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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  June 27, 2018 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'mun yang. it was a big primary night lasth >> first we want to get a check on the forecast and the commute. we'll hear from melissa mollet first, chuck bell, what do you have to tell us about the forecast? >> well, i have to tell you that it's a lot more humid than it's been the last couple of days. sheena will be back tomorrow from her vacation. she's coming back. i think it's herfault. she went to florida on vacation and i know she sent t humidity back before her return. we'll blame her for ly cloudy and rain not much on the radar but rain much more likely later on this afternoon and evening. noticeably muggier. yesterday quite a few spots dropped below 60 degrees. not so this morning. 63n clearmont. 70 in quantico. 66 in prince gorges county. you have to go all the way out before you f 60 degrees. they're cheating. they're above 2,000 feet in
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elevation. slight chance of showers before lunchtime but increasing chance for rain this afternoon andho like forum bls of thunder. e only up side, it will be about 5 degrees cooler tagn av today. >> i like that. i think that's a little bit lpful. thanks for that. anything helps. triangle, northbound triangle crash on the right side. sounds like it may have moved over to the right shoulder. 66 looks okay for you rht now. taking a look through prince gorges county, into town and out of town, okay. everything here is rolling along pretty nicely at least right nos still have t problem though in northwest. northbound 23rd between i and washington bcircle,ken down tractor-trailer blocking some lanes there. aaron? >> messa, thank u. 5:01. primary day in maryland is in the books no most races have been called but some are still outstanding and that's because of the compute glitch tha impacted voter
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registration information for 80,000 people. >> tese races will decided by provisional ballots. ben jealous wil faceff against governor larry hogan in the fall. he beat shernaker last night. news 4 camera's were at the jealous victory party last night in baltimore. in hispeech jealous said hogan will move in november because he does not know how to build a people poweredmpaign. >> i'm not running to the ft, i'm not running to the right, i'm running towards the people of our state. health care, education, mas incarceration, ending the student debt crisis. >> jealous alsod promi that health care will not be a privilege but a right in he favors r the minimum wage to $15 an hour. it may be an uphill battle r jealous. governor hogan is extremely popular. he even jokedt 6% of
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marylanders who d not approve ran for governor themselves. a republican leader in a largely democratic state, h hogan become known for reaching across party lines. he promised that sam bipartisan strategy if re-elected. >> if we can accomplish all of this in this divisive political itvironment while dealing riots and battling cancer, just imagine what we can accomplish together over the next four years. >> governor hogan's re-elecon would bestoric. the last time a republican governor of maryland won back-to-back terms was in the 1960s. maryland senator ben carden looked poised to win another term. he overwhelmingly beat six other democrats in the primary incling chelsea manning. she is the former soldier and whistle-blower who spent time in a military prison for leaking secrets to wikileaks.
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tony campbell is vying to challenge carden in november. 5:04. it looks like the race for montgomery county executive will come down toal provisi ballots. >> david blaire and mark elrich are tied with 98% of precincts reporting. news 4's justin finch has more on when we could learn the outcome of the race. good morning. >> reporter: eun, aaron, good morning. likely sometime next week, july 6th nextfriday. after a second round of ballot prsessing. butt stands, the field of six candidates is whittled down to two. mark elrich, david blaire a health care company executive who's a newcomer to politics, both remain neck in neck at 29% of the vote with 98% precincts reporting here. last night both took to the mike and appeared to be looking forward. >> you can actually change the
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landscape that we work in if we work hard enough to do this. i think that today we've demonstrated that this is possible. >> all of montgomery county is better that we came together as a team and we -- i don't know what the task force will be, b we'll do it together. stay tuned, stay close and we'll keep you llapprised. >>right. so stay tuned here. the montgomery county board of eltions this weend next week will process candidates, absent and provisional ballots. it willer phi by july 6th. we are live in gaithersburg. i'm justin nch, news 4. back to you in the studio. >> thank u. for continuing coverage in the primary results, even crowded local races, just log on to our website or open the nbc washington app and search maryland primary.
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i'm angie goff here at the live desk with the latest on a homicide investigation that is in upper prince gorges county police now trying to establish suspects in the fatal shooting in the87 th block. officers responded to this last night we're told. they discovered a man who's been shot. he died on the scene. as they work on a motive, they are onk a cash award. 5:06. developing story. democratic lawmakers continuing to vow toight against president trump's travel ban. chief justice john roberts wrote the majority opinion saying the ban is based oneregitimate co for the country's safety, but in an opinion for the dissenters justiceto sonia yor called the ruling,
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quote, gravely wrong and anti-muslim. the banestricts five countries from travel. new from overnight, aud federal in california has ordered u.s. border authorities to reunite separated families within 30 days. and the children are younger than 5, that deadline is 14 days. the jujt issued the order after a lawsuit by the american civil liberties union. there are he100ers and 17 states housing about 2,000 children. yesterday msnbc released new images taken inside one of the i faci. they were sec tly recorded last week by a woman who worked at the cayuga center in new york. >> last week president trump issued an executive order to
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stop the separation of families. parents and children will be now to the latest on a developing story we've been following for you. th red hen restaurant in lexington, virginia, is dealing with more protests. at least onean was arrested. he wrote something on the building and police quickly too himaway. this is the restaurant that asked white house press secretary sarah hkabee sanders to leave when she went to eat there last week.nv tigators say a fire at wingo's restaurant in was an accident. it started in the kitchen apparently. firefighters say the flames moved up through the ducnd to the roof. one other store on o street was damaged. igo firefers went to the hospital for overheating. the answers are not coming as quickly whe it comes to this apartment fire in woodbridge. it started on nor bay side avenue. neighbors tell us -- neighbors pulled someone from alo top before help arrived. nobody was hurt in that fire. 5:09. just about now in the last
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soechb weeks a church in seven times. been vandalized >> the last time was yesterday and it was the worst damage seen sofar. news 4's adam tuss joins us from a church in an nondale. really disturbing, adam. >> reporter:alhis is , really troubling, eun. when you look at what happened to this church here, the bethlehem luther ren church, you have to shake your head. look at the video that our cameras captured insidehe church. every cushion in the pews was ripped up and torn apart. church leaders also came here and found that the was graffiti in the sanctuary. stey found that the sound had been cut apart. as you guys mentioned, this was the s seventh timece may that this church has been dealing with these issues. now clearly there are some people in this community who haen t issue with the particular church. in one of the members they
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relved it. the incoming pastor here, incoming reverend has a rlly unique message for whoever's been doing this. take a listen. >> there are crimes like this taking place and this church must be up to somethi good because this church is standing for a welcome in this community that's obviously upsetting somebody. >> fairfax county police are asking for your help if you know anything about it. so fe don't know if there is a suspect that they're looking at. they obviously want to get to the bottom of this. this church has not shied away. it's welcoming other members to feel like they may have been segregated.
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that could be a reason why they're sparking some of thin nevertheless, this is an awful series of events at the church. back to you. >> hope they find the vandals soon. adam tuss, thank you. get ready to pay more for your uber or lyft in the district. >> they approved a tax increase in a 1 to 6 vote. it takes the tax from 20 cents to $1.20. it's expected to wave gond 25 miles. one woman says this will change how she uses an uber pool. >> i'll be using the metro which is for the best. >> the new tax begins on april 1st. if you get in the car in d.c. but drive to maryland or rginia, you still have to pay the tax. oming up this morning, the new moves to give parents longer maternity leave.
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thanks for the ride-along, captain! i'he never been in one of before, even though geico has been-
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ohhh. evenooh ohh here we go,een- here we go. you got cut off there, what were you saying? oooo. oh no no. maybe that geico has been proudly serving the military oooo. oh no no. for over 75 years? is that what you wanted to say? mhmmm. i have to say, you seemed a lot chattier on tv. geico. proudly serving the military for over 75 years. you ok back there, buddy? we have some breaking news now froml natio harbor. prince gorges fire department now putting out on twitter, the spokesperson, that they had two patients, transported two patients to the hospital because of electrical shock. this happened shortly before midnight they say. we're learning that one two victims is in critical condition at this time but there are no further details as far as
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whether these were guests or workers. injuries as well. electrical shock, we know that that kind of injury can be linked to problems internally to cardiac arrest to burns. we will bring you the very latest as we get the information. nowver to you, aaron. 5:16 now. people on a late night flight from n york to l. got a real scare before they made it into the air. take a look at this picturerom inside jetblue flight 1623. this was at j.f.k. aport last night. passengers had to put their hands up when heavily armed lice came on board to inspect the plane. the faa said the plane had a radio equipment problem. the pilots requestedn to retur to the gate. that's when policeheoarded plane. police are investigating another strange this at the busiest airport in the world.
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the man in thef middle your screen running through the grasa s the aircraft. this video recorded by somebody on a plane at hartsfield-jackson. the man here, like he's in hisksoo underwear. climbed over the fence, ran onto the runway, ran up to the plane and climbed onto the wing and started pnding on window. police were able to catch him after all of that. one runway was briefly shut down but the s airports there were no significant can't flight delays as a result. >> wonder how he made it all the way out there. a deay explosion at a texas hospital left one person dead and a dozen others injured. this is video just moments aer yesterday's explosion in gatesville. that near waco. there are conflicting reports on what caused the blast. investigators sayer agen ratedpl ed while hospitals -- patients were evacuated to other hospitals. 5:17 this morning. theris a new policy that gives
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virginia state workers more paid time with new additns to their families. >> executive branch workers will be getting eight weeks of paid leave for their parents. governor authorinortham signed tuesday. >>ci intro a new child into a family is a time of great joy bu can also be stressful. we are hoping toom alleviate of that stress by giving parents the time they need to welcome a new chi into theirlives. >> earlier this year gop house speaker kurt cox said full-time house members can receive 12 weeks. >> chuck bell, the reality has settled in. >> it was a beautiful day yesterday. i took some of my time to go out and meet with folks at the office of the director of national intelligence. they invited me out there for
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their pride months celebrations to talk about being out at work. a lot of their employees have the same challenges as well. e deputy director said it's sinow not cred a security threat to be out of work. it's better to be out and who you are because that takeshe al of black mailing abilities away. >> interesting. >> they gave me a great challenge going while taking a picture of it and sharing it on my instaam and twitter feeds. if will be up in 15 or 20 minutes. @chuckbell 4 and forecast 4 you on instagram. thank you for the invitation to go out there. a ton offun. an hour long panel raining yet. you do need to know that you should be ready for rain latert on i day today. car wash forecast. probably not today. wait until tomorrow, we have a stretch hot, hud, mostly rain
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free weather. scning the skies for you this morning, and a few more drops out in vest virginia. it's showing a little hint of ras. show that will be here between now and lunchtime. a quick little drop or two can't be ruled out. steaer chances for significant rain come in after about 5:00 or 6:00 this ev here's 9:00, 10:00. a round of showers and thunderstorms around during your eving plans. that's a little bit of good news as showers tomorrow should be confined to 6:00 a.m. or earlier. it will be warm and humid.
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here's your five day forecast. if you like hot weather, don't you woy, it's coming. high temperatures in the 90s. well up into the 90s h as wd into the weekend. heat index value is over 100 grees likely on saturday, sunday and probably into monday. we'll give you the fourth of july forecast coming up. now it is time to hear froma meli mollet. >> good morning, chuck. taking a look, 95rt ound. we're seeing a tiny bit of a slowdown as you're headed in bound thrgh triangle. 95 north bridge, pretty normal as we approach 5:30. taking a look abovetw the b into town, out of town, no problems there in maryland. in northwest though, northbound 23rd between i street and north circle, tractor-trailer broken down. still ahead, cure those aches and pains byg. rolf
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at ikea, we believe your perfect student deserves the perfect room for the perfect price. and... who's there? hey. boy? you never told your dad and me about any... wait, what's going on now? move the flag. ♪ ♪ you're watching "news 4 today." well, it's a therapy that
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may lookike a massage. >> but you better not falla sleep. it's called rolfing. as news 4's adam tuss explains, it turns i pressurento harmony for your dy. >> come on in. >> reporter: meet juliet stoval. she takes care of herself. she's a personal trainer, but even she has had some aches and pains. >> i have an l4 and l5 injury in my spine. i was leaning to the right. >> reporter: enter rolfing, a o decade technique that draws some roots from yoga. the idea, apply t pressur get muscles and the body back in harmony. >> we need to be using ourhole bodies and not just letting some parts do their own work. we're engaging the nervous system and body and mind and getting in ito have a proper natural representation of where your body is. >> reporter: t
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like a massage but it's not really a massage. with a massage you tune out. here with rolfing you're tuning in to your body to see what you're feeling and having it connect with your nervous system. after a few sessions juliet says she's a believer. >> the way i feel afterwards and the way i move afterwards is great. >> in the district, at a.m. tuss, news 4. >> there are other ways to treat your aches and fpains. day we'll take a look at acupuncture. it involves the small needles being stuck into your body at specific points. looks uncomfortable but a lot of people swear by it. new this morning, it's a spot in most of our homes we rarely think about. one mother has a warning about the air ducts in your home next at5:30. how her child became trapped and what it took to get him out. >> good morning, everybody. 5:26 now on your wednesday. hump days here finally.
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and unfortunately the humidity is back in play. temperatures in the low to mid 70s here this morning. not a big rain threat yet. rain chances go up lat on in the day. more about that when i see in a few minutes. stay with us. plus, forget the dream house and convertible. this barbie is all about life in the
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right now on "news 4 today," rival for repuicans. maryland democrats pick their primary person. this morning another local race still waiting on a winner. hey, low life. >> hey, lost soul. >> plus, joining late night for this. we'll show you how jimmy fallon teemed up with his own competition to take on president ♪trump. ♪ ♪ and from d.c. tohollywood. a local man shines on "america's got talent." look at the performance so great one judge joined him on stage. "news 4 today" starts now. here's a live look outside rightnow. the nation's capitol on this wednesday. it's 5:30. as we start getting your day going, warning. our brief break from humidity is over. good morning, everyone. i'm eun yang. >> i'm aaron gilchrist.
5:31 am
dst's take a look at the r and the weather. >> we have a lot of clouds outside and all of us at news 4 wearing blue. we're all feeling a little blue apparently. y'ies, well, t not going to be blue. they're going to be gray, unfortunately. a lot of clouds have moved in overnight and that will keep most of the sun away day. you might see alier of sun. few sprinkles out near petersberg, leona town, maryland. most of us don't need to worry about rain ntil a little later on today. you'll notice the big change in temperatures and the way it feels outside. it's a lot stickier out there than it's tempes in the 60s and upper 70s. as you're planning out your wednesday, ggy, cloudy, showers moving in during the course of the afternoon. could be raining in the shenandoah as ely as 2:00. rain and a chance of thunderstorms along the i-95 any time after 5:00 p.m. or later. hot andd. hu
5:32 am
that plus the fourth of july forecast. goodmorning, melissa. tell me there's good news. >> not s this morning.c here a couple of things happening, west springfield. 95 express lanes in springfield and debris in the roadway. sounds like some construction. somebody is reporting there. 66oo looking g into town and out of town. inner loop and outer loop of the way, nice and clear. hopefully it stays this way. still have the situaon in the district northbound 23rd street between i and washington circle ere northwest. broken down tractor-trailer blocking a light. up topf the beltway, no problems into town or out of town. bw parkway, there. >> live look, right side of the roadway, had that crash on the right shoulder.ik looke one vehicle mains. no problem there. >> thank you. brking news at manufacture gm
5:33 am
national harbor. >> this is a pretty serio incident, aaron and un. we'll continue to follow the developments. the situation is this. two people are at the hospital being treated for electrical shock. this happened at the national harbor according to prince gorges fire. right now we are still trying to learn m about the victims, whether or not they were guests there at the hotel and casino, were they workers? what is the extentf their injury? we do know one of the two is in critical condition. so a lot to follow up on. we also are goi to have boots on the ground. we have adam tuss en route to mgm national harbor. he will continue to update us as well. we'll bring you more information as we get it. but for now, back to you, aaron. >> angie, thank you. 5:33 now. we're also following the developing story in fairfax county this morning. police say a man died after officersried to arres him. police officers were responding to a domestic dispu and g a
5:34 am
call on mission court. we're told officers were aest arie i -- arresting a ea31old man. administrative and criminal investigations are underway now and the police chief plans to hold a news briefing on thisin dent later this morning. this morning former ac president ben jealous is the democratic nominee. he won last night by 60,000 votes. he hopes to unseat republican governor larry hogan in the fall. that could be an uphillle ba hogan is very popular, even among democrats. voters favored hogan overje ous 51 to 39%. moving down the ticket, the results to somaces could be delayed for a week. >> that's because of a computer
5:35 am
glitch that impacted voter registration for 80,000 people. justin finch is live with why the race is still undecided this morning. justin, good morning to you. >> reporter: eun, aaron, good morning. that's right. ven though voters went to the polls yesterday, we are still left with two democratic hopefuls for the party nomination. that means the board of elections here will have some work to do before they can name a winner. on your screens, mark elrich ani david , a political newcomers. both have neck in neck results. 29% with it worked out. both seem to have their eye on securing the democratic
5:36 am
nomination. i prevailed today. >> we will celebrate how we challehee status quo. we push the conversation. there is no doubt that the next executive, next county will look at telemedicine and universal >> reporter: they'll be working on canvassing andg process absentee and provisional ballots. that person will be the winner hopefully a will face the republican nominee for county executive in the wider race. 5:36. president trump's controversial travel ban is here to stay.
5:37 am
in a few minutese tratts will join us with the oupdaten the crisis at theexican border. police are asking us to find the person vandalizing the lutheran church. someone cut all of the pew cu ions, smashed prayer candles andma sshed the area. the d.c. council approved a 6% tax increase. $25 million 23 to a year to help pay for metro improvements. it begins october 1st. if you get in the card. in c. and ride to myland or virginia, you still have to pay the tax. it's 5:37. still ahead. trapped in an air duct. a baby saved after s gettingck in a home ventilation system. up next, hear fromis mother h
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a. you're watching "news 4 today." >> 5:41. one of the scariest sounds you could wake up to. >> a mom describes hearinger 14 month old crying beneath her bedroom. he fell downti h duct inside the home. this happened tuesday morning in connecticut. his mom destsibed the momf panic. >> he screamed. he was screaming mommy, he was screamin daddy. he kept looking upea and the worked to get him out of there. after all of that, the toddler only suffered a few scratches. >> it didn'te look l that big of a vent.
5:42 am
>> they can get into anything. they'll try, too. >> got to be careful. 5:42 now. >> no doubt that kid believes in santa aus now. knows that that's the real miracle of christmas, getting in and out of the chimney. our weekendforecast loo super hot, super humid and very hazy as well. poor air quality over the weekend. if you have stuff to do in the yard, not today. get it done before the weekend and before the high heat gets here. ten day forecast which includes the 4 of july coming up. he says we're all notalent, lost lives, lost souls. >> plus, late night hosts neaming up to take o president
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[ cheers and alause ] > mitt romney one ste closer to heading back to washington. he won in a landslide in utah's republican primary for u.s. senate. romney won by 45 points there. he is also the orwhelming
5:46 am
favorite to win the seat from retiring senator orrin hatch. the former republican television nominee haseean outspoken critic of president trump but agreed to try to work with the white house. we had the results of primary in maryland the nbc washington app. u.s. border authorities have 30 days now to reunite children separated from their parents at border./mexico that's a new order from a federal judge in california. news 4's tracie potts joins us now for the latest. tracie, what happens after this ruling? >> so now the government has to as some scramble to try to figure out where are the kids and where arere their s. 30 days for all of them but less time, two weeks for the youngest children 5 and under who have been separated from their parents in som cases for weeks. the federal judge weighed in. we know the president ordered that they be reunited. the federalaccuracy, accounting
5:47 am
hasn't been there. that's what makes it hard to figure out where they are. they're being o housed allr the country. >> tracie potts on the immigration isyoe. thank 5:47. new this morning, late night rivals turn allies i response to president trump's criticisms of them. >> in what may be first, hosts stephen colbert, jimmy and conant o'brien teemed up for the same monolog last night. take a look. >> hey, low life. >> hey, lost soul. what are you up to? >> be a man. >> i'll >> what are you up to? >> oh, i'm busy having no talent. >>id you see trump's rally last night? >> nope. >> me either. pretty bad stuff about us. >> really? that doesn't sound like him. >> i heard he said we're all no talents, low lives, lost souls.' >> tnot right. that's conant. hold on, i'll get him. >> at an rally monday night in south carolina president trump slammed the hosts for criticizing his response to the
5:48 am
border crisis and then this was born. >> there you go. now a developing story in florida this morning. the security monitors at marjorie stoneman high school has been fired. the school board made the call to fire them after they were being aused of not doing enough to stop 17 people from becoming dead. one said he saw the alleged shooter before the attack but did not lock down the school cause he saw him carrying a bag and not agun. the school voteded to put a guards at every school in broward county. right now we are getting a look at some new video of prince william in tel aviv. the royal is in the middle of this historic middle east he is the first ever member of the british royal family to visit israel right now. while he's there he is meeting with israeli and palestinian
5:49 am
leaders and visiting a lot of meaningful and historic sites. in fact, you just saw up in kensington palace tweet out because in addition to bringing along his peace message and praising them for their onservation efforts there i israel, he's having a little fun, too. he met up with one of the b pop stars in the area from one of their tv staons and kensington palace sent a note out thanking the massive crowd that came out to greet the prince. now back to you. >> angie, thank you. batter up! fredericksburg leaders are trying again to attract a minor league baseball team. according to the freelance star, the city council is in talks withhe potomac leagues. they will finance a 5 thourks seat stadium. the move from prince williams county to fredericksburg will take place april 2020. the cncil will vote on approving a letter of intent from the owners. >> we'll keep an eye on that.
5:50 am
>> for sure. >> meanwhile, some humidity. >> yes. aaron just back f vacation. >> i was in wachicago, it s great. >> way to rub it in. >> thanks for bringing us backg somethrom chicago. >> you're welcome. >> i've got that big bag of nothing on my desk. yeah, it's a very humid morning today. very humid f the next few days. , iwing july 1st is sund would not expect much. not a lea of rain t here. humidity levels, typical for today. what you wou expect wit rain coming later on in the day today. for tomorrow,e what lit rain chance there is tomorrow will be early in the day. warming up veryom quicklyrow afternoon with the sunshine coming back close to 90 tomorrow.
5:51 am
then as you get into friday, three hs return, ,he haze, humidity all in abundance for friday, saturday, sunday, monday. you can see on the satellitera r, there is a warm front. thunderstorms firing up along the front in far southwest pennsylvania, northern and western parts of west virginia. that's all coming our way later today. we'll only be in the low 80s today with the clouds and the rain moving in. torrow once that warm front is to our north, we'll be up near 890 de tees. th big dome of heat across the middle of the country arrives f the weekend. couldn't rule out a showerr two. after 8:00, a round of thunderstorms is likely to com through. rain chances diminish tomorrow. ten day forecast, it's a feeling like summertime. friday, 93. saturday, 95.
5:52 am
sunday, 97. heat index is likely to be over 100 both days thish weekend w poor air quality. hit and miss rain chances monday and tuesday. melissa mollet, the fourth of july looks like itill be not blazing hot and not pouring rain. >> i like both of those k thing. thyou, chuck. west springfield, 95 north express lanes in springfield, deis in the roadway. the rest area, right side blocked tre as a disabled vehicle causing some delays. inner loop and outer loop, we look pretty good thisin mo as far as your travel time, 270, no problems. top of the beltway, 95 to 270. 66 in bound is okay. 95 north quantico to the delay.y, tiny bit of a listen to wtop 105 f.m. a big move for the wizards
5:53 am
you'll be hearing day. marcin gortat is moving to the clippers. gortat spent five seasons here in d.c.ednd sta all 82 games last part of this trade means tt we get austin rivers from l.a. and it might make for some auk wartd family dinners because austin's oc rivers, is the head coach of the l.a. clippers. so you t cnk thech still has to root for the wllards. >> the work it owl. neweason of "america's got talent" is undeay. >> take a look at this performance from brian king joseph. ♪ ♪ brian is an ectrical violinist from dc.
5:54 am
three years ago he was diagnosed with a serious nerve that takes away the feeling from his hands and his feet. so good on the stage last night it even got heidi klum to get out of his seat and come up and hug him. got a complimen from simon cowell. >> that's a big deal. >> he's moving on. you can catch "america's got talent" tuesday night right nere 4. >> one to watch. remember this, do you? there was a lot of nostalgia and sadness when aol instant messenger signed off. aim is coming back. it's going to be called aim phoenix, phoenix rising. >> ashes. >> yes. and it will be a messaging app run by a gaming development team. >> now you won't be able to access your old buddy lists or your mnesages if you j -- it started in 1997. >> how could you even have that? >> it will be bgone, you could still sign up for a screen na, try to convince your friends to join you on a trip
5:55 am
down memory lane or you can just send them a text. e >> might b easier. amazon just moved into bethesda ro the new amazing books location opened on tuesday. this is the second bookstore in the dc area. amazon's 16th brick and mortar store in the u.s. because space is limited. >> a lot of books out there. there is a special designation. tows toys"r"us gets ready to close the doors, another store wantso fil the void. party cityn will o up pop-up stores. it will open shops in optimal
5:56 am
markets. it will have online sales. it will r through the holiday season. barbie is adding another job to her long list of accomplishments. robotics engineer. take a look. mattel released photos. it's designed to sparkgirls' interest in s.t.e.m. and computers. now barbie, this vetion, differkin tones, different hair types include the tiny little robot, a laptop, goggles. whatever else aobotics engineer might need. she's dching the heels for flats and wearing casual clothing. >> ion't know that i see the --t's promoting getting girls interested in s.t.e.m. >> it helps. the whole package. coming up nex on "news 4 today," the race for maryland governoroos set. a l at the match-up between governor ben jealous and larry plus, a new way to take care
5:57 am
of all of those aches and
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oo. "news 4 today" begins withw breaking >> breaking news, two people seriously hurt after suffering electriccks at mgm national harbor. good morning, i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun ng. we're tracking the results of last night's primary races inry land. >> first we want to check on the forecast and commute. we'll hear from melissa mollet. >> first whuck bell hereh
6:00 am
the weather. >> yes, indeed. we are expecting it to be a very cloudy day today. expecting a chance for rain later on. there's a live view over avshington. melissa will your check on traffic in a second. a couple of drops north of the bay idge. a few more in the southern parts of calvert county. a fewore drops ofain out to winchester. rain chances aren't all that high until later on in the day today. irwhat you will notice thing is the increase in humidity. because of all of the clou it's going to be the last day likely cooler than average for a week or more, potentially a month or more. it will get really hot around here. more about that in a few more minutes. olet's go overel


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