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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  June 27, 2018 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> first whuck bell hereh the weather. >> yes, indeed. we are expecting it to be a very cloudy day today. expecting a chance for rain later on. there's a live view over avshington. melissa will your check on traffic in a second. a couple of drops north of the bay idge. a few more in the southern parts of calvert county. a fewore drops ofain out to winchester. rain chances aren't all that high until later on in the day today. irwhat you will notice thing is the increase in humidity. because of all of the clou it's going to be the last day likely cooler than average for a week or more, potentially a month or more. it will get really hot around here. more about that in a few more minutes. olet's go over melissa mollet
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who swears it's going to be an easye.comm >> can i promise that? i don't know if i can -- i might get fired. i don't want to get fired today. taking a look right now at chopper 4. inner loo and outer loop looking okay right now. i promise the commute at this point top of the beltway is okay here. chopper 4 showing us the beltway, noerroblems southbound 95, they changed the camera on me. had a carire on the right side of the road. no big problem. now everyth gg isting by just fine as you're head northbound. woodbridge, rest area blocked b disablvehicle, tough getting on to 95. warrenton, after riley road, single lane getting by a multi-car crash. looks like five cars involved there. >> 6:02. breaking news in prince gorges county this morning. >> two people had to be rushed to the hospital after getting an
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electrical shock. adam tuss is live. what happened? >> reporter: >> looks like we don't have adam's sound there. we're going to try to get btok him. obviously want to figure out what is happening there at mgm nation harbor. 6:02. it is primary day or it was prary day in maryland. most of the races have been called. some are still tsnding. that's because of a computer glitch that impacted voter registration for 80,000 >> those will be decided by provisionalot ba ben jealous will face off against larry hogan. news 4 cameras were at the victory celebration. in his victory speech he said
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hogan will lose in november because he doesn'tnow how to build a people powered campaign. >> i'm not running to the left, i'm not running to the right, i'm running towards the people of our state. health care, massincarceration, ending the student debt crisis. >> health care will not be a privilege but a right. he favors raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour. it may be an uphill battle for jealous. governor lar hogan is extremely popular. he joked the 6% of marylanders who do not approve of the job he's doing ran for governor themselves. hogan has become known for reaching across party lines. promised that same bipartisan strategy if re-elected. >> if we can accomplish all of this in this divisive political
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climate, just imagine w what can accomplish in the next four years. >> his re-election would be historic. theast time a republican governor of maryland served two terms was back in the 1950s. maryland senator ben carden looks poised to win again. he's s a third term after a 20-year career in the house. he overwhelmingly beat six democrats including chelsea manning. tony campbell is the winner amon republicans. looks like the race for montgomery county executive will come down to provisional ballots. >> david blaire and ma elrich are tied. news 4's justin finch has more om gaithersburg on when we could learn the outcome of this race. od morning. >> reporter: eun, aaron, good
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morning. it will be a while here. we hav two democratic hopefuls earning the bid. the board of elections says you may not have a clear winner until next week. on your screen right now, the breakdown as it stands. marc elch, the long time council memr and david blaire both splitting the top spot. both taking 29%f the te. that's with 98% of county precincts reporting here. both are looki forward to winning the nomination. i will betimistic tha the democratic nominee for the county executive of montgomery county. >> so eight months ago we wereo un and a huge underdog and
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now we're in a fight for our lives in a neck and neck race. >> reporter: so what's next the board of election will canvass and certify the resul of the provisional ballots as well as next friday, july 6th. we should have a winner who will face off against the republican nominee for the county executive spot. >> thank you, justin. for the race results, log onto the website or open the nbc washington app and search maryland primary. >> i'm angie goff with breaking news. deteneives still on the s of a fatal shooting, prince gorges county police sing they responded before 10:00 last
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night to find a man wounded in the8700 block of binghamton place. they saw the man had been shot and he died a the scene. they don't know at this point what led up to the shooting but they say they're still in the process of investigating and trying to put together possible suspects in the case. as soon as they get that information to us, wll share it with you. 6:07. democraticke law continue to vow to fight against president trump's travel ban. chief justice john roberts said the ban is based on legitimate concerns for the country's safety. in an opinion for the disseptemberers justice sonia sotomayor called the banraly wrong. it restricts five countries as well as nth korea and venezuela.
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new from overnight, a federal judge in california has ordered u.s. border authorities to reunite separated families withinda 30 . and if the children are younger than 5, that deadline is 14 days. a judge issued that order after a lawsuit by the american sifl lcivil liberties that house about 2,000 children. yesterday msnbc released new images taken inside one facility. they werey secretl recorded last weeky a woman who worked at the cayuga center in new york. it's 6:08. a developing story we're following for you.
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the red hen restaurant inn, lexing virginia, is dealing with a protest. our crew spotted him pouring something on the building and police qckly took him away. you'll remember this is the restaurant inirginia that asked white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders to leave when she wento eat there last week. 6:09. investigators say a fire at wingo's restaurant in georgetown was an accident. it started in the kitchen. firefighters tell us the flames moved through the ducts and the roof. one other store on o street was damaged and two firefighters had to go to the hospital rom overheating. this started yesterday morning on north bay side avenue. neighbors pulled someone from the top floor before firefighters arrived. a fairfax county church that has bee vandalized before was hit again. this time the damage was much cerse. vandals sli up the cushions on every pew inside bethlehem lutheran church.
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they smashed the prayer candles and left hatefulfand p messages on the walls. they cut the cords to the sound sythem. is the seventh time this church has been vandalized jus since may 11th. on top of that, yesterday was the first day f the reverend. he had this reaction to the damage. >> there are crimes like this taking place and this church must be up to something good because this church is standing for a welcome in this community that's obviously upsetting somebody. >> in one of the vandalism incidents last month pice say someone in the church spotted a maed man breaking things. no arrests have been made. a lotro sufor one church. i hope they find the people responsible so. geteady to pay more for your uber or lyft in the
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district. >> d.c. council approved the tax increase. the increased tax is expected to raise between 23 and $25 million a year to go towards metro rail improvements. one woman said this will probably change the way she uses ride sharing. >> probably go into more uber pools or figuring out the cheaper options. i'll probably be using the metro which is probably for the best. >> this is basedhe on your ride starts. coming up this morning, new move to give parents much longer maternity leave. >> caught onca mera. a scary situation unfolds following an explosio how about a weather check? >> already getting closer and closer to the weekendnd i have good news if you are beach bound for the weekend, friday, saturday, sunday it will be a great stretch weather at the beach. no chances for rain.
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ocean temperature now up to 73 degrees. you'll need to a get to
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hi. we've got breaking news out of russia right now where u.s. national security advisor john bolton isoing to meet with president vladimir putin. they're going to discuss the possibility of the trump/pu summit. this is one of the meetings he's going to have in moscow. he'll sit down with sergei a lavr other officials. that's the latest from the live desk. 6:15 rightnow. people on a late night flight from new york to l.a. got a real scare before they took off. this is a picture from inside a jetblue plane at jfk airport. passengers had tout their hands up when heavily armed
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police came on board tpe i the plane. the faa said the plane had a radio equipmepr lem. the pilots requested to return to the gate. that's when the police surrnded the plane and then boarded it. a few hours later the plane was cleared to take off to los angeles. >> we want to report on a man in the middle of your screen at the busiest airport in the world. this is atlanta hartsfield-jackson airport. the man climbed the fence and ran onto the ruanay. he r up to the plane, climbed on to a wing and started banging on a window. police were ablecho c him. one runway was briefly shut down. the airport said there was nosi ificant flight delays. a deadly explosion at a texas hospitalereft one pn dead and a dozen others injured. this is video just moments after yesterday's explosion inga sville near waco.
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there are conflicting reports on what caused the blast. investigators say a generator exploded while hospital officials believe crews hit a gas line the explosion knocked out power across the city. patients were evacuated to other hospitals. an nfl player's home is now a crime scene in new jersey. police found a body inside the home of new york giants player janoris jenkins. they he identifiehe man as a family friend who had been living at the house. thorities are treating this as a homicide investigation. the giants say jenkins was in florida when thod was found. 6:17 now. this morning there is a new policy that gives virginia statp workers mod time with new additions to their families. >> executive branch workers will be getting eight weeks of paid leave as newparents. >> governor ralph northam emphasized tha paid time off
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makes for healthier children and a happier work force. >> introducing a new child into a family is aime of great joy but also can be stressful. we are hoping toom alleviate of that stress by giving parents the time they need to welcome a new child into their lives. >> earlier thi year kirs cox a thounsed full-time employment. chuck bell talks about the weather. >> we knew it was coming. wealked about it all week. get out and enjoy monday and tuesday and the humidity would be back. it is back in abundancetoday. the only reason you're not going to be stifling hot today isbe use our friends, the clouds, are in place. they will keepemperatures 5 degrees average cooler. if you're going out forour morning ride or run, know you'll backs. squeegee it
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this is not going to be an improving humidity picture any time soon. here's the way it looks over d.c. all cloud cover right now. precious little in the way of any sunshine. you might get a peek or two but that's about it. pretty much a belly flop. a lot of clouds and risks for rain chances continue to go up, ot, up as we go on later in the day. a of the area pools not going to see a lot of activity today. there is a warm front out to our west sparking off a few thunderstorms south of pittsburgh and north of charleston, west virginia. the thunderstorms now will stay well to the north and west. later on in the day and into the evening theluer of rain down across parts of kentucky, that will arrive rhere. best chances to hear a rumble or two of thunder come after 6:00 this evening. coultr see a drop or two. light rain between now and
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lunchtime. better chances for steadier rain come in much later on in the day. es7:00, cha for rain, thunderstorms likely after about 8:00 tonight u to about midnight. the rain should be over with relatively early. little chance for a shower oner that's super early. all dry, thursday afternoon, friday, saturday, sunday.zy hot and humid. heat index is likely to be over 100 over the weekend. let's go over to melissa to sho the commute is doing. >> 95 northbound after joplin ad. suh we're a little bit slow. woodridge, this has just cleared. northbound, ramp to dale city. right side blocked by a disabled vehicle. warrn, warreningle lane getting
6:21 am
by the multi-car crash. beltway looking okay this morning. a inner loo outer loop. as you look at travel times, 270 no poblems. f the beltway, normal delays there. 66 in bound is nice, actually, and 95 northbound a little bit slow. remember to listen to wtop 103.5 f.m. when you hop in your car. still ahead this morning. cure those aches and pai by rolfing. it has nothing do do withmu ets. not yoga. it's sewhere in between that.
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you're watchingda "news 4 " welcome back, 6:24. it's a therapy that may look like a massage. >> butou better not fal fall asleep during it. it's called rolfing. as adam tuss explns, it turns pressure into harmony for your body. >> come on in. stoval.rter: meet juliet she takes care of herself. she's a personal trainer, but even she hases had some a and pains. >> i have an l4 and l5 injury in my spine. i was leaning to the right. >> reporter: enter rolfing. a decades oldiq tec that draws some roots from yoga. the idea, apply pressure to get muscles back into harmony. >> we need to provide harmony. engaging your nervous system,
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body and min g andting it to have a proper natural representation of where your is. >> reporter: now this might look like a massage, but it's not ally a massage. with a massage you tun out what's going on around you. here with rolfing you're tuning in too your body to see what hyou're feeling and to connect to your nervous system. >> reporter: after a few sessions juliet says she's a believer. >> the way i feel afterwards and the way i movear afte. >> reporter: in the district, adam tuss, news 4. >> ino don't if you try something like this. >> i'm good. >> okay. q>> don'tte see it. >> so it's rolfing, like aaron, if it isn't something that interests you, there are oth t wa treat your aches and pains. >> on friday we'll take a look at acupuncture. it involves having small needles stuck into your body. looks uncomfortable but a lot of people swear by it. that report coming up on friday. >> i think i rfed in a plane
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once but that's a different issue. >> very ent. >> car wash forecast for today, may want to save your time or save your pennies for today. rainikely later on on your wednesday. wait until tomorrow. have dry weather coming your way. dry, yes, but hot. more about that part of the forecast just ahead. hey, low life. >> hey, los. so >> plus, joining late night forces. >> we'll showou how jimmy fallon teemed up with his competition to take on president trump. >> reporter: i'm ada tuss llowing breaking news at mgm national harbor where two people had to go to the hospital after suffering an electcal shock.ri
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to get a ys we good night's sleep... havertys mattress sale is here to help. th our wide selection of top brands and our price match gumattressyou can fit for everyone in the family. and right now save up to $500 on select tempur-pedic sets. it's time everyone got a good night's sleep. havertys. life looks good "news 4 today" starts now. welcome back. take a live look right now as you step outside for a wednesday
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and get ready for hump day. it is 6:30 just about and as you're getting ready, you are going to get prepared for some of this humidity that's returning. >> kind of prettypicture. you're going to feel a difference in the morning when rnu step outside. >> good g, everyone. i'm eun yang. >> let's step in and talk toll chuck >> good morning. you know, you thought today's picture looked good, you should have been here yesterday instead of schlepping around on vacation. we had a beautifulri s and all kinds of colors. today thene gray. 60 in leesburg and chantilly. 71 at national airport. again, there's the cloudy sky overhead. no rain falling out of these clouds yet, but m that not be the case for long. already a few rain drops now across par of page and shenandoah counties. a few drops out by the bay. rain chances will go up with time during theday. there's your wednesday planner. humid, cloudy, giving way to
6:31 am
showers and chance for thunderstorms after 8:00 this evening. know that it will probably rain on you after the sun goe down today. more about the heatup for the weekend. t's go to melissa mollet and first 4 traffic. southbound 95 after triangle. nitially we thought this was northbound. southbound lanes there. we were seeing delays. this isn't making any sense. it is hbound. we have a one mile backup this morning. chopper 4 showi you that slowdown. they had to offload those buses became one of them disabled. it is a little bit slow at 95 south after triangleta it ss getting slow. warrenton after riley road, single lane getting by a multi-car crash there. sounds like five vehicles are involved and help is hopefully on the way soon. inner loop and outer loop of thy beltooking typical. taking a look at greenbelt, disabled vehicle there on the ramp this morning.
6:32 am
270ri fre down to the spur you are on time. breaking news in prince gorges county. two people were shocked at mgm national harbor. >> what's going on r:re. >> reporun and aaron, the details are coming in. just before midnight las two people had to be taken out of the mgm national harbor and rushed to the hospital. we're told one of those people ning have life threa injuries. the other with non-life threatening injuries. ok.e a obviously this is a fairly new complex here in the oxon hills area. we don't know whether this happened in the casino portion of the resor or the hotel portion. all we do know is prince gorges county fire say two people did have to be rushed out of here. we are in contact with prince gorges county officials. we'll try to get the latest information about what may or
6:33 am
may not have happened here. again, we don't know if this happened at the hotel portion of the resort or the casino. those are details that we'll follow up for you this morning. back to you. >> adam tuss liveor us at mg national harbor. thank you. we're following a developing story in fairfax county this morning. police say a man died after officers tried to arrest him. fairfax county officers werere onding to a domestic dispute call at a home on mission port in alexandria. officers were arresting a 31-year-old man when he had a medical emergency and later dira. adminive and criminal investigations are underway and the police chief i hold a briefing on this incident later this morning. this morningusen jea is the democratic nominee in la ma.
6:34 am
he won by nearly 60,000 votes. he hopes to unseat republican governor larry hogan in the fall. that could be an uphill battga. is very popular, even among democrats. it looks like the race for montgomery county executive will come down to provisional ballots. david blaire and marc elrich are tied. we may not learn the o outcome all of this until next week. three-term executive decided not to run for re-election this year. we have more prima results available in the nbc washington app. search maryland primary. it's now 6:34. re are some of the other top stories we're following for you this morning. mitt romney is one closer to heading back to washington. he won by 45 points in utah's republican primary. he's also the overwhelming favorite to win the seat ofti ng senator orrin hah.
6:35 am
the securitys monitor at stone man douglas school were fired. >> new ernight, children separated from their parents at the u.s./mexico border must be reunited within 30 days. that is an order from a federal judge inif calnia who ruled in favor of the american sicivil liberties union. the judge annoued children younger than 5 must be returned to their parents within two weeks. iessued a nationwidenc injution on future family separations. more than 2,000 children have been separated from their parents in weeks. president trump's accepted a challenge claiming it discriminated against muslims. new this morning, late night rivals turned allies in response to president trump's criticisms
6:36 am
of them. >> in what may be a first, hosts stephen colbert, conant o'brien and jimmy fallon teemed up. >> hey, low lives. >> hey, lost soul. >> what are you up to? >> be a man. >> i'll try. >> what are you up to? >> oh, i'm busy having no talent. >>id you see trump's rally last night? >> nope. >> me either. >> heard he saiome pretty bad stuff about us. >> really? that doesn't sound us. >> i heard he said we're low lives, lost souls. >> that doesn't sound right. that's conant hold on i'll get him. >> he was talking about the monday night rally in south carolina where president trump slammed the lat night hos for criticizing his response to th borders. crisi ♪ ♪ >> it is now 6:36. coming up, from d.c. to hollywood, a local man shines on
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"america's got talent." a look at the performance so good one jud joins him up on the stage. and it's about to cost you more to catch an uber or lyft wereak down what you should
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you're watchingto "news 4 y." aig move for the washington wizards you'll be hearing about gortat isth heading te l.a. clippers. there is a lot about the first big tr gortat spent five seasons in washington and started all 82 games last season. as part of the trade the wizards get austin rivers from l.a. and it might make for some awkward family dinners. austin'sfather, doc rivers, is the head coach of the l.a. clippers. >> did you get a of that? >> you root for your son. >> unless you're playing each other. new season of "america's got lent" is underway we already have another hometown favorite to root for. >> take a look at this performance from brian king joseph. ♪ ♪
6:41 am
>> check out brian on the electric violin there. he's from d.c. and last night's performance was even me remarkable because three years ago he was diagnosed with a disease.nerve it takes away the feelings from his hands and his feet apparently. ei was so good last night that even klum got out of her seat to hug him on stage. got complimen from simon cowell. of course he's moving onto the next round. >> they're up on their feet. >>uh-huh. and if you are going to be headed out over the bridge and down to the bch for the weekend, a per week end for it. ocean water temperature now up to a relatively pleasant 73 degrees. air temperatures at the beach will bin the mid to upper 80s. a lot better around here. if you're staying in d.c. hhs in the mid to upper 90s. feeling like over 100. i'll show you the forecast in a
6:42 am
few minutes.
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this is a breaking news 4 today newsbreak. your time is 6:45. tracking breaking ns from national harbor. two people in the hospital after they suffered from an electrical shock. >> this happened overnight at the mgm national harbor. know at least one person was seriously injured here. we're working to gathe more details about what exactly happened. news 4's adam tuss will have an update in a few minutes. we're also tracking new developments overnight regardiri the cs at the u.s./mexico border. a fellow judge ruled that all children separated from their parents must be reunited within 30 days. h later todayse republicans will vote on a compromised immigration bill. speaker paul ryan says the bill will address the separation more than 2,000 children from their parent the border. and a that debates a travel ban
6:46 am
upheld byhe supreme court. >> nbc's kristen welker is live witheaction to this. >> reporter: good morning, aaron and eun. president trump is touting a major legal andic pol win after the supreme court upheld his travel ban in a 5-4 ruling on tuesday. it restricts travel. it's a matter of national security. mr. trump calling theco supreme t ruling a tremendous victory for our country and for the co now the vindication comes after the first version of the bid, remember that a year and a half ago, sparkedha in national airports. meanwhile, major news overnight, i don't know they're ordering the p halt saying families
6:47 am
already split apart must be reunited within days. still, that win athe supreme court will undoubtedly embolden the president'son immigra agenda as well. >> a lot of ground to cover. ilisten welker wl have more in a few minutes. th thanks. >> morning, ben jealous is the democratic nominee for governor in maryland. he hopes to unseed governor larry hogan in the fall. that could be an uphill battle. hogan is very popular even among democrats. lastight jealous said hogan will lose because he tows not know how to make a people focused campaign. >> i'm not running to the left or right. i'm running to the people of o state. health care, incarceration, ending the student dt crisis. >> moving down the ballot now, the results to some races could be d aayed for least a week. >> that's because of a computer glitch that impacted voter
6:48 am
registration information for 80,000 people. news 4's justin finch is live with why the race is still undecided. >> eun, aaron, good morning to you. too close to. ca they will process and canvass absentee and provisional ballots which meanings we could see a winner of that nomination for county executive as soon as next friday. as of rightow on your screen, this is the split. marc elcrist making his first foray into leadership. both notched 29% of the vote. after a watch par last night, both acknowledged a tie and both seemed to think that they would win the nomination. >> i prevailedn the early voting and i prevailed today.
6:49 am
not by a lot, but by enough. all you have to do is win by >>ill celebrate how we enough. challenged the status quo. we pusd the conversation. there is no doubt that the next county council and universal pre-k. >> reporter: so the question now again, who will the nominee be? this week and next week the board of elections will review the absentee and provisional ballots and tryo certify a winner byex wednesday. we're live here in gaithersburg. i'm justin finch, news 4. >> justin, thanks. 6:49. here's another name you're going to be hearingtoday. alexander cortez. she is the 28-year-old who upset a ten-term congressional representative from new mocrat joe crowley lost to her in last night's primary. s was seen as a political
6:50 am
challenger toceed nancy pelosi one day asemocratic leader. she's a democraticocialist and medicare for all. >> the bethlehem lutheran church in an nondale was vandalized for the seventh time in seven weeks. someone sliced up all of the pews, clipped wires to the sound system and smashed all of the candles. >> police are looking forts public's help. breaking news in prince goes county this morning. >> news 4's adam tuss is at mgm national harbor where two people were hurt. what's going on here? >> reporter: eun and aaron, the details coming in this morning. this is what we can tell you. just before midnight last night two peoplead to be rushed out of the mgm national harbor and taken to the one of those persons had life
6:51 am
threatening injuries. the other pern is expected to be okay. now take a look. obviously this is a fairly new facility here in oxon hill. what we don know is whether or not this happened in the hotel portion of the resort or if this happened in thein c portion of the resort. we also don't know if they were people staying at the hotel or workers or employees at mgm national we have been in contact with prince gorges county fire which was here last d night and have to help in rushing the people to the hospital. again, oneit person life threatening injuries. another person expected to be okay after a electrical incident here at mgm nationalor ha back to you. >> adam, thank you. >>f angie g here at the live desk following this, what's bound to be acl long nup process after a tornado ripped through this part of kansas. one o handful of people hurt has critical injuries we know.
6:52 am
lots of buildings. the national weather service did confirm that it touched down in eureka before this. there were no major injuries and thousands are believed to be in the dark rightow because the power went out. 5,000 people lost their power. back to you. >> angie, thank you. 6:52. time for a look at the local forecast with mr. chuck bell. >> no real threat for severe weather like they were dealing with in kansas yesterday. that's a little bit of good news for sure. don't even need the rain. you have to take what mother nature gives you. humidity, typical. pretty much what you'd expect humidity wise with the rain moving in later on in the afternoon. forrr to, showers and very earlyda in th turning more humid and warming up fast.
6:53 am
that will be annoying. as we head towards friday and the weekend, heat, haze, humidity coming our way. heat index b values cou over 100. oppressive humidity coming our way for the weekend. here you can see some. area in. virgin most of that willf tay north the d.c. metro west area. those showers arriving in the d.c. area by the evening. a couple of spits and sprinkles this morningng alo the eastern shore of the bay, a few more showers out in shenandoah county. future weather hinting at that. chance of a quick little drop or two. the best chances are across from southern maryland. 7:00 on future weather. you can see the chance for showers and justn tim for
6:54 am
sunrise tomorrow. plan on sweating it out for the next couple of days. hot and humid. chances for rain decrease just in time for the fireworks. >> jochb, taking a look at the roads. volume looks pretty light. nice on a weekday morning for sure. as the beltway goes, no major problems on the beltway. warrenton had a problem, 5 car crash single lane getting bhi there morning. as we zoom in and take a closer look at the beltway, you can see wetl have a l bit of a slowdown. inner loop as you're crossing the woodrow wilson bridge. zooming into the american legion bridge, no problems inner loop or outer loop there this morning. p of the beltway, no issues between 95 and 270. going 23 miles per hour.
6:55 am
a bit slow this morning. 66 in bound, 95 northbound i virginia about typical for this time of the morning. remember to listen t 103.5. get rid jie to p-- ready to pay more for ube and lyft. the tax hike will raise 23 to $25 million a year to go towards metro rail improvements. it begins october 1st and is based on where your ride begins. if you get i your car in dc but ride to maryland or virginia, you still have to pay that tax. ht6:55 rig now. here are 4 things to know this morning.e a federal judg california has ordered families separated at the u.s./mexico border must be reunited within 30 ys. later today house republicans will vote on a compromised
6:56 am
bill.ation more on that show coming up today. >> john bolt continue is preparing to meet with russia's president, vladimir putin today. there is the possibility of a trump/putin summit last morchlt. >> the race for montgomery county executive will come down to provisional flair. we have more priry results available in the nbc washingtonp search maryland primary. one person is in critical condition after suffering an electrical shock at the mgm national harbor last night. another person has less serious injuries. we're following this developing story. we'll have an update later today. and there's yourn- y forecast. enjoy the relatively cool weather for today because it gets hot tomorrow and sfling heat arrives for the weekend. >> sounds so lovely.
6:57 am
>> i know. >> chopper 4 headed over tyson's corner from the south down on95 here a couple of minutes ago looking pretty good. northbnd 29 after riley road dpartially clo there. five-vehicle crash. the rest of the roads actually lo pretty goodhis morning. guys. >> there's your silver lining after chuck's stifling -- >> stifling hot, rrible. >> he's just the messenger. >> victim, mess sengare. >> thank you, chuck, thank you, maine slays. >> until they, enjoy your day. >> make it a great wednesday, everybody. for so many things.
6:58 am
it's got this creamy sort of light, fluffy texture. a little bit of acidity. a little bite to it. it's got this creamy sort of it makes a tomato taste more like a tomato.
6:59 am
it makes bacon taste more like bacon. it makes everything that it's with better. it tastes like real ingredies because it's made with real ingredients. i would never use any other mayonnaise in my cooking. if you really care about putting out a quality dish, there's no reason to not give duke's a shot. i think you'll be convinced.
7:00 am
good morning. breaking overnigh hijack scare. police storm a jetblue plane on the t and jfk hearing a hijacker is onboard. passengers terrified. >> people were freaking i thought i was going to die. >> this morning, the mistake that triggered a massive response. new overnight. a federal judge ordered u.s. officials to reunite separated families within 30 days, but it's a win for the president at the scream court. >> a tremendous victory for this country and for the anstitution. over the trump shocker. and defeating one of the


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