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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  June 25, 2018 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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rights now election officials in maryland aredy getting ror primary day and possible problems. a computer glitch means thousands in the state are notl proper registered to vote. >> no reaction this morning from president trump. what he says the restaurant should really be focused on. we have plenty of sunshine out there today. a few clouds from time to time and a little b of a breeze. we have heat and humidity coming back in the forecast. we'll talk about the 10-day in a few minutes. welcome to news 4 midday.
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>> in less than 24 hours, polls in maryland open for therimary election, it is a big year. voters will weigh-in on the senate race and crowded races iy montgond prince georges counties. >> now we are learning of 18,000 voterst who areoperly registered because of a computer glitch at the mva. how you can make sure that all of your information is correct before you head to the polls tomorrow. cole. >> hi, angie. voter turnout for the primary ayelection is a a little lower than it is for the general election. critics of ts situation are believing that all of this confusion could disco voters from coming out all together. but maryland state board of elections officials say don't let it, if you are registered to vote. you will not be turned away, you'll still be able to cast your ballot tomorrow.
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this is a a result of a computer glitch with the mva that was discovered on friday. the board of elections is sending o e-mails to registered voters who have an e-mail address on file. voters can also do the same. they can go to and complete the information. the information that shows up, is what is registered under your voterat regisn in the system. if it's incorrect. you have the ability to change it right then and there. the state board of elections also says they are holding a hearing nex month. because the last thing they want is for this to be an issue during the general election many i can also tell you again, if you'reegistered to vote, you should not have any problems whatsoever tomorrow whenp you
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show at your assigned polling place to cast your ballhe. that's latest from prince georges county, back to you. >> thank you. >> remember to stay with news 4 for everything you need to know day, tomorrow's prima all you have to do is log on to the website or open up our app and search maryland primary. we have information on the governor's race, who's running for montgomery county executives and much more. >> now to our beautiful monday morning weather after a weekend ofs and flooding, it's always nice to have this kind of weather in the end of june right? >> yes, and lauren rickets made some promises yesterday. >> we were off to a good start for the workweek. what do you e have? >>e off to a good start right now, plenty of sunshine, it's going to continue to be gorgeous, not only today, but also tomorrow as well, so if you can't get o today, hopefully you can get out this evening, but you have all day tomorrow to enjoy very nice and comfortable conditions outhere. right now we're up to 80 degrees, we're going bo have a nieze out there.
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temperatures are going to climb into the daytime highs today r for. gh pressure is moving into our region. all good things must come to an end. the heat and humidity comiek back this >> we're working m to learne about this developing story in d.c. a man whose name has not been released was shot this morning a suspect description has not been released. police are investigating a shooting in the 5400 block of l cartere in riverdale. news 4 is told a man was found in the roadway with gunshotd
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wounds aro7:00 this morning, at last check that man is in critical conditio n police hav released any suspect information or a possible motive in this shooting. be sure to look for updates on these investigations in the nbc washington aor. d.c. ms announcing initiatives to help curvi ence and create jobsyoor g people. this is footage from a previous year of the kickoff of the marion s barry summer youth employment program. is a program important to the late mayor and helps more than 10,000 teens and young adults find jobs for the summer. >> more time to play, that is the goal of a new policy set to be vot on tonight b the louden county school board, according to louden county now's website. most elementary students get 15 minuteshe on playground each school day. the policy would double that amount. the push stems from a new virginia law, it takes effect on
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sunday and allows school systems to count up to 50 minutes of recess each kday. w kids want more time to play. it's good for them. >> it's very healthy. >> this is news that has me so excited. a new edition could be coming tolhe natio zoo. >> that's right, part of the habitat is closed in the hope that 19-year-old ngmei- is pregnant. she has a little butter stick. we know that you are just as excited as we are. >> all eyes on the national zoo as mei-jong could -- could be pregnant. here's why zoo officials think the 19-year-old giant panda could be pregnant. she was artificiallininseminated arch. since that time she's bee sleeping more, eating less and creating a nest. all of tho signs point to the fact that she could be getting ready to welcome a panda cub.
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that's why zoo officials are keeping a 24 hour watch on mei-xiang. pandae shut down the habitat to keep an eye on her. the outdoor part is still open and you should be abl to s some of the other pandas that are walking around here, this would be a huge deal. perspective.m a local when you get a pandacub, this becomes an international thing, as china starts to get involved with all of this. a 24-hour watch to see if 19-year-old panda could be pregnant. exciting times here at the national zoo. >> thank you, adam. i cannot wait for this news. the problem is, it's going to be until the veryend. >> 3 to 6 months. they should tell us. torture. >> big announcement from a company that proudly displayed label.e in the usa
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what is forcinghemo move part of tir production outside the u.s. >> i don't want judges i want border security.dg i don't want i want border patrol, ice. >> we're going to have the latest on how politics are aying out at detentionpl
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it is an emotional day in pittsburgh. the family and fends of antwon rose who you see here are saying their final good buys to the rising high school senior. rose was shot and killed last week in a traffic stop. his car matched the description of a car involved in a shooting earlier that night. harley-davidson is moving some of its production overseas. the company will start making motorcycles at factories overseas. the move comes amid a brewing trade war beten the u.s. and some of our latest trading partners. they will not be raising the price of the bike.
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no word if or how many jobs this could impact. president trump is pitching a new idea. >> it's illegal. tracie potts explains. >> a big push to mreuniterant families. >> i'm ashamed of my president. this is a disgrace. >> the senate's top democrat insists the administration do more. >> appoint a czar in charge of thereunification process. >> when somebody comes in, we must immediately with no judges or court cases, bring them back from wre they came. immigration advocates say, that's >> people coming to claim asylum are not illegal immigrants.he >>re being detained despite president trump's order to keep families together. more than 000 childrenemain separated from their parents. >> we want to get these families
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back together again. >> congress hopes to vote on just that this week. republicans blame democrats. >> what they care about is catch and release,pe they want borders. >> president trump and jeff sessions decided they wanted to use babies as a deterrent. how downright cruel this is. >> with no clesolution. >> president trump is expected to head to central america later this week, where these migrant families are coming from. tracie potts, nbonnews, washin a california congresswoman gave a speech calling for attacks on the trump administration is going viral about. >> waters told this crowd, if they see anyone from the esident's cabinet out in public to push back. now, this comes after several of president trump staffers were run out of businesses. the latest one, sarah sanders, who was booted from the redst h
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reaurant inlengton, virginia friday night. that is not the one in d.c. president trumpeighed in on the incident. the red hen restaurant should focus moren clearing its filthy canopies, doors and windows, badly needs a paint job. rather than refusing to serve a fine person like sarah huckabee sanders. i always had a rule, if a restaurant is dirty on the outside, it is dty on the inside. a meeting set between stormy daniels and federal prosecutors scancelled. that meeting is connected to the ongoing criminal investigation of michael cohen. hen paid daniels $130,000epo ke quiet about an alleged affairith trump a decade ago. that meeting was cancelled because of all the media attention. president trump is trading jabs with jimmy fallon on twitter. the president lashed out ove
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comments fallin made about the infamous hair show during the 2016 preside campaign. in that interview, fallin said he received a lot of backlash for that move and regretted it. the president tweeted at fallin claiming he seriously u messed his hair and telling the late night host to be a man. i'll be making donation to raices in his name. it's a tnonproo provide legal services for immigrant children. breaking news out of california, a shooting at a retirement home. twoirighters and another person were hurt at this facility in long beach. firefighte were searchinghe building when shots were fired at 4:00 this morning. on person is in custody. an employee at a popular downtown restaurant refused to let herse the women's
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restroom, today she plans to with the d.c. office of human rights. she was at a bacheloree party en she went to use the restroom, an employee asked toe seei.d., she refused. the employee followed her into the restroom and threatened to call the police. climber says she called theli herself. and when the officers arrived, they told the restauran she had every right to use the women's restroom. >> i didn't expect this to happen. it can't happen to another person. >> we won't accept this type of discrimination in d.c. we won't. cuba libre said they will be tr ning the staff. the bathroom billheads back to court in north carolina. plaintiffs argue that the -- to replace the controversial bill, it discriminate against
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transgender people. local governments cannot pass any new laws that discriminate until 2020. plaintiffs cannot prove the new law is harming them. >> the woman caught on camera in san francisco pretending to call police on a child selling water is defending herself. why the child and the mother refuse to accept the woman's apology? >> cold water, $2 only. >>his morning. 8-year-old jordan rogers is ani ternet sensation for selling bottled wat on the street in front of her house. >> this woman don't want to let a little girl sell some water. >> this woman, alisoneddels. she's under scrutiny for calling the cops on her young neighbor. we don't know what happened leaded up to this video being shot.he
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eddels says s was working at home upstairs. her sales pitch was loud and nonstop. >> iri to be polite, but i ids stern. i please i'm ting to work. you'rere aming. it's a hot day, people have pe their windowsn. keep it down. le she cd police on an it 8-year-olde girl. you can hide all you want. the whole worlds going toee you. >> she never asked us to be quiet. she just came outecnd dirtly demanded to see a permit to sell water from an 8-year-old. >> saturday night live cast member cecily stron parodied the incitent w her own video. >> this woman is calling the police on the flowers for drinking the water. >> illegally drinking my water, okay? >> some on social media s
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they're reminded of a similar incident in oakland two months ago. a woman dubbed bbq becky, called police to report a african-american man grilling in an area where it wasn't allowed. some say both iciidents are ly motivated. >> that woman thought she could use her white privile and it didn't work. >> eddles said she got thousands of painful e-mails. >> all kinds of threats. horriblemages. and dea threats. >> jordan says she was t raise money to help her mom who recently lost her job,o and go disneyland. over the weekend she got some goodnews. >> i know you want to go to disneyland. and they bought youour tickets to go -- [ child screaming ] it's 9.11
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this year is getting even better for one caps player,hy his future is looking operator today. >> and a new warning for any car buyers out there. buyers out there. th eat ikea, we believe your perfect student deserves the perfect room for the perfect price. and... who's there? hey. a boy? you never told your dad and me about any... wait, what's going on now? move the flag. ♪ ♪
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at ikea, we believe your perfect student deserves the perfect room for the perfect price. and... who's there? hey. a boy? you never told your dad and me about any... wait, what's going on now? move the flag. ♪ ♪
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a 38 minute rain delay in the fourth inning closed the game down for a bit last night. daniel's murphy single in the game helped lift tto nationals victory.e bryc harper who has been struggling at the plate recently s 3 doubles in the game, final score 8-6. tonight the nats will be in florida to take on the tampa ba. ra >> love to see the nats back in action, doing well again. >> even the big leagues, even the majors, even bryce harper sometimes struggles. >> it's not effortless for everyone. >> the capitals are hope be to repeat history next season. that means keeping their stanley cup championship wing team together. >> they took the first step to sign carlson to a very big eight-year contract. he will receive $8 million per
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season. that makes him the sond highest paid player on the caps, that's a lot. he's spent his entire year with the caps. i have special place in my heart for carly, he tried to -- tried to teach me how to play hockey. >> look at you. >> he makes it look easy. e's the nicest guy. this was2014, before he headed to sochi to play for team usa in the winter olympics, this playoff run was huge. part of the reason why theaps won. a lot of people wearing his jersey. making us proud. >> look at this all-star he just rolled up. >> how about this scorched sweater for a monday morning. >> have you been here all morning too? >> yes. >> i mean -- >> i have a drinking problem. >> where's adriana. >> i just try to stay up. >> it's going to be gorgeous. it's so nice outside you don't
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nt to come inside. we're going to continue to have beautiful comfortable weather all the way through tomorrow as well. if you don't get outsideday. you can enjoyw tomor as well. taking a look around the region, temperatures in the upper 70s to 80 degrees. plenty of sunshine, and low humidity. maybe if you're grilling out tonight theperatures will be falling into the 70s. the sun i n going down until 20 minutes until 9:00. we have very dry conditions. thanks to high pressure in charge. it's a very nice day. maybe if you want to head to the pool, make sure you have that spf on. no rain to worry about for today. 84 will be our daytime high. we have a nicee liteeze as well out there. we stay comfortable tonight and tomorrow as the humidity starts creeping back in fro there it shoots on
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up. we're going to continue to have that humidity rise. so we go to thursday friday, and even into this upcoming weekend. . if you like summertime, it's coming our way, you're going to feel it as wo head i the weekend. we're going to start off on wednesday. not only is the humidity increasing, we have another ance for rain. this is wednesday afternoon, that will be our next chance ofd rain,e'll keep that chance as we go through wednesday night. and we'll also have a chance for rain around on thursday morning. that eventually will move out by thursday afternoon, and then we start to dry out. take a look at this weekend, not that bad,e maybe make sool plans, the temperatures will be feeling more like the triple digits with the humidity. >> i like t hotweather, i'm not going to complain after the winter we had. >> triple digits.
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>> prince william is in the middle east, and he's said to makeome historythere. a look at the agenda, and how he's being welcomed. >> a trend that began in maryland. voting
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in just a few hours, president trump and the first dy will welcome the king and queen of jordan to the white
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house. the leaders are expected to focus on counter terrorism, measur iran's nuclear program and the ongoing crisis in syria. britain's prince william spent this morning in hjordan, first stop on a five day tour of the middle east. the palestinian terroristries. keir simmons is in jordan with more on the prince'sen . >> this morning, prince william kicking off his historic trip, taki in an ancient city. more than 6,000 years old. william already navigatinger treachs terrain. serious bloody civil wa sent waves of refugees across the border here, jordan should be proud of isp se. >> the way in which you opened your doors to hundreds of thousands of refugees from syria. not to mention your lon commitment to the palestinian refugees is remarkable.
11:31 am
>> meetings withae i and palestinian leaders. the trump administration already facing fury over president trump's promise to move the embassy to jerusalem. jared kushner promising his highly anticipated peace plan is almost done. it may be dead on arrival. quit sizing a mahmoudas over the weekend for not cooperating. prinsz william will meet both sides, his itinerary already criticized by o israeli minister.rk eming solo on the first visit to israel in 70years. a tough test for the future king at a sensitive time for the region. prince william there with the crowned prince of jordan. jared kushner was jt in the region recently. these are young men, unelected, trying t make a difference in this region in different ways,
11:32 am
but there it has to be noted, this is a place where even elected politicians have nails again and again. back to you. >> keir, thank you. the u.s. supreme court will wrap upts term thi week, we are waiting on several decisions s including president trum travel ban. justices aid dg the third version of that ban. the court allowed it to go into effect back in december, pending appeals. as soon as that decision comes down, we'll send an alert out on ngton app. prayers continue to pour in katie arrington. this is a look at her on the ai campaign l. she's in critical condition now after a car accident th claimed the life of the other driver over the weekend. the head on crash happened friday night. her campaign manager saying that arrington is expected to remain in the hospital for the next weeks as she recovers. her oppont suspended campaign
11:33 am
activities. >> well, they can't drink alcohol or join the military, but a group of 16-year-olds is pushing for the chance to vote, and this week they're taking that issue to the d.c. council. >> as morgan radford reports, not everyone is convinced. alex share is taking his passion for politics to the streets.e' >> energized we know the issues, because he's just 16 years old, he can't actually vote. that's why he joined vote16upa. a gor teenagers run by teenager as cross the nation. their mission to lower the voting age to 16. >> we pay taxes, we have jobs, we have to be at those jobs on time, we have to be at school on time or there will be penalties. >> just four other cities allow 16-year-olds to vote. maryland.tacoma, >> it seemed like an obvious thing we could talk about doing. >> 16 and 17-year-olds votedre
11:34 am
han twice the rate of adults. >> skeptics remain d o they serve on juries? are they able to get credit cards. do they hold full time jobs? 16-year-olds are stillthe learning phase. >> what are the craziest or most offensiv reasons you have heard -- >> my mother knows nothing about litics. and i feel like with me being able to vote. i will be able to teach her. >> which ishy they're lobbying councilmembers to vote yes to determine if their g proposals before the city council this fall.t >> if you is passed, what message does it send? >> we're actively engaged and we matter. >> we do so much in our so why don't you want to give us the voice at a ballot box. every bride wants to avoid saster on her wedding day.
11:35 am
somethg terrible happened to one potomac bride. her hom went up in flames just hours before the ceremony. the fire completely destroyed this house. the bride had put her dress in the trunk of her car the night before. firevaghters sd the groom's suit as well, and the couple decided to make the best of a difficult situation. >> we're very pressed. everyone got out okay. the dress is okay. we're very lucky. >> 17 people were inside the c home when ght fire. everyone made it out. the fire is believed to be started from a cigarette tossed into a recycling bin. >> an unbelievable bold online scam is getting worse. and it involves one of the most expensive things you'll ever buy. chris clackum has more. >> an apb has been posted for consumers looking to buy a car
11:36 am
online. >> it's a very effective scam. >> reporter: says the scam has the a fbi edmunds teaming up to alert car shoppi consumers. crooks are posting online, cars for sale that they don't actually own. le the link to the veh history report may be a gitimate vehicle histo report for a legitimatethar, it's jusperson who put the ad in doesn't own it. >> the objective is to get you to wire a downpayment, even the full purchase pce to a phony escrow account created by the crook. >> that really is the point at which you'reeparated from your money and you never hear from them again. the tell tale signs is their insistence to talk by e-mail, never by phone and making excuses for refusing to meet in person. >> they're in the military and they'veeen deployed overseas.
11:37 am
they've just gottenhis great job in the u.k., if any of this happens, run, don't walk, she says, from someone who's more like a car thief than carrouseler. chris clackum, nbc news. >> now open, d.c.'s first meditation garden. this weekend a ribbon cutting ceremony was held at the new meditation garden. the garden is at countess avenue and quincy street in northwest, the idea is to give place where they can sit and reflect. >> a lotf people can use meditation. i could certainly use it for sure. we're starting the workweek off with cooler temperatures, when will they end? lauren rickets is back with a look ahead. >> gas prices are dropping, ando we're going t take a look at why and whate can expect w ca oncer is smart. it pushes us.
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we push back. challeconventional thinking. finding smarter solutions. that's what makes cancer treatment centers of america one of the leaders tmin precision cancer treat. using tools like advanced genomic testing d immunotherapy to bring more options to our patients. cancer treatmentcenters. we're not mst fighting cancer anye. we're outsmarting it. visit to learn more.
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amazing. all he needed was a soccer ball. that canning riou made his way on to the field between two australian teams, and he wasn't going anywhere. w >> hets to play. he's like, let me go, gents. the. >> the kangaroo delayed the gamr for me than an hour. a coach -- they chased the imal around thestadium. i don't know if you've ever seen the video. >> iave it saved to my phone. the guy versus the kangaroo. you're not going to win. if it kicked you.
11:41 am
>> it would break every rib in your body. you can't just get out - >> that's why the coach is in the car. for the safety of his flock trying to coral the kangaroo. >> this is australia, par for the course, right? >> nice day to be outside playing soccer. >> yes, it's so nice outside. i'm so jealous you guys are w.getting off work it's going to be so pretty out there. t >> i'll nking about you. >> thank you. >> is going to be perfect. that wor may not be spelled perfectly, but it is going to be perfect. your tuesday is going to be sunny and comfortable. we have showers and storms. not today, you're not going to have to worry about that. to right in the 70 around 80 degrees right now. it's beautiful, ande're topping out in the low to
11:42 am
mid-80s today. it's gorgeous out there. the sun not going down until 20 minutes until 9:00, maybe before you go toed open those windows, low humidity. today temperatures again, 84 degrees, a nice breeze out there as well. so it is nice to get out and do anything. exercise, it's going to be perfect fothat. out door dining, that sun not going down until lat on tonight at 8:30. in the pool, and even if the kids have an afternoon camp, make sure they have that suntan lotion with them. teeratures in the low 80s tomorrow, maybe a degree or two cooler thati today, very comfortable for your tuesday. ow, wednesday, that's when things start 20 change, 9 humidity comes back, temperatures in the mid 780s on wednesday, dry conditions on wednesday morning, the rain starts to fill in wednesday afternoon through wey evening.
11:43 am
could have a few storms. some of them strong. we'll start drying out and we'll be dry if you're headed to the beach, maybe to get in on that 4th of july at tnd maryland delaware beaches. it's going to be hot, but it's going to be nice. temperatures start to go up from there, we'll take a look at the weekend heren d.c. coming up in a few minutes. >> thanks so mu s. mer is upon us, which means it's time to hit the local farmer's market for the freshest ingredients in the area. see how they're using
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11:46 am
summer has arrived and restaurants ocross area are searches local farmer's markets for inspiration. chef gininni is here to tell us about t style of food at his restaurant. >> it's functional, because was born in torro. we use all of the prfructs, h cheese, eggplant, tomatoes. very fresh and vy licious. >> is it healthy? >> yes, absolutely.
11:47 am
monday through friday, we change it every day. one around the fish, one around themeat. you want a peace of entree, you know, this is a refresh, we can see this here. >> that's what that is, eggpla? >> yes. >> we have atl l bits of oranges. this mostly is beautiful. >> everythin tastes more yummy when you say it in french, right? >> thank yo >> what about local produce and seasonal ingredients especially for this tim ofear in the summer. >> tomatoes, you know, it's the first one. eggpla we have the goat cheese probably. and you have the figure, it's very beautiful. the garlic arrives. >> t tomatoes always taste better in the summer anyway many. >> what is th you're adding
11:48 am
right now? >> matoes, olives, chal otts,in chives, nuts. this is to serve with the fish or themeet, it's very fresh, v andery -- just olive oil. >> so that tomatoan salad go with a lot of different meals? >> yes, absolutely. >> tel us about t other items. i love that, it looks like rat tuohy almost. very fresh. >> it's very -- we put this over the burner very slowly, 45 minutes. you have garc. ond it's perfect. >> you als have the tomato, what other -- eggplant. zucc zucchini? >> it's beautiful. >> delicious. >> that's almost too pretty to eat. but i'm sure it's delicious as well.
11:49 am
>> tomatoes are best in the suerer, are there o items you save for this time of year >> yes, we have broccoli in july, august. this is amazing. >> lastly you have the foccaccia. immentelve you can pair this with a glass of rose. >> i'm going to pour you a glass, since i can't drink it. thank you so much. bonte appe >> we have lunch served very so, ght? >> 11 minutes. pour yourself a glass. >> there you go, it's waiting for you. >> up next aook at how many
11:50 am
people are changing their plans for the fourth of july holify, because where the day f
11:51 am
11:52 am
the toys "r" us kids have to grow up. this is the last week all the toys "r" us and babies il" us storesbe open. more of this morning's top
11:53 am
business stories. >> the average price of gasoline has dropped six cents in kse past two w analysts believe both oil and gas prices will remain in a tight range this year. >> the fourth of july falls on a wednesday this year. fewer americans may be celebrating. >> 216 million people wl observe independence day at least 153 people are planning a picnic our cookt. they plan to spend $6.9 billion on food or roughly $69 per person. about 25% of people say gas prices will affect their holiday plans. a memorable melody from the voic of an angel. >> kevin tibbles introduces us
11:54 am
to the man touching the hearts r of many on thepecial day. >> at 99 years of age, he can't visit everyone on his birthday list. ♪ happy birthday to you ♪ hpy birthday to you >> singing brings you joy? >> oh, my goodness, i wouldn't be alive without it. >> what's so special about this deeplyeligious man with a golden voice? he's been making these calls every day to the congregation of his church and even complete strangers for 18 years. >> all to, how many calls do you think you've made? >> somewhere between 35,000 and 36,000 times of singing happy birthday. >> and i think i'm going to learn all the words before long.
11:55 am
>> the phone numbers areed compy friends in greensboro, north carolina. >> it's the creativity that he's come up with. >> e's figured out a way to serve. >> he's been singing since he spreads the love from his apartment in the home of his daughter >> not a day that goes by where i don't hear in someone saying thank you. i saved it over and over. to it ♪ >> whenld carl cn't be in church on his birthday. everyone recorded a song just for him. a carl, you a bit of a ham? i wreak of ham.
11:56 am
>> love, positivity. our world needs more carls. >> he shares his love the next time there's a birthd. kevin tibbles, nbc news, greensboro, north carolina. >> wha a wonderful story. a man who walks the walk as he's living i faith and sharing the joy with so many around him. >> we could use more carls in our lives. > h remin me of my own grandfather. he would sing the song from beginning to end and i i saved. it mines so much. >> one more check of the forecast with lauren rickets. >> it's going to be a beautiful day. a beautiful afternoon.
11:57 am
the low humidit continuing. the sunny skies continuing. not only today, but tomorrow. next chance of rain comes wednesday afternoon. 70s and 80s right now, if you're grilling out tonight. the sun not going down until 20 minutes to 9:00 million 83 today. and then temperatures will be in e low to mid-80s once again for tomorrow, we're looking at some rain later o wnesday through thursday morning. look at the weekend, hot and humid, mid to upper 90s, guys. >> thank you, lauren. it's going to get hot. that's it for news 4 midday. thank you for joining us.n we're back the air this afternoon at 4:00. >> can you get the latest weather updates any time. >> have a great day, we'll see you tomorrow morning.
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