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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  June 24, 2018 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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ht now at 6:00 a charter bus sikes bicycli bicyclist. maryland congressman elijah cummings coming to the defense of sarah sanders after she was kicked out of a rirg virginvirg restaura restherant. >> whoawmaker blames and a huple is getting married right now. jurs after a fire forced them, family and friends out of their home. >> news 4 at 6:00 starts now. good evening, everybody. thanks for joining us tonight. gonzalez.
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have a new severe thunderstoom warninging in just now so we want to send thingso storm team 4te ologist somara theodore. >> we are getting clipped by one storm that's seve in maryland. i'm headed straight to frederick county. how long it stretches throughout the span of the county into carol county, as well. definily heavy rainith this one. 60 mile per hour wind gusts. that will be the biggest threat wiis. not a lot of lightning, no reports of hail just t. tracking it out as it continues to push east. we're seeing it arrive in areas at 6:09 in the coming minutes and within the next half hou moving farther south. possibly moving into parts of montgomery but at this poi around 6:36 it should be in freedom. bigow picture does he worst
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of those storms moving to the south of us are situated down in areas like st. george's island and st. mary's. we'll keep an eye on this has it goes t the southeast impacting areas likeme mont. maryland needs to head indoors until it expires at 6:35. for more, erik back to you. d.c. prison aolice are investigating a deadly crash involving a bus and clsit. police say 19-year-old malik habib'sike tire got caught in the rail causing him to fall into the path of a charter bus. he wase taken to hospital where he died. he lived in northeast d.c. no word on whether the driver will face any charges. more protests today outside detention centers where immigrant children are being held. meanwhile, president trump doubling down on his immigration
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policyt tweeting t people who quote invade our country should be sent back without a court hearing, a move some are calling illegal and unconstitutional. nbc's jennifer johnson has more. >> reporter: protesters in texas where migrant children are being held, demanding they be reunited with their parents. >> it's otright. >> reporter: one of several protests across the u.s. >> i'm a proud arican but i'm president. my >> reporter: there are over 2,000 children in federally funded pa cities, many separated from parents at the border. some parents already deported. they are demanding the trump administration reunite the es fami >> the situation created by zero toleranceeft many people with zero confidence that administration will be able to quickly unite the kids.
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>> reporter: president trump h back on twitter saying we cannot allow all of these people to invade our country and those who do should be sent back without a court hearing. the president td republicans not to waste their time on immigration reform until after the november election but the house and senate are moving forward. >> i did talk to the white house yesterday. they say the president is still 100% behind us. >> reporter: other lawmakers doubt >> they had the wall in their hand and they let it go because they wanted more. that's one of the problemsnos we never where the goal line is. >> reporter: a comprehensive bill is still being worked on in the senate but the house is expected to vote on its immigration bills later t week. jennifer johnson, nbc news, washington. the fallout continues days after white house press secretary sarah sanders was kicked out of the red hen restaurant in xington, virginia. people are stopping by the restaurant today in support and inprotest of the restaurant's decision. the controversy gaining national
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shention after sanders said was asked to leave the restaurant friday night because she works for thepresident. the red hen's ownerme saying of her gay employees was unhappy she was there because of president trump's stand. eeijah cummings said sanders should have served. but he blames president trump for creating any u tone of discourse in this country. >> he'sal bas given people a license to statehings that are ugly and those this then turn into actions as we can see. >> here is more of what virginia residents have to say. >> no, i don'think that it's right but this is a symptom. this is a result of what some licies have done to this country. >> they need to respect everybody else's views and they
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want to turn people -- turn service to people away that think differently than they think. >> the incident has folks on social media wondering if we're hearing to an america with del democrat or republican only reraunr reraunre restaurants. a deadly head on collision and they think both drivers were driving on revoked clicenses. thsh happening 3:30 this morning on route 340. oopers say there was thick fog at the time. the driver who tied on scene is suspected to have been drinking. en to the driver t hospital and is expected to survive. the road was closed for hours for that investigation. a maryland couple is getting married right now and this wedding day is going to be memorable in more ways than one. an 8-year-old african american girl was selling water on the sidewalk, cameras caught what happened next, why the what happened next, why the little girl's mom
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ben jealous -- youngest nof the naacp.dent endorsed by maryland teachers because he'll fully fund our schools. endorsed by the nurses for his medicare for all plan.
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now jealous is endorsed by the baltimore sun, saying, "in his leadership, mr. jealous excels. he has the stature and gravitas to be a leader that marylanders turn to in difficult times." maryland, it's time for bold victories and new leadership. ben jealous. governor. a california woman is facin criticism tonight after she was caught on camera allegedly calling police on an africanan amer8-year-old girl calling water. jordan rogers was sling water bottles in san francisco across from at&t park when the woman
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approached the girl asking for a permit. when the woman appeared to start calling police, the girl's mothertarted recording. that's her voice you hear. the girl's mother claims the call was racially thmotivated. woman says that's not true and says she onlyte prended to call officers never showed. you see her ducking there. that video has been widely rculated on social media. meanwhile, a transgender woman says an employee at a popular downtown restaurant refused to let her use the women's restroom and tomorrow she plans to file a complaint with the d.c. office of human rights. charlotte was at aaclorette party friday night but when she went to use the restroom, she says an employee asked tor see i.d. she refused. the employee followed her intoo the res and threatened to call the police. she called them herself. police officers said she had every right to use the women's restro
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restroom. >> i don'txpect this to happe and this can't happen to another lgbt person in d.c., it can't. >> the mayor saying we won't accept this type of discrimination in d.c.uo a from the mayor and apologized and said it will be retraining stafo tonight we are on panda watch. a live look at the zoo. there is a lot of excitement here ande'll reveal the signs that panda may b with child. a house fire, never a good thing. everyo made it out but the everyo made it out but the timing of this fire makes it
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that's what the washington post vo: "callsrous." ths on david blair. it's dirty politics. the washington post endorses blair for montgomery county executive. "an energy and passion for innovation." blair is "the best chance of injecting "a dose of vitality in a county innothaton." dly needs it." david: we can invest more in our schools, expand pre-k and improve transportation and we can do it without more taxes when we create jobs. that's the change we need. vo: david blair. undemocrat for montgomery executive. endorsed by the washington post.
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right. picture this, you are hours from your wedding and you have guests. people are scrambling and fire. the dress endangered of being in flames just happened derrick ward talked to her about this drama unfolding on her big day. >> reporter: she is exceedingly calm for aride to be hours before she walks down the isle. >> shockingly. >> reporter: this after the fire that ravaged the family's home around 2:00 a.m. >> i went down stairs, my god,
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everything was in flame t >> reporte fire is belie believed to have started from a discarded cigarette by the garage. there was 15 house guests. they got out unharmed. eric started moving cars for fear there would be an explosion. >> the fourth one was hot. i thought this is going to be on fire anyminute. >> reporter: moving those cars would be particularly a good idea, we'll tell you why. after this they understandably considered cancelling the wedding. >> we were okay with it. we were trying to pull everything together. >> but everything is paid for, so my wife like you know what, let's minimize whatever it is and just go ahead and have fun or whatever we can try to do. >> reporter: so the wedding was to go on.ll techni coral is already married to her husband. he's a military man so they had a civil ceremony a year ago. guess what happened that night. >> we went to a hotel in oregon and somebody blew up a car
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outside. about the : wha wedding dress? remember, eric moved the vehicles from the driveway before it could burn. >> the dress wn pute truck the night before. >> reporter: amid the loss and prewedding fire, the most important things were saved. corey stewt, virginia's republican nominee is a long-time supporter of president trump and triedotrengthen that speaking at the tea for trump event. he reiterated how he would support the president if he's elected to the senate in november. >> we will work together with nd the president we will make our tax cuts permanent. we will restore american health care and we will bring down race and the competition of the health care provision in th united states. and finally, ladies and gentlemen, we will end the
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illegal immigration in america. >> stewart is trying to unseat tim kaine this fall. all right. switching gears e'now, back on baby panda watch. keepers are hopeful she's pregnant. this is a live look inside the panda house we can show you. the habitat near her den temporary closed. she was artificially insimilar na -- inseminated in march. she's been sleepin a lot and eating less and building a nest, signs of pregnancy but one hasn't been confirmed yet. zoos can look each day before 2:00 in their outdoor enclosure. all right. storm team 4 meteorologist joining us. the emergency wmorning was plea.
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how many weekends is this, seven, with consi. ent ra >> last week we got a break so this is the sixth. >> most of us today did remain relatively unscathed but we have a storm system along the pennsylvania maryland border. we are going to go red. take a look. 've got this storm, this line of storms moving through frerick country that prompted a severe thunderstorm warning for now central frederick county and farther southeast, really with thisre line what w seeing is a good amount of rain coming down. very hvy rain not seeing a lot of lightning with it but very heavy rain and the reason it's not turned into a severe thunderstorm warning because wind gusts are il60 an hour. this will continue to move through frederick county, maryland arriving by the half hour mark and hasbon and will continue to push towards montgomery. it may lose the severe status
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but rain expecd to push through northern portions of montgomery. a big picture overa shows a lot of active weather farther south and into southern maryland to the eastern shore. for us inside the'l beltway, be pretty good tonight. here is a look, 10:00 p.m., notice how we're dry. we move to 3:55 a.m. we're dry andve clearight. some clouds fluctuate in and out through monday but we're startiy off mos sunny. towards the afternoon, that's where we may see clouds after lunchtime but that is brief then by the afternoon and evening, we are going to see drying conditions and a lot more sunshine breaking through. yourines overall, spotty showers drying out tonight, really gre a start mondaynd tuesday and then we got a heat up on the horizon. i'll get to that on the ten-day but for let's take a look at the game. if anybody is hded to the game, we're looking at temperatures in the low 80s. damp because we did receive rain
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earlier today but we are dry. they should be fine by the fourth inning. temperatures around 75. so very comfoable and the good news is, we'll see humidity fall behind it. it's going to get better as the evening wares on. temperatures in the upper 60w 70s, again, spotty shower out there and then drying. the clos we get to midnight. here is a look at the outlook on monday a not until we start moving into the middle of the week with that chance for showers and storms and that will be wednesday and thursday. friday chances are rely low. friday will be a nice move into the weekend. planning out your monday, hitting the road during the morning rush looking at the temperaturesn the low 70s. 'll warm up to the low 80s so you'll notice a difference, not as hot tomorro and air lot more sunshine breaking through in the second half of the day. storm team four ten-day outlook. we'll s a chance f showers and storms wednesday and thursday. take a look at the hea at the
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d of the week. i mean, i am being modest because we're a little far out but some of these numbers on the models are really up sothere. e're talking about possibly another heat wave, a real heat wave more than three dayst the endf the week. >> nothing tests like summer like good ol' barbecue. pit masters are battling it out. let's show you the scene at the annual giant national capital barbecue battle. celebrity chefs and armature cooks getting a chance to compete for cash and prizes. look dell ious. stahead, another shocker at the world cup coming up next. ry to three generations montgoof elrich's.ome we love it here. but we have to work to keep it great, like fixing transit and traffic to shorten my son-in-law's commute.
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increasing open space where my grandchildren can play. and reducing classroom sizes for all our kids. that's why our next county executive has to require developers to solve the problems their developments create. as county executive, that's exactly what i'll do for every generation. z2u2gz z16fz y2u2gy y16fy
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arunacomes from listeningy law to peoples' stories. i'm aruna miller, and growing up as an immigrant, i know we have the power to improve peoples' lives. that's why in the state legislature, i fought for more computer science in our schools. gps tracking for domestic abusers. and some of the strictest gun safety laws in the nation. in congress, i won't let donald trump undo the progress we've made. i approved this message for all our stories.
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christmas eve, my dad had no healthcare. he walked into an emergency room clenching his chest, and they sent him home. he died alone on a cold floor because he was poor. today in america your life is just a paycheck to an insurance company. it's time to end the american nightmare that my mother and i went through. i'm roger manno. i'm running for congress to expand medicare to every american. i approve this message. all right. time for sunday night baseball in the nation's capital. >> yeah, it will be a challenge for theiv nationals the times they played the phillies, they won only two of those. the national's slump continues as they try to avoid being swept
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er the second this month. winners of the last two against washington, the phillies are on a hot streak winning six of the last seven. but the o's in action looking to a complete a sweep in atlanta. the braves and 91 degrees at pitch. you're eating ice cream. two uton, two smacking this ball deep tocenter, both runs come in to score. culverson heads to second with a two-run double. rays out to a 5-1 lead. trumbo in to pinch hit. gat was ad decision, why? trumbo takes this ball deep to center carrying overrule the fence a two-run shot for trumbo. his eighth home run of the season. the bds are back in it down 5-3. bottom eight swanson pinchg hittin for atlanta, swanson answering trumbo and sends tes over the fence in left.
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go-bye a pinch hit o-run homer, braves avoid the sweep and beat the birds 7-3. another stunneror at the wld cup colombia thing on eight ranked pola p. let'sk things up in the 40th mi te. we'rescoreless. ball played in by colombia and gary comes ay with the goal on the header. the goal gives colombia a 1-nil lead. fans goingol absely wild for a colombia. now second half, 70 minute working the ball around and he putsth it in e back of the net. this is falco's first goal at the world cup. colombia adds another shockingpo land. they win it 3-nil eliminatingha poland tt has not scored a goal in both games at the world cup. earlier today england with an impressive showing against i panathe eighth minute. they get the party started on the corner kick, it's jn stone
6:27 pm
with the header. one of two goals today for stones and england jumps out to an early 1-nil lead. let's skip ahead second halfit england w a commanding 5-0 lead and everything going their way. terry cane right place, right time. this ball deflects off him and in. a hat trickn the game. england crushes panama 6-1 the final. senegal taking on japan, two of the biggestay surprises of the tournament. skipping ahead 71st minute tied at one. senegal ties the ball in. his strike gives senegal the lead. japan not backing down 78th minute. they come up with an answer. misses but case comes away with the equalizer. they play to a 1-1 draw. they are tied for the lead in
6:28 pm
group h -- excusee at 2-2 and the youngest player from africa to score goal in the world cup. he's only 19 years old and eight montcr. >> ible. >> pretty incredible. i remember when i was 18 -- >> 19 years old and eight months ncrning 20. regardless,dible what he's able to do. >> absolutely. thank you. so this game tonight, think it will be okay? >> it should be fine. just a little damp. >> thank you. that's our broadcast for tonight. tonight. thanks for joining us. could mean you see this that's why you need fios-the 100% fiber-optic network. that means more speed for more devices at once -and to prove it, we'll help you add another. choose a free samsung chromebook 3 or a $200 credit toward other samsung tech plus get the fastest internet available, up to 200 tv channels, phone, and a 2-year price guarantee. all for just $79.99 per month with a 2-year agreement. stuck in a contract? we'll help you out with up to a $500 credit
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night, the president calls the american immigrati hoystem a mockery and says who enter illegally should be sent back without court cases. the hard line as promised reunions of children and parents offer challenges of their own. af future ki england and the president's son-in-law crisscross the middle east, one promising positivity, the other a long awaited plan for peace. they marched on washington. now they're demanding the right to vote. are 16-year-olds too young? millions of parents addicted to opioid innovative program says it can solve both problems at once. and alone on a plane, a blind and death m


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