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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  June 27, 2018 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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forces. we'll show you how jimmy fallon teemed up with the competition to take on president trump. and from d.c. to hollywood. a local man shines on ""america's got talent."" a look at the performan so great that one judge joins him on the stage. "news 4 today" starts now. f st though a live look outside as you wake up on this dnesday. 4:30 right now as we start getting dressed. maybe a warning, b ouref break from the humidity, you can almost see that it is over. >> yup. happens just like that, right? >> good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. we're going to check in with chuck bell on the forecast before melissa mollet has check on the road. is this humidity happening today? >>t's alreadyhappened. i'm surprised you didn't notice it on the way in. >> a little bit. >> the first thing i did when i took the dogs out for their walk
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at about 1:35, i was like, eh, this doesn't feel as nice as yesterday. orm team 4 radar, scanning the skies. one or two doups inern anne arundel and calvert county. basicay it will be a dry start this morning. going out for the early morning ride orrun, just remember you're going to need asquegee for the forehead. upper 60s to . the pool forecast with clouds and rain in the forecast, you know what this is? inbelly flop of a pool day. temperatures onlhe upper 70s and low 80s. increasing chances of rain. not the best day to be at the pool. a look at tomorrow. let's go over to melissa mollet. >> taking a look at the roads now. in capitol heights, outer loop at richie, two left lanes getting by. rest of the beltway is nic clear and nice and dry at this point this morning. as chuck said, we could see some rain later on today on the
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roadways.ct dist northbound 23rd between i and washington circled brokn tractor-trailers. gaithersburg southbound he270, ramp to westbound 370. ramp blocked by the paving there. this morning, formernaacp leader ben jealous is thecr deic nominee for governor in maryland. he beat rushern baker by nearly 60,000 votesit along some other candidates in maryland. >> he now hes to unseat governor larry hogan. that could be an uphill battle. voters favor hogan over jealous 51% to 39%.
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moving down the ticket, the results to some races cou be delayed for at least a week, and that's because of a computet glitch t impacted voter registration information for 80,000 people. >> the voters had to usel provisioallots which won't be counted until july 5th. the raceorontgomery county executive could come down to those ballots. this is too close to call. david blaire and marc elrich is delayed. it's tied at 29%. he says he'll pull out a win. >> i'mc optimis that when the provisional ballots are counted i will be the democratic nominee for the county executive of montgomery county. >> now to the race for prince gorges county ivexec state's attorney angela alsobrooks won last night's primary and will face republica candidate jerry mathis in november. following a developing story in fairfax county this morning.
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police say a man died after officers triedo arrest him. they were responding to a domestic call. officers were arresting a 31-year-old man when he had aca me emergency and later died. administrative and criminal investigations are undeay now and the police chief is planning to hold a news briefing on this incident laterhis morning. a former virginia tech student will serve 50 years in prison for the murder of a 13-year-old girl. david eisenhower was sentenced yesterday in blacksburg, virgia. he was a 18-year-old freshman when he met nicole level online prosecutors say he killed her to hide their relationship. senhower pled no contest. a friend who allegedly helped him hide the girl's body will go on trial i september. new overnight, children separated from their parents at the u.s./mexico border must be reunited within 30 days. that is a ruling according to
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the judge. the judgere announced chi younger thaus five mt be returned to their parents in two weeks. more than 2,000 children have been separated from their weeks. in recent today house republicans will vote on compromised immigration bills. speaker paul ryan says the bill will address the separation of migrant families. in jt few minutes news 4's tracie potts will have more on the vote. 4:35. president trump's controversial stay.l ban is here to the supreme court upheld the ban and rejected a chall ge claiming it discriminated against muslims. police are asking for the public'selp finding the person who's been vandalizing the bethlehem lutheran church in fafax county. someone cut all of the pew cushions, cut the cords to the
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sound sis stems. this was the seventh break in at he laste church in seven weeks. get readyor to pay m for your uber or lyft in the district. the d.c. council approved the 6% tax increase. the tax is expected to raise between 23 and million a year that will help pay for metro rail improvements. it starts on october 1st. if you get into the car ind.c. but drive to maryland or virginia, you still havey.o pa trapped in an air duct. an infant saved after getting stuck in a home's ventilation system. next, f hearm his mother about how he fell inside and what it took to get him out. ♪ ♪ plus, we'll show you the "america's got talent" performance you'll be hearing from today. thed.c. man who s
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you're watching "news 4 today." you may remember this crash that hap in miami last month. two teens in a tesla were killed here. now federal investigators say they were going 116 miles anig hour before that crash. the reports say the car'sil staby control engaged just one second before crashing into wall.crete the ntsb also found that the the 's lithium battery w source of the fire at that crash. the fire reignited twice as police transported the car away. >> terrible. it's probably the scariest to.nd to wake up this morning a 14-year-old is recovering aftern falling d heating duct inside his home. >> this h tpeneduesd morning in connecticut. firster respo were called after the little boy somehow became stuck between thed first econd floor of the home. his mom describes the moments oi >> he was screaming. he was screaming mommy. he was screamingda y.
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he just kept looking up like trying to reach. >> the mom and first responders were able to keep him calm as a team worked to get him out. after all of that, the toddler only suffered a few scratches. tolers will go anywhere and try anything. you -- >> i mistakenly said 14-year-old. 14-month-old. barely a toddler. >> barely walking. they will still try to go through things and find ways to cause trouble. >> got to be trouble. >> glad he's okay. >> 4:41. >> he was just trying to do what santa claus does as a young d. if you're wondering about going to the beach, i think that is a a number one perfectly good idea. temperatures in the mid t upper 80s. our ten day forecast coming up. couple of problems around town including one in the district. we'll tell you what's shut down here coming up. us, it was an online
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staple and now it's coming back. details on the return of instant messenger. remember that? first though, late night hosts teaming upe to t on president trump. we'llhow you how they did sit
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15 before the hour. mitt romney is one step closer to heading back to washington. he won in a landslide in utah's republican primary for u.s. senate. romney won by 45 points there. he's also the overwhelmin t favori win the seat of retiring senator orrin hatch.e former republican nominee has been an outspoken o critic president trump but he's come in support for some of his policies. > back to our local races. there's some controversy surrounding the crats redrew district boundaries following the 2020 census. the supreme court decided not to overturnhe boundaries. david trone has won the seat.
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he won with 40% of the fight. amiehoeber will take ontrone in the fall. new this morning, late night rivals turned allies in response to president trump's thiticisms of. >> in what may be a first, host stephen colbert, imy fallon and conant o'brien teemed up for the same monolo last night. take a listen to this. >> hey, low lives. >> hey,ost soul. what are you up to? >> be a man. >> i'll try. >> what are you up to? >> i'm busy having no talent. >> did you see trump's rally last night? >> nope. either. heard he said some pretty bad stuff in that. >> really? oesn't sound like him. >> all no talent, low lives lost souls. >> that's not right.
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that's con nant. hold on. i'll get him. >> hey,guys, what's up? >> president who? trump. >> donald trump? the real estate guy who sells steaks? he's president? >> yes. >> wow. >> at a rally on monday night in south carolina presirump slammed the hosts for criticizing his response to the border crisis and thus you get this. >> there you go. new overnight, a federal judge in california is ordering u.s. boarder authorities treunite families and children. she issued a 350 day deadline. news 4's tracie potts has the story. >> here's the thing. dsr the younger they've been concerned about the kids five and under. 14 days, two weeks they have to be put-back together with their parents. everyone else gets 30 nodays. the question is how quickly can the government get this done. e of the issues that the judge
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pointed out is that they haven't necessarily kept goo records on who's where. >> how do you find -- that's the problem. there are children who have been united states, some parents have already been deported. >> i guess we've got theol republicansng on a compromise immigration bill coming up soon what are the challenges they're facing? >> we're expecting to see aig vote. it includes money for the border wall, dreamers, it's not looking good that this is going toss pa. there are some republicans that say we d i't knowthe president's going to sign offn it so we're not going to vote. it's likely this will fail. the backup plan is to keep families together. >> repxplicansted to vote on the compromised immigration bill. what are we expected to hear and what are the challenges to getting this passed? >> one of e challenges is going to be what's in the bill, what's not in the bill. we know the border wall money is in the bill. we know the dreamer solution is
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in the bill, but is that all going to be something that they can get passed? it's not clear. >> tracie potts, thank you. >> thanks, tracie. >> yeah. >>. i'm angie goff at the live desk following a developing story out in california. firefighters continue out west to take control of the destructive blaze in lake county. this fire has wiped out dozens of buildings and scorched 1400r of land. it's bee raging. we know this morning right now air lot of emergency responder also working hard to provide more shelter giving pple a place and their pets because they have no place to go at this point. we'll bring you more today. eun? >> angie goff. thank you. bigews for the wizards you'll be hearingut abo today.
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martin is headeding to the lakers. we get austin rivers from l.a. austin's father, doc rivers, is the head coach of the l.a. clippers. >> wow. >> so we get austin. martin goes to l.a. clippers. who's t dad root r? >> the adult version of being grounded. you're being traded away. >> there you go. >> welcome to washington. >> depends which day you ask. >> never, never, never. >> well, it is going to be not the most pleasant day to be outside. cloudy skies have rolled back in and the humidity has done the slow but steady creep upwards during the overnight hours. it's going to be a noticeably more humid stretch you see on the regional satellite and radar composite,
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rain,ohio, kentucky, tennessee down into the carolinas. l part of the leading edge of the big dome of high pressure which has high temperatures and high humidity along with th. leading edge of the real steamy stuff of summer is moving in during the day l come with a rain chance later on. be rainfall ready for any time after lunch. could rule out a sprinkle or two before noontime. it's h at the fact that there could be a drop or two before lunch. not a bigthreat. after lunchtime rain becomes much more likely. here's 5:00 in the afternoon. chance for thunderstorms for loudoun, prince william, falkier county. i-95 corridor between 7:00 and 10:00. that's the moste likely t for rain. showers could linger pastdn ht but by this time tomorrow morning things will be settling back down.
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the real heat comes back in for friday and thed. week right now in the upper 60s to around 70. veryuggy start to th day today. your wakeup weather forecast then, humid, ggy, sticky from 7:00 to 8:00 to 9:00. temperatures into the mid 70s. high today only 82 degrees. rain and thunderstorms coming in afternoon.n the here's a peek at the ten day forecast which is all about the heat, haze,id hy for friday, saturday, sunday and monday.ic optimihat the rain will stay away from the fireworks on the 4th of july. good morning, melissa. >> i like that. let's keep the rainaway. triangle northbound 95 between quantico and priile wliam parkway had the left lan blocked. mobile work zone has cleared out of the way. as we zoomn in a little bit. northwest 23rd between i and washington circle, broken downa
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tractor-r. inner loop and outer loop lookinggood. 66 to 50 into town and out of town rolling along pretty well. remember this? there was a lot of nostalgia and sadness when aol instant messenger signed off back in october. well, aim is coming back. it's going to be called aim phoenix. phoenix rising. and it will be a messaging app led by gaming development team. >> you won't be able to access your old buddy b list you can sign up for a screen name and invite your friends to join you for a trip down memory lane with aim. >> you've got mail. >> i haven't heard -- >> i was going to -- >> took me a second. >> amazon just moved into bethesda road. new amazing book location opened on tuesday. this is the company's second bookstore in the d.c. area. beazon's 16th brick and mortar
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store. use space is limited in the store it only sells very popular titles there. ere is a special designation for books kindle customers read in three days or less. you can test deviceser as toys"r"us is closing its doors, another store is hoping to fill the void. party city is going to have pop-up stores. party city say it will open shops in what it calls optim markets where it found attractive leasing opportunities. it also plans to expand online sales. the pop-ups will run through the holiday season. barbiedd isg another job to her long list of accomplishments. robotic engineer. mattel's released photos of rotic engineer barbie yesterday. here she is. the toy maker says is designed
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to spark girls' interest in s.t.e.m. and compers. the barbie comes in four different i guess skin tones and hair types including att tiny robot, laptop and going ls. like how she has the hair pulled back? and dishing the heels. >> what makes that? -- >> i don't know. put different clothes o her. maybe they did some research and found that robotics engineers wear jean jackets -- i don't know. >> takes more than -- >> mattel is also releasing a coding ebook and promoting with black girlscoach. >> the whole package. >> right. if we can get more girls interested is.t.e.m., that's the ultimate goal. the new season of "america's got talent" is underway. >> take a look at this performance from brian king joseph. ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> start a fire up there. >> wow. >> look at the strings on that thing. brian i an electric violinist from d.c. last night's performance was even more remarkable because three years ago he was diagnwied a serious nerve disease. it takes away the feeling from his hands and his feet. he was so go, he scored a hug from heidi andom a cpliment from simon. he tweeted after the show, my in boxeszyre going cra right now. i may have to hire someone. >> like an agent. >> good for him. nice performance. coming up next on "news 4 today." the race for maryland governor is now set. a look at the match-up between ben jealous and governor larry hogan. plus, we are wking for you with a new way to take care of the aches and pains. that's all next onews 4 today. at havertys we know everyone has different tastes.
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a. "news 4 today" starts now. >> i'm proud to stand before you nominee for ratic governor! [ cheers and applause ] >> maryland's race for governor has officially begun. ben jealous accepted his party's nomination last night and a chance to take on incumbent governor larry hogan. good morning, everybody.
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fastaching 5:00 a.m. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'mun yang. it was a big primary night lasth >> first we want to get a check on the forecast and the commute. we'll hear from melissa mollet first, chuck bell, what do you have to tell us about the forecast? >> well, i have to tell you that it's a lot more humid than it's been the last couple of days. sheena will be back tomorrow from her vacation. she's coming back. i think it's herfault. she went to florida on vacation and i know she sent t humidity back before her return. we'll blame her for ly cloudy and rain not much on the radar but rain much more likely later on this afternoon and evening. noticeably muggier. yesterday quite a few spots dropped below 60 degrees. not so this morning. 63n clearmont. 70 in quantico. 66 in prince gorges county. you have to go all the way out before you f 60 degrees. they're cheating.


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