follow rules and regulations. our investigation found one at every four d.c. public school teachers is unlicensed, including some veteran instructures, even members of the elite chaerellors tea cabinet. child safety advocates and a member of the d.c. state board ofducation sayhis is a safety risk. only licensed teachers are tracked by t national nasdtec
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teactars se. to prevent them from crossing state lines and finding new jobs.'s d.eputy mayor for education says the school system is nonetheless hiring strong candidates. >> d.c. for many years has been a leade in teacher preparations, developments. often looked to for a very high bar that we set. d.c. public schools sets rigorous interview process as they hire teachers and school -- >> it does run background checks, and in response to our investigation, the school said starting in septemberlyll n hired teachers must have at least applied for a license fore starting work. scott mcfarland, news 4 i-team. it is 4:36 now. coming up, he is the newest addition to the wiz aerds, but today you're going to be hearing a lot about what he was wearing when he was picked. we'll show you why. >> first, packages tossed trash.
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video of a local delivery driver going viral. look at r that. e way he handled o
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save the dinosaurs from an island that's about to explode. ou what c go wrong?
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[ roar ] >> that is not the kind of service people are expecting when they order something on-line. he didn't even get out of the truck. he says there was nothing breakable in that package, but it's the principle is what the homeowner is what is complaining >>about here. e reached out to fedex about that video. they said in a statement, "the behavior picted in that video is unacceptable and inconsistent with the professionalism fedex ground service providers demonstrate every day." the homeowner says he does want fedex to talk th the workers about how they're handling some of the boxes, but he doesn't
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wantos this guy tohis job. >> he says the man could have been having a bad day and a rush, and everyone deserves a job. most delivery people, at least inhoy neighb, in my experience, go above and beyond. packages know, put the to the side. you know, i fee like one person -- >> i feel like every day i'm getting boxed. >> is just your wife. uh-huh. chris? >> yeah. it's my >> uh-huh. >> i don't have access to that >> right. it's 4:41. construction is officially a underwthe new marriott headquarters and flagship hotel. construction was kicked off yesterday.>> take a look at this map. the new headquarters is going to ue located right here along wisconsin av that's right near the bethesda metro station. marriott says the new location will give its employees better access to publican t, restaurants, and stores. construction should be wrapped up by the year 2022.
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good morning, everybody. already raining across muchhe o no virginia, and if you are beach bound for the weekend, ocean city to rajovas, fenway island, just know this. it's going to be a b of a struggle thunderstorms likely later in the day. if you are staying down there, sunday looks simpl amazing. safe travels over the bridge and back. zpleenchts the cast of real
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our hillshire farm craftsmen start the day slow-roasting turkey for incredible flavor. then, they double seal every slice for freshnes the results, well, they speak for themselves.
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first lady melania trump travelled to the texas manufacture mexico border to to see wla being done for children caught down in the crackdown. she visited a children's shelter with 65 kidsre beingheld. six of them were separated from eir parents under the no tolerance policy.
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>> how do we treat them to be with their families as quickly as possible. >> her visit wut not w controversy. the fist lady left washington wearing a jact that read "i really don't care, do you?" that was on the back. blowback on social media was immediate. back here in washington republans are delaying a vote to address the immigration crisis. >> news 4 susan mcginnis is following the latest on capitol hill. susan, do we have any idea why this vote is getting pushed back? >> ihad, good morning. well, basically because they couldn't pass. we have ptests around the country continuing over the current immigration policy. we have some families now being reunited. here an capitol hill we ha struggle to pass immigration reform. one thursday one v overwhelmingly failed. it did not have the support. it wasn't expected. it was very predictable that it was going to. fa
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second vote postponed until next week as republicans think they can take the weekend toigure out their differences, come up with an immigration plan that has the best chance of passing. summer is optimistic, but many ally believe there is n chance going to get enough republican support. the president is blaming the democrats for being obstructionist saying they don't care about the kids. families, meanwhile, are waiting. siere will be more remarks this afternoon by pnt trump. he is going to be joined by those so-called angel families who have lost lovednes killed by undocumented immigrants. back to you, guys. >> all susan mcginnis on capitol hill. thank you, susan. just in to the newsroom. an emotional reunion for a mother and child separated at the border. and he sher and 7-year-old ton were reunited in baltimore. the pair was separated when they crossed into arizona last month after a long journey from
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guatemala to seek asylum. 14e6s released from custody, and four days later she did not have her son back. she sued to fd out where he was. their asylum is still being decided. it will bewn k as an ashante alert. a bill will be signed into law related to critically missing adults. the measure is named for ashanti where she was abducted and murdered. it creates a notification system for adults who are thought to have bn abducted and their isappearance poses a health to their safety. a man has been charnlged in her death. >> a natural progression from the amber alert. a man who killed his 2-year-old daughter and her mother will spend the rirs of hisife in prison. he was stenned to life in prison
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without parole. he confeed to shooting ashanti davidson in the back while she was strapping her daughter chloe into a car seat, and then shooting the little girl twice in the head. the murders happened two years ago in fort washington. he was convicted back in april. the man accused of killing his pregnant girlfriend will be in court today. tyler has a motion hearing. prosecutors say he shot laura wallen last year because he was life.g a double wallen was expecting their first child together. she was reported missing after not showing up for the first d of school alwild lake high school in howard county. her body was later fou in a shallow grave in damascus. he denies he had anything to dor with murder. developing this morning, a mystery illness has sen dozens of summer campers to florida hospitals. most of the 33 children and three adults are showing symptoms of nausea. this is new video from the clover leaf 4-h camp in lake placid in central florida
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directly east ofsa sota. >> it's still not clear what made everyone sick, but emergency crews say none of the 60lnesses are all that serious. at least other kids in the camp are okay not showing any symptoms at all. people spent the night protesting the shooting death oe antoine the unarmed 17-year-old was shot and killed by police officers this week in pittsburgh. right now traffic is slowing again after protesters took over the parkway ewat hi you can see that here on your screen. according to our nbc affiliate there, at least one woman was arrest. a real housewife's husband is being deported. joe igiudice married to teresa, one of the stars of the real housewives of jersey. he is currently servi a 41-month sentence in federal
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prison on bankruptcy fraud charges. cials say proceedings have started to deport him back to his native italy. teresa finished her 15-month 2015.nce in just three days -- the deal is reportedly for five years a pays $4 millioner season. trotz walked away from the caps after he and management could not agree on money. heoached the caps for four years, and as we all know, led the team to a stanleycup. >> his base salary here was $1.5 mie.ion. big ra big raise. >> that's what he was looking for. the wizards, meanwhile, have a lbo to be excited this morning. you're going to be hearing the name troy brown jr. today. >> he was the wizard's fst astnd pick in the nba draft night. heon ily 18. he is 6'7". he really showed off his 6'10" wing span during his one year at
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oregon. >> with e 15 th pick for the 2018 nba draft, the washington wizards select troy -- [ cheering ] >> hey. >> look at the wing span on that. >> that was the happy raeksz after finding out he had been pi ed. the vegas knights jersey. hmm? he is from vegas, so we give him a pass. we're going to hopefully get him rocking the red and rooting for d.c. in no time. i kw he wasn' there in the green rom, but you never know who is going to pick you. >> 18 years old. what does that salary look isli? >>ife is going to change forever. 6'10" wing span? i would like to know what that's like to live in that kind of height for a day. >> he could hug around you
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twice. >> i can barely reach the top cabinet in my house. >> what we need to- get he is used to rainy weekends. he played for oregon. welcome to where, unfortunately, it's another soaker of a friday. mostly cloudy skies over washnigton. not r here just yet. the rain is not far away, and once it moves in, it is going to be a steady rain for your friday morning commute. you have to go to work. eady for that. here you can see a couple of rumbles of thunder. down to our south. there are pockets of moderate rain n across parts of central and northern virginia. heaviest of the rain now moving into culpepperun , southern -- manassas. the rain has moved in on you already. stern half of fairfax county to dulles airport. the rape is just now beginning. heavy rain along i-95 from about the prince willi county parkway past qauntico, stafford, and fredericksburg. be eready. steady rain is coming inside
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the beltway here shortly. eventually it will be overrunning all of prince george's and montgomery county as well. heaviest have the rain, unfortunately, between about 6:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. this morninta so an ugly to the day today. the rain will ease up a little bit around lunchtime, but a little daytime heating, and i do think more rounds of showers are likely for the seconds half of the afternoon and evening. it probably will be raining when .ou start out your day tomorrow as we your saturday will not be a complete wash-out. temperatures are in the low 70s now. have highs today only in the low to mid 70s. about 75 85 tomorrow. chance for rain early and somed thtorms in the afternoon and evening tomorrow. again, there should be at least a couple of dry hours. 85 tomorrow. near 90it on sunday no more than an isolated shower. sunday will be the hotter more mid, and the dryer half of the weekend. re,ly nice weather moves f course, just in time for monday, tuesday, and wednesday. let's go over to first 4 traffic nowee and how melissa.
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>> good righ first 4 traffic beltway is looking pretty good. northbound 295 at pennsylvania avenue and southeast, vedisable cle there on the left side, and in alexandria, memor street near route one. well h reported there as this morning. wanted to mention those two things. in the district southern avenue near 23rd s ieet there southeast, we still have lanes blocked there because have police activity. going to be something that we've just been telling you we'll have to dealith for the morning commute. if you are planning a summer get-away, you're want alone. the itsa sayss preparing for a record breaking summer travel season. they project more than 240 million passengers will go through security checkpoints nationwide by labor day. that's a lot of passengers. >> i know. hopefully the weatherve imp a little bit as the summer goes on. >> well, today is a special daye it is tour dog to work day. we should have brought our
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pooches. >>. i kn hard to get those guys up at 2:30 in the morning. pet sitters international says at least 20% of workers will celebrate today by pooch to the office. here's a look at the few of the new dogs. a new study also pro power of a pet-friendly work environment. only a small percentage of employers actually allow pets at work. got a lotthf issues e, obviously, with allergies and other things like that. >> chu is crazy enough to have two dogs now. >> i know. we're watchingt right now. right next to my little pepito right there. >> he is the only one who likes me in my house right now. >> there's no way i wouldt have y dog up at 2:30. he was dead asleep when i walked out the coming up at 5:00 we're getting a look at how several workers escaped a fiery crashhe with lives. more coming up. zplierc plus, the family roseanne is getting ready for yet another comeback. theetwork hoping to save the
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show, but not the star. the latest on the decision is just ahead on news 4 today.
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government is making plans to househousands more children as congress stalls in finding a solution to themmigration crisis. police opened fire aa dog that attacked a womanur in area. now the woman and the dog are dead. at citiesr all ove the country bepds over backwards to attract amazon's second headquarters, some people in
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arlington met to discuss ways to keep the company away. good morning, everyone. thanks for joining us on this friday. i'm eun yang. >> i'm chris lawrence in for aaron this urning. a lot early risers waking up to a pretty soggy friday. >> that means wet roaor your drive to work, which can cause problems as we know. melissa will have a look at trfic inust a moment. first, storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell has a gloomy start for the weekend. at least it's friday, >> it is friday. no matter what the forecast is, it will be friday, and if you got the weekend off, it'ot going to be a total wash jourt out o highest rain chances come on saturday. sunday it's all about heat and humidity.ur riday morning is all about the rain. not raining here inside the beltway too much just yet, but look at all the bright colors of the moderate rainow from culpepper and warrenton over tos frederrg, stafford, qauntico. this is all coming up the i-95


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