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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  June 22, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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get right to those flo warnings. all of the areas in green are under some sort of flood warning and these will last until at least:30 tonight, potentially lingering on into the weekend as late as early sunday moing. we have the shenandoah and rappahannock rivers under flood warnings. culpeper, stafford counties under flood warnings. they're going to go tonight into morningmorrow this same area is potentially going to see some more heavy rain during the evening and overnight hours. we're getting a lot of reports of flooded roadways in these flood warnings. remember you never want to drive through a flooded road. we could see an additional 1 to es of rain. elsewhere about half an inch of rain possible. is area of rain is going to be moving into the d.c. metro area by about:00 p.m. i'm going to have more on how this impacts your saturday, c leon,ing up around 6:25. >> you got it. we'll see you then. in the meantime we turn to the
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crisis at the border the battle over the issue of immigration. >> president trump said only congress has the power to solve the cries it that his policy created, butig the of children separated from their parents changed the political calculus. the president backed down and reversed his policy. tonight he's signaling a shift in strategy. blayne alexander joins us to explain. >> he told his fellow respects here on capitol hill stop wasting your time suggesting th democrats wer the ones who were holding up this entire process and saying just wait until there are fewer democrats in office. also today the president changed the face of those sympathetic faces in the immigration debate from days now it's bee those children separated from the families at the border. but today president trump stood with a different group. president trump standing with o sothe people he says are hardest hit by a flawed immigration system. families of those killed by undocumented immigrants. >> your loss will not have been
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in vein. we will secure our borders. >> reporter: the president trki working to shi spotlight that has been focused on migrant children at the border. >> i wear his ashes in a locket. this is how i get t have my son. >> reporter: after demanding congress take urgent action tot fix immig laws, now a stunning about face urging republicans to stop wasting their time onnd immigration a wait until after the midterm election suggesting there will be fewer democts in office. his capitol hill allies chalking that up to frustration. >> the democrats doenn't want t solve the problem while we do. we're going to mov forward. we'll have a vote. >> reporter: n opposition to the bill in their own party. democrats say they've been shut out all together. down at the border the question remains how wilhe more than 2,000 children already from their families be reunited? the administration claims nearly
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500 are now back with their parents. among them, 7-year-old darwi d his mother who successfully sued the government to find him. after more than a monthapart, the two back together, but their future in america still urn certain. and earlier today a spokes person for health and human services says each child does t a tracking number to help identify them throughout the process. he says that a vast majority of those children will be reuned with family. >> thank you, blayne. a protest is wrapping up right now outside the department of homeland securit you see people with i do care taped on their backs. this in response to the jacket the first lady wore yesterday on her way two and froin vis migrant children in texas. melania trump's jacket said i don't re, do you? this morning at the department of justice, mothers and childrer ested. they held signs, chanted and
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marched. they're trying to keep the pressure on the administration to follow through and reunite those children wit their parents. >> now the new details on a deadly hit and run in montgomero ty. police a man who was run over by avenues on georg earlier this month had been assaulted and robbed just hours before. police swo they made arrests in that robbery. only one of those suspects, this man, was over the age of 17. investigators he not found the people or the vehicles involved in the hit and run after the robbery. a saddeneding t a water rescue in arlington. a man has die hours after divers raced to pull him from this submerged car. witnesses say he drove down a boat ramp at the columbia island marina. rescuers got there within five minutes and divers felt around in the water. they were able to pull the driver out.le it's u why the guy drove into the water. federal authorities ordered metro to change their 7,000
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series rail cars because something on those cars could lead to injury ororven death certain riders. news 4 shomari stone is inhw not with what sparked the demand and meo's response. >> reporter: good evening. the federal transit administration sent a letter to metro after an incident that happened nearly a month ago after a visually impaired woman who fell on the that womansing a cane on the platform searching for an open doorway. this is video ofhat she mistook as a door. it's on the metro 7,000 series cars. she's okay after she fell on the tracks. they sent a letter stating the rubber style between the 7000 rail car barriers doesn'tat provide ade warnings for passengers wit visual impairment. the fda also said it's unsafe and can potentially hurt or kill passengers. the fdis requiring metro immediately fix the risk to passengers. metro released a statement aft
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the fd alert basically saying that they are going to replace the rubber barriers with chain barriers. they're also going to have an nouncement at the stati reminding people with disabilities to tap your foot on the floor of the train to make sure that it's there before you step o because you can fall on the tracks which is what happened to this w san they nearly a month ago. here at the van ness station, i'm shomari nstons 4. new reaction tonight to a gation.i-team inves >> last night scott macfarlane broke the story nearly,000 d.c. public school teachers who were unlicensed by employing them thect school dists violating the rules. >> scott joins us with the reactions to his investigations from the people in charge. >> we found one of every four teachers is currently unlicensed. district officials a employing those teachers is a
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violation of d.c. regulations and we found there's no dametable for the problem to be solved. d grosso issued a statement saying i am againwi frustrated d.c. public schools over this mostecent failure to properly fall laws and regulation i they were p place to ensure or students are safe and we have quality educators in our schools. mayor bowser told news 4 the problem is primarily new teacheawaiting licenses. not veterans who licenses have lapsed. e>> i'm not s that anybody has lapsed, but i know there's a period of time wherehey allow new hires to be certified. >> the investigation did find hundreds of the unlicensed or newly hired teachers, but we pulled the records and also found many others were veteran teachers and we found high profile teachers including members of the chancellor's
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teacher's cabinet. an elite group of educator whose advised the cncellor they were also unlicensed. the head of the washington teacher's union said the dirict licensing for teachers needs to be reformed. she saidt's too bureaucrat i can bureaucratic and it doesn't offer enough help to the seachers. >> it makes no sf these teachers have been featuring for 5, 10, or 15 years, then we have not have a problem getting theme ified. >> for whom is it a problem about 1,000 teachers don't have certification? >> first and foremost the students. >> they tell us starting in september all newly hired forhers must at least apply their license before entering the classroom. the school system will work with the union to t to get the veteran teachers certified. no firmimetable of when that might happen. it could be quite some time. >> doesn't sound likng it's g to bring much of a change.
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>> very possible we start the school year in s tember with a large number of unlicensed. >> scott macfarlane, good work. shut down. a proposal to change outdoor heooting rules in loudon county went now at last night's meeting. instead supervisors set up a udy group toecommend safety adjustments in december. last month bullets from an outdoor shooting range hit several homesa i willow subdivision. nobody was charged in part because the range was lawful. outdoor gunfire is allowed in loudon county as long as it's occupied away from any structure like homes. some supervisors believes growth calls for expanding that safety zone zone. the raises sparked outrage in prince george's county. some school admistrators received a 35% pay bump in two years. now that debate has leaked into th maryland governor's race. chris gordon reports it led to a tense back and forthwith the county executive who is running
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for the state office. >> our tax dollars are going in their pockets and they are not paying these teachers. it is tefair. >> rep news 4 covered the recent protests against pay raises. now al confident audit sent to school board members suggest the problem may t be worsen previously known. >> there were over a dozendu indis who have received inappropriate pay increases. >> reporte amounting to? >> hundreds of thousands of dollars is the best way that i can say it. >> if i were to asked 300,000$3 as a question you'd say? >> that sounds raac. >> reporter: he says he sntsent letter requesting a meeting to discuss the problem. >> sending me a letter wouldn't make any sense since it's the school boardhat oversees it. >> ed tells me he supports ben jealous against baker in tuesday'srimary. today jealous used the findings in the new audit calling on
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baker to explain his lack of oversight allowing inappropriate pay raises. >> this is a camp that people are using our children as a political football. that's an example of it. ben jealous doing that. >> if baker wins tuesday's primary, the issue of school management will probably play a major part in governor larry hogan's reelection campaign because hogdy has alr criticized the way the schools have been operated here in prince george's county. chris gordon, news 4. coming up next, a bird's eye view of a young boy's rescue and the high tech tool that helped police safely track him down. also ahead on news 4, another famy desperate for answers after their son went to u2 concert and never returned home. the digital clue left behind and why his pare something awful has happened. plus growing backlash over the bordersi cs.
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chuck todd joins us next as we take a closer look aanthe chaos d the confusion
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>>es the rain conti into the weekend but amelia says it won't be a total washout. first to politics. as we reach the end of a week focused onhe crisi at the border, we're taking a deeper look at some of the politics hind the headlines. >> first a rarity. the president backing down on family separations. he reversed his own policy s ter republicsisted presidential pressure. >> the fallout is far from over and conflicts messages are muddying the water. >> the crisis underscores the effort to beat the press and the blow backoremocracy itself. >> chuck todd is the nbc news political or director. also the moderator of "meet the press". republicans defy their president this week. what -- is it a siep gn of thin to come? >> it's the first guardrail that's been erected. we've always talked about
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heardrails and congressional republicans, will ever pushback and a handful. this is the first time it was a full blown revolt. ted cruz went huh-uh. mark meadows saying i can't th stand for , so he caved to pressure perhaps from his own wife and daughter, too, supposedly. perhaps that's real. but either way, he was feeling it from all ends, so he dit i don't know if it means anything else other thans on t issue the images, the pictures were a bridge too far. in previous instances and controveies about him, it's been his words they've offended people, but there's not been a result. this is the time now where a there'icture to go with the words. >> a painful one. >> that ishy i think this has not only left a mark. this is a potential, especially
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if they attempt to reurk night wi -- reunite with the rents. this is leaves a mark on him about competency. when people think you're not competent, they run for the hills. your party gets punished. obama, hlth, this has that same potential impact because of the competency. >> there's been a cloud of confusion and contradiction policy.ding this entire for example s the two statements from attorney general jeff sessions. this is what he said this about the policy versus what he said last month. you react afterwards. >> the american people don't like the idea that we're separating families. we never really iended to do that. >> if you are smuggling a child, then we will prosecute you. and that child may be separated from you asequired by law. >> i guess we never intended because we didn't want peopl
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cross the border illegally. i'm not -- i'm just saying how he might explain this question. >> that's a bit of stretc >> it's a total stretch. and it is -- look, it's fulfilling a campaign promise. but this has been done i such an oddball way. their goals cutting down on illegal immigration. goal.s a long-term bush and obama faced the same balked at hey both the idea of wait a minute, the picture of separating a kid from their parents is just a bridge .too f they thought it was going to be some sort of deterrent, but the lack of focus u anderstanding of what's happening in central america, i mean, look, the threat of losing -- o having your child separated from you is still less of a t threat these people than the violence they're having to deal with. and we're not fully appreciating
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it and the idea the president said he was going to take away foreign aid from countries and you're thinking no, no, no, that's the wrong approach here. we need to figure out a way to make sure they don't want to have to leave. that's something we have no central american policy. in fairness trump, he's not the first president to ignore central america. it's a lon line of presidents in our lifetime that has done it and i think we'reic paying the >> you talk about lack of understanding. one of the things of keeping this story so alive is the access news organizations are trying to get access to some of hese shelters where children are being held and they're being denied. we're only seeing pictures that the government is providing. >> the lack of transparency here, i think we're going to, in two years, when all the freedom of information act requests come through, we're going to be horrified at the the things they were holding back fro us. maybe we wouldn't be or maybe we would, but the lack of transparency from the administration only leads people to think the worst. >> exactly. >> that's where you sit there
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what are you doing? you're only shown us pictures of boys. where are you keeping the girls? >> where are the babies and toddlers >> there's tender age shelters and we're having to go around and say okay, we hea three in texas. seriously? the united states government is going to h the american people? th're dealing with -- they're handli t this as ifs is a pr crisis. this is a refugee crisis. >> they need someel pr because it's not working the way they're doing it. >> no. buos they're treat dia more like that, worried about photos rather than get through this moment. >> we'll be talking about it this week? >> we will. we haveat two ss, one each side of the aisle. the senate, they're not goingpao the immigration reform, but they have to deal with the separation issue because the courts i don't think are going to uphold this executive order from the president. it didn't work for obama. it didn't work for bush.
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it's not going to work here. the senatehe isn't off hook yet. they have to do something. >> we'll see you monday morning at fashion faux pas. the growing criticism over the first dy's wardrobe at the border and why one white house insider says it was no accident. another run of rain moving in. others issue dealing with it'sver yet. otooding. it'sver yet. amelia is back to the washington post endorses angela alsobrooks for prince george's county executive, praising alsobrooks for being "responsive, diligent and detail-oriented" and for "doing an outstanding job" as state's attorney. as county executive, alsobrooks would be "focused, fearless and far-sighted" and "would be a strong advocate for our schools
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and preparing children for college and careers." angela alsobrooks: it's time to fulfill the promise of prince george's, and i know we can do it together. [cheering]
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amelia is here with our a weathe we hear it's causngs a problem with the commute. >> we have a 16 mile backup. if you're sittingt home, feel lucky because you're not dealing with this. doesn'tis that lookable? a dense fog that developed and that's causing this backup and it's bumper to bumper already getting to our area is nightmare. this is just not helping this is isolated in nature right now. what you're looking at on your screen is future visibility. this is at 11:00 p.m. tonight.
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there is a chance for thick fog to develop with visibilities down to a mile or less. so we'lliky have some patchy fog more w into the overnight hours. we're also going to have more rain out there as we continuehe moving into overnight hours. we're going to continue the concern for flooding out there, mainly in parts of manassas and further back to the we, rab happ -- rappahannock counties. 69 degrees right. n scattered generally light showers out there at 7:00 p.m. by 9:00 p.m. we're tracking rain smr , some pockets of heavier rain. we're dealing with a steady, maybe even heavy rainfall especially in the d.c. metro area. at that point our temperatures are around 68 degrees. storm teamht 4 radar r now really not that much out there. just some patchy drizzle and light rai as we look to the west some
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move intoin trying to the luray area. very much like last nights i taking its time and moving off to the east. we are going to have rainerut overnight and maybe tomorrow morning an isolated lingering shower. 7 otherwise with plenty of clouds as the day wears on we start to see the sunburn off some of s tt clou we'll have a mix of hazys and sun, or at least sun. by lunchtime we're at 77 degrees. or the afternoon hours, especially between about 1:00 and 6:00 p.m. we're going to have some scatteredrm thunders moving through the area. some storms later tomorrow could be strong to severe. but it is not a washout. you need to be weather ready. have that plan b ready to go. i would not cancel outdoor plans based on tomorrow's forecast. i wouldn't cancel outdoor plans based ontoday's forecast to kind of give you an idea. sunday looking like the better of two weekend days. just a small chance for a late day storm and a temperature of 92 on sunday. coming up at 6:45, i'm going to have fure weather walking you
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through the rain chances tonight on into tomorrow. hour by >> all amelia. thank you. next up, the desperate search for a local teenager who disappeared after a u2 conce last weekend and the clue he left behind. controversy over the first lady's fashion choice and the mixed messages during his surprise trip to the border. you hear the nameobbitt and it takes you back to o of the most sensational cases in history. history. now they're back in the
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ben jealous l youngest nof the naacp. endorsed by maryland teachers because he'll fully fund our schools. endorsed by the nurses for his medicare for all plan. now jealous is endorsed by the baltimore sun, saying, "in his leadership, mr. jealous excels. he has the stature and gravitas
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to be a leader that marylanders turn to in difficult times." maryland, it's time for bold victories and new leadership. ben jealous. governor. a virginifamily is desperate for answers about their missing son. >> he was last seen leaving at conc in d.c. raymond mcgavin's family doesn't have a lot of clues to work but his dad is concerned he's a victim of a crime. >> reporter: aimee cho ise outs capital one arena the last place where raymond w seen. why has this search been so frustrating? >> reporter: his parents told us
6:31 pm
they tried using the find my iphone but they couldn't because theyav don't his password. at one point it sounded like he was trying to get on the metro in which case he cou anywhere. they don't even know where to start looking. >> he's a gre personnd we miss him and we want him to come home. >> reporter: it's been five days since tras and and anmarie have seen their son raymond. they tried helping their phone company help with the search but they've had little luck. >> his phone interacted with a cell tower. tell us where it is and we'll go look there. >> nobody has the resources to look all over this area. >> raymond graduated from gonzaga high school. he sings and plays guitar. that's him with this is long hair he's famous forpi fl. >> very smart. very creative. he's kind of an intellectual. but hs also very funny and has a w wrrksry sense of humor.
6:32 pm
at 11 he talks to a friend and it h sounds likes near the metro. 11:30 he texts someone he found a way home. 1:00 a.m. he posts a snapchat but nobody knows where. the next day he didn't show up fo work in springfield. the parents posting a plea on social media for help. >> as we run into people who are trying to help us look for him, they've told us nothing but great things about him and we're justo proud of r:m. >> repornd as day five of the search stretches on, travis mcgavin has a message for his son. >> raymond, we love you. we are never going to stopin lo for you. please come home. >> his dad also told us one of the last things his son teched him was hap father's day. if you have any information, you're asked to please call police. live at the capital one arena.
6:33 pm
aimee cho, news 4. meantime relief for the family of a missing 10-year-old boy. the local police department teamed up to find him and used some high tech tools to pull this off. check it out. this is new video from the fairfax county police helicopter. you can see that bright white little dot there inid the me of your screen. that's the boy. the helicopter used some heat seeking togy. picked up the heat the boy a body was putting off. this is wednesday night. firefighters got there on the ground and they helped get the boy back to his family. in all he was missing for only about two hours. we are tracking the crisis at the border and the effect of trump's interior tolerance policy. the civil rights group that's been monitoring a cases a courthouse in texas says today marks the first time in a month that arrested parents were not separated from their children. but the is still no specific plan on how and when those tained children will be
6:34 pm
reunited with their parents. tonight demratic lawmakers are from the answers ntvernment agencies involved. meanwhile presirump met today with parents who lost children to crimes committed by immigrants. including drunk driving. now to theacklash over the first lady's wardrobe during yesterday's trip near the . bord she wore a $39 jacketh w writing scrawled on the back. it reads "i really don't care. do you". barbara harrison sat down with anita mcbride to get her take on it. she wked for three republican administrations beginning with ronald reagan in 1984. he has some interesting observations about messages sent from the white house whether in a tweet or fashion statemenhi >>is a much more polarizing time than anything i've seen before. >> but this was a moment where a really good message was coming. >> yes.
6:35 pm
>> and everybody was anticipating that. what was she thinking? well, i would say in this case it really wasn't the press's fault. how can you ignore? how could anybody reay ignore the words on the back of the jacket? whatoes it really mean? there's question of first lady's office says it means nothing. the president s it actually does mean something. you know, that she is talking about the news. we've heard some people say it was a message that she was giving to her own ittainly could not have been aessage to the children or the families. i j tt don't believet. i think that she sincerely cares about these kids and about families. do think that it was unfortunate because it is one of those things that's very hard to ever walk back. >> this isn't the first time the first lady's fashion choices have raised eyebrows.
6:36 pm
semember this pink bow bl she wore that at the second presidential debate days after the "access hollywood" tape was ed. then the inauguration where she wore thi blue dress. some say it was to former first lady jackie kennedy. woe first lad a white pant suit at the president's state of the union address. it was the first time she'd been seen since the stormy daniels story had broken. someay it was to counter act the black outfits worn by democrats. melania trump wore a traditional black dress and veil during her visit with the hope. she did not wear a head covering during her trip to saudi arabia and she wore a white hat with the visit of the wife of french president manuel macron. up next, the supreme court ruling that impacts anyone who owns a cell phone. and5 years after this
6:37 pm
notorious case captured headlines around the world, see what happened to john and lorena bobbitt and the attorney who said we still haven't heard the whole story. tonight i'm tracking widespread rain but you can see througho day tomorrow the morning midday, afternoon and evening hours, scattered showers and thunderstms coming
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6:40 pm
it was a sensational case that captured international attention. >> tomorrow marks 25 years since the inndent that made j and lorena bobbitt household names. edthey both f criminal charges. they were both acquitted. >> as julie carey found, those involved i the case find it's still very much a part of their lives. >> the desk of john bobbitt's defense attorney surrounded by reminders o a story that went viral before we even used that
6:41 pm
word. boxes and boxes of documents. cotroom sketches. the t-shirt being sold in the circus like scene outside the prince william countyse courth on the back, john bobbitt's thanks spelled out. >> pretty graphic. but he wrote it toor thank me freedom. m his >> this was john bobbitt 25 years a young man when his wife was accused of cutting off his penis and throwing it in a field. it was found. attached. a victim, he came to be viewed as the villain as she accused him of yearsf abuse. >> of course he was the victim. under any circumstance you don't take the law in your own hands and mutilate somebody. >> this is a photo taken recent lie whether he visited bobbitt in las vegas. >> he came with his dog and had lunch with us. >> he said his post trial porn star ds are over. not so s writing a book much about the trial, but howli the p can sometimes disregard the facts to support their perception.
6:42 pm
>> you cannot ignore the facts. facts that are unrebutted. you can't ignore them. >> lorena bobbitt declined an interview becausepehe's ing soon in an amazon documentary series. four years ago she told angie goff about her new life in gainesville married with a daughter overseeing a foundation that raises funds for wom shelters. this is what she said then about the night that changedfo her li ver. >> do you feel bad for what you did? >> yes, i did. yes, i did because it was a crime. it was something that done but it was not done on purpose. >> now those involved in the case wonder if the renewed atntion that comes with the anniversary will tie it to the me too movement, could put both of them back in the spotlight again. i'm jaulie carey news 4.
6:43 pm
prince wliam county police still have the knife she used in the attack. >> and you have a chance to see it tomorrow if you'd like. police aren holding open house at the new charlie dean police station along davis ford roa inr woge. the knife is among several crimes and the opens house r from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. a mother turns her pain into purpose after her son drowns at day care. also tonight we're tracking in and the potential for flooding in parts of the region. amelia is going to come back with a look at who's being
6:44 pm
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saved ten-mile creek on the county council... and passed a fifteen dollar minimum wage. i even extended my house... so there's more room for my family. developments should add value. it's why as county executive, i'll make developers invest in schools and infrastructure, and i'll never take their campaign money. developers will think that's a revolution!
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parents living a nightmare after the death of their child who drowned in a kiddie pool at day care. my husband and i were in a state ofhock for months. ief is a terrible monster.r >> one y later the family is opening up about their incredible loss ahey want to warn others about the danger of even a few inches of water. news 4 meagan fitzgerald has their story. >> reporter: stokley andrews was just one year-old. >> he s just learning h to talk. he was very curious. >> reporter: his mom said he was also special. it's why they named him after civil rights leader stokley carmichael. >> we wanted him to have a big impact on his community, on the world. s> reporter: on june 13th of
6:48 pm
2017, just d before his ay d g aar b cartheda by,efore mor a g lhetoin from her husband. >> he had received a call from children's hospital that stokley had been in an accident. >> the ball he was playing with in ohe back yard a day care went into this kiddie pool and he drowned while tryingo ab it. >> it's a pain that i don't wish on anyone and in my healing i wanted to do something to help other parents. >> months later mary started a nonprofit called parents against negligent day care. they educate parents onow to pick the right provider and remind them to never leave a child alone around a pool. the grief is still overwhelming, but mary says she comes here to her son's room to find peace. his life was short, but his
6:49 pm
family knows he will help ay communhrough his death. >> we want to give parents life-saving information for there a their children. >> that day care provideritost license for three years, but charges were never filed. mary's nonprofit will hold its first annual festival in d. t tomorr honor her son. you can find more information about it in our nbc washington app. police will have to a get warrant before tracking your moves with your cell phone as i result of a supreme court ruling that handed to privacy advocates. the dision requires police departments nationwide to get a search warrant in order to obtain telephone company data to track the user's movements the the particular 'nique is
6:50 pm
widespread. it was 5-4 with chief justice roberts. >> amelia is back with more with our weather and tast fog that's causing problems out there. >> out there on the bay bridge if you're headiea bound, you better pack your patience. that's what we saw. oe perfect time say this is why. there's a 16 mile >> yikes! >> here's the thing. typically there are three open. tonight there's two. we are getting reports of thick fognd ihink others will continue to see issues of thick fog later tonight. but there you seears bumper to bumper. you can't see fog in this vantage int, but looking at other cameras we have, we are seeing that fog. however this is getting you the best vantage point of how bad traffic is. if you're waiting to head to the beach wonring if you made the right decision, you made the right decision. >> looks like you did. >> we've had some rain out there overnight on into the day and some heavy rain especially in parts of virginia. take a look. the areas here in green a
6:51 pm
under flo warning. some of them last as long as snta su morning. mainly for the river, rappahannock under flood warnings. back through shenandoah county. out through stafford county. all under flood warnings. again, these last on into your weekend. you download our nbc washington app for the exact details on the ood warning in your area. but we're getting a lot of reports of foded roadways. also a lot of reports of flooding happening at lake anna. if you have a home d n there, you might want to check in on them. inthing too concerning, but people are s that the waters there are continuing to rise at theirck we can see an additional 1 to 2 inches of rain in the flo warnings, outside of the flood warnings, maybe about half an inch of rain. take a look. here are your headlines.
6:52 pm
starting to see fog develop. heavy rain is possiblear as as about 8:00 p.m. and as late as aboutto midnight. rrow some scattered showers and thunderstorms. it's not a washout. d plenty of time. it's looking great out there. here's the latest on the. rad just scattered showers. more activity back to the west is heading in in about two hours. that will put us at about 8:30, 9:00. future weather agrees with that heavy rain overnight tonight. throughout the daytomorrow, here's 7:00 a.m. cloudy skies but mainly dry. as you move into the afternoon, we're likely tracking a line of thunde atorms. sunday small chance for a late day thunderstorm with the high temperature around 90. after that beautiful weather moves in. 're going to send it to break and we'll be back
6:53 pm
aruna miller: the teacher who made me feel like i belonged in america when i didn't speak english. the minimum wage jobs that helped me get through college and become a transportation engineer. and my daughters who make me proud every day.
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i'm aruna miller, and i have a lot of reasons to give back. it's why in the legislature, i helped write dozens of laws to protect every maryland family. i'm running for congress and i approved this message because right now, protecting maryland families means stopping donald trump. yeah, i feel like i'm inside a pinball machine. our td bank small business bankers go above and beyond and visit your business. dutch folk music. it makes the tulips grow faster. oh, i never knew that. it's true. his name is dennis, and his favorite food is kale. we also have some lovely turtles. because at td bank, the better we know what you do, the better we know what your business needs. td bank. don't just bank. bank human.
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we have got some new wizards in up to thanks to the nba dra
6:56 pm
last night. >> that's right. chris miles in the nbc sports studio. how good are these new guys, chris? >> well, their first round pick, troy brown s still a teenager. just 18 years young. won't turn 19 until the end of july. at 6'7" with a muscular frame, brown is a very, very good athlete. in hisone season at oregon his stats were decent, but ability to make big plays made m stand out. if that sounds familiar, it should. this was almost the same when ment of kelly oub she was selected out of kansasi 2015. according to wizards general manager, brown can play three positions in the nba from point guard to small forward. that versatility has given head coach scott brooks a lot of ideas on how to use his newest ay. >> can you play him with brad. you play him with anhn. you play him with thomas and u play h with all kinds of players.
6:57 pm
k kelly andnktto. i t he knows how to play. i think it'soing to be a great addition to our team. >> his feel for the game is really what impressed us. he's a very good ball handler. he can make someay he can get in the lane and pass the basketball. we like all those things about him. the intangible that heng b to the play and the character. >> when he got the news, he was wearing the jersey of the team the cavs beat in the stanley cup final. the las vegas golden knights. he was in his hometow vegas when he heard his name called and there you see him hugging his maybe hee converted from being a vegas knights fan to a future.n in the maryland standout kevin herder has found a home in atlanta atlanta. the sharp shooting wng was take by the hawks with the 19th pick in the first round. he shot off of the draft board in the nba combine by showing off a high line of speed and
6:58 pm
athletici athleticism to go with his ability to shoot nba threes. 19-year-ds are dominating tonight. troy brown will reach that age in july. kevin herder isn't 19 until august. they'll have a tough road ahead if they want to catch up to the. nets 19-year-old sensation juan soto. the summer continues thursday night against the orioles. this two-run double in the eighth provedo be the divisive blow against the orioles in the nats 4-2 win. soto now has six hie runs, 16 s. davie martinez continues to marvel at the remarkable run of his incredible hrookie. s got unbelievable poise. no matter what the situation is, he goes up there with a game an >> he's willing to use the whole field. et never really gets overaggressive or outside of himself. he's really fun to watch. >> bryce harper is sond place in the all-star voting.
6:59 pm
he says he'll competehe home run derby if she's selected. >> chris miles, thank you. >> thank you forni j us.>>
7:00 pm
tonight, migrant children in limbo.0 50reunited with their parents according to the government but where is the plan for the nearly 2,000 others? mothers waiting in agony. ta> she says her son was n away for seven days and she didn't know whe he was and couldn't communicate with him. she said she wanted to die. >> president trump to shift the focus to american families whose loved ones have been killed by you can dock undocumented immigrants.undocumented immigrants. dramatic body cam video. police open fire on a dog and injure a 9-year-old that officer facing charges. the major supreme court ruling on cell phones and when pocace use yours to track you.


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