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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  June 27, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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how to make sure having fun with firewornt doesn't turn a trip to the emergency room. >> news4 at 4 starts now. ho just a kennedy is retiring. >> justice kennedyaseen the swing vote for years on high profile issues. abortion, gay rights, gun rights. this will be a huge opportunity for president trump. >> it is impossible to overstate how big deal this is for the future of the high court, that coming from the nbc justice commentator, pete williams about an hour ago. president kennedy sent a letter to president trump and said he will retirend the of next month. the vacancy will allowpr the ident to make the u.s. supreme court solidly conservative. if for years not generations to come, it would be a towering
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example of h time in office. >> reporter: anthony kennedy has been the decider. when he votes with four conservatives we get decisions gutting the vote rights act, giving new life to the second amendmenaw we it just yesterday when he was the fifth vote in the decision upholng the president's travel ban. when he's with the courts' liberals it narrowed the reach of the death penalty and gave legal right in guatemala bay enforce states count their immigration laws and has he has written a series of rulings on pro gay rights including the decision declaring the right to marry for same sex couples nationwide. ddressed ent trump justice kennedy's retirement this afternoon. he said the searc for his replacement starts immediately. if ati new j isn't confirmed before the first monday in
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october, only eight justices will kick off nex term. just as kennedy's retirement alreadyparking reaction on capitol hill, as you can imagine, nbc, blayne alexander will check in with us. and storms in the region for the evening's com'ste. >> l go to storm team's chief meteorologist, doug kammerer. what what's it look like? >> this is what i'm watching w. watching storms to the west. you can see one line here developing moving in. anotr line, stronger storms that will come in the next couple of hours as well. a could b little bit of a stormy time period, not expectg that much of severe weather. we could see an isolated thunderstorm or two. that's what i'm tracking for you. we have the thunderstorms, heat
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and humidity, the heat wave into the weekend. we have high temperatures close to 100 degrees. we will take you hour-by-ho. you can do the same on the nbc washington. a you can download it at any time. you can see the latest radar on your ph >> we also have more breaking news, the man accused of driving cto the crowd during the violence inrlotte last summer is now facing federal hate crime charges. his name is james alex fields at crash killed a woman named heather heyer. it injured at least 28 others. the trump administration says toy's indictment is a clear message it will aggressivelyec pre violent crimes of hate. >> targeting people because of who they are or wha they believe targets the bedrock principles on which our nation was. found the department of justice and civil rights division are
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resotely committed to eradicating hate crimes from our communities andountry. >> james fields jr. faces nearly 30 counts, each one carries the possibility ofife in prison. todas indictment alleges fields backed up his car and then accelerated int a group of protesters when he realized the crowd was demonstrating the right supremacist group about the statute remaining and the park where it stood. joe ckson, the patriarch of the musical jackson family has died from cancer. he propelled the family from poverty to stardom and became known asly har critical stage parent even physical abuse of some of hichildren. a statement was released
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describing him as a strong man acknowledging his own imperfection. he is survived by hishildren d grandchildren and was 89. a 6-year-old girl remains in critical condition. she and an mgm employee gotd shocke at a fountain at the pular casino and resort and overlooks the district. >> still trying to figur out how it happened. chris gordon join us, live at the national harbor. >> reporter: this accidented happn the outdoor observation deck that features a fountain that is lit up at night. today, we learned a second child was also hurt at the same time holding aanail that had lights embedded underneath it. somehow, that rail caused the children to be shocked. this area is now closed to the public.
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the accident happened near the fountain on the west side of the mgm national harbor. the investigators and mgm engineer are trying to determine how two children suffered electrical shocks just before midnight last night. david is familiar with the fountain on t outdoor deck. >> when youal wk out the side door to see the actual view, there's an opening and i can s how something like that could possibly happen. >> reporter: the ource of the knowledge said it was a brother and sister, 5 and 6, who grabbed an energy guides rail near the fountain. one of their parents was there and grabbed the little boy. and mgm security guard pulled the little girl from the rail. her heart wasn't beating. a prince george's county police officer ormed cpr, on the little girl from the roof to the ambulance and all the way to the hospital. >> do you think that officer
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possibly saved this child's life? >>ithout a doubt. what that officer did was early chain of surval. early cpr is a critical thing to do for someone in cardiac arrest, whether child or adult. >> reporter: mgm national harbor sent us a statement saying this is a horrible accident, we are heartbroken and fully cooperating with the investigation. >> what's so frighteningbout this, that could have been anybody. i know that fun to it seems perfennocent. you never know. >> great that oheicer was in right place at the right time. >> thanks. we have the latest immigration bill met a solid defeat on the house floor, not a single democrat support it. republicans were split. the bill would have provided a path to citizenship for t so-called dreamers but set more limits on legal immigration. it would have financed the southern border wall and would have ended the separation of
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migrant families. the house may consindr a sta alone bill that address the family separation before the fourth of july recess. with migrant children separated from the family since june are now being held at "youth for tomorrow" at northern virginia. dividend culver reports on then condithere and when they will be reunited with their families >> reporter: of the roughly 2,000 children separated at the areer learned 15 of them located here at the facility bend met youth for tomorrow, at bristow, virginia. they won't let us go on here. we couldn't go on. if you don't have business here, you can't go on. they did however let senator mark warner of virginia tour the property today. these are images inside released
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last week. the senatoday praised the youth for tomorrow's staff for how it's taking care of the kids. >> all 15 of those children have been in communication with that parent or relative. >> reporter: the process of reuniting the 15 children here with their families, that could take several weeks. even as we were out here estioning the senator today in a news conference like format, you can see we're at a busy street, folks honking, shouting from their cars. one man oew n at 5, you will we this,ked across the street to question the senator himself. it's pro even more than 1500 miles away from the border, this is a deeply divided issue. in bristow, virginia, david culver, news4. >> we are getting n details this afternoon about a man who custody in n police fairfax county. officers showed up to a home after an overdose call, yesterday evening. it was on mission court in
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alexandria. a friend said they tried to calm him but became unresponsive. they took him to the hospital where he later died. he may have been suffering from an embolism. six police officers are on administrative leave and the chief says body cam will be releasedons as it doesn't jeopardize the investigation. a prince george county acher is suing the school alleging her principal attacked her while students were on recess. the women are on administrative leave while the school system investigator. no chargesth filed. system investigates. what the teacher is demanding from the school system. > thousands of people were injured, are injured every year in this country while
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celebrating our country. the explosive warningou before set off your fireworks for the fourth of july. >> we continueo follow the major shake-up at the supreme court, reaction to justice kennedy's retirement and the gaping hole it leaves on the supreme court. we haveeather changes the next sever hours andal w
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we are watching the radar the rest of n theht, keeping an eye on the storms moving into the region. doug is back in three minutes to tell you all about it. >> in the meantime, keep your eye on this. a real life warning on the danger of fireworks. the safety warning ash the fou of july holiday gets closer. now, just one week away. erica edwards reports. >> reporter: what many consider good old-fashioned fourth of july fun can be extremely dangerous. clearly demonstrated by the consumer product safety commission annual display of what can go wrong when using fireworks. >> you can see that i've lost a couple ofs. fing >> reporter: michael spencer has had more than 11 surgees on his hands and arm after a 2015 fireworks accident. >> i loaded the mortar into the
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tube and i held the tube bov my head. i listened to the fuse burn down. i heard a very loud bang. >> reporte michael is lucky. look at what could have happened. five people wer killed last year by doing this exact thing according to the cpsc. three others also died in fireworksidelated accents in 2017. nearly 13,000 were injured. most were caused by products often considered safe by kids. >>eepparklers out of the hands of children. sparklers can burn up to 2,000 degreesfahrenheit, just like a blowtorch. >> reporter: safety experts say kids should heverdle any fireworks. keep water close to a fire. never try to arelight dud. soak them in water and throw them away. better yet, leave the fireworks displays to the professionals. erica eards, nbc news.
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now the fireworks fromast night's maryland primary if you're still catching up, four things you need to know. >> ben jealous rides the progressive wave for beating sherm baker by more than $10 percentage points and the democratic nominee spoke to tracee wilson. >> council member mark elrich and businessman david blair, separated by fewer than 500 votes. thousands of provisional and absentee ballots still need to be counted. we won't get that final tally until july 6th. >> angelalsrooks is on her way to becoming the first female prince george county executive. she will be the first woman toe ses prince george's county
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executive. >> get ready for a congressional race in district 6. trynessman davidren to will to hold onto the seat for democrats and will have to beat republican ae hobeur whoan two years ago. >> we have the final tallies from a lot more races. >> just search "ection results." >> what do we have to look forward tonight? >> a couple showers and storms. temperature 80 degrees. average high, 87. we're well below average. don't let that fool you. boy, is the heat moving in over the couple of days like tomorrow. take a lookat atnaluth, 13han t
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days. not hot at all. 77 martinsburg, 76, gaithersburg, 81 in manassas, because of the cloud cover and shower activity we have. light showers, montgomery county and frederick county and western loud din county and mineral county and wes virginia. loudoun county. light showersun a damascus and showers towards urbana and leesburg area. it's all white. it comes in heavier with one little line through the panhandle and west virginia. we have this area of big storms starting to mak i its way through. we don't have thunderstorm watches. i don't think we wil see one today. this will be scattered variety storms. look at this big squirrel here.
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that does give you ahance for severe weather down to the south. this was the severe weather threat. what's called a marginal threat by thi predictional center and gives us scattered thunderstorms in thertvening. rn virginia and d.c., all under that marginal threat later this evening. here at 6:00, a couple showers and storms and 8:00, a couple more coming through. at 11:00, still seeing shothrs and a federstorms. this is in the next few hours, 0 2:00. by tomorrow morning, it's all out of here.s tomorrow, stao get hot. mostly cloudy early. 73 degrees. temperatures jumping to 83 by noon and tomorrow, 90. the heat index, 93, 94, and the next couple of days, heat humidity starts to kick in. high of 94 tomorrow. 93 on friday, 96 on saturday, 97
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on sunday. 97 degre, 96 on sunday. humid tuesday, 93. could be a couple of showers and storms on tuesday and wednesday. notice this, guys, we are in the 90s almost the entire next 10 days. >> wow. that will be fun. >> yeah. that's why this next story in very timely. >> that's right. keep thatn mind. uva. uvb, why is sunreen so confusing. >> omg, we will break it down for you nex so you know exactly how to protect your skin this summer. why time is running out for the desperateor 7he t
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whether you love the sun or not this time of year, it is out there and you can't avo it. dr. jackie is here to hp us with the things we need to know to avoid damage.'s th not just skin care but.
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wrinkl uva and uvb, you need protection from both? >> uva penetrates deeply and prevents the cause of wrinkles. uvb presents the burn. you need to look for something that sayed broad spectrum, that means both. >> if you get a burn, is there a special trick to treating that soou don't get damage from that? >> yes. that's going to be that you want to, right away, be able to first of utall, get of the sun. you want to right away cool it wn. you want to put something nice and cold on it like a cold wet towel. a few days later you want to use an anti-inflammatory and you will hydrate like crazy. >> because all the hydration is rushing to cool off that burn? >> because a burn is going to actually make you lose a lot of water. let's just for a second go factor.the spf >> if you are in water and put it on and it says, good in ter, is that really true? >> spf is ann equat that's
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just math. if you normally burn in 5 minutes and have an spf of 10, you can stay out 10 times longer, that's 50 minutes. so many waterproof ones or water resistan or 80 minutes.for 40 you need that spf as high as you canet it as often as you can. water or sweat will make the whole thing fall off. >> even if you keep applying it, will it connue to work or does it reach a certain point of no return? >> it will continue to work but you have to keep putting it on. you have to cover areas you normally wouldn't think of. people always miss this one. the part in your hair, the sensitive areas around your eyes, have that covered. your hands, or you will end up with those dar spots on your hands. don't forget your lips. lips that, you have to put the sun proof lip balm. >> what arehe basic rules to protect your skin. in themecan board of
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dermatology. wear protective clothing. avoid peak sun hours a 10:. and 2:00 p.m. and number three, be careful at the beach, the water and the sand will reflect back on you. last, absolutely no tanning bed. those are poison. >> go to the spray >> -tsening. much safer. >> thank you. >> back to you. there soon will be an open spot onhe supremeourt. what justice kennedy's retirement means for president trump, senate republicans and berals who relied on his crucial swing vote the past fe decades. decades. rain tracking in,
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a couple of showers out ther and couple of thundershowers. loudoun county, fderick county, montgomery and northern montgomery county, most likely miss d.c. what i'm tracking to the west is
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a line of storms developing in west virginia and the lowerf portion the shenandoahll ey. further back to west virginia, dealing with a couple showers but not a ton a the hea on the way. back to that bombshell from the u.s. supreme court. news justice anthony kennedy is retiring. that hasparked quite a reaction on capitol hill. blayne alexand that part of the story. >> reporter: for years he was the critical vote on the supreme court. today, justice anthony kennedy is announcing he is retiring, a jor shake-up that could open the door for president trump to majorly changephe mak of the highest court in the land. >> a man who has displayed tremendous visionnd ss h.
4:31 pm
>> reporter: president trump praising kennedy while already making plans to choose his success or. >> we will begin our search for our justice of theou supreme that will begin immediately. >> reporter: this willing be the second pick for president trump. last year he named neil gorsuch to replace justice scalia, a lateral change. but kennedy, appointed by reagan became a moderate conservative on conservative ving rights but favoring gay rights and abortion rights. >> if youet someone much more inclined to a conservative thatprudence, some of might pivot back in the other direction. es reporter: moments after kennedy'snation letter was released, republicans urging for a quick confirmation of replacement. >> we will vote to confirm justiceke edy's successor this fall. >> reporter: democrats not in such a rh. >> thi is the most important
4:32 pm
supreme court vacancy for this counn at least a generation. >> reporter: an intense political battle brewing over the future of the nation's highestou.ayleer ws washgton. thhooting of an unarmed 17-year-old boy in eastur pittsbgh last week has the public demanding justice. he ran away from officer during a traffic stop, officers thought he was involved in a shooting moments before and found two guns inside the car but the teen was not armed when he ran away from police. today, prosetors charged the officer involved with criminal homicide and he has since been released on bond. this heafternoon, boy's family and people around the cou are reacting. taylor thomas here withhe talk around town. unarmed and shot in the ck, what are your listeners sayin >> they remain open a fair investigation will be done in this case. >> reporter: not just the boy's
4:33 pm
action, thending public is demanding action. >> our listeners are saying the' understand how somebody running away from a police officer would be considered a ac threat, the you would be shot three times in the back. this listener said what a lot of ourte lrs said. >> i'm really surprised but happy a decision was made so soon in this killing. at the same token, i'm notsu rised that you can see white men handcuffed in the back of a police car yet black men for crimes very similar. >> our listeneed are conce they want to make sure there's justice. it seems like they've been here before, they said, where the evidence appears the officer may ve done something wrong, at the end of the day, the officer walks home.y what t are sure of is this young man who died will not get married and noto going college and never go home to his family. >> his family will never be the same after this. closer to home. maryland's primary elections
4:34 pm
behind u s people all talking about the fact some races are undecided after some registration error with computers forced as many as 80,000 votes -- voters to cast provisional ballots. what are your folks saying a that? >> this of grave concern to our listeners. seems like every election there is something dea with voter suppression as to minorities. this ishe voters initially go to sign up. if you can't trust that, where can you go? this listener, his name is derrick, out of waldor weighed in on tonight's topic as well. >> i know all fhets aren't out and find it interesting with the timing of this. hopefully someone didn't win or lose because of this and hopefully everything will come out. >> the naacp has called for ath ough investigation. they want to know the sakts number of people affected -- the
4:35 pm
exact number of people affected and how it can be prevented. 92 thank you. coming up, making our area a littleore hollywood. pharrell williams working to bring movies to the state of virginia. >> what is rolfing. it might not be new to you. how it gets rid of aches and pains. anbo we talk your neighborhood andsow hot thi weekend it is going to be,
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and update from the restrant that turned away the white house press secretary last weekend, the red hen in lexington, virginia, will now be closed until the 5th of july. protesters started gathering at the restaurant and one man
4:39 pm
arreed after h pours chicken manure onto theg. build press secretary sarah sanders has been assigned secret service protection now. agents will protect sanders at her home. it could start as soon as today and is temporary. it's also possible other white veuse staffers could rec similar protection because of the current >>r tonight commuters who sse the george washington parkway that r through the beltway is due for road and bridge impplvement. s laid out from 4:30 to 6:30 at tkey run park. planners are looking for input during the meeting. you can now see the first lady up front as she joins as a wax figure in madamud tus >> the museum plans to celebra the july fourth holiday with the
4:40 pm
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four tngs to know this evening starting with breaking news out of the supreme court. justice kennedy says he will retire the ef sly. the president can now make the supreme court solidly conservative, a powerful time during his time in office. remember this crash in charlottesville? the man was indicted on 30 hate
4:44 pm
crime charges and if convicted could spend the rest of his life in prison. two children shocked by a fountain at the mgm national harbor. it overlooks the potomac and the district and investigators try to find out how this happened. the patriarch of the musical jackson family has died. joe jackson had been in the hospital battling pancreatic caer. he propelled the jackson 5 to stardom. he was 89 years old. a woman says her principale at elementary school bullied her and should be fireden both w are on administrative leave after an altercation in the parking lot.he whatre now doing about this case. >> it's very difficult for me to lk about this subject because it has gone on so. lo >> reporter: a second gacde
4:45 pm
ter at ardmore elementary school and says she's been bullied by the school's principal the last five years. >> each day i come to work not knowing what will transpire. >> reporter: an incident transpired between the principal and crutch fie in the parking lot on the school on june 12th. both women have been placed on administrative leave and this letter went home to children's parents because it's possiblehi theirren witnessed the incident. >> her lawyer said she attacked her verbally and used her shoulder to shove her. >> she approached her in the parking lot and it's scallated. >> reporter: they're trying to find out what happened and launched an investigation and also will beoo reviewing schl surveillance cameras. charges were never filed. regardless what happened,reany s we talked to say the incident should have never occurred. i i feel likes about maturity. you're grown, you're supposed to
4:46 pm
set an example for if you can't set an example don't get in this profession.t >> w kind of example are you setting for the kids? >> the teachers' union said f crutld reported issues with the principal in the past. we have reached out to the principal but not reached her for comnts. > prince william visit ad palestinian refugee camp in the occupiedbank today. the prince spent time at a health clinic and met with students there. it was created 70 years ago afr israel was founded. it's crowded, more than 9,000 people living there. armed guards on the rooftops kept watch on the prince. this is the first middle east visit by a member of the royal family. music star, pharrell williams wants toring hollywood to virginia. he is from virginia beach and on the movie that chronicled three
4:47 pm
women working for nasa in the ' movie had to be filmed in atlanta. farrell wants to build a film campus and studio space to attract more movies to film in the commonwealth. he's working with developers and trying to get state lawmakers on board for this project. sounds like a great idea. canada, re filming in why not film in virginia? >> why not? >> here's a challenge for you. a floridat woman l havana today to key west trying to to makehe first wom the crossing on a stand-up paddle board. >> she wants t do it in 30 hours. victoria burgess and her support team set up for theay hemin marina. a boat is following her for safety and food. others have cssed in kayak. for burgess, this crossing is rsonal. >> we only have one life. what inspires me is a lotf my friends that have lost life actually because i feel
4:48 pm
like this is the life we have to live and do it now whilee can. >> burgess wants to empower women and calls her effort the free girl crossing. >> standing for 30 hours,to i he ive it to her. i stood for about nine hours and it wore me out. >>outood on a paddle board? that's all core. that is some work. so, will shent enc storms down there? > normally a good time to do it. tides are good and not a lot from the ocean. >> but up here? a lot of areas. >> the forecast the next couple of days, not much will change. it will be hot and humid. >> all right. nothis will be a heat wave only for our region but could be for about the entire region, a big heat wave across theheountry and starts tomorrow for our area. tomorrow, right now -- audio
4:49 pm
lost -- [ laughter ] >> wish i could help you >> we have to do something. >> all right. do you want to use ourho micr? >> no. i will get aattery. >> lauren, why don't you pick up? >> i was about to say, why don't yo come over to me. i don't hear doug. something is going on. let's talk abouthe heat w will have around for our area. heat and humidity building today. got a couple calls into the weather center talking about idthat hy. even if temperatures are moderate, it's 80 degrees washington and tomorrow, we're near 90 degrees. with that humidity it will feel closer to upper 90s. not also that, and dangerous heat closer to 100, 105. >> i'm back in there.
4:50 pm
>> you got it, doug? ieaas getting to do the weekend forecast. i know people want to talk abous theserms. let's talk about your saturday. once we get out of the little r bit ofn we see today. we will have dry conditions all weekend.through the thursday afternoon looking dry. friday lookingnd dry, heat humidity building. 8:00 a.m. saturday morning, temperatures near 80 degrees, plenty ofunshine out there. by the time we head to saturday degrees., 92 it will be hazy with heat index around 100 degrees. and in the 70s sunday and the hottest day is when we have the heat index inhe lower 100s. doug, i know we have the rain r out thereht now. i think your mike is all back up. good, we can hear you. >> can you hear me now! can you hear me now? we have showe acros frederick and montgomery and loudoun county, light shower activity.
4:51 pm
the line in here between mineral and hardee c virginia moving towards the panhandle of west virginia. more stormso t west. we will see stos tonight. not everybody will see them and this will not be a big weather threat. watch thems you're out and about. this is what i'm talking high temperature tomorrow, upper 80s to 90 degreesot hot,nd hot. 96 on saturday and 97 on sunday. heat index to 105. could be 105 and cld b a heat advisory. 96 there and 93 on tuesday with a chance for humidity around the area on tuesday. 90 on wednesday, a chance for storms on wednesday, too. guys, i now have 90 from tomorrow all the way through next saturday. that is 10 days of heat. as i told you before, this is one massi heat wave across the entire country we're tracking
4:52 pm
for you as we move through the rest of the afternoon. am i tossing to him? i don't know whathe doing. tommy, are you out there, buddy? >> theirst time the stanley cup comes to bethesda. i'm tommy mcfly with your 360. first, heat heat heat heat staying alive, staying alive. barry the surviving bee-gee got knighted by prince charles this week. ke pokemon, only with zombies. "the walking dead" haseality game coming out called walking dead our world. think pokemon go but zombies. on apple and google play july 12th. for the first time the stanley cup comes to bethesda. captain star carlson and his wi are bringing it there for a-r fundaiser to support the michael mosier foundation. is will be an afternoon thing people can make a donation, get
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the search for a missing soccer team and 12 boys andh cos becoming more difficult. they haven't been seen since saturday entering an understood groue in thailand. kelly cobiella reports. >> reporter: for a fifth straight day, rescues are trying everything, water pumps,divers, underwater drones, to find 12 teenagers and their soccer coach,rapped somewhere in a pitch-black maze of tunnels a caves. >> it is very cold and you don't know what kind of provisions and clothing they'rein we having been there for five days are bound to be in pretty difficult
4:57 pm
condition. y went there t saturday and their basicallies and shoes the only sign of them. this mother is calling out for her son outside the cave, a 24 hour vigil, parents praying and waiting. the cave complex is 5 1/2 miles long with wide chambers and narrow tunnels. rescuers are now searching the end of the cave trail. today, a new tactic, dropping down through a new opening on the junglelo f. >> they don't know what they will find down there. at this stage they're trying to do anything they can do frankly to find them as quickly as they can. >> local officials say this has this cave fore in system, tourists trapped for days by flood waters and rescued once the waters receded. the problem is these searchers still don't know where this group'r is. th bringing in on for cave
4:58 pm
diving experts and hoping the boys a their coach found dry ground and can survive a little while longer until they're found. nbc news, london. breaking right now on news4 at 5. >> jnetice k has in essence been the swing voted, the deciding vote onhe supreme court. >> a decision that could shift the country's legal landscape for decades. >> justi antho kennedy says he's retiring from the supreme court. why now and what will happen next? begin with the announcement that could lead to a seismic shift on the bench for our nation's highest court. good evening, i'm wendy'm riege. >>im handly. that shift could affect the balance for yea if not generations to come. there have been rumblings for a whil a today, supreme court
4:59 pm
justice anthony kennedy announced he will step down. >> the high court in recent years has been fairly evenly divided with four liberal and four conservative leaning ustices, kennedy has been the swing vote. >> a reagan appointee, he has been the longest serving judger 30 years now. his retirent will take effect next month. >> his votes have affected marriage equality, abortion, affirmative action, campaign finances. >> he's been great justice of the supreme court. he is a man displaying great vision. he's displayed tremendous vision andremendous heart. and he will be missed but he will be retiring. we willegin our search for a new justice. >> i urge my republican
5:00 pm
colleagues to t recognis is not about doing president trump a favor, this is about notecting the constitut of the united states. for a persoe moderrom the point of view from not wanting to use the position information a faerk agenda but to be abl - a particular agenda but use that to protect the particular branch of government. de so what's next? the pre already says he has a list of possible options. senate majory leader, mitch ntconnell wanlts the vote last fall. the vote last fall. you'll recall what happened in 2016 when mcconnell stonewalled merrick garland from eveng gett hearings. you'll remember what happened in 16, the american people should have a voice in the selection of their next supre court justice. it's unclear, with a minority, what, if any, ability democrats have to prevent a vote. much moreg comin up at


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