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tv   Early Today  NBC  June 25, 2018 3:30am-4:01am EDT

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in a weekend tweet storm president trump calls f the u.s. to deport anyone in the country illegally without due process. which is also unconstitutional. that is the border battle escalatingith protest growing by the day. families fighting to be united. >> a late night legal change plans involving stormy daniels 'meeting with federals prosecutn new york. her lawyer speaking out. >> a 15-year-old saves the day when a man who is deaf and blind needs help abarred a flight. >> the 9-year-old english bulk dog named the world's ugliest dog. good morning i'm phillip menna.
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i'm gigi stone in for frances. weh begin w the developments in washington where the president rattled the judicial system with a series of tweets unleashingn aggressive and unprecedented attack on undocumented immigrants. calling for them to be sent back to home countries immediately. l wutt anyal protections or even the constitutional right to appear before a. jud >> yet another head spinning development on an issue thatil ripped fs apart and led to growing chor us of bipartisan outcries. still no legitimating fix is in sight even as congress is poised on on a bill to tackle the issue. kelly o'donnell h f morerom the white house. >> reporter: during the motorcade ride toir thenia golf course he fired off on twitter ignoringeg existing rights for undocumented immigrants. we must immediately with no judges or crt cases bring them back from where they came. the president's edict fails to recognize constitutional due
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process. long established case lawhat ants that protection to non-citizens. but that didn't stop the idea from bubbling this week. >> i don't want judges. i want border securi. i don't want judges i want border patrol, i.c.e. >> the president eventsfr tration at congress after house republicans could not decide onegislation to address the border crisis. and he made democrats his target. >> it's the democrats' fault but wouldn't b their fault for long if they sat down with us. >> democrats who made trips to the border argue their party has been kept out of negotiations. and impasse that fuels the campaign year fight. gutierrez. k lui >> it's wrong to separate babies using cruel inhue mine policies in order to begin up your business. and it seems to be working. >> in avi new int with christian media outline tbn the
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president says he wants to impose aun financialhment on migrant's home countries in central america. >> you take a country like honduras and so many others sending people into our country by the thousands. i think we should stop giving them money. >> but just days ago vice president pence met the leader white uras here at the house. and declared a strong partnership. negotiables say the vice president will travel to central america andri south a this woke including guatemala where many mierpgts are at the u.s. bordeaux are from him. . immigration will in the be on adding but hard to avoid. ee president heads becut on the campaign trail visiting south carolina and on the campaign trail illegal immigration is a fault lain. and congress is back to work a trying to legislate some kind of solutiono ease the crisis. the outcry over separated families continuedhis we
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could. hundreds gathering outside a tent city housing migrantdr ch in tornillo, texas. demanding they be reunited with families. the protest drawing celebrity support as well with act rob reiner, and a singer among the protesters. as at another center for migrant away.en one teen has run gabe gutierrez has more. >> reporter: ther borde battle is escalating. immigration outside a tent city near el paso. >> so detain the families isot right. it's immoral. >> new questions about the skourt of migrant children, police in texas determine a 15-year-old boy ran away this shelter in browns she will yesterday. a source with d ect knowledge says he was in the proce of being reunited with a parent and is now believed to be in mexico.
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the non-profit running ther shelte we talk to them and try to get them to stay. if they leave the propey we ll law enforcement. the department of health and human services says it's caring for more than 2,000 separated minors. ny say the process of reuniting them with adult caregivers wil not be easy. >> how confuse something this process for them. >> completely confusing. they don't know the law speak theanl or and being told conflicting things. >> migrants like this woman are hoping for t ee reunion. in honduras herar mother wants to know when she sees her grandson again np thisye -old was separated from his mere after they crossed into the u.s. illegly they think he is in a shelter in arizona. this hurts omy soul s says. i can't talk to them.te >> rep federal authorities say within 24 hours of arriving at an hhsund facility like this children griffin the community of communicating with
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a vette parent. the department of homeland security insist that is it knows the location of all the children in its custody. gigi. >> thank you for that, gabe a planned meeting between stormy daniels and federal prosecutors has been called off. daniels' attorney tweeting they are cancellinghe meeting because the press found out and they can't handle the cameras outside the office. sources tell nbc news thescwere duled to meet with the prosecutor as part of the investigation into michael cohen. president trump former attorney. after the cancellationeyhe atto shared an email he wrote to prosecutors writing we believe the canceling the meeting is ridiculous. we don't thichk it was any secret you were meeting with my client. he offered to meet in a alternative location. a spokesperson for the u.s. attorney officeeclined to comment. police charged one man with murder in the fatal stabbinew o aork teenager last week.
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15-year-old guzman known as junior was dragged out o a bronx bodega and stabbed in the ne following an altercation. the nypd released the photos of suspects who say they mistook him for someone else. they madets arr junior's family is relieved but demanding more be done. >> i need more. i want everybody for that killed my son to go to il. >> hundreds gather ds outside the bodega sunday night for a vigil. police say an investigation is ongoing and more arrests are anticipated. day 11f the world cup is way. and englandary harry cane k wked pormtz. stellar the superstar led to a six-one beating. next a japan and senegal going at it back and forth for the entire 90 minutes.
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after a laet goal the match ended in a 2-2 draw. both teams have a chance to qualify. fiy colombia had no issues ainst poland. jumping out to a quick attack they shutolut pand 3-0. poland eliminated from cup contention. uick look at teams that have been eliminated thus far. with rainbow flags held high millions around the country paraded throu the streets for the annual lgbtq plus pride celebrations. in new york city, thousands ofh ma took over the streets in addition to 80 floats. on thera west coast sanisco wrapped up a weekend of pride events with their own colorful parade. organizers say as many as 1 million people turned out. andcross the border revellers celebrated pride in mexico city with aivists also calli on the government it to do more to end gay disimination across the country. all right on this monday morning let's check the weather with ourmeteorologist. >> hope you had a wonderful weekend. and if you are in the south y y
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know how hot and steamy dwas and the storms rollingou . it's continuing. a lot of tropical humidly coming pup it's up into mphis pl feeling like 102 tp dallas like 105 myrtle beach it's 105. when you jump to the north the canadian air is in place over the great lakesnd enjoy it while you can because there is hit worth for the region by the time we get to the end of the we could and thrhe next we can. enjoy the beautiful weather today.'s thhe big weather story for the day here is a closer aok at the dhead. we see a slight chance of thunderstorms through the carolins. a slate risk of storm through charlotte and hits and miss pop up storms in florida. maybe a risk of a stronger storm or two in areas in iowa. we'll look at the week ahead forecast coming up. >> thank you, bill. >> good weather is good for t
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om and it's still prom season. a-list guests treated teens fighting canser to a problem night to remember. happening at children's h orange county, california. the event featured grays anatomy cast membersnd jack black. it's a 17-year-old tradition celebrating cancer patients and hospital alumni. >> great to see. developing overnight a hazmat situation with dozens sent to the hospital.e we havhe latest details when we come back on early today on . monday morning e. okay. careful not to get it in her eyes. i know, i know what a bath is... smile honey. this thing is like... first kid. here we go. second kid. you coming in mommy? ahh not a chance! by their second kid, every parent is an expert and more likely to choose luvs than first time parents. luvs with nightlock plus absorbs wetness faster than huggies snug and dry for outstanding overnight protection at a fraction of the cost.
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if you have inflammatory bowel disease, tell your doctor if symptoms develop or worsen. serious allergic reactions may occur. never give up. see me. see me. clear skin can last. don't hold back... ...ask your dermatologist if cosentyx can help you find clear skin that lasts. wearing powerful sunscreen? yes! neutrogena® ultra sheer. unbeatable protection helps prevent early skin aging and skin cancer with a clean feel. the best for your skin. ultra sheer®. neutrogena®. breaking news out of salem, massachusetts. at least 20 people are hospalized after a major hazmat situation. a icials had responded to color even leak at thermal circus earlier in the afternoon th situation wasleared. but the same night workers began feeling sick complaining of nausea and difficulty breathing.
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officials say it's contained to the building, remaining crossed as hazmat reinvestigates. leading the news this morning, today the future king s of england taking part in what he calls a historic e middle on tour of east with prince william executing a delicate tight rope walk including both diplomatic and royal duties as the political climate gets more tense with the president's son-in-law jareder kus with in the region. promising to reveal his long awaited peace plan with or without input from the palestinian president. kir simeon is in aman with more. >> prince william arriving inrd jordan praising jordan for welcome hundreds ofhousand of syrian refugees. later this week he meets with israeli and palestinian leaders hoping those close to him tell me to bring positivit to the region but last week israeli forces launched airstrikes aryinst palestinian mil positions in gaza. for long awaited trumpad
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nistrations israeli poltsennen peace plan could be published without the ooperion of the palestinian leader. according to the son-in-law jared kushner, already palestinian leaders arepe refusg to to the would y p say afterresident trump announced the u.s. embassy would be moved to jerusalem. the white house and a future british king trying to make a difference in different ways.ny where so have failed. >> thanks for that report. two former hockey playe failurenhl claiming a to warn injuries about brain injury. nick boynton bothd suffe from long time degenerative brain damage due to repeated concussions ao blowse head. it alleges the league encouraged player to play throughinjury. they are failing on behalf of all former players sfering from brain injury and it's time for the nhl to acknowledge the serious consequences of head
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trauma. >> such a big problem throughout so many sports. baby news be new zealand's leader introduced her bundle of joy. she shares this photo on instagram. the new mom is the second head of state iodn history to give birth in office. p hetner clark guyford and many mom in naive nam the daughter. neve pch it's winter in new zealand np and dad will take over when shek gets b to work. the u.s. hasn't opinion able to elect a female leader butther countries > problem. >> winners from the last night b.e.t. awards.
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is with a treat you make together. ♪ ♪
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♪ los angel transforming in wakanda as the awards transformed. cluding michael b jordan on the stanl to deliver the famous line from the smash movie. >> can we get the line? >> man. are you sure? bury me in the oceans in the ancestorsy because t jumped to
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their death because they knew death was better than agbo >> other big winners included amith oi and. and b was orion with the lifetime grammy within urged musicians to suphrt e other. mack mills debuted his song. stay work. just being released fr prison. the rapper wore a hoody. with the image of the recent rapper gunned down. >> jane an jackson can count one more award under hel after she was honored at the radio disney awards but itast just a statue she got to take home. >> it's our honor to present janet jackson with the rdma impact award which from forward will be called the janet jackson impact award. >> wow! it's o thing to get the awardto
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tally different to get it named after you. accepting the honor janet her family and young fans who she says inspire and compact her every y. >> this morning it was a tearful and remorseful b rose andr speaking out telling her side of the story for the first time sincehe tweet abouttt jar she four days since the nounsment of goingad with the connors. the embattled actress says she g lost everyth in the weeks since the tweet went viral making herself a hate magnet. >> here is some of what she had to say. >> i havelack childre in my family. i can't -- i can't let them say these things about me after 30 years of my putting my family and my health and myd livelih at risk to stand up for people. i never -- i'm a lot of things
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and loud mouth and all that stuff but i'm not stupid for god's sake. and i never would have waitingly have called any black pson -- say they are a monkey. i would never do that. and i never did that. and if people think i did that it kills me. if they think mthat, i so sorry that i -- you know, it was so unclear and stupid. i'm very sorry. >> that's a lot to take in. just ahead bill a has a lack at the forecast plus the world's ugliest dog contest under way this weekend. you'll want toeet the owner. poor guy. maybe that hurts his feelings. waur watching early today.
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chocolate, whole grains, and iron. food that's made for us to power us, power our strength. food like special k. and try new special k nourish berries & peaches with probiotics. meet the winner of this year's world's ugliest dog's contest. oua-zsa with a long tongue. i thinke gorgeous. they chose the pooch over many other dog as imperfections. >> hand it over to bill. >> as soon as zau zau showed up everyone was like w you. gusty storms today we're watching in iowa through the south carolinaimegion. by the we get to wednesday we track the storms to the ohio valley. then a heat wave into the middle of the country. right back here on early tod.
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a computer problem in maryland. >> the president says theld cous sht play a role in deciding if people stay or g a
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after weekend filled with protests zpliefrmts flames rip through a -- the family says the can't stop them. good .rning, everyo thanks for joining us on this monday. i'm eun yang. >> i'm -- hey,o it looks like the weekend rain that we sawas moved out. then we had a nice -- >> now, the personho is going to deliver, melissa llmoet has your eye on the roads, butrs chuck bell, has a look at your forecast for monday. hi i lauren was absolutely right. you're going to love the next couple of days around here. cooler weather moving back in after a 91 degree hot, humid sunday afternoon. next chance for rn doesn't show up until mid part of the


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