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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  June 25, 2018 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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i want to tell everybody they can still vote. >> president trump o takes a
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senator. warner othe fence over a joke heve made o the mu investigation. >> and dangers exposed near the dc streetcar after the death of a>>eenager. if you're a maryland voter it wil could want. it might take a week and a half for them toount it. >> hey. 20,000 may have to vote with a provisional ballot because of a computer glitch. the problem much more widespread than first thought. >> democrats are blaming themi adnistration. before we get t that we are live with what voters need to know tonight. >> well, this is certainly not what election officials want us to report t night before a primary election. we are hearing the maryland motor vehicle is saying roughly
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00 people, 80,000 voters are not properly registered to vote in tomorrow's primary election all because of this computer glitch. thisews comes at the worst time, the eve of election day. the eve was discovered on id . only about 19,000 voters were impacted. about 12 hourse polls opened they revealed the problem was much bigger. >> it effectstransaction between april 22nd of last year and june 5th of this year. all told about 80,000 officials no one will be barred or prevented from voting because of ts error. voters who were not properly registered will need to cast a r isional ballot associated
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with the current address. >> will the ballots be counted tomorrow night? >> according to maryland election law it will not be counted until july 5th? >> what happens if a race is too close to call? >> it is important for everybody to remember that the results that are released tomorrow night are for early voting only. >> now s has that provisional ballots take time to count becausest officials must f see that the people are register today vote properly and they have m to alsoe sure that they cast the right ballot. news 4. >> it will be an interesting t. >> golf nor issued a statement saying they are disappointed but adding that all eligible voters
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will be able to cast their illots. they s part the governor has directed the auditor to conduct a comprehensive review of the situation and ordered mva lich to make themselves available for legislative hearings. president trump held le campaign s rally tonight. he talked about pretty much everything from his hair to jimmy fallon to the space program. he urged people to vote tomorrow in the primary and keep republican governor in office. the president's speech was slightly delayed because of the weather. he tooo time to after virginia democratic sator on twitter. a dinner party last friday night at his househere more than a hundred guests attended and at one point he said if you get me
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one more glass of winl i'll t you things only bob mueller and i kouw. if think you have seen wild uff it will be a wild couple of months. ie president suggesting warner was a drunken state and she one of the democrats on a witch hunt. he says it because bad joke. even though the president was fire department up about warner's comment he didn't mention anything tonight. back to you. >> all right. thanks. here in washington presters outside the downtown condo ofmp president tenior adviser, miller who played a key role is an immigration hard liner. they say they want an end to te zeroerance policy that has lead to separation of hundreds of migrant children from their
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families. she encouraged people to protest in public spaces. today sanders addressed thoese comments and waters responded tonight. >> a healthy debate on but the push for anyrump supporters is unacceable. >> the is no way that we talk about harm. protest is about peaceful resistance to the kind ofha actions we are experiencing from this president as he hds these children hostage. >> the red in the district is
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getting a lot of unwanted attention the o has been getting harassing calls, e-mails and death threats. we have new information about aid tragic at that took the life of a bicyclist w over tkend. he died after getting his tire stuck in the dc streetcar tracks andtihen g hit by a charter bus. we are live tonight. he was just 19.
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he graduated just last year. >> he has friends and familyhe throughout dc area. they are grieving his loss in an awful incident on saturday night. police say the tire of his bicycle got caught i the streetcar track causing him to fall into the path of a chart bus. >> some times ride on the sidewalk or i avoid. >> bicyclists say getting caught in thetreetcar tracks is a big safety concern for them. >> i definitely use extra caution. i try to go on parallel streets. >> you don't want to debt yourself caut or hurt. >> it made this video warning about the dangers of ridin near the streetcar tracks and suggesting the use of parallel streets. >> if you have to bike along try
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to stay away and crosst them an angle. >> this tweet posted yesterday the champe football famedy will be l and missed. the driver of the bus involved in tin collision re on the scene. he did not drive he is cooperating with police and the investigation into this very tragic incident continues. an unarmed african american man body camasked that the video not be released until the
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investigation is finished. howard county involved in an effort to keep the investigation impartial. they also said the details of white's autop are not ready to be released. a woman arrested for scaling and sitting on the white house fence has attempted to breach security a the white house five separate tes. counsel members will decide to raise the ride share tax to
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6%. that tks onto a $10 fare. it would go to dedicated funding. >> accused him of inappropriate contact last month. e woman told police she immediately left after the alleged assault. she called 911. . a firefighters responding to a call at a senior home. the evidence tonight that he was lured into an ambush. and theederal government gives the okay today to a medication derived from
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marijuana. 85 degrees today for a high today. low humidity doesn't get much better. better. heat and humidity are to three generations montgoof elrich's. home we love it here. but we have to work to keep it great, like fixing transit and traffic to shorten my son-in-law's commute. increasing open space where my grandchildren can play. and reducing classroom sizes for all our kids. that's why our next county executive has to require developers to solve the problems their developments create. as county executive, that's exactly what i'll do for every generation.
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arunacomes from listeningy law to peoples' stories. i'm aruna miller, and growing up as an immigrant, i know we have the power to improve peoples' lives. that's why in the state legislature, i fought for more computer science in our schools. gps tracking for domestic abusers. and some of the strictest gun safety laws in the nation. in congress, i won't let donald trump undo the progress we've made. i approved this message for all our stories.
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firefighters were shot when they were responding to an apparent case of arson. one person is in custody.
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the resident pulled the trigger. >> the suspect has been identified as 77-year-old thomas kim. >> officers recovered this handgun. he ended up rendering thosefe sa >> they aren't sure of a but say there are indications the fire may have been a set up to le first responders into an ambush. >> preliminary evidence a witness statements do point us in that direction.
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>> nbc news. new reaction from a northern virginia teen ager who says a clsmate sexually assaulted her. a boyow she didn't attacked her in a park last summer in winchester. documents from juvenile court show that the boy was placed on probation for sexual battery and abduction. he was ordered not to haveit conduct fran which he is ka. she says she sees him in theer hallway at school and that school leaders told her they did not believe her story. her family filed a title 9
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complaint. she confronted the winchester school board. >> your refusal to keep me sie walked in afraid to use the strooms and afraid to walk from class to css. >> they say to policy required a finding. the board says it does not tolerate harassment between student o staff. the food and drug administration says i is the first to treat severe forms of epilepsy. it is derived from cannabis. it was even if it is intended to
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treat other illnesses. well, did we have a great day today or what? >> it is a monday. >> itas wonderful. we forgot it was monday. the weather was so nice. >> we needed it. >> we have so many stormsith rain. we need a couple of nice days with low humidity. that's what we got and what we did tomorrow as well. t think clouds earlier tomorrow. a very nice night tonight. ma of you tomorrow will wake up to numbers that are going to be quite cool. mid-50s for some of you. it will be that nice. 74 degrees, winds out of the northeast. it is 63 wincheste those of you in the upper 50s, you'll notice it when you step out theoor early tomorrow morning. it won't stay that cool.ou oor dining tomorrow beautiful. n rtly sunny especially early.
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not muche way of lhumidity. f the kids and camps just great tomorrow. really all green. that's the way it is going to be all day tomorrow. wednesday a little bit of a different story, a better chance of rain. no rain but we'll stay dry tonight into most of the day tomorrow. we saw a lot of cloud cover come through. we are seeing more in the way of skies. the view to the west t ugh we have one storm to the south. watch what happens. by noon we the winds shift off of the atlantic. it brincs the c for isolated sprinkles. tonight more clouds. look at 8:00 a.m. onay wednesd.
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yeah. most of the day showers off and on. wednesday will be a day you'll leave the umbrella at times. your planner tomorrow not bad. 70 degrees. ni.m at 7:00 that's in the city. that's after a low of about 67 or 68. thny of you i upper 50s to low 60s. a nice afternoon tomorrow. showers likely, 60% chance on wednesday and 87 on thursday and % chance on thursday. it would be thunderstorm variety with high of 87 and heat index close to 90. then we really get hot. sunshine,ha yeah. not you want. 95 on saturday and 96 on sunday. we'll need clouds or some relief. i don't see any coming. the heat index monday continuing on that hot and humid stretch with high of 97.
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another chance sustained hot and hud. veryypical summerlike pattern moving from june andjune. >> all right. >> thank you. coming up john on why is home and he didn't want to go any where. also an old friend. sports the next. she here is jimmy fallon. >> we have
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all right. we are talking about this. >> yeah. >> the stanley cup. >> all right. wh g you tonight? they did not look good down there. >> they did not at all. is one game of 162. a good come back win last night. maybe they could jump start something. not tonight. martinez giving a nice hand dowh e. he played and coached. not taking it easy. bottomwo already up. bases loa bases loaded. everybody is coming home on this one. grand slam. he allowed six runs in one inning. didn'tn et it oute second
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inning. threw 62 pitches. it was wilson ramos. two run shot to left cenr. two home runs, three driven in. they crushed them 11-0. tohe baltimore head half way to christmas tonight. birds taking on the mariners. gettingda in the holi spirit. mariners up 2-1. good-bye. solo home run. 7 th of the year.
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th called by spear water. not feeling so jolly. this is the best. he takes his time before heading out. doesn't want to lve just yet. he finally heads down. orioles lose 5-3. umpire just standing there watching. okay. time to go. john carlson returned on an eigh year deal. met his wife and is now raising kids here. washington is home for carlson. he is happy to be spending the rest of his career here. >> i have always loved being around the city and she is from here. it is pretty easy tot. do t i love the people and the area and have had so much fun here. you know, this is where we were
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going to live. yeah. i'm thrilled to be here and get this opportunity to keep playin >> good for him. >> the awards named the league's most improved player lead last most improved player lead last the washington post endorses angela alsobrooks for prince george's county executive, praising alsobrooks for being "responsive, diligent and detail-oriented" and for "doing an outstanding job" as state's attorney. as county executive, alsobrooks would be "focused, fearless and far-sighted" and "would be a strong advocate for our schools and preparing children for college and careers."
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that's what the washington post vo: "callsrous." the attacks on david blair. it's dirty politics. the washington post endorses blair for montgomery county executives "an energy andsion for innovation." blair is "the best chae of injecting a dose of vitality in county that badly needs it." david: we can invest more in our schools, expand pre-k and improve transportation and we can do it without more taxes when we create jobs. that's thehange we need. vo: david blair. democrat for montgomery county endorsed by the gton post.
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>> the world's ugliest dog, you have seenhim. she is a sweetheart. her owner drove 30 miles to compete. this event celebrates dogs rescued from puppy mills and
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this is a test. test. this is a test. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- armie hammer, meghan trainor, rupi kaur,


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