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tv   News4 Today  NBC  June 24, 2018 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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camen the studio. mix of sun and clouds out there. definitely warm, definitely humid out there. it is a beautiful view from the live capital camera. gorgeous conditions and dry. most fog lifted. temperatures in the 70s. annapolis tperatures inhe low 80s. south wind coming in 6 p mil hour right now. as we continue through the day, sun and cloud by noon. then we get hot. could have a chance, 30% chanc to see a shower or thunderstorm anytime between 2:00 and 8:00 p.m.ater this afternoon. still muggy and hot as we continue tough theevening. we have big changes as we head to tomorw and also tuesday. big cool down coming our way before we heatngs up. we'll talk about how cool we get, then how hot we get for next weekend. that's coming up on the ten day forecast in 15 minutes.
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>> all right, thank you very much. new this morning, d.c. police on the lookout for a car thnv say wasved in an early morning shooting. on ll happened aroun 3:00 695 southeast, southwest freeway portion before the navy yard exit. police say the man shot while driving is conscious and breathing. theye searching for a silver lexus but no other information about the car. it is the first weekend of for many, it means firing up the grill. felt like summer for awhile. first official weekend of . summ >> we didn't really have a spring. if you don't want to today, go out to the bbq battle. derrick ward is standing by in northwest washington. >> reporter: indeed you do. i am indeed hungry.
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smells like summer. i was talking about that. to show us first of all, you have been inducted into the barbeque hall of fame. >> yes, sir. >> congratulations on that. >> thank you so much. >> you say there are three secrets anybody can apply. >> three things i teach everybody. first of all, cook meat until it is perfectly right now, i have smithfield ri , nice smoke. i come in with high quality apple juice. ribs in back. i stagger cook in hopes. when you cook ribs at home, smoke them a couple hours, put rub on them an hour before you smoke them. once they have that color, wrap in aluminum foil, put them back and cook until tender. keeps them from getting , oversmokeep in moisture. you've got a better product. >> reporter: the word barbeque,
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you started out in french kitchen. you bring a lot of experience to this. >> i come from the french kitchen. i got a barbeque pit to reconnect with cooking.s ther something that is universal. pennsylvania avenue, you can smell it down there. there's something universal a about buildin fire, taking a trying meat, season it, to cook something great out of it. he far as barbeque goes in the states, when were developing the country and lonies, they brought over hogs. they were great animals. they take care of themselves. they build a fire and shovel coals under a hog and cook until tender. >> reporter: this opens at 11:00. people are fired up. $15 at the gate, $12 if you buy advance. live on pennsylvania avenue, derrick ward, back to you. >> slightly huny now.
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i did not know about apple juice bottlespray >> sounds brilliant. yum. >> i'm going to try that today. now ming to one of our top stories. a transgender woman says an employee at a popular restaurant refused to let her use the women's bathroom. >> she's planning to file a complaint. charlotte clymer was at a bachelorette party friday night and went to use the women's bathroom, the worker asked her for id. when she refused, the worker started toearch her, threat epidemic -- threatened her. she then called the police herself. police officers say clymer had every right to use the women's bathroom. >> didn't expect it to happen. this can't happen to another person in d.c. it can't. >> the mayor tweeted out we won't accept this type of discrimination in d.c. she apologized to her and said they will be retraining staff. a new name for major roadway in northern virginia.
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the alexandria city council vo d to rename jefferson davis highway. it will be known as richmond highway starting in january. in may, the report recommended that change. they say t stretch of highway shouldn't be named for the president of the confederacy. 9:05. social media is buzzing about permit patty, caught on camera, calling the police on an 8-year-old girl for sng water. jordan rogers wasling water bottles in san francisco across from at&t stadium friday. that's when this woman approached the girl for a permit. when she began calling the police, the girl'sarother std recording, the mother claims the call was racially motivated. she denies it wasaclly motivated. said she only pretended to call. police officers never showed up
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on the scene. >> i mean, what's her back story, is that her office building or -- >> i don't know. 00> the trump administration looking to add 1more beds for detained families stopped at the border. this is days after they stopped the practice of separating kids from parents at the border. here's a breakdown. 17% of minors ar in facilities without a parent. 83% arrive alone.un ed more than 500 children in their custody with their families. u.s. customs and border protection say many chose to be deported without children.
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the red hen restaurant is in he national spotlight after asking white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders to leave. it happened friday night. p yesterdaple stopped by, some with thank you cards and flowers. the co-owner tells "the washington post" some of her staff is gay,nd sanders supported president trump's push to ban transgender people from joining the military. sandersheweetedas asked to leave because she worked for the president. all of this came to light when an employee posted this picture of the message board. you see it says 86, sarah huckabee sanders. that basically translated into te -- >>t means we are out. >> people stopped by, wanted to voice their opinions on the
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issue. >> >> this community in general is a very liberal community, a very tive county and people respect each other's belief, but you have a right to not serve somebody. >> i don't agree with the way it was handled. i don't think it represents the county as a whole.eo >>e online are confusing this with the restaurant i bloomingdale neighborhood in d.c. that restaurant says it is receiving threats and negative reviews on yelp. on the facebook page, th say businesses in d.c. are prohibited from discriminating from anyone beuse of political affiliation. they reiterate the fact that they're unaffiliated with that. one restaura we'll have much more on all these topics later on "meet the press." moderatochuck todd joining us
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to talk about another busy week at the white house. this isn't tornado damage. it is what happened when straight line win hmered the area a few years ago. storm team 4 takes a special look please keep your shoes on!
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>>r i remem lot about the 2012 derecho. >> it caused more damage than we see with any tornado outbreak in recent history. >> watch what happens. we are about to get crushed. >> started at one thing with domino effect.
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the meteorologist with us that morning was trying to explain this, and i had never heard the word before. i'm from texas. we've never -- i never experienced anything like this ard of this, you know, weather phenomenon, if you will. i asked the meteorologist, what is it called again? how do you say it? how do you spell that? then it dawned on me, oh, derecho, like in spanish. literally straight, straight line of storms. i get it. i know what we're talking about >> it means ve straight line winds coming through. you have a massive thunderstm moving together, strong winds in mid levels of atmosphere, pushing the storms forward. anat happens with the winds is they hit the stormthey're able to be transported down to the surface. >>he heat is on. this is the first day of an extended heat wave. >> we went to 104.
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all time record for june. >> we were incredibly hot. knew we had a chance for strong storms. ghthis storm making it thr wisconsin and illinois into indiana and then blowing up into stthis incredible line of ms. this is expected to be 80 miles per hour into portio of ohio and moving our way. >> we saw it develop in chicago around 2:00 in the afternoon, moved through our area between 8:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. >> there's a lot of different names for it. it means we'll see strong to severe storms through the night tonight. there's a severe thunderstorm tc in effect for just about everybody. >> derecho is a powerful line of thunderstorms. it is a straight line of rm thundersthat has a bit of a bow echo to it. you can have that in a bow echo, derecho is the high end of that in severity.
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>> you could see the moisture in the atmosphere allowed that storm to just explode. we get stronger winds than ut anything o of a hurricane. a when you gtorm like this, you go from zero to 80 in a matter of a couple of sends. nothing nothing nothing, you see it coming, and woosh. >> i see a lot of peop trying to figure out what is going on this storm just came basically out of nowhere for a lot of folks. >> a complete mess. >> it came out of nowhere. >> i knew this would be almost i once in a li event to see tomething like this. everybody come dowhe windows, watch what happens. we're about to get crushed. and that's exactly what happened. trees were flying. trees down in our parking lot. couple trees down on cars our parking lot. this was much worse than any o torn would ever see in the area, because this is not just a
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county, not just one county, one town, this was everyone. >> you can take a lookere, on the ground there are boards and things like that. these are parts of the roof. c when the winame through earlier this evening, weole told the rolapsed. >> i was just running. i heard the roof fall, i seen it coming back. >> there's a particular road i usedke to get to the station on nebraska avenue. i remember driving itho work earl morning. it was so treacherous trying to get to the building. there were trees down left and right. once we got here, had the light of day and could see some of the damage starting to surface, you're seeing 100-year-old trees completely uprooted that are now horizontal, and you're seeing massive roots on these things, and you're asking yourself what
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in the world has the power to do that. >> we saw power outages across the 1.2 milost power as a result of the intense winds from that derecho. >> it was tremendous. the damage we saw. i remember even in days to come, the amount of people it took, the amount of support this city and the area needed to get back on its feet was -- this caused more damage thane have seen area wide than we have seen with any tornado or small tornado outbreak in recent history. >> cleanup was weeksd nd weeks aneks. it was an event that you don't see here very often. we get derechos here once every two to three years, we get one. but t like that. that was one, that's a one in er 15, 20 year event. something we hadn't seen in a
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not sure if you heard about this, a baby boom hit dallas this week. talking 42 babie48delivered in our period. this could be a new record. >> really. if you're doing the calendar math, we can save you the trouble. hurricane harvey hit texas nine months ago.
9:20 am
so we have the story from our sister station.te >> rep at two days old, dallas mcknight has no idea he made history. >> what's going on, everyone around here is going in labor. >>eporter: starting early tuesday, university medical center residents noticed an up tick in the number of women arriving in labor. >> said we have a paent here seven centimeters. i said i checked her idi no, this is erent one. >> almost all rooms were full, closer to 4:00 hour, that wa the hour. >> it is like man, we're going to have a lot of babies quick. >> reporter: by wedn afternoon, that's exactly what happened. >> it was like boobi boom, boom. es everywhere. >> reporter: nine deliveries in 40 minutes. documented in one of the breaks
9:21 am
they had. >> need a resident to this room, followed by this room, followed by this room. >> lot of pevele, lot of nt. organized chaos. >> reporter: organized chaos at resulted in 42 babies in 48 hours. >> i was completely shocked. i knew i felt particularly tired at the end of the two shifts i worked. i had no idea it reached 42. >> reporr: which got them thinking, what happened nine months ago to lead to a record setting baby boom. >> i don't know why, i just, i don't ow. >> we had a couple of ideas. ur >> n disaster or something going on nine months ago. >> after 24 years in the birthing business,gehe nurse maagreed.he >>there's emotional events, stories like 9/11 or natural disasters and different things, typically nine, ten nt mo later get a baby boom. >> reporter: when harvey and
9:22 am
maria struck in september. >> families look at what's important, reevaluate and kind of seeing to have that cycle for years. >> reporter: never quite like this. a group deserving of its own name. >> fist bumps, high five to nurses, staff, doctors in that place. >> what else are you doing if cked inside. come on. >> locked inside in the dark. the rest is history. >> we always those things with big weather events. that's not the first time i have heard of that. stop your giggling. >> no one should get in t tuble. get t forecast, please. you kn, b weather events are coming our way for this week. we could have s a fewrms later this afternoon. look at the haze there now. we have haze outthere, a mix of sun and clouds out there from the live capital cera.
9:23 am
what can you expect today and the next four days. a chasoe forted storms. 30 to 40% chance where you are. hot and humid. monday, we lower that humidity. comfortable condions lead to tuesday as well. wednesday, we have mugginess returning. iso rain chances. temperatures the 70s now. seems like a good pool dte. 2:00, we have a chance for thunderstorms. again, some could be strong. few sprinkles to th south. few sprinkles in culpepper county and towards marine bay. maybe a few sprinkles this morning. otherwise, temperatures are around 90 degrees. let's time it out. starting1:00. we'll have a chance rolling across the area for 2 to
9:24 am
8:00 p.m. some could be stronger in theds evening tow dinner time. monday and tuesday, comfortable, beautiful temperatures, low to mid-80s. then the humidity comg back wednesday. another storm chance wednesday. storm chances thursday. look at the temperatures. nice next weekend. i am mark murray at nbcws after one of the most consequential weeks of the trump presidency, the fewury over the administration policy is worth a reminder how bigre stakes for mid term elections, and which party ultimately csstrols congfter november. here are the stakes. which party controls the all important investigative, oversight and intelligence committee. is it democrats or republicans? will trump fill important
9:25 am
vacancies at a rapid pace or come to a grinding halt. that's the difference between republicans retaining control of the senate or democrats taking ntrol. obamacare repeal and replace get easier or harder? the republicans fell one vote short in 2017. there's a possibility of trump'n impeac go up? it does if democrats control the house. who holdshe upper hand redistricting after 2020? winners ofto guberal and winners ofto guberal and state legislative ctests willon
9:26 am
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the time is 9:28. we have much more coming up on news4 this morning. a check of the forecast and a lot of stories. lot of stories. >> and live and facook as
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(birds chirping, a running brook,) lot of stories. >> and live and facook as ahh. the new deer park sparkling is made with real spring water. ♪ it's so refreshing and delicious, you don't need slo-mo models to sell it. real spring water, real fruit flavors and refreshing bubbles. just what's refreshingly real.
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sunday morning. thank you so much for being here with us. i am adam tuss. >> i am angie goff. rise and shine. >> if you have not yet, you behind the game. >> get woke. >> wake it up. >> lauryn, what is awaitingem >> mix of sun and clouds, not bad out there today. it will be hot and humid, but wee already in summer. we're in the swing of things. you can expect aew afternoon thunderstorms to bubble up as well. go ahead and look at the map. 75 degrees already at 9:30. annapolis, in the low 80s. it is warm across the board75 t reagan national airport. it is humid. to havecontinu humidity through much of the day, now as we head to the afternoon, we have a chance for thunderstorms. other than that, it will be a hot day with temperatures around 90 degrees. we are seeing se light
9:32 am
showers. this is breaking apart. maybe a few sprinkles her through prince william county and fauquier county and around edericksburg. more rain is possible later this afternoon. i'll time it out coming up and talk about a cool down before it warms up again in about 15 minutes. >> thank you, lauryn. 9:32. a transgender woman says an employee asked her to show id as she tried to use the women's bathroom. >> and the suation escalated. police were called and the d.c. mayor weighing in on the issue. >> i didn't expect this to happen.
9:33 am
>> the d.c. mayor tweeted we won't accept this te of discrimination in d.c., and ca libre h apologized and say they'll be retraining staff. on the trump administras looking to add up to 15,000 more beds for detained families stuck on the u.s., mexico border. >> this is a proposal comes days after officials stopped the ra practice of seng children from parents at the border. we breakdown the numbers. this is according to federal officials. they say 17% of minors are being heldn facilities with a pare -- without a parent oruardian. more than half, 83% arrived in the u.s. by themselves they say they' reuniting more than 500 unaccompanied children in custody with their families. u.s. customs and border ff protection oicials mentioned in the past many parents chose be deported without the children. even though the president signed an executive order
9:34 am
stopping the separation, he is defending the zero tolerance immigration policy. he sat down with his press secretary's father, mike huckabee, for an interview. >> do you think the country is giving us their finest?ey are iving us the sarah huckabees of the world? i don't think so. i n't think so. they're giving us rough, tough people. and we want merit. we don't want that. >> with president trump's zero tolerancpolicy in place, adults will likely be prosecuted. it is unclear what the long term plan is. and that zero tolerance policy turned one 19-year-old'se jog into an at the northern border with canada. last month, two border officerst ar the woman. she claims she accidently crossed into washington state while on a jog on the beach in british columbia. n ent two weeks in an immigration detentnter in state of washington. the woman's mother called that arrest unfair saying there were no signs warning of the border. let's turn our attention to
9:35 am
local politics and rac maryland are tuesday. several candidates are trying to um up support. democratic hopeful ben jealo c gave out iam. ben cohen also helped. and baker was out trying to get the vote out. primary day in maryland is tuesday. head to the nbc washington app for a complete guide to all the races. and for maryland voters, we have to submit a provisional ballotin he upcoming election. about 19,000 a changes submissions weren't sent to state board of election for processing. may effect people that updated information on mva website or kiosks between april 22nd and june 5th.
9:36 am
because of proximity of the election, changes can't be added to lists of voters a location. they say they'll inform those effected by e-mail. the primary is coming up in maryland this tuesday. now an update about the south carolina congressional candid deadly wrong way publican congressional candidate katie arrington was a passenger hit by a wrong way driver friday night. the driv did die. her spokesperson says she suffered a fracture in her back, brseen ribs and partial coll of a main artery in her leg. she will undergo another surgery this morning. president trump tweeted condolences, he endorsed her before she upset mark sanford in the primary earlier this month. heads up for weekend travel on metro. arlington cemetery station is still closed. they're installing wireless cables. buses replace trains and blue line trains only operate between
9:37 am
franconia springfield and the reagan national airport. customers heing to other stations use silver or yellow if line trainou can. we want to congratulate our collea capital emmy awards were last night. big award of the ght, thankful she was part of this. areen gentzler honored with ted gatesrd for 30 years on the anchor desk. long time co-anchor was honored for his interview on african-american hisry and culture museum which was great. also winners from last night, storm team 4 chief meteorologist doug kammerer. and the i-team picked up a couple of emmys. congrats to everybody that won. some friends from telemundo won well. a lot of winners last night.
9:38 am
well done. >> hopefully they're all nkeeping. >> d are flowing. a lot to celebrate. d.c. officials contacted susan hogan when theyd nee to get word out about a contractor, saying he was preying on the elderly, taking money and delivering shoddy their invgation is straight ahead.
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and just about anyone using any bank, can pay you back in minutes. do you need another minute? nope, we figured it out. td bank. don't just bank. bank human. you screw u susan hogan will get you. >> a local contractor accused of preying on the elderly. >> this contractor facing a numb of violations, includin working without a license and proper permits. consumer repter susan hogan is on it, working for you with everhing you need to know. >> reporter: for three months 71-year-old treks up and down
9:41 am
two flights of stairs. >> all the way, come around nire. >> reporter: mor, noon, night. >> and climb these stairs and all the way of the length of the house go to the bathroom. >> reporter: she says the contractor she hired gher upstairs bathroom and never finished the job. >> i am beyond frustrated. >> reporter: she's one of a er nuf homeowners that filed complaints with the attorney general office of consumer protection, which launched an investigation into gainer and ens company. >> basement, kit and mr. gainer appeared to be a fraudulent company and an w individu is a professional scammer. >> reporter: the attorcey general ofs suing gainer, claiming he duped seniors and um other cos by overcharging them for projects and opening unauthorized ccudit lines in omer names. >> guess what, he doesn't
9:42 am
complete the job, he does them in a shoddy way, and leaves thosjobs worse off than they were before he got there. >> reporter: gainer is accused of not paying some of his employees.he news4 reout to gainer by phone, he declined an on camera interview. >> am simply calling you out of respect to let you give me your side of the story. >> reporter: he told us he denies all allegations against him and blames an employee who he says scammed him out of money. >> work won't be donl we recover money, so d.c. consumers taken advantage of by mr. gainer get their money back. >> as susan hogan and the team were working on it, gainer said he officially closed his business and is filing if you them, contact the d.c. attorney general's office. the information is on the nbc washington app. what you need to know before hiring a contractor.
9:43 am
check to be sure they have a current license. ask for copies of insurance certificates to make they're current. find out if there will be bc tractors on your project. if so, make sure they are properly licensed and insured and make payments throughout th project ld out at least a third until you're 100% satisfied. >> all the information is in the app. taking a look outside, clouds reoutside, temperatures rising, peaks of sunshine here and there, also a chance of rain again. lauryn ricketts joins usext. lauryn ricketts joins usext. stay w nit
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the coach that led the washington capitals to a stanley cup made close friends in his time here. maybe you heard the organization best buddies, talked about it quite a bit. maybe yoknow it because of coac>> the champion coach is heading north, but this story from erica gonzales is about a friendship that knows no distance. >> reporter: by now, you know coach barry z is lea, ng the capiafter a agreement on salary, disappointment settled in, for re than just players and fans. itbut another organizationa special connection to trotz.
9:47 am
karen glasser is with best buddies. >> it is hard on a lot of levels. i know they love it here. >> reporter: trotz is a father to four.hi son has a disability, has been involved with best buddy back when trotz was coaching in nashville. he says a colleague from that area made her promise to take good care of the family when they moved here. >> i will do the same and make sure that they are loved and looked after wherever they go. they are wonderful. r >>orter: it is more than just a charity for trotz, it is an issue of the heart. she says he used his platform to bring awareness. the mission on friendship,
9:48 am
employment for peopleit wh developmental disabilities. especially around big fund-raising events. >> he would say to reporters, i'm going to talk about be buddies no that brought us a whole new ou of people who might not have known who we were, what we did. >> reporter: she says best buddies always had support of the capitals. and believes that part won't change. but admits to some uncertainty that lies ahead. >> will the new coach be as married to the mission, willing to talk out it on the ground the way coach was? that remains to be seen. newould hope so. >> coach trotz sa deal to become head coach of the islanders in new york this week. best buddies is in all 50 states. coach trotz surely has plenty of new friends welcoming him to new york.
9:49 am
plenty of usad about him leaving. >> tommy mcfly also served as board chairman there for best buddies capital region. he does a lot of work with that. >> hopefully t work he put in will continue. looking forward to today and the weather. what have we got in store? >> look at this quick. we know this girl, your daughter let's go t the maps. >> look at that. >> i tried to get the rainbis. aid rainbows galor this isn't the first picture of a rainbow from yesterday. we had pride in my hometown, winchester. there were ts of them around winchester. i had pictures all over my
9:50 am
social media feed from rainbows. i am glad she was able to play. what time was her golf thing. >> 5:30. >> that's when rain started to roll by. adam said you h rain come through. i saw rain showers as well. we had a tornado warning i culpepper county and severe thunderstorm warnings, but i appreciate the picaures. yo see it on my social media feeds there. always check in. i'm always on social medi let's go ahead and talk about our weather headlines. adding a chance of storms today. if you're just joining us, that's something i h to add from yesterday. chance of storms later this afternoon. it will bet humid throughhe day today. it is humid out there now, but e humidity wil stall monday and tuesday. then the heat starts to build as we head into the remainder of theia week, espy into the next weekend. current temperatures out there now, look at this. annapolis, 8ndegrees. easthore, low to mid-80s.
9:51 am
everybodn else i the d.c. area in the 70s. fredericksburg, 80 degrees. temperaturesear 9 degrees today. phillies take on the nats at 8:05. he is a philly transplant. we're all nationals here. definitely nationals. but hopefully they're not going to sweep us.e hopefully can get wind. we have a 30% chance of shower or thunrstorm. that mainly earlier. game starts at 8:00. i think the threat is lessening decreasing clouds through the game. temperatures fall into the 70s and humidit will fall as well. a few sprinkles here and there. for the most part, mix of sun and clouds. that'sow it will be today. with that added storm chance is afternoon temperatures will be in the upper 80s, near 90 degre today. it will be hot and humid. if headed to the capital barbeque battle, bri rain
9:52 am
chance. brunch, maybe sit outside. later this afternoon, out there by 3:00, it will b hot. nationals game, sticky for the beginning. getting comfortable by later innings. the po, keep an eye to the sky. great pool day. start future cast at 1:30. a few showers and thunderstorms try to move across the region. some could be strong. gusty winds possible. best time is 2 between0 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. by 10:30, we're dry, falling humidity, clearing. tomorrow morning, beautiful. plenty of sunshine for tomorrow. temperatures are in the low to mid-80s with low humidity tomorrow. 84 degrees is the temperature for monday. kp it comfortable tuesday as well. low 80s tuesday. we'll add a chance for
9:53 am
9:54 am
9:55 am
n> it has b years since kids in d.c. had a museum to call their own.
9:56 am
>> next year it will reopen in a new building across from freedom plaza downtown. aimee cho got a sneak peek earlier in the week. >> reporter: this time next year this building will be the new national children's e seum. they h make it a place kids can put down the phone and pick up something new. this is what the finished museum will look like. giant science exhibits, every detail planned out, all of it encouraging kids to learn about the worl dream of what they can become. >> it will be a wonderful, open area environment. >> crystal is the president of the museum. wants kids to enjoy learning asr much as she diing up. >> you take them to a museum, they can remember something they saw. it can spark something in them that changes their whole life. >> reporter: it won't be all moved in until next year. today some students are showing off moves of excitement. isy do you like museums? >> you learn aboutry and what somebody did back in the ke old days, he '80s, '60s. >> reporter: while they it, they can use their imagination which is what it is all about anyway. t
9:57 am
>> i bre will be lots of artwork. i can't wait to see artwork.. i like art a l ♪ >> reporter: in northwest, aimee cho, news4. >> so cool. good time to head outside before it gets stickynd muggy later today. lauryn will tell us about the supd
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