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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  June 25, 2018 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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good morning, everyone. thanks for starting your with us. i'm eun yang. >> i'm angie goff sigts i for aaron this morning. take a look behind us. it looks like that weekend rain is out of here. we have a nice dry start to our workweek. >> something to look forward to. melissa has a look going in your first 4 traffic. first, storm team 4 meteorologist cluck bell with a forecast for monday. >> hey, good morning. happy monday, everybody. skies have been clearing out during the overnight hours, and we're going to be left with an abundance of sunshine for today. we'll get a few fair weather cumulus clouds bubbling up during the middle of the afternoon, but they're not going to be rain you can leave the umbrella at home after a bit of a stormy finish to the weekendy. yester right now it's in the mid 60s in the shenandoah valley. even 66 now to leesburg, manassas at 68. stafford and quantitiesco, 63. a nice morning. afternoon high in the comfy zong yetn. becoming less humid and cooler as well. today's high temperature only
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right around 84 degrees. over the next four days lower humidity. near perfect weather for tomorrow. we'll talk more abo storm chances coming up thursday on into friday, and, oh, that ten-day forecast, it's going b bezing hot by the weekend. all right. let's go over to melissa and make sure your monday commute is going to go smoothly. >> so far so good. chopper 4 headed to the top of the beltway for us this morning. look how pretty it is. thank you, chopper, for that shot. you can see inner loop and outer loop here this morning top of the beltway. rolling along very typically. no big problems there. rest of the beltway is looking good here this morning. you can see inbound 5 there right after the d.c. line. you can see those normal slowdowns there. as you zoom in, taking a look here at the american legion bridge, no where you're headed. speaking of the river, white' ferry shut down today. high water on the potomac. eun. >> all right, melissa. thank you. it's 6:01. >> primary decision 2018 in
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maryland happens tomorrow. more than 18,000 voters aren't properly registered because of a computer error at the mva. >> news 4 nicole jacobs jounz us now liv to explain how you can make sure that all of your information is correct before the vote tomorrow. hi, nicole. >> thousands of people havingor incorrect ition in the computer system. some skritices say this is a political ploy to confuse vers which they believe could suppress voter turnoutor tomorrow, but mva and election officials say they're doing all they can to remedy this problem. voters can do their due diligencng as well by g to the board of elections website, to the lookup website.
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type in your information. you'll then seet exactly w information is under your name, if in a information is incorrect you have the ability to change that. maryland state election officials are also holding a hearing next month. they say this is the last thing they want to happen during the generalelection. now, if you need to do some lrct minute reson any of the candidates or information, can you go to the nbc washington app and search maryland primary. back to you. >> nicole, thank you. in virginia senator cory stewart worked to strengthen his bonds with gop supporters over e weekend, and heid it over tea. stewart spoke at the virginia women for trump tea for trump event. u are looking at some video from that event at trump international sthotels. art reiterated how he would support the president if he is elected to the senate come november. >> we will work together with the president, and we wl make our tax cuts permanent.
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we will a restorerican health care. we will bring down race, and we will imp the quality bybr ging competition to a health care provision in the united states. stewart is trying to unseat democrat tim kaine this fall. ahe government works to reunite families in detention centers along t border, lawmakers here in washington will try again to pass angr imion reform bill this week. meanwhile, president trump continues toci cri current policies. he tweeted yesterday, "we must immediately with no judges or cours, ca bring them back from where they ."came critics say such a move violates the constitution and due process. that didn't stop the presint from pushing it and blaming democrats the cr>>is. don't want judges. i want border security. i don't want judges. i wt boardser patrol. i want ice. >> it's the democrats' fat, but i wouldn't be their fault for long if they sat down with us. we could make a deal so quickly.
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>> some democrats zwroinijod protesters calling for more answers about how families are being reunited. at least 2,000 children are now in federalacilities across the country. many separated from their parents at the boarder. some parents have already been deported without them. it's 6:05. we have breaking news right now. d.c. police are investigating a shting in southeast. megan fitzgerald is at the live desk with the latest. what's happenin >> yeah,eun. we've been on the phone with police, and tell tell us that officers responded to a shooting just after 2:00 this morning in the 2400 block of skyland place in southeast. you are looking at footage from the scene. this is the area near wagner street. .t's not far from stanton elementary scho police say the man who was transported to the hospital was unconscious. a suspect description has not yet bn releas if you have any information about this shooting, police areo asking you call .them back to you. >> thank you,gan. it is going to be an
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emotional day ipittsburgh. the family of antoine rose will say their final good-byes to thi high school senior. rose was shot and killed last tuesday by police during a traffic stop. -year-old was unarmed. police say that the car that rose was a passenger in matched the description of a vehicle connected to ahooting earlier that night. his death has sparkedrotest acrohe country. later this morning, d.c. mayor muriel bows will announce initiatives to curb violence and create jobs for youth. she's kicking off the fir day of the summer youth employment program which helps more than 10,000eens and young adults get jobs for the summer. the event begins a 11:n southeast washington on martin luther king jr. every bride's worst nightmare g having somethi wrong on her wedding day, and that is exactly what happened to one potomac bride. her home went up in flames just hours before the ceremony. take a look. the fire completely destroyed
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the house on kentering circle. she had put d herss in the trunk of her car that night before. the firefighters were able to save the groom's suit. >> we're blessed everybody got out okay. the dress is okay. we're very lucky. >> yeah. consider this. 17 people were inside that house when it caught fireer and ody made it out safely, as she mentioned. to fire is believed, though, have started from a cigarette that had been tossed into a recycling>> bin. 6:07 p. the woman now known as permit s patty onial media is defending her decision to allegedly call the o police an 8-year-old girl selling water. jordan rogers waser selling wat bottles in san francisco across from at&t park on friday. that is when allison prtel apched her and asked for a permit. when ettel pretended she was calling police, the girl's mother started recording.
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the girl's mother says the call was racially motivated. ettel says that's not true. she said she only presend tended to call police because the girl and her mother had beenis makin for hours. officers did not show up. today she plans to file a complaint withhe d.c. office of human rights. charlotte climber was at a bachelor et cetera party friday night. she went to use the rest room, and she says an employee there asked to see her identification, her id.r climbe refused. the employee followed her into the rest room and then threatened to call the police. climberhen called the police herself. officers showed up. they told the restaurant that she had every right to use the women's rest room. >> i just didn't expect thi to happen. this can't happen to another lgbtq person in d.c. it can't. muriel bowser weighing in
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saying we won't accept this kind of discrimination in d.c. a major step in the progressive movement for women in saudi arabia. they are nowble to drive. just after midnight yesterday the world's last remaining b on women driving was lifted. for years women in saudi arabia had to rely on male family members to drive them around. the first lady was a special guest for kids in virginia this weekend. hear more of her message on family after the break. plus, this is not footage from a big disaster movie. it is real. this is the horrific flooding that hit china in the last few days. we'll have more on that straigh ahead on ews 4." chuck. and a happy monday to you. i know it's a monday in the atsummertime. eans the only thing you are thinking about is can i go to the beach this weekente abso, you should. friday, saturday, and sunday all look simply amazing. if it's going to be that warm at if it's going to be that warm at the beach, wait until yo
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the washington post endorses angela alsobrooks for prince george's county executive, the washington post endorspraising alsobrookss for being "responsive, diligent and detail-oriented" thand for "doingost endorsan outstanding job"s as state's attorney. as county executive, alsobrooks would be "focused, fearless and far-sighted" ould be a strong advocate
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for our schools and preparing children for collegand careers." angela alsobrooks: it's time to fulfill the promise of prince george's, and i know we can do it together. [cheering]
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> first day melania trump travelled to tyson's to speak to kids about empowerment this weekend. she spoke at the students against destructive decisions confedence. she uhe group to have each other's backs, and treat their communities likefamily. the first lady also talked about the role adults play in setting up young people for success. >> i feel very strongly that it is the job of to provide you with the tools you need become the best you can be if it all areas of life. >> this was the first lady's first event since visitinghe children'ser in texas last week. that visit was overshadowed by her jacket that read i really don't care, do you? the president said it was a message to the media. o
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herffice said there was no hidern message. one of the most popular and divisive politicians in moder turkish -- president k.f.ederwan. this event was considered a controversial election because a re-elected president consolidated his power under a new executive presidency system. they said the plane was low on fuel, and there were problems with the landing gear. the survivor was rushed to the also this morning, no word yet on what caused this horrific explosion at an apartment i believin western germany. it happened late saturday nightj the city ist outside of
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cologne. you can see smoke billowing out of the building ere. families may have been called this place home. officials say 25 people are recovering from their injuries. four am them. officials have not commented on whether or not the explosion could possibly be terror-related. take a loma at this dc video out of china. u can see flash floods pouring down a montain int overflowing rivers. a middle school, and acres of armland we submerged under water yesterday. there were no injuries to cause students out of school for the weekend. >> more bad news for parts of oklahoma today. more severe storms are headed that way. strong storms already doing a lot of damage this weekend. take a look.yo can see the video that camper right there totally flipped over. this is about 40 miles south of tulsa. crews worked quickly to repair power lines before more storms moved in. kernight and there there is one person thatws about stormds in oklahoma, this guy.
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>> yeah. >> it's on the road from tul to -- >> that's what -- >> muscogee. >> that's a song. >> yaep way, yes, they have had another rough morning outhe tre this morning. their weather will be improving later today. the heat build, and that heat as they start to experience out there today, that's coming our way. enjoy your weather while you can for today, and tomorro watch for falling humidity as the air gets dryer and dryer around here. as we get towarwednesday, the humidity starts to creep back up and we will have a chance for a thunderstorm wednesday afternoon. that gets into early parts of ursday, but that is the warm air that's moving in, and by the time we get to the weekend,
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hot, hazy, humid weather. on tap starting on friday, and then going well into the middle part of next week. itldooks like those c really be a significant pat.rn chan rain in eastern kentucky, going to stay south of us today. if youre a traveling southbound along i-95 or i-85 down towards the north carolina border, probably run into raindrops b ther i don't think anywhere north of fredericksburg has really any chance of getting any rainfall for today. dry weather today and tomorrow before that rain chance comes back. e weather to help you set your mind at ease. north to northwest breezes for today. pushingid the hy ever southbound. temperatures are mostly in the 60s here on an early monday in mo 66 now in loudoun county. 65 in montgomery county. 70 in prince george's county. there's your plannerfor today. plenty of sunshine. noticeably less humid. sun is already up.un doesn't go dowl 8:37 this evening. these are the lest sunrise -- nsets of the year.
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tomorrow the sun is up one minute later than today. you may not have noticed it yet, but we're getting shorter days now. ow we'll have about 30 seconds less daylight than we're going to get for today. highs tomorrow in the 80s once gain. it ing to be very, very comfortable for sure. we'll be watching through tpl next cof days. today mostly sunny by later on in the afternoon. we'll haveloair weathers around. these are not rain makers. by tomorrow morning we'll be in s.e mid 60 that's in the city. you get into the shenandoah valley, northern maryland, it will be a lot of spots on thew map tomororning in the upper 50s. open up the windows this evening and enjoyott because it's going to last. on wednesday clouds increasing very quickly during theday. not terribly hot, but noticeably more humid by wednesday wednesday's high, 85. the showers come to an end relatively early o the day thursday, so that by thursday afternoon with the sun coming back, back into the upper 80s to near90, a by friday afternoon, mostly sunny. hot and humid with a high of 93
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degrees. >> here we are through that area. inner loop and outer loop, looking good here this morning. you can see beltway, rest of us is looking good as well. tiny bit of a sl down inboun on 395 as you head northbound on 395 and across the beltway. 395 through thatea. taking a look right now, you can see no big problems the'e. wh ferry, closed today. high water on the potomac, and your travel times, 270 is okay. top of the beltway, tiny bit of a slowdo on . you are looking good. 95 northbound, kwauptco to the beltway, no problems remember to listen to wtop 103.5 fm when you hop in the car. eun. >> thank you, melissa. >> time is now 6:20.
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the show dogs stay homeor this competition. well, their perhaps less attractive counterpart strutted their stuff. and we are going to ioroduce you raki. a japanese technique that cld help you find balance in your life. that's nt on news 4 today.ex
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aches and pains and stress. chances are that at one point or another you suffered one or more or all of these, and to feel better some are looking to eastern medicine for reli h. zooe's news 4 justin finch to u tells more about the
6:23 am
mysterious healing art of raki. >>. >> at the bethesda rrested for recovery, relief, and raki. >> what's awesome aboutra , it's that it activates your own healing ability. >> alex pierre a louise, raki practitioner, she says she finds the japanespy healing the helps her clients who are weighed down by aches, pains, andst ss. >> a lot of people deal with a lot of trauma, and they don't know how to deal with it in a healthy way, and everybody can use raki to help them calm the find. >> alex channels positive energt to give com to her clients. clients like crystal who have seenlex for years for raki, and alex told crystal about tensions in her hands. >> when i move patients, you move mostly with my right because it's where all my strength is. >> this level of relaxation is a
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far cry from crystal's long and intensive days working as a nurse. she's even encouraged co-workers to give raki a try. edicine doesn't always have to be the traditional version of, like, a painpill. >> for some ndraki may sou a bit out there, but alex suggests giving it a try. er time she says raki's components, the breathe,, the relaxing, the focus on healing, can make a measurable difference. >> with more treatment you will feel differ btly. you wil in a meditative state and fall asleep. >> users say salt removes all the toxins in the air. our justin finch is such a good sport. heinds out whether that one is -- after all, justin will be sond relaxed, willing to take on the world. >> i mean, that boy was wearing that -- you know, like that.
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>> what do you call it? >> the sheet masks. yeah. >> pitasters from across the country gather in d.c. this was the scene along pennsylvania avenue yesterday at the annuall giant natio capital barbecue battle. it is one of the country's largest foo and music festivals. celebrity chefs and amateur cooks with all there getting a chance to compete for cash and prizes. not sure if you watched the weekend, but we had derek ward down there, and. >> the ugliest dog named yesterday. she's cute. >> she's endearing. i mean, who doesn't want to give
6:26 am
that dog a little smooch? >> the wle thing i s to flaunt your uperfections. elebrate wrirngles. we love this. >> chuck's pooches are adorable. that little lucien. this is perfect for this competition. >> he doesn't even have a tongue that hangs allhe way out his mouth. of till leaves a trail water. bulldog there, can you imagine that? then we have a goo looking day underway. sunshine is back. the humidity is going down. you can actually get that car wash and keep it clean for the next couee of days. ext chance for rain is wednesday. more about that in the changing weather pattern ahead coming upi adam tuss. is she or isn't she the giant panda here at the nationaloo could be pregnant. we'll tell you why people tinnk that comup.
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plus, in president trump'te twitter battle, he is fighting jimmyfallon. at it has to do with this old interview and how fallon is usin charity to
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vo: "ludicrous." that's what the washington post calls the attacks on david blair. it's dirty politics. the washington post endorses blair for montgomery county executive. "an energy and passion for innovation."is blair the best chance of injecting a dose of vitality in a county that badly needs it." david: we can invest more in our schools, and we can do it w morerove trantaxesationho when we create jobs. at's the change we need. vo: david blair. democrat for me.tgomery county execut endorsed by the washington post.
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>> 6:30. we are taking a liveeook outss we start this monday. bright sunshine over the horizon. the rain has moved out. now a cooldown is come. like the sound of that. good morning,i'everyone. eun yang. >> i'm angie goch in for aaron. >> this morning rise andin she. melissa is watching the roads if first four traffic. we have chuck bell here bringing us this sparkling storm team 4 forecast. a nice day to be outside a couple more days ofon vaca
6:31 am
>> nothing to complain about other than the fact that it's monday. there's really nothing to compla about. yourkeup weather, then, will be in the mid 60s to around 70 here for theext couple of hours. a nice warmup. perfect weather to do the oldll cannont the local pool. temperatures this afternoon will be in the low to mid 80s. plenty of sunshine. there asunngle will get you. don't forget to put your spf on toda 4 probably nee or higher. don't ever ever tan your face. right? you got to keep shade on that. >> absolutely. ask eun. she has a great hat collection. >> not theace. >> keep the face clean. chopper over 270 sethbound at spur. can you see the montgomery county bus lot there in not much action there this morning. school is out. maybe a little here or there for mmer school. right now beltway is looking good. top of the beltway little slow. very normal for this time of
6:32 am
day. 66 is fine. 95 northbound your slow spogo i g to be wood bridge here this morning. as we zoom in and te a look re at the american legion bridge, you're looking good there. inner loop and outer loop. >> melissa, thank you. it's now 6:30. now.king news right the prosecutor investigating the suicide of celebrity chef anthonyda bo. has confirmed to nbc news bourdain drank significantly the evening before his death. it wouldn't give details on the exact amount of alcoh his system, but they did say that there were also traces of non-narcotic medication which hepsz to control in. bourdain was found dead in his hotel room in france on june 8th>> more backlash this morning over a new immigration strategy being prose posed by president trump. he took to twitter suggesting people who interfere the u.s. illegally be immediately sent back without seeing a judge. critics say that would violate
6:33 am
the u.s. constitution. more on what a ion congress wants to take this week, that's ahead at 6:45. >> i has been dominating headlines in noeshl seed yoosh for udays. have probably heard of derek abandoners being kicked out of th restaurant in lexington, virginia. tloo that debate continues. hear what oneco ressman is calling for. 6:33 now. another war of w tds ontter for president trump. this time with tonight shoes host jimmy fallon. out overdent lashed comments fallon made about the infamous hair sthoe duringhe 2016 presidential campaign. in an interview fallon says h received a lot of backlash for that interview and regretted it. yesterday the president tweeted at fallon telling the late night host to be a man. b fallon firedk tweeting in honor of the president's tweet, i'll be making ao donation races, in his name,, it's a nonprofi helping to provide legal services to immigrants and
6:34 am
their children. it'said more than $20 million. right now a quick look at the health story thafo we are llowing for you right now. the primary for decision 2018 in maryland happens tomorrow. we'reu telling you everything need to know before hitting the polls at 7:00 a.m. tuesday. first more than 18,000 voters are not properly registered because of a computer glitch at the mva. all eligible voters will be able to cast provisional ballot tomorrow. you can actually verify yvor r registration info on state election board website. >> the supreme court will wrap up its term thise' week, and still waiting on several big decisions.
6:35 am
one of them president trump controvebaial travel n. it restricts people enting the u.s. from seven countries. a now,soon as that decision does come down, he will send out an alert immediately via our nbn washinapp. all righty. brace yourself, everybody. the mood is tense around washington right now. >> very exciting too, righ >> especially that's because a new addition could be comthg to zoo. part of the panda habitat is closed in hopes that she's pregnant. can you imagine in? adam tuss is in northwest wash wish with more o this good news. keep hope alive, adam. >> i can report to you the last hour and a half. there hn not b a new panda cub that has been born here at the national zoo. keep your fingers crossed importantknow h this is to you. >> it really is.
6:36 am
>> in it's a big deal. >> they believe that they could be pregnant, and this is the time where you would start to see that kind of pregnancy develop here. as youmentioned, 19 years old. she has given birth to six panda cubs herenat the nat zoo. if this were to be another one here, obviously, it would be a big deal because all o sorts people would be flocking in to thisea ar. really becomes more of a national story at that point in time if there is aanda cub heret the nashl zoo. what do zoo officials will be doing 24 hours a day. they're monitoring her. the pan habitat has actually closed down. the outdoor parof the panda
6:37 am
exhibit is still open. you can come see that. a 24-hour watch. that's to see if there is a new panda cup. >> then can you see the campaign of -- come on. >> it's a miracle. >> reading, writing, and recess. >> our ks are rejuicinghere. it's a prequest finding your favorite part of the sool day. why they ha excused ranks a little more. >> and the cats will be back as stanley cup cham. we know at least one familiar face will be back on the ice. the key player we just secured
6:38 am
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>> the ball will get leftr c field. >> all right. the nat'se bat finally com alive. the team prevented a series sweep by the philadelphia phillies with a late game comback. a game delay slowed things back, and then daniel murphy helped lift the nats to a victory. yce harper, we know he has been struggl ag a little bit the plate. he had three doubles in the game. now he is feeling good about that. final score 8-2-6. even in the big leagues. had he struggle. makes it better>> or the little leergs. >> the caps are trying to keep their stanley cup championship team together, right? >> i know. ck -- and they made that by resigning defenseman joh t
6:42 am
carlsono a very big eight-year contract. his new deal he has spent his entire nine-yearcareer. >> the man has a special place in my heart for carie because he to teach me how to play hockey. they make it look so easy. just standheg on ice and then trying teu manr the hockey stick and the speed and everything else. he is very talented. very patient too. this was carl white before he had -- great guy. happy he is staying with the caps, and he also scored five goals and 15 assists during wash wish's playoff run. >> he looks young, though. is youn >> how old? >> i want to say 28. >> and $8 million a year. >> all right. we're talking about lower humidity and the return of headi
6:43 am
haze, and hu. just in time for the weekend. >> and we're going to look at the roads. chopper 4 shot'ng us whas happening this morning. plus, your travel times straight ahead. zpliencht plus, forced out by fire on her wedding day. hear from the maryland bride it happened to and what she did with her dress. that's protected it f narrator: david blair is the un-trump. 100% pro-choice rating from naral. endorsed by the washington post - "the best chance of injecting a dose of vitality into a county that badly needs it." in business, he exposed drug company kickbacks. nurse susan: david's company saved customers over $9 billion. employees: david was a very progressive ceo. we had 401k. paid maternity leave. job creator. progressive. pro-choice. an eagerness to listen, a passion for innovation. david blair for montgomery county executive.
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at havertys we know everyone and this independence day... ...we're making it easy to find your style en at havertys indepe day sale. when you spend more, you save more up to $1000. how much you save is up to you!t with mores and custom fabrics to choose from. celebrate your independence with furniture that fits you. havertys. life looks good celebrate your independence with furniture that fits you. ben jealous -- youngest nof the naacp.dent endorsed by maryland teachers because he'll fully fund our schools. endorsed by the nurses for his medicare for all plan. now jealous is endorsed by the baltimore sun, saying, "in his leadership, mr. jealous excels. he has the stature and gravitas to be a leader that marylanders turn to in difficult times."
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maryland, it's time for bold victories and new leadership. ben jealous. governor. snoo thousands 67 activists and lawyers rallied outside a tent city set up for migrant children and their families over the weekend. health and humanai services s they're caring for more than 2,000 children. many of them were separated from their parents under presidents trump' zero tolerance policy. back here in washingtons lawmakry again to pass an immigration reform bill this mpek. now president ts pushing a different strategy. kristen welker is looking into this. kristen, good morning.
6:47 am
>> there's a problem withhat that idea fails to recognize constitutional due that's long established case law which eventually grants that protection to non-citizens. now on capitol hill, as you were talking about, the poised to vote on a gop compromise igra igmigration bils week. the president has a big support. of of republicans approve the job he is doing. there's also been backlash. the white house press secretary sanderscka bee sanders tweegt that she was told by the owner to leave because she says i work f potus, and i politelyenzi fther decision for the washingt post.
6:48 am
>> kristen welker live u for at the wous. kristen, thank you. >> a little bit more. f kwaeshl callbackm california representative maximum even waters now as she gave in front of a caring crowd calling for attacks on the trump >>ministration is now going viral. waters told the crowd if they see anyone from the president's cabinet out in public to push back. this comes after severalpr of ident trump's staffers were run out of business. the last one white house press secretary sarah sanders who was booted from the red headrest restaurant in lexington, ri virginia,y night. not the one in d.c. since that has been the restaurant has recved a lot of attention, both positive and gative.
6:49 am
>> there is an issue with voting registration for thousands ofma land voters just one day before the haprimary. more18,000 voters aren't properly registered because of a computer error at the nba. >> the hope is that it will not have ae negat impact on the voting experience tomorrow. icmaryland election ols are urging voters to verify their information on-line, which is fairly a simple process. i'll go ahead and walk you through that now. you simply go to the website type in your information, and you are able to then see exactly what is under your name under that computer system. thet is incorrect, you have
6:50 am
ability to change critics, though, say this is a political ploy to confuse voters, which they say could suppress voter turnout for tomorrow. maryland state officials say if you are registered to vote, yot wille turned away. they also say there will be a hearing nt month to assure this does not happen during the general election. if youould like to do any last minute research on candidates or issues, you can go to the nbc washington app and search maryland primary. back to you. >> nicole, thank you. >> i'm megan mitts gerald at the live wedesk. re following breaking news. police just now confirming that eaat shooting in east sou a homicide. we want to show you some of the video we have from the scene. police say man was shot early this morning in the 2400 block
6:51 am
of sky place that's right near wagner street, and it's not far from statton elementary school.i zbloinch will be an emotional day for the family of antoine rose who wilay good-bye to the rising high school sister. he was shot and kled during a traffic stop. more time to play. that is the goal of a new policy that is set to be voted on foent by thent loudoun c school board. according to loudoun now, the website, most louun elementary students get 15 minutes on playground each school day, but the policy would double that amount of too im. the push for me playground
6:52 am
time comes from a new virginia law thatol allows sc systems to count up to 50 minutes of recess each day. kids really need it. they need to get the energy out of their systems, and it's go good to develop their brains in so many other ways. >> in order to get them to focus, you got to break it apart, tkps then reelm back in. we'll see what happens. >> that or nap time. >> every bride's worst nightmare is a disaster on her wedding day. happened tois wha one bride in potomac. >> her home went up in flames. it wasust hours before the scheduled ceremony. stlo take a look for yourself. luckily, sthoe, the bride gtsd she put her dress in the trunk of the car a night br. they were also able to save the groom's suit, and the couple made the best of a bad situation. >> we're very blessed everyone got out okay. the dress is okay.
6:53 am
b everybody made it out. the fire isieved to have started from a cigarette tossed into arecycling bin. >> uncle frank. >> wow. >> all right. ou weather is about ready to get really nice around here. >> very good, chuck. >> it's a ectwo-day l. a two-fer, as it were. sunshine out there on a monday morning. tomorrow will be even prettier than this. don't you worry. heat and humidity lovers, the e end of the w is all about you. >> if you go down to the border,
6:54 am
you wl run into more clouds and a chance for rain. around here, high pressure in.lding on that means beer going to be in the sweet spot for the next 48 hours or so. we're in the 60 n to a 70 now. this time tomorrow morning, mark my words. there's going to be lot of spots in the shenandoah valley rthern maryland that wil be in the 50 sz. even downtown sf and bay side. open window sleeping weather tonight. foed today's forecast, no co perfect backyard barbecue and weather. sometime down until 8:37. latest sunsets continue for the kweek. there is tomorrow's forecast. sunshine all day long. low humidity as well. tomorrow five degrees, cooler than aver you know it can't last because the month of july is just around the corner. july arrives on sunday with a high of 9 7 degrees.
6:55 am
>> you can see it at the top here this morning. rest of the beltway is lookingt prood here right now. 66 is all right there with the exception of the right edge. you are hitting fairfax a little ow there, and 95 northbound through woodbridge is tslow. ab 13 miles per hour. >> a little slow as you just saw on that picture f m n hampshire avenue. 66 inbounds. re northbound both a little slow. 103.5to listen to wtop
6:56 am
fm when you hop in your car today. >> thank you. your time is 6:55. the toys "r" us kid has to grow up. this is the last week all toys "r" us and babies r usetores willopen. they will close on or before friday. y e chain filed for bankrup last fall it started as a family business in adams, oregon, neighborhood in d.c. 6:56. here are four things to know. a panda could be pregnant. a portionanf theda exhibit at the national zwloo is closed off right now while she's monitored. inseminatedficially back in march. >> crossing my fingers. >> voters will head to the polls in maryland. more than n',000 people a properly registered because of a computer error at the mva. all voters will able to cast team.isional ballo you can find out how to verify your reporter ridge e renl
6:57 am
strags information. rj this beak lawmakers will try again to s passe kind of immigration reform bill. more on that and what president trump is now suggesting. that's all coming up on "today." >> the prosecution investigating the suicide of celebrityhef anthony bourdain has confirmed to nbc news that bourdain drank significantly the evening before his death. he was found dead in his hotel room in france. look for the latest on "today." >> a last peek of the ten-day forecast. enjoy the great weather while it's here. it's going to be super hot and mid startin
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. doubling down. despite protests across the nation, president trump stepping up his push for increased border security, calling for the immediate deportation of anyone who enters the u.sillegally. this, as desperate parents search for ways to be reunited with their children. >> they don't know the law, they don't speak the language and they're things.d conflicting >> we're live in tex at the white house. mistaken identity. at least five suspects in custody this morning, linked to theit prbrutal murder of a 15-year-old boy outside a new york city deli. the family in mourning the community enraged and an su outpouring opport for the young victim. "today," e


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