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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  June 22, 2018 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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good morning to you. i'm eun yang. thanks f joining us. >> yeah. friday. we finally made it. i'm chris lawrence inor aaro a lot of us waking up to a pretty soggy friday, but that's not stoing itrom some barbecue in the morning. take a look at that pit mas others will not be stopped by a few drops. famous dave's grillingfrp in t of our building in northwest d.c. >> that's the thing. we could eat that at 6.m. for the people who wake up at the hours we do, right? the food looks better than the skies do. skies are gray, and soon it will be raining across most of the dmv. heaviest of the rain now is from about warrenton to v opalginia
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and staph order and fredericksburg and down towards the northern neck. that is coming straight up i-95 and moving into the city. just in time for me to go outside. it's when the rain is going to move in. heavy rain, localized flooding between madison and green county. we'll taper back to just showers later in the day. no sunshine o your friday. we're in the upper 60s and low 70s now. that's it. at's where we're going to be the rest of the day today with the rainshowers in and out. more about the weekend forecast and the forecast with the barbecue battle coming up. chopper 4 headed to the top of the beltway. d andng good northbo southbound and top have the beltway. no major problems there either right now. we are starting to see some rain move in through thearea, though. take a look here.
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all of that green, the radar over our map showing you where we're starting to see a little bit ofha rain. brandywine southbound branch at moores. crash on the shoulder. remember in southeast southern avenue there at 23rd street lanes blocked. police activity. eun. a change of plans on capitol hill. house lawmakershe p back a vote on imgra igs reform. republicans leading the negotiations say two issues need to be worked out. one, requiring employers to -- two, making it easier to attain agricultural erwo the cries at the border is shifting focus. confusion is growing over how to reunite parents and children after president trump's executive order to stopam separatingies when they come to the u.s.
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more than 200 are being held in facilities across the country. melan trump thanked workers and said she wants families to be reunited as quickly as possible. >> but mrs. trump's message has been overshadowed by of all she boarded the plane wearing a jacket with the phrase i really don't care, do you on the bah being. sober media exploded with critics calling the first lady tone deaf. president trump says the phrase was a shot at the media. he tweeted that his wife has skord howtdishon they are and no longer cares. thfirstlady's communications director nelled a response saying"it's a jacket there was no hidden message." the late night shows pounced
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at the opportunity to poke fun at first lady's jacket. >> just take a look at what we >> the white house confirmed it was this coat that says i really don't care. do you. dy really knows what it whans or if it means anything at all. mee, president trump was going through his closet, like, where is the hell isat any where is it? >> wow. fat's what they settled on? what was herst choice? a jacket that sayswomp, womp. ? >> you're going hear aor lot discussion on that jacket in about an hour on the "today" show. > time magazine's new cover is getting national attention for this striking image. take a look. it shows president trump looking down on the image of a little girl who has become the most visible symbol of the crisis at the border. the photo was taken last week by john moore, p atographer for getty images.
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he saw the distraught two 2-year-old as she andweer mother detained by border patrol agents. the caption reads welcome to america. we want to up-to-date on a disturbing story out of calvert county where a woman was mauled to death by her fiance's dog. still driving down highway 4 in ntingtown, maryland. when the maryland state trooper arrived, the dog was attacking the woman. when it started moving towards wubed oper, he shot a the animal. immediately he tried to help the victim. when an additional trooper arrived, one of them killed the dog. >> i can't believe it. like i said, i have never seen him to even be aggressive. nothing. >> the neighbor says the dog was a dogo, which looks somewhat similar to this image. the dog's owner say corrections officer for prince george's county training with the canine it. here's what we didn't see during that massive backup just a couple of days ago. take a look at this video.
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that egg nighted a dangerous fi and trapped the workers under the bridge. the truck and driver died, but all of t workers and they're okay. the wilson bridge had to be closedown for hours, and that resulted in massive gridlock that lasted half ay. 6:0e of is your time now. we want an update on the breaking news we bro yesterday. montgomery county fire officials say a propane tankueled a townhouse fire in gaitersburg. take a look. here's a video from chopper 4. fire officials say the cple who survived by jumping from their second b floorroomooray h their lives. the exact cause of the fire has not yet been determined, but tfter battling this fire for
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hours fighters woor to door in the neighborhood to check smoke detectors. news 4 spoke with one couple who says it was a priority for them. s> montgomery county fire and rescue service offree smoke alarm installation and safety checkso resident he was run over, abducted, held for ransom, and then murdered. d.c. police say theyes ad wucht men responsible for this brutal crime. court documentshow andre simmons' amily paid about $7,000 in ransom. investigators say darren moore -- he was arrestedft wednesday he barricade himself inside a home in buoy. no word yet o this second suspect.
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if you shop at major on-line retailers, zuch as amazon, you're already paying on-line sales tax. medium sized businessesre expected to be hit the hardest. >> about 50 residents heholdled ld a town hall meeting to talk about their op skbli blsh they say there's alrea enough construction and traffic in the tech giant willwe , still make things worse. >> i prefer that they go elsewhere. we don't need it. there's just so much more development that keeps popping up, like, every month. >> others say they done mind being the next headquarters as lo as amazo pays its fair share of taxes. local leaders say luring hq2
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would bring 50,000 jobs and billions of dollars in revenue. it's 6:0 8. a first of it's kind fitness and health facility is now complete in prince george's county where. >> a ribbon cutting and dedication ceremony will be tomorrow. a new family live center in uppermarlboro. nicole jacobs is live now with why this new facility is pretty unique. nicole. >> it is unique, and just the sound of it makes you want to go work out. right? i want to bring in first lady of fist baptist church treena jenkins, who is the dcht hdf this facility as well as david leonard, who is the director o the family life center, where.
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>> there will be wonderful programs for families where we can sta healthy and whole, and so that's why this is so, so he important. >> absolutely. absolutely. for the youth. for the niors. they'l be programs for everyone during the eday. weeally excited about this. we want the community to be healthy. autowe have pramds for school age skids up to our seniors for s.ter school programs. we have tourname we'll have open gym. you can come in and play basketball and fitness classes. people can come in and get healthy.
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no rain blsh no rain. our community leaders will be here. some of our elected officials will be here. they're all so excited about this family center. >> they're very excited as well. chris and eun, back to you, as they get ready to kick off this event for tomorrow morning. >> the pope and hisear tumble. good morning. we're outside on the front lawn, cue going g've got the bar and the sauce mops at the ready. we're going to be tasting somus of the delicmelling barbecue from famous dave's
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coming up in a obit. to bad it's not smell-o-vision. universal circu is in town. we're under the big top at national harbor with the universedo soul g. we're going to tell you up next cw you can really help children in foster care ing to the circus. stay with . us for years it was your dream ouse.
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now it's . ♪ it's where your family feels ready to take on anything.
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>> welcome back at 6:15. you think of the circus,ingthou k of a lot of fup and more fun. the universal cirqueus has allt and a good message. >> you can give back at the same time.sf
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o kids are cheering in the background for the soul circus dog. there's a special show of the kids lives matterjuhow coming up 1st, 6:30 p.m. and part of the proceeds from that shoil w benefit children in d.c.os fr care. i want to bring in the ring master. ring master lucky. >> that's what we d when we get to every community, we try best to reach out to the communities. this sw is all about the community because it belongs to the people. it's the show fore the peoplnd that's exactly what we do your honor the big top. we bring in everybodyavogether to a good time.
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especially on july 1st. then it's kids looufz matter. we're just going to have fun der the big top. >> there's a scial reason why we have on these ruffles. i'm going to be serving as guest master with you on that special show. >> that is correct. also, we want to thank mcdonald's for bringing -- >> and the national harbor and everybody else here. we are just excited about the children who will benefit from that july 1st performance. we're going to tal to casa d.c. about that later on ithe show. look at these kids. look at everybody here. excited about helping with this worthy cause under the big top this morning. back in to you guys. >> love the poochies. aabl adorable. molette, how awesome. can't wait to see you serving as
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the ring master for universal. c vel. >> a trapeze there with her name on it. >> wait a minute. >> don't start it, chris. >> no, no, no. >> 6:18. another sighting of that poifbous plant in virginia this time inal andria. >> boy, it's called hogweed, and it can cause severe burns. evenblindness. take a look at this picture. it was fnd at the -- nestled between two buildings. crews dug it up and removed it last night. remember just last week virginia tech finds it identified in clark county. >> it's cool something so rare is in the -- >> it's really not clear how this plant ended up in virginia.
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>> it seems the pope did not realize there was an extra step on the platform. the pope was not hurt. he continued with the procession out of the arena. he looked fine. so glad it wasn't a serious ina ry. takok outside. i guess the raindrops finally starting to fall this morning. right? >> just in time for m to go spend some quality time with the barbecue. rein has moved in in northwest washington. it's been raining steadily across much ofvi inia. all morning long. that's going to continue. for our frinds and neighbors, it's not raining at your house yet. mid to upper 60s through the shenando valley in northern maryland. low 70s across most of northern virginia.
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as are you planning or day today, plan on rain and maybe a rumble or two of thunder. theeal issue will be steady, heavy rain here for the next two or three hours. there's the leading edge of the heavy rain comg right into the d.c. metro area now. it will be a wet ride on of 6 and 95 thork. it is come in towards the city. there you can see moderate to heavy rain through the friday morning commute. it will taper off a little bit around lunchtime. then we'll go back to just showery weather for the rest of your afternoonen and g. it will be a cool and rainy day today. hot and humid coming up on your subpoenaed. 70s with the rain today. mid 80s tomorrow. a couple of opportunities for rain, but se dry hours there as well on your saturday.
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perform you can see we still have a little bift a slowdown there. outer loop after 450 because of that crash on the left side of the roadway. we do hav help there on the way. or help there, i should say, but it is still slow. outer loop ere. taking a look at the rest of the beltway, it looks okay. overall as far as travel times. all of this green, the radar over the road shong you that it is raining almost on the entire beltway at this point. starting in virginia, 66 looking dood.. 95 northbou qauntico to the beltway. no 270 southbound, and the top of the beltway, looking quite gook good. sten to wtop 103.5 fm when you hop in your car. eun. some children who can't even drive yet are edging into the business world. see how i they mad and who is
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zpliencht how young would you say is too young to startpl ning your own business sf. >> well, apparently you can start doing it in first grade. >> there's a group of young entrepreneurs getting a head start from a local business community. adam tuss is in northern virginia with that story. sfwhoo the excitement on their faces is palpable. >> we which clean the house and -- >> their ambition through the roof. >> i like to, so i decided that i wanted to start a business. zoo kids from 6 to 16 years old ady to make a splash in the business community. >> became addicted mowing lawns
6:26 am
over time, so i just s mrted to ru own business. >> even selling used leggos with a little guidance from the parents. >> my mom came to me and is, like, you got to red of all these legos where. >> these kids arearof the yuj entrepreneur business fair in gainesville. >> it's like the saw a opportunity and went forit . >> dan ratner, part of the gainomville businessnity that's mentoring these kids helping them to achieve their dreams. >> it's good to see this type of energy behind fitness and entrepreneurship. >> this business fair will be held at club eclipse and some sharp young minds are ready to meet you. gainesville, adam tuss, news 4. good morning, everybody. wakeup weather time.
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>> we'll be back in a second with a 'tis of all the goodies. >> an emotional reunion and hope for families separatedcr after sing the border. how a mother and son will re
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narrator: david blair is the un-trump. 100% pro-choice rating from naral. endorsed by th washington post - "the best chance of injecting a dose of tality into a county that badly needs it." in business, he exposed drug company kickbacks. mp nurse susan: david'any saved customers over $9 billion. ployees: david was a very progressive ceo. we had paid mty leave. job creator. progressive. pro-choice. an eagerness to listen, a passion for innovation.
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david blair for montgomery county executive.
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zbloinch a look at the radar. it's not what we typically want to see as we start our friday. it is going to be wet as you head outside. good morning, everyone. i'm eun yang. >> i'm chris lawrencen for aaron this morning. chuck is outside braving the elements. he has a few friends along with him. ut we're going to head o to the weather deck before we check in with melissa with a look at your first 4 traffic. how is that barbecue coming along? >> oh, it's good. these are the burnt ends off the tip of the bris kit.
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wel be here before thehow is over. right now, though, to get your friday morning started weather-wise, oh, it's raining now across all of fairfax, loudoun, prince william counties, stafford and fredericksburg. those raindrops have just now moved in to northwest washington. heaviest and steadiest of the rain between nownd lufrm time. tapering just back to occasional to likely showers. that sounds somewhat unfair. ok outer loop. chopper 4 showing you this delay here because of this crash on e left side of the roadway. as chopper zooms out, you can see that slowdown there outer
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loop there at 450. allow a little bit of extra time.s thero really issue in the road. >> we have rain and radar over our roads for you. s 39thbound there at duke street have just one lane getting by that csh here this morning. that is slow.ew nideo this morning of a emotional reunion for a mother and her son. they were reunited in baltimore ernight. the pair were separated when they crossed into arizona last month. th f family camm guatemala to seek asylum. she was released from custody last week.
6:33 am
four days later she still did not have hern, so she sued to find out where he eywas. l return to texas where asul imis still being decided. a senior dhs official tells nbc news 500 childrenn have now b reunited with their parents since may. >> senators mark warner and tim kaine sent a letter to the u.s. office of refugee resettment demanding some answers. f there is growing confusion aboutilies that have already been separated and will be reunited. first lady mania trump made a surprise visit morning, but this
6:34 am
morning peoe are still talking about what she was wearing. we'll explain why and what's holding up that vote in congress coming up at 6:45. the virginia department of transportation is widing a oject on thursday. another travel lane on the eastbound side of thest inte between the dual esconnector road and faiutax. that's a four-mile stretch. virginia's governor helms find criticallyul missing . ashanti alerts will be a notification system. they're named for ashanti billy, a native of prince george's county that was kidnapped from a nasal base and killed last year. barry ztrot is heading to new york. the coach who led the caps to their first ever stanley cup ill now lead the new york islanders. the deal is reportedly for five years at $4 million per season.
6:35 am
our investigation found one of every four d.c. public school teachers is unlicensed, including some veteran instrurks structures, even members of the elite chancellor's teachers cabinet. the child safety aeocate and oard of education say this is a safety risk. only licensed teachers are tracked by the national nasdaqa teher data bars, which flags teachers who engage in . miscondu to prevent them from crossing state lines and finding new jobs.
6:36 am
>> they often look to a high bar that we set. >> d.c. public schools sets rigorous interview process as they hire teachers and school leaders across the system. >> the school district says it does run background cleks, and in response to our vefgts, the starting in september all newly hired teachers must have at least applied for a license before starting work. scott mcfarland, news 4 i-team. this is your time now. coming up,e is the newest addition to the wizards. b but today you'll hearing about what he was wearing when he was picked. woil show you why. how boig a ticket to the circus could help children in boster care. we'll tell you that from we'll tell you that from under the big top as then
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alous -- youngest nof the naacp.dent endorsed by maryland teachers because he'll fully fund our schools. endorsed by cae nurses for his me for all plan. now jealous is endorsed by the baltimore sun, saying, "in his leadership, mr. jealous excels. ta has the stature and gra to be a leader that marylanders turn to in difficult times." maryland, it's time for bold victories and new leadership. ben jealous. governor. aruna milike i belongeder in americae feel when i didn't speak english. the minimum wage jobs that helped me get through college and become a transportation engineer. and my daughters who make me proud every day. i'm aruna miller, and i have a lot of reasons to give back. it's why in the legislature, i helped write dozens of laws to protect every maryland family.i' running for congress and i approved this message
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>> kids lives matter. simple. it's one the universal ccus is pushing on their latest top in town. you and your family can have fun your honor the big stop. >> n 4's molette green is live at national harbor working for you with details on how your trip to the show can help. this isfun, molette. >> oh, it is. this crowd is wowed right now by this trapeze act. this is the teeter board act from mongolia. the kids lives matter show is coming up on july 1st. that is a show where you buy a ticket, and part of the money from your ticket goes to help children inar foster i'm going to bring in d.c., the casa d.c. group and also the ring masterlucky. brittany, hi, brittany. tell us how the money will help children in foster care. >> we have a lot of k in
6:41 am
foster care right now. this money is oing to go towards training our volunteers to help advocate for our youth. this is a scare why i time for them where. >> children are bang wishing in foster care, and this is the ring master. >> how are you doing? >> we are ready. i'm going to guest ring mast master on that day where. >> are you ready to be a gas ring master where? >> i have on my ruffled. >> with h w , like, 16 changes for show.ab >> we'll talk t that. kids lives matter. there's a link on our website for you to get more information as we go back to the trapeze act. >> you are going to need a lot ofoutfit changes. 16? >> i know. there's a likelihood of rain
6:42 am
today and stormsate in the day tomorrow, but still worth the trip over the bridge and down to the beach. sunday looks lik a great to be outside in the sun. don't forget your spf. plus, some slowwns on the beltway. a couple of problems around town. we'll talk about all of that and your travel tis coming i'll take that. hey, l'eggo my eggo. i don't see your name on it. know the rules. ke your eggo. l'eggo my eggo. okay.
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that's what the washington post vo: "callsrous." the tacks on david blair. that's what the washington post it's dirty politics. the washington post endorses blair for montgomery county executive. "an energy and passion for innovation." blair is "the best chance of injecting a dose of vitality in a county that badly needs it." david: we can invest more in our schools, expand pre-k and improve transpord tion can do it without more taxes when we create jobs. that's the change we need. vo: david blair. when we create jobs. y democrat for montgomerunty executive. endorsed by the washington post.
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we have breaking news. the associated press is reporting that north and south korea have agreed to hold r reunions for war-separated families. >> this is a huge, huge move. it's expected to happen from the 20th of august throughhe 26th. these will be the first reunions in years for families who are sprayed by the korean war. now to the immigration isis at the u.s.border. a lot of people still taloung t this. take a look. the jacket that first lady melania trump wore on her way to the border yesterday. mrs. trump made a surprise visit to mee children separated from
6:46 am
th tsarreren border. it says i don't krael really you? >> republicans delay a vote on immigration nbc peter alex abandoner is at the white house following the latest. what do you hear? eun, good morning to you. more chaos. more confusion this morning as the trump administration continues to try to roll back that widely rejected policy separating those children fromr thparents. 500 of the children have been reunited since may. the pentagon has now bee tasked to draw up plans to house up to 20,000 more migrant children on military bases. that could begin as early as yul. next month. the first lady is due -- fresh off the unannounced trip. shefts visitinra ai tem
6:47 am
shelter there. mrs. trump deploying herself as the secretary of compassion. her husband, on the other hand, back here at the white whouse. host ag cabinet meeting where he invited democrats and then he called them extremists and obstructionists, among other during that visit yesterday, he played out some of this back and forth that's now erupted over the jacket she was wearing. we'll have the lest on that whether there was some hidden message. thte house, the president says there was. the first lady's office says there s not. back to you. >> you can hear more reporting and that crisis on the border coming up in just a f minutes "today." >> thaungnks, pehor. >> down. a proposal to change the rules for outdoor shooting in loudoun county did not pass. the board of supervisors has decided to set up a study group to look at safjustments. it cooks in the wake of an incident last month withom bulls fron outdoor shooting range going into a subdivision and hit
6:48 am
several homes. no one was charged, in because the range is lawful. outdoor gunfire is alled as long as it is 100 yards away from any occupied structures, such as homes. some supervise believe that safety zones might need to be expanded. the study group will report back in december.t w we didn't see. it's a daring rescue under the wilson bridge. they were safely lowered into a boat one bon it slammed into another truck. that ignited a dangerous fire and that trapped the workers under the bridge. the truck drivers died, but all of those workers are okay. > now to an update on this townhouse fire in gaithersburg. t happened early monday mornin fire officials say a propane
6:49 am
tank fueled thatexire, but the t cause has not been determined. fire officials say the couple who survived by jumpingrom their second floor window slept with their door closed. fire officials say that csed bedroom door may have saved liver >> you can see why. you can see that damage there. state-of-the-art and energy efficient. a new fitness and health facility aimed at making an impact at prince george'sun , finally set. >> a ribbon cutting and dedication is tomorrow new family life center. nicole jacobs has more now. veexciting, nicole. >> it's very exciting. 're now inside the family life center here in glen arn. i wanto bring in now the assistant director of the facility becau there's so much to talk about when you think about more than 63,000 square feet. >> yes. family life center. like she just said, it's more than 63,000 square feet in size. we have three full-size
6:50 am
basketball courts. open gym. great basketball camps for the kids. we also he an indoor walking track for our seniors. everyone in the community can come on out and get healthy. also, we have a fitnes center, treadmills, just whauleverybody woreally want to promote the health and wellness. >> i don'think i said her name, joseph homo. we want to make sure we get that out there, right? tomorrow is the ribbon cutting for the dedication of the facility. everyone is very excited, and that kicks off tomorrow morning. chris, n, back to you. >> a lot of folks can't wait for that to open. >> it's 6:50. we want to check in on the friday forecast. >> he is outside on the storm team 4 weather deck where a barbecue is getting cooked up. chuck. >> oh, it's so going to, and you know because i brought you somei >> ous. >> we're going to be talking to the chefs out here in just a bagss. about the barbecue it takes place this weekend down on pennsylvania avenue.
6:51 am
both saturday and sunday. i'll sho you that forecast in just a minute. for now to get your friday morning started, oh, man, it smells -- just the sizzle alone. yeah. it's a good way to get your friday goo going. let's take a look on the radar. lots of rain across central avirginia. that's coming northbound into northern virginia. many et pole tan was angton and neoss all of maryland as well. you can see the yellow there on your screen. that's where the heaviest of the rain is. just a light rain here ines nort washington for now, but that will be changing. future weather shows pockets of moderate to heavy steady rain coming through here between now and 9:00 orhi 10:00morning. the steady rain should taper back to just frequent showers for your friday afternoon. anything you do outside today, you need to be ready for rainfall. your friday evening, periods of moderate rain likel to come back in late tonight and probably going to be raining to start your saturday morning.
6:52 am
you can usure nbc washington app. i just posted a picture of thi barbecue on my social media as well. there's your saturday now. starting off with showers in the morning. a chance for thunderstorms around tomorrow afternoon as well. a highor chance for rain tw, but not a total washout. hot and humid. up to 90 on sunday with no more than an isolated rain chance. back out here to talk to the chef in just a few, but for now let's go to melissa who also got to try. >> i have to tell you, absolutely deliciou all right, chopper 4 showing you the outer loop. you can see wre still ow. there was an earlier crash there. it's on the left side of the roadway. it's still causing delays there. as you look at the beltway overall, you can see slo spots here up top. normal. n,wn low as well. this grhe radar over the road showing you where it's raining just about everywhere this morning. just allow a little extra
6:53 am
no matter which way you are headed. southbound 395 at duke street, can you see we're just getting this crash on the lefside. mashlg backups there. clifton, henderson road at clifton road. crash there. as we zoom in to nbc outbound canal before fox hall, right lane blocked by some of the disabled vehicles. traffic times here right now, 66 inbound.or 95bound fogs. qauntico to the beltway just a little slow. 270 south looking quite good. especial in the in. 13 minutes from german town on the spur, and the top of the ltway normal slowdowns there. >> all right. troy brown jr., this is the 18-year-old's reaction when he n learned lasht he is joining the wizards as a first round pick fm the nba draft. talk about dreams come true. for so my students out there whose wish is to play for the
6:54 am
nba, the only issue we found so far that vegas golden knightsje ey he was wearing. brown is from vegas, so we're giving him a pass. like bryce harper. hopefully we'll be having rocking the red for the caps and nats in no time, right? >> not that -- >> welcome to washgton. >> yeah. >> nothing says summer like a greatarbecue outside. in fact, the only thing better is when you bring it inside to your co-workers to destroy. >> chuck bell -- he is grilling outside our news 4 stu yoz. >> what else do have you cooking out there? >> you have everything you need to get your friday morning off right. we haveribs, fried chicken, corn on the cob, french fries, corn bread. baked beanou anythingneed. it's all perfect for a friday morning. good morning. tell us your flame, and where is famous dave's? >> my name is ross, and we have eight loeks in the area.
6:55 am
four ma maryland, four in virginia. we are in frederick and down in wald and oakton, alexandria, wood bridge, and chantilly. >> we have our world famous award winning st. louis ribs. end of the bris kit. we have a barbecue speal pit master secret. we have our burnt ends right here that we sear on our flat top. >> what is your helpers name here. >> this is famous crystal. >> here's thenformation for e bbq avenue. pennsylvania avenue third to seventhstreet. it's the best smelling weekend ba the year on pennsylvania avenue. to you, melissa. >> oh, i'm sure it is. >> we're going to be out there
6:56 am
in just abo five minutes from now. >> right. >> we're hungry, radio it? >> yeah. spking ofthat, it is coming up on 6:56 now. here are four things to know. the arlington sem father metro stsion will be closed t weekend. crews are installing some wireless cables and buses will replace trains. new reaction this morning to a news 4 i-teamt report found hundreds of d.c. public school teachers are not licensed. scott mcfarland broke the story. you can watch the report on the nbc washington app. a woman is mauled to death by her fiance's dog in calvert county. it happened yesterday in huington maryland, and a state trooper was forced to kill the dog. a mother and son s carated aftessing the boarder. are they were reunited overnight in baltimore. the mom and her 7-year-old had not seen each other in more than a month. more on the crisis at the border straight ahead on the "today" show. and there'sou forecast rg for the next couple of days. 75 and rainy.
6:57 am
58 tomorrow with morning rain and afternoon thunderstorms. sunday back to hot and humid. no more than an hour every outside chance of a thunder shower late in the day. plenty of sadry,e hours this weekend. just make sure you have a backup plan readyn to go and head down to the barbecue battle this weekend. it is going to be fantastic. >> sounds good. can't wait. chuck, thank you. >> my jacket wil smell like smoke. >> it's worth it. it's worth it. >> going to make the d cleaner hungry. >> it's going to smell good in about twoheminutes. >>oday she is next. thank you for joining us, everyone. have a great day >> oh,a you. duke's is the perfect companion for so many things.
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good morning. good morning. melania's mission. the first lady makes a trip to the border. what exactly what she trying to say by wearing this jacket? the president says she wasg target someone. >> cityn edge. new calls for action for the shooting of an unarmed teenar.


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